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This is a safe activity.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.
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Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza is a minigame that originated as the 2014 spring event as a contest between Brassica Prime and Marimbo. These days it is mostly played for its useful rewards such as Seedicide and Slayer VIP tickets.

Getting there[edit source]

Formerly located north of the Lumbridge Crater on the remains of the Saradomin Camp, it has since been moved to the north-east corner of the Gamers' Grotto. The Gamer's Grotto can be reached via running east from the Falador lodestone and entering the cave entrance or by using a Games necklace.

Gameplay[edit source]

The arena

The minigame starts once enough people have entered the barrier in the middle of the area. Note that players cannot bring/wear any items or have a follower out. Renown can also be used to purchase rewards from the quartermaster.

In each round, players have 1 minute and 10 seconds to reach the other side of the maze in the Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza arena. They must avoid the hazards and gain as many points as they can while doing so. If all the players have reached the other side, the round's timer will be reduced to 11 seconds to save time. Any players not behind the current safe zone will be turned into gorilla guards.

The game ends when all players have been turned into gorillas, or when all 10 rounds are passed.

Gathering trophies[edit source]

The arena where the minigame takes place

Players may gather cabbage trophies by mining cabbage ore veins, harvesting cabbage leaf patches and wishing-cabbage bushes, or killing monkey minions. Trophies award two points each, as well as healing players for 10% of their maximum life points. If multiple players are collecting from the same cabbage resource at the same time, all will receive a trophy and be healed.

Monkey minions work the same way, except that it will drop a trophy for anyone who assisted in killing one, and the trophy is dropped on the ground instead of being automatically given. Gorilla guards give four trophies instead, but because of their massive health pool, it is not recommended to do so.

Becoming a gorilla[edit source]

Players turn into a gorilla guard when they fail to reach the safe zone within the time limit, or if they die within the arena. As a gorilla, players can kill other players and set traps in gathering nodes. Each successful kill is worth 2 points for all gorilla players, each trap set is worth 2 points for the player who sets the trap, and each trap triggered is worth one point for the player who sets the trap. Note that only one trap can be set per round.

Gorilla players cannot gather cabbages, and cannot be harmed by the jets of fire and cabbage cauldrons. They are also not allowed within the safe zones in the arena. Gorillas can still obtain cabbage trophies worth 2 points that non-gorilla players forgot to pick up. When each round ends, all player gorillas are scattered throughout the arena for gameplay purposes. Gorillas also consume more run energy than a player and cannot rest.

Hazards[edit source]

A player transforms into a gorilla.

There are several hazards in the maze:

  • Gorilla guards: There are a few initially and players who die by any means (by another gorilla, AI or player, cabbage cauldrons, fire jets, monkey minions) turn into gorilla guards.
  • Monkey minions: These are weak and non-aggressive, but still deal damage. There are always monkey minions in each round, and they take more damage from player attacks.
  • Jets of fire: These appear randomly off and on. A smaller jet appears as warning before the actual jet appears. These are the most deadly obstacles as they can deal up to 2000 damage.
  • Cabbage Cauldron: These cauldrons should be avoided as they launch cabbages at the player at very fast speeds, dealing up to 800 Ranged damage.
  • Wooden barricade: The walls cannot be passed. Players have to find alternative routes.

Scoring[edit source]

Scoring in the minigame is as follows:

  • 2 points each from cabbage trophies, setting traps as a gorilla, or if a gorilla kills a player (where all gorilla players get 2 points)
  • Incremental number of points based on the number of rounds survived. So if a player survived round 9, they will gain 9 points. Gorilla players do not get this bonus.

Rewards[edit source]

By competing in the minigame, players score renown based on the score points at the end of the game. The first 600 renown earned each day is doubled. Free players only earn renown at 66% of the normal rate. Renown can be exchanged for rewards at the Quartermaster. These include abilities which help during the minigame, bonus experience, helpful items for slayer and farming, and some cosmetic rewards only available during the event. Players can have a maximum of 4,000 renown at a time.

Abilities[edit source]

Abilities only need to be unlocked once, and provide benefits while playing the minigame. See the Abilities section for more information.

Skilling[edit source]

These rewards provide useful benefits outside of the minigame.

Reward Renown cost Notes
Mining-icon.pngBonus XP - Mining 20 points (at least) Each renown point is equivalent to an unknown amount of bonus experience, determined by level. At level 99, each renown point gives 73 Farming BXP, 121.9 Mining BXP, or 111.2 Slayer BXP. Only members can use the bonus XP while everyone can buy them.
Farming-icon.pngBonus XP - Farming
Slayer-icon.pngBonus XP - Slayer
Seedicide.png: RS3 Inventory image of SeedicideSeedicide 2,200 Changes dropped seeds to Farming XP in a similar fashion to a Herbicide. Has unlimited uses.
Slayer VIP ticket.png: RS3 Inventory image of Slayer VIP ticketSlayer VIP ticket 30 Gives the player a choice of two possible creatures to be assigned when they seek a new task, instead of just one. A ticket will be consumed if the second choice is accepted.
Patch bomb.png: RS3 Inventory image of Patch bombPatch bomb 30 Instantly harvests a fully-grown farming patch and turns the produce into notes