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Not to be confused with RS:BLOCK or RS:BAN.

This page is a record of the people who are currently blocked from entering the wiki clan chat. If a clan administrator places a user on the clan's ban list then they should enter the details of the ban here.

If you have been blocked and feel that you don't deserve to be, you may appeal your block by creating a thread on the Yew Grove.

List of blocked names

If expiry times seem incorrect, click here. Use {{BCD|exp=exp date}} to set an expiry time for time-limited bans.

Username Reason Banning Admin Duration Time of Block Expiration
Bawble, Bawble II Organized trolling of RSW by Efficiency Experts clan. Block length due to previous offenses Liquidhelium Indefinite 11 January 2013 Indefinite
TheFluffiest Annoying behaviour in clan and ranting Forum:Regarding_the_user_"butterkity"_in_the_clan_chat. Cook Me Plox Indefinite 3 February 2013 Indefinite
XJ9 Scammer, narcissist, untrustworthy Ryan PM Indefinite 27 August 2014 Indefinite
Diglet Advertising, scamming Haidro Indefinite 29 September 2014 Indefinite
Pearce, Short sword Attitude and behaviour, ban evasion Gaz Lloyd Indefinite 25 November 2014 Indefinite
Spidey Forum:Assessing Hallowland's Character Gaz Lloyd Indefinite 3 December 2014 Indefinite
Fly Fawkes Hasn't learned from previous bans; behaviour, UTP, toeing the line Gaz Lloyd Indefinite 30 October 2015 Indefinite
Dropbox/XJustxMegx Being disruptive in clan as well as on IRC, see also User:Korkel Cook Me Plox Indefinite 25 December 2015 Indefinite
armadyi note Scamming Gaz Lloyd Indefinite 22 April 2016 Indefinite
DemonEx3 Account compromised; disruptive behaviour by user in control of the account Isobel Indefinite 21 July 2016 Indefinite
Oil4 Disruptive behaviour; toeing the line; still bitter about past clan dramas Isobel Indefinite 22 December 2016 Indefinite
Liquidheluim Scamming, user impersonation TyA Indefinite 23 October 2017 Indefinite
manhattan, Foxis Forum:Abuse of the Wikian title Liquidhelium Indefinite 21 February 2018 Indefinite
Metal Angel Repeated harrassment of other editors here and in discord; abuse of alts Gaz Lloyd Indefinite 16 July 2019 Indefinite
Saint Godd/CarryThePain Harrassment of users Haidro Indefinite 4 May 2020 Indefinite
meeemophile Suspicion of account compromise; disruptive behaviour by user in control of the account InvalidCards Indefinite 23 October 2020 Indefinite
JadedUnicorn Being creepy & rude to many clanmates Gaz Lloyd Indefinite 1 May 2021 Indefinite
King kolton9 Repeated tactless/uncomfortable conversation topics, despite warning Gaz Lloyd TBD 27 November 2021 TBD