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This is a list of transcripts that are tagged with {{Incomplete}}. The list includes the reason the page was tagged, the size of the page, and the time of the last edit. Note that page size is not indicative of completion and is only meant to serve as a relative number for a rough idea of how much attention the transcript may need.

Some transcripts are not listed as being incomplete for any specific reasons. For these pages, either:

  • The template should be given a reason in the first parameter
  • The placer of the template should be contacted on their talk page and be asked to elaborate in the template
  • The template should be removed if no reason can be given for the template

The list below is based on cached information. To force an update, click here.

Name Reason Page size Last edited
Dimension of Disaster: Curse of Arrav Some missing dialogue with Thessalia, and possibly Arrav (although main quest dialogue is complete) 15,849 bytes 5 April 2016
Doronbol Missing dialogue 10,877 bytes 5 April 2016
Queen of Snow Needs dialogue from the other Christmas events 1,700 bytes 5 April 2016
Rimae Sirsalis Missing dialogue requiring Fremennik elite task completion 2,115 bytes 5 April 2016
Abbess Benita Needs dialogue during OPN 743 bytes 19 April 2016
Ak-Haranu Pre-Ghosts Ahoy dialogue needed 273 bytes 19 April 2016
Al Shabim Pre-quest dialogue needed 229 bytes 19 April 2016
Ali Morrisane needs pre-quests dialogues 4,430 bytes 19 April 2016
Avalani Needs Cryptic Clue Fest & ritual dialogue 1,811 bytes 19 April 2016
Bandosian golem master Missing 3,623 bytes 19 April 2016
Bandosian record keeper missing 1,696 bytes 19 April 2016
Bill Teach Requires between quest and quest dialogue, pre-quest and perhaps there is misc. dialogue too 1,703 bytes 19 April 2016
Boric missing dialogue from after other tasks 934 bytes 19 April 2016
Brimstail Needs pre-quests and between quest and quest dialogue 1,492 bytes 19 April 2016
Brundt the Chieftain Needs pre-quest and post-quest dialogue, correct post-Mountain Daughter quest dialogue needs correction 16,555 bytes 19 April 2016
Char Needs sentences for doing x patterns, like "Bravo!" or something 5,684 bytes 19 April 2016
Chuck Needs dialogue between quest and quest, and misc. 4,815 bytes 19 April 2016
Claus the chef Sadly, there are two lines which have been missed after the quest, and can't be repeated 1,841 bytes 19 April 2016
Commander Loman Needs dialogue when imbuing rings 3,079 bytes 19 April 2016
Darla After tools have been delivered 9,505 bytes 19 April 2016
Dondakan the Dwarf Missing dialogue 1,800 bytes 19 April 2016
Dream Mentor Other conversations/dialogue options with Cyrisus 23,377 bytes 19 April 2016
Fred the Farmer No reason given 2,978 bytes 19 April 2016
Ghosts Ahoy missing what Velorina calls you if you have a male character if you talk to her before commanding Necrovarus, dialogue with the crone if you don't have/aren't wearing the amulet of ghostspeak, other win/loss scenarios with Robin 26,094 bytes 19 April 2016
Glorious Memories dialogue with people after retrieving the items in the cave, dialogue with Vargas about returning him to his human form, speaking to Freygerd's brother, misc dialogue 28,207 bytes 19 April 2016
Gunnar's Ground Some dialogue missing. Some dialogue doesn't flow like it should. 20,983 bytes 19 April 2016
High priest (Goblin) No reason given 4,767 bytes 19 April 2016
Holstein, Emissary of the Godless missing dialogue for after completing all tasks 10,629 bytes 19 April 2016
Horror from the Deep Additional dialogue option with Larrissa 7,965 bytes 19 April 2016
Image of Lord Daquarius needs dialogue between the three quests 6,206 bytes 19 April 2016
Jex unfinished 10,264 bytes 19 April 2016
Julienne, Emissary of Saradomin missing dialogue from after completing all tasks 2,158 bytes 19 April 2016
King's Ransom Missing dialogue with Sir Palomedes while fighting the guards at Keep Le Faye. 74,277 bytes 19 April 2016
Lieutenant Brae No reason given 1,647 bytes 19 April 2016
Lol Dialogue with sparing/killing him 1,134 bytes 19 April 2016
Member of the Godless No reason given 296 bytes 19 April 2016
Millie Miller No reason given 1,251 bytes 19 April 2016
Moldark, Emissary of Zamorak missing dialogue from after completing all tasks 2,205 bytes 19 April 2016
Murknose, Emissary of Bandos missing dialogue for choosing Bandos as first faction joined before World Event 2 4,572 bytes 19 April 2016
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Evil Dave dialogue options 11,426 bytes 19 April 2016
Relomia, Emissary of Sliske missing dialogue for after completing all tasks 3,427 bytes 19 April 2016
Shades of Mort'ton One or two dialogue options, post-quest dialogue with both men if you have not yet permanently cured them with Serum 208 16,129 bytes 19 April 2016
Taw'Paak, Emissary of Armadyl missing dialogue from after completing all tasks 2,195 bytes 19 April 2016
Trinks No reason given 4,438 bytes 19 April 2016
Yelps Spared and goblin village 2,354 bytes 16 May 2016
Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf Extra dialogue options 30,222 bytes 5 June 2016
Above the Lore/Episode 3 needs a proof reading. some dialogue may be misassigned to Mod Stu and/or Mod Srowley 32,708 bytes 14 June 2016
Above the Lore/Episode 6 needs a proof reading 38,823 bytes 14 June 2016
Supreme Commander missing lots of dialogue 2,765 bytes 28 June 2016
Arod the environmentalist Missing dialogue between wildlife/prior to wildlife 1,389 bytes 25 July 2016
Rue Dialogue for those with trim completionist cape 1,760 bytes 27 August 2016
Acca Kanatah Missing lots of dialgoue and options 2,417 bytes 6 September 2016
Tuai Leit moai Missing dialogue from during Tuai Leit's Own. 1,001 bytes 18 October 2016
Zrik Missing some branches of dialogue. 3,682 bytes 31 October 2016
The Tale of the Muspah possible dialogue with Erjolf at the beginning if The Fremennik Trials is not completed (if any) 40,325 bytes 3 November 2016
