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Emoticons (or Smileys) are small faces which can help in tense situations, to show that you don't intend to sound mean or are just joking.

List of emoticons[edit source]

There are currently 29 emoticons which can be used:

Code Result Code Result Code Result
=) Smile =9 =9 Up Up emoticon.gif
=( Frown O_o O_o Ok Ok
=D =D ^_^ ^_^ Sniff Sniff
;) Wink O.O OMG! Squint face Squint face emoticon.gif
=P Lol -.- -.- Plz {{{Plz}}}
XD XD (l) Heart Confused Confused
=S Concerned (h) eCopM0F.png Cat Meow!
=$ Blush (6) Evil Yay Yay
[email protected] Angry Rofl Rofl Woot Woot
='( Cry Wave Wave

Note: Do not add emoticons yourself. If you have a request, please post them on the talk page.

Usage[edit source]

If you want to use an emoticon, simply add {{Name of the smiley}} in a sentence. For example, {{O_o}} would show up as O_o.

Emoticons should not be used in mainspace articles. However, they can be used in the forums, or on talk pages.