RuneScape:Events Team/Treasure Trail (F2P - 20 Apr 2011)/Clues

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1[edit source]

Did that chair just move? These cabbages must be off...

(West side of Draynor manor near cabbages)



2[edit source]

Climb the rampart to escape their petty quabbles.

(Up ladder at entrance to Goblin Village)



3[edit source]

Upstairs at the Jolly boar inn.

(Upstairs in Jolly boar inn)


Pm me the answer: How many man are in this building?



--This guy--

4[edit source]

00 Degrees 00 Minutes N

26 Degrees 20 Seconds E

(Al-kharid palace)



5[edit source]

Make your peace with God before you're sent to see him.

(Port Sarim church near jail)



6[edit source]

Anagram: ranbitor.

(Wizards tower Traiborn 2nd floor)


PM me the answer:

How many crates are on the bridge?




7[edit source]

Salute the ceramic vase.

(White knight castle)