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This is a list of files that are tagged with {{Retake image}}, {{Retake animation}}, or {{Retake audio}}. The list includes the reason the file was tagged and the time of the last edit.

Some files may not have a reason for needing to be retaken. If this is the case:

  • The template should be given a reason in the first parameter
  • The placer of the template should be contacted on their talk page and be asked to elaborate in the template
  • The template should be removed if no reason can be given for the template

Images[edit source]

1527 images are tagged to be retaken. (wrong?)

There are no images taken in the Java client that should be replaced by an NXT version. (wrong?)

Animations[edit source]

175 animations are tagged to be retaken. (wrong?)

Audio[edit source]

6 audio files are tagged to be retaken. (wrong?)