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The Events Team is recruiting! Please apply here.
If you are interested, make sure to read the relevant guides and information both on this page and on the request page.

A Request for Events Team membership (also known as an RfET) is the process in which a member of the community joins the Events Team. This is a process similar to a request for adminship and request for clan chat rank, but as well as the public evaluation by the wider RuneScape Wiki community, it also involves more private, informal chats with the existing Events Team. While being known to the Events Team is good, it's not essential (enthusiasm and/or past experience goes a long way!).

Current nominations

There are no current requests.


Please note that the Events Team has one hard requirement: you must have an account on the wiki. If you do not have a wiki account, your RfET will automatically be void - we require one solid way to always be able to contact you, which will be your talk page by default.

In addition, there are some softer requirements which can de debated upon during the RfET. Take these as guidelines for consideration if you are planning to nominate yourself, another person or to vote on an RfET. These are listed in no particular order:

  • Ideally, before a nomination a candidate should talk to the existing ET - especially if they are not already known to the ET. At the very least, notify the team before applying. Requests that are a surprise to the team are typically less likely to succeed.
  • Trusted user - are they 'trusted' by the wiki community (in-game and/or on-wiki)?
  • Moderation and representation - can the user moderate a busy friends chat well? Can the user represent the wiki regularly in a more public venue? Events are not just for wiki regulars, not just for the clan chat, but for everyone and anyone who wants to come (assuming they have the requirements) - can the user handle moderating what could be 100 'random' people? Can they handle dealing with trolls, crashers and the like in a calm manner while also managing the event (tanking the boss, etc)?
  • Game familiarity - are they familiar with the game, including being able to access most/all minigames, successfully tank (or at least fight) bosses, etc...?
  • Availability - are they available to attend/host events (time zone permitting), are they often available for discussion in the Events Team Discord channel?
  • Permission - if you are nominating someone other than yourself, please make sure to obtain their permission before nominating them.
  • Due to the nature of working in the Events Team, members will be expected to work together closely and possibly under stress. As such the current team have immediate veto power - if it cannot work together well with the candidate, then the user should not join the team.
  • Communication - you will be expected to keep in touch with the other ET members often. The easiest way to do this is by using the Events Team Discord channel.

As a side note, in general, former Events Team members who have left the team for whatever reason can typically rejoin the team without discussion, as long as the existing team approve - number of members may also play a part (too many cooks etc).


How to nominate

Nominations must be accepted by the user in question. If you wish to nominate a user, please make sure you let the user know beforehand. Self-nominations are also allowed. Please at least notify an existing events team member your intention to apply before doing so.

  1. Create a page at "RuneScape:Events Team/Requests/NOMINEE", where NOMINEE is the username of the nominee.
  2. Follow the instructions given on {{RFET}}.
  3. If this is not a self nomination, contact the nominee on his or her talk page or in-game to let him or her know that he or she has been nominated. The candidate must then sign the acceptance of nomination section on his or her request page.


Unlike many other similar wiki processes, there is no fixed time for an RfET to last. An RfET will last as long as necessary, but generally a minimum of 2 weeks unless specific circumstances dictate otherwise. Due to the nature of the role, more weight should be attributed to any opposition by the current members of the team as the team is expected to work together to organise and run events.

When an RfET is closed, the following steps should be taken:

Closing administrator
  1. Archive the discussion
    1. Add Category:Closed requests to the page with your closure statement
    2. Semi-protect the page
  2. If successful:
    1. Update the list of Events Team members at the top of RS:ET
    2. Update the Events Team news subpage to say that new members have joined
    3. Update the Events Team AbuseFilter to include the new members (only if the user is not already a sysop)
    4. Update the Clan Chat ranks list (only if the user does not already have a rank above Captain clan rank.png Captain)
    5. Update the user's rank in-game, or contact another Clan Chat admin to do so if you are not part of the clan
Successful candidate
  1. Contact the Events Team as soon as possible to get added to the Discord channel
  2. Update your friends chat to give all other Events Team members the ability to kick (it doesn't necessarily matter what the rank is, but we suggest general General clan rank.png; if you already have some ranks in your friends chat then it should ideally be a unique rank to reduce confusion in events)
Existing members
  1. Contact the new member(s) as soon as possible to get them added to the Discord channel
  2. Add the new member(s) to your friends chat at your Events Team rank (per above)