Flag Fall Missing some of the dialogue options. 3,043 bytes 4 December 2016
Above the Lore/Episode 5 needs a proof reading, some blanks (...) filled in 36,452 bytes 9 December 2016
Nomad's Requiem misc dialogue options 15,493 bytes 10 December 2016
Watchtower misc dialogue 19,872 bytes 10 December 2016
Lumo Dialogue is still missing, (is female different? constantly He is used for male players), 100th time caught dialogue, is there quest dialogue? 2,969 bytes 10 December 2016
Murder Mystery Various dialogue options with: gossip (including hints), siblings/servants depending on the colour of thread / location that didn't get poisoned, hint dialogue at each stage of the quest, whether or not you need to approach the guard dog before you can ask about suspicious noises, etc 31,522 bytes 10 December 2016
Wanted! unfinished 78,050 bytes 10 December 2016
The Lost Tribe Additional dialogue options 15,481 bytes 10 December 2016
Icthlarin Missing certain post-quest dialogues. 5,327 bytes 26 December 2016
Sieglinde Missing some dialogue 893 bytes 30 December 2016
Kipple Nano Missing personalities 2,907 bytes 2 January 2017
Tess Needs dialogue for in the heart/telos' chamber, all boss pets have dialogue for where their boss is 1,034 bytes 4 January 2017
Guardian of Armadyl Missing LOTS of dialogue. 2,481 bytes 20 January 2017
Mourning's End Part II Dialogue with Thorgel upon trading items for a death talisman 8,892 bytes 30 April 2017
Lumbridge Rebuildathon Needs non-glitched during event dialogue. 7,161 bytes 1 May 2017
Hero's Welcome Missing some dialogue options. 98,722 bytes 8 May 2017
Kuradal needs NPC Contact dialogue and Raptor meeting dialogue 9,311 bytes 11 May 2017
The Sailor's Heart At some points the lyrics are just best guesses. 2,563 bytes 19 June 2017
Between a Rock... Missing dialogue when using a gold bar on Dondakan, misc dialogue options 24,951 bytes 21 June 2017
Who is the Pharaoh Lyrics are just best guesses in some parts. 1,471 bytes 10 July 2017
Above the Lore/Episode 2 needs a proof reading 23,695 bytes 2 August 2017
Underground Pass Dialogue with the paladins, end of chat with Kamen 12,941 bytes 11 September 2017
Monkey Madness Additional dialogue options 49,574 bytes 14 September 2017
Fortunato No reason given 1,522 bytes 21 September 2017
Throne of Miscellania additional dialogue with Ghrim, dialogue with the Prince/Princess, missing dialogue from one of the conversations with Prince Brand 30,946 bytes 4 November 2017
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio a bunch of misc dialogue options 35,317 bytes 24 November 2017
Catapult Construction Dialogue with General Hining after getting the letter, misc dialogue options 17,977 bytes 30 December 2017
One Piercing Note missing dialogue options, some parts need formatting, missing some actions/parts of the quest, additional misc dialogue 33,173 bytes 3 January 2018
The Elder Kiln Additional dialogue options needed 34,709 bytes 4 January 2018
The General's Shadow unfinished 18,761 bytes 31 January 2018
Carnillean Rising missing several sections of dialogue. missing several discussions if you sided with the Carnillean family during Hazeel Cult quest 40,321 bytes 31 January 2018
Roving Elves Options with Islwyn 6,422 bytes 7 February 2018
Royal Trouble Alternate dialogue when switching genders in between Throne of Miscellania and this quest, dialogue with other citizens when questioning them 32,022 bytes 12 February 2018
Lunar Diplomacy Dialogue if you don't have a hatchet at chopping part of dream realm, dialogue with Lokar Searunner, dialogue with the rest of the pirates at all points of the voyage, misc dialogue 61,650 bytes 1 March 2018
Enakhra's Lament Some dialogue branches need filling out. 24,883 bytes 9 March 2018
Lady Trahaearn missing dialogues for "Can I help?" if you have the required mining level to mine Seren Stones 5,946 bytes 27 March 2018
Mysterious clue scroll (You Are It) Missing further clues. 376 bytes 10 May 2018
The Fremennik Trials additional dialogue with characters during the quest, post-quest dialogue, dialogue with the opposition members, transcripts of the other bard songs and combination door riddles 57,199 bytes 11 May 2018
Bringing Home the Bacon Sections based on the other types of pig (prayer and combat) are missing completely. These are marked "missing" 37,942 bytes 18 July 2018
From Tiny Acorns Maybe missing what happens if you try to steal toy before starting quest 14,395 bytes 25 July 2018
Construction guide Needs f2p aspect from 06/08/2018 update 4,989 bytes 6 August 2018
Lucky dragonkin coin Unlocking dialogue 251 bytes 14 August 2018
Dimension of Disaster: Demon Slayer The present dialogue is from a fourth run-through. First run-through dialogue needs to be added. Also, see Delrith section. I had it complete, but my browser closed before saving. 38,725 bytes 15 August 2018
The Fremennik Isles Misc dialogue 67,336 bytes 22 August 2018
Aubury Needs pre-Rune Mysteries dialogue 419 bytes 2 September 2018
Vidar Ilknot Needs dialogue for defending 4,247 bytes 24 September 2018
Molly and Moira Missing event dialogues. 2,155 bytes 27 September 2018
Cold War Additional dialogue options needed 40,876 bytes 29 September 2018
Saradomin Missing post-quest dialogues 17,755 bytes 29 September 2018
Khoochak missing Jack of Spades, Crocodile Tears, Our Man in the North and 'Phite Club 10,278 bytes 29 September 2018
Crocodile Tears Other dialogue options may not have been included yet 49,628 bytes 29 September 2018
Brewer Missing the dialogue of the brewers before completion of Pieces of Hate 1,627 bytes 5 October 2018
Ghost innkeeper Missing dialogue 3,857 bytes 9 October 2018
Glouron Missing dialogue. 2,239 bytes 24 October 2018
Eblis Missing dialogue. 1,706 bytes 24 October 2018
Ilona Missing dialogue. 6,588 bytes 24 October 2018
The Curse of Arrav Needs dialog from followers when activating remote view 9,753 bytes 25 October 2018
