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Recommended items[edit source]

  • All items must be banked before entering the activity. As such, there are no recommended items.

How to play[edit source]

While not entirely necessary, reading this guide before attending if you have never played before will help you to understand the game better.

You cannot have anything on your head or in your inventory in order to start the game. There is a deposit box near the waiting area for your convenience.

A rowboat deposit box.

This activity requires two teams, so we will wait around 10 minutes for everyone to arrive and head to the activity area. Players can choose to be on the "neutral" team, which works similar to the green portal in castle wars, the "guards" team and the "robbers" team.

Gameplay[edit source]

The robbers' role is to steal loot from around the town and deposit it in one of receptacles. To avoid capture by guards, they can disguise themselves and change form into the town's inhabitants, and then attempting to match the NPC's behavior by doing the activities they perform, such as sitting down on benches and wandering around randomly.

The guards' role is to stop the robbers by trying to find the disguised robber and accuse them, thereby arresting them. After being arrested twice, the robber is sent to jail and after one minute the robber becomes a guard. The imprisoned robber can only escape if another robber opens the door or if they have either a key or a spade under the bed. The spade can be bought with reward points, while the key can be pick-pocketed from a guard (though the player is not guaranteed to receive a key when pick-pocketing and the key can only be received once). After the robber is caught the second time, the robber will then be jailed for one minute, in which time if the robber doesn't manage to escape, they become a guard and join the guard's side.

Robbers can find loot dispersed throughout the village, though mainly in the bank. Each chest may only be looted once, after which it closes. Chests outside of the bank can also be locked by guards for 30 seconds, which in return can be pick-locked by robbers. The loot can be deposited with the leader of the robbers, Liara who is on the robbers' ship, or with the deposit boxes located around the perimeter of the town.

If a guard accuses an innocent civilian three times the guard will be sent to jail by Internal Affairs, in which after thirty seconds the guard is freed or another guard can open the cell door before that time.

A good method to use is the noticeboard, unlocked through reward points, to see the characters robbers have taken the form of. The incorrect arrest counter is not reset by a correct arrest, only by being jailed.

The wanted noticeboard

Rewards[edit source]

One reward point is given to each player for each minute that the game lasts, regardless of whether they are on the winning or losing side. In addition, the players on the winning side also receive a win point, which can be converted to five reward points

A full list of rewards can be found here.