RuneScape:Events Team/Fishing Trawler (13 November 2011)

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Fishing Trawler[edit source]

  • Friends Chat - Gaz Lloyd
  • Location - Port Khazard, World 39
  • Date & Time
UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
8:00 pm
Sun, 13 Nov
12:00 pm
Sun, 13 Nov
1:00 pm
Sun, 13 Nov
2:00 pm
Sun, 13 Nov
3:00 pm
Sun, 13 Nov
8:00 pm
Sun, 13 Nov
9:00 pm
Sun, 13 Nov
7:00 am
Mon, 14 Nov
  • Requirements:
    • Level 15 Fishing
    • Some money would be useful, as would be making sure that you have sufficient bank space for rewards

Description[edit source]

Make sure to read the wiki's article, too

We will meet up at Port Khazard. There are many ways of reaching the port, including running north from Yanille, or south from Ardougne, using the fairy ring DJP, or using a charter ship from most other ports. There may also be users casting Tele-group Khazard from various popular locations, such as the Grand Exchange - ask in the friends chat about this.

When we are ready, we will board the boat - once the first player boards the boat, the other players have 1 minute to board before it departs. If there is a large turnout, we may split into multiple teams, as having more thnat 10 per boat in unnecessary and could cause some people to being unable to do anything and the activity bar kicking them from the boat.

Playing[edit source]

During the game, various things will happen:

  • The net will rip, requiring it to be fixed using rope
  • Holes will appear in the boat, requiring swamp paste to fix
  • After enough holes have appeared, the boat will fill with water partially - a bailing bucket (or several) will be used to bail the water out

All three of the items can be purchased from the general stores in Port Khazard.

It may be useful for teams to divide up, with one player being exclusively on net duty, and the rest being on hole fixing and bailing duty - this will be discussed in the friends chat before the game starts.

After 12 minutes of sailing, the boat will return to port, where the rewards can be claimed. If the level of water gets too high at any point, the boat will sink and all rewards are lost, and players will need to grab onto a barrel to leave the area and be washed ashore just north of Port Khazard.

Rewards[edit source]

Fish will be caught as the event progresses, as displayed in the interface. While the net is ripped, this number will not increase. Each player will receive the same number of reward items (including the fish and non-fish items). The actual fish received depends on your fishing level. You cannot catch fish above your fishing level, and as your level increases the number of lower-levelled fish obtained decreases significantly. The possible fish that can be obtained are (fishing level in brackets; all are raw):

  • Tuna (35)
  • Lobster (40)
  • Swordfish (50)
  • Shark (76)
  • Sea turtle (79)
  • Manta ray (81)
  • Tiger shark (95)

As well as the following junk items:

  • Buttons
  • Broken staff
  • Broken arrow
  • Broken armour
  • Smashed glass
  • Old boot
  • Empty pot

Also available are the following untradeable items:

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