Marius Giste Missing dialogue. 5,800 bytes 28 October 2018
TzHaar-Hur-Tel Missing dialogue. 1,550 bytes 31 October 2018
Varrock Museum Archaeologist Missing dialogue. 6,437 bytes 3 November 2018
Grundt Missing some dialogue 749 bytes 12 November 2018
Dwarven ancestor spirit Missing dialogue 2,107 bytes 12 November 2018
Liquid Gold Nymph Missing dialogue 4,658 bytes 14 November 2018
Recruitment Drive misc dialogue options, Ms Hynn Terprett riddles 15,862 bytes 15 November 2018
Cook (Lumbridge) Needs pre-RFD and clue dialogues 9,182 bytes 17 November 2018
Henryeta Carnillean No reason given 1,092 bytes 19 November 2018
Rug merchant Missing dialogue about Ali Morrisane if the player has yet to do The Feud quest. 9,068 bytes 21 November 2018
Tefibi city quest dialogue 246 bytes 28 November 2018
Sennefer npc 196 bytes 28 November 2018
Khamud city quest dialogue 177 bytes 28 November 2018
Menhet city quest dialogue 171 bytes 28 November 2018
Septhys city quest dialogue 349 bytes 28 November 2018
Nefertari city quest dialogue 274 bytes 28 November 2018
Tyr There's a lot of options missing, for instance, a section of when you speak to him before doing Quiet Before the Swarm, as well as the dialogue that you get if Korasi was the one who died. 7,869 bytes 1 December 2018
Sir Owen Needs Troll Warzone and Three's Company dialogue 6,098 bytes 7 December 2018
Odd Billy Ranges of birds for dialogue are incomplete, may be more dialogue 2,926 bytes 8 December 2018
Luitger Missing dialogue before BOTD 1,724 bytes 9 December 2018
Meike Missing lots of dialogue 2,255 bytes 9 December 2018
Klaas Missing most dialogue 1,725 bytes 9 December 2018
Bob Barter (herbs) More things are said 4,028 bytes 10 December 2018
Farid Morrisane (ores) There are some of these, but I wasn't fast enough to catch them right now 1,560 bytes 10 December 2018
Murky Matt (runes) There are more of these 2,989 bytes 10 December 2018
Relobo Blinyo (logs) Didn't have time to watch for the different things he says 1,512 bytes 10 December 2018
Land of the Goblins Additional dialogue options. Reference to 'RuneScape' needs checked 45,565 bytes 15 December 2018
Strongbones Reference to 'Runescape' needs to be checked. 1,349 bytes 15 December 2018
Hofuthand (armour and weapons) He says other things 1,716 bytes 15 December 2018
TzHaar-Hur-Zuh It seems like the honorifics used here are dependent on the number of quests you have completed 1,738 bytes 16 December 2018
TzHaar-Mej-Jeh Missing little bits of dialogue, and the dialogue is most likely different based on completion of TzHaar quests 5,438 bytes 16 December 2018
Snow imp Post-2008, most events 5,027 bytes 17 December 2018
Player-owned port/Random events Missing other random events 4,598 bytes 22 December 2018
TokTz-Ket-Dill additional dialogue options 76,223 bytes 22 December 2018
Gunslik I only got the favor dialogue once, so I'm not sure what other items are possible 1,686 bytes 30 December 2018
Kamfreena I didn't have time to flesh out all the dialogue 1,511 bytes 7 January 2019
Misty More dialogue for Arkaneo 2,261 bytes 13 January 2019
General Khazard There is a lot of dialogue that could be added here 416 bytes 23 January 2019
Awowogei Needs dialogue between quest and quest, and chimp ice, etc. 1,353 bytes 3 February 2019
Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf Almost complete, just missing the dialogue with Khorvak if Between a Rock hasn't been completed and dialogue with Gauss without a beer in the inventory, and maybe a better format for the three pieces of information in the Red Axe hideout 25,932 bytes 12 February 2019
Regicide Messenger dialogue, perhaps other misc dialogue 12,167 bytes 28 February 2019
Huge parcel Seems like there may be some more NPCs 733 bytes 4 March 2019
Zimberfizz ashes Soul Wars lobby dialogue 4,908 bytes 14 March 2019
Grim Tales Dialogue options missing (eg. Grimgnash, Miazrqa) 48,488 bytes 18 March 2019
Do No Evil Denying being a human when talking to the three wise monkeys, more monkey colonist dialogue, dialogue with different levels of ice spells, talking to ali without the ring of charos, misc dialogue options 60,105 bytes 18 March 2019
Abyssal Knight Quartermaster need sigil dialogue 2,376 bytes 26 March 2019
Missing, Presumed Death No reason given 96,503 bytes 26 March 2019
Lanthus Dialogue about the trim comp is incomplete 4,293 bytes 27 March 2019
Customs officer There might be different dialogue if you haven't worked at the banana plantation for a while, or if you haven't completed Pirate's Treasure, and without the karamja gloves might be different. 1,502 bytes 27 March 2019
Hild missing dialogue when you already have an amulet, and when you have the required items to get another enchanted Amulet of Catspeak 557 bytes 29 March 2019
Penda Potentially missing dialogue during Treasure Trails when he has the key 323 bytes 29 March 2019
Ignatius Vulcan 120 dialogue 4,244 bytes 29 March 2019
Fisherman (Fish Flingers) There are different triggers for dialogue, based on when the next competition will start/end 7,842 bytes 30 March 2019
Shilo Village Random misc dialogue/options 35,370 bytes 31 March 2019
Hamal the Chieftain There may be different dialogue depending on quest completion 3,397 bytes 31 March 2019
Fremennik warrior female character dialogue 1,508 bytes 2 April 2019
Martin Thwait needs dialogue for incomplete camouflage outfits 4,529 bytes 2 April 2019
Bernald pre-quest dialogue 161 bytes 2 April 2019
Brian O'Richard dialogue without requirements to enter the factory 10,603 bytes 2 April 2019
Vasquen needs dialogue for players who have hops planted in the patch 4,925 bytes 3 April 2019
The Tourist Trap lots of dialogue options, such as more conversation with Ana 37,397 bytes 3 April 2019
Agmundi minitask dialogue 1,336 bytes 5 April 2019
Estocada He may start the conversation off differently if you've never claimed the hat 1,276 bytes 5 April 2019
