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Chaos Elemental

Chaos Elemental.png

Reason: There's been a lot of back and forth on this image, but the simple fact is that it looks outright bad. The dust particles--"correct" or not--just look horrible. When I saw it today on the homepage, it was extremely obvious that it lacks the cleanness of every other featured image. Please do all the FIMG community a big favor and just get rid of this one.
Original nomination
Replacement nomination

  • Support - As nominator. Joel amos Talk Contribs 22:24, November 26, 2011 (UTC)
  • Oppose - The particles may be crap, but I think this image is quite dynamic and bright. It may be ugly, but hey, it's an alien type thing, it's not supposed to be pretty. Matt (t) 22:27, November 26, 2011 (UTC)
    • Comment - In short, you're satisfied with a large portion of a featured image being "crap".--Joel amos Talk Contribs 22:29, November 26, 2011 (UTC)
  • Oppose - Cleanliness* Featured images are supposed to be based on their quality, angle, content, and aesthetics. Does the dust cloud ruin the image? Completely down to personal opinion. Doesn't for me. Ronan Talk 22:48, November 26, 2011 (UTC)
    • Comment - Similar words, different meanings. Anyways, let me expound on my issue with the dust particles. They are shaped in an abnormal sort of way that makes the image look "fake". Instead of forming a cloud like they're supposed to, they collectively look like a grey, blurred, 2D, banana. Also, if you look closely, the edges of the "cloud" are very slovenly. Instead of fading into transparency, there is a visible line of when the particles end and the transparency starts (right side). Lastly, all detail is lost in the particles. It looks like a good image (top) and a blurry image (bottom) were combined into one.--Joel amos Talk Contribs 22:59, November 26, 2011 (UTC)
      • The chaos elemental itself is good enough to feature it despite lackluster particles in my opinion. Matt (t) 23:09, November 26, 2011 (UTC)
  • Oppose - i like it, and it will take more than a few bad particles to make me think differentlyto my talk page! King TALKWer den König nicht ehrt, ist nicht Lebenswert. 23:12, November 26, 2011 (UTC)
  • Neutral - The Elemental itself looks okay, the particles have been done horribly. This was so much better. User_talk:Fswe1 Fswe1 Brassica Prime symbol.png 08:14, November 27, 2011 (UTC)
    • I agree completely. That image is so much better. But they never replaced it because some people made the argument of not being allowed to change the content of the picture, blah, blah.--Joel amos Talk Contribs 17:31, November 27, 2011 (UTC)
    • It's just that the particles are edited. We are a wiki to show images made in runescape, not images made in runescape and then heavily photoshopped. For photoshops we can buy a playboy. JOEYTJE50TALKpull my finger 12:28, December 2, 2011 (UTC)
  • Oppose - I don't know, I just like the pose and all. Hexhunter bow.png Hydrumin Talk HS GPSoulgazer icon.png 21:01, November 30, 2011 (UTC)
  • Support - Not really the prettiest creature in RuneScape if you know what I mean. Also, if Jagex would add more particles around it, it would be nicer. JOEYTJE50TALKpull my finger 12:28, December 2, 2011 (UTC)
  • Strong Oppose - Hey, I loved the old Kibbles, and I can't bear to lose him twice. :'( 02:05, December 3, 2011 (UTC)
  • Closed - X mark.svgThe Chaos Elemental will not be delisted. ɳex undique 04:14, December 4, 2011 (UTC)