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This is a list of articles that are tagged with {{Obsolete}}. The list includes the reason the page was tagged, the size of the page, and the time of the last edit. Note that page size is not indicative of completion and is only meant to serve as a relative number for a rough idea of how much attention the article may need.

Some articles are not listed as being incomplete for any specific reasons. For these pages, either:

  • The template should be given a reason in the first parameter
  • The placer of the template should be contacted on their talk page and be asked to elaborate in the template
  • The template should be removed if no reason can be given for the template

The list below is based on cached information. To force an update, click here.

Name Reason Page size Last edited
RuneScape Membership Card Jagex has stopped using membership time increments directly and instead switched over to a purchase redemption method involving game credit. See Game Card 5,325 bytes 9 November 2018
RuneScape film Needs details from Runefest 2017 Lore Marathon panel 1,653 bytes 10 December 2018
Sign Death rework. Should be given discount values instead 4,209 bytes 12 May 2019
Castle Wars/Strategies PID changes 19,310 bytes 24 May 2019
Transportation interchange Options added or changed since 2014 aren't all listed. 6,581 bytes 17 June 2019
Mechanical Murphy Pieces of Hate 2,210 bytes 22 July 2019
Fight Cauldron/Strategies Table is way out of date 14,433 bytes 17 September 2019
New Varrock guard captain 30 March 2015 patch notes: drops have been changed. 7,434 bytes 20 September 2019
Money making guide/Hunting crimson skillchompas Numbers may need adjusting for Agility's new impact on hourly rate. 1,334 bytes 23 September 2019
Mute The page showing account status ban/mute bar is no longer available 4,346 bytes 16 November 2019
Money making guide/Collecting honeycomb Beehives near Manor Farm are closer to a bank, update guide to use this location 1,171 bytes 22 November 2019
Money making guide/Shearing sheep Retest using Taverley pen rates 763 bytes 22 November 2019
Guthix wizard Graphical update in the clue scroll overhaul on 26 February 2018 7,047 bytes 3 December 2019
Penance master horn Update:Barbarian Assault Redux 7,158 bytes 7 December 2019
Challenge System (historical)/Herblore New content was added with the 120 Herblore update. 4,085 bytes 16 December 2019
Challenge System (historical)/Farming New content was added with the 120 Farming update. 3,135 bytes 16 December 2019
Brawling gloves (Hunter) Hunter experience rework 4,711 bytes 25 December 2019
Penance horn Update:Barbarian Assault Redux 4,588 bytes 10 January 2020
Crystal geode Crystal seeds were replaced by another type of crystal seed. Whether the probabilities remain unaltered is unknown. 4,690 bytes 13 January 2020
Monster Examine as of 28/05/2019 4,472 bytes 20 January 2020
Brawling gloves (Mining) Mining and Smithing rework - new XP and cost estimates are required 3,858 bytes 30 January 2020
Money making guide/Making scentless potions Hunting jadinkos on Anachronia is probably faster these days. 6,094 bytes 9 February 2020
Graphical updates/Animations Many animations jump from OSRS to RS3. There were ones in between. 10,680 bytes 11 February 2020
Major Mary Rancour Update:September Mobile Update 2 sept 19 - Burthorpe and Taverley Decluttering 5,322 bytes 18 March 2020
Dorgeshuun quest series Missing info on the Mighty Fall 20,222 bytes 27 March 2020
Shooting Star/Strategies No reason given 10,452 bytes 31 March 2020
Barbarian Assault/Gameplay Combat levels, Life points, and Max hits were updated in August 2014. 27,002 bytes 1 April 2020
Twitch loot crate No reason given 3,267 bytes 9 April 2020
List of keys Needs updating. Use Template:Keys to update this page. 29,537 bytes 9 April 2020
Worn Equipment mining and smithing rework has changed a bunch of info on this page and with ed3 there is a change to how charge bows interact with ammo 15,894 bytes 9 April 2020
Bag of lost items Mining and Smithing Rework, possible drop table changes. 13,341 bytes 20 April 2020
Box of summoning ingredients Steel platebodies are probably no longer obtained since steel ingots. 30,014 bytes 23 April 2020
TzHaar Fight Pit Eoc/no longer as popular as when this was written 8,235 bytes 25 April 2020
Small twitching tome 20 April 2020 patch notes 1,314 bytes 29 April 2020
