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This is an archive of the former Community Events page.

A Community Event is an event hosted by a Wikian for other Wikians. Below is the Event list of upcoming events. This page is designed as a rolling calendar that allows wikians to post their event (no matter how big or small) for everyone to see and/or join.

This is not designed to eliminate the event section in the forums, but rather to supplement it, and a way for the event to reach more people. Participation, of course, is not mandatory. However, if you sign up for something, please try to be present at the event. When there are questions regarding the event, please leave the question on the host's user talkpage to prevent clogging up this page.

Event ideas[edit source]

How to post your event[edit source]

  • Add your event to the chart below, as well as the forums.
  • Add a section with a little description and a sign up sheet.
  • When your event is over, remove it from list.

Time Zone Reference[edit source]

UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
4:33 pm
Sun, 11 Apr
9:33 am
Sun, 11 Apr
10:33 am
Sun, 11 Apr
11:33 am
Sun, 11 Apr
12:33 pm
Sun, 11 Apr
5:33 pm
Sun, 11 Apr
6:33 pm
Sun, 11 Apr
2:33 am
Mon, 12 Apr

Tips of hosting an event[edit source]

  • Make the time reasonable.
  • Put a good description of your event in the event section.
  • Pick something people like to do.
  • Talk about your event, and send a reminder to the people attending.
  • Be at the event on time, if not early, and be a good host.
  • Work out the details (rewards and such) before the event.

Upcoming events[edit source]

All times are GMT.

Date Event Starting time Finishing time World F2P-P2P Host
Example Player Killing 8:00 PM GMT Unknown World 15 P2P Cow1337killr

Event descriptions[edit source]

This area is designed so each event has a set meeting point, making it easier for Wikians to gather.

Event section[edit source]

Past major events[edit source]

Wikifests[edit source]

Date Event Forum thread
22 September 2007 Autumn Wikifest 2007
15 December 2007 Winter Wikifest 2007
22 March 2008 Sping Wikifest 2008 Spring Wikifest 2008 Forum
7 June 2008 Summer Wikifest 2008 Summer Wikifest 2008 Forum
4 October 2008 Autumn Wikifest 2008 Autumn Wikifest 2008 Forum