RuneScape:Events Team/Barbarian Assault (11 June 2011)/PenanceEquipment2

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Image Armour Points in each Role Queen Kill required? Notes
Fighter hat.png Fighter hat 275 Yes Best stab attack bonus in the game for headgear
Healer hat.png Healer hat 275 Yes Better mage helm than Farseer helm/Ahrim's hood/Infinity hat
Runner hat.png Runner hat 275 Yes Relatively useless
Ranger hat.png Ranger hat 275 Yes Same as Archer helm
Fighter torso.png Fighter torso 375 Yes Best strength bonus in the game for a torso, tied with Bandos chestplate/Torva platebody. Similar defence bonuses to Rune platebody.
Penance skirt.png Penance skirt 375 Yes Relatively useless
Runner boots.png Runner boots 100 No Relatively useless
Penance gloves.png Penance gloves 150 No One of the best weight-reducing items in the game with -7kg when worn

Note: When the Boots, Gloves, Skirt, Torso and any Helm are worn together, your prayer will be restored at a rate of 30 points per minute.