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Revenant Hunting[edit source]

  • Friends Chat - GRD
  • Location - Edgeville (World 41)
  • Date & Time -
UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
9:00 pm
Sat, 4 Jun
1:00 pm
Sat, 4 Jun
2:00 pm
Sat, 4 Jun
3:00 pm
Sat, 4 Jun
4:00 pm
Sat, 4 Jun
9:00 pm
Sat, 4 Jun
10:00 pm
Sat, 4 Jun
8:00 am
Sun, 5 Jun
  • Requirements - None (But a decent combat level helps)
  • Drops distribution - Coinshare
  • Note - There is a chance you may die during this trip due to either Player-killers or the Revenants themselves. Therefore it recommended to only bring up to three expensive items and items you are willing to lose if you happen to die.

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Details[edit source]

Getting there[edit source]

We will meet at edgeville bank and then, as a group, head directly north to the forinthry dungeon's entrance. Once inside, we'll head north again, past the greater demons and hellhounds until we reach the revenants area and start killing them. Remember to turn lootshare on.

Try to remember this route as you'll have to back trace it when you want to bank.

If you arrive late you'll have to make the journey by yourself. Use the World map to plan your route beforehand so you don't have to open the map while you're vulnerable and out in the open by yourself.

Forinthry Dungeon entrance.png

Monsters[edit source]

There are 13 different types of Revenants available in F2P ranging from the level 7 Revenant Imp to the level 126 Revenant knight. For specific details on each one, click on it's link. [[File:Revenant map.png|center|350px]]

Revenants' Magic and Ranged attacks have very long ranges, allowing revenants to strike even if they cannot be seen on the screen, though you can still hear the sound effects, and what seems to be limited numbers of long ranged attacks. All of their attacks are strong enough that it is common for revenants, aside from perhaps the lowest-levelled ones, to hit over 200 life points of damage at once.

When attacking, revenants attempt to target any weaknesses in their foe's defences. For example, if a revenant is fighting a player who is wearing rune armour, which gives good bonuses to Melee and Ranged but very poor Magic defence, it will primarily use Magic attacks. Revenants can also adapt to any protection prayers that the target may be using, and will change their attacks accordingly. If in a team, they can focus on the other player for a long time before attacking the player that attacks it.

Defensively, revenants have the ability to heal themselves up to around half health 15 times when their life points become low. They can also cure themselves of poison, even poison from weapons poisoned with karambwan paste. When damaged, revenants may attempt to retreat and use Ranged and Magic attacks.

Contrary to popular belief, Revenants are no longer able to freeze players or use a teleblock.

Strategy[edit source]

Basics[edit source]

Revenant ork.png

Refer to the above map for revenant locations and try to stay near the south-east if you're a low level. There is no special strategy needed to kill revenants, just hack and slash (preferably with teammates) until the revenants die, which may take a while due to their healing capabilities.

Revenants are able to use all three sides of the combat triangle and can switch attack styles depending on your prayers/equipment too. Ranged and melee seem to be fairly even when it comes to effectiveness, with magic tailing by quite a bit. So it won't matter much which type you bring and you can base it off other factors such as your level in those skills or availability of equipment (arrows?). However, a high-hitting but slow weapon like the Rune 2h sword may be preferable over a fast weapon like the Rune scimitar due to the revenants' ability to heal. As far as armour goes, Green d'hide is preferred over rune as it has decent bonuses in all three styles whereas rune has a huge weakness to magic which the revenants will exploit.

Your inventory should mainly consist of decent food such as lobsters or swordfish and possibly a few strength potions if you are using melee. If you bring an emergency teleport, be aware that they can not be used past level 20 wilderness and that pkers may use teleblock on you, rendering your teleport useless. Therefore, filling those spots with food may be preferable.

Pkers[edit source]

Rune 2h sword equipped.png

The forinthry dungeon is in the wilderness, meaning that other players (near your combat level) are able to attack you. If one does, you must weigh up your options and decide whether to stay and fight them or run away and try to make it to edgeville. We will ofcourse be looking out for pkers and will help you in a fight against them if we are able to depending on their combat level, which will most likely be the case as a lot of similar-level players should be there. Pkers will be kicked from the fc immediately which will disqualify them from receiving drops ofcourse, but will also make them appear as white dots on the minimap instead of purple dots like fellow clan members. This should help you identify them and possibly escape an incoming pker early as they wont be in the cc to begin with.

Remember that if a pker attacks you, they will be skulled meaning they will lose all their items if they die (or keep 1 if they have the Protect Item prayer activated). This means that they will either have weak armour as they dont want to risk it or they will have good armour meaning you and any friends who help you will receive some nice drops if you win. Be warned that this works both ways, even if you accidentally attack a friend so be careful.

Due to the limited range of weapons and spells in F2P, it is VERY difficult to kill you immediately, even in a team so you should have a sizable window of opportunity to eat food and run away or fight back.

Drops[edit source]

Revenants are commonly killed for their extremely valuable drops. Their rare drops can be separated into four categories, two of which are available to F2P. The first is corrupt dragon equipment which is much stronger than most F2P armour/weapons and has therefore attained a hgh price. The second is "ancient artifacts" which can be sold to Nastroth in Lumbridge or Mandrith in Edgeville for the gold values listed below. All revenants are able to drop the following items, but it is believed that higher-leveled revenants have better drop rates.

Image Artefact Value Image Artefact Value
Broken statue headdress.png Broken statue headdress 5,000 coins Armadyl totem.png Armadyl totem 150,000 coins‎
Third age carafe.png Third age carafe 10,000 coins Guthixian brazier.png Guthixian brazier 200,000 coins
Bronzed dragon claw.png Bronzed dragon claw 20,000 coins Ruby chalice.png Ruby chalice 250,000 coins
Ancient psaltery bridge.png Ancient psaltery bridge 30,000 coins Bandos statuette.png Bandos statuette 300,000 coins
Saradomin amphora.png Saradomin amphora 40,000 coins Saradomin statuette.png Saradomin statuette 400,000 coins
Bandos scrimshaw.png Bandos scrimshaw 50,000 coins Zamorak statuette.png Zamorak statuette 500,000 coins
Saradomin carving.png Saradomin carving 75,000 coins Armadyl statuette.png Armadyl statuette 750,000 coins
Zamorak medallion.png Zamorak medallion 100,000 coins

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