RuneScape:Chat/Logs/2 February 2012

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[12:00] <BicycleCat> If you're unwilling to write the Controversy sections, then I guess I'll have to pick up the slack and write them.
[12:00] <BicycleCat> I don't know what to put though.
[12:00] <Dtm142> I know
[12:00] <Dtm142> Create [[Category:Vanity items]]
[12:00] <Edmyg> Controversial as they can be considered as microtransactions or RWT
[12:01] <Dtm142> Then add that category to [[Category:Jagex controversies]].
[12:01] <BicycleCat> That makes sense, Cam.
[12:01] <Edmyg> The latter of which is a banable offence under RS rules
[12:01] <Edmyg> Between players that is
[12:01] <Masterman467> *cracks fingers*
[12:01] <Coelacanth0794> cool story
[12:02] <Masterman467> bro
[12:02] <Seil> And the former of which Jagex said they would never implement into RuneScape though they might in future games(which they have)
[12:02] <Edmyg> I'm also annoyed now as I have work tomorrow on yet another of my alleged days off :| 
[12:02] <Dtm142> Haha
[12:02] <Seil> Though they've been finding ways around making them official microtransactions "technically"
[12:02] <Casting Fishes^^> noooo
[12:02] <Casting Fishes^^> was just
[12:02] <Casting Fishes^^> about to take a picture
[12:02] <Casting Fishes^^> and..
[12:02] <Casting Fishes^^> he moved
[12:02] <Edmyg> Does the FAQ for the katana still exist?
[12:02] <Casting Fishes^^> .-.
[12:02] <BicycleCat> Oh, heck with it. I'll just add a catch-all sentence or two to all the articles.
[12:02] <Dtm142> They don't call them microtransactions.
[12:03] <Dtm142> Semantics games.
[12:03] <Edmyg> Send them a dictionary with microtransactions highlighted and book marked
[12:03] <Cook Me Plox> hey, has anyone here not done let them eat pie
[12:03] <Edmyg> <-
[12:03] <Dtm142> Spellcheck doesn't like it.
[12:03] <Dtm142> I haven't.
[12:04] <Seil> Not so much semantics, it's loopholes/technicalities, they aren't selling the item, they're selling something else and giving the item alongside it =p 
[12:04] <Dtm142> Mostly semantics.
[12:04] <Cook Me Plox> Cam, I don't suppose you want to get some info for me? ;) 
[12:04] <Dtm142> What info>
[12:04] <Edmyg> How long is this quest? Can I do it under half hour?
[12:04] <Dtm142> For sure.
[12:04] <Cook Me Plox> like 10 minutes
[12:05] <Edmyg> K then. Guess I'll go login
[12:05] <Casting Fishes^^> I got bored
[12:05] <Edmyg> [[User:Edmyg]] (has link to game there)
[12:05] <Cook Me Plox> [[RS:NU%23Items|RS:NU#Items]] items and characters are missing
[12:05] <BicycleCat> Ah, forget it. I'm not racking my brain on what to write for each article.
[12:05] <Coelacanth0794> there is no AA
[12:05] <Coelacanth0794> bah1.
[12:05] <Casting Fishes^^> Coel.
[12:05] <Casting Fishes^^> Wanna see my options? :3
[12:05] <Edmyg> That all you need Cook?
[12:05] <Cook Me Plox> The Seal, maggoty flour, Forged letter, Rope arrow all need some information, if you could get them
[12:05] <BicycleCat> I'll just leave it alone for now.
[12:06] <Touhou FTW> rope arrow isn't part of the quest btw
[12:06] <Cook Me Plox> and then a couple characters..uh...most of the guys on [[RS:NU%23Characters|RS:NU#Characters]] have some purpose in the pie quest I think
[12:06] <Coelacanth0794> cook, i think we need more redirects to nonexistence
[12:06] <Casting Fishes^^> Coel: √
[12:06] <Edmyg> Lemme write all of this down
[12:06] <Casting Fishes^^> oops
[12:06] <Casting Fishes^^>
[12:06] <Techguy1001> ...
[12:06] <Techguy1001> Hello guys! Great to see ya!
[12:06] <Touhou FTW> hi
[12:06] <Smithing> Hey Tech
[12:07] <Techguy1001> :-D 
[12:07] <Coelacanth0794> cuz you're not on opengl or directx are you casting
[12:07] <Edmyg> Wait, you just want info for the red links?
[12:08] <Edmyg> PS, you might want to point out that we aren't working on RotM anymore
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> Coel..
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> Coell..... I love you so much right now
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> <3333333333
[12:08] <Coelacanth0794> ?
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> you just fixed my mouse problems
[12:08] <Coelacanth0794> howso
[12:08] <Cook Me Plox> yeah
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> WHen i clicked..
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> It used to click
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> an inch above where the cursor shows
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> and i changed to opengl
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> and it doesnt anymoar
[12:08] <Cook Me Plox> cam, there are a couple pages that already exist but are subpar
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> @@@@@@
[12:08] <Edmyg> Pm me them?
[12:09] <Coelacanth0794> (yes) 
[12:09] <Casting Fishes^^> Im like
[12:09] <Casting Fishes^^> so happy now
[12:09] <Coelacanth0794> and u cna use aa now probably
[12:10] <Cook Me Plox> sent
[12:10] <Cook Me Plox> Hi Ansela
[12:10] <AnselaJonla> Wow, busy in here tonight
[12:10] <AnselaJonla> Hi
[12:11] <Coelacanth0794> yes
[12:11] <Coelacanth0794> i did my fair share of images today i think
[12:11] <Cook Me Plox> :) 
[12:11] <Casting Fishes^^> yes i can
[12:11] <Casting Fishes^^> @@@
[12:11] <Cook Me Plox> so there are four pages that could really use creation/revamping
[12:11] <Casting Fishes^^> Ansela
[12:11] <Casting Fishes^^> Im happy
[12:11] <Coelacanth0794> i solved all casting's problems forever
[12:12] <AnselaJonla> Sorry Cook, I didn't get to those dungeons. Had to go for dinner
[12:12] <Cook Me Plox> It's fine ^_^
[12:12] <Cook Me Plox> I think we're doing okay now
[12:12] <Cook Me Plox> Taking two days to write four quest guides and completely redo two cities with 36 new characters
[12:13] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ (constitution) 's coel
[12:13] <Coelacanth0794> (yes) 
[12:13] <Dtm142> I'm still pissed at Jagex for not releasing this:
[12:13] <Dtm142>
[12:13] <Casting Fishes^^> This means..
[12:13] <Cook Me Plox> once we get all the quest stuff out of the way, then we'll just have some location pages, and then the NPCs
[12:13] <Casting Fishes^^> WHen i play rs i can also be here and i dont ahve to play in full screen mode:3
[12:13] <Edmyg> [[Let them Eat Pie]]
[12:14] <Cook Me Plox> and some monsters, mostly unimportant
[12:14] <Edmyg> {{Let Them Eat Pie]]
[12:14] <Dtm142> Too many idiots bitched about it, and most of them were completely uninformed.
[12:14] <Edmyg> Gah!
[12:14] <Edmyg> [[Let Them Eat Pie]]
[12:15] <Dtm142> Tip.It also published a hatchet job editorial criticizing it.
[12:15] <Coelacanth0794> or just do no caps edmyg
[12:15] <AnselaJonla> Tip.It complains about everything that doesn't fit their idea of efficiency
[12:16] <Dtm142> "Anyways, seems like the RuneScape community fails again :eyebrows:
[12:16] <Dtm142> I'd be more than happy to pay 10$ to secure my account, and if some bank space is included, even better!
[12:16] <Dtm142> Sadly, Jagex doesn't really have a choice, they probably don't want to make a HUGE loss from this project..."
[12:16] <Dtm142> Well said, sister.
[12:16] <Dtm142> "Yet another failing of the runescape community... I would pay for this even if it didn't come with bank space, it's just another measure to protect my account and I think $10 would be worthwhile to protect it considering how many hours i've spent on my account. "
[12:17] <AnselaJonla> Random person: I don't like pvp very much but I do like having sc tools, so I play with a non-combat group.
[12:17] <AnselaJonla> Tip.It: BURN IN HELL YOU NOOB!
[12:17] <Dtm142> "Pathetic. I really wonder who "hates jagex" because of this... Making a damn security key.
[12:17] <Dtm142> 
[12:17] <Dtm142> Poor guys. They have to satisfy 8 million pre-teen boys. :eyebrows:"
[12:17] <Dtm142> ^^ Perfectly said
[12:17] <Edmyg> Jeez Taverly is confusing now
[12:17] <Dtm142> Non-combat SC is stupid imo. But so are lots of's editorials.
[12:18] <Dtm142> There's this gem, for example:
[12:18] <Dtm142>
[12:19] <AnselaJonla> I hate pvp, and think that combat sc is the most annoying thing ever. I'd rather get my points in ten minutes without fighting than spend 5 minutes getting <20k and 15 trapped in abse
[12:19] <AnselaJonla> base*
[12:19] <BicycleCat> What exactly were Druid's robes used for by players?
[12:19] <Coelacanth0794> I really want an airhorn
[12:19] <BicycleCat> I know they have a slight prayer bonus, but that's all they've got.
[12:19] <Dtm142> Don't get trapped then.
[12:19] <Coelacanth0794> IRL, of course
[12:19] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ is very :-) (fishing) 
[12:19] <Dtm142> Make use of the fog, etc.
[12:20] <BicycleCat> I'm rewriting the [[Druid%27s robe|Druid's robe]] article to better make sense, and I need to know what exactly do players use them for.
[12:20] <Dtm142> Used in costumes in the RSC era
[12:20] <Dtm142> Pre-desert robes.
[12:20] <BicycleCat> Already mentioned.
[12:20] <Coelacanth0794> helm is strange
[12:21] <Dtm142> Once Tourist Trap, Kharidian desert, Shantay Pass, and Desert Robes came out they lost popularity.
[12:21] <BicycleCat> I've currently written "Druid's robes have a slight prayer bonus, making them useful for players who", and then I ran out of ideas.
[12:21] <Casting Fishes^^> hmm
[12:22] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ thinks
[12:22] <Coelacanth0794>
[12:22] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ notices that cook has been very friendly and talkative today
[12:24] <Coelacanth0794> a boy and his gourd
[12:24] <Casting Fishes^^> Lolol
[12:24] <Cook Me Plox> I have?
[12:24] <Cook Me Plox> No, I just order people around like an ass
[12:25] <Casting Fishes^^> I know, you've been more friendly today<3
[12:25] <Cook Me Plox> Am I not friendly at other times?!?!?!
[12:25] <Coelacanth0794> i like ordering helm around
[12:25] <Cook Me Plox> <3
[12:25] <Casting Fishes^^> >.> Sometimes you dont seem it
[12:25] <Exor Solieve> Cook, completed death's plateau, took images, however I dunno what really to put on npc pages :/ 
[12:26] <Cook Me Plox> lol, okay fish
[12:26] <Cook Me Plox> what pics you take?
[12:26] <Exor Solieve> Map is good enough, but [[Freda]] and [[Sabbot]] really don't have much else than to say they're married and they replaced so-and-so.
[12:27] <Exor Solieve> Freda chathead, new Freda (DAMN YOU LIGHTING DETAIL), Sabbot chathead, Dunston.
[12:27] <Coelacanth0794> ?
[12:27] <Cook Me Plox> any item pics?
[12:27] <Exor Solieve> I have a sammich :| 
[12:28] <Exor Solieve> Also, supplies for the extra part of the quest
[12:28] <Coelacanth0794> [[rabbit sandwich]]?
[12:28] <Exor Solieve> Yes
[12:28] <Exor Solieve> I'll do the dii
[12:28] <Cook Me Plox> [[survey]]?
[12:29] <Cook Me Plox> feesh, you doing wolf whistle still?
[12:29] <Coelacanth0794>
[12:29] <Exor Solieve> I mished the inventory image... but I have the image of what it shows
[12:29] <Cook Me Plox> okai
[12:30] <Coelacanth0794> cook tell me nwhat to get when i do that tomorrow
[12:30] <Cook Me Plox> o
[12:30] <Cook Me Plox> umm
[12:30] <Cook Me Plox> pretty much everything you can on [[RS:NU%23Characters|RS:NU#Characters]] that doesn't have a chat head or npc pic
[12:31] <Cook Me Plox> and then do a once-over on the page for grammar and format and whatever else, if you could
[12:31] <Exor Solieve> [[Category NPC chathead]]?
[12:31] <Cook Me Plox> Chat head images
[12:31] <Casting Fishes^^> [[skittlebrix%27s body|skittlebrix's body]]
[12:31] <Casting Fishes^^> wow
[12:32] <Casting Fishes^^> [[skittlebrix]]
[12:32] <Cook Me Plox> I thought it was stiklebrix
[12:32] <Casting Fishes^^> Do we need articles over that? :o. and.. 
[12:32] <Cook Me Plox> or not
[12:32] <Casting Fishes^^> your right
[12:32] <Casting Fishes^^> [[stikklebrix%27s body|stikklebrix's body]]
[12:32] <Casting Fishes^^> [[Stikklebrix]]
[12:32] <Cook Me Plox> [[dead body]]
[12:32] <Cook Me Plox> did the name of the right click change?
[12:33] <Coelacanth0794> [[[[]]deceased cadaver]]
[12:33] <Edmyg> What do you do for alch amounts if it won't alch?
[12:33] <Cook Me Plox> No
[12:33] <AnselaJonla> [[File:Search Stikklebrix.png]] - image of the search option
[12:33] <Coelacanth0794>
[12:33] <Cook Me Plox> high = No, etc
[12:33] <Cook Me Plox> Oh
[12:33] <AnselaJonla> Although that image needs retaking, I beliee
[12:33] <Cook Me Plox> You can move it to Stikklebrix's body if you'd like ^_^
[12:34] <AnselaJonla> Still needs retaking though, so the update timer isn't there
[12:34] <Cook Me Plox> yeah
[12:35] <Cook Me Plox> or tbh it could just be cropped
[12:35] <AnselaJonla> Hi Zombica
[12:35] <Zombica> hi?