Large twitching tome 20 April 2020 patch notes 1,277 bytes 29 April 2020
Smithy Due to the mining and smithing rework the obtainable smithing methods may have changed. Update:Mining and Smithing Rework 1,611 bytes 29 April 2020
Dagannoth (Lighthouse)/Strategies Outdated gear recommendations 12,287 bytes 2 May 2020
Player killing/Strategies MS rework/new abilities 45,239 bytes 2 May 2020
Automaton/Strategies Gear is outdated 21,126 bytes 4 May 2020
Summoning/Level up table Ancient Summoning 19,397 bytes 4 May 2020
Twitch loot crate (March 2020) 20 April 2020 patch notes 1,159 bytes 6 May 2020
Fish Flingers 24 July 2012 update. Also needs information on the D&D update of 26 May 2015. 43,492 bytes 8 May 2020
Bank preset Update:Bank_Rework_Taster_-_GameBlast_-_Double_XP_Weekend 19 Feb 2018 10,124 bytes 17 May 2020
Revolution/Bars Update:Elite Dungeons - Dragonkin Laboratory added Greater Fury ability codex 35,388 bytes 20 May 2020
Spirit impling Drop rework 6,726 bytes 20 May 2020
Crystal skillchompa (Hunter) The Hunter Modernization update removed xp for multiple catches so xp rates mentioned are no longer possible 3,338 bytes 20 May 2020
Combat pure EOC has made many of these pures obsolete 31,171 bytes 24 May 2020
Double agent Clue scroll rework has changed the level and HP of the agent, possibly XP 5,858 bytes 25 May 2020
Shades of Mort'ton (minigame) Little information about dummies, stackable remains, Flamtaer braces, storage chests 22,149 bytes 26 May 2020
Lumbridge achievements/Quick guide Update:Achievements & New Paths 10,552 bytes 27 May 2020
Treasure Trails/Full guide No reason given 34,103 bytes 27 May 2020
Discovery Ancient Invention 16,168 bytes 27 May 2020
Dagannoth Kings/Strategies Needs massive overhaul 8,914 bytes 28 May 2020
Revolution Update:Going Like Clockwork - Revolution Updates 12,880 bytes 30 May 2020
Enakhra updated skeletal form seen in Enakhra's Lament; combat from TWW, Children of Mah 23,212 bytes 31 May 2020
Black demon/Strategies Pre-EoC page, tactics need revising. 9,251 bytes 1 June 2020
Goutweed Data was gathered before the introduction of Bloodweed. Whether this was added to the droptable is unknown. 4,791 bytes 2 June 2020
Pay-to-play Dungeoneering training Needs to be updated due to Off-hand weapons not wasting a bind slot after an update 48,775 bytes 2 June 2020
Commander Zilyana/Strategies Mining and Smithing Rework 11,926 bytes 6 June 2020
Legendary jack of trades aura Taverly & Burthorpe update rendered first routine impossible 10,912 bytes 6 June 2020
General Graardor/Strategies Mining and Smithing Rework, (Masterwork) Spear of Annihilation 14,270 bytes 7 June 2020
Livid Farm Patch notes 21/08/17 removed runes as a reward and added points. 36,458 bytes 7 June 2020
Charos New insights from You Are It. The Desperate Times quest. 13,375 bytes 7 June 2020
Senventior disthine molenko Various reasons. More is known about the spell in terms of lore and the pronunciation is now known. 1,682 bytes 8 June 2020
Fight Kiln Obsidian armour vs. other armour types have not been tested to see which is more effective. 17,010 bytes 8 June 2020
Slayer assignment Several sections of the table are missing information. There may also still be some missing slayer assignments. 54,846 bytes 9 June 2020
Burthorpe Update:September Mobile Update 2 sept 19 - Burthorpe and Taverley Decluttering 16,608 bytes 10 June 2020
Money making guide/Killing the Queen Black Dragon Update:Improved Lootsharing and Stone Spirits, PvM Hub 12,561 bytes 10 June 2020
Travelling Merchant's Shop/Details Changes in the way TMS works means this article needs updating to reflect the new rotations 4,534 bytes 11 June 2020
Farming training New animals, trees and bushes were added in the introduction of 120 Farming, in Update:The Ranch Out of Time: Farming and Herblore 120. The guides for 99+ may not be optimal. 69,884 bytes 12 June 2020
Brass Hand Harry Pieces of Hate 1,181 bytes 14 June 2020
Port Sarim Jail Updated during Port Sarim Invasion update. 3,775 bytes 14 June 2020
Free-to-play Smithing training Mining and Smithing rework 13,625 bytes 15 June 2020
Events 2018, 2019, 2020 missing relevant "Other" events 8,075 bytes 15 June 2020
Brawling gloves (Smithing) m&s rework 3,912 bytes 16 June 2020
