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This article is about orphaned pages, templates, and files. For the policy on article ownership, see RuneScape:Ownership.

RuneScape:Orphanage is a place where orphaned pages and files are "stored" to prevent them from appearing in Special:LonelyPages and Special:UnusedFiles. Pages (or images) should not be linked here just because they appear in these special pages, but linked because they are "orphans". (See the definition of "orphan" below.)

What is an orphan?[edit source]

There are several factors that can classify an article as an orphan:

  • Orphan: An article with fewer than three incoming links which meet the criteria for linking below.
  • Isolated article: An article that cannot be reached via a series of links from the Main Page.
  • Walled garden: A group of articles that link to each other, but have few or no links to them from any other RuneScape Wiki articles. In effect, that group is orphaned. Theoretically, a walled garden could have numerous articles if they all link to each other but no others link to them.
  • Orphaned project page: A project page (starting with "RuneScape:") with few or no links from other project pages. Essays are most likely to be orphaned.
  • Orphaned image: An image not used on RuneScape Wiki directly.

What is the problem with an orphaned article?[edit source]

A company with no advertising will not be known to others, and as a result, will get few if any customers.

Likewise, orphaned articles, since they have few links to them from other pages, are difficult to find, and are most likely to be found only by chance. Because of this, few people know they exist, and therefore, they get less readership and improvement from those who would be able to improve them.

In particular, if the topic is more obscure, this may make it difficult for many to locate. If not for links to a page, the only way such an article can be found is by a person who knows the topic entering it into RuneScape Wiki or doing a web search, browsing a category in which it is contained, looking at the edit history of a contributor to the page, or having it show up as a random article.

Criteria[edit source]

An article is orphaned if fewer than three other articles link to it. Currently our priority is to focus on orphans with NO incoming links at all.

For the purposes of the strict definition, the following pages do not count toward the three incoming links:

  • Disambiguation pages
  • Redirects
  • Lists
  • Discussion pages of articles
  • Pages outside of article space

Ideally, except for disambiguation links, disambiguation pages should be orphaned. The only pages that should link to them are articles bearing the title (via templates such as Template:Redirect) and "See also" sections of other disambiguation pages (when separate disambiguation pages are created due to long length or variances in the titles).

List of orphaned articles[edit source]

A list of orphaned articles can be found at Special:LonelyPages

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The information contained within should not be considered fully accurate and/or complete.

Disambiguation pages[edit source]

Main article: /Disambiguation pages

Disambiguation pages are created in order to resolve conflicts in article titles that occur when a single term can be associated with more than one topic, making that term likely to be the natural title for more than one article. In other words, disambiguations are paths leading to different articles which could, in principle, have the same title.

List of orphaned Exchange pages[edit source]

Ideally, all Exchange pages should be linked to, either from the item page, or from the sub-pages of the Grand Exchange Market Watch. Orphaned or uncategorised Exchange pages may appear in Special:WhatLinksHere/Grand Exchange Market Watch/Uncategorised.

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This project page is currently under construction.
The information contained within should not be considered fully accurate and/or complete.

Templates[edit source]

A list of orphaned templates can be found here: Special:UnusedTemplates

Signatures[edit source]

Orphaned signatures can be found here: Template:Signatures/List

Miscellaneous templates[edit source]

Miscellaneous orphaned templates can be found here: RuneScape:Orphanage/Templates

Gallery of orphaned files[edit source]

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Some files may appear in the Unused Files list if they are not directly used in an article. These files are considered orphaned files.

General[edit source]

Themes[edit source]

Images used for the RS wiki themes

UI Icons[edit source]

UI Icons

Templates[edit source]

Images used for specific templates

Voice of Seren[edit source]

Alternative Voice of Seren clan icons, used by the Events gadget.

Map Icons[edit source]

Icons used for interactive maps

Icons for advanced maps or the map keys.

RS News Feed[edit source]

Icons used on the News Feed

Family Photo[edit source]

April Fools[edit source]

Font files[edit source]

These fonts can be used all around the wiki. The code column shows the font-family name that can be used to render text in that font. The CSS that implements these fonts can be found at MediaWiki:Common.less/fonts.less.

Primary Purpose[1] Code Font File EOT Font File[2]
Unknown wiki use
  • (RuneScape 2 default font in chatbox/interfaces)
font-family: RuneScape; File:RuneScape.woff File:Runescape chat.eot
In-game chat text above players font-family: RuneScape; font-weight: bold; File:RuneScape Bold.woff File:Runescape chat bold.eot
Item/coin counts font-family: 'RuneScape Small'; File:RuneScape Small.woff File:Runescape small.eot
Unknown wiki use
  • (RuneScape Classic overhead font)
font-family: 'RuneScape Classic'; File:RuneScape Classic.woff File:Runescape classic.eot
Old RuneScape website font adopted by the wiki font-family:KingthingsPetrock; File:Kingthings Petrock-webfont.woff File:Kingthings Petrock-webfont.eot
Font used for in-game text font-family:MuseoSans; File:Museo Sans 500.woff File:Museo Sans 500.eot
RS Wiki logo font font-family:League Spartan; File:Leaguespartan-bold.woff File:Leaguespartan-bold.eot
Font used for regular text on all pages font-family: 'IBM Plex Sans'; File:IBMPlexSans-Regular.woff N/A
File:IBMPlexSans-Bold.woff N/A
File:IBMPlexSans-Italic.woff N/A
File:IBMPlexSans-BoldItalic.woff N/A
Font used for section headers on all pages font-family: 'PT Serif'; File:PT-Serif Regular.woff N/A
File:PT-Serif Bold.woff N/A
File:PT-Serif Italic.woff N/A
File:PT-Serif Bold-Italic.woff N/A
  1. ^ This is not an exhaustive list, but an indication of current popular uses.
  2. ^ Used for compatibility with Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8. As of a RS Wiki update on 2 October 2018, they are no longer used.