Al the Camel When saying something unpleasant, the dialogue may begin differently if you haven't completed The Feud yet 3,437 bytes 5 April 2019
Penwie Dialogue for Gnome Restaurant 1,141 bytes 5 April 2019
Ghost guard Dialogue needed for players who have not completed Ghosts Ahoy 359 bytes 6 April 2019
Candle-maker Needs dialogue for players who have not completed Merlin's Crystal 537 bytes 6 April 2019
Plague's End Missing dialogue 78,662 bytes 6 April 2019
Captain Dalbur Dialogue before The Grand Tree may be different, and he may have Gnome Restaurant dialogue 635 bytes 6 April 2019
Within the Light missing quest dialogue for not asking for release of the gnome 46,797 bytes 8 April 2019
Bob (smith) dialogue for when easy Lumbridge achievements are incomplete 2,105 bytes 10 April 2019
Harrallak Menarous pre-While Guthix Sleeps dialogue and pre-Ritual of the Mahjarrat dialogue missing 7,283 bytes 10 April 2019
A Guild of Our Own some dialogue options missing 18,282 bytes 12 April 2019
Benny He might have different dialogue in New Varrock 1,678 bytes 14 April 2019
Naff Dialogue might be different if you don't have Varrock tasks completed 524 bytes 14 April 2019
Johanna Missing some dialogue choices 13,110 bytes 14 April 2019
The Hunt for Surok NavBox 4,803 bytes 16 April 2019
Korasi Needs dialogue after quest(s) 2,698 bytes 17 April 2019
Zamorak Missing post quest dialogues 7,845 bytes 1 May 2019
Guilded Eggstravaganza Transcript missing 57,221 bytes 1 May 2019
Caldi Which of these can occur before The Chosen Commander? 863 bytes 13 May 2019
Fandon Which of these can occur before The Chosen Commander? 871 bytes 13 May 2019
Lorzan Which of these can occur before The Chosen Commander? 871 bytes 13 May 2019
Horgon Which of these can occur before The Chosen Commander? 871 bytes 13 May 2019
Inglin Which of these can occur before The Chosen Commander? 871 bytes 13 May 2019
Kenti Which of these can occur before The Chosen Commander? 863 bytes 13 May 2019
Bozin Which of these can occur before The Chosen Commander? 863 bytes 13 May 2019
Elzik Which of these can occur before The Chosen Commander? 863 bytes 13 May 2019
Hopespear's Will Missing some dialogue options 7,210 bytes 16 May 2019
Terry Balando Needs all dialogue prior to the completion of The Dig Site 5,955 bytes 21 May 2019
Damage Control Missing conversation with Evie if the note has been read by the player, and if the note hasn't been interacted with at all and talking to Evie and all 6 cannon parts have been collected. 9,399 bytes 28 May 2019
Sir Amik Varze No reason given 2,799 bytes 7 June 2019
Banky crablet (NPC) missing dialogue 47 bytes 12 June 2019
Curator Haig Halen if you meet mqc reqs 1,748 bytes 22 June 2019
Ali the Trader Needs dialogue from part 2 and 3 11,698 bytes 22 June 2019
Elena missing dialogue 229 bytes 25 June 2019
Thordur dialogue for accounts that have not done the quest 1,964 bytes 4 July 2019
Hring Hring Dialogue is all from after all Fremmenik quests have been done. 303 bytes 4 July 2019
Romeo dialogue pre-2010 not available in game 1,987 bytes 4 July 2019
Tarquin dialogue obtained with 99 woodcutting 2,487 bytes 4 July 2019
You Are It missing what happens if the wrong wishbringer is picked 17,575 bytes 4 July 2019
'Bird's-Eye' Jack All Fremennik quests done, therefore Jack is a banker. 1,636 bytes 4 July 2019
Freaky Forester Dialogue before removal of random events unavailable in game. 1,435 bytes 4 July 2019
Co-ordinator All fairy quests done. May be incomplete dialogue. 1,001 bytes 4 July 2019
Raetul Dialogue may be incompete as all desert quests have been completed. 890 bytes 4 July 2019
Ambassador Spanfipple Does not include possible Gnome Restaurant minigame dialogues. 651 bytes 5 July 2019
Shilop Potentially incomplete as all relate quests were complete before getting this dialogue. 398 bytes 5 July 2019
Martin the Master Gardener potentially missing dialogue from between after Fairy Tale 1, before Fairy Tale 3 2,461 bytes 6 July 2019
Gossip Dialogue obtained after all quests complete. 466 bytes 9 July 2019
Almera Dialogue obtained with all quests complete. 427 bytes 9 July 2019
Captain Bentley Potentially incomplete as all quests done. 948 bytes 9 July 2019
Mourning's End Part I Dialogue with Elena depending on whether the Mourner's disguise is worn, dialogue with Oronwen before getting items to repair trousers, dialogue with Arianwyn after getting the task to poison people 27,959 bytes 16 July 2019
Scout (Shantay Pass) The General's Shadow 1,053 bytes 3 August 2019
Weaponsmaster Shield of Arrav 600 bytes 4 August 2019
Commorb v2 Missing a lot of reports 5,210 bytes 9 August 2019
Hiylik Myna See if dialogue changes if player has completed any of the Morytania tasks and received the leggings 4,143 bytes 30 August 2019
Flower Girl dialogue for accounts that have not done the quests 393 bytes 3 September 2019
Tower Advisor dialogue for accounts that have different range levels 557 bytes 3 September 2019
Carpenter Kjallak dialogue for accounts that have not done the quests and different approval ratings 616 bytes 3 September 2019
Billy Rehnison dialogue for accounts that have not done the quests 204 bytes 3 September 2019
Pet shop owner (Yanille) more dialogue options to be added 1,414 bytes 14 September 2019
Rohak Needs dialogue for players who have not completed Recipe for Disaster 829 bytes 26 September 2019
Zombie farmer Needs dialogue from players who have something planted in each of the patches 1,152 bytes 27 September 2019
Khazard launderer missing dialogue from While Guthix Sleeps (claiming the clothes for the first time) 1,617 bytes 27 September 2019
One Small Favour misc dialogue options 58,413 bytes 28 September 2019
Pieces of Hate Missing dialogue on multiple occasions 124,904 bytes 4 October 2019
Fur 'n Seek Missing dialogue variant from the start if the player has not finished Rag and Bone Man/Wishlist. 8,691 bytes 17 October 2019
