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Revenant Hunting (F2P)[edit source]

  • Updated: Clan Chat - Wiki Events
  • Meeting Point - World 40, Varrock town centre
  • Date & Time
UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
7:00 pm
Sat, 22 Jan
11:00 am
Sat, 22 Jan
12:00 pm
Sat, 22 Jan
1:00 pm
Sat, 22 Jan
2:00 pm
Sat, 22 Jan
7:00 pm
Sat, 22 Jan
8:00 pm
Sat, 22 Jan
6:00 am
Sun, 23 Jan

With the recent Wilderness and Free Trade Vote, Revenants are soon to be removed from the Wilderness and placed elsewhere. As such, we have planned this event to provide a last chance (and for some, a first chance) Revenant hunting event. Note that This event is F2P, so members' items will serve no use on the free worlds.

Requirements for this event
  • None, though at least 30 Multicombat.png Combat is advised.

As the number of users attending our events is generally quite large, lower levels should not be particularly afraid, and are even invited to come.

Event Details[edit source]

Starting[edit source]

We will start by meeting in Varrock, as to allow those attending to buy food, armour, runes, and weapons from the Grand Exchange before leaving. Members, please remember to buy any armour you may need ahead of time, if you do not own any free-to-play armour. Armour orders are generally filled less quickly than food, runes, and so forth, however Gaz Lloyd has a limited supply of rune armour that he can sell to players if it does not buy in a timely manner. All users are encouraged to have additional items in their banks, as we will be making occasional stops to the Wilderness Volcano bank, as well as Daemonheim. Once everyone is settled, we will depart for the Wilderness.

Recommended Items[edit source]
  • A Ring of kinship, for teleporting to the bank.
  • Any reasonable food - tuna, lobster and swordfish are good choices.
  • Substantial armour for your level - full rune is optimum.
    • Runes and/or Arrows, if required. A rune platebody can be swapped for a green dragonhide body if ranging. If you are using magic, your armour will have little or no defensive bonuses so you will take more damage if you come under attack.
    • If you own a maple longbow (sighted) and plan to range, you do not need to swap the rune platebody for a green dragonhide body.
  • Runes required for a teleport spell or an Explorer's ring 3 (or 4) or a Runecrafting teleport tablet. The latter is preferred for the quickest possible escape.
  • If using melee, a strength potion or two will be useful.
Fighting[edit source]

Upon sighting a revenant, designated tanks will attack the revenant first (Gaz Lloyd), wilderness level permitting. This prevents others from taking damage, to an extent. If this is in a multicombat area and you are able to attack the revenant, you should. If not, either the tank or any other user (on request) will do their best to kill it, with encouragement from the rest of the group. If you attack a revenant and don't think you can finish it, stop attacking it (walk away, make sure auto-retaliate is off) and let the group know - someone will jump in and attack it.

When under attack by a revenant, you should switch on a protection prayer (if you have the prayer level for it) - most effective is Protect from Magic. If you have prayer points spare, a stat-boosting prayer will not go amiss, but pay-to-play players should be aware that they cannot rely on prayer potions to sustain themselves as they can in a members world. We will make periodic visits to the altars in the Wilderness, as well as the Edgeville monastery for those with over 31 Prayer.

Should you die[edit source]

Death is usually fairly bothersome, but not on this trip. If you should succumb, your grave will be blessed, giving you a complete hour to return and pick up your items. Obviously, any items you may be carrying that are not being protected by the gravestone will be lost, so plan what you will bring accordingly. One or more of the group will remain near your grave if you wish to give some protection from revenants on your return.

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