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23:17 -!- RAM9999 has joined Special:Chat
23:17 <Dtm142> 1. BA.
23:17 <Dtm142> 2. No-lifers train agility there.
23:17 <Dtm142> Also, Shilo Village has lots of features
23:17 <Dtm142> Like the gem mine
23:17 <Dtm142> The slayer master
23:17 <Dtm142> The sandbox
23:17 <Dtm142> Fly-Fishing spot
23:17 <Coelacanth0794> a bank and general store
23:18 -!- RAM9999 has left Special:Chat.
23:18 -!- RAM9999 has joined Special:Chat
23:18 <Coelacanth0794> a smelting spot
23:18 <Coelacanth0794> although it costs cash to use
23:18 <Coelacanth0794> a fishing store
23:18 <Henneyj> It seems to be working alright for me
23:18 <Dtm142> Not really unique to Shilo V
23:18 <Dtm142> The slayer master, gem mine etc are where it's at.
23:18 <Coelacanth0794> a bunch of crapo like the ship ticket seller
23:18 <Dtm142> ^
23:18 <Coelacanth0794> and that hotel
23:18 <Dtm142> (H)
23:18 <Dtm142> Yes, the hotel.  Which is never used
23:18 <Dtm142> They need to make a use for it.
23:19 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh it's used for a quest I believe
23:19 <Ciphrius Kane> And a task
23:19 <Henneyj> Don't you have to go upstairs for a clue or something?
23:19 <Coelacanth0794> it's used to find the carnillean kid
23:19 <Coelacanth0794> he goers up there at about 250 quest points iirc
23:19 -!- Chemaidle has joined Special:Chat
23:19 <Henneyj> That ship west of shilo is pretty useless too
23:20 <Ozank> coel i gave in on drawing my oc
23:20 <Henneyj> cos its only outgoing
23:20 <Ozank> i glitched up my photoshop and everything screwed up
23:20 <Coelacanth0794> so can i see it?
23:20 -!- Chemaidle has left Special:Chat.
23:20 <Ozank> lol
23:20 <Coelacanth0794> oh, you mean up*
23:20 <Ozank> no it's gone :c
23:20 <Coelacanth0794> you use photoshop hm
23:20 <Ozank> oh yeah
23:20 <Ozank> and yeah, to color, i was going to use paint
23:20 <Coelacanth0794> i thought you were doing it on paper as i
23:20 <Ozank> i was using the brush tool all the time
23:20 <Ozank> and nah i can't draw by hand for crap lol
23:21 <Coelacanth0794> i'm considering inkscape to upload and trace over
23:21 <Coelacanth0794> but idk
23:21 <Coelacanth0794> brb dinner prep
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23:21 -!- RAM9999 has joined Special:Chat
23:22 -!- RAM9999 has left Special:Chat.
23:22 -!- RAM9999 has joined Special:Chat
23:22 <Coelacanth0794> blargh
23:22 <Cook Me Plox> Coel, can you orb a Solomon skin?
23:23 <Coelacanth0794> as in you want me to login?
23:23 <Coelacanth0794> i could do that
23:23 <Coelacanth0794> gimme a min or so to do it, but whta world?
23:23 <Cook Me Plox> 39
23:24 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
23:24 <Coelacanth0794> okay
23:24 <Coelacanth0794> who am i looking for
23:25 <Cook Me Plox> next to me, east side of ge
23:30 <Cook Me Plox> Coel, how do
23:30 <Coelacanth0794> i'm transing it now
23:31 <Cook Me Plox> k
23:34 -!- Ryan PM has joined Special:Chat
23:38 <Jr Mime> Mol
23:38 <Jr Mime> A scale
23:38 <Jr Mime> Lol
23:42 <Jr Mime> .
23:43 <Coelacanth0794> nngh i hate sending out such low success missions
23:43 <Coelacanth0794> 58%
23:44 <The Mol Man>  yay joey :x
23:44  * Joeytje50 hugglz molcaek
23:44 <The Mol Man> yay 
23:44 <Coelacanth0794> joey and mol have no idea what i'm talking about lol
23:44 <The Mol Man> PoP
23:44 <Joeytje50> ^
23:44 <Joeytje50> we know wat it is
23:44 <The Mol Man> or your job at FedEx
23:45 <Joeytje50> lol
23:45 <Joeytje50> if you call that a "misson", you've really got a larpy mind
23:45 <Coelacanth0794> ah yes, but can you relate to it?
23:45 <The Mol Man> no
23:45 <The Mol Man> I work at UPS
23:45 <Coelacanth0794> there you go.
23:45 <The Mol Man> we never fail
23:45 <Coelacanth0794> 6600 in all 3 stats
23:45 <The Mol Man> wow
23:45 <The Mol Man> that's one strong pokeman
23:45 <Joeytje50> amazing
23:45 <Joeytje50> is that high?
23:46 <Joeytje50> or if you're working for UPS, amazon*
23:46 <The Mol Man> badum
23:46 <The Mol Man> tss
23:46 <Joeytje50> «(^ω^)»
23:47 <Coelacanth0794> can mol or joey still do transparency?
23:47 <Coelacanth0794> not asking if you will, but can you?
23:47 <Joeytje50> yus
23:47 <The Mol Man> no
23:47 <Coelacanth0794> huh.
23:47 <The Mol Man> still on a crappy computer
23:48 <Coelacanth0794> "I'm so cold..."
23:48 <Coelacanth0794> "Then stop shivering! Gosh."
23:48 <Joeytje50> um
23:48 <Joeytje50> nop
23:48 <Joeytje50> then start shivering more
23:49 <Coelacanth0794> it's poor-sighted guy
23:49 <Joeytje50> but actually, I can imagine some nubs actually thinking that shivering makes you cold or sommin
23:58 <Ciphrius Kane> !test
23:58 <RSChatBot> Ciphrius Kane: Hai!
23:58  * Joeytje50 gtg
23:58  * Joeytje50 hugglz molman
23:58 <Joeytje50> <3
23:58 <Joeytje50> (caek)
23:59 <Joeytje50> (caek) (caek) (caek) (caek) (caek) (caek)  bai molcaek
23:59 <The Mol Man> D:
23:59  * Joeytje50 hugglz bai
23:59 -!- Joeytje50 has left Special:Chat.
00:01 <Coelacanth0794> teasin da noobs.
00:03 <Coelacanth0794>
00:05 <Dtm142>  (H)
00:07 <Coelacanth0794> that (H) thing you do feels like an inside joke or reference for yourself, almost like that Disguised guy on cheezburger/mlb who 'likes' all his own posts
00:07 <Coelacanth0794> plot twist: Dtm is Disguised
00:07 <Dtm142> :@
00:07 <Dtm142> Not sure what to say.
00:07 <Coelacanth0794> other than 'how did you know'
00:07 <Dtm142> (H) would be really appropriate here, but that would seem awkward.
00:07 <Dtm142> 9_9
00:08 <The Mol Man> allow me
00:08 <The Mol Man> (H)
00:09 <Dtm142>
00:09 <Coelacanth0794> waait
00:09 <Coelacanth0794> >mlb
00:09 <Coelacanth0794> >plot twist
00:09 <Dtm142> They'd never do that now lol, even if you were maxed
00:09 <Coelacanth0794> unintended i swear
00:10 <The Mol Man> ily coel
00:10 <Coelacanth0794> they might for woox if he had terminal brain cancer or something
00:10 <Coelacanth0794> ily2 mol
00:10 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
00:11 <Dtm142>
00:11 <Dtm142> Oops
00:11 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
00:14 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
00:14 <Hairr> my lovely oasis vs. monobook picture
00:16 <Cook Me Plox> you count the title as content in monobook but accessories in oasis
00:17 <Ciphrius Kane> Something wrong with this graph, anybody know what?
00:17 <Hairr> Cook: I'm bias though
00:17 <Hairr> so that's the problem
00:18 <Cook Me Plox> of course you are, but when you draw up things like that it's your job to make the point objectively
00:18 <Cook Me Plox> otherwise people will point out little things like that and miss the forest for the trees
00:18 <Hairr> I think the point in that comparison was the fact of how much content space is given with monobook rather than oasis
00:19 <Cook Me Plox> you need to be consistent
00:19 <Hairr> Oh Cook, did you see my lovely forum namespace logo? :D
00:19 <Cook Me Plox> nop
00:21 <Hairr>
00:21 <Coelacanth0794> the fu
00:21 <Hairr> dat's my lovely logo
00:22 <Cook Me Plox> wat
00:22 <Cook Me Plox> why
00:22 <Hairr> because it's lovely~
00:22 <Hairr> and I wanted to make use of my lightbulb svg
00:22 <Cook Me Plox> what is the significance
00:23 <Ciphrius Kane> Don'cha just hate it when the chat doesn't tell you when somebody's gone?
00:24 <Hairr> cook: it's significant because I made it
00:24 <Hairr> that's why
00:24 <Ciphrius Kane>
00:24 <Hairr> and it's a different logo for it's own namespace for me :D
00:31 <Jr Mime> .
00:32 <Jr Mime> This lag
00:33 <Ciphrius Kane> CTRL+SHIFT+ESC brings up Task manager
00:44 <Hairr> .
00:45 <Hairr> hi Cr1TiKaL
00:46 <Ryan PM> you scared him.
00:47 <Hairr> shush
00:48 <Hairr> I think we should change our default skin to monobook, then use this css to change it to vector
00:48 <Hairr> just sayin
00:50 <Ryan PM> [[Kal'gerion]]
00:50 <Hairr> no objections, changing everything to monobook
00:50 <Hairr> thx
00:54 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
00:54 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
00:54 <Demise36> drygore maces destroy everything
00:56 <Hairr> (qc) WolframAlpha: "2^3" = 8.
00:56 <Hairr> thx
01:00 <Ryan PM> :3
01:01 <Hairr> Ansela is going to get mad at you
01:02 <Hairr> for a policy she made up that she sticks to
01:02 <Hairr> You must apply transparency to all your images
01:02 <Hairr> or else
01:03 <Ciphrius Kane> What she hates is people who bulk upload untransed images which somebody else has to go trans later
01:03 <Ryan PM> Whatever lol
01:04 <Hairr> Habblet once uploaded an image all by itself, not bulk, and she started yelling at him <_<
01:04 <Hairr> regardless, it's silly and unnecessary 
01:04 <Cook Me Plox> Wikia Alliances
01:04 <Cook Me Plox> What the fucking shit
01:04 <Coelacanth0794> hi
01:04 <Hairr> hey
01:04 <Ryan PM> huh?
01:04 <Coelacanth0794> wat
01:04 <Cook Me Plox>
01:05 <Coelacanth0794> kalger is the party demon without the necklace
01:05 <Coelacanth0794> laaaame
01:05 <Ryan PM> ikr?
01:05 <Ryan PM> Also, alliances, someone tells me Wikia didn't get the memo.
01:05 <Hairr> ermagerd, i'm an admin, i can sign us up #yolo
01:06 <Hairr> I think Flaysian might like this alliance thing, because they promote on their twitter and facebook, which he wants to get promoted
01:06 <Ryan PM> IF someone signs us up for an alliance, desysop please.
01:06 <Cook Me Plox> ^
01:07 <Cook Me Plox> God I fucking hate Wikia
01:07 <Coelacanth0794> the frig is alliance
01:07 <Coelacanth0794> "updates about exclusive content" 
01:07 <Hairr> cook should make a [[Forum:Wikia Alliances, gf]]
01:07 <Coelacanth0794> really. i'd like to see them try.
01:08 <Hairr> how has the big wikia book club been going
01:08 <Ciphrius Kane> I've signed us up!
01:09 <Ryan PM> [[Special:SpecialPages]]
01:09 <Hairr> Ciph, what a guy, doesn't afraid of anything
01:09 <Ryan PM>
01:10 <Ryan PM> They must be brothers.
01:13 <Cook Me Plox> thread up
01:14 <Ryan PM> lolwtf cook
01:14 <Hairr> ...a badge ([email protected]@@!) 
01:14 <Ryan PM> Remember badges?
01:14 <Ryan PM> We had those in Monaco.
01:14 <Hairr> i wasn't here for monaco
01:14 <Ryan PM> hm.
01:14 <Hairr> am I missing a lot
01:15 <Ryan PM> not really
01:15 <Cook Me Plox> Monaco was actually... a really shitty skin
01:16 <Jr Mime> What is this new Alliance thingy
01:16 <Cook Me Plox> Mime which alliance do we join
01:16 <Cook Me Plox> It has badges
01:17 <Jr Mime> We don't use badges
01:17 <Jr Mime> And what are those alliances @@
01:17 <Cook Me Plox> but it's a cool badge
01:17 <Cook Me Plox> We get to join one
01:17 <Cook Me Plox> I made a thread
01:17 <Jr Mime> I'm checking
01:17 <Jr Mime> But, what do each alliance do?
01:17 <Jr Mime> Hi AnselaJonnub
01:17 <Cook Me Plox> we get exclusive content
01:18 <Cook Me Plox> star interviews
01:18 <Ciphrius Kane> Be sure not to make his death too messy honey
01:18 <Jr Mime> Oh, so we just pick a cool name
01:18 <AnselaJonla> Fantasy Fellowship sounds cool
01:18 <Jr Mime> And gamble
01:18 <Hairr> Star interviews?!
01:18 <Cook Me Plox> yeah
01:18 <AnselaJonla> Mime, do you like death? Are you a masochist like Mol?
01:18 <Jr Mime> No
01:18 <Hairr> What are star interviews
01:18 <Jr Mime> They will interview me
01:18 <Hairr> no they won't
01:18 <Cook Me Plox> interviews of stars
01:18 <Hairr> sorry
01:18 <Jr Mime> But first they need to get the NASA
01:18 <Cook Me Plox> OMG
01:18 <Hairr> <33
01:18 <Ciphrius Kane> I like the sound of FF too
01:18 <Cook Me Plox> it's Wikia Stars interviews
01:18 <Cook Me Plox> they're going to interview Wikia Stars
01:18 <Jr Mime> See, that's me
01:18 <Cook Me Plox> Damn, I should have joined
01:19 <Hairr> I'm a star
01:19 <Hairr> :D
01:19  * Hairr shines
01:19 <Cook Me Plox> omgraly
01:19 <Cook Me Plox> you're a Wikia Star??
01:19 <AnselaJonla> Shopping stars onto your avatar doesn't count
01:19 <Hairr> No
01:19 <Hairr> :(
01:19 <Cook Me Plox> you should be
01:19 <Cook Me Plox> you get to do guest blogging
01:19 <Cook Me Plox> guest blogging, guys.
01:19 <Hairr> they said: "thanks for submitting, we'll look at it" so i was like "great, i'm not going to be a wikia star"
01:19 <AnselaJonla> There's my interest running away as fast as its legs can go
01:19 <Jr Mime> What the IP
01:20 <Jr Mime> Friggen IP messaging me
01:20 <Cook Me Plox> I was a Wikia Star before it was cool
01:20 <Cook Me Plox> Then that lady got fired
01:20 <Hairr> but you don't have double checkuser
01:20 <Hairr> so that isn't cool
01:20 <Jr Mime> Troll IP
01:20 <Ryan PM> Linda lulz
01:20 <Cook Me Plox> I remember when I told you that the first time
01:20 <Cook Me Plox> your initial reaction was "bitch doxed us"
01:20 <Jr Mime> IP got pwned
01:20 <Cook Me Plox> lul
01:21 <Ryan PM> it was.
01:21 <Jr Mime> Maybe I should enter all of the answers wikis we have
01:21 <Jr Mime> And then see what one wins!
01:21 <Jr Mime> Le fl00d
01:22 <Jr Mime> Le emergency forum
01:22 <Ryan PM> Someone should trans the party demon... I mean Kal'Ger.
01:22 <Jr Mime> *Steals Cook's words*
01:22 <Jr Mime> Mouhahaha
01:23 <Coelacanth0794> jr mime, go make your bed
01:23 <AnselaJonla> If it hasn't been done by morning I will consider it, Ryan PM
01:23 <Ryan PM> mkay
01:24 <AnselaJonla> Can't be worse than freezey dude or yk
01:24 <Jr Mime> No
01:24 <Jr Mime> I make my bed before I sleep
01:24 <Jr Mime> So when I wake up, it gets trashed
01:24 <Coelacanth0794> go do it now
01:24 <Jr Mime> And I got an excuse for not making it, "I already made it!"