[12:35] <Zombica> 
[12:35] <AnselaJonla> Feesh is ignoring meh :( 
[12:35] <Cook Me Plox> Hey Ansela, are you down for the dungeon articles?
[12:35] <AnselaJonla> Not logged in atm
[12:36] <Zombica> Um guys i need help. Im new in the Wiki....
[12:36] <Cook Me Plox> You came to the right place ^^
[12:36] <AnselaJonla> *pokes client* Load damnit
[12:36] <Zombica> How do i make the background Screenshots of monsters i've taken transparent like the others in the wiki?
[12:36] <Cook Me Plox> ooh, it gets kind of complicated, but...
[12:37] <Cook Me Plox> *finds link*
[12:37] <Cook Me Plox> [[User:LordDarkPhantom/Transparency guide]]
[12:37] <Zombica> O_O Thnx!!! <3
[12:37] <Cook Me Plox> Thank LDP, not me ;) 
[12:38] <Edmyg> start on [[File:Maggoty flour.png|this]] if you want. If not I'll do it/other tomorrow
[12:38] <Edmyg> others*
[12:38] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[12:39] <Cook Me Plox> I'll do it
[12:39] <Cook Me Plox> inventory trans only takes about 10 seconds
[12:39] <Edmyg> Gimp takes longer to load up ;) 
[12:39] <BicycleCat> Oh, wait. Druids are attackable again? *re-reads system update*
[12:39] <BicycleCat> Strange... The system update claims that "-Druid robes are once again obtainable from Chaos Druids."
[12:40] <BicycleCat> (facepalm) I see. The mod apparently meant Druids.
[12:40] <Coelacanth0794>
[12:40] <Cook Me Plox> yey feesh
[12:40] <Edmyg> Maggoty flour - check
[12:41] <Cook Me Plox> do you have a pic of the amulet?
[12:41] <Masterman467> im perma banned on like 5 wikis lol
[12:42] <Mike Kivail> what helmet best matches bandos?
[12:42] <Cook Me Plox> [email protected]#
[12:42] <Edmyg> Amulet? not that far yet :-P 
[12:42] <Casting Fishes^^> Cewk
[12:42] <Casting Fishes^^> I uploaded an image and it didnt work again, fix pls
[12:43] <Cook Me Plox> what didn't work aboot it
[12:43] <Casting Fishes^^> uhm
[12:43] <Casting Fishes^^> it no upload
[12:43] <Casting Fishes^^> liek da last
[12:44] <Cook Me Plox> o
[12:44] <BicycleCat> Okay, please check out the [[Druid%27s robe|Druid's robe]] article and see what you think, guys.
[12:44] <Cook Me Plox> it uploaded though
[12:44] <Casting Fishes^^> yush but its not linked to article
[12:44] <Cook Me Plox> good
[12:44] <Cook Me Plox> o
[12:45] <Edmyg> I've got a pic of [[Nails Newton]]'s chat head too
[12:45] <Cook Me Plox> awesome
[12:45] <Cook Me Plox> feesh, what do you use the amulet for
[12:45] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ doesnt know yet
[12:45] <Cook Me Plox> o
[12:45] <Cook Me Plox> okay :D
[12:45] <Casting Fishes^^> Im working on it xD
[12:46] <Casting Fishes^^> [[Wolf Whistle]]
[12:46] <Dominus Umbrae> anyone know what spiked gauntlets are for
[12:46] <Dominus Umbrae> doesn't seem to be a wiki on them
[12:46] <Cook Me Plox> [[spiked gauntlets]]
[12:47] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ sees my night is full of transing
[12:47] <Dominus Umbrae> gah i just looked and didnt see that page
[12:47] <Cook Me Plox> sometimes the cache doesn't work, dominus
[12:47] <Casting Fishes^^> We ninjas
[12:48] <BicycleCat> Unfortunately, the edit itself and the summary of the edit in the article history don't match up. I don't know why. =\
[12:48] <BicycleCat> Oh, wait. They do now. How strange...
[12:49] <BicycleCat> My eyes must have been playing tricks on me earlier.
[12:50] <Coelacanth0794> wat
[12:50] <Cook Me Plox> exor, did you get the examine of the [[survey]]
[12:51] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ huggles biek kitteh
[12:51] <Casting Fishes^^> <3
[12:54] <Casting Fishes^^> cewk
[12:54] <Casting Fishes^^> i found its use
[12:54] <BicycleCat> * BicycleCat huggles Fishes.
[12:54] <BicycleCat> Be back later. Off to eat dinner.
[12:55] <Casting Fishes^^> mmk
[12:55] <Casting Fishes^^> have fun
[12:55] <Cook Me Plox> amg
[12:55] <Cook Me Plox> wat use
[12:55] <Casting Fishes^^> giant wolpertinger pouch
[12:55] <Casting Fishes^^> >.> i added it to article
[12:56] <Casting Fishes^^> [[Bowloftrix]]
[12:56] <Casting Fishes^^> Mmmk i'll get image i tink
[12:57] <Smithing> Almost done :) 
[12:58] <Dominus Umbrae> do u guys think sara bow is worth getting
[12:58] <Casting Fishes^^> No
[12:58] <Casting Fishes^^> I don't, anyways
[12:58] <Dominus Umbrae> alright
[12:58] <Dominus Umbrae> zerker ring it is then
[01:00] <Dominus Umbrae> any of yall think dragon is gonna go up
[01:01] <Dominus Umbrae> cus of graphics update
[01:01] <Coelacanth0794> yes.
[01:01] <Dominus Umbrae> i think it'll go down.... cus the new armour is orange and ugly. blood red and gold trim is much better imo
[01:01] <Casting Fishes^^> [[Scalectrix]]
[01:03] <Coelacanth0794> wut
[01:03] <Casting Fishes^^> OMg
[01:04] <Casting Fishes^^> that chathead is horrible
[01:04] <Coelacanth0794> MADWORLD
[01:04] <Casting Fishes^^> ehrm
[01:04] <Casting Fishes^^> how do i move a page? Or can i not do that?
[01:04] <Coelacanth0794> gotta bne custodian
[01:04] <Coelacanth0794> be*
[01:04] <Casting Fishes^^> Ahh
[01:04] <Casting Fishes^^> who is?
[01:04] <Coelacanth0794> i am
[01:04] <Casting Fishes^^> I mean..
[01:05] <Casting Fishes^^> Like
[01:05] <Casting Fishes^^> I need an image renamed
[01:05] <Coelacanth0794> k
[01:05] <Casting Fishes^^> file..
[01:05] <Coelacanth0794> k
[01:05] <Coelacanth0794> tell me what to do
[01:05] <Casting Fishes^^> [[File:Scalectrix]] need that to be File:ScalectrixChathead
[01:05] <Casting Fishes^^> or something
[01:05] <Casting Fishes^^> oops
[01:05] <Casting Fishes^^> [[File:Scalectrix.png]]
[01:06] <Coelacanth0794> There we go
[01:06] <Casting Fishes^^> :o
[01:06] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ goes and sees
[01:06] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[01:07] <Coelacanth0794> moved to scalectrix chathead.png
[01:07] <Coelacanth0794>
[01:08] <Exor Solieve> cook, i haz inventory image of survey
[01:08] <Exor Solieve> also, dunstan is done :D
[01:10] <Cook Me Plox> [email protected]
[01:10] <Cook Me Plox> did you get teh examine of survey too?
[01:11] <Casting Fishes^^> wtf.
[01:11] <Casting Fishes^^> Im so confused..
[01:11] <123red619> hi
[01:11] <Smithing> hey
[01:12] <Casting Fishes^^> [[Bowloftrix]]
[01:12] <123red619> i need help making money lol
[01:12] <123red619> on rs
[01:12] <Cook Me Plox> uhh
[01:12] <Exor Solieve> I thought I did, but I think cc bumped it out ;-;
[01:12] <Cook Me Plox> does jatix no longer exist?
[01:12] <Cook Me Plox> okai exor, thanks
[01:12] <Exor Solieve> {{iii}}?
[01:14] <123red619> hey
[01:14] <Casting Fishes^^> [[Betamax]]
[01:14] <Cook Me Plox> [[Bettamax]]
[01:14] <123red619> how should you make money
[01:14] <Casting Fishes^^> mmk
[01:15] <Casting Fishes^^> Omg
[01:15] <Casting Fishes^^> i keep misclkcing and going through this cutscene 37372 times
[01:17] <Casting Fishes^^> [[Pompous merchant]]
[01:17] <Casting Fishes^^> [[Pompous Merchant]]
[01:18] <Casting Fishes^^> [[Burthorpe Refugee]]
[01:18] <Casting Fishes^^> :3
[01:18] <Casting Fishes^^> cewk
[01:18] <Casting Fishes^^> should we maek an article on burthorpe refugee?
[01:19] <Cook Me Plox> hmm
[01:19] <Cook Me Plox> Don't we have one lowercase?
[01:19] <Cook Me Plox> [[Burthorpe refugee]]
[01:19] <Cook Me Plox> is it uppercase ingame?
[01:19] <Casting Fishes^^> It's not supposed to be lowercase
[01:19] <Casting Fishes^^> Its uppercase in game
[01:19] <Casting Fishes^^> yeah
[01:20] <Exor Solieve> Cook, do we have some sort of category for read items or maps?
[01:21] <Cook Me Plox> uhh
[01:21] <Cook Me Plox> not sure if Texts & Tomes counts
[01:23] <Smithing> (pce) Bye guys
[01:23] <Exor Solieve> I just put it under maps :/ 
[01:24] <Exor Solieve> K, going to ooo [[supply]] and [[rabbit sandwich]]
[01:24] <Exor Solieve> then i am done for the day D:
[01:24] <Exor Solieve> HEY GURL~
[01:24] <Cook Me Plox> <3
[01:24] <Urbancowgurl777> hi boy
[01:24] <Casting Fishes^^> <3 fergie
[01:25] <Masterman467> who wants to play rune scape with me?
[01:25] <123red619> how should i make money
[01:25] <123red619> im playing rs atm
[01:25] <Masterman467> im so board
[01:25] <Masterman467> of that game
[01:26] <123red619> o
[01:26] <Seil> What's it like being a board?
[01:26] <Urbancowgurl777> lol
[01:26] <Masterman467> im an old player, i got the egg ring from back in the day
[01:26] <Masterman467> i can tern in to an easter egg
[01:26] <Seil> And I have a yo-yo
[01:26] <Urbancowgurl777> why is wikia spamming me about message wall
[01:26] <Seil> o-o
[01:27] <Urbancowgurl777> how is it at all helpful if the wiki they see the message on doesn't have message wall
[01:27] <Urbancowgurl777> stupid spam
[01:27] <Edmyg> I thought I might have a message for a sec, but no :| 
[01:27] <Masterman467> java need permision lol
[01:28] <Masterman467> im F2P lvl 40 somthing
[01:28] <Masterman467> rune stuff
[01:29] <Cook Me Plox> lol
[01:29] <Cook Me Plox> did they have that popup bubble for everyone?
[01:29] <Masterman467> idk
[01:29] <Exor Solieve> i did
[01:30] <Masterman467> whos on now, what world and whats your name?
[01:30] <Cook Me Plox> :x
[01:30] <Cook Me Plox> it's such an awful product
[01:30] <AnselaJonla> I go ti
[01:30] <Exor Solieve> also saw on my followed pages page a bunch of message walls in red text
[01:30] <Exor Solieve> was scared D:
[01:32] <Masterman467> is the stupid pvp thing on world one? (will i get killed)
[01:33] <Masterman467> ya there?
[01:33] <AnselaJonla> PvP is only in the wilderness
[01:33] <Masterman467> ok. thank you
[01:33] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ poeks a bot
[01:33] <123red619> who plays rs?
[01:33] <Masterman467> masterman467 talks in 3rd person
[01:33] <AnselaJonla> Erm... a good portion of this chat
[01:34] <Masterman467> i was last on 300 some days ago
[01:35] <Masterman467> AHHHH too high graphics
[01:35] <Techguy1001> anybody here kidna sick of runescape?
[01:36] <Techguy1001> i'm playin' a pretty sick MMORPG that you guys MAY like
[01:36] <Masterman467> i got a free gift of googles 
[01:36] <Masterman467> ya i got sick of it 300 some days ago
[01:37] <Cook Me Plox> [[Recommended Tasks]] <-- what is this
[01:37] <Edmyg> It's a series of tutorials
[01:38] <Edmyg> but not particularly useful for experienced players
[01:38] <AnselaJonla> You can ask most of the new NPCs for recommendations for training the skill they're associated with
[01:38] <Cook Me Plox> is it worth having a page for
[01:39] <Masterman467> lol low graphics now are 4 times beter than high a year ago
[01:39] <Edmyg> Possibly. It's like the lumbridge/draynor task list
[01:39] <Cook Me Plox> is there a set list?
[01:39] <Edmyg> Like the [[Wise Old Man]]s tasks
[01:39] <Edmyg> no idea
[01:39] <Edmyg> I only stumbled on it by chance
[01:40] <Masterman467> is a rune 2h helmet good?
[01:40] <Exor Solieve> cook
[01:40] <AnselaJonla> rune 2h helmet?
[01:40] <Masterman467> ya
[01:40] <Casting Fishes^^> [[Special:Upload]]
[01:40] <Edmyg> Per WOM article though, I'd merge them with the NPC article
[01:40] <Masterman467> f2p
[01:41] <Masterman467> thay fucked with the GE
[01:41] <AnselaJonla> Do you mean the rune full helm?
[01:41] <Masterman467> no
[01:41] <AnselaJonla> No swearing please
[01:41] <Masterman467> bucket head. 
[01:41] <Masterman467> sorry
[01:41] <AnselaJonla> Oh, rune helm (h2)?
[01:41] <AnselaJonla> I think it's just the same stats as one of the other rune helms
[01:41] <Masterman467> ok
[01:41] <AnselaJonla> [[rune helm]] [[rune full helm]]
[01:42] <AnselaJonla> rune full helm
[01:42] <Casting Fishes^^> Hmm
[01:42] <Casting Fishes^^> what else
[01:44] <Masterman467> big bones sell for a lot. i got 10 for some reason
[01:45] <Masterman467> ag thay sell quick
[01:45] <Casting Fishes^^> Uhm
[01:45] <Casting Fishes^^> what kind of image should be for [[Bowoftrix]]?
