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The RuneScape Wiki Events Team was a small group of users who created regular events for the RuneScape Wiki community. Following a discussion, the events team has been disbanded, and this page remains as an archive.

All events are aimed at everyone who wants to come - you do not need to be an editor, have an account or be part of the clan chat to come to events.

The friends chat used for events organised by the Events Team will usually be one of the friends chats of the Events Team members - check each individual event page for full details.

If you have a suggestion for a future event, please click here to post your ideas. We will happily review your suggestions as soon as possible and try to incorporate them into a future event. If you have feedback or questions about an event, feel free to ping an events team member (@events team) on the wiki's Discord server, or post here.

Also please give input on the types of events you'd like to see on this poll.


Upcoming events

Event Date (Game Time) Friends Chat World Details



  • 4 December - Following Forum:Shutting down the Events Team, the events team has been disbanded. We thank all past events team members and contributors for all their work over the years.



  • 21 November - Dalek Sec has joined the Events Team.


  • 8 December - Icy Glacies has joined the Events Team.
  • 8 October - RfETs have been reopened.
  • 3 October - Panjy16 has left the Events Team.
  • 31 March - RS Dill Pickle has joined the Events Team.


  • 22 November - Ethan Obi has left the Events Team.
  • 4 April - Ethan Obi has joined the Events Team.
  • 25 March - Superiosity has joined the Events Team. RfETs have been closed.
  • 21 March - Haidro has joined the Events Team.
  • 9 March - RfETs have been reopened.
  • 4 March - Just Alex has left the Events Team.

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What are the rules of attending an event?

All rules should be common sense:

  • All Rules of RuneScape, clan chat rules, and wiki rules apply.
  • Being rude or disruptive may result in removal from the event. This includes rudeness towards others in the area who are not part of the event. (Not being a part of the friends chat may mean you are not considered part of the event.) Should an event be crashed, the Events Team will organise a world hop.
  • Backseat moderating is not appreciated. Please let the Events Team or other moderators in the friends chat (i.e. ranked users) deal with any rule breaking. Let them know if you believe someone is breaking the rules, but do not take it into your own hands.
  • Understand the event. Every boss or minigame done by the Events Team has some strategy to follow. Never having the done the boss or minigame is fine; however it is expected that you read the strategy that is laid out on the event's page. A list of all written ET guides can be found here.
  • Most importantly, have fun! Events are put on for the community to have a good time together, be it working with each other in a boss event or working against each other in a competitive event.

How can I help?

  • While the Events Team tries to keep self-sufficient, some events may require additional moderators, for reasons such as Events Team members being unable to come, moderators to mark waypoints, or users to provide extra food or potions to a tank in a high-level boss event.
  • As a rule of thumb, existing ranks in the wiki's clan chat can request a rank in the event's FC. Be aware that this may take time due to the FC owner being busy, especially in combat-based events, or not being on at all. Some events may require the FC being completely muted to all but events team members (ranked as general in the FCs). This, however, will be a rare occurrence.
  • Just being nice, helpful and following the clan chat rules will minimise pressure on the events team, making the event run more smoothly and increase enjoyment of the event for everyone.
  • The Events Team fund all events from their own pockets, but they do accept donations toward event rewards to help them out (be this in the form of coins or items). Contact any member of the Events Team if you wish to donate.

How do I suggest an event?

Click here to post ideas. Events Team members are happy to accept suggestions and may use them as (part of) an upcoming event; however, they are under no obligation to do so. Events can also be suggested in the wiki's Discord server, by pinging an events team member (@events team).

Representatives of other fansites or communities can contact any member of the Events Team or start a Yew Grove thread to set up an event involving multiple communities.

How are members of the Events Team chosen?

New members will be chosen when the team requires new members (a member leaving, workload getting high, etc). Interested users may nominate themselves at the RfET page. To pass, the user must attain consensus from the community that he or she is will be a qualified member of the Events Team. Furthermore, due to the nature of the team, the current/remaining members of the team hold veto power over any member chosen by the community.

You can see the records of past RfETs listed at the top of this page.

Do Events Team members get any benefits?

Events Team members (and admins) are the only users allowed to edit certain event-related pages. Events Team members are also able to edit the Google calendar, Google documents, and join the invite-only Events Team Discord channel.

Per this thread, Events Team members are automatically eligible for the Organiser rank in the RSW clan chat if they do not already have a higher rank. This allows them to kick guests and edit the clan battlefield in the citadel. However, Events Team members are not obligated to join the wiki's clan if they do not want to. When a member leaves the team, they revert back to their former rank. Clan administrators retain their rank.

Events Team members are additionally given the 'Events Team' role in the wiki's Discord server, with the ability to manage messages in the #wiki-events channel.

Who else is involved with the Events Team?

  • Iiii I I I currently creates all of our banner images, which are listed here.
  • Urbancowgurl777 previously created banners for events during her time on the team, which were hosted off-site (so no archive is available).
  • Cook Me Plox has helped the team with several events, and has also helped with metrics for measuring attendance and increasing advertising. He was also instrumental in getting the Events Team started in the first place.
  • Ryan PM coded the script that adds any type of news to the siderail. While not designed exclusively for the Events Team, it is utilised by them every week.
  • Jayden has helped the team in advertising the events; through Discord, in-game, and on the front page.
  • Donors have given generously to help us finance events.
  • Many other users have helped out at events as additional hiders, additional tanks, experienced players helping newer players with bosses, and so on. All of these are credited on the relevant event page - thanks a lot! And of course, all event attendees coming to show support and help us continue are extremely appreciated; we couldn't do it without you!