01:25 <Coelacanth0794> at 9pm
01:25 <Hairr> *off-topic* we should split off wikia like uncyclopedia. and then have a donations area and a shop to sell t-shirts because who doesn't like t-shirts
01:25 <Hairr> and we can cut down on ads~
01:25 <Hairr> and we can give cook me plox double checkuser
01:25 <Cook Me Plox> I bet we could get thousands of people to buy runescape wiki t-shirts
01:26 <Jr Mime> Yeah
01:26 <Cook Me Plox> so not only are you wearing a runescape t-shirt, but you're going one step further
01:26 <Jr Mime> I know Coel will buy 100
01:26 <Coelacanth0794> fuck that
01:27 <Coelacanth0794> Nobody drives in rush hour. There's too much traffic.
01:27 <Hairr> they have more than "uncyclopedia only" t-shirts/stuff
01:27 <Jr Mime> Le troll t shirt
01:27 <Jr Mime> What kind of t shirt is this
01:28 <Jr Mime> "Kiss the cock"
01:28 <Jr Mime> inb4coel
01:28 <Coelacanth0794> i have a trollface tshirt already
01:28 <Jr Mime> Cook
01:29 <Jr Mime>
01:29 <Jr Mime> There's an awesome item called a "Placeholder"
01:29 <Hairr> Cook: If we were to split from wikia, how do you think it'd affect our pageviews/visitors
01:29 <Cook Me Plox> drastically
01:29 <Jr Mime> WHAT THE HAIR
01:29 <AnselaJonla> For the worse
01:29 <Jr Mime> Thinking of bad st00f there
01:31 <Ciphrius Kane> I don't think we really have any need to split from Wikia at this point
01:31 <Ciphrius Kane> Uncyclopedia had it bad
01:31 <Cook Me Plox> ha
01:32 <Cook Me Plox> no they didn't
01:32 <Ciphrius Kane> I wonder if this is fake
01:32 <AnselaJonla> Bad choreography there
01:33 <AnselaJonla> Or the other guy was missing his cute
01:33 <AnselaJonla> cue*
01:39 <Ciphrius Kane> !test
01:39 <RSChatBot> Ciphrius Kane: Hai!
01:40 <Hairr> [[RuneScape:Chat/Bot requests/Archive One]]
01:40 <Hairr> why did he spell it out
01:40 <Hairr> so confused
01:41 <Ciphrius Kane> Cause he's a noob
01:43 <Dtm142>
01:43 <Dtm142> (H)
01:44 <Dtm142> Time to start a new YG thread (H)
01:44 <Ciphrius Kane> Dtm you're way behind the times man
01:44 <Ciphrius Kane> We don't use the YG any more
01:45 <Hairr> Dtm: You noob
01:45 <Dtm142> ?
01:45 <Dtm142> What do we use?
01:45 <Hairr> you're too late
01:45 <Dtm142> "    Did you even read the part about the badge? ʞooɔ 01:34, January 30, 2013 (UTC) "
01:45 <Dtm142> (H)
01:45 <Dtm142> Why not join all 3?
01:46 <Ciphrius Kane> Cause there can only be one
01:46 <Coelacanth0794> oh that's right
01:46 <Coelacanth0794> that ip edit reminds me
01:46 <Coelacanth0794> we need a full gano pic with gloves/boots
01:46 -!- Skelkro has joined Special:Chat
01:46 <Skelkro> hai
01:46 <Dtm142> Not true
01:46 <Dtm142>
01:46 <Dtm142> You can join 2 or three of them.
01:46 <Ciphrius Kane> Dtm, you completely missed the joke
01:47 <Dtm142> (H)
01:47 <Coelacanth0794> cook agrees with its uselessness and added in the fact of a cosmetic reward as a selling point
01:47 <Skelkro> at what price do the demon slayer crossbow buy at?
01:47 <Ciphrius Kane> Dunno Skelkro
01:48 <Skelkro> mmk
01:48 <Ciphrius Kane> And we can trial period it
01:48 <Cook Me Plox> wait, are people taking the alliance thing seriously or are you trolling the troll?
01:48 <Skelkro> omg world 1 is gone D:
01:48 <Ciphrius Kane> I do not know Cook
01:49 <Coelacanth0794> i'm serious about my post
01:49 <Hairr> Cook: The people who supported are serious, the people who oppose are trolling
01:49 <Hairr> so therefor you win
01:49 <Hairr> :D
01:49 <Ciphrius Kane> I think I was being serious, but I am not 100% sure
01:50 <Ciphrius Kane> Darling were we being serious?
01:50 <Coelacanth0794> night
01:51 <AnselaJonla> I was trolling
01:51 <AnselaJonla> Mostly
01:51 <AnselaJonla> If this does go through, the Fellowship would be the best place for us
01:51 <Ciphrius Kane> Yeah, being in the Final Fantas...I mean Fantasy Fellowship sounds like the best
01:52 <Ryan PM> <- What the Fellowship is like.
01:52 <Jr Mime> I'm serious @ Cook
01:52 <Jr Mime> :p
01:55 <Dtm142> I edited (H)
01:55 <Dtm142>
02:04 <Dtm142> Also Ryan
02:04 <Dtm142>
02:04 <Dtm142> Delete the top RT.
02:05 <Dtm142> :@
02:05 -!- Skelkro has left Special:Chat.
02:09 <Hairr> Dtm: I think that petition is a way for release for those butt hurt users
02:09 <Hairr> Hello ty
02:09 <Ciphrius Kane> That's the feeling I get too
02:10 <Ciphrius Kane> Really, I doubt Jagex are going to listen to them, and will just do what they usually do and write off the figures they don't like
02:10 <Hairr> way of*
02:10 -!- Rift Cyra has joined Special:Chat
02:10 <Hairr> :o
02:10 <Rift Cyra> Yo, Ty.
02:10 <Rift Cyra> You there?
02:10 <Dtm142> Doesn't mean we ought to participate in it.
02:11 <TyA> Hi Cyra
02:15 <Dtm142> Do only gaming wikis get the option to join alliances?
02:15 <Hairr> ty: In case you forgot, the course started
02:15 <Rift Cyra> Nope.
02:16 <Rift Cyra> Seen advertising for it on MLP.
02:18 <TyA> I saw it on the VSTF wiki as well
02:18 <TyA> Though that might be because I loaded up the RSW first
02:18 <TyA> Hairr: I did
02:19 <AnselaJonla> Night noobs
02:19 <AnselaJonla> Darling
02:20 <Ciphrius Kane> Night honey
02:20 -!- Drix153 has joined Special:Chat
02:20 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
02:20 -!- Drix153 has left Special:Chat.
02:21 <TyA> Hairr: /me starts watching
02:23 <Dtm142> Is it expected that VSTFers run an RFA before they use any sysop tools on RSW?
02:24 <TyA> They usually shouldn't 
02:24 <Hairr> Well, Ty is special because he was an admin before VSTF
02:24 <Hairr> all the other VSTF are noobs
02:24 <Rift Cyra> As with Kat and CoD4 on CoD Wiki.
02:24 <TyA> *need to use sysop tools on the RSW
02:24 <Dtm142> Right.
02:24 <Dtm142> I know that.
02:24 <TyA> They are supossed to leave it to local admins mostly
02:26 <TyA> But in the case of cleaning up maybe a global spammers stuff, they'll probably use them
02:29 <Cook Me Plox> so I ask again, are people serious about the alliance or are you trolling the troll
02:30 <TyA> I see no reason not to
02:30 <Dtm142> I just stated a fact.
02:30 <Dtm142> I didn't side either way.
02:30 <Dtm142> Though I'm pretty sure you were trolling.
02:31 <Dtm142> It isn't the kind of thing you'd support/propose
02:31 <Dtm142> :P
02:31 <Cook Me Plox> but...badges
02:31 <Jr Mime> What are the badges gona do
02:32 <Cook Me Plox> show us what alliance we're in
02:32 <Dtm142> ^
02:32 <Jr Mime> Oooo
02:32 <Dtm142> (H)
02:32 <Jr Mime> So awesome >.>
02:33 -!- Cdymrtn has joined Special:Chat
02:33 <Cdymrtn> Hey.
02:34 <Ciphrius Kane> Hi
02:34 <Cdymrtn> Anyone know of how Runescape started? =3
02:34 <Ciphrius Kane> [[DeviousMUD]]
02:34 <Cdymrtn> Yes, I was just making sure, lol.
02:34 <Cdymrtn> Smarties.
02:35 <Jr Mime> [[DeviousMUD|DeviousMUUD]]*
02:36 <Jr Mime> It's funny as how RuneScape started as and now a 3d game
02:36 <Cdymrtn> Yes, lol. Do you think DeviousMUD Is still playable?
02:36 <Hairr> no
02:36 <Jr Mime> Rofl, troller
02:36 <Jr Mime>!DeviousMUD2.png
02:36 <Hairr> Also Ty, sacje said this week was boring, for a heads up
02:37 <Cdymrtn> Lol!
02:37 <TyA> Hairr: It stopped playing twice
02:37 <TyA> I'll remember later maybe
02:37 <Hairr> :3
02:38 <Hairr> why not download the video
02:38 <TyA> ain't got time for that
02:38 <Hairr> <_<
02:39 <Jr Mime> Hair
02:39 <Jr Mime> I was so bored today
02:39 <Hairr> what about learning
02:39 <Jr Mime> That I'm running in all of the answered questions in the answers wiki... Fixing the format and ect lol
02:39 <Jr Mime>
02:39 <Jr Mime> What? Holy book?
02:40 <Hairr> Ty: Basically 1.2 is about different types of planning and how they can be done.  Shows different types of models
02:40 <Hairr> but I still have one more minute
02:40 <Hairr> so a lot can happen
02:41 <Jr Mime> What are you talking about o_O
02:41 <TyA> I learned today
02:41 <TyA> I had a biology class and a biology lab
02:41 <Jr Mime> o_O
02:41 <Hairr> I had an argument with my history teacher :[[]]|
02:41 <Hairr> i won
02:41 <Hairr> :D
02:42 <Hairr> that was my highlight of the day
02:42 <Jr Mime> Rofl Hair
02:42 <Jr Mime> What was it about?
02:42 -!- Rift Cyra has left Special:Chat.
02:43 <Hairr> Incorrect evaluation of my 'big 300 point project'
02:43 <Jr Mime> Lol
02:43 <Hairr> he gave me a 250/300 and I was like "oh no, this will not do" so after 20 minutes, I got it up to a 290/300
02:43 <Hairr> so I was satisfied
02:44 <Jr Mime> Hahaha
02:44 <Jr Mime> I can't do that with my geo teacher last semester
02:44 <Jr Mime> He will just get so mad
02:44 <Jr Mime> He got mad at a guy in my class
02:44 <Jr Mime> For doing a joke at his work
02:44 <Jr Mime> The guy didn't come back after 1 week, and he never came back int he class.. Lol
02:45 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
02:45 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
02:45 <Hairr> TyA: Dynamic planning > Planning and plan execution for real world things
02:45 <Hairr> just sayin
02:46 <Jr Mime> Hehehe
02:46 <Jr Mime> I'm making the other bot in answers wiki working hard
02:46 <Hairr> what language
02:46 <Jr Mime> py
02:46 <Hairr> fantastic
02:46 <Jr Mime> I am not me made his script
02:47 <Jr Mime> He adds cats to pages
02:47 <Hairr> yes yes, he used bash
02:47 <Hairr> can make up to 60+ edits a minute
02:47 <Hairr> very fantastic
02:47 <Jr Mime> o_O
02:47 <Jr Mime> And did you know
02:48 <Hairr> I did
02:48 <Jr Mime> The script runs so fast amg
02:48 <Jr Mime> I am impressed
02:48 <Jr Mime> o_O
02:48 <Jr Mime> Takes like 1 second per save, skips less than 1 second
02:48 <Jr Mime> Hehehe
02:49 <Hairr> Oh yay, there isn't a quiz for this week
02:49 <TyA> Hairr: Ready for Twilight to become a pony [email protected]@@@
02:49 <Jr Mime> What the pony
02:49 <Hairr> omg, no way
02:49 <TyA>
02:50 <Jr Mime> Oh, yes, this picture
02:52 <Jr Mime>
02:52 <Jr Mime> What the fudge
02:53 <Jr Mime>
02:53 <Jr Mime> He got pwned a bit
02:54 <Jr Mime>
02:54 <Jr Mime> inb4modcrowtripsontherunescapecable
02:59 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
02:59 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
02:59 <Matthew2602> oh hi
03:00 <TyA> Hello Mister Chew.
03:00 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
03:00 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
03:01 <Matthew2602> so uhm
03:01 <Matthew2602> After reading multiple times
03:01 <Matthew2602> I still cannot figure out what the hell it actually is
03:02 <Hairr> just know
03:02 <Hairr> you get a badge
03:02 <Matthew2602> omg
03:02 <Matthew2602> i love badges
03:02 <Hairr> so what's wrong?!
03:02 <Matthew2602> i love useless vanity
03:02 <Hairr> Yay!
03:03 <Matthew2602> Speaking of useless vanity
03:03 <Matthew2602> I should become one of those Wikia Star things
03:03 <Airsofter> guys any of u play hot cold
03:03 <Airsofter>  or flowe poker
03:03 <Dtm142> No.
03:03 <Hairr> no
03:03 <TyA> I do not
03:03 <Dtm142> It's broken.
03:04 <Airsofter> y
03:04 <TyA> It's also stupid
03:04 <Airsofter> y dont u
03:04 <Hairr> Silliness
03:04 <Airsofter> y dont u
03:04 <Dtm142> Gambling is irrational because the game is weighted so that the host wins most of the time.
03:04 <Airsofter> no
03:04 <Airsofter> i win alot of the time e
03:04 <Airsofter> expalin
03:04 <Airsofter> how host wins
03:04 <Dtm142> But in order to host, you need to be part of one of those so-called "legit" clans.
03:04 <Airsofter> most the time
03:04 <Dtm142> Which require an entry fee.
03:05 <Airsofter> wherew mis lumbridge swap
03:05 <Dtm142> And the host's advantage isn't big enough to account for getting scammed.
03:05 <Dtm142> So hosting is also irrational.
03:05 <Airsofter> were is lumbridge swamp
03:05 <Dtm142> Behind Lumbridge Castle
03:05 <TyA> south of lumbridge
03:06 <Airsofter> it says zamokian demos have appereaed near lumbridge swamp
03:06 <Airsofter> u mean behind loasdtsone
03:06 <Airsofter> what do they drop
03:06 <Dtm142> Gambling has become a pyramid scheme.
03:06 <Dtm142> [[demon flash mobs]]
03:06 <Hairr> Air: You have to be rationale when it comes to gamling.  It is true that the player can win, but the host has the higher probability of winning.  Therefor, the chances of the host winning are greater, so they ultimately win the most cash.  The player continues playing *because* they do have a chance to win cash.  Though they have to realize they generally lost in the end.
03:06 <Hairr> easy
03:07 <Matthew2602>
03:07 <Matthew2602> Define "member communities"
03:07 <Dtm142> The original flower game (where the host only paid 2-3x if the player picked the right colour) was better.
03:07 <Dtm142> As was dicing.
03:07 <Dtm142> H/c is just a dumb pyramid scheme.
03:07 <Airsofter> guys y does myt runescape crash the icon
03:07 <Airsofter> not website
03:08 <Dtm142> And not hosting is always irrational.
03:08 <Dtm142> As stated earlier.
03:08 <Airsofter> and i dont see any demons
03:08 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has joined Special:Chat
03:09 <Urbancowgurl777> today is Suppa's b-day
03:09 <Dtm142> You get 15 minutes notice iirc
03:09 <Urbancowgurl777> everyone wish him a happy b-day :3=
03:09 <Dtm142> Is he here?
03:09 <TyA> Okay
03:09 <Urbancowgurl777> not at the moment
03:09  * TyA prepares to skype spam him
03:10 <EpicPancakes> Good afterneweveningwednesday
03:11 <EpicPancakes> newyearsmasanukkanza
03:11 <Airsofter> i dont no were i am in rs now
03:11 <Airsofter> lol
03:11 <Airsofter> in portacotr beam
03:11 <EpicPancakes> Don't you have a map
03:11 <EpicPancakes> Or a banana that resembles a mao
03:11 <EpicPancakes> *map
03:11 <Urbancowgurl777> was that a joke..
03:11 <EpicPancakes> Or better yet, a map that resembles a banana
03:12 <Urbancowgurl777> what are these spirit articles that ben made and didn't add any info to??