[01:45] <Casting Fishes^^> grr
[01:45] <Casting Fishes^^> [[Bowloftrix]]*
[01:46] <Cook Me Plox> what kind of image?
[01:46] <Casting Fishes^^> Like..
[01:46] <Edmyg> You mean the please add image? I guess a body shot
[01:46] <Casting Fishes^^> It doesn't really show him.
[01:46] <Casting Fishes^^> It just shows him when hes with teh trolls
[01:46] <Casting Fishes^^> in that big pot
[01:46] <Casting Fishes^^> then a sideways shot in a cutscene
[01:46] <William Lash> hey guys
[01:46] <Casting Fishes^^> hai
[01:46] <Edmyg> Let Fswe/Ben get it?
[01:47] <William Lash> ive tried updating the nature rune price
[01:47] <Edmyg> [[Nature rune]]
[01:47] <William Lash> and it updated in the market watch place
[01:47] <William Lash> but it wont update on the actual page
[01:47] <Masterman467> runescape cut scenes? wow i have been gone for a LONG time
[01:47] <William Lash> >.> and in turn wont update on the alchemy guide
[01:48] <Edmyg> There are cut scenes on [[Dragon Slayer]]....
[01:48] <Masterman467> never did that quest
[01:48] <Edmyg> The alch prices have changed again?
[01:48] <Edmyg> It's a RSC quest
[01:48] <Masterman467> i needed to train somthing but got board
[01:48] <Cook Me Plox> alch prices changed?
[01:48] <Cook Me Plox> oh, for natures.
[01:48] <Cook Me Plox> stupid.
[01:49] <Edmyg> [[Alchemy guide]]?
[01:49] <Cook Me Plox> hmm
[01:49] <Edmyg> Ah wait, the guide is based of the GE price
[01:49] <Spineweilder> appearance doesn't change for rock climbing boots
[01:49] <Cook Me Plox> I wonder if [[Black shield %28h2%29|Black shield (h2)]] still alchs for 10x as much as the others
[01:49] <Spineweilder> just letting u know :P
[01:49] <Spineweilder> 
[01:50] <William Lash> yeah nat runes are 267 now
[01:50] <William Lash> not 274
[01:50] <Edmyg> I thought we had a bot for this stuff?
[01:51] <Edmyg> Anyway, I see your problem. When yo go to change it, it reads 267 but the article price doesn't change
[01:51] <Edmyg> you*
[01:52] <William Lash> yea
[01:52] <Edmyg> Erm..Cook? It broke
[01:53] <William Lash> cuz i kinda need it for planning out how i can alch profitably/least cost
[01:53] <Masterman467> want a bow
[01:53] <Masterman467> i*
[01:53] <Edmyg> Surely you can calculate that yourself?
[01:53] <Masterman467> whats the basic one called?
[01:54] <Masterman467> so i can fined it on ge
[01:54] <Edmyg> [[Shortbow]]
[01:54] <Edmyg> or [[Longbow]]
[01:54] <Cook Me Plox> what broke?
[01:56] <Casting Fishes^^> Cook
[01:56] <Casting Fishes^^> wanna see the images i have of bowloftrix?
[01:56] <AnselaJonla> Night all
[01:56] <Edmyg> Night Ansela
[01:56] <Casting Fishes^^> Goodnight ansela
[01:57] <Cook Me Plox> sure feesh
[01:57] <Casting Fishes^^> I'll pm >.>
[02:02] <Casting Fishes^^> Mmmk.
[02:02] <Casting Fishes^^> bbl. 
[02:03] <Coelacanth0794> cabbage
[02:04] <Seil> ._.
[02:05] <Masterman467> y u no sell me bolts 4 runescape?
[02:05] <Coelacanth0794> Let Them Eat Cabbage
[02:08] <Masterman467> no one is selling bronze bolts?
[02:08] <Masterman467> i got ten so far
[02:09] <Edmyg> Making them is quicker :) 
[02:10] <Seil> People use bronze bolts? ._.
[02:11] <Edmyg> [[File:Forged letter.png|What happened here?]]
[02:11] <Edmyg> F2P use them with [[Phoenix Crossbow]] or just a normal c'bow
[02:11] <Edmyg> otherwise nope
[02:12] <Adam Savage> an admin should erase the redlinks on the main page
[02:12] <Masterman467> have a pheonix cross bow and im TP
[02:12] <Edmyg> Cook made that redlink though
[02:12] <Adam Savage> no
[02:12] <Adam Savage> Liquid helium did
[02:13] <Adam Savage> He's the one that deleted the portals
[02:13] <Masterman467> lol Adam, reference myth-busters much?
[02:13] <Rigged Hax> got my first basilisks head
[02:14] <Rigged Hax> woot
[02:15] <Adam Savage> :3
[02:15] <Masterman467> to kill hill giants... AWAY!!!
[02:15] <Coelacanth0794> grz
[02:15] <Adam Savage> coel
[02:15] <Adam Savage> do you know what colour the links are on this wiki?
[02:15] <Adam Savage> I forgot to put the hexadecimal on my subpage
[02:15] <Adam Savage> and now I don't have it D:
[02:16] <Adam Savage> and if anyone knows what colour the page background is :p
[02:17] <Masterman467> this is pain ful to watch lol
[02:18] <Masterman467> oget bows, im geting meh rune simi
[02:18] <Masterman467> forget*[04:15] <Coelacanth0794> We should take fergs
[04:15] <Coelacanth0794> and mount a chainsaw on her arm
[04:15] <Sum1 0 o> RSChatBot doesn't respond when you ask the date
[04:15] <Coelacanth0794> anyways, gnight
[04:15] <Seil> ._.
[04:16] <Sum1 0 o> I lost my mouse so I had to use my bros for awhile and he had to use the old one and now he wants it disinfected
[04:16] <Liquidhelium> 04:15 RuneScape:Chat/Logs/2 February 2012‎ (diff | hist) . . (-2,034,013) . . Sentra246 (T
[04:16] <Liquidhelium> wow :o
[04:16] <Liquidhelium> that's quite a mouthful
[04:16] <ZamorakO o> bah, restarting it
[04:17] <ZamorakO o> Note: Large amounts of spam makes it crash
[04:17] <Hairrazerrr>
[04:17] <Hairrazerrr> admin press
[04:17] <Hairrazerrr> now
[04:17] <Sum1 0 o> i Iz A pUrE cHaOs CrEaTuRe
[04:17] <Liquidhelium> large amounts of spam would make anything crash
[04:18] <Sum1 0 o> Didn't make my comp crash
[04:18] <Sum1 0 o> :D
[04:18] <Urbancowgurl777> *presses then closes*
[04:18] <ZamorakO o> Now that chatlog is in 3 pieces in its history >_<
[04:18] <Hairrazerrr> [email protected]#$
[04:18] <Hairrazerrr> Y u do this to meh
[04:18] <Sum1 0 o> No swearing please.
[04:19] <Hairrazerrr> I wasn't swearing?
[04:19] <Sum1 0 o> uhh
[04:19] <Sum1 0 o> You said [email protected]#$
[04:19] <Liquidhelium> Fergs, won't you say hi to me tonight? D:
[04:19] <Hairrazerrr> symbols = swearing? weird.
[04:19] <Seil> Since when does furiously hitting symbols mean swearing?
[04:20] <Hairrazerrr> Maybe it means... I was raging? :o
[04:20] <Sum1 0 o> Well I heard idk who said it but it was "We are intelligent people, We don't swear; even if it's censored"
[04:20] <Urbancowgurl777> leave the chat mods to the chat modding
[04:20] <Sum1 0 o> I think it was Urbanciwgurl
[04:20] <Sum1 0 o> cow*
[04:20] <Hairrazerrr> thanks fergie...
[04:21] <Urbancowgurl777> o.o that doesn't sound like something i would say
[04:21] <Sum1 0 o> Then Hair
[04:21] <Sum1 0 o> Yes it was Hair
[04:21] <Urbancowgurl777> whoever it was
[04:21] <Urbancowgurl777> like i said. leave the chat mods to the chat modding
[04:21] <Urbancowgurl777> ;3=
[04:21] <Liquidhelium> Fergs D:
[04:21] <Sum1 0 o> chat mods mod the chat?
[04:21] <Hairrazerrr> mhm
[04:22] <Seil> Usually, yes, that's what a chat mod is for o.o
[04:22] <Sum1 0 o> It has 2 meaning
[04:22] <Sum1 0 o> s
[04:22] <Urbancowgurl777> i'm fairly certain you know what i mean
[04:22] <Sum1 0 o> Chat mods moderate the chat or Chat mods mod the chat
[04:22] <Urbancowgurl777> dbad
[04:22] <Seil> Your second one should say "modify" not mod
[04:22] <Seil> So you failed =p 
[04:22] <Sum1 0 o> nou!
[04:23] <Hairrazerrr> i think I am just going to leave now...
[04:23] <Seil> Lol
[04:23] <Sum1 0 o> nouuuu!
[04:23] <Hairrazerrr> yeah
[04:23] <Liquidhelium> Fergs, you there? O_o
[04:23] <Urbancowgurl777> what
[04:23] <Hairrazerrr> bye
[04:23] <Liquidhelium> I've said hi to you at least 3 times today
[04:23] <Urbancowgurl777> hi
[04:23] <Liquidhelium> you won't say hi back D:
[04:23] <Liquidhelium> did I say something to piss you off?
[04:23] <Urbancowgurl777> you do daily <.<
[04:23] <Liquidhelium> what
[04:23] <Seil> Lol
[04:23] <Liquidhelium> :( 
[04:25] <Urbancowgurl777> <Nub_Adam> I don't speak 15 language <Nub_Adam> I speak 3 <Nub_Adam> Only 1 fluently, 1 semi.
[04:25] <Seil> Where'd the third go o.o
[04:25] <Seil> WITCH
[04:26] <Urbancowgurl777> witch?
[04:26] <Urbancowgurl777> killing zombies? <.<
[04:26] <Seil> They made the third language disappear!
[04:26] <Seil> SORCERY THIS IS
[04:26] <Urbancowgurl777> lol
[04:26] <Casting Fishes^^> hai
[04:26] <Liquidhelium> hello Fish
[04:26] <Urbancowgurl777> that's why i saved the quote and made it my irc greet <3
[04:26] <Seil> Hello
[04:26] <Seil> I haven't been in IRC in a long time, and the wiki IRC even longer
[04:26] <Sum1 0 o> /nick cookie
[04:27] <Urbancowgurl777> i join irc daily, but not the wiki's channel
[04:27] <Sum1 0 o> haxors
[04:27] <Urbancowgurl777> [Tue-Dec 13, 2011; 10:26am] -MemoServ- Stelercus has read a memo from you sent at Feb 07 09:21:56 2011
[04:27] <FreeJuice>
[04:27] <Seil> I rarely have a channel that I want to hang out in on IRC, when something suddenly catches my attention I use it for awhile again, and then the interest fades and I stop again lol
[04:28] <Sum1 0 o> NeXtStep
[04:28] <ZamorakO o> He's on the ball
[04:28] <Liquidhelium> (fishing) , we need more timber in the citadel
[04:28] <Liquidhelium> but I need to get back to my cube
[04:28] <Urbancowgurl777> i thought about making a channel on freenode for cool people only <3
[04:28] <Liquidhelium> can you do the (cake) bribe thing again?
[04:28] <Urbancowgurl777> but my hatred for freenode prevents me from doing so
[04:28] <Casting Fishes^^> Yeh, but im maxed lol
[04:28] <Liquidhelium> Why do you hate Freenode? :o
[04:28] <Sentra246> can i join fergie? :) 
[04:28] <Casting Fishes^^> Give me a few minutes to make sure I don't get caught being up >.>
[04:28] <Urbancowgurl777> if it existed <.<
[04:28] <FreeJuice> How come on the RS Wiki Homepage, says I'm not logged in?
[04:28] <Liquidhelium> hehe alright
[04:28] <Sum1 0 o> I geev you caek for 500k (caek) 
[04:29] <FreeJuice> When I log-in says I'm already logged in
[04:29] <Liquidhelium> It's 11:30, I'm still in the studio >_<
[04:29] <ZamorakO o> Fergie, I could make it for you if you want >_>
[04:29] <Urbancowgurl777> force refresh maybe
[04:29] <Liquidhelium> I wonder if I'll ever sleep tonight
[04:29] <Urbancowgurl777> thanks, that defeats the purpose
[04:29] <ZamorakO o> lol
[04:29] <Sum1 0 o> FreeJuice how long has it been doin that
[04:29] <FreeJuice> Noone answered...
[04:29] <Sentra246> what if you make it on another network?
[04:29] <Urbancowgurl777> i said force refresh
[04:29] <FreeJuice> @Sum, all wikis
[04:29] <ZamorakO o> Fergie, what other networks do you use?
[04:29] <Urbancowgurl777> i have a channel on another network actually
[04:29] <FreeJuice> Tried refreshing
[04:29] <Urbancowgurl777> none you've ever heard of
[04:29] <ZamorakO o> Pff
[04:29] <Sentra246> orly?
[04:30] <ZamorakO o> Probably right
[04:30] <Urbancowgurl777> Andorin used to join it with me
[04:30] <Urbancowgurl777> then i banned him and he stopped ^-^
[04:30] <ZamorakO o> lol
[04:30] <Liquidhelium> ugh
[04:30] <Liquidhelium> my head is spinning from all these measurements :( 
[04:30] <Urbancowgurl777> i tried making a java chat applet within my userspace but it can't be done
[04:30] <Urbancowgurl777> mediawiki derps it
[04:30] <Sum1 0 o> II aamm ggooiinngg ttoo ttaallkk lliikkee tthhiiss nnooww
[04:31] <Sum1 0 o> ::DD
[04:31] <Urbancowgurl777> if you want to get kicked, go for it
[04:31] <Sentra246> nooo yyourr nottt
[04:31] <ZamorakO o> Even with the verbatim tag? 
[04:31] <FreeJuice> Editing a page that is locked says that I have to log-in, I'm already logged in. Help
[04:31] <Sum1 0 o> ::oo
[04:31] <Urbancowgurl777> idr Zam, i tested it a long time ago
[04:31] <Urbancowgurl777> which page FreeJuice?
