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This is a dangerous activity.
If you die, you will lose your items and will need to reclaim them from Death or your grave.

Vorago is a powerful creature of the earth, located in his Borehole north of the Falador lodestone. The only hard requirement for joining a fight with him is talking to him and going through the chat options "What are you doing here?" and then "Can I face you?". Afterward, verify that you can join the fight by right-clicking and selecting "Challenge", but be careful not to actually initiate a fight or else you'll take up to 12,500 damage each after 20 seconds. Beyond this, surviving the kill requires high combat stats and good gear.

If it is your first time at Vorago, you may run into Sliske at the face. This is not part of starting the fight, so just go through the chat options until he goes away.

IMPORTANT: This event is during Vorago's Ceiling collapse rotation. Information on this page about phases 3-5 are specific to Ceiling collapse week, and do not apply when killing Vorago on any other rotation. Guides for other rotations can be found here if they exist.

Kick warning[edit source]

The fight is mechanic-heavy with five distinct phases. There will be designated main and backup base tanks and bomb tanks, along with a jumper and someone to take the 5th bleed on phases 2 and 4. Additionally, and most importantly, the fight includes a reflect mechanic where all damage inflicted to Vorago during the reflect will be redirected to one or more of the players on the team instead. Listen to ranks when they call for you to get off Vorago during reflects, or you will kill other members of the team and potentially jeopardize the kill. Those who do not listen to directions or who provoke the targets will be kicked. Also, all participants must have privacy mode set to Anyone so we can check gear.

Communication[edit source]

If it's your first time to Vorago or you're not very familiar with the fight on the Ceiling Collapse rotation, listening to calls is extremely important. As such, most teams try to get together on a voice communication program like Discord. The wiki has its own Discord server, which we very highly recommend using. We will likely use the channel #events and potentially others if there are multiple teams/instances running during the event. You don't need a microphone to speak, it's more important to listen when learning the boss. For those who aren't present on Discord, there will be in-game calls of course.

Equipment[edit source]

Vorago attacks with AOE melee up close, while directing blue (magic) and red (typeless) bombs to the people farthest from him. Because of his melee attacks, at this event, we will only take participants using magic or ranged. Additionally, this is end-game PvM content and requires high end combat stats and good equipment. It is not recommended to bring equipment with the Crackling perk in case it activates during reflect. This is also the case with the Deathtouch bracelet, but less so.

Recommended equipment for Magic
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadTectonic mask / Superior Zuriel's hoodVirtus mask / Anima core helm of SerenSuperior void knight mage helmHood of subjugationSeasinger's hood
NeckAmulet of soulsReaper necklaceArcane blood necklaceSaradomin's hissAmulet of fury / Dragon Rider amulet
BackCompletionist capeTokHaar-Kal-MejGod capeMax capeSkillcape / Ardougne cloak 4
BodyTectonic robe top / Superior Zuriel's robe topVirtus top / Anima core body of SerenSuperior elite void knight topGarb of subjugationSeasinger's robe top
LegsTectonic robe bottom / Superior Zuriel's robe bottomVirtus robe bottom / Anima core legs of SerenSuperior elite void knight robeGown of subjugationSeasinger's robe bottom
Main handSeismic wandWand of the Cywir eldersSeasinger kibaAttuned crystal wand / Virtus wandAbyssal wand
Two-handed weaponNoxious staffCamel staff / Staff of darknessAttuned crystal staff / Chaotic staffArmadyl battlestaffStaff of light
Off-hand weaponSeismic singularitySeasinger makigaiAttuned crystal orb / Virtus bookAbyssal orbN/A
Off-hand weaponMerciless kiteshieldFarseer kiteshieldArcane spirit shieldSpectral spirit shield / Dragonfire wardWard of subjugation
GlovesCelestial handwrapsVirtus gloves / Spellcaster glovesSuperior void knight glovesGloves of subjugationCulinaromancer's gloves 10
FeetHailfire bootsVirtus bootsBoots of subjugationSilverhawk bootsRagefire boots / Ganodermic boots
RingAsylum surgeon's ring + Ring of Vigour switchRing of death + Ring of Vigour switchSixth-Age circuit + Ring of Vigour switchLuck of the Dwarves + Ring of Vigour switchSeers' ring + Ring of Vigour switch
AuraRunic accuracy aura / Maniacal auraDark magic auraInspiration auraInvigorate auraVampyrism aura
PocketBerserk blood essence without OverloadsScrimshaw of magicIlluminated god book / God bookSign of death / Sign of lifeN/A

