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Gnomeball detail.pngGnomeball XL[edit source]


  • Friend Chat - RSW Events to start with, we'll split into two CC's afterwards.
  • Location - Clan Wars Hall in the Gamers' Grotto, World 39
  • Date & Time -
UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
5:00 pm
Sat, 23 Apr
9:00 am
Sat, 23 Apr
10:00 am
Sat, 23 Apr
11:00 am
Sat, 23 Apr
12:00 pm
Sat, 23 Apr
5:00 pm
Sat, 23 Apr
6:00 pm
Sat, 23 Apr
4:00 am
Sun, 24 Apr
  • Requirements:
    • None

Information[edit source]

After the event starts, we will split everyone up into two separate clan chats with even numbers of players. The Events Team members will divide themselves up across both clan chats but will not be participating in the actual game. Instead they will be refereeing the game to make sure things run smoothly. If you come late, the RSW Events clan chat will have the name of the clan chat you should join as the title.

Each match will be played in the Turrets map (right) as it is the largest, making it more challenging to get from one end to the other.

The war will be setup so that any form of combat will be allowed, food, praying and potions will be allowed, as well as run-ins. You will not lose your items if you die, and may quickly return to the war.

How the game works[edit source]

The idea of the game is to get the gnomeball to the other side of the map and into your teams' goalkeeper's hands. Simple enough, right?

After everyone is split up in their separate clan chats, two Events Team members will begin the war. Once you get the message in your chatbox that a war has started, enter the purple portal.

The Events Team members (known from here on out as "referees"), will disperse across the map and a few will go to the centre. All others players will be expected to meet in the centre of the arena. Once the wall comes down and the war starts, the two goalkeepers will run to the opposite ends of the map and take their positions next to the portals where they will remain throughout the event. Once they are set, the referee standing in the middle will pass the ball to whoever is nearest him/her, and the game will begin!

Passing[edit source]

  • To pass the ball, you and the player to whom you want to pass the ball to must have nothing wielded. This means that players should keep their hands free unless they are planning on tackling another player. Referees will always be wielding weapons to keep everyone in check. Wink This means you cannot pass the ball to a referee.
  • The player who has the ball should keep it equipped until they intend to pass, at which point they should unequip and use it on the intended receiver. Receiving the ball and switching to more combat-oriented gear such as a strong shield is not allowed, and referees will be watching closely for this behaviour. Don't try it!
  • You gain no points for passing, however teams with a high pass count often get the most success. Teams who don't pass will often see their ball carrier die, causing the team to lose possession of the ball.
  • "Ball hogging" is not in the spirit of the game, and if you are found to be doing so, you will be killed by the referees, therefore your team will lose possession of the ball. This will include small groups of players who repeatedly pass the ball between themselves - referees will be watching.
  • Don't pass the ball to the other team! The referees will not honour any request to return the ball to your team in case of accidental passing to the other team, so check who you're passing to before you do it!

Tackling[edit source]

  • Unfortunately players are not able to fairly "tackle" each other in RuneScape. Therefore, we have come up with an alternative: Killing! If the opposing team has possession of the ball, you are free to "tackle" (aka kill) the player who has the ball in order to gain possession of it. Once the ball-carrier is dead, a referee will put a new ball into play to the other team. The ball-carrier's chief defence against losing possession for their team is to pass the ball to a team-mate before dying.
    • If you die with the gnomeball in your possession, please return one to a referee or goalkeeper before participating in the game again. Only one gnomeball is allowed to be in play at any given time.
  • Naturally, you are free to attack any players on the opposing team, not just those with the ball. You may want to consider exercising this rule to deprive the opponents' ball-carrier of team-mates to pass to in a tight spot!
  • See here for a list of recommended items that will help with tackling or from being tackled.

Offence & Defence[edit source]


Players may choose to go on purely an offensive or defensive stance if they'd like.

  • Being offensive involves killing the opposing team's players in order to gain possession of the ball - whether it be the actual ball carrier or people protecting the ball carrier.
  • Being defensive involves ensuring that your team mates have the ball and get it to the goalkeeper.

Offensive players may find it more useful if they keep their weapons wielded in order to kill the other team's players. Likewise, defensive players may find it more useful to keep their hands free in case they get passed the ball. However, if no players have their hands free, the ball won't go anywhere and no one will score.

Scoring[edit source]

  • One point is made when a team manages to get the gnomeball to their goalkeeper at the opposite end of the playing field.

Recommended items[edit source]

This is a safe event, meaning if you die, you will not lose any items. Thus we recommend that you bring your best gear to kill the other team and gain possession of the ball.

Armour with high defence bonuses such as Barrows gear, Bandos armour, etc, but players should also be prepared for the likely threat of ice barragers and rangers. Players should keep in mind that most high defense bonused armour is heavy, further encouraging you to pass the ball.

Remember that you can wield neither a weapon nor a shield while in possession of the ball - so don't count on defensive abilities like the Staff of Light's special attack to keep you safe. The ball-carrier is meant to be a tempting target!

Rules[edit source]

What is allowed[edit source]

  • Passing is allowed.
  • Killing the opposing team's players is allowed.

What isn't allowed[edit source]

  • "Ball hogging" is NOT allowed.
  • Attacking the opposing teams goalkeeper is NOT allowed.
  • Teaming with opposing team members is NOT allowed.
  • Bringing your own gnomeball is NOT allowed.
  • Killing a referee is NOT allowed.

Players found breaking these rules will be kicked from the game.

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