Treasure Trails

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Event information[edit source]

  • Friends Chat – Superiosity, co-host: Tumeken
  • Location – Starting at Varrock Square, world 38
  • Date and time
UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
9:00 pm
Sat, 24 Jun
1:00 pm
Sat, 24 Jun
2:00 pm
Sat, 24 Jun
3:00 pm
Sat, 24 Jun
4:00 pm
Sat, 24 Jun
9:00 pm
Sat, 24 Jun
10:00 pm
Sat, 24 Jun
8:00 am
Sun, 25 Jun
The event is over.
  • Requirements: None


Clue scroll detail.png

Are you a free-to-player that's never experienced Treasure Trails before? Or an ex-member who misses seeing the loot beam from a clue scroll drop? Or maybe you just want to win some awesome prizes? Then join us for a scavenger hunt with the Wiki community. The entire event is F2P, so anyone is welcome to play!

How to play[edit source]

  • We will hold five (5) rounds of different scavenger hunts.
  • Meet up at the starting point (Varrock Square, World 38) a few minutes prior to the starting time and join the Friends Chat "Superiosity" for announcements.
  • We will announce the first clue at 21:00 UTC.
  • Each clue will lead you to a checkpoint where there will be an event helper. The first person to trade them twice will win small prize.
  • The event helper will announce the next clue which will lead you to the next checkpoint etc.
  • At the fourth checkpoint, you will be given a password. Go here to use the password and see the final clue.
  • The first person to solve the final clue and trade twice with the helper will win a large prize.
  • We will wait a little while for participants to finish the round before preparing to start the next one.

Notes[edit source]

  • After a certain amount of time, we will reveal the location of each checkpoint so that stragglers/latecomers can catch up.
  • Winners will receive their prizes at the end of each round.
  • You can only win a maximum of one prize.
    • If you win more than one prize, you will receive the prize of highest value.
    • If you are ineligible to win a prize, it will go to the next eligible winner (the second person to find the checkpoint, etc.).

Rules[edit source]

Breaking these rules may result in being kicked from the Friends Chat and disqualified from winning prizes.

  • Do not give any clue, clue hints or answers in the chat, even if an event helper already has.
  • Do not spam the Friends Chat, you will be given one warning before being kicked.
  • Do not trade-spam with event helpers, especially after the winner for a checkpoint has been announced. You will be given one warning before being disqualified.
  • Do not leave the starting area until the first clue for the round has been announced.

Helpers[edit source]

This is a list of people who will be marking the checkpoints. They will be denoted with a particular rank within the FC.

  • Superiosity
  • King Kolton9
  • Tumeken
  • Inferiosity
  • Basenji

Prizes[edit source]

Solutions[edit source]

Round 1[edit source]

  1. These giants aren’t wurt it, they’ll make you limp. The hill giants at Edgeville dungeon, they are know for dropping limpwurt roots.
  2. This ship is impossibly parked. The Karamja-bound ship at Port Sarim, it is docked in such a way it cannot sail out.
  3. Where magic meets Fun(gi)! The fairy ring near the Wizard's Tower.
  4. Which potion? Hetty in Rimmington, part of the miniquest Witch's Potion.
  5. Anagram of Lumbridge Cellar.

Round 2[edit source]

  1. Do they still have the 10gp toll? The border betweeen Lumbridge and Al Kharid, there used to be a toll of 10gp to pass.
  2. Look for me along the border next to where trades happen. The space between the Wilderness Wall and the Grand Exchange.
  3. Telegrabbers hate this one simple troll! The basement of Varrock's western back, there is an impossible to telegrab Ruby Necklace.
  4. Reap your next clue at this office. In Death's Office.
  5. The top of the bell tower at the Abbey of Saint Elspeth.

Round 3[edit source]

  1. Be a new person with the help of this (wo)man. You can change your appearance at the Make-over Mage, who occasionally changes between being a man and a woman.
  2. Flags and cannons flank my high position. The bank at Lumbridge Castle.
  3. These buggers could live through a nuke! The Cockroaches in the Stronghold of Player Safety.
  4. You probably can’t smash this white vase. By Sir Amik Varze, who's name is a pun on "ceramic vase" and it a White Knight.
  5. By the spring underneath the Lady of the Lake.

Round 4[edit source]

  1. Yew would have to be mad to go here. By the yew trees in Rimmington next Melzar the Mad's labyrinth.
  2. Oops! I dropped the soap! Tegid in Taverly, who is washing clothes in the river.
  3. Why aren’t there any Turtles with ninja masks? Varrock Sewer, a reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  4. Let's play a game, before the trolls invade! Burthrope Keep by the Games Room entrance.
  5. On the roof of the Al Kharid palace, the text is in Menaphite Script, it reads "KHARID ROOF".

Round 5[edit source]

  1. There was a shadow over this island, it’s rather crass. Ashdale, the location of the quest Shadow over Ashdale which feature Crassians.
  2. Your destination is at the fountain of knowledge The Oracle atop Ice Mountain, who's examine text is "A mystical fount of knowledge."
  3. This Houses a panhandler’s sibling Lachtopher’s sister’s house in Lumbridge, Lachtopher begs for money.
  4. In the garden owned by the figureheads wife. The garden at Varrock Castle, tended to by the queen.
  5. The Dancing Donkey Inn at Varrock, the text is Latin for "Dancing Donkey".