Recommended equipment for Ranged
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadSirenic mask / Superior Morrigan's coifPernix cowl / Anima core helm of ZamorakSuperior void knight ranger helmArmadyl helmetDeath Lotus hood
NeckAmulet of soulsReaper necklaceFarsight blood necklaceSaradomin's murmurAmulet of fury / Dragon Rider amulet
BackCompletionist capeTokHaar-Kal-XilMax capeAva's alerterSkillcape / Ardougne cloak 4
BodySirenic hauberk / Superior Morrigan's leather bodyPernix body / Anima core body of ZamorakSuperior elite void knight topArmadyl chestplateDeath Lotus chestplate
LegsSirenic chaps / Superior Morrigan's leather chapsPernix body / Anima core legs of ZamorakSuperior elite void knight robeArmadyl chainskirtDeath Lotus chaps
Main handAscension crossbowShadow glaiveDeath Lotus dartChaotic crossbowArmadyl crossbow / Energised arm cannon
Two-handed weaponNoxious longbowWyvern crossbow / StrykebowAttuned crystal bowZaryte bow / Royal crossbowHand cannon
Off-hand weaponOff-hand Ascension crossbowOff-hand shadow glaiveOff-hand Death Lotus dartOff-hand chaotic crossbowOff-hand Armadyl crossbow / Off-hand energised arm cannon
Off-hand weaponVengeful kiteshieldEagle-eye kiteshieldStrykebow / Dark bowElysian spirit shieldDragonfire deflector
GlovesNightmare gauntletsAscension gripsSuperior void knight glovesPernix gloves / Swift glovesCulinaromancer's gloves 10
FeetFlarefrost bootsPernix bootsArmadyl bootsSilverhawk bootsGlaiven boots
RingAsylum surgeon's ring + Ring of Vigour switchRing of death + Ring of Vigour switchSixth-Age circuit + Ring of Vigour switchLuck of the Dwarves + Ring of Vigour switchArchers' ring + Ring of Vigour switch
AuraSharpshooter aura / Reckless auraDark magic auraInspiration auraInvigorate auraVampyrism aura
PocketBerserk blood essence without OverloadsScrimshaw of rangingIlluminated god book / God bookSign of death / Sign of lifeN/A

Inventory/Gear tips[edit source]

Magic[edit source]

  • Bring runes for the best spell you can use. On the standard spellbook, Air Surge is typical. If on the Zaros spellbook, you can use Shadow Barrage for the accuracy debuff on your target, or you can use Blood Barrage if you are worried about food.
  • If you are using a 2h weapon, you can bring a Guthix staff and use the weapon's special attack, Claws of Guthix to apply a stackable defence debuff on phases 1, 3, and 5.
  • Keep Torment on at all times if you have 95 Prayer. If you are on regular prayers, use Augury.

Ranged[edit source]

  • Remember to bring the ammo required by your weapon.
  • Keep Anguish on at all times if you have 95 Prayer. If you are on regular prayers, use Rigour.

All[edit source]

  • Bring an Enhanced Excalibur for handy healing.
  • Dreadnips are unnecessary here, so don't bring them.
  • Stat-boosting potions should absolutely be used - Supreme overloads are the best, though you can use Holy overloads or regular Overloads if you don't have them. If you don't have overloads, bring the best extreme or super ranging/magic potion you have available. One potion should be enough for each kill.
  • If bringing Saradomin brews, remember to bring 1 dose of Super restore for every 3 doses of brew.
  • Bring enough prayer for the whole fight. If using the level 95 Prayers, Torment for magic and Anguish for ranged, bring 12 doses of prayer potion. If you do not have 95 Prayer then you can bring 8 doses.
  • Ring of vigour switching when using ultimate abilities enhances DPS and is an important asset for high level PvM.
  • Adrenaline potions or Replenishment potions are very useful when used in conjunction with ring of vigour switching after using an ultimate ability in order to rapidly use threshold abilities while in your Sunshine or Death's Swiftness.
  • Bring a shield in case of emergencies.
  • It is recommended to bring a beast of burden such as Pack yak, Spirit pack pig, or War tortoise instead of a Nihil familiar especially as a learner'. You may take extra damage due to bombs, melee swipes, other players reflecting onto you, etc.
  • Remember to get a bonfire boost before the kill.
  • Set quick prayers to Protect Item, Soul Split (Deflect Magic if not 92 Prayer), and Anguish/Torment (or Rigour/Augury).
  • Turn auto-retaliate off.