03:12 <Dtm142> How do you get lost in RS2 lol
03:12 <Dtm142> ?
03:13 <Airsofter> guys my friend bought a phat with real money
03:13 <Urbancowgurl777> and?
03:13 <EpicPancakes> And why would he do that
03:13 <EpicPancakes> And for how much
03:13 <Airsofter> idk
03:13 <Airsofter> $1000
03:13 <Airsofter> or more
03:13 <EpicPancakes> Seriously
03:13 <EpicPancakes> No, seriously
03:13 <Airsofter> yea
03:13 <Urbancowgurl777> that could feed 1k homeless people
03:13 <EpicPancakes> Go kick him in the face.
03:13 <Urbancowgurl777> dollar menu ftw
03:13 <Hairr>
03:14 <Airsofter> lol
03:14 <Hairr> :O
03:14 <Airsofter> were are the demons
03:14 <Airsofter> bi
03:15 <EpicPancakes> Jeepers creepers, I have homework
03:15 <EpicPancakes> I did not just say that...
03:15 <Dtm142> (H)
03:15 <Dtm142> troll
03:16 <Urbancowgurl777> 90% on 4 plate mission ftw
03:16 <EpicPancakes> Then every time I think about it, it gets worse.
03:17 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
03:17 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
03:17 <EpicPancakes> I said something before that.
03:17 <EpicPancakes> But whatever.
03:19 <Urbancowgurl777> .
03:19 <SovietHero> Demise36
03:19 <Hairr> hi fergie
03:20 <Matthew2602> guys
03:20 -!- Glabay has joined Special:Chat
03:20 <Matthew2602> why don't we just make our own badges
03:20 <Urbancowgurl777> BADGS
03:20 <Glabay> hello
03:20 <SovietHero> *BADGES
03:20 <Hairr> Matt: Because they aren't Wikia badges
03:21 <SovietHero> Hey Glab
03:21 <Hairr> simple as that
03:21 <Matthew2602> but we could steal the image for the wikia badge
03:21 <TyA> We could turn on achievements and make our own [email protected]@@
03:21 <Hairr> omg great idea
03:21 <Matthew2602> and we could have lots of them
03:21 <Urbancowgurl777> BARN STARZ
03:22 <Matthew2602> and display them all in a line under the wiki nav
03:22 <Hairr> yes, lots of barn stars
03:22 <Matthew2602> and the tooltip can be
03:22 <Matthew2602> "WE ARE BETTER THAN YOU K"
03:22 <Matthew2602> it'll be great
03:22 <Hairr> i like it
03:22 <TyA> rename admins to overlords
03:22 <Hairr> and rename everyone else to what?
03:22 <Matthew2602> peasents
03:22 <Matthew2602> obv
03:22 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
03:22 <TyA> obv
03:22 <Hairr> obv
03:22 <SovietHero> Red Star
03:22 -!- Glabay has left Special:Chat.
03:22 <Hairr> shush you peasant
03:22 <TyA> rename admins to Stalin
03:23 <TyA> rename everyone else to slaves
03:23 <SovietHero> Shaddap Hairr back in the Gulag for 20 years
03:23 <SovietHero> IN SIBERIA
03:23 <Matthew2602> also
03:24 <Matthew2602> we should steal the jagex platinum fansite badge too
03:24 <TyA> Or just say Jagex sucks and we rule
03:24 <TyA> Though that's just silly
03:24 <Urbancowgurl777> we should say we're a platinum fansite and be done with it
03:24 <SovietHero> ^
03:24 <Hairr> we're better than that though
03:24 <Hairr> way better
03:25 <SovietHero> GF
03:25 <TyA> We should say we're a really good fansite
03:25 <Urbancowgurl777> wait let's say we're an iridium fansite [email protected]@
03:25 <TyA> plutonium fansite
03:25 <Hairr> Oh Fergie, great use of vocabulary
03:25 <Urbancowgurl777> i googled "what is better than platinum" and that's what it said :3=
03:25  * Hairr claps
03:25 <Matthew2602> seriously though, I still don't understand what this means
03:25 <SovietHero> I think were a bronze fansite ._.
03:25 <Urbancowgurl777> we're silver
03:26 <Urbancowgurl777> Matt BADGS
03:26 <Matthew2602> yeah, I got that
03:26 <Matthew2602> but
03:26 <Urbancowgurl777> BUT BADGS
03:26 <TyA> Mattchew: I don't think they've explained it earlier
03:26 <Matthew2602> "member communities"
03:26 <Matthew2602> is that like, other wikis in the same alliance?
03:26 <Hairr> yes
03:27 <Urbancowgurl777> iow you get on wikia's spam mailing list to receive newsletters about interviews from famous people
03:27 <Urbancowgurl777> and if you're a member for 4 months you get starz
03:27 <Urbancowgurl777> that's my gues.
03:27 <Matthew2602> so
03:27 <Matthew2602> if we get "beta codes, star interviews, giveaways, etc." from "member communities"
03:27 <Urbancowgurl777> why would want a wikia beta code ._.
03:27 <Urbancowgurl777> they never have anything worth testing
03:27 <Matthew2602> that means we get lots of crap about games that have nothing to do with RuneScape?
03:27 <Urbancowgurl777> about fantasy things maybe
03:28 <Urbancowgurl777> anyone*
03:28 <Matthew2602> so we get beta keys for random fantasy games? ._.
03:28 <Urbancowgurl777> oh, idk
03:28 <TyA> That's what I was thinking
03:29 <Urbancowgurl777> i don't play other games <.<
03:29 <TyA> I play games
03:29 <Urbancowgurl777> the only other game i ever considered playing was Stellar Dawn, and we know how that turned out
03:29 <TyA> lol
03:29 <TyA> I played WoW for about 5 minutes
03:29 <Urbancowgurl777> "sign up for the beta" "SD will be released this summer" *next winter* "sorry we quit"
03:29 <TyA> And Guild Wars 1 for about 20 minutes
03:30 <Urbancowgurl777> Suppa plays Guild Wars, i want to try that
03:30 <Urbancowgurl777> some day..
03:30 <Matthew2602> so basically, if we join an "alliance", Wikia might be nice to us occasionally?
03:30 <Urbancowgurl777> no, we get spam and that's it
03:30 <Matthew2602> but but but
03:30 <Matthew2602> star interviewz
03:30 <Dtm142> Lol
03:31 <TyA> I don't want to pay the money for it without playing it some
03:31 <Urbancowgurl777> same
03:31 <Matthew2602> Let's interview that jmod that got fired because his quests were crap
03:31 <Dtm142> An interview with some random editor on some obscure wiki?
03:31 <Dtm142> What?
03:31 <Urbancowgurl777> i've never played games like WoW/Guild Wars before so, not spending the money on it
03:31 <Dtm142> Which one?
03:31 <Dtm142> And which quests?
03:31 <TyA> I'm TyA. AMA
03:31 <Matthew2602> uhm
03:31 <Matthew2602> give me a sec
03:32 <Urbancowgurl777> why would they fire a jmod for that? if they're crap don't release them o.o
03:32 <Dtm142> Probably Paul Gower.
03:32 <Urbancowgurl777> noo wait
03:32 <Dtm142> They're replacing all of his quests.
03:32 <Urbancowgurl777> i think i know who you're talking about
03:32 <Dtm142> (H)
03:32 <Urbancowgurl777> was it Salt in the Wound due :3=
03:32 <Hairr> !updatelogs
03:33 <RSChatBot> Hairr: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 113 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
03:33 <Dtm142> I actually didn't mind that quest.
03:33 <Urbancowgurl777> maybe i'm thinking of the wrong one
03:33 <Matthew2602> I know the article for the quest has a whole section about criticism and plot holes
03:33 <Urbancowgurl777> or maybe Matt is just crazy
03:33 <Matthew2602> That's all I remember
03:33 <Dtm142> No, no.  Lots of people hated it.
03:33 <Urbancowgurl777> uh
03:33 <Dtm142> I just didn't.
03:33 <Urbancowgurl777> Mod Trick?
03:33 <Matthew2602> That's it!
03:34 <Urbancowgurl777> he did Salt in the Wound :3=
03:34 <Matthew2602> yeah, let's interview him
03:34 <Urbancowgurl777> let's interview someone who left on their own accord
03:34 <Urbancowgurl777> like Tytn or MMH
03:34 <TyA> MMH left?
03:34  * TyA doesn't keep up with jagex staff
03:34 <Urbancowgurl777> yeah a long time ago
03:35 <Dtm142> Which one is MMH?
03:35 <Urbancowgurl777> Mod Mark H
03:35 <Dtm142> MMG is the douchey one.
03:35 <Urbancowgurl777> Poppy left too
03:35 <Dtm142> What did he do?
03:35 <Urbancowgurl777> MMH was in community stuff iirc
03:35 <Dtm142> And how do you keep tabs on all this stuff?
03:35 <Urbancowgurl777> i don't know, i just know <.<
03:35 <Cook Me Plox> So guys, yes on badges??
03:35 <Matthew2602> yeah
03:36 <Cook Me Plox> and I think by star interviews they mean with wikia stars
03:36 <Urbancowgurl777> BADGS
03:36 <Matthew2602> oh goodie
03:36 <Cook Me Plox> so for instance, we could interview Jspoelstra
03:36 <Cook Me Plox> the guy with the single checkuser
03:36 <Matthew2602> i would just love to do that
03:36 <Urbancowgurl777> single checkuser?
03:36 <Dtm142> Single checkuser?  What's that?
03:36 <Cook Me Plox> it's like double checkuser except half
03:36 <Cook Me Plox> that you get for having 100k edits
03:37 <Dtm142> Lol
03:37 <TyA> I feel like I cheated the system by having double checkuser at 28k edits
03:37 <Matthew2602> I think Wikia Stars was one of the best features Wikia has rolled out in the last couple of years
03:37 <Cook Me Plox> Me too Matt
03:37 <TyA> at least I think that's the right number [[Special:EditCount/TyA]]
03:37 <Urbancowgurl777> you mean the guy that wrote a thank-you blog for all the people who supported him to reach his goal of 100k edits and then wikia awarded him with checkuser. right?
03:37 <Cook Me Plox> guest blogging is crucial
03:37 <Dtm142> What's the difference between single and double?
03:37 <Cook Me Plox> yeah fergie
03:37 <Dtm142> And where do they keep the list of stars?
03:37 <TyA> [[w:c:wikiastars]]
03:37 <Dtm142> And nobody here is douchey enough to become a star... right?
03:37 <Matthew2602> double checkuser is when you're in the checkuser group twice
03:37 <Cook Me Plox> I am head star
03:38 <Hairr> (that wiki can't be viewed ty)
03:38 <TyA> I know it can't
03:38 <TyA> That's why I linked to it
03:38 <Dtm142> "You do not have permission to read this page, for the following reason:
03:38 <Dtm142> The action you have requested is limited to users in one of the groups: Administrators, Wikia Staff, WikiaStars, adminmentor."
03:38 <Hairr> so rude
03:38 <TyA> lol
03:38 <TyA> I can't view it either
03:38 <Hairr> Dtm: That means you aren't a star
03:38 <Hairr> you are a nothing
03:38 <Hairr> (n)
03:38 <Cook Me Plox> but yeah fergie
03:38 <Cook Me Plox> that guy
03:38 <Urbancowgurl777> ic
03:38 <Urbancowgurl777> i didn't know he got checkuser out of it
03:38 <TyA> I don't think they've released it yet
03:38 <Cook Me Plox> and the person who I've never met who says I "don't play fair" 
03:38 <Urbancowgurl777> that's uh
03:38 <Urbancowgurl777> pathetic
03:38 <Cook Me Plox> let me find it
03:38 <Dtm142>
03:38 <TyA> Since no global group wikiastars
03:39 <Dtm142> If it wasn't for me, there would be no RSW :@
03:39 <Matthew2602> seriously, why can't we just have mediawiki with a few extra bells and whistles
03:39 <Cook Me Plox> "I know most of the users Dinoguy mentioned and for a part they have been my inspiration. I think Cook me Plox didn't entirely play fair; I've seen 9 edits in a minute from him. I really did it all by hand."
03:39 <Cook Me Plox> dis guy
03:39 <Matthew2602> why do we have to have all of this crap
03:39 <Dtm142> (H)
03:39 <Dtm142> Link lol
03:39 <Urbancowgurl777> Cook is still mad :3=
03:39 <Cook Me Plox> this person I've never met in my life feels threatened by me because I have moar edits
03:39 <Cook Me Plox> always mad
03:39 <Cook Me Plox> just at different things
03:39 <Dtm142> That's what it was in the Wikicities monobook era
03:40 <Urbancowgurl777> Cook, link to the blog?
03:40 <Dtm142> Back when it was Eucarya
03:40 <Matthew2602> Speaking of monobook
03:40 <Dtm142> And Hyenaste
03:40 <Dtm142> And Vimescarrot
03:40 <TyA> And [email protected]?!
03:40 <Dtm142> And Couchpotato
03:40 <Matthew2602> Anyone want to take bets on when Wikia will kill it?
03:40 <Dtm142> And Megadolon (sp?)
03:40 <Dtm142> And Richard
03:40 <Urbancowgurl777> stop spamming
03:40 <Cook Me Plox>
03:40 <Dtm142> (H)
03:40 <Urbancowgurl777> no one knows who you're talking [email protected]@
03:40 <Dtm142> Ignorance.
03:40 <Dtm142> :@
03:40 <Cook Me Plox> So I bitched at him a little bit
03:41 <Cook Me Plox> and he also made, yeah, that wiki about celebrating 100000 edits for himself
03:41 <Dtm142> Looks like a douchebag.
03:41 <Dtm142> The shades.
03:41 <Dtm142> :@
03:41 <Matthew2602> "I think Cook me Plox didn't entirely play fair"
03:41 <Matthew2602> The fact that he even users the word play makes me cringe
03:41 <Cook Me Plox> editcount is a game bro
03:41 <Cook Me Plox> all a game
03:41 <Urbancowgurl777> lol Cook. he's a councilor too now
03:41 <Cook Me Plox> fucking communitycouncil
03:41 <Matthew2602> Achievements make it one, Cook
03:42 <TyA> What fun stuff have you counilors beta tested?
03:42 <Ryan PM> Then I must have lost that game.
03:42  * TyA lols at the councilors that believe they have power across Wikia
03:42 <Ryan PM> 12k edits -> 8k -> 6k
03:42 <Urbancowgurl777> the stupid message wall forums
03:42 <Ryan PM> dat lag
03:43 <Cook Me Plox> Ty, we do
03:43 <Cook Me Plox> You just don't know it
03:43 <TyA> I don't know it, you're right
03:43 <Dtm142> Lol
03:43 <Urbancowgurl777> i was removing red links from a talk page on a wiki once and i got yelled at for removing discussion (?)
03:43 <Dtm142> All the councilors do is diss all of the new features lol
03:43 <Urbancowgurl777> then that person made a forum to ask what "councilor" meant, since it was in my usermasthead
03:43 <Cook Me Plox> diss?
03:43 <Urbancowgurl777> failsaus
03:43 <Ryan PM> hm, chat forgets I'm logged in, requires re-logging in, huh?
03:43 <Dtm142> Diss
03:43 <Dtm142> (H)
03:44 <Dtm142> Also
03:44 <Cook Me Plox> Nah, 80% of the councilors fall over eachother trying to brown-nose Wikia's product dudes
03:44 <Cook Me Plox> who by the way are complete douches
03:44 <Cook Me Plox> except Trevor. I like trevor.
03:44 <Dtm142> It's councillor, not councilor
03:44 <TyA> 'MURIKA
03:44 <Urbancowgurl777> councilor councillor 
03:44 <Urbancowgurl777> second one is underlined for me :3=
03:44 <Dtm142> Getting rid of the double letter always seems wrong to me.
03:44 <Cook Me Plox> all that matters is that we suck
03:44 <Urbancowgurl777> minority ftw
03:44 <Dtm142> Me too Fergie.  My spellcheck is broken :@
03:45 <TyA> What are you sucking?
03:45 <Dtm142> And it won't let me fix it :@
03:45 <Urbancowgurl777> >.<
03:45 <Cook Me Plox> I don't even know why they do beta testing with CC
03:45 <Cook Me Plox> It's not like a damn thing anyone says even gets considered
03:45 <TyA> because it works like all other wiki
03:46 <Ryan PM> Beta test = Invade their DevBoxes.