[04:31] <FreeJuice> From another wiki
[04:31] <Urbancowgurl777> ..ask on that wiki <.<
[04:31] <Sentra246> how old is your account?
[04:31] <FreeJuice> Also a wikia
[04:31] <FreeJuice> 2 weeks?
[04:32] <FreeJuice> @Urban, they don't a chat
[04:32] <Sentra246> link the page?
[04:32] <ZamorakO o> TheSimsSocial?
[04:32] <Urbancowgurl777> x_x
[04:32] <FreeJuice> Lol stalker @zamorak
[04:32] <ZamorakO o> It's my job <3
[04:32] <Casting Fishes^^> /me hides under blanket
[04:33] <Casting Fishes^^> mmmmk liquid ima log on
[04:33] <Sentra246> ps, it wasn't hard for him to work out :P
[04:33] <Liquidhelium> alright (fishing) 
[04:33] <Liquidhelium> thanks! (hp) 
[04:33] <Casting Fishes^^> :D
[04:33] <Casting Fishes^^> (constitution) 
[04:33] <Liquidhelium> hmm
[04:33] <Casting Fishes^^> lemme find pen drive so i can finish up what i was doing earlier too
[04:33] <ZamorakO o> I didn't even have to use Google
[04:33] <Urbancowgurl777> we can't help you if you dun listen ;3=
[04:33] <Urbancowgurl777> Sentra asked for a link
[04:33] <Liquidhelium> there has to be some icon for a fish that doesn't have a hook in its mouth
[04:34] <Casting Fishes^^> Lolol
[04:34] <Urbancowgurl777> s<><
[04:34] <ZamorakO o> [[w:c:thesimssocial:]] is a link if he still wants it
[04:34] <Sentra246> i meant a link to the page...not the wiki
[04:34] <Urbancowgurl777> that's not the link to the page he's tryign toe dit..
[04:34] <Urbancowgurl777> ksfaojifsdj typos
[04:34] <Casting Fishes^^> <><3
[04:34] <Casting Fishes^^> that's my thing:3
[04:34] <Casting Fishes^^> Heartfishy
[04:34] <Casting Fishes^^> My signature thingie
[04:35] <Casting Fishes^^> well.
[04:35] <Casting Fishes^^> Whatever im tired
[04:35] <FreeJuice> Anybody tried Chat Chat?
[04:35] <Urbancowgurl777> .
[04:35] <Urbancowgurl777> *gives up*
[04:35] <Casting Fishes^^> /me gives up with fergiee
[04:35] <Urbancowgurl777> i'm gonna shower and get in bed
[04:35] <Urbancowgurl777> you should sleep Fisheh
[04:35] <Urbancowgurl777> ^-^
[04:35] <Liquidhelium> bye fergs (hp) 
[04:35] <Casting Fishes^^> meh
[04:35] <Urbancowgurl777> buhbai
[04:35] <Seil> Cya
[04:35] <Casting Fishes^^> /me has promised atheist i wouldnt go to bed cus he told me to 
[04:36] <Casting Fishes^^> he tells me to go to bed, and i stay up:3 rebel
[04:36] <Liquidhelium> god damn...... 1/4 inch sticks are so annoying to use!
[04:36] <Snakeboy311> Hey guys
[04:36] <Casting Fishes^^> Hai
[04:36] <Seil> That's what she said?...
[04:36] <Liquidhelium> I can't cut them with an x-acto knife because they're too thick
[04:36] <Sum1 0 o> You're such a bad donkey feesh
[04:36] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[04:36] <Liquidhelium> I can't cut them with the bandsaw because they're too think
[04:36] <Liquidhelium> sigh.
[04:36] <Snakeboy311> I've got a question
[04:36] <Sum1 0 o> donkey = a** feesh
[04:37] <Snakeboy311> Is taverley and burthourpe available to free users now?
[04:37] <FreeJuice> Nope
[04:37] <Sum1 0 o> Nope
[04:37] <FreeJuice> :o copier ^
[04:37] <Snakeboy311> Well then wats the point of the tutorial there
[04:37] <Sum1 0 o> nou! i lost
[04:37] <Sentra246> it's a members tutorial
[04:37] <Sum1 0 o> It's for new members
[04:37] <FreeJuice> For new members
[04:37] <FreeJuice> @Sum Y U COPY ME
[04:37] <Sum1 0 o> u copy meh
[04:37] <FreeJuice> nou
[04:37] <Seil> They over-nubbified it though
[04:37] <Seil> I think a new member should know how to ADJUST THE CAMERA
[04:38] <Seil> @[email protected]
[04:38] <Sum1 0 o> ikr
[04:38] <FreeJuice> Lol
[04:38] <FreeJuice> And why is the Tutorial on Members?
[04:38] <Snakeboy311> Oohh..but it has all the free users skills AND it's introducing u to the game, like u have only just started playing. I dont get it
[04:38] <FreeJuice> And no Tutorial for F2P
[04:38] <Casting Fishes^^> awhh
[04:38] <Casting Fishes^^> im gonna get caught:3
[04:38] <Seil> F2P players get bugged nonstop about things when they start
[04:38] <Sum1 0 o> theres a Task list tutorial
[04:38] <Seil> lol
[04:38] <Sum1 0 o> But that sucks
[04:39] <Sum1 0 o> Tut island was wayy better
[04:39] <Snakeboy311> But I must say the new graphical updates and the future graphical updates for armor look bad ass
[04:39] <FreeJuice> I liked tut island
[04:39] <FreeJuice> I liked the new steel armour lol
[04:39] <Seil> I would like the tav/burthorpe update more if it didn't involve a FPS drop for even good computers
[04:39] <Snakeboy311> Go north of galas or and check out the new rmor detail
[04:39] <Seil> Bad coding
[04:39] <Seil> x.x
[04:39] <Snakeboy311> Falador*
[04:40] <Casting Fishes^^> Liquid comehere
[04:40] <FreeJuice> I would like a safer safe mode graphics, safe mode still makes me hang
[04:40] <Sum1 0 o> It actually gave you items to start off with and didn't just point arrows to do SIMPLE tasks; they teach you to mine copper and tin while tut island had clay
[04:40] <Snakeboy311> Dragon armor, infinity robes and armadyl look baws
[04:40] <Snakeboy311> Baws*
[04:40] <FreeJuice> Paws*
[04:40] <Snakeboy311> Dam u auto correct
[04:40] <FreeJuice> You don't have auto-correct on PC's and Mac's? o.O
[04:40] <FreeJuice> Y U RUNNING ON IPAD
[04:41] <FreeJuice> *awkward silence*
[04:41] <Casting Fishes^^> mmk
[04:41] <Casting Fishes^^> wow glitch
[04:41] <Seil> ?
[04:42] <Snakeboy311> iPads r stupid I kno
[04:42] <FreeJuice> WoW Glitch?
[04:42] <Snakeboy311> I have to say th taverley update was the best in jan
[04:42] <Sum1 0 o> Mac's have auto-correct now
[04:42] <Sum1 0 o> DAM YOU APPLE
[04:42] <FreeJuice> WHAT?!
[04:42] <Snakeboy311> Well, gotta go, catchyas later.
[04:42] <Sum1 0 o> They do
[04:42] <Sum1 0 o> I used to have it but turned it off
[04:43] <Seil> I cut off autocorrect on any idevice I have
[04:43] <Casting Fishes^^> Nou
[04:43] <Sum1 0 o> Now that auto-correct is gone, I can actually use grammar for some reason.
[04:43] <Casting Fishes^^> Thats android
[04:43] <Casting Fishes^^> <3
[04:43] <FreeJuice> I only use auto-correct when I speak English, but I speak in another language :L
[04:43] <Seil> Despite being a tech geek, I dislike android.
[04:44] <FreeJuice> :o
[04:44] <Seil> I like the concept, hate the way it's actually handled.
[04:44] <FreeJuice> Then install it on your laptop?
[04:44] <Sum1 0 o> I used to be all like "hey dood do u have a rune scim i can buy?"
[04:44] <FreeJuice> I used to be all like "hey dood nice black mace, cna i have it?"
[04:44] <Sum1 0 o> "black mace" ...
[04:45] <FreeJuice> Lol, I only had like 10k max before
[04:45] <Seil> People use maces?
[04:45] <FreeJuice> People use weapons?
[04:45] <Sum1 0 o> "black mace" "nice" "cna i have it?"
[04:45] <FreeJuice> I was a nub before, ok?
[04:45] <FreeJuice> It was like 2004 or something
[04:45] <Sum1 0 o> no not in that way
[04:46] <ZamorakO o> I'm off to bed
[04:46] <FreeJuice> Oh, "black mace' "nice" ?
[04:46] <FreeJuice> Night' stalker
[04:46] <Sum1 0 o> $3xu4ll way
[04:46] <Casting Fishes^^> Mmk.
[04:46] <Sum1 0 o> I have to go to bead now
[04:46] <Casting Fishes^^> So.. Image this , with black lines all over it 
[04:46] <Sum1 0 o> bed*
[04:46] <Casting Fishes^^>
[04:47] <FreeJuice> A Mac :o
[04:47] <Seil> Lol
[04:47] <Seil> ._.
[04:47] <Sum1 0 o> I haz a mac too!
[04:47] <Sum1 0 o> :D
[04:47] <FreeJuice> I want to haz a Mac D:
[04:47] <Seil> I like mac hardware, not so much the OS
[04:47] <Sum1 0 o> iMac base model 2011 hah but it still is pretty good
[04:47] <FreeJuice> Hey, can I add you?
[04:47] <Seil> x.x
[04:47] <Sum1 0 o> MAC HARDWARE?
[04:47] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[04:48] <Casting Fishes^^> i liekmac
[04:48] <Seil> Macs are sexy machines
[04:48] <Sum1 0 o> ikr
[04:48] <Seil> But the OS is ugly to me
[04:48] <FreeJuice> Why is screen resolution 1024x640? lol
[04:48] <Seil> and it's awful for gaming
[04:48] <Sum1 0 o> But the hardware is so expensive
[04:48] <FreeJuice> Use a virtual machine @seil
[04:48] <Sum1 0 o> ^
[04:48] <Seil> Who would use a virtual machine? Just install another OS on the thing lol
[04:48] <Sum1 0 o> I have one but I don't use it much
[04:48] <FreeJuice> I do @seil
[04:48] <Seil> Bleh
[04:49] <FreeJuice> D:<
[04:49] <Sum1 0 o> 1 time I had to reinstall the virtual machine because I didn't use for a long time
[04:49] <Sum1 0 o> Anyway
[04:49] <Sum1 0 o> bai
[04:49] <Sum1 0 o> gnoght
[04:49] <FreeJuice> kbai
[04:49] <Sum1 0 o> gnight*
[04:49] <FreeJuice> It's morning here
[04:50] <FreeJuice> Hey
[04:50] <Atheist723> Hi everyone.
[04:50] <FreeJuice> Lol
[04:50] <Seil> Even if you want to keep OSX, it would make more since to use Bootcamp than to use a virtual machine, especially if you're looking for proper functionality
[04:50] <Seil> x.x
[04:50] <FreeJuice> Just said Hi and left
[04:50] <FreeJuice> I like Ubuntu more
[04:50] <Casting Fishes^^> :3
[04:51] <Casting Fishes^^> He's nub<3
[04:51] <FreeJuice> What?
[04:51] <ZamorakO o> I lied
[04:51] <Casting Fishes^^> Zammehh
[04:51] <FreeJuice> Lol
[04:51] <ZamorakO o> [[homepage:Special:Crunchyroll]] is neat
[04:51] <FreeJuice> Lol
[04:51] <Seil> Linux is awful for gaming too lol >.< I do like BackTrack though for forensics etc etc
[04:52] <ZamorakO o> Agreed Seil
[04:52] <FreeJuice> @Seil, install Wine
[04:52] <FreeJuice> and drink Wine also
[04:52] <Seil> You obviously aren't a serious PC gamer if you suggest WINE for games
[04:52] <Seil> lol
[04:52] <FreeJuice> I don't do hard gaming...
[04:53] <FreeJuice> Y IS SKYRIM ON ALL WIKIS
[04:54] <Seil> Put Skyrim on ALL the wikis!
[04:54] <Seil> ._.
[04:54] <Ajraddatz> hi
[04:54] <Casting Fishes^^> ajrrrr
[04:54] <Ajraddatz> (troll) lol
[04:54] <FreeJuice> Hello
[04:55] <Ajraddatz> hi
[04:55] <Ajraddatz> amg stalker bot
[04:55] <Ajraddatz> D:
[04:55] <Seil> Dun dun dunn
[04:55] <FreeJuice> what's Amg?
[04:56] <ZamorakO o> It's the cool non-conformist hipster way of saying omg
[04:56] <FreeJuice> Lol
[04:57] <Ajraddatz> im cool hipster yo
[04:58] <Seil> With the growing number of hipsters, being a hipster will soon be in conflict with the hipster lifestyle @[email protected]
[04:58] <FreeJuice> Saying Hipster 3 times is kinda weird
[04:58] <FreeJuice> 3 times in a sentence*
[04:58] <Seil> Saying anything 3 times is weird
[04:58] <ZamorakO o> /me wanders off to watch anime
[04:58] <Seil> WHICH?
[04:58] <Seil> lol
[04:59] <FreeJuice> omg
[04:59] <Seil> amg*
[04:59] <Seil> =p 
[04:59] <FreeJuice> my cat sat on the kitchen counter D:
[04:59] <ZamorakO o> Squid Girl
[04:59] <Seil> Ah x.x no interest
[04:59] <Seil> I'm watching a lot of the currently airing ones though lol
[05:00] <ZamorakO o> lol
[05:00] <Seil> Guilty Crown's probably my favorite of last season, haven't decided if it still is this season
[05:00] <FreeJuice> Is that an Anime show?
[05:00] <FreeJuice> Lol
[05:01] <Seil> Anime show is redundant =p 
[05:01] <FreeJuice> I dun like anime
[05:01] <Seil> Poor pitiful creature you =( gods that may or may not exist bless their soul
[05:01] <FreeJuice> What?
[05:02] <Seil> Exactly.