Vorago's mechanics (Ceiling collapse)[edit source]

Melee swipe[edit source]

Vorago's melee attack hits 2000-5000 damage for 2-3 squares all around him. The base tank should take the most melee damage, and DPS should stand 3-4 squares away in order to not take damage. Don't stand so far away that you start taking blue bombs, as that is the bomb tank's job.

Blue bomb[edit source]

Voago sends blue bombs to the person farthest away, who should be the bomb tank. It hits for ~2000 magic damage and will splash to nearby players. As DPS, do not stand near the bomb tanks and stay with the DPS pile. If you take blue bomb damage, move in.

Red bomb[edit source]

Less often, Vorago sends out a red bomb with a blue bomb. Red bombs hit for 2000-7000 typeless damage depending on how many nearby players there are upon landing, and reset defensive abilities. These are usually targeted at the bomb tank, but occasionally they are targeted at others. If you receive one of these random reds you will receive a message on your screen saying "Vorago has sent a red bomb after you. Run!" RUN AWAY FROM THE DPS PILE, tank the 2000 damage, and run back into the pile. Make sure you don't run so far away that you start taking blue bombs either.

Jumps[edit source]

After phases 1-4 end, Vorago jumps 3 times to random places on the map, indicated by a shadow. Avoid these by surging or escaping, because you can get hit for up to ~5000 damage depending on how close you are.

Bleeds[edit source]

Bleeds, also known as smashes, are present in the Ceiling collapse rotation in phases 2, 4, and 5. In phases 2 and 4, Vorago smashes his hands 5 times onto his targets, who are supposed to be the base tank, bomb tank, and 5th voke role. Sometimes the first bleed will target the wrong person, and if this happens to you, freedom the bleed. In phase 5, he bleeds random targets 3 times, with one person potentially receiving multiple bleeds. Again, freedom as soon as possible, and if you get double bled, run far enough west until the bleed stops and then come back into the DPS pile without luring a blue bomb back.

Reflect[edit source]

The most dangerous mechanic in the fight is the reflect. This is present in the Ceiling collapse rotation in phases 2-5. There will be a message on your screen saying "Vorago reflects all damage to nearby foes." During this time any damage (abilities, Crackling, Deathtouch bracelet, stuns) targeted at him will be redirected at one of the members of the team, potentially killing them. We will call ahead of time when to get off Vorago and when you can continue attacking.

Gravity fields[edit source]

In phase 2, Vorago will spawn 4 gravity fields as part of his attack rotation, one at a time during reflect. Someone must click on the gravity field while Vorago is close enough.

Bring him down![edit source]

In phase 2, after the 4th gravity field is clicked, the camera angle changes and all players must spam click Vorago to loosen the ancient weapon piece. After this, all must deal enough damage for the piece to fall onto the floor and the designated mauler will pick up the piece. Do not pick up any ancient weapon pieces you see on the floor unless you were specifically told to maul Vorago!

Ceiling collapse[edit source]

This week's special attack is found in phases 3 and 4, where Vorago jumps into the air, large rocks fall down onto a section of the floor, and Vorago lands. These falling rocks can hit up to 8000 typeless damage if they hit a single target. That damage will get split among all players who are under the rocks when they fall, and the players will get knocked out of the way. The location of the falling rocks is indicated by a large shadow after Vorago jumps in the air, similar to when Vorago jumps at the end of each phase. After the rocks fall, they remain where they are for that phase unless they are destroyed manually. This means that if left unchecked, the rocks can take up a large part of the floor as they accumulate. Destroying the rocks will hit 4000 typeless damage to whoever destroys them, and this damage can be avoided with Barricade.

One or two rocks on the floor won't cause many problems, though any remaining rocks once phase 3 ends will fall down into phase 4 in random locations. Players can get hit by these falling rocks, and will get hit for 4000 typeless damage and be stunned and stuck in the rocks until the stun wears off or the rocks are destroyed. This is dangerous, because a stunned player may not be able to run into the waterfall at the start of phase 4. Additionally, and most importantly, fallen rocks in the corners will prevent players from running behind a waterfall unless destroyed. Therefore, teams should either clear the rocks at the end of phase 3 or clear rocks in the corners during phase 4.

Waterfalls[edit source]

In phase 4, Vorago spawns a waterfall in one corner of the room and charges up a powerful attack. This happens 3 times as a part of his attack rotation. Run to the corner where there's a waterfall, and make sure you are all the way in the corner because you can take 8000-10,000 damage if you're not all the way behind it. If you think you won't make it into the waterfall, eat up.

