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  • Event - Zamorak God Wars
  • Clan Chat - GhastlyJello
  • Date and Time -
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9:00 pm
Sat, 4 Aug
1:00 pm
Sat, 4 Aug
2:00 pm
Sat, 4 Aug
3:00 pm
Sat, 4 Aug
4:00 pm
Sat, 4 Aug
9:00 pm
Sat, 4 Aug
10:00 pm
Sat, 4 Aug
8:00 am
Sun, 5 Aug
  • Meeting Point - Zamorak GWD pre-boss area.

We'll be there to kill K'ril Tsutsaroth and his bodyguards for their drops which include the 3 Godsword shards, the Zamorak Godsword hilt, the Steam battlestaff and the Zamorakian spear. Using the CoinShare system, all expensive drops will be evenly split as cash among the team so everyone gets some.

The requirements to access the Zamorak Boss chamber are:

If you are under 60 Strength and/or 70 Constitution you need to come to Falador beforehand and collect potions which will boost you high enough to enter.

Getting there[edit source]

You will need a pair of Climbing boots if not utilising the Trollheim Teleport spell and a rope if you have not been inside the GWD before.

  1. If you have both level requirements you can head straight there by using a Games necklace to teleport to Burthope and walking there. You will need climbing boots to navigate the rockslides on the way there. Or you can teleport very nearby using the Trollheim Teleport spell if you have access to it.
  2. If you need the potions to boost your levels for access to the area, you should head to Falador west bank to collect them. When everyone has their potions we will then walk north past Taverly and through Burthope to Trollheim where we will all head into the dungeon together.

What to do[edit source]

A map of the dungeon. Click to expand.

You can find a very basic guide here but for a more specialized one read on.

Getting there[edit source]

When we all get to Trollheim using the various methods mentioned above as a group we will run past Thrower trolls to get to a snowy area with a large boulder, your stats will be quickly drained here so we must be quick. If you are below 60 strength, drink the Super strength potion you have been provided with and push aside the boulder. Run forward until you find a ruin with wolves and a giant hole. Speak to the Dying knight at the entrance and get through the dialog. Drop/Destroy the notes he hands you as they are unnecessary to enter and use your rope on the entrance.

Once you are in, head north until you get to the river to access Zamorak's stronghold. Here you need to have at least 700 lifepoints to cross the river, if your maximum lifepoints is under that you need to fully heal and then drink the Saradomin brew you were handed at Falador to boost it high enough.

Note: Crossing the river will not damage you but it will drain your prayer. So as soon as you get past it, drink two sips of a prayer potion.

To avoid being attacked by every monster in the Fortress, you need to be wearing a Zamorakian item. Here is a table of items that will work. Zamorak arrows are the most useful unless you plan to bring a Zamorakian spear as your primary weapon.

Before you can access the Boss chamber, you need to kill 40 Zamorakian monsters. This can be done inside out outside of the stronghold but is safest inside. Thew weakest monster is the level 8 Imp which has 4 spawns. Scattering to different worlds is a good idea to speed up gathering kills.

The Fight[edit source]

After everyone has reached 40 kills, a suitable world for the actual boss must be found. This generally isn't too difficult for the Zamorak boss as it's one of the less popular bosses. Remember to turn on LootShare after hopping to the designated boss world. This will need two minutes to warm up during which everyone will just stand outside the boss door.

When it's time to go, the tanks (named Gaz Lloyd and Raging Bull) will enter first and engage K'ril. As soon as the tank takes one attack, it is safe for everyone else to enter the room. Unlike some bosses, K'ril will never change targets once he's chosen one. Please note that you CANNOT exit the boss chamber through this door. Read on for more details.

The actual fight for non-tankers is relatively straightforward. K'ril has no multi-target attacks, so the only source of damage will be the three minions in the room. They attack with all three combat styles, so an effective way to resist their damage is to wear melee armour and activate Protect from Magic. Unlike the boss, the minions will change targets fairly randomly, but their damage is nowhere near as significant. Eat food as required, but you will likely find that you don't need much. Activating Chivalry or Piety is a significant help at high-defence bosses like this one.

When the general and his bodyguards die, messages will come up in your text window alerting you of what drops other have received and what you have received. Your drops will appear on the floor as normal. Large drops are handled by CoinShare, which will remove the item and drop a stack of coins instead, equal to the value of your share of the drop.

There is an altar in the boss chamber which can be used once every ten minutes, but not if in combat. This is more useful than it sounds - a kill/respawn cycle will typically take about two minutes. This altar is also a convenient way to leave the boss chamber - its right-click Teleport option will place you a short distance inside Zamorak's area, near the ice bridge. Don't use this if you brought a cheap Zamorak item for protection and then dropped it (e.g Unholy Symbol).

It may happen that K'ril gets to the another wikian before the tank for that round picks him up. If you are the unlucky victim of this, you have two choices. You can either tank him out for a round (switch to the Melee prayer) or exit the boss chamber using the altar, gather 40 more kills and rejoin the party.

Should you die[edit source]

Death is usually fairly bothersome, but not on this trip. If you should succumb, your grave will be blessed, giving you a complete hour to return and pick up your items. Obviously, any items you may be carrying that are not being protected by the gravestone will be lost, so plan what you will bring accordingly. If you require boosts or are very new with the GWD area, you can ask an events team member or a friend to help you on the way back.

Drops[edit source]

The main drops K'ril Tsutaroth and his bodyguards are killed for are these:

|} The rest can be found here.

Recommended setup[edit source]

This is simply a suggestion of what armour a melee user may want to bring. You are not obligated to wear anything on this list to the event.

Slot First preference Second preference Third preference Fourth preference Fifth preference
Helm Torva helm Verac's helm/Helm of neitiznot/Fighter hat Berserker helm Torag's helm
Amulet Amulet of fury Amulet of glory Unholy symbol Amulet of strength
Chest Torva platebody Bandos chestplate/Verac's brassard Guthan's/Dharok's/Torag's platebody Granite platebody Rune platebody
Legs Torva platelegs Bandos tassets/Verac's skirt Guthan's/Dharok's/Torag's legs Dragon platelegs
Boots Steadfast boots Dragon boots Rune boots Rock climbing boots
Weapon Chaotic rapier/Chaotic longsword Godsword Zamorakian spear Abyssal whip Dragon scimitar
Shield Dragon defender Rune defender/Dragonfire shield Blessed spirit shield Obsidian shield
Gloves Goliath gloves Barrows gloves Combat bracelet
Ring Berserker ring (i) Berserker ring Warrior ring Ring of life (if concerned)
Cape Tokhaar-kal Soul wars cape/Fire cape Skillcape Obsidian cape (Ardougne Cape also an option if using a stabbing weapon)

Recommended Inventory[edit source]

All setups[edit source]

Further items depend on whether you will be bringing a BoB. Bringing a beast of burden familiar to bosses is often very useful since it can carry extra supplies, but there is a good chance that by the time the team is ready to take on the boss, the familiar will nearly have exhausted its timer. Make sure to bring a spare pouch to renew it.

No BoB[edit source]

Spirit terrorbird[edit source]

War tortoise[edit source]

The balance of food and prayer will vary from player to player depending on prayer level. If unsure, favour more food over more prayer. There is ample time between kills for the team to trade amongst themselves if a player has taken particularly heavy damage in a round.

If you have access to Bunyips, Fire titans or Unicorn stallions, exchange a food item for the relevant pouch (and a second for the relevant scrolls for unicorns and titans). Summoning these once the BoB is empty is an excellent way to extend the trip. If you have such pouches, consider donating food to those who don't, even before the familiar is completely empty.

Any questions? Ask away!