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This page is about maintaining existing citations and adding new ones. For reference and citation style guide, see this page.

Welcome to the Citers' Guild, the project dedicated to maintaining and upgrading the RuneScape Wiki's citations and references!

Mission statement

The Citers' Guild is dedicated to increasing the Wiki's credibility by providing a venue for the quick and easy application and maintenance of references and citations.

For new members

First, read through the citation and references guide here, which will detail exactly how we use citations and references, along with some basic formatting standards. Next take a look at the RuneScape specific citation templates that we have created.

To dos

Recent activity

  • Per Forum:Red asterisks for retrieved dates on citation templates, all citation templates have been changed so that a red asterisk will replace the access date! Click the link for more info.
  • A new citation template, {{CiteSupport}}, has been created for citing the RuneScape Customer Support articles.
  • {{CiteDevDiary}} has been created for citing Development Diaries, which are similar to, yet distinct from, Developers' Blogs.
  • Shortcuts have been created to all the citation templates: <nowiki>[[T:DB]], [[T:DD]], [[T:F]], [[T:GL]], [[T:N]], [[T:NPC]], [[T:P]], [[T:PB]], and [[T:S]]. See if you can remember where each of them goes without cheating by looking at the list up there
  • CiteLore ([[T:L]]) and CitePub ([[T:PUB]]) have been created.