Stone clones[edit source]

Shortly after Vorago's waterfall attack in phase 4, one or more players will have a clone attack them using the same style they're using. The clone is level 138 with the name Stone Player, and can only be attacked by that player and others who had a clone. During this time, all damage to Vorago is reduced significantly, so kill your clone ASAP if you get one and help others who have a clone as well.

Teamsplit[edit source]

In phase 5, Vorago performs his Teamsplit special, where he splits the team by coloring half of them red and the other half blue. On the floor there is one blue 2x2 square and one red 2x2 square in which you must stand according to the color you are. If you do not make it to the square in enough time, you will be hit for ~8000 damage. Therefore, eat and keep high health just in case.

Mauling[edit source]

Throughout the fight, Vorago drops three ancient weapon pieces used to make the maul of omens to finish him. At the end of phase 5, when Vorago is pushed all the way east, the designated mauler will maul him and a cutscene will play as the fight ends. Do not pick up any ancient weapon pieces on the floor unless you are the designated mauler!

The fight[edit source]

Before the start[edit source]

We will meet in Vorago's Borehole next to his face. From the Falador lodestone, run directly north (not northeast to the Invention Guild) and click "Enter Encounter" in the cave opening. From there, jump across three gaps to the north side of the chamber where you will see Vorago's face unless a kill is in progress on that world.

If you have not talked to Vorago before, you will not be able to join a fight. Click on his face and ask "What are you doing here?" followed by "Can I face you?". Double check that you are able to able to join a kill by right clicking him and trying to select "Challenge". If you get a confirmation dialogue to start a kill, then you will be able to join us. Do not actually start a fight or you and anyone who joins you will take up to 12,500 damage each after 20 seconds. Only the event leader will initiate the kill.

When the host initiates the kill, all eligible people near the face will receive a dialogue box saying "Host has challenged Vorago." To join the kill, click "Join" or everyone will continue on without you. There is a chance that after the host has challenged, you may not receive a dialogue box. In that case, right click Vorago yourself and challenge him. If you have correctly joined the kill, you will have a chat message saying "You have joined Host." Twenty seconds after the first challenge, the team will be dealt 50,000 damage divided among the number of people in the team, and drop down into phase 1.

Phase 1[edit source]

On drop down, everyone will be scattered after having taken the entry damage. All participants as DPS should move as fast as possible toward the north side of the room, in an area designated in the image on the right. This will ensure that you do not take bomb damage intended for the bomb tank, who is supposed to be the farthest person from Vorago. You will also not be close enough to Vorago to take melee damage, which is for the base tank to handle. Proper positioning is key to using as little food as possible.

Vorago will begin in the center of the room and the base tank will lure him to the northeast corner. DPS Vorago down while the jumper makes their way to the north side of the room and lures him to the northwest corner. The base tank will follow Vorago and provoke him so that he faces south and the jumper jumps onto his back and retrieves the first ancient weapon piece.

The attack rotation in phase 1 is as follows:

  • Red bomb
  • 4 Attacks
  • Repeat

It is recommended to sunshine/death's swiftness and DPS at any time after Vorago has been lured from the center to the northern wall. Beware of random red bombs, as stated in the explanation above! Phase 1 ends when Vorago's health reaches 0 after the ancient weapon piece has been retrieved. Then Vorago will jump 3 times and progress to phase 2.

Phase 2[edit source]

On drop down, Vorago will be in the center of the room and smash the tank roles 5 times. This will be a bleed that is cleared by freedom or running far enough away. As a DPS you should not take these bleeds, though sometimes Vorago targets the wrong person. If you take a bleed, just freedom it and continue to DPS Vorago.

Reflect is introduced in this phase, so get off Vorago when it is called. The best time to sunshine/death's swiftness and use thresholds is after reflect is over.

The attack rotation in phase 2 is as follows:

  • 5 Bleeds
  • 3 Attacks
  • Reflect and gravity field - Sunshine/Death's swiftness here
  • 3 Attacks - Begin DPSing
  • Red bomb
  • 4 Attacks
  • Repeat for 4 gravity fields

After the 4th gravity fields, the camera angle changes and the team is prompted to "Bring him down!" by spam clicking him until the weapon piece is loosened. Afterward, deal enough damage to him so that the weapon piece falls to the floor and the designated mauler picks it up. Use this time to build adrenaline to 100% in preparation for the next phase. Vorago then jumps 3 times and progresses the fight to phase 3.