Pikkupstix Dialogue differs based on quest completion, missing additional dialogue options 13,487 bytes 18 October 2019
Thaerisk Cemphier Needs dialogue before and between quests 780 bytes 18 October 2019
Arianwyn Needs pre quest dialogues 6,563 bytes 19 October 2019
Recruiter Needs pre-Plague's End dialogue added 452 bytes 21 October 2019
The Chef Missing Dialogue from later voyages. Also, when the Biologist and Chef are both in port. 4,800 bytes 24 October 2019
Faiza Missing dialogue about the Order when you have captured all of the souls in the Slayer Codex 6,771 bytes 25 October 2019
Swan Song If you don't already have the required items. A few dialogue options. 25,517 bytes 27 October 2019
Lady Ithell Prifddinas. Dialogue for before asking about crystal pickaxes/hatchets. Daialogue for more tool configurations. 14,563 bytes 2 November 2019
The Raptor Needs quest-related dialogue 944 bytes 2 November 2019
The Memory Figure out what triggers the change in The Memory's dialogue during the Last Orders random event 7,420 bytes 4 November 2019
The Tengu Clue voyages 9,503 bytes 4 November 2019
Guardian of the Vault Missing dialogue if not a gold Premier Club member 5,225 bytes 11 November 2019
Wydin Dialogue is from after all quests complete. Also does not include dialogue from Cryptic Clue Fest IV. 867 bytes 14 November 2019
Large parcel Seems like there may be some more NPCs 2,839 bytes 20 November 2019
A Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift Initial dialogue and both minigames 47,060 bytes 28 November 2019
A Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen It looks like pieces of the dialogue are missing, and these are marked in the transcript. 21,782 bytes 28 November 2019
A Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains Missing returning to Martin, after each individual GAG member 23,393 bytes 28 November 2019
2019 Easter event Transcript missing 17,663 bytes 28 November 2019
Rhotep City Quest 251 bytes 28 November 2019
Brian Does not include potential dialogue from 2008 Halloween event. 355 bytes 28 November 2019
Austri dialogue for accounts that have not completed Fishing Contest 360 bytes 28 November 2019
Vestri dialogue for accounts that have not completed Fishing Contest 360 bytes 28 November 2019
Adoratrice Haruko City Quest 169 bytes 28 November 2019
Elizabeth Dialogue is from when all quests done. 173 bytes 28 November 2019
Carol Dialogue is when all related quests are complete. 176 bytes 28 November 2019
Lisah needs city quest dialogue 185 bytes 28 November 2019
Achietties Missing dialogue pre-Heroes Guild 195 bytes 28 November 2019
One Foot in the Grave Needs dialogue for declining Zavistic's offer to teleport, Need dialogue for postponing visit to funeral, Need NPC Link/article for Wizard in Returning Clarence 5,939 bytes 29 November 2019
Gnome trainer Needs dialogue for level 85 Agility, before and after unlocking agile equipment and overhead dialogue for the advanced course obstacles 2,059 bytes 23 December 2019
Quiet Before the Swarm Missing some dialogue options. 67,229 bytes 4 January 2020
Ulthven necromancer missing lines 358 bytes 5 January 2020
Taraket the Necromancer May be missing some lines 3,198 bytes 6 January 2020
Emmett Firemaker's Curse 5,260 bytes 7 January 2020
Sera Circus, quests 2,252 bytes 7 January 2020
Guard (Mountain Camp) There's likely different dialogue if you haven't done the quest 1,819 bytes 11 January 2020
As a First Resort Missing some small portions, as marked below 51,775 bytes 24 January 2020
Barbarian Training Missing half of dialogue options. 15,699 bytes 28 January 2020
Sir Vyvin Potental Members-only & quest-related options are missing 1,121 bytes 29 January 2020
The Void Stares Back No reason given 44,524 bytes 6 February 2020
Legacy of Seergaze Missing post-quest dialogue with Veliaf before the requirements for TBoD are met 73,518 bytes 7 February 2020
Legacy of Seergaze missing original 73,518 bytes 7 February 2020
Ritual of the Mahjarrat/Journal Optional quest rewards have text before finding them 9,271 bytes 12 February 2020
Fate of the Gods/Journal needs light simulacrum transcript 6,534 bytes 12 February 2020
The Mighty Fall/Journal Kill Zanik log text 1,459 bytes 12 February 2020
The Death of Chivalry/Journal Transcript is needed for when a player voluntarily gives Saradomin the Wand of Resurrection 2,575 bytes 12 February 2020
Mountain Daughter Dialogue with Hamal after Brundt asks for the rock back, additional dialogue options 28,513 bytes 12 February 2020
Dishonour among Thieves/Journal different options about telling Sliske your plans, and staying neutral during Zamorak vs Sliske 4,487 bytes 13 February 2020
Papa Mambo Needs dialogue for warding off jadinkos from a Player who has attracted jadinkos previously 10,969 bytes 13 February 2020
The Whaler Missing dialogue from voyages 4,829 bytes 14 February 2020
The Chosen Commander Dialogue with Grubfoot in the H.A.M. hideout, other dialogue options 81,069 bytes 17 February 2020
TzHaar-Mej-Jal It seems like some of the dialogue would differ based on completion of The Elder Kiln 3,223 bytes 18 February 2020
Faisal the Barman Dialogue obtained after all quests completed. Dialogue informing Faisal about the poisoned beer only has once chance to answer per player. I could only get one potential dialogue. 2,266 bytes 24 February 2020
Shantay Missing dialogue. 3,176 bytes 28 February 2020
Blood Runs Deep Extra dialogue options, gender-specific conversations with Vargas' children 50,427 bytes 3 March 2020
Blood Runs Deep Dialogue with Baba Yaga is needed as the rest are missing towards anger. 50,427 bytes 3 March 2020
Gamdin Needs dialogue for defending 3,588 bytes 3 March 2020
Captain (player-owned port) Needs dialogue trees for captains of Cruel personalities; may require checking potential dialogue differences for both genders. 12,890 bytes 6 March 2020
Heart of Stone Missing some dialogue options. 66,743 bytes 8 March 2020