03:46 <TyA> (isn't sarcasm fun?)
03:46 <Matthew2602> you know
03:46 <Dtm142> Because the asskissers will praise them
03:46 <Urbancowgurl777> we managed to keep them from forcing message wall forums on everyone
03:46 <Matthew2602> I actually like message wall
03:46 <Urbancowgurl777> or was it message wall itself
03:46 <Urbancowgurl777> icr
03:46 <Matthew2602> for talk pages
03:46 <Cook Me Plox> no, we didn't do that
03:46 <Cook Me Plox> Jen did, lol
03:46 <TyA> good person Jen
03:46 <Dtm142> Message wall is an optional feature still
03:46 <TyA> for now
03:46 <Urbancowgurl777> it is now
03:46 <Ryan PM> What do you mean force? I thought Forums/Wall was optional?
03:47 <Urbancowgurl777> it is now <.<
03:47 <Dtm142> It was originally s'possed to be mandatory.
03:47 <Dtm142> Then all the editors commented on their blog
03:47 <Dtm142> And considered quitting Wikia iirc
03:47 <Cook Me Plox> yeah, so the thing is
03:47 <Dtm142> So they caved and here we are
03:47 <Cook Me Plox> in the council blog for that same thing, 90% of the comments were supportive
03:47 <Urbancowgurl777> ^
03:47 <Dtm142> 9_9
03:48 <Matthew2602> studies show that throwing tantrums is the best way to get wikia to do things
03:48 <TyA> They don't seem to get the right group of people into council
03:48 <Dtm142> Do they just pick people then that are likely to agree with their changes?
03:48 <Urbancowgurl777> when they get people in who make wikis about their 100k edits, you know there is no hope
03:48 <Cook Me Plox> I don't really know how they pick them
03:48 <Urbancowgurl777> i'm not sure how their selection process goes <.<
03:48 <Matthew2602> wait, (s)he made a whole wiki?
03:48 <Urbancowgurl777> i could understand them wanting Cook, but why they pick meh
03:48 <Cook Me Plox> yeah, js100000thedit or something
03:49 <Urbancowgurl777> why they people people like Blaze Fireh
03:49 <Urbancowgurl777> i just don't know.
03:49 <Urbancowgurl777> pick*
03:49 <Dtm142> It's semi-random I think.
03:49 <Cook Me Plox>'s_100000th_Edit_Image.png LOL
03:49 <Matthew2602> [[w:c:js100000thedit]]
03:49 <Dtm142> They wouldn't pick people that shut off all of their new features lol
03:49 <Cook Me Plox> okay, so it's not that exactly
03:50 <Urbancowgurl777> they have some extremely nubsaus new users in the council
03:50 <Matthew2602> maybe it got deleted
03:50 <Matthew2602> let's hope so
03:50 <Urbancowgurl777> like people with like 40 edits on their main wiki
03:50 <Dtm142> Yes.
03:51 <Cook Me Plox> so I guess he didn't make it
03:51 <Cook Me Plox> but he was quite involved with it
03:51 <Urbancowgurl777> Cook
03:51 <TyA> "MediaWiki internal error."
03:52 <Matthew2602> gj wikia
03:52  * TyA wonders if they do a view check on the api
03:52  * TyA wonders how to access the things via the api
03:52 <Matthew2602> what api
03:52 <Cook Me Plox> I'm looking at the Message Wall blog
03:52 <TyA> /wikia.php which has controller things for their thingies
03:53 <Matthew2602> we've been over this before, haven't we sir?
03:53 <Urbancowgurl777> "One of my dreams for a user profile upgrade is to help people get to know each other's strengths and skills, without making them stare at contribs lists until their eyes glaze over. "
03:53 <TyA> Yes
03:53 <TyA> And I forgot it
03:53 <Urbancowgurl777> i am best at editing general graardor page.
03:53 <TyA> I am best at not editing, but appearing useful
03:53 <Cook Me Plox> what was that thread fergie?
03:53 <Matthew2602> ty: Just go snooping in wikia's github repo and fine the source code for nirvana
03:54 <Matthew2602> that's how you found it last time
03:54 <Urbancowgurl777> i linked yout oi t Cook
03:54 <TyA> oh yea
03:54 <Urbancowgurl777> wth? to it*
03:54 <Cook Me Plox> I get an internal error
03:54 <TyA> I think I also wrote down some things on it on a file
03:54 <Cook Me Plox> oh, now it works
03:54 <Cook Me Plox> fuck you, Danny
03:54 <Cook Me Plox> You little psychopathic prick
03:54 <Dtm142> Who's Danny?
03:54 <Dtm142> Danny Chia?
03:55 <Cook Me Plox> Product Manager for Wikia
03:55 <Dtm142> Or Danny Parsons?
03:55 <Dtm142> [[user:Danny]]
03:55 <Cook Me Plox> Danny Horn, [[User:Toughpigs]]
03:55 <Dtm142> Staff hilite is kaput, right?
03:55 <Cook Me Plox> yeah
03:55 <Dtm142> Also
03:56 <Dtm142> It's highlight, not hilite
03:56 <Dtm142> :@
03:56 <Urbancowgurl777> ...
03:56 <Cook Me Plox> community council is such bullshit
03:57 <Cook Me Plox> they come to us with these fully formulated plans as if they're spontaneous thoughts
03:59 <Dtm142> (H)
03:59 <Dtm142> What if you quit it?
03:59 <Dtm142> Stick it to Jimbo Wales himself (H)
04:00 <Dtm142> Also, does Cook have the highest editcount on Wikia?
04:00 <Matthew2602> [[User:TyBot]]
04:00 <Dtm142> Out of humans?
04:01 <Urbancowgurl777> i commented on that thread
04:01 <Urbancowgurl777> how stupid
04:01 <Urbancowgurl777> no Dtm
04:01 <Cook Me Plox> which thread
04:01 <Urbancowgurl777> the one i linked you [email protected]@
04:01 <Cook Me Plox> well, if someone has a higher editcount than me then obviously they didn't play fair
04:01 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
04:02 <Urbancowgurl777> get over it dear
04:03 <Dtm142> (H)
04:03 <Urbancowgurl777> gawd wth it's 10pm
04:03 <Urbancowgurl777> i have class soon D:
04:03 <TyA> D:
04:05 <Dtm142> Hmm
04:05 <Dtm142> You're on the same timezone as me
04:05 <Dtm142> (H)
04:05 <Matthew2602> [[RS:AD]]
04:05 <Dtm142> Nifty little page ya got there
04:06 <Matthew2602> mm
04:06 <Matthew2602> mhm*
04:08 -!- TeenTitanFan has joined Special:Chat
04:09 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
04:12 <Urbancowgurl777> if we're in the same timezone, why do you keep trying to spell with british spelling ._.
04:12 <Urbancowgurl777> oh are you in canada
04:13 <Dtm142> Yes
04:13 <Dtm142> (H)
04:13 <Dtm142> Also
04:13 <Urbancowgurl777> lol. the edit userbox on your userpage says you've made 1 edit
04:13 <Dtm142> [[RS:STYLE]]
04:14 <Dtm142> Well, at least I have an edit userbox on my userpage (H)
04:14 <Urbancowgurl777> i got rid of my userboxes long ago :3=
04:14 <Urbancowgurl777>
04:15 <Urbancowgurl777> formatting with userboxes is the worst thing in the world
04:15 <Dtm142> It's not bad in monobook
04:16 <Urbancowgurl777> nearly 8 herblore levels sinec then
04:16 <Urbancowgurl777> 2 years.. lol
04:16 -!- TeenTitanFan has left Special:Chat.
04:17 -!- TidesOfLife has joined Special:Chat
04:17 <Dtm142> Lol
04:17 <TidesOfLife> Ello
04:17 <Urbancowgurl777> hi
04:17 <TidesOfLife> Hi
04:17 <Dtm142> My stats after 10 years aren't any better lol
04:17 <TidesOfLife> Whats new?
04:17 <Dtm142> In fact, almost all of them are lower lol
04:18 <Urbancowgurl777> how does that work, lol
04:18 <Urbancowgurl777> not much Tides
04:18 <TidesOfLife> Ah neat. 
04:18 <Urbancowgurl777> waiting for water to boil. <.<
04:18 <Dtm142> Lower than yours
04:18 <Urbancowgurl777> oh
04:18 <Dtm142> Though they're higher than they've ever been before.
04:18 <Dtm142> (H)
04:19 <Urbancowgurl777> ;P
04:19 <TidesOfLife> (y)
04:21 <TyA>
04:21 <TyA> I have successfully found out something completely useless to me
04:21 <Urbancowgurl777> is that what you've been doing this whole time ._.
04:21 <TidesOfLife> Oh hi TyA
04:21 <TyA> Hey Riley
04:21 <TidesOfLife> Surprised to see me here? 
04:22 <Urbancowgurl777> a friend of Tyler's
04:22 <Urbancowgurl777> oh lawd
04:22 <TyA> Fergie: I was lurking around in the forum extension code trying to see how to load up stuff
04:22 <TyA> Mildly
04:22 <TyA> What brings you here from WikiVoyage?
04:22 <TyA> I failed, but found the pagination controller
04:22 <Cook Me Plox> oh, how they manage to make things so complicated
04:22 <Urbancowgurl777> i see
04:24 <TidesOfLife> TyA: I have only been helping at WikiVoyage recently (and that is just where I run my bot)
04:24 <TyA> How goes le WMF then?
04:24 <TyA> Not exploding I take it? :P
04:24 <Urbancowgurl777> you deserve a fantasy badge then.
04:25 <Dtm142> According to WikiVoyage, they unruined the Enchanted Tiki Room at WDW :)
04:25 <TyA> I live in a world of fantasy
04:25 <Urbancowgurl777> it was ruined?
04:25 <Dtm142> Someone tried to burn it down
04:25 <TyA> Can I have a fantasy badge?
04:25 <Dtm142> Because it sucked
04:25 <Urbancowgurl777> omg
04:25 <Urbancowgurl777> not the tiki room D:
04:25 <Dtm142> So they fixed it
04:25 <Dtm142> (H)
04:25 <Urbancowgurl777> thankfully it's been so long that i can't remember it <.<
04:25 <Dtm142> (well, I don't know what started the fire)
04:25 <Urbancowgurl777> Ty, you have to apply first.
04:25 <Dtm142> (that's just my best guess lol)
04:25 <TidesOfLife> TyA: Very busy. I do a lot of account creation work still (I am now an ACC tool admin) and have recently got involved with bots (Wikimedia bots, not runescape ;) 
04:25 <Urbancowgurl777> DIE BIRDZ?
04:26 <Dtm142> They brought in that annoying bird from Aladdin.
04:26 <TyA> Fergie: The VSTF wiki applied for the Heroes one though
04:26 <TyA> D:
04:26 <Urbancowgurl777> seriously..
04:26 <TyA> And we'll take forever to decide here
04:26 <Dtm142> They got rid of him though.  Lol
04:26 <Urbancowgurl777> lol Dtm x_x
04:26 <TyA> Riley: I see.
04:27 <Urbancowgurl777> wait i want to be a hero
04:27 <TyA> You are a hero
04:27 <Urbancowgurl777> you're my hero <3
04:27  * TidesOfLife cheers because he got 15 mining. (Don't laugh, I got hacked on my old account and never started a new one until today)
04:28 <TyA> d'aww <3
04:28 <Urbancowgurl777> congrats (:
04:28 <TyA> Riley: Cheers to the next 84!
04:28 <TidesOfLife> Haha thanks
04:28 <TyA> I started playing RuneScape again
04:28 <TyA> Then I decided to get 85 mining
04:28 <Urbancowgurl777> brb, dindins
04:28 <TyA> I haven't logged back in since
04:28 <Urbancowgurl777> (fp)
04:28 <TidesOfLife> Whats pissing me off though is that there is botters all around me atm..
04:29 <TidesOfLife> Well atleast 2
04:29 <TyA> -RuneScript- *** [ MINING ]: [Activities] Rank: 104,069 | Level: 81 | Exp: 2,349,879 (18.0% of 99) | Exp to lvl 82: 71,208 (68.8% to 82) | Effigies: [email protected],320.95xp | Estimated Time to Level (Based on tracker gains): 17wks 4days 13hrs 49mins 5secs
04:29 <TyA> YEAAA
04:29 <TyA> Riley: Botters are meaners
04:29 <TidesOfLife> TyA: Where can I find that script?
04:29 <TyA> (that's why it rhymes)
04:29 <TidesOfLife> Eh
04:29 <TyA> It's RuneScript in #rswiki
04:31 <Dtm142> I need 80 mining
04:31 <TyA> You can do it!
04:31 <Dtm142> To qualify for the extra Tears of Guthix xp
04:32 <TyA> That's why I got it, though I've neglected in getting it
04:33 <TidesOfLife> TyA: Whats the IRC command?
04:34 <TyA> .mining
04:34 <TidesOfLife> Thanks
04:34 <TyA> only members are on the high score lists
04:35 <TidesOfLife> Ah
04:35 <TidesOfLife> Is it still possible to get in the way of botters?
04:35 <TyA> probably by some conviluted schemes
04:35  * TidesOfLife remembers luring them before
04:35 <TidesOfLife> Ah
04:36 <TyA>
04:36 <TyA> well that was neat
04:37 <TidesOfLife> Python<3
04:38 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
04:39 <Matthew2602> ty
04:39 <TyA> Mattchew
04:45 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has left Special:Chat.
05:15 <Ice Rush12> Guess what!
05:15 <Cook Me Plox> something about butts
05:15 <Ice Rush12> Nop
05:16 <Cook Me Plox> do you actually want people to guess
05:16 <Ice Rush12> I could take your posteriour of you so desire though…
05:16 <SovietHero> allahu akbar
05:16 <Ice Rush12> The main topic is that tomorrow is my birthdae!
05:17 <SovietHero> Lame
05:17 <Ice Rush12> Wow…thats just sad D:
05:19 <Ice Rush12> No gratz :@(
05:21 <Ice Rush12> That's a sad statement :€
05:22 <Ice Rush12> !hi
05:22 <Ice Rush12> hi!
05:22 <Ice Rush12> /hi!
05:22 <Ice Rush12> \hi!
05:22 <Ice Rush12> gah
05:25 -!- Ryan PM has left Special:Chat.
05:42 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
06:55 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
06:55 <Haidro> hai
07:01 <Haidro> The fuu, Wikia Alliances?
07:25 -!- Sora Rd has joined Special:Chat
07:25 <Sora Rd> Moo
07:40 <Haidro> [[Livid Farm]]
07:40 <Haidro> hi
07:47 <Smithing> Hey Haidro
07:47 <Haidro> hi Smithing
08:20 -!- FusionBlitz has joined Special:Chat
08:20 -!- FusionBlitz has left Special:Chat.
09:01 <Haidro> hi der
09:01 <Battleben> Hi
09:05 <Haidro> [[mystic steam staff]]
09:05 <Haidro> hi der
09:19 -!- Smithing has left Special:Chat.
09:25 <Matthew2602> haidro: poke
09:25 <Haidro> hi
09:25 <Matthew2602> guess who goes back to school tomorrow
09:25 <Matthew2602> #me
09:25 <Haidro> I started today D:
09:25 <Matthew2602> oh
09:26 <Matthew2602> so you have holidays when we're still in school but you go back at the same time as us
09:26 <Matthew2602> right, kay
09:26 <Haidro> The more you pay the less you stay
09:27  * Matthew2602 shakes fist at the sky
09:27 <Matthew2602> Seriously, my school has 4 periods per day, and most people think that's too little
09:28 <Matthew2602> anyways
09:28 <Matthew2602> hi
09:28 <Matthew2602> how was school today
10:33 <Haidro> night
10:33 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
10:33 <Battleben> Awe, Agrith Naar stretches
10:33 <Battleben> But it is jagex, what did I expect :P
10:50 <Battleben> Agrith Naar is op!
10:51 <Alchez> Op?
10:52 <Cook Me Plox> operator
10:53 <Alchez> ...still no clue.
10:55 <Battleben> Overpowered
10:58 <Battleben> Anyway, killed him with great difficulty.
10:58 <Battleben> Used iron armour and silverlight lol
10:58 <Battleben> at combat level 25 :P
10:58 <Battleben> Silverlight's actually useful when you're a noob, as it's very accurate against demons.
10:58 <Battleben> Of course, my ring of recoil probably did most of the damage, haha.
