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This article is about using interwiki links. For the current interwiki configuration, see Special:Interwiki.

Interwiki links are a special type of link used to link to other sites and wikis without having to type the full web address. This saves on storage space and makes updates easier when websites move or are translated into other languages. For example, links with the wikipedia prefix will link to the English version of Wikipedia on this wiki, but could be changed to the Portuguese-Brazilian version on

RuneScape Wikis[edit source]

Languages[edit source]

Some articles on this wiki may be available in languages other than English, possibly under a different title. The articles can be linked together using [[lang:translated article name]].

When an inter-language link, like [[pt:PÁGINA]], is added to the article for PAGE, the link is hidden from the main article and instead appears in the sidebar as Português under the "In other languages" heading. Browsers may also recognise that the article is available in Portuguese-Brazilian automatically. To force a visible link, [[: must be used at the start of the desired link, as with links to category pages.

The Portuguese-Brazilian name for this article is RuneScape:Ligações Interwiki and is linked to this page using [[pt:RuneScape:Ligações Interwiki]].

Prefix Website Example Result
English [[Hammer]] Hammer
Portuguese-Brazilian pt [[:pt:Martelo]] pt:Martelo

RuneScape versions[edit source]

If linking pages between different RuneScape versions, where possible, make use of {{Indicators}} to generate tabbed links that show at the top of an article next to the "Discussion" link. Some pages may be already adding these links using {{External}}, which is the old name for the Indicators template.

Prefix Website Example Result Tabbed Link
RuneScape 3 [[Hammer]] Hammer N/A
rsw [[rsw:Hammer]] rsw:Hammer
Old School RuneScape osrsw [[osrsw:Hammer]] osrsw:Hammer  
RuneScape Classic classicrsw [[classicrsw:Hammer]] classicrsw:Hammer  

External sites[edit source]

Weird Gloop sites[edit source]

Weird Gloop Ltd. is the operator of this wiki. The Weird Gloop website has information about the company and wiki policies. It is also home to discussions about changes, extensions, updates, and policies that affect multiple wikis, such as those listed above.

Links to their websites can be made using the following prefixes.

Prefix Website Example Result Case-sensitive
Weird Gloop Website wg [[wg:terms|Terms of Use]] Terms of use yes
Weird Gloop Meta-Wiki meta [[meta:Forum:Gloopy Grove|Multi-wiki Discussions]] Multi-wiki Discussions no

Wikimedia projects[edit source]

This wiki and it's related wikis are built on MediaWiki, a wiki engine developed for and used by Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects. The MediaWiki Meta-Wiki is included for linking to documentation about editing articles and to details about its various extensions. Links to Wikipedia and Wiktionary are for use in references and trivia where applicable and their use should be avoided elsewhere.

Prefix Website Example Result Case-sensitive
MediaWiki Software Meta-Wiki mw [[mw:Extension:Variables|How to use <nowiki>{{#var:}}</nowiki>]] How to use {{#var:}} no
Wikipedia wikipedia [[wikipedia:RuneScape|''RuneScape'' on Wikipedia]] RuneScape on Wikipedia no
Wiktionary wiktionary [[wiktionary:Rune#German|Rune]], [[wiktionary:-scape|Scape]] RuneScape, from Rune and -scape no

Other sites[edit source]

These websites are part of the standard MediaWiki configuration. Their use on this wiki is discouraged and may be disabled in the future.

Prefix Purpose
PubMed pmid Links to citations for biomedical literature
RFC catalogue rfc Links to Request for Comments memorandums from the IETF

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