Kjell Before Gunnar's Ground 953 bytes 12 March 2020
The Light Within/Journal needs dark shard exclusion and Eluned sacrifice transcript 2,483 bytes 13 March 2020
A Void Dance/Journal The transcript below refers to lying to the bar owner, there is an option to tell the truth which isn't recorded below 6,173 bytes 13 March 2020
Hazeel Cult/Journal Transcript is needed for when a player joins the Hazel cult 1,005 bytes 13 March 2020
The Firemaker's Curse/Journal needs transcript for tying up wrong and correct firemakers 6,993 bytes 15 March 2020
Rasolo Dialogue obtained when all quests complete. 1,173 bytes 20 March 2020
Estate agent No reason given 3,584 bytes 21 March 2020
Rum Deal zombie protester dialogue when spoken to directly pre/in-quest, pirate pete transportation lines, misc dialogue options 45,888 bytes 22 March 2020
God Emissaries Each faction has a different set of dialogue for each task. For example, Murknose doesn't tell you to bring goblins to justice. Also, some of the dialogue is missing from the currently listed faction. 12,015 bytes 23 March 2020
Defender of Varrock Missing King Roald asking about how you suspected he was a descendant 43,840 bytes 23 March 2020
Recipe for Disaster: Another Cook's Quest Missing dialogue option(s) 25,459 bytes 24 March 2020
Ozan Needs Ozan Quests, Three's Company and Troll Warzone dialogue 18,148 bytes 24 March 2020
Legends' Quest Misc dialogue, dialogue with the three spirits?, dialogue with Gujuo before crafting the totem pole but after killing Nezikchened the second time, misc dialogue cleanups 48,691 bytes 24 March 2020
Ellamaria missing dialogue before 629 bytes 25 March 2020
Mr. Mordaut unfinished 12,713 bytes 25 March 2020
EVIL DAVE v. The People Only has the prosecution's side. 33,390 bytes 26 March 2020
Barbarians v. Wizards Additional dialogue options; the court itself 11,389 bytes 26 March 2020
The Frog Prince v. The People
  • Missing various dialogue & jury responses from Defense POV
21,127 bytes 26 March 2020
The Gravedigger v. The People
  • Missing various dialogue & jury responses from Prosecution POV
  • Missing trial dialogue changes if crime scene or case reports were not inspected
10,343 bytes 26 March 2020
H.A.M. v. Dorgeshuun
  • needs interviews, trial transcript
  • Missing trial dialogue changes if crime scene or case reports were not inspected
1,727 bytes 26 March 2020
Sawmill Man v. The People Missing Defense dialogue, and dialogue related to Estate agent 22,398 bytes 26 March 2020
Rick Turpentine v. The (Rich) People Only has the prosecution's side. Missing defense dialogue. Also, the dialogue may be different if a different fingerprint is selected. Missing dialogue portions are indicated below. 26,539 bytes 26 March 2020
The Mime v. The People
  • Missing various dialogue & jury responses from Prosecution POV
  • Missing some Defence POV dialogue from Party Pete's cross-examination
15,837 bytes 26 March 2020
Wizard Myrtle post-quest dialogue 1,117 bytes 29 March 2020
Rocking Out dialogue with customs sergeant when not looking the part, dialogue with Brass Hand Harry without the letter of introduction, other file names in the Rock Island Prison archive, misc dialogue 61,429 bytes 29 March 2020
Historian Minas dialogue for telling about each quest 7,648 bytes 3 April 2020
Liam Needs dialogue previous to obtaining pages 2,521 bytes 17 April 2020
Archmage Sedridor Needs pre-quest and between quest and quest dialogue, especially 4,207 bytes 18 April 2020
Edmond dialogue from treasure trails 221 bytes 24 April 2020
Juna Missing dialogue for quests 91,425 bytes 24 April 2020
Trufitus Don't know at which stage the Shilo Village related dialogue comes up. Don't know if he has any other dialogue before Shilo Village, during other quests etc. This is incomplete. 1,398 bytes 24 April 2020
Ghost legionary Needs the line with ghostspeak/mory3 1,311 bytes 25 April 2020
What Lies Below Missing some miscellaneous dialogue 24,862 bytes 26 April 2020
The World Wakes Some of dialogue. 114,951 bytes 27 April 2020
Some Like It Cold Some dialogue is missing 32,661 bytes 27 April 2020
A Soul's Bane It is possible to report back to Launa after entering and completing each room. 6,752 bytes 27 April 2020
Above the Lore/Episode 1 only first 20%, formatting, and proofreading 5,468 bytes 28 April 2020
Kharid-et Dig Site Missing dialogues 1,827 bytes 28 April 2020
Beekeeper Dialogue obtained after all quests complete. Also no dialogue available from discontinued random event. 1,292 bytes 30 April 2020
Who is the greatest of them all? Finish transcription with duel cards table w/ pics 14,274 bytes 2 May 2020
Ritual of the Mahjarrat The indentation here is not standard, and I can't tell what is dialogue options, and what is not, and why things are indented more in some places. 52,306 bytes 4 May 2020
Quick Chat keyboard shortcuts Missing a bunch of them along with ways to find them fast 235,970 bytes 4 May 2020
One of a Kind Missing some dialogue options. 60,964 bytes 6 May 2020
May Stormbrewer Needs dialogue before and during the Divination tutorial, and post-The World Wakes dialogue 4,141 bytes 10 May 2020
Dagon Bye Missing dialogue with demon for when Dagon Bye has not been completed first. 12,872 bytes 11 May 2020
Movario Missing dialogues 20,081 bytes 11 May 2020
Egil No reason given 3,214 bytes 16 May 2020
Three's Company No reason given 50,701 bytes 17 May 2020
Three's Company No reason given 50,701 bytes 17 May 2020
Three's Company No reason given 50,701 bytes 17 May 2020
Three's Company No reason given 50,701 bytes 17 May 2020
Oziach Missing dialogue before Dragon Slayer 3,630 bytes 23 May 2020
The Giant Dwarf failure/change task dialogue with secretary/director of company, additional companies' dialogue if different, misc dialogue with director/secretary, and just cleaning up the company dialogue in general 50,291 bytes 24 May 2020
King Arthur dialogue is after all 3 quests and therefore incomplete 756 bytes 24 May 2020
