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The Triumvirate logo

As of 23 May 2010 the wiki participates in the Triumvirate as Judges, as decided here. We will participate in events as a community, though this doesn't mean we will advertise the wiki.

Information[edit source]

Main article: Triumvirate

The Triumvirate is a community game released on 19 May 2010.

It is composed of 3 factions:

  • The Lords: Champions of order, nobility and duty.
  • The Judges: Scholars of balance, wisdom and neutrality.
  • The Reavers: Rogues of chaos, change and enthusiasm.

Signing up[edit source]

To sign up, add your name below and add +1 to the total. You must have an account at the wiki and a RuneScape account.

Current list of members[edit source]

Total: 42