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This is a safe activity.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.

Treasure trail event[edit source]


  • Friends Chat - GreedisGood
  • Location - Lumbridge Castle, World 41
  • Date & Time
UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
2:00 am
Wed, 20 Apr
6:00 pm
Tue, 19 Apr
7:00 pm
Tue, 19 Apr
8:00 pm
Tue, 19 Apr
9:00 pm
Tue, 19 Apr
2:00 am
Wed, 20 Apr
3:00 am
Wed, 20 Apr
1:00 pm
Wed, 20 Apr
  • Requirements - None (But a decent magic level for access to teleport spells helps)
  • Rewards - See below
  • Note - You will never be required to enter the Wilderness or any other highly dangerous area during this event. If a player attempts to persuade you otherwise, they are trying to lure you and get you killed for the items you are carrying. Report them and continue looking for the next clue.



Clue scroll[edit source]

Clue Scroll

A clue scroll (or "Treasure Trail") is a members only activity that entails traveling around the world solving cryptic clues, pin-pointing co-ordinates, re-arranging anagrams and answering weird questions posed to you by odd people.

Back in early February, we held a members treasure trail which can be found here. After seeing how much fun participants had solving it and how much fun we had making it, we've decided to create a Free-to-play version to give you guys a small taste of what a real one feels like. And like real clue scrolls, players who manage to finish it will be handsomely rewarded.

Checkpoints[edit source]

Here's a list of the event moderators (in-game names) and the number of their checkpoint so you know who to go to.

  1. Saftzie
  2. GhastlyJello
  3. This guy
  4. Stewbasic
  5. Y29
  6. GreedisGood
  7. Glenndona

Rules[edit source]

  • Teleports are allowed.
  • If you find a moderator prematurely and they tell you that you have missed a clue, you must go find the correct moderator. Knowingly skipping clues will result in a disqualification.
  • Using maps and co-ordinate locators are allowed.
  • Working as a team is allowed, however giving away the locations or hints in the friends chat channel or public chat are not.
  • Please remain in the channel GreedisGood for winner announcements, event updates, and so the Event Mods know you're not a random person!

Breaking any of the above rules will be grounds for disqualification.

Suggested items[edit source]

Coordinate map.png

Helpful links[edit source]

Details[edit source]

All event attendees will meet at Lumbridge Castle; from here we wait for the event moderators to place themselves in their designated positions all over F2P Gielinor. When this is done, the first clue will be given out and all the treasure hunters will be on their way! The clue will lead you to the first checkpoint where you will be met by an event moderator (moderators will be ranked in the clan chat) as well as a nice reward if you're the first there, but more importantly, the next clue! The reward for each clue location will be a cash prize between 30k and 90k coins depending on the clue's difficulty.

If you reach a clue location first, you must be the first to trade the moderator to receive the reward. If the clue involves answering a question, you must PM the mod with the answer before receiving the reward. The moderator will then announce the new clue in public chat. There is up to 400,000 coins to be won by reaching each clue first, not including the reward for reaching the finish line.

In total there will be seven clues, some fairly easy and some much harder. Like a real clue scroll, they'll take you all over Gielinor and will require you to think outside the box and of course the ability to do a few Google or RS wiki searches for the harder references.

Details about which clues have been completed and by who will be announced in the friends chat.

Rewards[edit source]

Players finishing as #4 through #10 will each receive:

  • 50,000
  • Lobster.png x 150
  • Strength potion (4).png x 20
  • Diamond amulet.png x 1
  • Rune full helm.png x 1
  • Rune platebody.png x 1
  • Rune platelegs.png x 1
  • Rune kiteshield.png x 1

A total of 221,277

Our two runners up in second and third place will each receive:

  • 100,000
  • Lobster.png x 150
  • Strength potion (4).png x 20
  • Diamond amulet.png x 1
  • Rune full helm.png x 1
  • Rune platebody.png x 1
  • Rune platelegs.png x 1
  • Rune berserker shield.png x 1

A total of 321,877

The first player to complete the Treasure Trail will receive:

  • Rune full helm (g) x 1
  • Rune platebody (g) x 1
  • Rune platelegs (g) x 1
  • Rune kiteshield (g).png x 1

A total of 1,751,000

All up we will be giving away 4,343,693 during the course of the event!

Finishing up[edit source]

When 10 players have completed the final clue, it will be announced in the friends chat along with the answers to each riddle/clue. This is where the event finishes for all those except the winners. The winners should head to Falador park to receive their rewards. Please be patient, it may take time to get your rewards to you as the Mods need to compare notes to ensure there is no cheating or skipping of clues.

Winners as well as clues will be put up on this page after the event for those that are interested.

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