Barnabus Hurma Needs dialogue before getting a strange rock, when attempting to add to plinth before talking to him and when completing plinth 7,897 bytes 26 May 2020
Achievements Missing dialogue from various Task Masters. 4,562 bytes 27 May 2020
Kolodion Needs dialogue for players below 60 Magic 4,283 bytes 27 May 2020
Geoffrey to add dialogue after wearing item that gains his trust 1,242 bytes 28 May 2020
Dororan 1. to add dialogue before completion of Gunnar's Ground and 2. author is n00b crafter 3,209 bytes 28 May 2020
Gudrun 1. to add dialogue before completion of Gunnar's Ground 1,326 bytes 29 May 2020
Priest (West Ardougne) Needs dialogue from before Plague's End quest 304 bytes 29 May 2020
Desperate Times Various combinations need checking, and some need the Red text added, and it possible the dialogue under desert/white knights (added to First Failure), Varrock/Moia (Added to Second Failure), and Fremennik/Desert (added to Third Failure) are standardised across the 1st, 2nd and 3rd attempts. 100,497 bytes 29 May 2020
Desperate Times Likely, the dialogue options result eventually in the same dialogue, so they could be extracted lower to lower indents 100,497 bytes 29 May 2020
Advanced pickpocketing trainer transcript when player has has a blackjack of any kind, 426 bytes 30 May 2020
Sophanem guard Needs post-Icthlarin's Little Helper/Contact! dialogue 4,165 bytes 30 May 2020
Ur-taal Missing dialogue from Dorgesh-Kaan market trading minigame 1,354 bytes 30 May 2020
Ur-zek Missing dialogue from Dorgesh-Kaan market trading minigame 1,354 bytes 30 May 2020
Radu Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,674 bytes 30 May 2020
Ileana Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,732 bytes 30 May 2020
Luminata Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,773 bytes 30 May 2020
Sorin Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,749 bytes 30 May 2020
Sergiu Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,757 bytes 30 May 2020
Grigore Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,739 bytes 30 May 2020
Mihail Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,654 bytes 30 May 2020
Nicoleta Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,670 bytes 30 May 2020
Vasile Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,744 bytes 30 May 2020
Razvan Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,744 bytes 30 May 2020
Elisabeta Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,659 bytes 30 May 2020
Luscion Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,765 bytes 30 May 2020
Florin Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,732 bytes 30 May 2020
Simona Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,654 bytes 30 May 2020
Calin Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,646 bytes 30 May 2020
Teodor Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,668 bytes 30 May 2020
Ivan Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,676 bytes 30 May 2020
Valeria Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,740 bytes 30 May 2020
Emilia Missing dialogue from before Legacy of Seergaze and possibly dialogue before restoring some of the town of Burgh de Rott 1,732 bytes 30 May 2020
Captain Ethar Needs dialogue from Conquest tutorial either here or a separate page 2,878 bytes 30 May 2020
Overseer Needs dialogue from attempting to leave the sawmill with planks, and from handing in assignments 1,869 bytes 30 May 2020
Local thug Needs dialogue specifically after having completed While Guthix Sleeps but before completing Ritual of the Mahjarrat 1,158 bytes 31 May 2020
Postie Pete Missing a lot of Player (A) conversations at different locations, as they are all unique per location 17,063 bytes 31 May 2020
Temple of Ikov missing lucien's side, both ends of the quest, misc dialogue options 6,194 bytes 31 May 2020
Tinsay Missing dialogue before completing Tai Bwo Wannai Trio 369 bytes 31 May 2020
Tamayu Needs dialogue from before Tai Bwo Wannai Trio 641 bytes 31 May 2020
Tiadeche Needs dialogue from before completing Tai Bwo Wannai Trio 542 bytes 31 May 2020
My Arm's Big Adventure Several dialogue paths are missing (i.e. if the player does not have gout tuber/camulet) 37,078 bytes 31 May 2020
Koschei's Troubles Missing dialogue. Marked below. 20,854 bytes 31 May 2020
Guardian mummy Needs dialogue for recharging sceptre, getting kicked out, finding a sceptre 5,263 bytes 31 May 2020
As Rum Can Be No reason given 1,340 bytes 1 June 2020
The Everlight Missing most dialogue 6,070 bytes 1 June 2020
Another Slice of H.A.M. need to looks for actions ({{qact}}) 15,963 bytes 3 June 2020
Hallowed Be... Missing dialogue for underwater, and for repairing the elevator, and what goes on at the top. Lots missing for Vanescula 4,548 bytes 3 June 2020
Cam the Camel Dialogue when talking to Cam for treasure trails 2,324 bytes 4 June 2020
You Have Chosen... There is likely dialogue with Zanik before the Forged in War sculpture is placed 4,702 bytes 4 June 2020
The Branches of Darkmeyer Missing some dialogue options. 101,012 bytes 7 June 2020
The Branches of Darkmeyer Vanescula has dialogue for each vampyre that gives you a task, before and during the task 101,012 bytes 7 June 2020
The Branches of Darkmeyer Missing dialogue during and before each task 101,012 bytes 7 June 2020
The Firemaker's Curse dialogue jumbled up, missing parts of dialogue and notes of what happens between dialogue. 44,304 bytes 7 June 2020
Gower Quest Missing a few dialogue branches, as noted by "Transcript missing" 150,449 bytes 7 June 2020
In Search of the Myreque small amount of dialogue missing 37,242 bytes 7 June 2020
King of the Dwarves Some dialogue missing 63,366 bytes 7 June 2020
Rat Catchers Dialogue with Ali(/Badir?) without a snake charm and ring of charos 34,596 bytes 7 June 2020
Kharshai Needs to mention quests that open certain dialogue options 8,840 bytes 7 June 2020
Cat Missing most dialogue 4,516 bytes 8 June 2020
