Corporeal Beast

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Event information[edit source]

  • Friends Chat – Clue Scrolls
  • Location – Corporeal Beast's Lair final chamber, world 39
  • Date and time
UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
12:00 am
Sun, 19 Nov
4:00 pm
Sat, 18 Nov
5:00 pm
Sat, 18 Nov
6:00 pm
Sat, 18 Nov
7:00 pm
Sat, 18 Nov
12:00 am
Sun, 19 Nov
1:00 am
Sun, 19 Nov
11:00 am
Sun, 19 Nov
The event is over.
  • Requirements:
  • Drops distribution: Coinshare

This is a dangerous activity.
If you die, you will lose your items and will need to reclaim them from Death or your grave.

You will only keep your three (+1 if you have the protect item prayer activated, +1 with a sign/portent of item protection, max of 5) most valuable items on death.

Helpful links[edit source]

The Fight[edit source]

Corporeal Beast.png

A general guide can be found here.

The general points to remember about this fight are as follows (especially relevant if this is your first time at the Beast):

  • Everyone faces a significant risk of death while fighting the Beast - even maxed players with good gear can be taken down very quickly if they don't pay attention. If you're not confident, favour the cheaper items in the suggested equipment sets below.
  • Following on from the above, don't be discouraged if you rapidly use up all your food. Thanks to the updated Games necklace teleports, players can feasibly bank, refill on potions and be back in the Beast chamber in under 60 seconds. Players with access to the Max Guild tower can use the PvM portal to have an even quicker bank and return.
  • The Beast takes half damage from any weapon that isn't a spear. This makes the Mizuyari the ideal choice, followed by the chaotic spear and the zamorakian spear (unless you want to splash out on Vesta - which is not recommended). Any other weapon you wish to bring must be a spear - other chaotic weapons will not work well.
  • The Beast has extremely high defence - even the highest level stats, weapons, potions and prayer have accuracy issues.
  • The Beast randomly switches targets throughout the fight, so you cannot afford to let your concentration slip. This can be counteracted by having a player "Tank" meaning they will be in range armour to better defend against corp's heavy hitting mage attack and be using incite and provoke to get the beast to focus on them.
  • The salient points arising from this:
    • Depending on the timing of the target switch, the Beast can often attack you before it has finished turning to face you. Look for the projectiles rather than the direction he's facing.
    • Sometimes, the Beast will latch on to one player and attack it repeatedly for what seems like quite a long time (5-6 attacks). It's important not to panic when this happens to you. See below for how to survive his attacks.
    • The Beast tends to favour targeting players that have hit it with a very powerful attack (e.g. an ultimate ability). If you plan on using ultimates (especially with high-end gear and stats), be prepared to be attacked shortly after.
  • The Beast can randomly devour a familiar at any point throughout the fight. Depending on the size of teams, this may make healing familiars such as unicorns inadvisable (in a larger team, they may work well enough to justify bringing one).
  • Due to the Evolution of Combat update, the Dark energy core can no longer be stunned using Emerald bolts (e).

The Beast has several attacks

  • A normal melee attack where he swipes his claw at his target
  • A normal magic attack where he shoots a white blob at his target
  • An area of effect magic attack, where he shoots a white, claw-shaped missile at his target's feet, which then explodes into several more missiles and fly nearby, hitting the floor again. Each missile hits 9 squares (the centre where it hits, and the 8 surrounding). If you are not the tank, this is your main damage source.
  • A stomp attack where he stamps his feet on players stood underneath him, doing massive typeless damage
  • The dark core attack, where he unleashes the Dark energy core, which will move to be on top of any player in the arena and do rapid, typeless damage to all players stood on or adjacent to it, healing the Beast for damage done. The core can be dealt with by killing it, either by changing target to it, or more efficiently by using Hurricane and Quake; if both are on cooldown, move a few tiles away and the core will move to a new target. The core attack is more frequent at below 50% lifepoints, to the point where a new core will almost instantly spawn when one is killed.
Surviving attacks

Due to the Evolution of Combat update, Corporeal Beast teams now utilize a tank to increase trip times. This tank will use ranged armor and will attract the attention of the Beast before others attack him.

At all times, using Protect from/Deflect Magic is suggested. If being targeted by him and using ranged armour while in melee range, Protect from/Deflect Melee should be used; but this should only be the tank (if there is one). If the Beast is facing away from you (or you are otherwise a significant distance away from the target), you can use Soul Split instead to regain some lifepoints - make sure to go back to Deflect Magic if he targets you or someone near you (remember, he has an AoE magic attack!).

