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This page is about RSW's citadel. See Clan Citadels for more general information about clan citadels.

RSW has a tier 7 citadel which is available to pay-to-play clan mates. Clan members are able to skill at the citadel if they wish to do so: it is not mandatory to help out at the citadel. New clan members should note that players are unable to skill in a clan's citadel if they have used a clan citadel before leaving a clan in the previous week.

  • Build tick in: 23:45 4 February 2023 (T Plus? Click here.)

Citadel features[edit source]

Skill plot Resources produced Experience gained Notes
Tree Timber Woodcutting
Mine Stone, ore, precious ore Mining
Kiln Charcoal Firemaking
Furnace Metal bars, precious metal bars Smithing Requires charcoal and ore/precious ore in 1:1 ratio
Loom Cloth Crafting
Obelisk Minions Summoning Minions count as other resources on a 1:1 (minions:resource) ratio (except metal and precious bars, which is 3:1). Gathering minions is capped at 1/10 of the total resource cap - roughly 270 can be gathered per week.
Barbecue Rations Cooking

This map shows our citadel's layout and the location of its features:

Annotated map.png

While in citadel, click on the "teleport" button that replaces the home teleport to open this map. You can hover any of the teleport symbols on the map to see what a feature is. Click on a teleport symbol to be teleported to that location in the citadel.

Skilling in the citadel[edit source]

RSW Clan flag.png

Each clan member can gather a maximum of 2,700 resources at the citadel each build tick, which happens once a week. Gathering resources from skill plots grants the player experience in particular skills. Gathering a half cap of resources (1,350) entitles the player to claim bonus experience in one of the range of the skills that can be trained at the citadel. This can be obtained from the clan's Quartermaster. Earning bonus experience over consecutive weeks increases a clan mate's clan fealty, up to a maximum of level 3 fealty after 3 weeks. The fealty level gives increases experience gained from being attuned to the clan avatar by up to 6%, from 3% with no fealty.

Resources are used to keep the citadel upgraded. If insufficient resources are gathered to meet the citadel's upkeep costs, then the citadel will become dilapidated and its skill plots will function at a lower level. If another build tick goes by with insufficient resources being gathered for upkeep, the citadel remains dilapidated and downgrades by one tier; any citadel features, such as skill plots, that require the higher tier are removed.

Generally, clan mates may use the citadel to skill at which ever skill plot they wish, though players are advised to gather the maximum number of minions (1/10 of the total resource cap/270 minions) as these are very helpful in ensuring all upkeep costs are met. Some skill plots may be locked at times in order to direct players to gather the resources needed for upkeep.