11:07 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
11:07 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
11:07 <Coelacanth0794> hi
11:07 <Alchez> Hi
11:08 <Alchez> Block please?
11:20 <AnselaJonla> !test
11:20 <RSChatBot> AnselaJonla: Hai!
11:21 <AnselaJonla> [[File:Travelling_Band.png|Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.]]
11:22 <Alchez> Ben, how are you doing the quest again?
11:22 <Coelacanth0794> yep
11:22 <Coelacanth0794> whaler story failed
11:25 <AnselaJonla> He has multiple accounts
11:25 <Alchez> All member'd?
11:26 <Battleben> Free trial
11:27 <Alchez> Okay.
11:27 <Alchez> Btw Naar was tough before the graphic update.
11:28 <Battleben> He's still tough
11:28 <Alchez> That's what I'm saying.
11:33 <Coelacanth0794>
11:33 <Battleben> ..k
11:33 <Battleben> I can do that. Looks real to me.
11:33 <Battleben> Oh wait, stuff in the backgground..
11:34 <Battleben> K next up Monkey Madness
11:35 <Battleben> That'll be fun
11:35 <Coelacanth0794> over ben's head
11:36 <Battleben> ?
11:38 <Battleben> Shadow of the Storm is an awesome quest.
11:39 <Alchez> Got an image for Agrith-Naar?
11:48 <Battleben> Of course.
11:49 <Alchez> My bad.
12:11 <AnselaJonla> !test
12:11 <RSChatBot> AnselaJonla: Hai!
12:27 <Alchez> Where is this Apmeken's tomb
12:28 <Coelacanth0794> that pyramid of the pharaoh queen
12:28 <Coelacanth0794> with leila
12:29 <Alchez> The page says surrounding the monkey colony, but I can't seem to find it.
12:29 <Coelacanth0794> oh amascut i thought you said
12:29 <Coelacanth0794> that place is above the 3 monkeys, a hole in the cliff you ned to click
12:29 <Coelacanth0794> need*
12:30 <Alchez> Do I need to go around the colony?
12:30 <Coelacanth0794> nope
12:31 <Coelacanth0794> it's riiight above the 3 monkeys
12:31 <Coelacanth0794> you gotta pan around to see it
12:31 <Coelacanth0794> [[monkey colony]]
12:31 <Coelacanth0794> see the pic?
12:32 <Alchez> Yeah, thanks.
13:22 -!- RSChatBot has joined Special:Chat
13:31 -!- Battleben has left Special:Chat.
13:38 -!- RSChatBot has joined Special:Chat
13:39 <Sactage> !test
13:39 <RSChatBot> Sactage: Hai!
13:39 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
14:25 <Demise36> is the wiki borked?
14:34 -!- AnselaJonla has joined Special:Chat
14:35 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
14:35 -!- Habblet has joined Special:Chat
14:36 <AnselaJonla> Coel?
14:38 -!- Joeytje50 has joined Special:Chat
14:39 <Joeytje50> hi
14:39 <Demise36> caek
14:39 <AnselaJonla> Hey Joey
14:42 <Dogfoger> oh
14:42 <Dogfoger> ermahgerd
14:43 <Dogfoger> coel
14:45 -!- Omega Delta has joined Special:Chat
14:46 <Omega Delta> Dun dun dun dun dum dum
14:46 <Omega Delta> DUUM DUUM DUUM
14:47 <Dogfoger>  UH
14:47 <Omega Delta> OH
14:49 <Omega Delta> I'm in a bit of a trouble here guys
14:49 <Omega Delta> You see,i found this smiling guy in the cover of this textbook
14:49 <Omega Delta> and i really want him as my PP
14:49 <Dogfoger> PP?
14:49 <Omega Delta> But i cant get a good resolution of him in paint
14:49 <Omega Delta> Profile pic
14:50 <Dogfoger> Paint sucks
14:50 <Dogfoger> Use something else
14:50 <Omega Delta> I know,what should i use?
14:50 <Dogfoger> Joey
14:50 <Demise36> paint works
14:50 <Demise36> <_<
14:50 <Dogfoger> Better solution to paint?
14:50 <Omega Delta> I use the magnifier tool
14:50 <Dogfoger> option*
14:50 <Omega Delta> But e gets pixelated :[
14:50 <Omega Delta> he*
14:50 <Dogfoger> Mate
14:50 <Dogfoger> It doesn't matter about pixels
14:51 <Dogfoger> Because you wont see em
14:51 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
14:51 <Omega Delta> I do see them.
14:51 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
14:51 <Dogfoger> then use a diiferent pic
14:52 <Omega Delta> I dont have a different pic
14:52 <Omega Delta> >_,
14:54 <Omega Delta> Damn
14:54 <Omega Delta> It's really small V_V
14:54 <AnselaJonla>
14:54 <Omega Delta> But never mind
14:55 <AnselaJonla>
14:59 <Omega Delta> This guy looks better
15:08 <Joeytje50> guys
15:08 <Joeytje50> anyone wanna play bloons TD battles?
15:10  * AnselaJonla is going for a shower now
15:11 <Omega Delta> Imma add transparency to Flynn now
15:11 <Omega Delta> Im not so lazy
15:14  * Joeytje50 is nomming caek irl now
15:14 <Joeytje50> guys you should try this
15:14 <Joeytje50> buttercake with honey
15:14 <Joeytje50> I know I'm the cakeguy, but this is just awesome
15:15 <Demise36> i want caek
15:15 <Joeytje50> nomnomnom
15:15 <Demise36> gimme
15:15  * Joeytje50 givs (caek)
15:15 <Demise36> *nomz (caek)*
15:17 <Omega Delta> I want maet
15:17 <Omega Delta> NAO
15:17 <Omega Delta> -angry-
15:17 <Omega Delta> You want me to die from hunger?!
15:18 <Omega Delta> My mullet cant stand this
15:18 <Demise36> you get this
15:18 <Demise36> (cabbage)
15:19 <Omega Delta> WAAAAT
15:19 <Omega Delta> I aint a monk bro
15:19 <Omega Delta> i aint eatin this plain faladoriar cabbage
15:19 <Omega Delta> I want lumbridge meat
15:19 <Omega Delta> cooked on the lumbridge range
15:19 -!- Accuratez has joined Special:Chat
15:19 -!- Trevorlaneray has joined Special:Chat
15:22 <Dogfoger>
15:25 <Omega Delta> Can somebody give me the guide to transparency on GIMP again?
15:27 <Omega Delta> No need to
15:27 <Omega Delta> i found it
15:30 -!- Stinkowing has joined Special:Chat
15:37 <Omega Delta> >:(
15:37 <Omega Delta> Im not adding transparency
15:37 <Omega Delta> Everything got messed up
15:37 <Omega Delta> Someone who is more skilled than me should do it
15:39 <AnselaJonla> There's your first mistake, trying to do an NPC on your first attempt
15:39 <AnselaJonla> Start with a chathead, like or
15:40 <Demise36> i did an npc on my first attempt
15:40 <Demise36> it
15:40 <Demise36> ended up bad
15:40 <Demise36> not talking about it
15:42 <AnselaJonla> I'd also suggest transing a simple DII, but we don't have any of those untransed afaik
15:45 <Habblet>
15:47 <Habblet> [[File:Sparkles chathead.png|This one]]
15:52 <Demise36> K hobbit
15:53 <Omega Delta> >:O
15:53 <Omega Delta> IT DOESNT APPLY
15:53 <Demise36> i see it
15:54 <Habblet> Omega you have to do the trail a one pixel inside of what must be transed
15:55 <Omega Delta> Oh
15:55 <Omega Delta> IT added itself
15:55 <Omega Delta> i just have to wait some time
15:56 <Omega Delta> anyways why are chatheads easier than whole npcs
15:56 <Demise36> cuz its a chathead
15:56 <Habblet> Because it's smaller
15:56 <Demise36> that too
15:56 -!- Battleben has joined Special:Chat
15:56 <Battleben> Yaaaaaay
15:56 <Battleben> I bugged Monkey Madness again
15:57 <Demise36> how
15:57 <Demise36> <.<
15:57 <Omega Delta> I see
15:57 <Omega Delta> AND HOW
15:57 <Battleben> With the orb of oculus
15:58 <Omega Delta> Huh?
15:58 <Omega Delta> How coem with the orb
15:59 <Omega Delta> Im officially renaming the orb of oculus to Camera
15:59 <Omega Delta> Ill jsut call it camera
15:59 <Demise36> wahi u in a cutscene?
16:00 <Battleben> Yes. Kind of.
16:00 <Battleben> Haha.
16:00 <Battleben>
16:00 <Battleben> This.
16:00 <Battleben> Again.
16:00 <Omega Delta> Completed [[Brambickle]] and [[Bolkoy]] chatheds
16:01 <Omega Delta> Check them out im so proud
16:01 <Omega Delta> ^_^
16:01 <Habblet> Brambickle's is better than Bolkoy's
16:01 <Habblet> But you cut out a little on Brambickle too
16:01 <Habblet> And left some outlines
16:01 <AnselaJonla> Outlines! The outlines!
16:01 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
16:01 <Omega Delta> :O
16:02 <Omega Delta> What outlines?
16:04 <Omega Delta> Oh
16:04 <Omega Delta> I see the outlines.
16:07 <Coelacanth0794> hello
16:08 <Coelacanth0794> oh my gosh that trans
16:09 <Coelacanth0794> omega, what are you using for trans?
16:10 <Demise36> Coel remember my first trans?
16:10 <Demise36> it was awful ;_;
16:10 <Coelacanth0794> no
16:10 <Demise36> k
16:10 <Demise36> was still bad
16:11 <Habblet> [[Garkor]]
16:12 <Omega Delta> [[Burkor]]
16:12 <Omega Delta> I put all my effort on him
16:12 <Habblet> Burkor's chathead is good
16:12 <Omega Delta> :D
16:13 <Demise36> i transed garkor
16:13 <Demise36> <_<
16:13 <Habblet> Shut up Meg
16:13 <Demise36> shut up hobbit
16:13 <Habblet> ;_;
16:13 <Omega Delta> Any mroe chatheads for me?
16:13 <Omega Delta> Humans this time pl0x
16:13 <Habblet> Yes, the two first you transed :D
16:14 <Omega Delta> >:9
16:14 <Demise36> habblet i got a job for you
16:14 <Demise36> [[Skull mercenary]]
16:14 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
16:14 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
16:15 <Habblet> [[File:Sparkles chathead.png|Another for you]]
16:15 <Demise36> lolno
16:17 <Omega Delta> O_O
16:17 <Omega Delta> Sparkles is hard for me
16:18 <Omega Delta> That fluff is a pain
16:18 <Demise36> he meant me
16:18 <Demise36> i think
16:18 <Omega Delta> How will you trans Sparkles?
16:18 <Omega Delta> With all that
16:18 <Demise36> i wont
16:18 <Demise36> Ll
16:18 <Omega Delta> detailed thing
16:18 <Omega Delta> Ill try to do it
16:18 <Omega Delta> >_<'
16:18 <Demise36> try a human
16:18 <Omega Delta> Wat humanz
16:18 <Demise36> one of the skull mercenaries
16:19 <Demise36> [[Skull mercenary[[
16:19 <Demise36> oops
16:19 <Omega Delta> They dont haev
16:19 <Omega Delta> chatheds
16:19 <Demise36> [[Skull mercenary]]
16:19 <Omega Delta> soz
16:19 <Demise36> i meant an npc
16:19 <Demise36> <_<
16:21 <Habblet> Nao
16:21 <Omega Delta> I have to go away from this chat soon so ill do the skull mercaniries later
16:21 <Demise36> *smacks habblet*
16:21 <Habblet> Omega
16:23 <Omega Delta> Waht
16:23 <Habblet> Are you redoing Bolkoy and Brambickle's chatheads?
16:24 <Omega Delta> I redid Brambickle but imma upload him later
16:24 <Habblet> Remember after updating an image
16:25 <Habblet> Remove the tags which aren't needed anymore
16:25 <Habblet> So for example if you add transparency, remove {{trans}}
16:25 -!- AnselaJonla has joined Special:Chat
16:25 <Battleben> Lol jungle demon is unaggressive now
16:25 <Battleben> Anyone want to try and reconstruct its feet?
16:25 <Omega Delta> :P Im off now
16:25 <Habblet> Seeya
16:25 <Omega Delta> I have to eat and go on this opera with my mum
16:26 <Omega Delta> T_T
16:26 -!- Omega Delta has left Special:Chat.
16:30 <Battleben> Ugh this is a noob.
16:30 <AnselaJonla> what?
16:31 <Battleben> The jungle demon.
16:31 <Battleben> trying to orb him but his feet clip into the ground
16:31 <AnselaJonla> :(
16:31 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
16:31 <AnselaJonla> Hi Ty
16:31 <TyA> Hai
16:35 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has joined Special:Chat
16:35 -!- TyBot has joined Special:Chat
16:35 <TyA> Hai Fergie
16:36 <Urbancowgurl777> hi
16:38 <Urbancowgurl777> javascript has finally decided to work i see
16:38 <Urbancowgurl777> this morning i couldn't edit or join chat
16:39 <TyA> cuz wikia broke it
16:39 <Coelacanth0794> it did that
16:39 <TyA> again
16:39 <Dogfoger> I wonder if this chat is ever empty
16:39 <Demise36> it is dog
16:39 <Demise36> i was with the chatbot one time
16:39 <Demise36> <.<
16:39 -!- Thenubwithgp has joined Special:Chat
16:40 <Thenubwithgp> hey whats up
16:40 <Demise36> hi
16:40 <Thenubwithgp> anyone here familiar on xp rates?
16:40 <Thenubwithgp> i cant find some that i am looking for
16:41 <Urbancowgurl777> oh so it wasn't my fault? sweet
16:41 <Urbancowgurl777> rates of what
16:42 <Thenubwithgp> well nobodys updated the wiki for it lol
16:42 <Battleben> Hrm..
16:42 <Thenubwithgp> umm superheating gold ore at LRC?
16:42 <Thenubwithgp> mining and smith/hr?
16:42 <Urbancowgurl777> it's not hard to calculate :3=
16:42 <Thenubwithgp> i know but i got alotta numbers in my head atm
16:42 <Thenubwithgp> trying to get this max cape calculator working lol
16:42 <Urbancowgurl777> pen & paper ftw
16:43 <Thenubwithgp> google docs ftw >:)
16:43 <TyA> memory not that good
16:45 <Thenubwithgp> oh man i love google docs
16:45 <Thenubwithgp> found another calc showing prices and xp rates for all crafting
16:45 <Thenubwithgp> literally..ALL crafting o.O
16:45 <Coelacanth0794> snelms is best xp/hour
16:46 <Thenubwithgp> they got a bit of a buy limit tho dont they?
16:47 <Battleben> Right..
16:47 <Urbancowgurl777> check the exchange page for buy limits
16:47 <Thenubwithgp> hmmmm
16:48 <Thenubwithgp> dragonstones are double the xp but double the cost...
16:48 <Urbancowgurl777>
16:48 <Urbancowgurl777> heh
16:48 <Battleben>
16:48 <Urbancowgurl777>
16:48 <Battleben> Is it possible to fix his feet?
16:48 <Urbancowgurl777> NEVER EDIT THIS OR I BAN U
16:48 <Urbancowgurl777> eh it would be possible but annoying
16:49 <Battleben> So... Anyone want to try?
16:49 <Urbancowgurl777> anyone being me? no
16:49 <Demise36> k i deleted the page
16:49 <Urbancowgurl777> maybe just don't trans it
16:50 <Coelacanth0794> what?
16:50 <Thenubwithgp> hmm
16:50 <Coelacanth0794> oh.
16:50 <Thenubwithgp> 30m for 95-99
16:50 <Thenubwithgp> thats cheap
16:50 <Thenubwithgp> better buy bones before bots are gone
16:55 <TyA> ping
16:55 <Urbancowgurl777> Habblet
16:55 <Habblet> What
16:55 <Urbancowgurl777> why did you upload that image twice?