[05:02] <FreeJuice> How come people always say that >_>
[05:02] <Seil> Because we can and it's free.
[05:02] <FreeJuice> Oh, so there is paid words?
[05:02] <FreeJuice> Like?
[05:03] <Seil> Anything that legally requires a license to use assuming the license holder enforces it.
[05:03] <FreeJuice> an example of paid words : paid
[05:04] <A Level 2 Cow> Haiiii Ppplzzz!
[05:04] <FreeJuice> Hi Plz?
[05:05] <A Level 2 Cow> Wha?
[05:05] <FreeJuice> How do you fix Runescape turning white?
[05:06] <Seil> Racist.
[05:06] <FreeJuice> Lol
[05:06] <FreeJuice> Seriously
[05:06] <Seil> Hasn't happened to me in literally years
[05:06] <Seil> And back then I just changed tabs and changed back in the browser lol
[05:07] <FreeJuice> Did you know there is A Level 1 Cow?
[05:07] <A Level 2 Cow> There is? :O
[05:07] <Casting Fishes^^> yey
[05:07] <Casting Fishes^^> Mynubcame<3
[05:07] <Seil> ._.
[05:08] <A Level 2 Cow> Haii Fishes :DDD
[05:08] <Casting Fishes^^> Haicowie<3
[05:09] <A Level 2 Cow> Amg
[05:10] <A Level 2 Cow> Theres a freaking baby troll named Santa Hat
[05:10] <Seil> That's nothing lol
[05:10] <Seil>
[05:11] <A Level 2 Cow> what
[05:11] <Seil>
[05:12] <A Level 2 Cow> holy shiz
[05:12] <Casting Fishes^^> omg
[05:12] <Casting Fishes^^> lolol
[05:12] <Casting Fishes^^> photoshopped? :D
[05:13] <Seil> No, I think it was a jmod in invisimode trolling people though
[05:13] <Seil> I'm sure there are legit ones though
[05:15] <Seil> Bah, boredom x.x
[05:16] <A Level 2 Cow> Amg when r they gonna update drag armour!
[05:16] <A Level 2 Cow> 
[05:17] <Cook Me Plox> hai
[05:17] <A Level 2 Cow> Hai cook
[05:17] <Seil> Yo
[05:17] <Seil> And I like the new dragon minus the helm, the helm is meh to me
[05:17] <Cook Me Plox> I wonder if we can find an entire list of the items a baby troll can eat via the npc list
[05:18] <A Level 2 Cow> Should i name my troll acorn?
[05:19] <A Level 2 Cow> Acorn or Strange rock
[05:19] <Cook Me Plox> short green guy ;) 
[05:19] <Seil> I still like my Tooth half of a key
[05:19] <Seil> And if you take the first letters, it makes a name, "Thoak"
[05:19] <Seil> lol
[05:20] <A Level 2 Cow> lol
[05:24] <A Level 2 Cow> Guys anyone know when Dragon armour is getting updated?
[05:24] <Seil> Eventually
[05:24] <Seil> lol
[05:25] <A Level 2 Cow> NOW!!
[05:25] <A Level 2 Cow> Im waiting
[05:25] <A Level 2 Cow> My members finishing in 6 days
[05:25] <A Level 2 Cow> Gonna go non mem for 2-3 months
[05:25] <A Level 2 Cow> then my drag plates gonna be mils :DDD
[05:25] <Seil> Bad move unless you want to pay more when you resubscribe lol
[05:26] <A Level 2 Cow> oh tru
[05:26] <Seil> I probably wouldn't have even paid the $6, let alone $8, I pay the $5.00 rate from forever ago lol
[05:27] <A Level 2 Cow> I pay 15%
[05:27] <A Level 2 Cow> $
[05:27] <A Level 2 Cow> for 1 month
[05:27] <Seil> O_o in what currency?
[05:27] <A Level 2 Cow> Aus
[05:28] <Seil> Isn't AUD pretty much 1:1 with USD? if so that's insane for RS lol
[05:28] <Casting Fishes^^> Cewk :D
[05:29] <Cook Me Plox> hai messus feeshus
[05:29] <A Level 2 Cow> Dont have credit card :c
[05:30] <Seil> x.x
[05:31] <Sentra246> yeh seil, it's AU$=US$1.08
[05:31] <Sentra246> 1.07*
[05:31] <Seil> 15 is ridiculous lol
[05:31] <Cook Me Plox> yey for weak currency
[05:31] <A Level 2 Cow> guys whats that shield called
[05:31] <A Level 2 Cow> thats obsidian
[05:32] <Cook Me Plox> [[tztok-ket-xil
[05:32] <Cook Me Plox> ffuu
[05:32] <Cook Me Plox> [[toktz-ket-xil]]
[05:32] <A Level 2 Cow> oh thx
[05:32] <Sentra246> wait, the AU price went up to $15 a month?
[05:32] <Sentra246> wtf
[05:32] <Cook Me Plox> lulz
[05:33] <Cook Me Plox> I told you they'd be grubbing for cents.
[05:34] <A Level 2 Cow> Nooo
[05:34] <A Level 2 Cow> It was 15 for ages
[05:34] <A Level 2 Cow> i buy from eb games
[05:34] <Sentra246> oh
[05:35] <Sentra246> it was 9.95 on credit card
[05:35] <Sentra246> i'll see what it is now then...
[05:36] <A Level 2 Cow> :O
[05:36] <Seil> Chances of me paying more than the $5.00 I currently do for membership on rs currently are slim to none. If I were to cancel it'd probably be for good unless something absolutely outstanding came out.
[05:36] <Seil> Which judging from jagex's work the past couple of years, I doubt x.x
[05:36] <A Level 2 Cow> Same
[05:36] <A Level 2 Cow> ^
[05:36] <A Level 2 Cow> Damn
[05:37] <A Level 2 Cow> Thats 8 santas gone frome the game
[05:38] <A Level 2 Cow> :/ 
[05:39] <Sentra246> oh yay, it is 9.50, it did go down :) 
[05:40] <A Level 2 Cow> Can someone buy me a member :DD
[05:45] <Atheist723> Cook Me Plox?
[05:49] <Seil> Wb
[05:50] <Cook Me Plox> yes?
[05:53] <Atheist723> It appears that [[potato]]es has been renamed to [[raw potato]]es.
[06:00] <Cook Me Plox> so they have.
[06:00] <Cook Me Plox> you want to fix that page up?
[06:03] <Seil> I hate when people insist they're correct because they read something wrong but think other people are reading it wrong due to their lack of reading comprehension x.x
[06:07] <Hydro1> Ooh, i see u der ChatBot
[06:07] <A Level 2 Cow> Hydro :DD
[06:07] <A Level 2 Cow> :D
[06:07] <Hydro1> Hai coww
[06:08] <Hydro1> Thinking of naming my Troll, Sparkles
[06:08] <A Level 2 Cow> lol
[06:08] <Casting Fishes^^> mine is named [[Short green guy]]:3
[06:09] <Hydro1> Lol nice
[06:09] <Seil> Tooth half of a key all the way lol
[06:09] <Seil> Til they cave and let me name it Yo-yo
[06:09] <Hydro1> Hah
[06:09] <Hydro1> Lmao!
[06:09] <Hydro1> It says on the bot's contributions' edit summary: (Possible nonsense/gibberish)
[06:10] <Gangsterls> there's one named christmas cracker
[06:10] <Hydro1> :o
[06:10] <Hydro1> No way
[06:11] <Seil>
[06:12] <Hydro1> Wow!
[06:12] <Hydro1> That is amazing
[06:13] <Hydro1> Jagex moved the POH in tav?
[06:13] <Hydro1> [[hu]]
[06:13] <Hydro1> Lmao found a typo in-game
[06:15] <Seil> ?
[06:16] <Hydro1> it says runescape
[06:16] <Hydro1> Should be RuneScape
[06:18] <A Level 2 Cow> Hey guys can someone help what pic looks the best
[06:19] <Sentra246> ok, what pics?
[06:20] <A Level 2 Cow>
[06:20] <A Level 2 Cow> 
[06:20] <A Level 2 Cow>
[06:20] <A Level 2 Cow>
[06:20] <Hydro1> i think the first one messed up
[06:20] <A Level 2 Cow>
[06:20] <Hydro1> okey now dont spam links plox
[06:20] <A Level 2 Cow> ik
[06:20] <A Level 2 Cow> no more
[06:21] <A Level 2 Cow> Anty
[06:22] <A Level 2 Cow> any
[06:22] <Casting Fishes^^> i like the second one
[06:22] <A Level 2 Cow> Yeh same that and the 3rd
[06:22] <Sentra246> ^
[06:22] <Sentra246> 2nd
[06:22] <Sentra246> btw, 1st doesn't work :P
[06:23] <A Level 2 Cow>
[06:23] <Hydro1> nope
[06:23] <Seil> the third one sends me to something unrelated lol
[06:23] <Seil> and the first is broken as they've said
[06:23] <Seil> x.x
[06:24] <A Level 2 Cow>
[06:24] <Seil> Odd. They both work when I copy them. but not when I use the link
[06:24] <A Level 2 Cow> oh
[06:25] <Seil> I prefer the third
[06:26] <A Level 2 Cow> ok so tied with 1st or 3d
[06:26] <Hydro1> as an experienced player, i love the new burthrope
[06:26] <Hydro1> its perfect for new players!
[06:26] <A Level 2 Cow> ikr
[06:26] <Seil> First is cool if you're only looking at the wolf. Third is awesome when you take the entire thing into account.
[06:27] <Seil> And I think it babies people slightly too much. Because it's supposed to be a new MEMBERS tutorial, not new player.
[06:27] <Seil> It shouldn't explain how to adjust the camera.
[06:27] <Seil> etc
[06:29] <Hydro1> Wow... Pikkupstix sells gold charms now
[06:30] <Casting Fishes^^> wait
[06:30] <Casting Fishes^^> what
[06:30] <Hydro1> only like 1 in stock tho
[06:30] <Hydro1> wait
[06:30] <Hydro1> maybe its only once free sample then thats it
[06:42] <Casting Fishes^^> sentra y u spam
[06:42] <Seil> Lol
[06:43] <Sentra246> ?
[06:43] <Sentra246> much?
[06:44] <Casting Fishes^^> ehrm
[06:44] <Casting Fishes^^> 4 times >.>
[06:44] <Casting Fishes^^> 5 all together but there was a break
[06:45] <Seil> The lava flow mine is so much fun I can hardly contain my excitement...
[06:53] <Casting Fishes^^> Sentraaaa
[06:53] <Casting Fishes^^> hai
[06:54] <Seil> .
[06:54] <Seil> ._.*
[06:57] <Sentra246> hai
[06:57] <Casting Fishes^^> :D
[07:30] <Vulpes Twigy> Blarg
[07:33] <Vulpes Twigy> Test
[07:33] <Vulpes Twigy> Okay, No ghost.
[07:33] <Jzillacon> 'allo
[07:33] <Rosechu> -pokes fishes-
[07:33] <Jzillacon> oh are you a mod or an admin here twigy
[07:34] <Vulpes Twigy> Mod, I've failed two RfA's remember? Ohai Hydro.
[07:34] <Jzillacon> ohai
[07:34] <Matthew2602> hai
[07:35] <Jzillacon> i feel so out of place here
[07:35] <Vulpes Twigy> Not the best? Not the worse?
[07:35] <Jzillacon> well imma head back cya
[07:36] <Hydro1> hi twigyy
[07:36] <Hydro1> and nice pic
[07:36] <Vulpes Twigy> I was thinking of uploading it here... But, I don't think an action shot would be good.
[07:36] <Hydro1> New burthope people cant be attacked now
[07:38] <Jzillacon> anyone here think i should try runescape cause i've never played it
[07:38] <Hydro1> [[Burthrope]]
[07:38] <Hydro1> Really zilla? you should
[07:38] <Hydro1> its a good game
[07:39] <Jzillacon> i guess i will
[07:39] <N00bnoob> anyone used their hati paws charges yet?
[07:39] <Hydro1> i havent dont much with them
[07:39] <Hydro1> done*
[07:40] <Hydro1> [[Hild]]
[07:41] <N00bnoob> i was considering red chins
[07:41] <N00bnoob> but maybe i should get 99 mage instead
[07:41] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[07:41] <Casting Fishes^^> 99 mage<3
[07:42] <Matthew2602> amg
[07:42] <Matthew2602> fwishy
[07:42] <Matthew2602> !!!!
[07:42] <Hydro1> haider matt
[07:42] <Vulpes Twigy> I'll switch over to my main, Any images needing updated?
[07:43] <Casting Fishes^^> Amg
[07:43] <Casting Fishes^^> [email protected]@@<3
[07:43] <Casting Fishes^^> /me huggles mattchew
[07:44] <Hydro1> Hmm
[07:44] <Hydro1> Smithing for UotM or proof...
[07:44] <Sentra246> yes twigy
[07:44] <Matthew2602> You can always support both ;) 
[07:44] <Hydro1> Ya but
[07:44] <Hydro1> i only vote for one person
[07:44] <Hydro1> voting for two seems stupi
[07:44] <Hydro1> stupid
[07:45] <Jzillacon> runescape y u no update faster
[07:45] <Sentra246> Druid would be good twigy
[07:45] <Vulpes Twigy> Okay, I'll head up, Give me a SitRep of what I need to update soon.
[07:45] <Matthew2602> It's just a "I think both should be UOTM" kinda thing
[07:45] <Sentra246> SitRep?
[07:48] <Jzillacon> sitrep-situational report
[07:49] <Jzillacon> updates at 13%
[07:49] <Jzillacon> damn it
[07:50] <Hydro1> [[Saba]]
[07:50] <Hydro1> WHAT??!??!?!
[07:50] <Hydro1> 
[07:50] <Hydro1> THEY GOT RID OF HIM?!?!??!
[07:50] <Hydro1> I'll kill you, Jagex...
[07:50] <Vulpes Twigy> Wat
[07:50] <Vulpes Twigy> That was on my list for updating!
