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Join us for some hide and seek tag with the Wiki community! The only requirements would be some basic quests for potential locations. We will have several rounds in different areas to give as many people as possible a chance for winning a prize.

How to play[edit source]

  • Join the host's Friends Chat at or after the specified time (latecomers are welcome as always)
  • Optional: Join the Wiki discord (RS:DISCORD) in the #events text channel or voice channel
  • Meet the rest of the participants at the current round's location
  • Wait until the hiders are in position
  • Find the hiders, run after them, and trade them twice to receive a prize

Other rules[edit source]

Hiders[edit source]

This is a list of people who have volunteered to hide in the event. Not all of them will be in every round, and they will be denoted with a particular rank within the FC.

  • King Kolton9
  • Others TBA

Potential locations[edit source]

We will change locations every round. These locations are subject to change, and may not all be used. Also beware of any quest/skill requirements to access some locations. Note the boundaries, and all floor levels are permitted unless stated otherwise.

Prizes[edit source]

Rewards for finding and catching hiders will be cash or items valued from 1,000,000 and up depending on number of hiders per round, potential bonus rounds, etc. You are only eligible for one prize per round so that others have a chance at winning something.

Hope to see you there!