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To maintain spaces to allow new members to join the clan we periodically identify and kick inactive clan members from the clan. At times when this is due to happen a list of clan members who have not gained any experience in the last month will be posted here. Players who are under consideration for being kicked from the clan are given the chance to retain their place in the clan:

  • Any clan mate who is listed here and who wishes to keep their place in the clan can contact a clan admin and ask them to remove their name from the list.
  • Clan members who see a clan mate online who is under consideration for kicking may contact a clan admin and ask for the clan member to be removed from the list.
  • Inactive clan mates whose wiki usernames are known may be contacted via the wiki to let them know that they are under consideration.

Clan members who no longer wish to be a member of RSW can contact a clan admin to let them know, and may then be removed from the clan early. Clan members who are kicked from the clan may rejoin at any time - if you held a rank prior to being kicked then you may be eligible to regain a rank upon returning to the clan. If the clan reaches a stage in which a waitlist is established, former clanmates kicked for inactivity have preference to join.

If you know that you will be inactive for some time you may add your name to this page (or ask a clan admin to do so for you) so that you are not removed from the clan in the event of kicks taking place.


Currently under consideration[edit source]

None currently

Inactivities declared[edit source]

  • Nathanel - is moving house, will have no internet for 1-2 months.
  • Serena Thorn - don't kick --Liquid

Previously kicked[edit source]