16:55 <Habblet> I cropped it
16:56 <Urbancowgurl777> but why did that require it to be done twice
16:56 <Habblet> Because I forgot to
16:56 <Urbancowgurl777> just making sure you're not uploading twice so that it shows up ([[RS:BUG]])
17:03 -!- Flaysian has joined Special:Chat
17:03 <Urbancowgurl777> oh hi
17:03 <Flaysian> aha
17:03 <Flaysian> I don't know what I did
17:03 <Urbancowgurl777> you can keep it but put it somewhere
17:03 <Flaysian> but it's fixed, so whatever
17:03 <TyA> Hurray, Flaysian isn't dead
17:03 <Urbancowgurl777> also, i think we might have it somewhere already
17:04 <Urbancowgurl777> when i bookmarked the RC on my iphone, the icon that came up on my screen thingy was the monaco logo
17:05 <Flaysian> same, but is that not could be a revision of Wiki-wordmark,png
17:05 <Urbancowgurl777> um
17:05 <Urbancowgurl777> lolenglish
17:05 <Flaysian> oh
17:05 <Flaysian> that always happens
17:05 <Urbancowgurl777> it could be, but why?
17:05 <Flaysian> I don't know
17:06 <Urbancowgurl777> well, in any case
17:06 <Flaysian> and Ryan isn't here to interrrogate
17:06 <Urbancowgurl777> put it somewhere
17:06 <Urbancowgurl777> orphanage maybe
17:06 <Flaysian> what a sad resting place
17:06 <Flaysian> for what was once our face on the web
17:06 <Urbancowgurl777> it's ugly
17:06 <Flaysian> !
17:07 <Urbancowgurl777> (:0
17:07 <Coelacanth0794> what
17:07 <Urbancowgurl777> Ansela, i sent you a message
17:08 <AnselaJonla> I saw
17:08 <Flaysian> Tya: @Wikia_Community just responded to you again
17:09 <Flaysian> to the same comment as before
17:09 <Flaysian> what noobs
17:09 <TyA> That reminds me that I've been neglecting the animes I'm watching
17:10 <Urbancowgurl777> that's weird because i was just thinking that
17:11 <Urbancowgurl777> one of the animes i'm watching is based off a visual novel
17:11 <Urbancowgurl777> those always suck ):
17:11 <Flaysian> lul
17:12 <TyA> What are you watching?
17:13 <AnselaJonla> Okay, those two had BETTER talk this week and not just go back to edit warring after the protection expires
17:13 <TyA> talking is for squares and Obama
17:14 <AnselaJonla> Also, "reduced images to smaller but identical size: 70px" - how can someone be smaller AND identical at the same time?
17:14 <Flaysian> Wikia Community ‏@Wikia_Community
17:14 <Flaysian> Happy #wikiwednesday ! Anyone have tips or tricks to offer new wiki editors? #wikiasupport
17:14 <Flaysian> wikiwednesday
17:14 <Flaysian> can't tell if serious
17:15 -!- R34 Skillerz has joined Special:Chat
17:15 <TyA> D:
17:15 <R34 Skillerz> who is a skiller here?
17:15 <R34 Skillerz> a pure skiller
17:15 <R34 Skillerz> trains no combat?
17:15 <AnselaJonla> He doesn't want an edit war, he just wants it his way
17:16 <Flaysian> No one, I think, R34 Skillerz
17:16 <Coelacanth0794> didnt you ask yesterday
17:16 <R34 Skillerz> yeh, im just looking for some new friends on rs as i am finally back on
17:16 <R34 Skillerz> i quit for about 3 years
17:16 <R34 Skillerz> but back now :)
17:17 <Urbancowgurl777> Amnesia, Tyler
17:17 <Urbancowgurl777> they are not picking the guy i want so it is making me mad
17:17 <TyA> What is it about?
17:17 <Urbancowgurl777> it's from a visual novel, so it's a reverse harem type
17:17 <Urbancowgurl777> the girl has amnesia and has to pick one
17:17 <Urbancowgurl777> so it goes through their stories
17:17 <R34 Skillerz> can anybody tell me some ways to make money with 99 cooking
17:18 <Urbancowgurl777> check prices of raw vs cooked stuff <.<
17:18 <R34 Skillerz> thanks
17:18 <AnselaJonla> (qc) Exchange prices: 1x [[shark]] = 517gp; 1x [[ raw shark]] = 544gp; 
17:18 <Urbancowgurl777> lobster maybe
17:18 <AnselaJonla> (qc) Exchange prices: 1x [[rocktail]] = 1044gp; 1x [[ raw rocktail]] = 995gp; 
17:19 <Urbancowgurl777> ooh rocktail
17:19 <AnselaJonla> (qc) Exchange prices: 1x [[lobster]] = 119gp; 1x [[ raw lobster]] = 115gp; 
17:19 <R34 Skillerz> good poinmt
17:19 <R34 Skillerz> thanks bro
17:19 <Urbancowgurl777> we're not bros
17:19 <AnselaJonla> Not a bro
17:19 <TyA> They're "females"
17:20 <TyA> also
17:20 <TyA> lol
17:20 <Coelacanth0794> vive la resistance!
17:20 <Coelacanth0794> down with the patriarchy!
17:20 <Coelacanth0794> am i doing this right
17:21 <AnselaJonla> Hush noob
17:21 <R34 Skillerz> fuck your dad you cunt
17:21 -!- R34 Skillerz has left Special:Chat.
17:21 -!- R34 Skillerz was kicked from Special:Chat by TyA
17:21 <Coelacanth0794> lmao
17:21 <Demise36> Ll
17:21 <Urbancowgurl777> wth? ._.
17:21 <AnselaJonla> wtff?
17:22 -!- Light Matter has joined Special:Chat
17:22 <Light Matter> Guys:important thing.Did anyone named ChariTwo went here today?
17:22 <Light Matter> I'm searching for him on even wiki
17:22 <Light Matter> *every
17:22 <Urbancowgurl777> well he's not here now
17:22 <Light Matter> He's trying to vandalise
17:22 <Coelacanth0794> doesnt sound familiar but i've only been here about an hour
17:22 <TyA> charitwo is globally blocked across Wikia
17:22 <Light Matter> -_-
17:22 <TyA> oh?
17:22  * TyA looks
17:23 <Light Matter> I knew that only now Lol
17:23 <Light Matter> *know
17:23 <TyA> account chariTwo doesn't exist
17:23 <Light Matter> It does
17:23 <TyA>
17:23 <TyA> It doesn't
17:23 <Urbancowgurl777> bbl
17:24 <Coelacanth0794> ports update: void knights detained my ship, i'm so totally smuggling pests
17:24 -!- Light Matter has left Special:Chat.
17:24 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
17:24 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
17:29 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
17:29 <Ciphrius Kane> Hey honey, other people
17:30 <AnselaJonla> Hi darling
17:34 <AnselaJonla> Apparently I am being childish by locking a page that is being edit-warred over
17:35 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh?  Says who?
17:35 <Joeytje50> brb dinner
17:35 <AnselaJonla> my talk page
17:37 <Ciphrius Kane> Ah Leon Art
17:39 <AnselaJonla> Darling, I do not wish to talk to that... person
17:40 <AnselaJonla> Could you explain to him that it is Shogo Yahagi that he needs to deal with, and that calling me childish does not endear me to his point of view nor make me willing to unlock the page, a step I took because of HIS actions?
17:45 -!- Joseph.Coupland has joined Special:Chat
17:46 <Ciphrius Kane> Done
17:49 <AnselaJonla> ty darling
17:51 <Habblet> Does anyone here know about Brinell hardness
17:51 <AnselaJonla> What?
17:52 <Habblet> It tests a material's hardness
17:52 <AnselaJonla> Is it like the Mohs scale then?
17:52 <AnselaJonla> This laptop is running out of battery, and I should get dressed for karate.
17:52 <AnselaJonla> But I don't want to move until The Chase is done
17:53 <Coelacanth0794> hey demise, i sent off the judge/dice mission
17:59 -!- Ryan PM has joined Special:Chat
17:59 <Demise36> nice
17:59 <Demise36> Gl
18:00 -!- Secondchance975 has joined Special:Chat
18:00 <Secondchance975> Hi everyone :(
18:00 <Secondchance975> How do I type an exasperated fase?
18:00 <Secondchance975> face
18:01 <Secondchance975> is anyone there?
18:02 <Ciphrius Kane> [[MWI:EM]]
18:02 <Secondchance975> yo ciph 
18:02 <Secondchance975> How do I type a frustrated face?
18:02 <Secondchance975> oh
18:02 <Secondchance975> lol
18:02 <Secondchance975> (frustrated)
18:03 <Secondchance975> My family has issues.
18:04 <Dogfoger> This isn't the place for that kinda thing mate
18:04 <Dogfoger> And every family has issues
18:05 <Secondchance975> 2 Skitzofreniks and a biporal (none of them will take their meds),  a smoker who's had lung cancer and didn't even bother TRYING to stop smoking, a lazy idiot who never helps, an aunt who I just found out has been lying to me for FOURTEEN YEARS, and, to top it off, me........ a massively destructive disobedient A-hole
18:06 <Secondchance975> ;(
18:06 <Secondchance975> i want some (ccaek) right now
18:06 <Secondchance975> ofc that's compulsive eating
18:07 <Secondchance975> which is why I'm fat O_O
18:07 <Secondchance975> I have issues.
18:07 <Secondchance975>
18:07 <Secondchance975> *Hums*
18:08 <Secondchance975> I think I'm just saying things for the sake of opening my... er... fingers.
18:08 <Coelacanth0794> i have compulsive not-eating
18:08 <Secondchance975> Lucky
18:08 <Coelacanth0794> i have muffins and cookies literally to my left now. I'm hungry enough to eat the container empty.
18:08 <Coelacanth0794> but i do not.
18:08 <Dogfoger> That's not good second, but this still isn't the place
18:08 <Secondchance975> Compulsive eating is bad and I know it and I can' stop
18:09 <Coelacanth0794> may explain why i'm under 150
18:09 <Dogfoger> 150 what?
18:09 <Secondchance975> because you actually eat healthy
18:09 <Coelacanth0794> last time i weighed myself was 6 months ago though
18:09 <Secondchance975> pounds
18:09 <Dogfoger>
18:09 <Dogfoger> oh
18:09 <Coelacanth0794> i was 136 pounds
18:09 <Dogfoger> pounds
18:09 <Dogfoger> >.>
18:09 <Secondchance975> I was 193 pounds -.-
18:09 <Coelacanth0794> i'm a toothpick, essentially
18:09 <Secondchance975> and I'm only 14
18:09 <Coelacanth0794> i'm 20
18:09 <Secondchance975> trade weight? pleeeease???
18:10 <Coelacanth0794> explain how this would be possible and i would consider it
18:10 <Dogfoger> Coel...
18:10 <Coelacanth0794> wat
18:10 <Dogfoger> 150 pounds is 41kg
18:10 <Secondchance975> idk
18:10 <Dogfoger> Or...
18:10 <Secondchance975> no it isn't
18:10 <Secondchance975> 2.2pounds=1kg
18:10 <Coelacanth0794> i'm odd, i try using english/canadian measurements but weight is something i do in pounds
18:11 <Secondchance975> so 150*5/11
18:11 <Dogfoger> Uh
18:11 <Dogfoger> Coel
18:11 <Coelacanth0794> i'm under 6 feet as well so
18:11 <Secondchance975>
18:11 <Dogfoger> Then it's 68kg
18:11 <Coelacanth0794> i'm a featherweight
18:11 <Secondchance975> LOL I'm 5'10" 
18:11 <Coelacanth0794> or under. idk
18:11 <Dogfoger> You know that's SERIOUSLY underweight for a 20 year old
18:11 <Secondchance975> and not even close to done growing
18:11 <Coelacanth0794> isnt feather like 180?
18:11 <Coelacanth0794> hm
18:12 <Coelacanth0794>
18:12 <Secondchance975> Look at my adventurer's log plz everyone :) link is above
18:12 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
18:12 <Battleben> The jungle demon section of the [[Monkey Madness]] page is messy.
18:12 <Coelacanth0794> so about a bantamweight
18:12 <Secondchance975> The Battleben: section of the Special:Chat section is messy.
18:12 <Secondchance975> *wonders what he just said*
18:14 <Battleben> ...k
18:14 <Coelacanth0794> ...k
18:15 <Secondchance975> I often say random things that make no sense.
18:15 <Secondchance975> Have you noticed?
18:17 <Secondchance975>   The only one I've done is DT, and the only ones I'm available to do are Contact! and MM.
18:18 <Ciphrius Kane> I've done them all, quests are fun
18:18 <Secondchance975> lol
18:18 <Secondchance975> I have barely done anyquests
18:19 <Secondchance975> I can't find RS:QC
18:20 <Ciphrius Kane> [[RS:QC]]
18:20 <Secondchance975> ty
18:21 <Secondchance975> (qc) My Barbarian Assault Healer score is 3196 (rank: 7,812).
18:23 <Secondchance975> hey Ciph
18:23 <Secondchance975> what's your RS name?
18:24 <Dogfoger> [[Pet interface]]
18:24 <Secondchance975> It didn't have an article for it
18:25 <Dogfoger> Kane
18:25 <Secondchance975> oh
18:26 <Dogfoger> Kane or coel or someone
18:26 <Coelacanth0794> ?
18:26 <Ciphrius Kane> What is it Dog
18:26 <Dogfoger> How do I add pets to the pet interface?
18:26 <Secondchance975> can someone tell me their username?
18:26 <Secondchance975> in rs
18:26 <Coelacanth0794> link it
18:26 <Ciphrius Kane> You have to buy them from SGS I believe
18:26 <Dogfoger> link wut
18:26 <Dogfoger> Apart from the SGS ones
18:26 <Ciphrius Kane> It's the skypouncer/bloodwhatever etc
18:26 <Dogfoger> Can't you add regular ones?
18:27 <Ciphrius Kane> I don't believe so
18:27 <Secondchance975> LOL clan name Rawrrrrrrrrr
18:27 <Dogfoger> oi
18:27 <Dogfoger> Whatcha doing spying on me
18:28 <Secondchance975> LOL
18:28 <Dogfoger> stalker -.-
18:28 <Secondchance975> no
18:28 <Secondchance975> you can check mine, do /user prepare2dyee
18:29 <Ciphrius Kane> That sets our name in this to yours I believe
18:29 <Secondchance975> no
18:29 <Secondchance975> that shows my clan and a couple other things
18:30 <Secondchance975> setname i think is /setname soandso
18:30 <Secondchance975> yeah it is
18:31 <Ciphrius Kane> (qc) "Hellraiser" prepare2dyee is a RuneScape member. He/she is member of the clan "Golden Phoenix Army", which is currently recruiting. He/she is currently not playing RuneScape.
18:31 <Ciphrius Kane> I prefer to use /details
18:31 <Secondchance975> oh
18:31 <Secondchance975> (qc) "Santa" dogfoger is a RuneScape member. He/she is member of the clan "Rawrrrrrrrr", which is currently recruiting. He/she is currently not playing RuneScape.
18:32 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
18:32 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
18:32 <Demise36> (qc) "First Mate" Marcus Fine is a RuneScape member. He/she is member of the clan "The Scrying Pool", which is currently recruiting. He/she is currently not playing RuneScape.
18:33 <Secondchance975> is that you?
18:33 <Demise36> yes
18:33 <Secondchance975> (qc) "Junior Cadet" Subchondral is a RuneScape member. He/she is member of the clan "Golden Phoenix Army", which is currently recruiting. He/she is currently not playing RuneScape.
18:33 <Secondchance975> dat's my runescape BFF
18:35 <Ciphrius Kane> (qc) Earl skills is a RuneScape member. He/she is member of the clan "Tweeps", which is currently recruiting. He/she is currently not playing RuneScape.
18:35 <Secondchance975> you?
18:36 <Ciphrius Kane> Course
18:36 <Ciphrius Kane> not
18:36 <Secondchance975> LOL
18:36 <Battleben> Ntime for the dreaded transparency
18:36 <Secondchance975> That person has a santa
18:36 <Secondchance975> lucky
18:37 <Secondchance975> He's weird, really high in alol cbt skills but not ranked in cbt
18:37 <Secondchance975> SKILLER!
18:38 <Secondchance975> GTG ppl
18:38 <Secondchance975> Adios
18:38 <Ciphrius Kane> Bye
18:40 <Coelacanth0794>
18:44 <Battleben> ..k
18:45 <Joeytje50> guys
18:45 <Ciphrius Kane> Yes Joey?
18:45 <Joeytje50> anyone wanna play bloons TD battles?
18:45 <Ciphrius Kane> Never heard of that so no
18:45 <Joeytje50> heard of bloons td 5?
18:45 <Joeytje50> tower defence?
