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One Small Wiki Favour is a project to improve the RuneScape Wiki, where wiki users can contribute to a number of ongoing wiki tasks and qualify for receiving in-game rewards, including bonds. Anyone is welcome to participate, whether you're completely new to the wiki or you've been here for a while. If you have not edited before, then this is a great time to get involved!

To participate in this project and GET BOND, take a look at the tasks below and find one that looks exciting -- completing any one of them will earn you a share of a bond. Each task has some advice on how to effectively tackle it, but we strongly recommend joining the #one-small-wiki-favour channel in our Discord to coordinate with other editors, discuss the project, and claim your rewards.

Tasks and rewards[edit source]

Current tasks active until

24 July

If you have worked on a goal and want to be considered for a bond, please let us know in the OSWF discord channel. One of the project helpers will check your contributions and may award you a bond if you have completed the task. If you have done work on a goal but not managed to complete it fully before the reset time then you may still be rewarded some coins for your work.

If you are awarded a bond then it will be added directly to your RuneScape account - please allow up to a week for Jagex to action our requests for bonds. If you are awarded coins then one of the project helpers will meet you in game to give you your reward - just ask in the discord channel to claim your prize and a project helper will meet you when you are available.

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Update skilling information for Anachronia release

Gather experience rates for 4 of the methods listed below and update relevant pages with them.

The release of Anachronia has brought new methods to train the Hunter and Agility skills. The changes detailed in the Hunter modernisation dev blog have also been released, with potential changes on effectiveness of existing Hunter content for training (i.e. the ability to use more traps simultaneously from lower levels and changes to mechanics). We need players to test out the methods listed below, bearing in mind any changes to the content mentioned in the dev blog, and update affected pages.

To gain an experience rate you should record how much experience you gain over a period of time (at least 30 minutes). Divide the amount of experience gained by the number of minutes you were training for and multiply the result by 60 to get an experience rate per hour. Please note that we are only gathering base experience rates, so do not use any boosting items/effects unless stated and ensure that you are not being affected by boosts such as clan avatar/bonus experience/etc.

You should edit the experience rate into the linked page and include your skill level. You should check the exiting methods listed on the Agility and Hunter training guides and update the experience rates listed and/or update the recommended methods as required.

Methods to test:

  • Big Game Hunter (you will need to work out an optimal strategy to maximise experience while accounting for cool downs; it will be beneficial to have experience rates from multiple testers with different levels ranging between the minimum (75) and maximum (96) required).

Other pages to update:

Rosemary detail.png

Document item spawns

Contribute data about 100 item spawns

A new feature that we'd like to add to the wiki is information about item spawns. We are looking for players to track down item spawns and obtain some data about them so that we can start work on this project.

We are collecting data on this page. Simply go to any item spawn which you know of that isn't already listed and edit the table to provide the required information. You can obtain the location coordinates by entering the developer console (hold the alt and ` buttons on your keyboard simultaneously) and then type and entering getcamerapos. Copy the 5 numbers that come after "Look".

Monster data

Add monster data to any 40 monsters' pages

We are missing monster data from the following monsters. Use the recently updated Monster Examine spell in the Lunar spellbook to find the information and add it to the pages. Contact @Gaz#7521 on discord if you need help.

There are a total of 114 monsters available for this task. Here is a random selection of 50 of them. Click here to generate a new list, or click here for the full list.
Adding information to pages

Once you have the monster examine, head to the page and click 'Edit source'. You should find Infobox Monster new at the top of the edit box, it looks something like:

{{Infobox Monster new
|name = Strongbones
|id = 6473

Depending on what the monster is missing, your task is to ensure the following parameters are filled out:

  • immune_to_poison = Yes or no
  • immune_to_deflect = Yes or no
  • immune_to_stun = Yes or no
  • attack = number
  • ranged = number
  • magic = number
  • defence = number

For some monsters, the attack, ranged, magic, and defence lines may be missing. Add these below the immune_to_stun line. Some values were also changed in the latest update for the following cells:

  • aff_weakness = number
  • aff_melee = number
  • aff_ranged = number
  • aff_magic = number
If anything else is missing, feel free to fill it out while you are there.
RuneScape 3 Logo.png

Update history

Add patch notes from 4 different updates to relevant pages

One of our newest (and most ambitious) projects is to document information about how game updates have affected content over time. A group of editors is currently working through old patch notes and copying them on to pages of content that was affected by each patch.

This information is organised chronologically in a new section called "Update history" which is being added to pages. You can help by doing this for the patch notes listed below. There is a project page which explains how to add in a new patch note here, as well as a dedicated #update-history channel on our Discord.

Here's some that we are prioritising from 2011:

You can find more on User:Tombomb/Update History. Please mark them off on both pages when you're done!
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Taking female images

Take 30 images of items worn by female characters

A popular new project idea from our recent survey was to have more images of items which have a different appearance when worn by female characters. We are looking for players to help us take images of these items.

  • If your character is not already female you can change this with the Makeover Mage.
  • We have a list of items which may potentially have a different appearance for female characters here. For each item (or item set) you should wear the item in game and see if there is a significantly different appearance to the male version on the wiki page.
  • If there is not a significant difference please add a comment to the sheet to say that you have tried the item already.
  • If there is a significant difference then please take an image and upload it to the wiki.
    • Note that some items are part of set - in this case you should include all items in one image. You can use the existing images on relevant pages to see which items should be included in a set image.
    • You can use this guide to take a high quality image; follow the instructions for taking an equipped item image. Please follow the instructions carefully and ask for help on Discord if you are finding it difficult to take the image.
    • Follow the instructions to upload your image. You should name the image: [Item name] equipped. For items which are part of a set, all the items should be in one image named [name of item set page] equipped.
    • Add a comment on the sheet to say that you have taken the image - if you have taken a set image remember to comment for each item.

Rules[edit source]

  • You must have a wiki account and cannot be blocked. Anonymous edits will not count. You can sign up for a wiki account at Special:CreateAccount.
  • The reward for completion of each task will be one bond. If multiple editors contribute to a finite goal then the prize may be split between them.
  • You may also be awarded GP if you work on a goal but do not do the full amount of work required to earn a bond. The amount of GP will be equal to the percentage of the task being completed. You must do at least 25% of the total task to claim a reward.
  • If you are awarded a bond or a share of a bond, you can get in contact with one of the project runners on Discord, and claim it in-game.
  • You can claim 2 bonds over each 2 week period that tasks are active.