RuneScape:Events Team/Revenant Hunting (F2P - 4 June 2011)/ArtTable

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Image Artefact Value Image Artefact Value
Broken statue headdress.png Broken statue headdress 5,000 coins Armadyl totem.png Armadyl totem 150,000 coins‎
Third age carafe.png Third age carafe 10,000 coins Guthixian brazier.png Guthixian brazier 200,000 coins
Bronzed dragon claw.png Bronzed dragon claw 20,000 coins Ruby chalice.png Ruby chalice 250,000 coins
Ancient psaltery bridge.png Ancient psaltery bridge 30,000 coins Bandos statuette.png Bandos statuette 300,000 coins
Saradomin amphora.png Saradomin amphora 40,000 coins Saradomin statuette.png Saradomin statuette 400,000 coins
Bandos scrimshaw.png Bandos scrimshaw 50,000 coins Zamorak statuette.png Zamorak statuette 500,000 coins
Saradomin carving.png Saradomin carving 75,000 coins Armadyl statuette.png Armadyl statuette 750,000 coins
Zamorak medallion.png Zamorak medallion 100,000 coins