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Armadyl GWD[edit source]


  • Friend Chat - RSW Events
  • Location - Trollheim (the teleport point), World 39
  • Date & Time -
UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
1:30 pm
Sat, 21 May
5:30 am
Sat, 21 May
6:30 am
Sat, 21 May
7:30 am
Sat, 21 May
8:30 am
Sat, 21 May
1:30 pm
Sat, 21 May
2:30 pm
Sat, 21 May
12:30 am
Sun, 22 May

Note: Prepare your killcount before the event begins. At 13:30 UTC we will enter the boss chambers with or without you so leave yourself enough time to kill 40 level 70+ monsters with competition. (See here for more details)

The requirements to access the Armadyl Boss chamber are:

Things to bring[edit source]

Recommended items[edit source]

  • Teleport to house.png A one-click teleport out of the dungeon
  • Super energy (4).png Super energy potions may be helpful

God-related protection[edit source]

  • Unholy book An item that is aligned to Zamorak which will cause his minions to be unaggressive
  • Armadyl pendant An item that is aligned to Armadyl which will cause his minions to be unaggressive
A list of these items can be found here.

Required items[edit source]

Getting there[edit source]


When you get to Trollheim, using whichever method you decided on from those mentioned above, run past the Thrower trolls to get to the snowy area with a large boulder blocking the path. Your stats will be quickly drained, along with your run energy - this is due to the snow falling.

Push past the boulder and run forward to the area with wolves and the Dying knight. You must speak to him the first time you enter the GWD. Drop or destroy the note he hands you (it is unnecessary), and use your rope on the GWD entrance and head down.

When you arrive inside the dungeon, head directly south of the entrance until you reach an impassable gap in the floor. Grapple across it by clicking on the pillar with a crossbow and mithril grapple wielded.


Details[edit source]

Friends chat[edit source]

Remain in the RSW Events friends chat during the start of the event. We will then announce what friends chats are hosting and you can select one of them to join.

After we are sure the majority of attendees are present, we will list however many friends chats are going to be used depending on the turnout. Once they are read out, pick one and hop to the owner's world. They will then rank you to receive loot - don't forget to click the money bag in the top right corner of the friends chat interface! You are free to switch between friends chats at any time during the event, keeping in mind money lost between switching and how many players are in each friends chat.

Note: Changing worlds will not reset your killcount, leaving the dungeon however, will.

Make sure you listen very carefully at the start of the event to help make it run as smoothly as possible and begin killing as soon as possible.

Latecomers: should join into the RSW Events friends chat. The channel name is the name of the friends chat you need to switch to. After you have switched and hopped to the same world as everyone else, alert the friends chat owner that you need to be ranked so you can activate lootshare (coinshare). Please be patient as they will most likely be fighting at the time which requires concentration.

Strategy[edit source]

Kill count[edit source]

Obtaining kill count for Armadyl is much harder than Zamorak and Bandos due to a lack of weak monsters. The only options you have for Armadyl are the Aviansies with levels ranging from 69 to 137 and the Spiritual mages/rangers/warriors with combat levels of 123/127/123 and slayer level requirements of 83/63/68 respectively. Added to this, due to the recent re-introduction of free trade, many bots have been created for the purpose of gold farming and real world trading. There are at least 5 and up to 20 bots inside and around Armadyl's Eyrie killing Aviansies for their drops at all times.

Prepare your killcount well in advance, up to an hour before the event and once you have it log out and go do something else for a while until the event starts. Kill count can be as fast as 20 minutes or as long as 50 minutes depending on your ranged level and your ability to hit higher than the bots. If you are unable to, you should concentrate on killing the higher-leveled Aviansies or Spiritual mages/warriors/rangers as the bots tend to stay away from them. Obviously, a high slayer and prayer level will help with this. Bringing a few extra Ranging potions to speed this up may also be helpful.

You should attempt to conserve as much food and potions as well as expensive ammo during this section as you will need it when you enter the boss chamber to last as long as possible. A recommended strategy therefore is to use Broad-tipped bolts as they are strong but quite cheap. Whether you pray Protect from Missiles or tank while getting kill count is completely up to you, but remember to adjust your inventory accordingly. (More food/prayer pots)

Boss[edit source]

The actual fight with Kree'arra is fairly straightforward. He can hit up to 715 with ranged and praying against this style is an absolute necessity. With the protection prayer active, the strategy is simply to attack him and eat when necessary. Once Kree'arra is dead, take down the three bodyguards. Flight Kilisa generally deals the most damage of the bodyguards and should be taken down first, followed by Wingman Skree. Leaving Flockleader Geerin until last is a sensible precaution - Geerin attacks using ranged, meaning that you won't be caught out if Kree'arra respawns before all the bodyguards are dead.

Kree'arra will not use his melee attack under normal circumstances. It is only used when nobody has attacked him for a few seconds (the same duration as it takes to switch targets in a single-combat zone). This means that you should almost never see his melee attack in a reasonable-size team. Even in a smaller team, if everyone ensures that they only eat once at a time before attacking Kree'arra again (even if you only attack once), you should never see this melee attack.

Recommended setup[edit source]

  • *Completing the Elite Seer's Village Tasks and all previous difficulties is very useful, as it will make the special effects of enchanted bolts activate more often. One does not need to be wearing the Seer's headband 4 to get this effect.
  • **The chaotic crossbow provides 30 more Ranged attack bonus points than the rune crossbow. However, the chaotic crossbow costs a lot more to keep due to the fact it degrades.

Should you die[edit source]

Death is usually fairly bothersome, but not on this trip. If you should die, your grave will be blessed immediately, giving you one hour to return and pick up your items. Obviously, any items you may be carrying that are not being protected by the gravestone will be lost, so plan what you will bring accordingly. Remember to bring everything you used to get to the GWD on the first trip as you will still need to make your way back to the GWD again.

Drops[edit source]

Wingman Skree.png

The unique drops that we will be hunting for include:


For a full list of drops, see here.

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