18:46 <Ciphrius Kane> I hate TD games
18:46 <Joeytje50> :<
18:46 <Joeytje50> bloons td is one of the best though
18:49 <Ciphrius Kane> There was a classic gaming series, Ratchet and Clank.  They decided to make a TD game, and I tried it.  I'm turning the game into GAME at the next possible opportunity
18:49 <Demise36> coel
18:49 <Demise36> kill habblet
18:49  * Coelacanth0794 shanks habblet
18:50 <Coelacanth0794> 7 more hours till judge/dice mission ends
18:50 <Demise36> gl
18:50 <Coelacanth0794> whaler mission failed, 6600 in all stats is tough with all cherry stuff
18:52 <Battleben> Uploading a picture of me fighting the jungle demon in my pr0 gear
18:52 <Coelacanth0794> iron?
18:52 <Demise36> full iron and silverlight
18:52 <Demise36> K
18:52 <Demise36> or darklight
18:53 <Battleben> Darklight.
18:53 <Battleben> Yeah.
18:53 <Battleben> Difficult, but it's possible. Luckily the bananas provide infinite food.
18:54 <Coelacanth0794> do things for that secret monkey guy.
18:54 <Battleben> Bonzara?
18:54 <Battleben> He's a weird fellow. Has a nice teleport animation though.
18:56 -!- Layanleon has joined Special:Chat
18:56 <Layanleon> my god
18:56 <Layanleon> temple trekking became so hard
18:58 <Habblet> /sarcasm
18:58 <Demise36> wahi
18:58 <Demise36> i gave you that iron
19:00 <Ciphrius Kane> (qc) Mikezalwinnu's Overall level is 2077 (xp: 125,890,785, rank: 97,633).
19:03 <Demise36> (qc) "War-chief" Habblet is a RuneScape member. He/she is member of the clan "The Scrying Pool", which is currently recruiting. He/she is currently not playing RuneScape.
19:03 <Demise36> LL
19:06 <Layanleon> habblet, temple trekking really became hard
19:07 <Battleben> I had my own set of iron in the bank, demise.
19:07 <Demise36> yeah but i gave you one
19:16 <Demise36> hmm
19:25 -!- Thefreeman500 has joined Special:Chat
19:25 <Thefreeman500> ohi
19:26 <Thefreeman500> oh, your all sleeping, that's ok =P
19:27  * Ciphrius Kane awakens abruptly and tosses the dwarf
19:27 <Thefreeman500> hi kane =P
19:28 <Dogfoger> [[Baby grotworm]]
19:33 <Battleben> k uploaded Agrith-naar
19:33 <Battleben> hate transing demons...
19:33 <Thefreeman500> even when its in the dimension :L
19:34 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
19:34 <Thefreeman500> wait did Agrith-nana get updated too?
19:35 <Joeytje50> yay mol
19:35  * Joeytje50 hugglz
19:35 <The Mol Man> I hadz epiphany
19:35 <The Mol Man> on how to simplify /Scale :x
19:36 <Joeytje50> ooh kewl
19:36 <Joeytje50> :D
19:36 <Joeytje50> I hadz epiphany too
19:36 <The Mol Man> bout whatz?
19:36 <Thefreeman500> epiphany? its the things with strobe lights right?
19:36 <Joeytje50> 1) getz buttercaek
19:36 <Joeytje50> 2) getz honey
19:36 <The Mol Man> (fp)
19:36 <Joeytje50> 3) buttercaek + honey = OSSUM
19:36 <Joeytje50> 4) nomnomnom
19:36 <Joeytje50> 5) ????
19:36 <The Mol Man> Okayz joey 
19:36 <Joeytje50> 6) PROFIT!
19:36 <The Mol Man> but i no like honey
19:36 <Joeytje50> ;_;
19:36 -!- Neitiznot has joined Special:Chat
19:36 <Joeytje50> but it is ossumcaek
19:36 <The Mol Man> 7) ?????????
19:37 <The Mol Man> 8)MORE PROFIT
19:37 <The Mol Man> I sorry D:
19:37 <Thefreeman500> 9) get caught by cops
19:37 <Joeytje50> but mol
19:37 <Ciphrius Kane> 10) Bribe cops with profits
19:37 <Joeytje50> if you dun liek honey
19:37 <Joeytje50> I think syrup works too
19:37 <Joeytje50> but honey is bettar
19:38 <Neitiznot> What
19:38 <Thefreeman500> 11) use cops to channel EVEN MORE PROFITS
19:38 <Joeytje50> idk what syrup from teh murica tastes like though
19:38 <Joeytje50> cus dutch syrup is completely different than any other syrupz
19:38 <The Mol Man> have you ever weighed as much as 14.6 + π elephants?
19:39 <Demise36> caek is joey
19:39 <The Mol Man> that's what amurica syrup feerls liek
19:39 <Demise36> cuz joey is caek
19:39 <Neitiznot> Mol
19:39 <Thefreeman500> mmm... caek
19:39 <Neitiznot> What if it's a miniature deformed elephant
19:39 <Thefreeman500> damnit now i'm hungry :L
19:39 <Neitiznot> That weighs 10g
19:39 <Joeytje50> The Mol Man: you mean that it maeks you fat?
19:40 <The Mol Man> it maek u feel fat
19:40 <Thefreeman500> anywho, everyone having a good middle of the week?
19:40 <The Mol Man> i mean americuan*
19:40 <Joeytje50> nah not on jus a slice of caek
19:40 <Joeytje50> also, caek is gud
19:40 <The Mol Man> IT'S NOT THE MIDDLE
19:40 <The Mol Man> My weeeeek starts on katilsday
19:41 <Thefreeman500> im guessing thats Friday?
19:41 <Neitiznot> What
19:41 <Neitiznot> >.> I've had a bad week
19:42 <Thefreeman500> mine has been meh
19:42 -!- Crazyfrog922 has joined Special:Chat
19:42 <Crazyfrog922> hey
19:42 <Thefreeman500> ohu
19:42 <Thefreeman500> hi
19:42 <Neitiznot> I have no idea why I have wasted my money on useless skills
19:42 <Neitiznot> My skills are messed up now
19:42 <Crazyfrog922> I was thinking that they should add a part on a item page like under the box place-able on table or something
19:43 <Thefreeman500> i was thinking of caeks
19:45 <Neitiznot> (qc) Bloo Floyd's Prayer level is 65 (xp: 459,060, rank: 238,918).
19:45 <Neitiznot> (qc) My Prayer level is 71 (xp: 815,053, rank: 192,672).
19:45 <Neitiznot> Hehe
19:46 <Battleben> UGH transed jungle demon but I had subtract from selection on so it did nothing..
19:46 <Thefreeman500> ouchie :L
19:46 <Battleben> Demons take so long to trans
19:46 <Neitiznot> [[Calculators/Prayer]]
19:50 <Neitiznot> Hi Habblet
19:51 <Habblet> Heya
19:52 <Dogfoger> habblet
19:52 <Dogfoger> just tell hallow my session ended
19:52 <Habblet> Ok
19:52 <Dogfoger> please
19:54 <Dogfoger> [[Demon Flash Mob]]
19:58 <Dogfoger> [[Demon slayer equipment]]
19:59 <Battleben> Transed the jungle demon. Now to try and fix his feet.
20:00 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
20:00 <Coelacanth0794> Who wears green trousers these days? That alone warrants death!
20:00 <Battleben> Quite.
20:01 <Coelacanth0794> i need to find a way to record that and make it my ringtone.
20:01 -!- Shaderunner27 has joined Special:Chat
20:01 <Shaderunner27> Hey guys
20:01 <Shaderunner27> I have a question
20:01 <Shaderunner27> I'm Combat 89, wishing to train it a bit higher, but I don't have much time lately. What's a good aggressive monster to auto retal AFK on?
20:02 -!- Omega Delta has joined Special:Chat
20:03 <Coelacanth0794> armoured zombies? experience changed dramatically with eoc
20:04 <Coelacanth0794> buck yeah biologist story success
20:04 <Shaderunner27> Where are those at?
20:04 <Omega Delta> Im back from that opera
20:04 <Omega Delta> ^_^
20:04 <Coelacanth0794> [[armoured zombie]]
20:04 <Shaderunner27> Thanks! ^o^
20:10 <Habblet> When are we making an alliance
20:11 <Omega Delta> HABBLET
20:11 <Omega Delta> I SED SOMETHING
20:11 <Habblet> What
20:11 <Habblet> That
20:11 <Omega Delta> I SED ILL REDO THE TRANS
20:11 <Habblet> You're back
20:11 <Omega Delta> AND YOU DID IT
20:11 <Habblet> From the Oprah
20:11 <Omega Delta> Yes
20:11 <Omega Delta> But why
20:11 <Habblet> [[File:Reldo.png]]
20:11 <Habblet> Oh
20:12 <Habblet> You meant redo
20:12 <Omega Delta> You said whole bodies are hard
20:12 <Habblet> I didn't say that
20:12 <Omega Delta> I mean he has a crack on his hands
20:12 <Habblet> I said that chatheads are easier because they are smaller
20:12 <Omega Delta> how am i gonna lasso that
20:12 <Omega Delta> yes
20:12 <Omega Delta> But people somehow manage to transparent whole bodies too
20:12 -!- Thefreeman500 has left Special:Chat.
20:12 <Omega Delta> I'm a human okay tell me soem good ideas
20:12 <Habblet> What
20:12 <Omega Delta> for the skull mercenaries
20:12 <Habblet> What ideas do you want to do a transparency?
20:13 <Omega Delta> Well,you see
20:13 <Omega Delta> The first skull mercenary with the axe
20:13 <Habblet> [[Skull mercenary]]
20:13 <Omega Delta> Has thsi arena between his chest and left arm
20:14 <Omega Delta> How do i trans that?
20:14 <Omega Delta> Should i lasso it alone
20:14 <Habblet> The background never usually matters unless
20:14 <Habblet> The colour is too similar to the NPC
20:14 <Habblet> Or for translucency purposes
20:14 <Omega Delta> But the grass is green i wanna remove it
20:14 <Habblet> Wait 
20:14 <Habblet> How did you do the chatheads?
20:14 <Omega Delta> Well i lasso them.....
20:14 <Habblet> Step by step, making a trail with lasso tool?
20:15 <Omega Delta> Then i add alpha channel
20:15 <Habblet> No
20:15 <Omega Delta> Well i draw the lasso line by line
20:15 <Habblet> First you add alpha channel, then alpha to selection then lasso
20:15 <Omega Delta> ._.
20:15 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
20:15 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
20:15 <Omega Delta> First i do lasso then alpha channel
20:15 <Habblet> What
20:15 <Omega Delta> This is what Spineweilder's guide says
20:15 <Omega Delta> It says
20:15 <Habblet> [[User:Spineweilder/Transparency guide]]
20:16 <Omega Delta> ''Make your lasso selection then add aplha channel''
20:16 <Omega Delta> yes that one
20:16 <Omega Delta> Add the lapha channel unless you have
20:16 <Omega Delta> it
20:16 <Omega Delta> On already
20:16 <Dogfoger> [[Black demon]]
20:16 <Habblet> Well anyway
20:17 <Habblet> Why do you need tips
20:17 <Battleben> I'm doing great on fixing his feet..
20:17 <Habblet> Do what you did on Burkor's chathead
20:17 <Habblet> Remember put lasso trails always one pixel inside the NPC
20:17 <Habblet> So there isn't bits of background around it
20:17 <Habblet> Or keep practicing with chatheads
20:17 <Habblet> And detailed items
20:18 <Battleben> 2 claws left
20:21 <Battleben> Done
20:22 <Battleben> Uploaded.
20:22 <Battleben> What do you think?
20:22 <Battleben> ([[File:Jungle_Demon.png]]
20:23 -!- ShadowPirateX has joined Special:Chat
20:23 -!- Light Matter has joined Special:Chat
20:23 <Light Matter> Hi :D
20:23 <Battleben> Hi.
20:24 <Habblet> [[Obelisk]]
20:24 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
20:24 <Light Matter> [[Damage cap]]
20:26 <Light Matter> ?
20:27 <Light Matter> Are you online people?
20:27 <Battleben> Bai.
20:27 <Battleben> I'm here, but not for much longer.
20:27 <Light Matter> What?
20:27 <Light Matter> Oh
20:27 <Battleben> FareI'm leaving LP
20:27 <Battleben> :P*
20:27 <Battleben> Farewell.
20:27 <Light Matter> Bye :P
20:28 -!- Battleben has left Special:Chat.
20:30 <The Mol Man> coel
20:30 <Coelacanth0794> ?
20:30 <The Mol Man> remember how you replaced alot of demon images?
20:30 <The Mol Man>
20:30 <The Mol Man> it's unused atm
20:30 <The Mol Man> do w/e you like with it
20:30 <Coelacanth0794> actually trying to pk dragon bots atm :p
20:30 <The Mol Man> teh wiki am more important
20:31 <Coelacanth0794> economy
20:31 <The Mol Man> Wikinomy 
20:34 <Light Matter> .
20:34 <Coelacanth0794> killed another
20:34  * TyA pokes The Mol Man
20:34 <The Mol Man> ?
20:35 <TyA> I have the right to say [email protected]@@
20:35 <The Mol Man> prove it
20:35 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
20:35  * TyA explodes
20:38 <Light Matter> .
20:39 <Light Matter> Is anyone online?
20:40 <Light Matter> Nope...
20:43 <Coelacanth0794> hm
20:43 <Habblet> Light
20:44 <Coelacanth0794> i slayed 3 bots
20:44 <Coelacanth0794> i\m gonna go to my class bbl
20:45 <Light Matter> Someone online finally
20:45 <Habblet> Quit your stalking
20:46 <Light Matter> I'm not stalking
20:47 <Light Matter> Demise,if i come to Runescape,i'm not stalking you
20:47 <Light Matter> I was following ShadowPirate
20:47 <Demise36> do you even play runescape
20:47 <Demise36> ???
20:47 <Light Matter> Yes
20:47 <Demise36> k
20:47 <Light Matter> Bye 
20:47 <Omega Delta> Excuse moi
20:47 <Demise36> tell me something about it
20:48 <Omega Delta> But ze second skull mercenary is quite difficult
20:48 <Omega Delta> I mean hsi right hand is completely messed up
20:48 <Omega Delta> And there is a part between his head
20:48 <Omega Delta> and the sword
20:50 <Omega Delta> Hmm....
20:51 <Omega Delta> I continue trans work tomorrow cause i have to go soon
20:51 <The Mol Man> Are demon mobs in set locations?
20:51 <The Mol Man> or just anywhere?
20:51 <Omega Delta> Now will anybody explain me
20:51 <Omega Delta> why are people so afraid
20:51 <Omega Delta> of the illuminati
20:51 <The Mol Man> They killed my gopher
20:52 <Demise36> illuwhat?
20:52 <The Mol Man> that's the spirit
20:52 <The Mol Man> fucking wiki isn't responding ._.
20:52 <The Mol Man> caek, joek
20:52 <The Mol Man> joey*
20:52 <Omega Delta> Illuminati
20:52 <Omega Delta> Everyone seems to talk about it and when i ask something
20:52 <Demise36> wtf is that
20:52 <Omega Delta> They start to explain and explain and explain
20:52 <Omega Delta> and explain
20:52 <Omega Delta> And when i go on Wikipedia it's even worse
20:53 <Omega Delta> I dont understand a thing for two reasons:
20:53 <The Mol Man> The just fuggedaboudit
20:53 <Omega Delta> First,English is my second language
20:53 <Omega Delta> Second,it's explained for Ainstein
20:53 <Omega Delta> NOT ME
20:53 <The Mol Man> fuggedaboudit is a made up liaison for a series of words
20:53 <The Mol Man> Just stop caring
20:54 <Omega Delta> Well all i know about those illucreepers is that they have secret meetings liek the Masons
20:54 <The Mol Man> the illuminati are all about unnecessary hype
20:54 <Omega Delta> Even thought Masons dont have secret meetings
20:54 <Omega Delta> I saw a group of MAsons in formal clothes
20:54 <Omega Delta> Going into a restaurant
20:54 <Omega Delta> with a box with the Masonic thingy on it
20:54 <Omega Delta> None of a big deal
20:54 <Omega Delta> Mason got his christmas present
20:54 <Omega Delta> But people seem so afraid from this illuminati
20:55 <Omega Delta> Because they were a group of evil people
20:55 <Omega Delta> who were antichrist fuggedaboudit
20:55 <The Mol Man> you should just stop...
20:55 <Omega Delta> Yes,i should.
