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Article Improvements needed Add wiki user name when done
Varrock Museum Add events from The World Wakes Wingedpixie
Kharshai Add information from Missing, Presumed Death Wingedpixie
Ilujanka Add information from Varrock Museum and One of a Kind
Strisath Add information from Hero's Welcome Wingedpixie
Lumbridge Add information on Lumbridge Rebuildathon and Battle of Lumbridge
Gameplay settings Expand/re-write page as it is currently just a copy of the settings menus
Smithing/Level up table Update for Mining and Smithing rework AnduRoYT
Defence/Level up table Update for Warrior's guild (and defenders up to rune) now being F2P Wingedpixie
Balloon transport system Update for addition of a charge system and removal of the weight limitation
Members Add better reason and newer quests