Death and Returning[edit source]

If you die, which can easily occur if you lose concentration or if you get a few unlucky hits, you will respawn in Death's office as usual. Your grave will spawn inside the non-instanced arena.

You can teleport directly to the Beast's lair with the games necklace. Once you are there, you can loot your grave and teleport straight out, preferably with a one-click teleport, but if you die a second time in the lair and lose any item you were holding, all of your items from the first death will be lost permanently.

When returning, it is recommended you bring no more than 2 pieces of food and an emergency teleport to avoid double-graving.

Gear[edit source]

Recommended equipment for Melee
SlotItem (most effective → least effective)
HeadMalevolent helm / Superior Statius's full helmTorva full helm / Anima core helm of ZarosSuperior void knight melee helmBandos helmetTetsu helm
NeckReaper necklaceAmulet of soulsBrawler's blood necklaceSaradomin's whisperAmulet of fury / Dragon Rider amulet
BackCompletionist capeTokHaar-KalMax capeFire capeSkillcape / Ardougne cloak 4
BodyMalevolent cuirass / Superior Statius's platebodyTorva platebody / Anima core body of ZarosSuperior elite void knight topBandos chestplateTetsu body
LegsMalevolent greaves / Superior Statius's platelegsTorva platelegs / Anima core legs of ZarosSuperior elite void knight robeBandos tassetsTetsu legs
Two-handed weaponSuperior Vesta's spearMizuyariChaotic spearZamorakian spearN/A
Off-hand weaponMalevolent kiteshieldChaotic kiteshieldDivine spirit shieldDragonfire shieldBandos warshield
GlovesDeathtouch bracelet / Razorback gauntletsTorva gloves / Goliath glovesSuperior void knight glovesBandos gauntletsCulinaromancer's gloves 10
FeetEmberkeen bootsTorva bootsBandos bootsSilverhawk bootsSteadfast boots
RingAsylum surgeon's ring + Ring of Vigour switchRing of death + Ring of Vigour switchSixth-Age circuit + Ring of Vigour switchLuck of the Dwarves + Ring of Vigour switchWarrior ring + Ring of Vigour switch
AuraBrawler aura / Berserker auraDark magic auraInspiration auraInvigorate auraVampyrism aura
PocketBerserk blood essence without OverloadsScrimshaw of vampyrismAttacker's insigniaIlluminated god book / God bookSign of death / Sign of life

Inventory[edit source]

Actionbar[edit source]

If you normally use two-handed melee weapons, your normal two-handed melee bar is probably fine. If you normally dual-wield, simply swap Decimate for Cleave, Havoc for Smash, and the thresholds Destroy and Flurry for Hurricane and Quake. For reference, here is a suggested bar (based on the optimal two-handed revolution bar):

  • Cleave.png
  • Sever.png
  • Dismember.png
  • Smash.png
  • Sacrifice.png
  • Slice.png
  • Fury.png
  • Forceful Backhand.png
  • Slaughter.png
  • Assault.png
  • Hurricane.png
  • Quake.png
  • Overpower.png
  • Teleport to house.png
Ability usage

Much of the time you should be letting revolution do its thing, and using thresholds often. Using an ultimate is up to you.

Threshold usage should generally follow this order of preference:

  • Quake (reduces the Beast's defence, making following attacks more accurate)
  • Assault (be aware of core, since this ability takes a short while to do)
  • Blood Tendrils (optional; damages the user, be wary)
  • Hurricane
  • Forceful Backhand
  • Slaughter (if the Beast moves, this ability would be after Assault)

Slaughter can do massive damage, but only if the Beast is moved. This is accomplished by the target walking under the Beast - this is extremely dangerous as he may decide to use the stomp attack! Generally should not be done unless very experienced and prepared for a ~5000 lifepoint hit.

Saving Hurricane and Quake for the dark energy core is a wise choice.

In a team, using Ice Asylum to heal your teammates is a courteous thing to do (if hitting 100% adrenaline). In a larger team, most/all kills can have one of these if the teammates use it one at a time (in a rotation, at the end of a kill).


If on normal prayers, Protect from Magic and Piety (or Incredible Reflexes, Ultimate Strength and Steel Skin if using amulet of zealots) should be used. On Ancient Curses, Deflect Magic and Turmoil should be used (Sap/Leech Defence and Leech Attack are acceptable).

Drops[edit source]

The Corporeal Beast is one of the toughest, but most rewarding monsters in the game to kill. It has four unique drops, the sigils, as well as a multitude of other expensive drops. Below are the prices and rarity of some of them.

Special drops
Other valuable drops

The rest of his drops can be found here.