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Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about RuneScape Wiki or wikis in general. Not all questions can be included here, so feel free to ask any questions on this article's talk page by clicking here.

General FAQs

What is a wiki?


A wiki is a website that anyone can edit. To let yourself and others enjoy this site to the fullest, please research the facts before posting anything on one. Most wikis are open to the general public without the need to register any user account, as is the case for this wiki. For more information on wikis, check out Wikipedia's wiki article.

A wiki? For RuneScape?


Yes. Everything on this site (or wiki) is entirely RuneScape-related. We've got skill guides, quest walkthroughs, general guides, and much more. And the best thing about this wiki is that anyone can edit, including you! You do not have to be registered to edit, but you are encouraged to.

Can't I just go on Wikipedia?


While Wikipedia has an article on RuneScape, it is very limited as to what they can add. Here, basically anything goes. Wikipedia's RuneScape article is also designed so any reader can learn about the game, whereas this wiki is more for players. The level of detail permissible and encouraged here would be rapidly deleted fancruft, which is not allowed on Wikipedia. Think of this as a RuneScape fansite in a wiki.

How do I edit?


Help:Editing is a good place to start learning with the default editor. If you feel ready to dive into source mode, Wikipedia provides excellent documentation for Wiki markup; while this site is not Wikipedia, it shares the same markup software (MediaWiki). Anything that you'll need to know for basic editing is exactly the same here as it is on Wikipedia, so its guides will prove useful. If you still need help, don't hesitate to ask any experienced user or post on user help.

What's with the differently coloured links?


There are four different coloured links.

  • Blue links (or this shade of blue in Monobook) are internal links. They link to other pages on the wiki.
  • Purple links are visited links (only in Monobook). If an internal link has been visited before, then it will become purple.
  • Red links are pages that have not been created.
  • Light blue links are external links They link to pages on sites outside the wiki.

What do the numbers mean in the recent changes?


Numbers can be seen in the recent changes after the time an edit was made. This number indicates the net change of bytes made by the edit on the article. In most cases, 1 character in the wikisource is equivalent to 1 byte, but certain characters (namely unicode) may be larger. If the number is red, then characters were removed. If the number is green, then characters were added. If the number is in bold, it means that the magnitude of the change was greater than 500 bytes, possibly indicating that it is a major revision to the article.

For example:

  01:23 RuneScape:Frequently asked questions (diff; hist) . . (+1,000) . . User (Talk | contribs)
would indicate 1,000 characters were added to this article by a user named User, whereas:
  01:23 RuneScape:Frequently asked questions (diff; hist) . . (-1,000) . . User (Talk | contribs)
would indicate 1,000 characters were removed from this article by a user named User.

Why do users have different colours?


In the recent changes, there are certain users with their usernames highlighted. The colours show the technical tools and abilities these users have. For a list of different access types, see RuneScape:Administrators.

  • Bot accounts are used for automated edits and to perform various maintenance tasks. They can also be administrators.
  • AutoWikiBrowser accounts are accounts that use the AutoWikiBrowser to perform semi-automated edits and to perform various maintenance tasks. They can also be administrators.
  • Registered users can edit pages, move pages and upload files. Registered editors older than 4 days can also edit semi-protected pages. Registered users might also be a part of the custodian usergroup or have access to the rollback tool.
  • Red links indicate any of the above users who have not created a user page.
  • IP addresses indicate an unregistered contributor. They can edit pages, but cannot upload images or edit semi-protected pages.

Note: Not all browsers (i.e. Internet Explorer 6) may show the different coloured names. In such a case, all names will appear blue.

How do I make an animation?


Different than just taking a still-shot, a specific type of software is used to make an animation. Camtasia Film Studios is such a program.

Can I upload pictures of my character onto the Wiki?


No. Any pictures of a user's RuneScape character may not be uploaded onto the wiki unless it will be used in an article. If an image is uploaded just to be used on a userpage, it will be deleted. If you'd like to have pictures of your character on your userpage, feel free to use Imgur or Photobucket.

Who owns this site? Who is the site leader?


Weird Gloop owns the servers that runs this site. For a full list of individuals who have helped to write any given page, click on the "history" button from the edit button drop down list.

But as for this site having a leader (elected or not), we have none. There are users who have different access powers (as mentioned above), and we have a founder, Merovingian, although he is retired. The RuneScape Wiki is not run by a leader, webmaster, president, or anything of the sort.

Is there a way to download a version of this site for offline use?

To download individual and multiple pages, use Special:Export. To dump the entire wiki, you will need to find third party tools to do so, as database dumps are not publicly available. Please be responsible when using third party tools to download wiki pages, as excessive strain on our servers will result in action being taken.