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Autumn Wikifest 2011 (8th Oct 2011)

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The wikifest will be on October 8th, 2011 and will commence at 7:00 PM (UTC). Please be sure to read the whole time table before attending the event. We need to make sure that everyone knows what's going on. Thank you for your cooperation.
UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
7:00 pm
Sat, 8 Oct
11:00 am
Sat, 8 Oct
12:00 pm
Sat, 8 Oct
1:00 pm
Sat, 8 Oct
2:00 pm
Sat, 8 Oct
7:00 pm
Sat, 8 Oct
8:00 pm
Sat, 8 Oct
6:00 am
Sun, 9 Oct
Date/Time Info
  • Friends Chat - Overlloyd
Note that the friends chat will be muted and unmuted throughout the fest for announcements. Please keep an eye on the fest friends chat in order to receive announcements.
  • World - 41
Event Times
Event Time (UTC) Details
Meet N' Greet 7:00-7:15 Everyone will arrive at the Duel Arena gate to meet up with their fellow wikians.
Group pictures 7:15-7:25 All of the wikians will line up in different fun formations to take numerous pictures as we also wait for some latecomers.
Cabbage bombing 7:25-7:50 Everyone will walk to Faruq in Al Kharid, and we will all each buy a pair of Racing boots and an Empty bag caller. These items will be used for a race later during the event and will both be required to obtain prizes. Coins to buy the items will be available from event moderators. We will then head to the cabbage field north of Lumbridge to fill our inventories with cabbages. After proceeding to the Grand exchange with our cabbages, we will beging bombing the GE Plaza by dropping the cabbages on to different spaces on the floor.
The Great Wikian Race 7:50-8:10 After causing mass amounts of havoc at the Grand exchange. All users will proceed to the center of Varrock to start the first of numerous racing segments between Marker plants. The different segments for the race as listed below.
  • Segment 1 - Central varrock to the digsite entrance.
  • Segment 2 - The digsite entrance to the bridge in central Lumbridge.
  • Segment 3 - Central Lumbridge to the centre of Draynor Village.
  • Segment 4 - Central Draynor to the Party room.

The winner of each segment will be required to use their Empty bag caller to prove that there was no use of cheating, and will also be required to wear their Racing boots. There will be event moderators scattered throughout the course of each segment, and there will be discussion between these moderators to check whether or not cheating had occured.

Once a winner has been determined for each segment, they will receive a prize of 250,000 coins and we will wait for others to arrive to begin the next segment of the race, or conclude the racing event.

Drop party 8:10-8:20 With the release of the free trade, we will now be able to host a somewhat private drop party with event attendees. There will be a large selection of over 100 rune items placed into the chest to allow as many players as possible to obtain a prize of some sort.
Fist of Guthix 8:20-9:00 We will walk from the party room to the Gamer's Grotto cave. We will play the game for 40 minutes, and a guide on how to play can be found can be found at the Fist of Guthix page.
Clan Wars FFA 9:00-End As the name suggests, we will fight each other in the white portal at Clan wars until the remaining attendees diminish and the event ends.
Fest Leadership
Fest Planner: Warthog
Fest Co-Planner: Gaz Lloyd
Fest Moderator: Fergie Angel
Fest Moderator: A Pro Person
Fest Moderator: Raging bull
Friends Chat Operator: Overlloyd