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Barbarian Assault (22 Oct 2011)

Bandages (Fist of Guthix).png
This is a safe activity.
If you die, you will not lose any of your items.

Barbarian Assault[edit source]

UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
8:00 pm
Sat, 22 Oct
12:00 pm
Sat, 22 Oct
1:00 pm
Sat, 22 Oct
2:00 pm
Sat, 22 Oct
3:00 pm
Sat, 22 Oct
8:00 pm
Sat, 22 Oct
9:00 pm
Sat, 22 Oct
7:00 am
Sun, 23 Oct
  • Requirements:
    • None (but decent combat levels help, especially defence and magic)

Helpful links[edit source]

Getting there[edit source]

There are two ways to get there:

  1. Games necklace. Buy one, (2910 coins for one with 8 charges), rub it and use the "Barbarian Outpost" option.
  2. Barbarian Teleport or Tele-group Barbarian, Lunar spells requiring 2 Law runes, 2 Astral runes and 3 Fire runes (6 Fire runes for telegroup).

It is generally better to just use a games necklace to teleport, but some users may be offering telegroups from places such as the Grand Exchange.

Details[edit source]

Commander Connad chathead.png

The barbarians at the Barbarian Outpost need your help to fight back the seemingly endless waves of Penance monsters. Captain Cain will brief you and your fellow adventurers on your tasks when you arrive. Without completing his tutorial, you will not be able to play. After gathering a party of five teammates, you will be allowed to head straight into the battle. After fighting back enough waves of Penance, you'll have enough Honour points to buy a variety of combat-based and cosmetic rewards or be able to recharge an experience-boosting horn that doubles your experience gain in Firemaking, Agility and Mining.

How to play[edit source]

Important! Please read this page thoroughly before attending the event if you have never played before. If you still don't understand something after reading it, don't be afraid to ask us about it by leaving a message here or by asking in our clan chat "RSW".

Important! Using the egg launcher/cannon DOES NOT make you lose points.

Ranks[edit source]

If this is your first time playing, pay close attention to anyone that is ranked. They have played before and will know how to play each role well. If nobody in your current team is ranked, you'll just have to trust that they know what they're doing.

If you've played with someone who is quite knowledgeable and has played well, you can ask Gaz Lloyd to rank them in a private message.

Ranks also have the ability to kick players and will do so if they believe them to be purposefully disruptive or if they continue to do something even after repeatedly being told not to during a wave.

Equipment[edit source]

Saradomin godsword equipped.png

Despite each role having very different jobs, all roles should have similar armour to protect against the penance monsters and to help do the job more efficiently. You should aim for decent defence from all three combat styles, meaning that a mixture of melee and ranged armour should be used. Barrows armour proves very effective and should be used if you have 70+ defence despite the cost of repairs. The less time the healer(s) have to spend healing you, the faster they can do their job and take out the Penance Healers. At lower levels, a combination of dragonhide body, rune platelegs and fremennik helm should prove effective at reducing damage.

The Attacker role should wear similar gear, but may gear towards higher melee/ranged defence and damage output to make their job faster. the attacker should also select a suitable weapon, with all 4 attack styles so they are able to attack the whole time instead of just when their style comes around. Most weapons are suitable for this. However, the Abyssal whip is not as it does not have an aggressive style and is not advised to be used, however a secondary weapon with an aggressive attack can be carried in addition to the whip. Slow but powerful weapons are also recommended to reduce the number of incorrect hits that you make during a phase change. Alternatively, magic and/or ranged can be used instead (runes and arrows - not bolts, so bring a bow not a crossbow - are provided ingame), however the chances are that more damage will be taken from monster wearing magic or ranging equipment.

A secondary consideration to defence is weight, especially in the healer role which can heal very easily but needs to run around a lot. A list of weight-reducing equipment can be found here.

You may also consider using the Regen bracelet for its healing effect, or Enhanced excalibur for its non-combat healing special attack. A set of Guthan's armour or the Saradomin godsword are also useful for attackers (or everyone during wave 10), but not so for everyone else as the healing effect of these are can only be activated in combat. Prayer cannot be used in the activity so protection/deflection prayers cannot be used to reduce damage, and higher levelled players cannot rely on the Soul Split prayer for healing.

Pre-game[edit source]

Barbarian Assault lobby map.png

The barbarian Assault area is an assortment of rooms, each numbered from 1-10 and one with an arrow. This identifies which wave that room is used to access. the arrow room is a random party generator which will form a team of 5 from the people inside.

It is recommended that as the beginning of the event you enter the random room or speak with Commander Connad to reset your wave to 1 and join everyone else to start fresh.