21:00 <The Mol Man>  
21:00 <Omega Delta> Judeeeeey Garlaaaaand
21:00 <Omega Delta> She can sing,she can dance,and she will sweep up the stage too.
21:04 <Omega Delta> Ive officially changed to Daffy Duck
21:04 <Omega Delta> Because,he is my favourite duck
21:05 <Omega Delta> I loev his accent
21:07 <Omega Delta> -looks around-
21:07 <Omega Delta> Seems im left alone with Demise and Mol....
21:07 -!- SONGOKU900 has joined Special:Chat
21:10 <Dogfoger> omega
21:10 <Dogfoger> you talk too mcuh
21:10 <Dogfoger> much
21:11 <SONGOKU900> hey
21:12 <SONGOKU900> dog do you wanna become a mod and a admin
21:13 <The Mol Man> If you're going to do blatant scamming like that, I suggest you leave
21:13 <Dogfoger> coel
21:13 <Dogfoger> right  then
21:13 <Dogfoger> joey
21:14 <Dogfoger> huh
21:14 <The Mol Man> you have to say yay joey!
21:14 <The Mol Man> or caek
21:14 <Dogfoger> yay joey caek
21:14 <SONGOKU900> ...
21:15 <Dogfoger> bad joey
21:15 <SONGOKU900> who is joey
21:16 <The Mol Man> the caek man
21:17 <SONGOKU900> who is that
21:17 <Omega Delta> Dogfoger you know why i talk too much?
21:17 <Omega Delta> cos
21:17 <The Mol Man> Just some guy
21:17 <Omega Delta> im exeptional
21:17 <The Mol Man> No you ain't
21:17 <Omega Delta> I am
21:18 <Habblet> He is exeptional
21:18 <Habblet> Not exceptional
21:18 <The Mol Man> you just have diarrhea of the mouth
21:18 <Habblet> Verborrea
21:18 <Dogfoger>  think my pings are broken
21:18 <The Mol Man> probably
21:18 <Dogfoger> mol say dog
21:18 <The Mol Man> wikia is being laggy right now
21:19 <The Mol Man> dög
21:19 -!- Jayg90 has joined Special:Chat
21:19 <Dogfoger> k they're broken
21:19 <The Mol Man> or maybe I use an umlaut 
21:19 <The Mol Man> dog
21:19 <Dogfoger> YEY FLYNN
21:19 <The Mol Man> can you stop being randomly irrelevant?...
21:19 <Omega Delta> Im using lasso wrong
21:19 <Dogfoger> HAI FLYNN
21:19 <Omega Delta> Mol do you have a problem with me?
21:19 <Dogfoger> wo's flynn?
21:19 <Omega Delta> Owner of mace shop
21:19 <Dogfoger> mol has a problem with everyone
21:20 <Omega Delta> -nerd face-
21:20 <Dogfoger> Kane
21:20 <The Mol Man> On;y when you're being randomly irrelevant
21:20 <Ciphrius Kane> Yes Dog?
21:20 <Omega Delta> I dont even know what irrelevant means bro
21:20 <Omega Delta> so dat arguement you wanna start
21:20 <Omega Delta> is rlly
21:20 <Omega Delta> invalid
21:20 <The Mol Man> Ignorance of one party does not make the other invalid
21:20 <Omega Delta> Why are you explaining it to me like im a student
21:20 <The Mol Man> irrelevant means completely unrelated to what's going on
21:21 <Omega Delta> We arent partying right now
21:21 -!- 5parc mak has joined Special:Chat
21:21 <5parc mak> guys i need help
21:21 <Omega Delta> I dont see any confetti
21:21 <Omega Delta> This aint a party
21:21 <TyA> With what?
21:21 <Omega Delta> unless i bring confetti
21:21 <5parc mak> how to use the [contents] as a spoiler
21:21 <5parc mak> which code do i need?
21:21 <The Mol Man> party means a person or persons 
21:21 <Omega Delta> I knwo what's going on this chat squirrel
21:21 <5parc mak> like i click on it and then it send me to there
21:21 <Ciphrius Kane> You mean to make a table of contents?
21:21 <5parc mak> on the wikia
21:21 <Dogfoger> kane pm
21:21 <5parc mak> am adding pages tahts why
21:21 <5parc mak> any helpers?
21:21 <Ciphrius Kane> Omega, stop antagonising Mol
21:22 <Omega Delta> Storm Hawke has red hair
21:22 <Omega Delta> She likes punk and rock
21:22 <Omega Delta> and she lives on a boat
21:22 <Ciphrius Kane> I saw dog
21:22 <5parc mak> pfff no helpers?
21:22 <The Mol Man> 5parc mak, if you do mean a table of contents
21:22 <5parc mak> am asking for help while no1 is giving a try
21:22 <5parc mak> yes yes
21:22 <The Mol Man> it's automatically there after a certain number of headers
21:22 <Omega Delta> 5parc
21:22 <5parc mak> which i click on and i can hide and show it
21:22 <Omega Delta> What is yo prollem
21:22 <5parc mak> realy?
21:22 <The Mol Man> or if you really want one, you can use the magic word __TOC__
21:22 <5parc mak> are u sure?
21:23 <5parc mak> tyyyyy
21:23 <The Mol Man> __TOC__ will force the table of contents to appear where the __TOC__ is
21:23 <Omega Delta> I'm Storm from Britain.
21:23 <The Mol Man> so make sure you place it where you want it to go
21:23 <Omega Delta> I'm a school exchange visin
21:24 <Omega Delta> Ihopeyoull have fun with my images and you'll love the american accent too
21:24 <Ciphrius Kane> You're going to be kicked if you don't stop
21:24 <Omega Delta> I' stopping now.
21:24 <SONGOKU900> lol
21:24 <Omega Delta> Really.
21:24 <The Mol Man>
21:24 <Omega Delta> I jsut liek to be a clown V_V
21:24 <SONGOKU900> this is funny
21:25 <Dogfoger> A clown who doesn't know when to quit isn't a cown
21:25 <Dogfoger> clown* >.>
21:25 <SONGOKU900> <.<
21:25 <Omega Delta> Just because i have a stupid dream
21:25 <Omega Delta> >.>
21:25 <Omega Delta> I liek to make people laugh
21:25 <Omega Delta> if i make myself look liek an idiot
21:25 <Omega Delta> That's the whole point
21:25 <Omega Delta> But im stopping because i'm getting no success
21:28 -!- EpicPancakes has joined Special:Chat
21:28 <Dogfoger> pancakes
21:28 <EpicPancakes> Good aftanoon
21:28 <EpicPancakes> wat
21:28 <Dogfoger> <3
21:28 <EpicPancakes> watchu want, willis
21:28 <EpicPancakes> </3
21:28 <Omega Delta> Anybody know how do i change the eraser sizes on GIMMP
21:28 <TyA>
21:28 <Omega Delta> GIMP*
21:28 <Omega Delta> The toolbox managed to dissapear
21:28 <Omega Delta> >_<
21:29 <Dogfoger> try using the + sign
21:29 <Omega Delta> I want a smaller eraser
21:29 <Omega Delta> :L
21:29 <Dogfoger> herpaderp  use the - sign
21:29 <Dogfoger> durr
21:29 <Omega Delta> Doesnt work
21:30 <EpicPancakes> Try yelling at it
21:30 <Omega Delta> It zooms out pic
21:30 <EpicPancakes> Then yelling at it more
21:30 <Omega Delta> IM SERIOUS
21:30 <EpicPancakes> And if that doesn't work, get Samuel Jackson to do it
21:30 <Omega Delta> Listen up i have nerve problems
21:30 <Omega Delta> both on the internet
21:30 <EpicPancakes> Uh
21:30 <EpicPancakes> Okay...
21:30 <Omega Delta> and in real life
21:31 <EpicPancakes> Did I just leave
21:31 <Omega Delta> Just tell me how to change that god damn size
21:31 <Omega Delta> cause i must be in bed soon
21:31 <EpicPancakes> It's a miracle, I didn't disconnect
21:31 <Omega Delta> be quick.
21:31 <EpicPancakes> Change the size of the eraser?
21:31 <Omega Delta> yes
21:31 <Omega Delta> i want it smaller
21:31 <EpicPancakes>
21:31 <EpicPancakes> Tada
21:31 <EpicPancakes> Five seconds on google
21:32 <Omega Delta> OH god no
21:32 <Omega Delta> Im off
21:35 <EpicPancakes> Anways
21:36 <Habblet> [[Boss]]
21:37 <EpicPancakes> This is good bread
22:38 <EpicPancakes> And saying whew, that was close
22:38 <Secondchance975> 0_0
22:39  * Ciphrius Kane resumes the shining
22:39 <Secondchance975> lol
22:39 <EpicPancakes> The Shining
22:39 <Secondchance975> I haven't scammed since 2009
22:39 <EpicPancakes> Are you watching The Shining
22:39 <Secondchance975> when I decided it was wrong
22:39 <AnselaJonla> [[Talk:Player-owned_port/Random_events#Table vs List]]
22:39 <EpicPancakes> You still did it at one time
22:39 <AnselaJonla> Can someone help me with that?
22:39 <Secondchance975> four
22:39 <Secondchance975> freaking
22:39 <Secondchance975> years 
22:39 <Secondchance975> ago
22:40 <Secondchance975> Amnesty, please?
22:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh bad boy Second, bad bad boy
22:40 <Secondchance975> -.-
22:40 <AnselaJonla> Please put the entirety of your sentence on one line
22:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Prepare to meet your maker
22:40 <Secondchance975> I was just trying to emphasize it
22:40 <AnselaJonla> Well don't
22:40 <AnselaJonla> It's spammy
22:40 <Secondchance975> 0.0
22:41 <Ciphrius Kane> You ken summat, I'm not going to kick you
22:41 <Secondchance975> I've never seen the Shining, is it good for a 14.5 year old?
22:41 <AnselaJonla> Darling, your quote is about me :)
22:41 <Ciphrius Kane> Which one?  The maker one?
22:42 <EpicPancakes> They're good for any age
22:42 <EpicPancakes> Especially kids
22:42 <Secondchance975> My favorite quote from anything is Stop.... HAMMERTIME!!
22:42 <Secondchance975> lol
22:42 <AnselaJonla>
22:42 <Secondchance975> It's a horror movie
22:42 <Secondchance975> I should show my little sister.
22:42 <AnselaJonla> And does anyone know ANYTHING about wikitable coding, besides the basics?
22:42 <Secondchance975> Actually, that would be evil, she'd have llike a year of nightmares
22:42 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh my quote is a quote of what you said
22:42 <Secondchance975> I don't
22:43 <Secondchance975> Hey, at least I'm honest.
22:43 <Secondchance975> I'll be even more honest- I don't even know what wikitable coding IS.
22:43 <Ciphrius Kane> I find it funny how AnnoyingDerp is one of the top 25 despite not being here for 2 months
22:44 <Secondchance975>    No one ever fololows this
22:44 <Secondchance975> not even me.
22:44 <Secondchance975> "even"
22:44 <Secondchance975> Aight, I gtg
22:45 <Secondchance975> Adios my goog Sirs/Madams/things.
22:45 <Secondchance975> goog lol
22:45 <Secondchance975> *good
22:45 <EpicPancakes> Anyways
22:46 <AnselaJonla> Coel?
22:46 <AnselaJonla> Joey?
22:46 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
22:47 <Jr Mime> No
22:48 <AnselaJonla> Mime, you any good at wikitable coding?
22:48 <Jr Mime> Possibly
22:48 <AnselaJonla> - the table I made. Can you make the cells in the top section expand to fill the whole area?
22:49 <AnselaJonla> Problem is that the top section is only three colums, but the bottom is four
22:51 <Jr Mime> There's a space, but I fixed it
22:51 -!- Collin the Guardian Spook has joined Special:Chat
22:51 -!- Collin the Guardian Spook has left Special:Chat.
22:52 <AnselaJonla> I'd rather they were just one table
22:52 <Jr Mime> brb
22:52 <AnselaJonla> But I guess two tables works
22:53 <Jr Mime> Kk back
22:53 <Jr Mime> Hum, ima try something
22:54 -!- Callofduty4 has joined Special:Chat
22:55 <Jr Mime> Nope
22:59 <Coelacanth0794> hello
23:00 <AnselaJonla> Coel, help with something?
23:00 <Coelacanth0794> eh
23:01 <Coelacanth0794> and what's that
23:01 <AnselaJonla> - is there any way to make the top section of the table fill all the space?
23:01 <AnselaJonla> Or will it have to be two tables?
23:02 <Coelacanth0794> so to expand it across the entire page width
23:02 <Coelacanth0794> i'm not so sure for oasis
23:02 <Coelacanth0794> it may be possible but afaik the brighter brown is the limited area
23:02 <AnselaJonla> Not necessarily fill the page
23:03 <AnselaJonla> Just the whitespace within the table
23:03 <Coelacanth0794> hmm.
23:04 <Coelacanth0794> i think it's most likely possible but i'm not 100% sure how it'd work
23:04 <Coelacanth0794> the easiest solution may be to make a second table
23:04 <AnselaJonla> Which Mime already split it to
23:05 <Jr Mime> Yeah, Coel
23:05 <Jr Mime> Nub
23:05  * Coelacanth0794 eats mime
23:06  * Jr Mime eats EpicPancakes
23:06 <Jr Mime> [[RS:IRC|.]]
23:08 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
23:09 <AnselaJonla> Woulda been nice if Leon acknowledged my attempt at a compromise
23:09 <AnselaJonla> I mean, he had enough time to leave a pissy message
23:12 <Jr Mime> Joey
23:12 <Jr Mime> Joey joey joey
23:12 <Joeytje50> caek
23:12 <Jr Mime> Joey that is not supposed to be here
23:12 <Joeytje50> :c
23:12  * Joeytje50 criez
23:13 <Joeytje50> butbutbut caek
23:13 <Jr Mime> Ima get a reply on my 25 adoption requests by tomorrow/Friday :D
23:13 <Jr Mime> Oh and
23:13 <Jr Mime> Did you know
23:13 <Jr Mime> (caek)
23:13 <Joeytje50> :D:D:D
23:13 <Joeytje50> caek
23:13 <Jr Mime> brb
23:13 <Joeytje50> u sud try caek + honey
23:14 <Joeytje50> liek buttercaek + honey = ossum
23:19 <AnselaJonla> Joey, I learned something new today!
23:19 <Joeytje50> what's it?
23:19 <AnselaJonla> How to use colspan in a table
23:19 <AnselaJonla> Don't laugh. I know it's a tiny thing, but I didn't know how to do it before.
23:20 <Joeytje50> well anything you learn is good, so yey :D
23:20  * Joeytje50 gives ansela (caek)
23:20  * AnselaJonla is eating cream chocolate eclairs irl, which are a kind of cake, right?
23:20 <Ciphrius Kane> Aye
23:21 <AnselaJonla> Darling, you seen this one?
23:21 <Ciphrius Kane> Aye
23:21 <Ciphrius Kane> I linked it to you when you first introduced me to Erock
23:23 -!- RainbowDashful has joined Special:Chat
23:23 <RainbowDashful> Hey guys
23:24 <Ciphrius Kane> Hi
23:24 <RainbowDashful> [[MediaWiki:Chat.js]]
23:25 <Coelacanth0794> hi
23:25 <RainbowDashful> [[Chat.css]]
23:25 <RainbowDashful> [[MediaWiki:Chat.css]]
23:25 -!- RainbowDashful has left Special:Chat.
23:28 <Jr Mime> Back
23:29 -!- RainbowDashful has joined Special:Chat
23:29 <RainbowDashful> Can someone help me out?
23:29 <RainbowDashful> ??
23:30 <Ciphrius Kane> With?
23:30 <RainbowDashful> How big do the images have to be on the chat.css to fit in the Wiki chat?
23:30 -!- RainbowDashful has left Special:Chat.
23:30 -!- RainbowDashful has joined Special:Chat
23:31 -!- RainbowDashful has left Special:Chat.
23:31 -!- RainbowDashful has joined Special:Chat
23:31 -!- RainbowDashful has left Special:Chat.
23:31 -!- RainbowDashful has joined Special:Chat
23:31 <Ciphrius Kane> No idea sorry
23:34 <Jr Mime> Whyustealourchatsetings?!?!?
23:35  * Joeytje50 gtg
23:35 <Jr Mime> Cya
23:35 <Coelacanth0794> 7 bots killed at green drags
23:36 <Coelacanth0794> often the same ones
23:36 <Coelacanth0794> persistant bastards