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This page in a nutshell:
Articles can be made about future items as long as the information comes from an official source.

This is a policy regarding the making of articles for items that do not exist. This refers to, but is not limited to, all nonexistent NPCs, monsters, items, weapons, armour, holiday drops, and any other gameplay elements. In this policy, the term "item" refers to all of these.

Articles that may be created[edit source]

  • Articles about items that can be found in-game normally (i.e. items that exist) may be created.
  • Articles about items that could formerly be found in-game but have been removed may be created and maintained as historical.
  • Articles about upcoming/unreleased items with official Jagex sources (including unintentional leaks) may be created.
  • Articles about notable urban legends are allowed to be created if the rumour has been recognised by many players. Use common sense when determining what should be created.

Articles that may not be created[edit source]

  • Commonly discussed things that do not exist in RuneScape, such as various dragon, white items, and black items should be redirected to nonexistence.
  • Old School RuneScape exclusive content should be redirected to Old School RuneScape - do not soft redirect
  • Fan fiction is not allowed. Articles about lore should be carefully examined to make sure fan fiction is avoided.
    • Formerly canon items, such as God letters, should be maintained as historical.

Game cache[edit source]

Items that appear in the Jagex cache but do not appear directly in-game should follow these guidelines:

  • Item versions of cosmetic overrides should not have their own article.
  • The hidden item versions of followers and pets that are used when they are summoned should not have their own articles. These should instead be covered, if at all, on the pages of their respective pets or NPCs.
  • Items used exclusively in cutscenes, like a chair, may have their own articles. In cases where items or NPCs that appear elsewhere have a cutscene-only version, these should not have a separate article from the base item or NPC.
  • Items that are not released but are found via Quick Chat should not have their own articles. These should be documented at Quick Chat#Unobtainable items.
  • Placeholder items should not have their own articles.