To form a party, grab a Recruitment scroll from the table inside the room and use it on people to invite them to your group. From there you can also assign your own role and them theirs.

Barbarian Assault Collectors hiscores.png Barbarian Assault Defenders hiscores.png Barbarian Assault Healers hiscores.png Barbarian Assault Attackers hiscores.png

You need 5 people in your team to begin, including 1 of each role and a duplicate of one of the roles. It'd your decision on what role to have a duplicate of. It is recommended to have 2 healers in the higher waves (8-10) but what to have in the lower waves is still in dispute. You may select a defender, due to that being recognized as the hardest job, or two attackers to deal with the monsters faster or you may even just take any role to form a party quicker instead of being choosy and deal with it later. Remember that you can stop during the interval between waves and reassign someone to a different role if you think it necessary.

Post-game[edit source]

Point scoring[edit source]

After a wave, you will see an interface displaying your points and where you won/lost them. Here is a basic summary of each role.

Honour Points for Waves 1-9
Role Points earned Penalties (Max: 10 points)
Collector Egg collected / 4.5 (rounded down) Exploded eggs (subtracted from total eggs collected)
Healer (Total / 180) plus
Healers killed x 0.7 (rounded down)
Each wrong poison used / 4
Attacker (Fighters killed - 1) + (Rangers killed - 1) Incorrect attacks - 1
Defender Runners killed x 1.8 (rounded down) Runners getting through x 3
Entire Team The sum of all the above points will be given to everyone on the team The sum of all the above penalties is deducted from everyone on the team
For completing Wave 10, each player gets 80 points for their role (plus 5 points in each of the other 3 roles.)

Rewards[edit source]

When entering a Barbarian assault room, you will see a statue at the very end near the ladder. This will be set to either exp or points. When it is set to exp it will recharge your Penance horn (free from Commander Connad) which gives you 2x exp in certain skills when wielded. For more info, see here.

Role upgrade[edit source]

When it is set to points, you will accumulate a certain number of points in whichever role you take for that wave. Points can be spent on upgrading your role, making it easier to do with certain bonuses listed below.

Level Honour Points Collector Healer Attacker Defender
1 Start level Bag holds 2 eggs Heals 100 life points +10 bonus damage Lure 4 spaces
2 200 Bag holds 4 eggs + Conversion chance 70% Heals 150 life points +20 bonus damage Lure 5 spaces
3 300 Bag holds 6 eggs + Conversion chance 80% Heals 200 life points +30 bonus damage Lure 6 spaces
4 400 Bag holds 7 eggs + Conversion chance 90% Heals 250 life points +40 bonus damage Lure 8 spaces
5 500 Bag holds 8 eggs + Conversion chance 100% Heals 350 life points +50 bonus damage Lure 10 spaces
Barbarian Assault.png

Equipment[edit source]

Points can also be spent on a range of weapons, armour and special paints for the Dark bow and Abyssal whip.

Image Armour Points in each Role Queen Kill required? Notes
Fighter hat.png Fighter hat 275 Yes Best stab attack bonus in the game for headgear
Healer hat.png Healer hat 275 Yes Better mage helm than Farseer helm/Ahrim's hood/Infinity hat
Runner hat.png Runner hat 275 Yes Relatively useless
Ranger hat.png Ranger hat 275 Yes Same as Archer helm
Fighter torso.png Fighter torso 375 Yes Best strength bonus in the game for a torso, tied with Bandos chestplate/Torva platebody. Similar defence bonuses to Rune platebody.
Penance skirt.png Penance skirt 375 Yes Relatively useless
Runner boots.png Runner boots 100 No Relatively useless
Penance gloves.png Penance gloves 150 No One of the best weight-reducing items in the game with -7kg when worn

Note: When the Boots, Gloves, Skirt, Torso and any Helm are worn together, your prayer will be restored at a rate of 30 points per minute.

Image Armour Points in each Role Queen Kill required? Notes
Penance trident.png Penance trident 390 in each role No Has a rune-saving ability and a unique special attack that can 1-hit KO monsters below 50 combat or deal 1/3 of a players health in a pvp area.
Penance master trident.png Master penance trident Free upgrade, but requires 70 Attack-icon.png No Same as penance trident except with better stats.
Abyssal whip (white).png Abyssal link paint White/Blue/Green/Yellow 50 points in any role No Purely cosmetic
Dark bow (white).png Dark bow paint White/Blue/Green/Yellow 50 points in any role No Purely cosmetic
Granite body.png Granite body 95,000 coins Yes About 115,000 profit if bought and then sold to G.E

Gamble[edit source]

The last option is to gamble your points for randomly selected items ranging from coins to the expensive Dragon chainbody.

See here for a full list of possible rewards.

Comments? Questions? Ask away!