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This is a safe activity.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.

Castle Wars[edit source]

  • Clan Chat - RSW Events
  • Meeting Point - World 39, Castle Wars lobby
  • Date & Time
UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
8:00 pm
Sat, 29 Jan
12:00 pm
Sat, 29 Jan
1:00 pm
Sat, 29 Jan
2:00 pm
Sat, 29 Jan
3:00 pm
Sat, 29 Jan
8:00 pm
Sat, 29 Jan
9:00 pm
Sat, 29 Jan
7:00 am
Sun, 30 Jan
  • Requirements - None though some experience with combat is obviously advised.

All members are invited to attend this event. However, we ask that you only enter the green portal when being sorted into teams, as to keep them both even.

Event Details[edit source]

Basics[edit source]

Castle Wars is a fun team-based event that is very similar to capture the flag. There are two teams, Saradomin and Zamorak. The goal for both teams is the same - capture the enemy flag and return it to your team's base more times than they can do the reverse to you.

But for many, the main objective is to hack, snipe or mage to death as many opponents as possible until you are eventually mowed down. As you get more accustomed to the battlefield, you will notice many other ways to destroy your opponents, from a rampart-based catapult that can rain death from above to causing cave-ins which can instantly kill anyone unlucky enough to be under one.

Each team's base is well-stocked with barricades and bandages, both of which can have a significant impact on the game.

For more details and tactics, it is suggested that you read this page. Who knows, that one piece of information may mean the difference between a humiliating respawn and one more notch on your killstreak.

Getting There[edit source]

{{Relative location |location = Castle Wars |north = [[Ardougne]] |west = [[Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon]] |south = [[Feldip Hills]] |east = [[Yanille]] }}

There are many ways of getting to the Castle Wars lobby, here are some of them.

  • The easiest and fastest method by far is purchasing a Ring of dueling at the grand Exchange for about 1.3k and rubbing it. This will give you a list of destinations, select "Castle wars arena".
  • Walk south from Seers village or Ardougne.
  • Charter a boat from any major port to Port Khazard (which may cost more than a ring of dueling) and walk south.
  • Walk south west from Yanille where you can teleport with the Watchtower Teleport spell after the Watchtower Quest has been completed.
How it's going down[edit source]

When you arrive, there will already be a designated number of high-level players in both teams. This is to help balance out the teams and make sure it isn't too unfair for one team.

In the North-east corner of the lobby, there is a bank chest. This acts as a bank in that you can withdraw and deposit, but nothing else. So please be ready when you arrive. you must deposit everything that will not be used in combat or is not allowed in the arena. for details on prohibited items, have a look here.

Withdraw any armour you want to take with you, including alternate armour sets and weapons. Remember that you cannot take with you any item that is worn in the Head or Cape slot as these will be taken by a cloak representing your team.

When you are ready, enter the GREEN PORTAL in the middle. This will place you in one of the two teams. Once there, you will see a counter which telling you when the next game will begin. until then you can have a chat with some wikians or just sit and wait for the next game. It may take up to 15 minutes to allow latecomers to join in.

Quick tips[edit source]
  • If you wear a Castle wars brace you will deal an extra 20% damage to anyone holding the flag and bandages will heal 50% more than normal.
  • If you using melee, it is recommended to bring a set of Dragonhide armour when faced with mages who actually receive an accuracy boost when attacking melee armour. Dragonhide armour is very effective at repelling magical damage.
  • if you are a lower level and don't think you can deal a lot of damage on your own, you may be better off grabbing a few stones from under the room you respawn in and firing them from the catapult found on the castle walls. This can deal tremendous damage to are any enemies within a small radius of where your shot lands.
  • In the room where you respawn there is a table with bandages on it, you can collect as many of these as you want. Each bandage will heal 10% of your maximum lifepoints.

Again, for more tips head to this page.

Questions? Comments? Ask away!