[07:50] <Hydro1> He got replaced
[07:50] <Hydro1> [[Sabbot]]
[07:51] <Matthew2602> R.I.P Sabbot
[07:51] <Matthew2602> erm
[07:51] <Matthew2602> Saba*
[07:51] <Jzillacon> finnaly 14%
[07:51] <Vulpes Twigy> Saba > Sabbot
[07:51] <Hydro1> ^
[07:51] <Matthew2602> ^
[07:51] <Vulpes Twigy> Argh...
[07:51] <Vulpes Twigy> Since my internet just died on me, It's been slow
[07:52] <Hydro1> And tenzing
[07:52] <Hydro1> R.I.P
[07:52] <Jzillacon> these updates will take a while so i mindaswell chat
[07:52] <Hydro1> Replaced by [[Freda]], another dwarg
[07:52] <Hydro1> dwarf
[07:52] <Vulpes Twigy> Man, That's means that A BAS cannot be done.
[07:52] <Hydro1> Maybe Jagex fixed it twigy
[07:52] <Vulpes Twigy> TO BABS?
[07:52] <Vulpes Twigy> Could be it.
[07:52] <Vulpes Twigy> So gonna laugh if I am right.
[07:53] <Hydro1> Lol
[07:53] <Jzillacon> great i cant chat cause i dont understand anything runescape
[07:53] <Hydro1> its alright
[07:53] <Hydro1> U dont have to talk runescape here
[07:53] <Hydro1> we talk about... anything
[07:53] <Jzillacon> i know
[07:53] <Casting Fishes^^> /me huggles a mattchew again
[07:53] <Hydro1> except we [[RS:CHAT|have rules]]
[07:53] <Vulpes Twigy> We talk more RS than CoD on CoD Wiki Chat.
[07:54] <Jzillacon> im from COD wiki
[07:54] <Vulpes Twigy> Zilla and Chu are both from there.
[07:54] <Jzillacon> i only came here cause i followed twigy
[07:55] <Hydro1> ya twigy is kewl
[07:55] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[07:55] <Jzillacon> hows the update going
[07:55] <Jzillacon> *checks
[07:55] <Jzillacon> STILL 14%!!!!!!!!
[07:55] <Rosechu> I come here for twig fishes and CMP :3
[07:55] <Casting Fishes^^> :D
[07:55] <Vulpes Twigy> Someone mind linking me to the SD Category?
[07:55] <Casting Fishes^^> ROSEEE
[07:55] <Casting Fishes^^> <3333333
[07:56] <Hydro1> [[Survey]]
[07:56] <Rosechu> o___o
[07:56] <Jzillacon> hey does this chat have emotes
[07:56] <Rosechu> twig
[07:56] <Rosechu> doesn't that remind you of somepony
[07:56] <Hydro1> yes zilla :) 
[07:56] <Jzillacon> alright
[07:56] <Vulpes Twigy> Oh yea...
[07:56] <Rosechu> hai fishes :D
[07:56] <Casting Fishes^^> :D
[07:56] <Casting Fishes^^> /me huggles rose
[07:56] <Rosechu> amg pat clone <3
[07:56] <Rosechu> -hugs-
[07:57] <Vulpes Twigy> Oh... I need to update all the Villager sets?
[07:58] <Sentra246> [[Category:Standard detail images]]?
[07:58] <Vulpes Twigy> Danke
[07:58] <Sentra246> [[Druid]] try to update that pl0x
[07:58] <Vulpes Twigy> I'm on it.
[07:59] <Jzillacon> i think my update is try to be a smart ass
[07:59] <Jzillacon> its been at 14% for 10 miniues now
[07:59] <Vulpes Twigy> I can't even connect to the NZ Server...
[08:00] <Jzillacon> *restarts update*
[08:00] <Hydro1> im off
[08:01] <Casting Fishes^^> :o
[08:01] <Vulpes Twigy> Argh... Internet... Why do you do this!
[08:01] <Jzillacon> *update finishes*
[08:01] <Jzillacon> FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU
[08:03] <Cook Me Plox> wat do
[08:04] <Rosechu> do nothing :P
[08:04] <Vulpes Twigy> Now RS isn't even loading!
[08:05] <Sentra246> nice
[08:05] <Jzillacon> RS isnt even updating for me twigy
[08:05] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[08:05] <Vulpes Twigy> Gonna open it on Firefox...
[08:05] <Jzillacon> i'll try the same
[08:06] <Vulpes Twigy> *firefox isn't loading*
[08:06] <Jzillacon> shoot i dont have firefox on this computer i only have it on my laptop
[08:07] <Jzillacon> ohey the update is at 15%
[08:07] <Jzillacon> well i better go for the night 
[08:07] <Jzillacon> bai
[08:12] <N00bnoob> you guys think d claw specing at troll invasion with hati paws is a good plan?
[08:12] <Vulpes Twigy> *shrugs*
[08:12] <Vulpes Twigy> Also, I got RS working now..
[08:12] <Casting Fishes^^> yey
[08:16] <Vulpes Twigy> Okay, On my Firefox side
[08:17] <Casting Fishes^^> yeyy
[08:17] <Casting Fishes^^> twigy help meh defeat sleep
[08:18] <Vulpes Twigy> Watch ponies.
[08:18] <Vulpes Twigy> Or drink coffee...
[08:18] <RSDaftVader> Vulpes apparently Telecom and others are having a lot of international transit issues
[08:19] <Vulpes Twigy> Just call me Twigy.
[08:19] <RSDaftVader> okay :) 
[08:19] <Vulpes Twigy> And argh... Great... Always Telecom..
[08:19] <RSDaftVader> I said others, Telstraclear everyone
[08:20] <Vulpes Twigy> Damn...
[08:20] <RSDaftVader> noticed people also complaining about no Google eithr
[08:20] <Vulpes Twigy> Google takes ages to load now.
[08:21] <RSDaftVader> yeah, well it's the same issue
[08:21] <RSDaftVader> & the RS "New Zealand" servers are both actually in Sydney
[08:22] <Sentra246> sounds about right
[08:23] <Caaleb> hi there
[08:23] <Sentra246> hey
[08:23] <Caaleb> google is quiet fast for me
[08:23] <RSDaftVader> Twigy: Telecom's response on Twitter is: "Our techies are still investigating bband international browsing issues some customers are having. Will update when we can. Sorry team ^RI" but I've also heard people on other ISPs complaining
[08:23] <Caaleb> google canada*
[08:26] <Vulpes Twigy> Heh...
[08:26] <Vulpes Twigy> The bald Druid reminds me of Price...
[08:26] <Sentra246> price?
[08:27] <Vulpes Twigy> [[w:c:cod:Price]]
[08:28] <Sentra246> ic
[08:40] <Liquidhelium> noob sentra
[08:40] <Liquidhelium> quit/join spam
[08:41] <Vulpes Twigy> Meh, Seen worse.
[08:41] <Sentra246> sry
[08:42] <Liquidhelium> Jimmeh <3
[08:42] <Liquidhelium> /me huggles Jim
[08:42] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[08:42] <Casting Fishes^^> jimmeh<3
[08:42] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[08:42] <Casting Fishes^^> i get no hugs
[08:42] <Casting Fishes^^> </3
[08:43] <Jim teh Mage> /me huggles fishes and liquid
[08:43] <Casting Fishes^^> yey
[08:43] <Casting Fishes^^> /me huggles jimmehperson
[08:44] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[08:44] <Vulpes Twigy> Hey Jim, I got three sets of Villager this time, Feel free to keep when done.
[08:44] <Casting Fishes^^> yey
[08:44] <Casting Fishes^^> /me huggles twigy
[08:44] <Jim teh Mage> kk
[08:44] <Vulpes Twigy> *hugs Fishes back*
[08:44] <Jim teh Mage> Be right there herbs haven't finished yet thought they did
[08:48] <Vulpes Twigy> Oh, Mind hopping out of the grass, That is hell to edit out.
[08:49] <Vulpes Twigy> Got it.
[08:50] <Vulpes Twigy> Got it.
[08:50] <Vulpes Twigy> And got it, Danke Jim.
[08:50] <Jim teh Mage> No problem
[09:01] <Vulpes Twigy>
[09:01] <Vulpes Twigy> Dis good?
[09:01] <Casting Fishes^^> wut is it
[09:02] <Vulpes Twigy> Broken Iban Staff
[09:02] <Casting Fishes^^> ah
[09:02] <Vulpes Twigy> Bai
[09:04] <Casting Fishes^^> Anselaaaa
[09:04] <AnselaJonla> Morning
[09:04] <Casting Fishes^^> I havent gone to bed yet<3
[09:04] <AnselaJonla> Isn't it like 4am for you Feesh?
[09:04] <Casting Fishes^^> yep :3
[09:04] <Casting Fishes^^> getta wake up in an hour<3
[09:04] <AnselaJonla> Get tae bed ye crazy person!
[09:05] <Casting Fishes^^> Nou
[09:05] <Casting Fishes^^> i shall not evar go to bed
[09:08] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[09:08] <Casting Fishes^^> y jimmeh leave
[09:10] <Atheist723> Hi Ansela and whoever came in before.
[09:17] <Atheist723> (Testing)
[09:17] <Casting Fishes^^> Wow im so tired I can't eve find the enter key.
[09:17] <Atheist723> So go to bed...
[09:17] <Casting Fishes^^> no
[09:17] <Casting Fishes^^> Just take this moment to remember the past five hours
[09:18] <AnselaJonla> Feesh, has you done Let Them Eat Pie?
[09:19] <Casting Fishes^^> Yesh
[09:19] <AnselaJonla> Darn
[09:20] <AnselaJonla> Anyone here not done the new quest?
[09:20] <Casting Fishes^^> why? :c
[09:20] <Atheist723> Me.
[09:20] <Atheist723> What do you need?
[09:21] <Casting Fishes^^> D:
[09:21] <Atheist723> ...?
[09:21] <AnselaJonla> An Orb of Oculus image of [[Kepple]] BEFORE you give Rolo the pie
[09:22] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[09:22] <Atheist723> I fail at taking images.
[09:23] <Casting Fishes^^> Agreed<3
[09:23] <AnselaJonla> Yeah, but it seems all usual image takers have done the quest already
[09:23] <AnselaJonla> He's a static NPC, so you don't have to worry about him moving
[09:24] <Atheist723> I'll see what I could do.
[09:25] <Casting Fishes^^> im scaring myself
[09:25] <Casting Fishes^^> music playing in the background.. think its someones up
[09:25] <Casting Fishes^^> Hai Haidro
[09:26] <Hydro1> Hai
[09:26] <Atheist723> Hi Hydro/
[09:26] <AnselaJonla> Hi Hydro
[09:26] <Atheist723> *.
[09:26] <Hydro1> Hai
[09:26] <Atheist723> Hi Chicken7.
[09:26] <Hydro1> Hai x3
[09:26] <AnselaJonla> Have you done Let Them Eat Pie yet?
[09:26] <Hydro1> Yes
[09:26] <AnselaJonla> Darn
[09:26] <Hydro1> Why
[09:27] <AnselaJonla> Need a pre-pie image of Kepple
[09:27] <Casting Fishes^^> caek
[09:27] <Hydro1> I can't help u out there anyway
[09:27] <Hydro1> I have the worst graphics ever
[09:28] <Atheist723> Oh, me too, I can't do AA.
[09:28] <Atheist723> And HD already crashes me often.
[09:28] <Hydro1> Wut about spine, asked him?
[09:29] <AnselaJonla> He no in here
[09:29] <Range riley> hey guys
[09:29] <Atheist723> Hi.
[09:29] <Hydro1> hello riley
[09:30] <Hydro1> Although I'm not going to, and I'm just wondering, is there a certain time you have to wait to be nominated for Admin/CM?
[09:30] <Range riley> any of you wanna go in a minigame with me/
[09:30] <Range riley> ?
[09:30] <Hydro1> aftter a failed one
[09:30] <Hydro1> Soz Riley not on rs atm
[09:30] <Range riley> anyone else?
[09:31] <Chicken7> Admin, or chatmod? both are different
[09:31] <Hydro1> Ok let's say admin
[09:31] <Sentra246> no and no
[09:31] <Chicken7> yeah, i think both are no
[09:31] <Hydro1> Okay
[09:31] <Sentra246> [email protected]@@ y u beat me to welcome by like 5 seconds?
[09:31] <Chicken7> but that's by the official rules. re-applying very soon after your last one will look bad in some people's eyes
[09:32] <Chicken7> only do it if you have evidence that suggests you've improved on the problems from last time :) 
[09:32] <RSDaftVader> Ansela/Sentra, I was about to welcome too :) 
[09:33] <Atheist723> (Testing)
[09:34] <RSDaftVader> hmmmm I'm going to fix that uploaded file
[09:35] <Hydro1> *is reading chat logs for anything suspicious*
[09:35] <Chicken7> why is the <span style="color:red;">RSChatBot</span>'s avatar a pony?
[09:36] <Chicken7> It should be a big, shiny admin crown :D
[09:36] <Range riley> guy will anyone go on a minigame with me?
[09:37] <AnselaJonla> What minigame?
[09:38] <Liquidhelium> *yawns*
[09:38] <AnselaJonla> Vader, why didn't you ask someone to move that file for you?
[09:38] <RSDaftVader> I thought move over the top wouldn't keep the history?
[09:38] <Liquidhelium> /me spies James
[09:39] <Liquidhelium> James, don't worry, you didn't lose your rank when I kicked you.
[09:39] <Liquidhelium> [[RS:RANKED%23Eligible for Rank|RS:RANKED#Eligible for Rank]]
[09:39] <Liquidhelium> you're on the list I made today, see? ^
[09:40] <AnselaJonla> Moving a page or file keeps the history
[09:40] <RSDaftVader> yes, but it would have been moving on top of an existing file
[09:40] <AnselaJonla> Ah
[09:41] <RSDaftVader> (i.e. it's not a new clue, just new surrounding graphics)
[09:42] <Chicken7> You're too kind, helm
[09:45] <RSDaftVader> You had me thinking Ansela that something had changed in Mediawiki :) 
[09:49] <AnselaJonla> [[User:AnselaJonla/Test]] - how's that for a warning?