Abyssal demon/Strategies Aggroverload potion addition (inventory), several of the 'optimal' setups are a little out of order, for example: Dragon rider necklace is probably better choice than Blood amulet of fury assuming that the use of Soul Split is removing the need for any kind of heal effect, super restores are unnecessary if using Attuned ectoplasmator and Demon horn necklace combo, Attuned crystal weaponry is not mentioned but regular crystal is, Trimmed masterwork armour (if on task) and Masterwork armour (off-task) would be better alternatives to Torva, etc. 25,339 bytes 16 June 2020
Keldagrim Needs information post Birthright of the Dwarves 38,250 bytes 17 June 2020
Game tick/Ticks per action Mining and Smithing rework 8,525 bytes 17 June 2020
Treasure Hunter Recent MTX outrage in 2019. Should be updated with regards to recent events. 35,586 bytes 17 June 2020
Orb of oculus/Hidden locations Many of these locations (if not all) don't seem to be visible any longer. 14,476 bytes 18 June 2020
Jack of trades aura/Routines Taverley & Burthorpe update and Mining and Smithing rework invalidate Taverley & Burthorpe Routine and Varrock routine respectively 11,667 bytes 18 June 2020
Black Knights' Fortress The History of the Kinshra 8,563 bytes 18 June 2020
Construction training Skill has changed quite a bit since this information was written. New guide needed that takes into account new servants, new flatpacks, etc 43,982 bytes 18 June 2020
Slayer helmet Rrequires more information about Slayer helmet stand in Anachronia's impact on helm's use 7,340 bytes 20 June 2020
Clan Citadel No reason given 62,895 bytes 20 June 2020
Polls Reworked poll system 7,089 bytes 20 June 2020
Meiyerditch Archaeology/Everlight 18,385 bytes 20 June 2020
Interface Update:Patch Notes (27 November 2017) 109,822 bytes 21 June 2020
Interface Update:Bank Rework Taster - GameBlast - Double XP Weekend 19 February 2018 109,822 bytes 21 June 2020
Burgh de Rott River of Blood: returning citizens 15,521 bytes 21 June 2020
Bank This page was affected by the Bank Placeholders & Improvement update 54,300 bytes 22 June 2020
Jade vine seed Retake growth stage 4-7 images with updated graphics 3,239 bytes 23 June 2020
Pay-to-play Firemaking training Update:The Return of Line Firemaking! xp/hr 48,808 bytes 24 June 2020
Members Better reasons, and new quests 39,727 bytes 25 June 2020
Pet No reason given 68,934 bytes 25 June 2020
List of books missing books 48,346 bytes 26 June 2020
Glacor/Strategies No reason given 9,677 bytes 26 June 2020
Fremennik achievements/Quick guide Missing guide for Elite achievements 11,276 bytes 26 June 2020
Cactus seed Growth stages need to be retaken with updated graphics 2,633 bytes 28 June 2020
Poison ivy seed Growth stages need to be retaken with updated graphics 2,855 bytes 28 June 2020
Farming New seeds were added in the introduction of 120 Farming, in Update:The Ranch Out of Time: Farming and Herblore 120. 58,942 bytes 29 June 2020
Yew seed Growing stages were graphically updated. 4,593 bytes 29 June 2020
Spirit seed Retake growth stages with updated graphics 6,378 bytes 29 June 2020
Treasure Trails/Guide/Celtic knots New celtic knot puzzles from 7 October 2019 added a 14-spot intersection and cyan knots, changing most puzzles (some old ones have more than 3 knots) 10,067 bytes 29 June 2020
Herblore training New potions were added in the introduction of 120 Herblore, in Update:The Ranch Out of Time: Farming and Herblore 120. The guides for 99+ may not be optimal. 79,209 bytes 29 June 2020
RuneScape Mobile There is a new mobile app for RuneScape. 50,869 bytes 30 June 2020
Hunter training Due to the Hunter modernisation update, this page and its experience rates among other information, is incorrect 51,150 bytes 30 June 2020
Alaea crablet Ancient Invention (Honed 6, etc.) 4,196 bytes 1 July 2020
History One of a Kind, Mahjarrat Memories, Fate of the Gods, Dishonour among Thieves, Hero's Welcome, The Light Within, Raids, Tales of the God Wars, River of Blood, Kindred Spirits 188,909 bytes 1 July 2020
Challenge System (historical)/Challenges Prifddinas challenges 63,943 bytes 3 July 2020
Slayer training/High-levelled Needs info on Laniakea, Anachronia tasks, and ancient invention perks 49,007 bytes 3 July 2020
Dominion Tower/Strategies Some outdated boss strategies 112,291 bytes 3 July 2020
Ironman Mode/Strategies Ithell soft clay effect changed 71,225 bytes 3 July 2020
Asgarnia/History The History of the Kinshra 9,168 bytes 3 July 2020
Shattered Worlds Update: Ninja Strike #3 - Shattered Worlds 95,340 bytes 3 July 2020