Phase 3[edit source]

The weekly special attack Ceiling collapse is introduced in phase 3. An explanation of the mechanic can be found in the section "Vorago's mechanics" above. There is reflect in this phase as well.

The attack rotation in phase 3 is as follows:

  • Stand on the base tank on drop down
  • Ceiling collapse
  • 3 Attacks - Move in, build to 100% adrenaline
  • Reflect
  • 3 Attacks - Stand on the base tank
  • Ceiling collapse - Move in, Onslaught immediately or DPS in your ultimate
  • 3 Attacks
  • Red bomb
  • 4 Attacks
  • Repeat - Shouldn't repeat if the above is done properly

Our strategy is to stand together on the base tank on drop down in case the rocks fall on us. When Vorago lands somewhere else, move in so you do not take blue bombs and the bomb tank can do their job. Build to near-100% adrenaline, then get off for reflect.

After reflect, do one of two things:

  • If you don't have Onslaught, do a Sunshine or Death's swiftness after moving in after the second Ceiling collapse and then DPS immediately.
  • If you have Onslaught, move in after the second Ceiling collapse and immediately onslaught Vorago.

When done properly, Vorago's health should reach 0 very quickly before the second reflect happens. Then the fight continues to phase 4. Either clear any fallen rocks while Vorago is jumping at the end of this phase, or wait until the next phase begins.

Phase 4[edit source]

Vorago's waterfall attack is introduced in phase 4. On drop down, stand in the center so you can easily reach the corner the waterfall will spawn in.

The attack rotation in phase 4 is as follows:

  • Clear any rocks that have fallen into the corners of the room!
  • Waterfall - Get all the way behind them, spamclick Vorago from behind
  • 3 Attacks - Immediately run toward Vorago, 3-4 sq. away as usual
  • Clones - Kill your clone ad help others with their clones
  • 7 Attacks - Stand on the base tank
  • Ceiling collapse - Move in
  • 3 Attacks
  • Bleeds
  • 3 Attacks
  • Reflect
  • 3 Attacks
  • Repeat for 3 waterfalls

The damage you do during this phase doesn't really matter, so make sure you build up your adrenaline to 100% before dropping down into phase 5. After the third waterfall, the last ancient weapon piece is dropped to the floor and the phase ends after Vorago's health is lowered to 0. Again, do not pick up the ancient weapon pieces unless you were specifically told to maul Vorago!

Phase 5[edit source]

The mauler will assemble the maul and everyone except bomb tank will hug the south edge of the island toward the east. Make sure you orient your minimap appropriately, and turn on Deflect Melee at this time.

The attack rotation in phase 5 is as follows:

  • Teamsplit
  • 3 Attacks - Build to 100% adrenaline
  • Reflect
  • 3 Attacks - If no Onslaught, Sunshine/Death's swiftness here
  • Bleeds - Freedom bleeds, DPS in ultimate
  • 3 Attacks - Onslaught after bleeds if you did not Sunshine/Death's swiftness
  • Repeat

Note: Do not use Freedom to stall adrenaline in this phase because you may need it to clear bleeds!

Our goal is to take as little damage as possible and to deal as much as possible to Vorago so that we push him all the way to the east end of the island and maul him. You should start the phase with 100% or close to 100% adrenaline and then stall it using Anticipation, Surge/Escape, or Preparation with a shield switch. Do not use Freedom! After the Teamsplit, there is reflect shortly after, so be careful not to kill anyone.

After every Teamsplit (if more than one), do one of two things:

  • If no Onslaught, Sunshine or Death's swiftness during reflect and then DPS after reflect.
  • If you have Onslaught, use it after all 3 bleeds are cleared.

Anyone may be bled in this phase, so if you start taking ~1000 damage per tick then you should Freedom the bleed. Vorago should be pushed east quickly, and as a DPS you should follow him or else you'll take blue bombs if you're too far away. Move in with him even if it means leaving your Sunshine/Death's swiftness or canceling your Onslaught. Keep dealing damage and push him until the mauler can finish him as a cutscene plays. Congratulations!

Drops[edit source]

If you have received a drop, it will appear on the eastern side of the island in a specific location depending on the phase you won. Drops are available for phases 1-4 according to who took the most blue bombs, who had Vorago's aggression last, and who dealt the most DPS. The drop for phase 5 is random because Vorago is immune to provoke. For this event, we will not have Coinshare or Lootshare active and instead will collect all the drops and split them evenly at the end of the event or when some people are leaving. The drops will mostly go to the assigned roles due to the drop mechanics, and therefore make it easier to collect them and split.