Icthlarin's Little Helper Missing various miscellaneous dialogue options, such as hellcat dialogue option with the Wanderer 65,748 bytes 8 June 2020
Thorvald the Warrior missing various dialogues before completing the questline 1,542 bytes 8 June 2020
Freygerd Dialogue is from after all Fremmenik quests are done. 1,069 bytes 8 June 2020
Howl's Floating Workshop Wingsuit v3, talking to Gee'ka, most of the mystery is missing 6,589 bytes 8 June 2020
Acting Guildmaster Reiniger 99/120 skillcape all options 3,852 bytes 9 June 2020
Guildmaster Darren Lightfinger entire non-quest dialogues through the quest series 3,000 bytes 11 June 2020
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing the Mountain dwarf minor dialogue options 6,540 bytes 11 June 2020
Meilyr Guard Needs dialogue when the player has an active Edimmu task 857 bytes 13 June 2020
Thok Your Block Off See section marked below; additionally, some dialogue that appeared over NPCs' heads but not in dialogue boxes was not captured 14,103 bytes 13 June 2020
Thok Your Block Off Missing description of the Pretty Lass' gift to Thok 14,103 bytes 13 June 2020
Tower of Life Some misc responses to the two quizzes 30,904 bytes 14 June 2020
Wingstone Missing dialogue from Gnome Restaurant minigame 956 bytes 14 June 2020
Devious Minds Additional dialogue options needed 7,194 bytes 14 June 2020
Ringmaster missing dialogue in Circus and Summer Sweepstakes 5,476 bytes 14 June 2020
Eebel missing dialogue from Gnome Restaurant minigame 329 bytes 14 June 2020
Daga missing transcript during monkey madness where stock for dragon scimitars doesnt exist 975 bytes 14 June 2020
Museum guard Does the dialogue change for touching the exhibit if one have requirements for completionist cape, and if one possesses the completionist cape? 8,617 bytes 15 June 2020
Garden of Tranquillity missing some dialogue choices 50,295 bytes 15 June 2020
The Feud Dialogue with people about Ali's nephew, dialogue with Ali the Operator, misc dialogue, Ali renames 34,688 bytes 15 June 2020
Missing My Mummy Dialogue with golem guard, dialogue with Senliten about aspects of her tomb that haven't been restored, misc dialogue (perhaps dialogue with Waseem the Leaflet Dropper) 24,532 bytes 15 June 2020
Maggie No reason given 1,732 bytes 15 June 2020
Spirits of the Elid a few misc dialogue options. And if the player doesn't have 40 prayer 34,603 bytes 15 June 2020
The Hand in the Sand Some of dialogue. 19,975 bytes 15 June 2020
Nung missing dialogue when handing in crunchy claw token for a pet crab. 328 bytes 16 June 2020
Party Pete v. His Neighbours Only skeleton stubbed out 26,016 bytes 17 June 2020
Explorer Jack No reason given 2,432 bytes 18 June 2020
Death to the Dorgeshuun Additional dialogue options 44,711 bytes 19 June 2020
Morvran Missing dialogue for met requirements etc 14,021 bytes 20 June 2020
Morvran I wasn't prepared for the dialogue, so I didn't transcribe it properly 14,021 bytes 20 June 2020
The Death of Chivalry some small pieces of dialogue missing 105,449 bytes 20 June 2020
Miss Schism v. Draynor Village Only has the defence's side. 22,987 bytes 20 June 2020
Catolax Needs dialogue for asking about basilisk boss and monstrous cave crawler 4,801 bytes 21 June 2020
King Roald Dialogue is still missing. 10,495 bytes 22 June 2020
Sea Slug Additional fishermen dialogue 13,511 bytes 23 June 2020
Soran, Emissary of Zaros missing dialogue for joining Zaros as first faction 13,145 bytes 23 June 2020
Kennith's Concerns Missing parts of non-esential dialogue dialogue. Marked below. 23,288 bytes 24 June 2020
Cart conductor missing dialogue before starting The Giant Dwarf to make the system accessible. 4,987 bytes 26 June 2020
Peasant Missing dialogue before/during Holy Grail 319 bytes 27 June 2020
Kharl City quest dialogue. 401 bytes 27 June 2020
Pikkenmix Missing dialogue 8,894 bytes 27 June 2020
Auron Ithell Dialogue after finishing the Statue of Rhiannon 30 times. 5,661 bytes 29 June 2020
Fairy chef Needs dialogue when picking up the chocolate, Fairy chef might need to be inside their house for this dialogue to appear 353 bytes 29 June 2020
Mark Brodie Missing dialogue before and during restoring the display cases 1,843 bytes 30 June 2020
Sensei Seaworth Missing dialogue before completing the Arc journal for Bakami and Orokami hunt. 2,404 bytes 30 June 2020
Contract Claws Alichino might have dialogue if they're talked to without the cows in the inventory, which requires releasing them or sending them to one's bank remotely via pack yak or imp-in-a-box. 21,881 bytes 30 June 2020
Armadyl Missing post-quest dialogues. 22,650 bytes 4 July 2020
Captain Cain Missing wave resetting if you're not at wave 1. 3,571 bytes 4 July 2020
Sabrina Missing city quest dialogue 264 bytes 5 July 2020
Amunemen Missing city quest dialogue 314 bytes 5 July 2020
Psamtik Missing city quest dialogue 272 bytes 5 July 2020
Khattak Missing city quest dialogue 660 bytes 5 July 2020
Malala Missing city quest dialogue 260 bytes 5 July 2020
Quercus Missing a couple transcripts, marked below; when warbands is active / when player hasnt claimed task set rewards 10,373 bytes 5 July 2020
Ur-tag Needs dialogue from before The Mighty Fall 1,992 bytes 5 July 2020
Strange face Missing spoken dialogue during fights under certain circumstances, see Strange face main page for more information 2,704 bytes 6 July 2020
Sir Tiffy Cashien missing dialogue with Knight's notes (unopened), one dialogue branch needs trigger found 5,598 bytes 7 July 2020
Kimberly Needs pre and between quest and quest dialogue 1,054 bytes 7 July 2020
The Slug Menace Missing a dialogue branch without the slug, see "Dialogue missing" 47,601 bytes 7 July 2020
Animal Magnetism Missing any changes resulting from Spria replacing Turael after WGS, misc dialogue options. Dev also said there are many different convos for Ava during the quest if you try to give her unusual chicken-related items. 40,557 bytes 8 July 2020