[09:49] <RSDaftVader> hmmmm Battleben just uploaded over a perfectly nice image of Scalectrix that Fishes had made transparent and everything
[09:50] <RSDaftVader> Ansela I'd prefer (like I used in my talk message) at least a mention of the Image & Media policy in general as well
[09:50] <AnselaJonla> Is a Ben thing
[09:50] <AnselaJonla> You can edit my Test page to make changes to it, Vader
[09:51] <AnselaJonla> I'm planning on putting it into the Template namespace when it's been tweaked a bit
[09:51] <RSDaftVader> k, I must admit, his version of the Alfred image could be better subjectively
[09:56] <AnselaJonla> [[User:AnselaJonla/Test]] - better?
[09:56] <RSDaftVader> ha I was just about to replace it
[09:56] <RSDaftVader> yeah, let me work off that
[10:00] <RSDaftVader> hmmm another two perfectly reasonable images Battleben has overwritten (not sure I can even tell the different between the two chef images)
[10:00] <RSDaftVader> btw Ansela, I've updated it, thinking an optional parameter for filename
[10:01] <AnselaJonla> Yeah, I saw that
[10:01] <AnselaJonla> Oh, Ben does that a lot Vader. The only acceptable images to him are those either he or Fswe1 have uploaded
[10:01] <AnselaJonla> [[The Pick and Lute]]
[10:02] <RSDaftVader> text after the trailing templates... what the
[10:08] <AnselaJonla> Vader, if I make the template page, could you add in that {{templatename|Foobar.png}} thing to it? I'm not quite sure how to use that
[10:08] <RSDaftVader> Sure
[10:08] <AnselaJonla> [[Template:Imgname]]
[10:09] <AnselaJonla> Made
[10:09] <RSDaftVader> /me opens his Cookbook wiki...
[10:13] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[10:13] <RSDaftVader> I was playing around w/ templates on my cookbook wiki, was grabbing that as a template :) 
[10:15] <RSDaftVader> Ansela: [[User:AnselaJonla/Test]] it works
[10:16] <AnselaJonla> Cool
[10:16] <AnselaJonla> So when using it I put {{subst:Imgname|File:Foobar}}?
[10:16] <RSDaftVader> no File: just Foobar.png
[10:16] <AnselaJonla> kk
[10:16] <RSDaftVader> want me to write the /doc ?
[10:17] <AnselaJonla> Yeah
[10:17] <RSDaftVader> k, gonna support Astras RFR first
[10:17] <AnselaJonla> ?
[10:18] <RSDaftVader> for ingame Clan Chat
[10:18] <Liquidhelium> /me yawns
[10:18] <Liquidhelium> I AM DEAD
[10:18] <Liquidhelium> ugh
[10:18] <Liquidhelium> writing that nominating statement used up all the mental energy I had left :( 
[10:20] <AnselaJonla> :( 
[10:22] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[10:23] <Chicken7> im leaving bye
[10:23] <AnselaJonla> Cya
[10:23] <Sentra246> bai
[10:23] <Casting Fishes^^> baibai
[10:25] <Liquidhelium> 5:30 am
[10:25] <Liquidhelium> 22.5 hours of no sleep
[10:25] <Liquidhelium> @@@
[10:25] <AnselaJonla> Yer all nuts...
[10:26] <Liquidhelium> blame my architecture class
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> I'm okay to clear off my sandbox now, Vader?
[10:26] <Liquidhelium> I'm probably going to exceed the recommended amount of Monster for today.... but whatever
[10:27] <AnselaJonla> All that stuff makes me feel ill just from the smell - Red Bull, Monster, Relentless, Emerge... all ew
[10:27] <Casting Fishes^^> lol :D
[10:27] <Atheist723> Never seen any of those.
[10:27] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[10:27] <Casting Fishes^^> y u dc
[10:27] <Casting Fishes^^> or
[10:27] <Casting Fishes^^> y u log
[10:27] <AnselaJonla> I am?
[10:27] <RSDaftVader> Ansela done the documentation
[10:28] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[10:29] <AnselaJonla> Wiped my test page again, lol
[10:30] <Casting Fishes^^> bbl
[10:32] <RSDaftVader> ha nice revert: )
[10:35] <AnselaJonla> Watching Justice League. Silly man decides best way to show four superheroes a weapon he's found... is to point it at them
[10:35] <Istarted> wow the design here is much greater than Call of duty wiki chat
[10:35] <AnselaJonla> Hi Istarted
[10:35] <Istarted> i also contribute to call of duty wiki
[10:36] <Istarted> I have 33 edits there
[10:36] <AnselaJonla> Nice
[10:36] <Istarted> and whats the new tutorial for mems
[10:36] <AnselaJonla> [[Troll Warzone]]
[10:36] <Istarted> k
[10:36] <Istarted> bye
[10:36] <Istarted> brb
[10:41] <Range riley> hey guys
[10:41] <Range riley> can i get some help
[10:41] <Range riley> i need someone to sponge some damge
[10:41] <Range riley> for me
[10:41] <AnselaJonla> What are you doing?
[10:42] <Range riley> cos i need to deafeat [[ice troll king]]
[10:42] <Range riley> i die when i try to reach him
[10:43] <Range riley> but now i have protect from meelee
[10:43] <AnselaJonla> Not sure if that cave is the main cave or an instanced you-only cave during the quest
[10:43] <Range riley> just for the way there
[10:43] <AnselaJonla> Wearing your yakhide gear?
[10:43] <Range riley> i lost it ill make more
[10:44] <Range riley> but i made a ton of leggings
[10:44] <Range riley> but i need the round shield
[10:44] <Istarted> im back
[10:45] <Range riley> i need to go to bathromm
[10:45] <Range riley> ahh
[10:45] <AnselaJonla> tmi
[10:45] <Istarted> i think i have nothing to talk about
[10:46] <Istarted> ..sigh i need money in rs...
[10:46] <Istarted> ...i also need cod points...
[10:47] <Istarted> no ahh
[10:47] <Istarted> just xp
[10:47] <Istarted> bye!
[10:48] <Range riley> hey guy im back from the potty
[10:48] <Range riley> guys*
[10:49] <AnselaJonla> Riley - we don't need to know when you go to the loo
[10:50] <Istarted> just watchin the chat and oh god soaps dead!
[10:53] <Istarted> im like a reppelant!
[10:54] <Istarted> [[price]]
[10:54] <Istarted> dosent work here
[10:55] <Istarted> it really dosent work
[10:55] <Istarted> bye im just like a reppelant
[10:58] <Istarted> wtf?
[10:58] <Istarted> no one
[10:58] <Istarted> Hello is enybody here
[10:58] <Istarted> HELLOOOO
[10:58] <Istarted> 
[10:58] <Istarted> R u all dead
[10:58] <Istarted> hello
[10:59] <Istarted> something wrong here
[10:59] <Istarted> might be a ban or somethin
[11:02] <Istarted> hahahahaha! i thought this is C.O.D wikia i was searching for the level dust to dust
[11:09] <Atheist723> Weirdo.
[11:10] <Range riley> hello
[11:10] <Range riley> im a zombie
[11:10] <Range riley> so i am dead
[11:20] <Accuratez> hai
[11:23] <Range riley> [[ice troll king]] got beat down by me
[11:28] <Accuratez> what do you guys think about this month bts?
[11:30] <RSDaftVader> a bit *snore* tbh
[11:31] <Atheist723> Forgot to bring an anti-dragon shield...Elvarg 2-hitted me.
[11:34] <Accuratez> the potion flask have quite a potential
[11:35] <Accuratez> gotta mine some coal : /
[11:41] <Accuratez> fishes!
[11:41] <Range riley> hey guys
[11:41] <Range riley> the baby troll page is wrong
[11:42] <Accuratez> fix it?
[11:42] <Range riley> every time i try it changes again
[11:42] <RSDaftVader> whats the issue?
[11:43] <RSDaftVader> are you refering to the adding/removing of "[[Lapis lazuli brooch]]"?
[11:43] <Range riley> there its fixed
[11:44] <Range riley> i change the thing it says baby troll cant eat
[11:44] <RSDaftVader> ahhh they are tradeable as well
[11:45] <RSDaftVader> if those bones are Tradeable either via player-to-player trade or GE, can you update their infoboxes as well?
[11:49] <TikTok-Jad> Hi guys!
[11:49] <TikTok-Jad> I just fed a green halloweeny to my troll
[11:49] <TikTok-Jad> it's so cool lol
[11:50] <Casting Fishes^^> >.>
[11:50] <Casting Fishes^^> Gf
[11:50] <TikTok-Jad> Naw, I've got plenties.
[11:50] <TikTok-Jad> Should I take a screenie and post it on the baby troll page?
[11:50] <TikTok-Jad> Meh, I'm joking.
[11:51] <TikTok-Jad> Tootles.
[11:51] <Atheist723> Troll.
[11:51] <Casting Fishes^^> literally:3
[11:51] <RSDaftVader> is this normal/semi normal occurances?
[11:52] <Casting Fishes^^> bbl
[11:52] <Atheist723> About what?
[11:52] <RSDaftVader> people create an account, come in troll for a sec, then go
[11:52] <Atheist723> It is not normal, but it happens more frequently than I prefer.
[12:08] <TikTok-Jad> Hello, I'm back
[12:08] <TikTok-Jad> Just fed my troll a green halloweeny - oh wait, I did this here before, didn't I?\
[12:09] <TikTok-Jad> Joking guys, I hope I didn't offend or hurt anyone.
[12:09] <TikTok-Jad> I just found out what the new cape from the new Tzhaar minigame's gonna be like
[12:09] <TikTok-Jad> +8 Strength bonus,
[12:09] <TikTok-Jad> Particles, 
[12:09] <TikTok-Jad> really-nice-graphics
[12:10] <Accuratez> we all read the behind the scenes
[12:10] <Accuratez> so what do you think about it?
[12:10] <TikTok-Jad> ...
[12:11] <TikTok-Jad> Err
[12:11] <TikTok-Jad> you didn't read that it has particles, did you?
[12:11] <TikTok-Jad> E X A C T L Y.
[12:11] <TikTok-Jad> How'd I found out, you may ask.
[12:11] <TikTok-Jad> The answer to that, man shall never know.
[12:11] <TikTok-Jad> (unless you ask nicely)
[12:12] <Atheist723> Not interested.
[12:12] <TikTok-Jad> . . .
[12:13] <Accuratez> me too
[12:20] <TikTok-Jad> So, what's a "Rhinestone Brooch"?
[12:26] <Accuratez> you're j/q spamming
[12:26] <TikTok-Jad> Bye
[12:42] <Accuratez> hey
[12:44] <Casting Fishes^^> Haidar Mr Accuratez
[12:46] <Accuratez> it seems like
[12:46] <Accuratez> you don't get special logs when you found wood spirits
[12:48] <Casting Fishes^^> it seems like
[12:49] <Casting Fishes^^> i cant keep my eyes open
[12:50] <Accuratez> coffee ftw
[12:50] <Casting Fishes^^> i don't like coffee
[12:51] <Casting Fishes^^> or people banging into the wall behind me, for that matter
[12:52] <Atheist723> ...?
[12:53] <Casting Fishes^^> just annoying pot smoking kids
[12:53] <Atheist723> Seriously?
[12:54] <Casting Fishes^^> yep
[12:54] <Atheist723> That definitely sounds terrible.
[12:55] <Casting Fishes^^> that's my school for you
[12:59] <Atheist723> We have a fair bit of misbehaviour here, but never as serious as drug least, I've never heard of it.
[01:00] <Accuratez> my school do have drug issues
[01:01] <Accuratez> they expel those who use then though
[01:01] <Casting Fishes^^> Lol mine don't, they get away with it
[01:01] <Atheist723> ...How?
[01:02] <Casting Fishes^^> Washington county, Maine, has the biggest drug per population in the whole world
[01:03] <Atheist723> I'm asking how they get away from it.
[01:03] <Casting Fishes^^> i don't know ... school doesn't care
[01:03] <Atheist723> ...And I'd have thought something like Mexico...
[01:04] <Casting Fishes^^> tacossss
[01:04] <Atheist723> ...What?
[01:06] <Casting Fishes^^> nvm, the school only ever does something about it unless it involves things like murder or outside fights
[01:06] <Atheist723> D:
[01:06] <Casting Fishes^^> one kid was killed because of drugs, , fighting over them, of course he went to juvie though
[01:07] <Casting Fishes^^> a fight happened just a few weeks ago, two kids beat each other ip
[01:07] <Atheist723> It sounds like a frightful place to be in...
[01:07] <Accuratez> seems like they lack brains
[01:07] <Casting Fishes^^> up* now one of the most normal kids has brain damage..
[01:08] <Casting Fishes^^> he can barely walk, and he has someone follow him too, all he does is make weird noises, cant talk
[01:08] <Casting Fishes^^> hai Mr Adam
[01:08] <Adam Savage> hai Mr. Depressing
[01:08] <Adam Savage> o.o
[01:09] <Atheist723> ...Woah...
[01:10] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[01:11] <Casting Fishes^^> I'm a girl, and am i liek, j
[01:11] <Casting Fishes^^> j/qing alot?
[01:11] <Atheist723> No.
[01:11] <Casting Fishes^^> good
[01:13] <Casting Fishes^^> zzz
[01:13] <Casting Fishes^^> zzz
[01:14] <Adam Savage> what's the hex code for links?
[01:15] <Hairrazerrr> 'ello
[01:16] <Adam Savage> ello
[01:16] <Accuratez> hey
[01:16] <Casting Fishes^^> hair <3
[01:17] <Hairrazerrr> fish<3
[01:17] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[01:17] <Casting Fishes^^> hair y u no show on my list
[01:17] <Hairrazerrr> im secret mod right now
[01:17] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[01:17] <Casting Fishes^^> how u do dat
[01:17] <Hairrazerrr> idk
[01:18] <Hairrazerrr> but i do it [email protected]@
[01:18] <Hairrazerrr> ;) 
[01:18] <Atheist723> Hi Hair.
[01:18] <Hairrazerrr> Hey.
[01:18] <Atheist723> You do show on my chat list.
[01:18] <Atheist723> And before you came in it was a chat mod vacuum (Liquidhelium was away)...
[01:19] <Casting Fishes^^> me is glitches
[01:19] <Hairrazerrr> I think i am going to add a "intro" on [[RS:C/L]]
[01:19] <Hairrazerrr> because it looks very boring imo
[01:19] <Casting Fishes^^> haiiir
[01:19] <Hairrazerrr> yes?
