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Following Forum:Removing the Raffle, the clan chat raffle has been discontinued. Thank you for your participation over the years!

Existing unpaid prizes will continue to be paid.

The Clan Raffle was a weekly event for members of the RSW clan. Any recruit, corporal, or sergeant ranked clan member can enter the raffle, so long as they have gained at least 100,000 XP during the week. Each week for the raffle will run from approximately 18:00PM Friday - Friday in-game time (to coincide with the citadel build ticks). Anyone who caps (gathers 2700 resources at the citadel) can gain an additional two entries into the raffle!

To enter the raffle, simply add your in-game name to the table below. You can also ask any Captain+ ranked clan member (i.e. Events Team members, clan admins etc) to enter your name on your behalf. If you have capped, make sure that any Captain+ ranked clan member checks your contributions so that you can get your extra entries. After the citadel build tick, the raffle will be drawn for prizes of 5,000,000 (1st prize), 3,000,000 (2nd prize), and 1,000,000 (3rd prize).

Thanks to an anonymous donator, the prizes for Week 4 (28 June - 5 July) are doubled to 10,000,000 (1st prize), 6,000,000 (2nd prize), and 2,000,000 (3rd prize)!

Every four weeks there is also a monthly raffle with a prize of the GE price of a bond (rounded up to the nearest 100k)! Anyone who enters at least one of four weekly raffles preceding the monthly draw will have a chance of winning.

If you have won, speak to any clan member ranked Captain+ to collect your prize. Winners have 28 days to collect their prizes. Only the account that wins a prize may collect that prize and only one prize may be won per account each week. Any unclaimed or unwanted prizes shall be returned to the prize pool. In the event of a clan member leaving the clan before collecting their prize, they will not be able to claim their prize. Ironmen players may enter the weekly raffles, but cannot win prizes in them, Ironman entries will go forward to the monthly draw; ironman winners will be awarded the bond as an item.

Prizes to collect[edit source]


Entries[edit source]

Following Forum:Removing the Raffle, the clan chat raffle has been discontinued. Thank you for your participation over the years!

Instructions for ranks[edit source]

Throughout the week:

  • Add any clan member who requests to be entered into the raffle.
  • Verify any extra entries for people who have capped. You can do check this by using the resource checker in-game. Sign to say that you have checked that the player has gained 2700 resources.
  • Award any outstanding prizes to winners. Remove the player's name from Prizes to collect once the prize is awarded and contact Gaz to be reimbursed the money.

Drawing the raffle:

  • Draw the raffle after the citadel build tick (approximately 18:00PM in-game time on Fridays).
  • Use Runeclan to check that all entrants have gained over 100,000 experience during the week. Set a custom date from Friday - Friday and sign for all entrants that meet this requirement.
  • Use a random number generator to pick three entry numbers from the range of entry numbers for that week. In the case of an entry number belonging to an ironman, an unverified capping entrant, or an entrant who did not gain 100,000 experience, redraw until a suitable winner is chosen.
  • With every week 4 raffle, the monthly bond winner can also be selected. For this, use the random number generator to draw one entry number from the range of all entry numbers over the 4 weeks.