Armadyl GWD (26 April 2014)

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Armadyl GWD[edit source]

Event information[edit source]

  • Friends Chat – Megadog14
  • Location – Armadyl's Eyrie boss door, world 39
  • Date and time
UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
7:00 pm
Sat, 26 Apr
11:00 am
Sat, 26 Apr
12:00 pm
Sat, 26 Apr
1:00 pm
Sat, 26 Apr
2:00 pm
Sat, 26 Apr
7:00 pm
Sat, 26 Apr
8:00 pm
Sat, 26 Apr
6:00 am
Sun, 27 Apr
The event is over.
  • Requirements:
  • Drops distribution: Coinshare

Note: Prepare your kill count before the event begins. At 19:00 UTC we will enter the boss chambers with or without you so leave yourself enough time to kill all 40 monsters. See down below for more details

Recommended items[edit source]

  • Teleport to house.png A one-click teleport out of the dungeon
  • Unholy book An item that is aligned to Zamorak which will cause his minions to be unaggressive
  • Armadyl pendant An item that is aligned to Armadyl which will cause his minions to be unaggressive
A list of items that give protection can be found here.

Required items[edit source]

Getting there[edit source]

The entrance to the God Wars Dungeon.
  • Because of the Troll Warzone update, Tenzing and his route has been removed, so players who do not have a house in Rellekka must go use the same path, but instead of going up, go to the thrower trolls in Death Plateau, use the climbing boots, and then climb up the cliffside, turn left to the same wall climb and turn east if you have not completed Troll Stronghold or right to use the shortcut.
  • If you have a player owned house in Rellekka, you can teleport there using the teleport to house spell (which requires 1 law, 1 earth and 1 air) or House Teleport tab, and from there walk east. If you look carefully on the world map, you will see a path that leads from the Fremennik Province to the land of the Trolls. This route also requires Climbing Boots.

Once at the eastern foot of Trollheim, go north past the Thrower trolls (Using the Protect from Ranged prayer to avoid constant ranged attacks is strongly recommended). Go up the north-east valley until you reach a large boulder. A player can simply use Surge to go pass the thrower trolls without getting damaged. This will require level 34 Magic.

The route to the God Wars Dungeon.

The entrance[edit source]

  • Push the boulder (requires level 60 Strength). Note that you can use boosts.
  • Alternatively, use the agility shortcut (requires level 60 Agility), which is sliding past the same rock, instead of lifting it.
    • Note: The agility shortcut (climb the rocky stoneholds) further to the north-east is a one-way route from the GWD area into level 31 Wilderness at the Forgotten Cemetery. Players cannot use the shortcut from the Wilderness to get to the GWD area.
  • Once past the boulder or through the shortcut, you will reach an icy, cold area before the dungeon entrance. This drains run energy, lowers stats, and causes damage. (Run energy will be continually replenished if the player is under the effect of the salt-water spring).
  • There are several aggressive Ice wolves near the entrance. (Turn on melee protect) Turn on your run energy so your stats will not be drained too badly from the cold area.
  • Make sure all your god-related protection is equipped. A mistake will most likely kill you when you get inside.
  • When you arrive inside the dungeon, head directly south of the entrance until you reach a gap in the floor (shortcut icon on the minimap). Cross the deep chasm by clicking on it. (A crossbow and mith grapple are not required.) This is the recommended place for getting the killcount.

Details[edit source]

Friends chat[edit source]

Please join friends chat "Megadog14" for the duration of the event.

Note: Changing worlds will not reset your killcount, leaving the dungeon however, will.

Make sure you listen very carefully at the start of the event to help make it run as smoothly as possible and begin killing as soon as possible.

Latecomers: should join the friend chat "Megadog14".

Strategy[edit source]

Kill count[edit source]

Getting the kill count to enter the boss chamber is recommended to be done in Armadyl's Eyrie (see picture above). You should be killing the aviansie inside, which are weak to ranged. They drop a good amount of noted adamant bars, which can be sold for a decent profit. While getting your kill count, try to use as little prayer and food as possible, so that you can stay in the boss room for as long as possible. You can kill aviansies with either ranged or magic, but since they fly in the air, you cannot kill them with melee. This also counts for Kree'arra and her minions.

Prepare your kill count in advance, up to an hour before the event and once you have it log out and go do something else for a while until the event starts. Kill count can be as fast as 20 minutes or as long as 50 minutes depending on your ranged level and your ability to hit.

Boss[edit source]

Always keep your RANGE PROTECTION prayers on or you will be dead with 2-3 hits.

  • Melee attack: This is only used if no one is attacking the boss. Each hit has a maximum of 1500 damage, and is done right after the other, similar to the old dragon dagger special attack, meaning it can deal up to 3000 lifepoints instantly.
  • Mage attack: Blue tornado that rapidly advances towards the player. Deals up to 1000 damage.
  • Range attack: The most deadly attack. This can hit extremely high with a max of 1500. Players must always keep their range prayers on or they will risk a very quick death. This is commonly used by him and is notified as a fog coming your way. Before the graphical update it was a gray tornado.

Note: The mage and range attacks are single-hitting, however, Kree'arra's attacks are varied. When there is more then one person in the room, Kree'arra will launch multiple attacks at once, and the attack can be the same one several times or a combination of different attacks.

Kree'arra will use these attacks in no real order, therefore it is recommended that you are focused at all times. It is best to stay in the corner of the boss room, or at least against a wall, as Kree'arra is able to knock players back.

When the fight starts, run into a corner, or stand against a wall and attack Kree'arra. Keep Protect from Ranged or Deflect Ranged ON and eat when needed. ALWAYS kill Kree'arra first, and once he's dead kill the minions. Players with access to Soul Split can choose to use this instead of Protect ranged.

For familiars it's very wise to bring the best beast of burden you can. Make sure you bring a super restore flask and extra pouches for the familiar, to renew your familiar. Players with access to a unicorn stallion (88 summoning) may choose to use this familiar instead of a beast of burden - bringing a unicorn stallion pouch and scrolls along inside the beast of burden, to summon when the beast runs out of food, is a wise move. Both types of familiars play a great part in extending your trip. A bunyip on the other hand is not recommended, as it heals too little in comparison to the boss her hits.

As for auras, the penance and vampyrism auras are recommended, as they greatly improve the lengths of your trip. Other options would be sharpshooter and reverence, and their upgraded versions.

As for your inventory; take enough prayer pots/super restores and provide yourself with enough food. If you have a beast of burden, fill it with food. Extreme ranging potions or overloads are nice if you have access to them, but aren't required. The number of prayer pots taken depends on if you are using penance or not, and how much food your BoB can carry. At least 6 prayer flasks are suggested, even if you are using a penance aura. The rest should be food and a 1-click teleport and other items you like to take (boosting potions for example).

Recommended setups[edit source]

You are not obligated to wear anything on this list for the event.

Should you die[edit source]

Death is usually fairly bothersome, but not on this trip. If you should die, your grave will be blessed immediately, giving you one hour to return and pick up your items. Obviously, any items you may be carrying that are not being protected by the gravestone will be lost, so plan what you will bring accordingly. Remember to bring everything you used to get to the GWD on the first trip as you will still need to make your way back to the GWD again.

Drops[edit source]

Wingman Skree.png

The unique drops that we will be hunting for include:


For a full list of drops, see here.