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This page in a nutshell:
When creating articles about a living person, take care in using appropriate sources and respecting the person's privacy.

While this wiki covers the game RuneScape, there are times where it is relevant to include information regarding living people, such as authors of books based on the game, and employees of Jagex. To ensure that our pages not only respect the privacy of the person they may be talking about, but also have appropriate information, we created this policy.

There are many things to consider when creating a page about a living person, but there are a few core principles that must be adhered to:

  • Unless a person's full name or other private information has been disclosed publicly by the person in question, it should not be included in the page. We are not a tabloid, and we do not condone invading the privacy of any individuals that have not already made such information available themselves.
  • Any information included on an article about a living person must have came from a public source intended for a wider audience. This means that using sites such as LinkedIn as a source is forbidden, as this is only intended for a professional audience, or private social networking sites such as Facebook.

Specific cases[edit source]

Jagex employees[edit source]


We should take care when including information about employees of Jagex, as they do not usually wish to disclose their personal information to the community. Articles can (and should) be created about those working at the company that have made significant contributions to RuneScape, but they must be written with care and with respect.

We should write articles based on the person's contribution to their time working at Jagex, and on RuneScape. Our wiki is not the place to go into personal details, including past work that may have been done at another company (unless the information is already in the public eye). Articles about Jagex employees should be named after their "Mod" alias, such as Mod Balance. Real names can be used as redirect articles, but only if those names are publicly known or disclosed by the person themselves or Jagex.

Any JMod articles created should have a reasonable amount of information about the individual and their contributions. If no significant information can be included on the page, it should not be made.

Players[edit source]

RuneScape has had many famous players for one reason or another. Everyone knows the highest ranked players, infamous bug abusers, player killers, and players or clans with high combat levels.

However, players and clans should not be mentioned in articles and do not deserve their own pages. If a page is repeatedly re-created, it can be protected from creation. Friend chats are permitted to be mentioned, but only on the terms discussed in Forum:Revisiting rules for FCs in mainspace. Players who are mentioned in articles can have their names redirect to the article.

Players are only allowed to be mentioned in articles for a few reasons, all of which should be cited if possible. The only reasons are that the player is:

  1. Highly notable, such as Durial321's involvement with the Falador Massacre.
  2. Specifically mentioned by Jagex in an official source for the purposes of suggesting or designing content.
  3. A hiscore first (99 or 120 in a skill, 200 million experience, Seasonal HiScores).
  4. Officially recognised for an achievement, usually with the broadcast system.
  5. Whitelisted Friends Chats

Whenever players are mentioned, their usernames should be italicised and unlinked. Player names should always be the name of the player at the time of the achievement, event, etc.; it is not in the interests of the wiki to keep up with any player's name changes. If players are mentioned in an article for reasons other than those stated above, the name should be removed.

Players who fall into the above categories can have their names at the time of the achievement/broadcast redirect to the article where they are mentioned. In the event where a player has multiple mentions on articles, the most notable mention should be the target of the redirect. If there is disagreement over which achievement is most notable, the earliest should be used. Players who do not fall under one of the above categories cannot have their names made as redirect pages, and should be left unlinked or left as a redlink when seen on Special:SearchDigest.