RuneScape:Events Team/Hide and Seek (F2P - 5 Mar 2011)/Hiders

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First group, North map: 150,000

   * Aeternal Found by Einsi 2
   * M S Amaya Found by HAlBAO
   * T0 the D3ath Found by Frosttoon
   * Dust Silver Found by Kordnish
   * Wsxqaz753421 Found by IMFUKNSTUPID

World-wide round: 200,000

   * Beserkhackr Found by Antimony222
   * Peace yeti Found by 42ers25
   * Attack us Found by Frosttoon
   * Saftzie Found by Kordnish
   * Evil1888 Found by Aeternal
   * iChaosDragon Found by No ToRiO uS

Third group, South map: 150,000

   * Porp109 Found by Hasaan5
   * pho fetish Found by Arcklo
   * Axslayer33 Found by 1cely blitz
   * Mypsizlles Found by Aeternal
   * Spelj0han Found by HAlBAO