[01:19] <Casting Fishes^^> i haven't gone to bed yet :D
[01:20] <Hairrazerrr> What about school? :o
[01:20] <Atheist723> She stayed up the whole night...
[01:20] <Casting Fishes^^> hehe
[01:21] <Casting Fishes^^> this is the first time ive ever done that
[01:21] <Casting Fishes^^> i did it on a Friday night before, but fell asleep at 10am
[01:21] <Atheist723> And don't do that any more...
[01:22] <Hairrazerrr> "What about school?"?
[01:22] <Hairrazerrr> brb
[01:23] <Casting Fishes^^> ehr
[01:23] <Casting Fishes^^> did he leave chat?
[01:23] <FreeJuice> I didn't leave
[01:24] <Hairrazerrr> no
[01:24] <Hairrazerrr> i didn't leave
[01:24] <Casting Fishes^^> ahh well, I'm at school. Lol
[01:24] <Casting Fishes^^> two study halls today
[01:24] <FreeJuice> O.o
[01:24] <FreeJuice> Why are you on for hours?
[01:25] <FreeJuice> Been like 6 hours now
[01:25] <Atheist723> Problem?
[01:25] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[01:25] <FreeJuice> @Atheist, don't humans sleep?
[01:25] <Hairrazerrr> She will eventually or I will be mad at her.
[01:25] <FreeJuice> Lol
[01:26] <FreeJuice> Does Skoll drop many hats or just one?
[01:26] <Atheist723> He doesn't drop any hats.
[01:26] <FreeJuice> He drops Hati Mask
[01:26] <FreeJuice> Which is also a hat
[01:26] <FreeJuice> #win
[01:26] <Casting Fishes^^> that's hati 
[01:27] <Atheist723> Hati drops [[Hati head]], noob.
[01:27] <Casting Fishes^^> which is called, yeah wut he sausage
[01:27] <Casting Fishes^^> Omb
[01:27] <FreeJuice> But it's a hat, not a head
[01:27] <Casting Fishes^^> omg said*
[01:27] <Hairrazerrr> Hey Atheist, do you want to help me with this?
[01:27] <Atheist723> With what?
[01:27] <Hairrazerrr> I'm about to save a very small paragraph to [[RS:LOGS]] and want to know if you want to add on to it? :D
[01:28] <Atheist723> I'll see what I can do.
[01:28] <Hairrazerrr> okay
[01:28] <Hairrazerrr> check it
[01:28] <Hairrazerrr> I mean, it is really SHORT
[01:29] <Hairrazerrr> brb again...
[01:29] <Atheist723> RuneScape:Chat?
[01:29] <Atheist723> Not Special:Chat?
[01:34] <Hairrazerrr> test
[01:34] <Casting Fishes^^> boo
[01:34] <Hairrazerrr> Well, if someone wants more information on the chat, I don't want them to have to be taken off their page and into chat
[01:35] <Atheist723> How about mentioning both of them?
[01:35] <Hairrazerrr> Sure.
[01:40] <Hairrazerrr> have to go now
[01:40] <Hairrazerrr> bye bye
[01:40] <Atheist723> Bye Hair.
[01:40] <Hairrazerrr> i'll make sure to look at it later, mk? :) 
[01:40] <Casting Fishes^^> bai
[01:52] <Atheist723> (Testing)
[01:56] <Casting Fishes^^> /me gives A+
[01:56] <Casting Fishes^^> omg no
[01:56] <Atheist723> You are shown to have left.
[01:57] <Casting Fishes^^> mmk
[02:01] <Smithing> Hey
[02:01] <Casting Fishes^^> Haidar
[02:01] <Atheist723> Hi Smthing.
[02:01] <Masterbam4> hi
[02:01] <Smithing> Hey
[02:01] <Casting Fishes^^> !cookie Smithing
[02:01] <Casting Fishes^^> wut.
[02:02] <Masterbam4> is the line on the charts where the item should be worth
[02:02] <Atheist723> You're not in irc...
[02:02] <Casting Fishes^^> I know :c
[02:02] <Masterbam4> ?
[02:03] <Atheist723> [[irc]]
[02:03] <Casting Fishes^^> /me attempts
[02:07] <Masterbam4> can somone answer m?
[02:08] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[02:08] <Masterbam4> if u look up a item like bandos chestplate
[02:08] <Casting Fishes^^> ehr
[02:08] <Masterbam4> and look at the chart
[02:08] <Masterbam4> is the green line
[02:08] <Casting Fishes^^> where it says the next month? I think its estimated guess. I don't know though
[02:08] <Masterbam4> what it should be worth?
[02:08] <Atheist723> The price chart?
[02:08] <Atheist723> [[Bandos chestplate]]
[02:09] <Masterbam4> yes
[02:09] <Masterbam4> the green doted line
[02:09] <Atheist723> It is not an estimate..
[02:09] <Masterbam4> what is the line
[02:10] <Masterbam4> is that what is should be worth
[02:10] <Masterbam4> or is that what it is for now?
[02:10] <Atheist723> The lower green line should be how much it is worth now.
[02:10] <Atheist723> No idea about upper one.
[02:10] <Liquidhelium> (fishing) , hasn't school started for you? :o
[02:11] <Masterbam4> im not in school im 19
[02:11] <Accuratez> isn't that indicate how the price changes within last 30 days?
[02:11] <Casting Fishes^^> yesh
[02:11] <Casting Fishes^^> Im in study hall :3
[02:11] <Casting Fishes^^> Liiiquid
[02:11] <Liquidhelium> oh
[02:11] <Liquidhelium> I still haven't slept yet
[02:11] <Casting Fishes^^> did you pull an all nighter with me? :3
[02:11] <Smithing> I don't think it's the last 30 days
[02:11] <Liquidhelium> yes.
[02:11] <Casting Fishes^^> ME NEITHER :D
[02:11] <Liquidhelium> expect I was actually doing work.
[02:11] <Liquidhelium> except*
[02:11] <Casting Fishes^^> >.>
[02:12] <Casting Fishes^^> i was..
[02:12] <Casting Fishes^^> sitting here
[02:12] <Masterbam4> i hate 3 fps
[02:12] <Casting Fishes^^> and talking to nubs:3
[02:12] <Masterbam4> lol
[02:12] <Masterbam4> noobs
[02:13] <Masterbam4> im a noob lol
[02:13] <Casting Fishes^^> what?...
[02:13] <Masterbam4> lol idk
[02:14] <Atheist723> No idea.
[02:14] <Atheist723> 61871?
[02:14] <Smithing> lol
[02:14] <Accuratez> you can just type random words with space between it
[02:15] <Masterbam4> farming is my only lvl 1 skill
[02:15] <Masterbam4> next is runecrafting with 13 lol
[02:16] <Smithing> I have about 10 lvl 1 skills, so you're doing better than me :) 
[02:17] <Casting Fishes^^> >.>
[02:17] <Masterbam4> haha
[02:17] <Masterbam4> whats with plp wearing steel?
[02:17] <Masterbam4> at high lvls
[02:17] <Atheist723> Graphical update.
[02:17] <Casting Fishes^^> gained 1 agility and construction level since then..
[02:18] <Atheist723> They look much cooler than dragon armour now.
[02:18] <Casting Fishes^^> Lol. I like my steel<3
[02:19] <Accuratez> check out the mercenaries north of fally
[02:20] <Accuratez> d full look kinda awesome
[02:21] <Atheist723> I know they are updated there.
[02:22] <Accuratez> steel > dragon
[02:26] <Joeytje50> hai
[02:26] <Casting Fishes^^> Haijoey
[02:26] <Casting Fishes^^> !cookie Joeytje50
[02:26] <Joeytje50> no worx here :3
[02:26] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[02:26] <Casting Fishes^^> /me gives joey a cewkie manually
[02:26] <Joeytje50> * Joeytje50 noms cewkie :D
[02:27] <Joeytje50> * Joeytje50 omnomnom
[02:27] <Casting Fishes^^> :D
[02:27] <Casting Fishes^^> mmk switching classes
[02:28] <Atheist723> Hi Joeytje50.
[02:28] <Joeytje50> hi
[02:28] <Atheist723> You have the honour to be the first user who appears in the chat logs.
[02:30] <Atheist723> (Testing)
[02:31] <Atheist723> Welcome back.
[02:31] <Casting Fishes^^> :D
[02:31] <Smithing> Wb
[02:31] <Casting Fishes^^> I getta draw a nyan cat<3333333
[02:40] <Masterbam4> idkwhat to do
[02:40] <Casting Fishes^^> way to make me freaking nervous
[02:41] <Casting Fishes^^> stare over my shoulder and use my internet D:
[02:43] <Atheist723> Hi Exor Solieve.
[02:45] <Exor Solieve> Hi Atheist723
[02:48] <Atheist723>
[02:50] <Joeytje50> * Joeytje50 saw that one
[02:51] <Atheist723> Good.
[02:51] <Joeytje50> is it corret?
[02:51] <Joeytje50> correct*
[02:51] <Atheist723> I'm the one asking...
[02:52] <Joeytje50> * Joeytje50 doesn't know
[02:52] <Joeytje50> * Joeytje50 hasn't done anything with this new update
[02:52] <Atheist723> Get someone who does...I can't work on it now.
[02:56] <Joeytje50> someone here on IRC says he thinks it is true
[02:56] <Joeytje50> I'd assume it is
[02:57] <Atheist723> But there are definitely no 5 tiers of tasks.
[02:57] <Atheist723> Only 4.
[02:57] <Atheist723> That's why I'm suspicious.
[02:58] <Atheist723> It is too simple to be a mistake...
[02:58] <Casting Fishes^^> Is it like my brother? :3 He says random crap and make people believe its true, just by wording it so perfectly
[02:59] <Casting Fishes^^> >.>
[02:59] <Atheist723> No comment...
[03:01] <Joeytje50> if you don't trust it and have reason not to do so, just revert I think
[03:03] <Atheist723> "You will need to speak to the Ambush Commander to replace it if you through it away."
[03:03] <Atheist723> You sure, Exor Solieve?
[03:05] <Exor Solieve> That's what the destroy option said, word for word.
[03:06] <Atheist723> OK then.
[03:06] <Atheist723> Stupid typo on Jagex's part.
[03:06] <Exor Solieve> :[
[03:06] <Exor Solieve> Now to do the ambush commander page.
[03:07] <Joeytje50> hifish
[03:09] <Casting Fishes^^> wuthai
[03:09] <Exor Solieve> Atheist, did you do the Death Plateau rework? If not, can you double check for me? I've been known to derp articles..
[03:09] <Atheist723> You know it is hard to read this, right?
[03:09] <Atheist723> And nope.
[03:10] <Atheist723> I don't do quests, sorry.
[03:10] <Exor Solieve> k
[03:10] <Atheist723> And me too.
[03:11] <Atheist723> My favourite is the one in which I created the [[Troll shaman]] page, starting with "Troll chuckers were released on 31 January 2012".
[03:11] <Exor Solieve> I think the supply delivery thing is repeatable, but bugged atm. [[Ambush Commander]] asks for you to talk to [[Denulth]] for more supplies and all Denulth does is say hi twice. HERP DERP :B
[03:18] <Casting Fishes^^> .-.
[03:19] <Casting Fishes^^> Im really really really freaking irritable
[03:19] <Casting Fishes^^> /me pings joey
[03:19] <Joeytje50> odear
[03:19] <Casting Fishes^^> I had no slep and now im liek...
[03:19] <Casting Fishes^^> gonna bite someones head off.
[03:19] <Joeytje50> * Joeytje50 hopes he didn't irritate feesh in any wey
[03:19] <Casting Fishes^^> If they ask me what im doing one more time
[03:19] <Joeytje50> * Joeytje50 hides from da feesh
[03:19] <Casting Fishes^^> gtfo, im doing what you asked me to
[03:19] <Joeytje50> * Joeytje50 hidez
[03:20] <Casting Fishes^^> nou joeys a good joey<3
[03:20] <Casting Fishes^^> /me huggles joey
[03:20] <Joeytje50> :D
[03:20] <Joeytje50> * Joeytje50 unhides and huggles feeshy
[03:20] <Joeytje50> yey
[03:21] <Casting Fishes^^> Lolololol
[03:21] <Casting Fishes^^> I just told my teacher who came up to me and asked "so whats your project?" and i tell ehr
[03:22] <Casting Fishes^^> her* "I am really irritated at the moment and i'd appreciate it greatly if you wouldn't ask me questions at this time" Lolol
[03:22] <Smithing> lol
[03:23] <Casting Fishes^^> When you want to be rude, just talk in a nice way, and they'll respect that:3
[03:23] <Casting Fishes^^> All except one who just gives me a hard time </3
[03:25] <Smithing> I wish that worked on my parents, although I know they'd continue to talk/ask questions regardless
[03:25] <Smithing> Hey Seil
[03:26] <Seil> How goes it?
[03:26] <Smithing> hmm?
[03:27] <Seil> Unraveling the mysteries of the universe, staying alive, breathing, whatever it is you may be trying to do, how goes it? 
[03:27] <Seil> ._.
[03:28] <Atheist723> Hmm. I do all of that every day.
[03:35] <Freezer699> hi guys can i ask u a quick question?
[03:35] <Casting Fishes^^> Laptop stop being an [email protected]@
[03:35] <Casting Fishes^^> omg..
[03:35] <Casting Fishes^^> he left
[03:35] <Casting Fishes^^> </3
[03:36] <Casting Fishes^^> Im going to kill this laptop
[03:36] <Casting Fishes^^> DEEP MURDER
[03:36] <Casting Fishes^^> raeg
[03:37] <Range riley> is there a way to get more bank space when your a member?
[03:37] <Casting Fishes^^> Deeply mad
[03:37] <Freezer699> dont know
[03:38] <Freezer699> casting fishes can u help me a sec
[03:38] <Casting Fishes^^> With what?
[03:38] <Freezer699> i got a god book on my acc with full pages
[03:38] <Freezer699> can i sell this ?
[03:38] <Casting Fishes^^> Nope
[03:38] <Freezer699> damm shit
[03:38] <Freezer699> got zammy full trololo
[03:38] <Freezer699> at the time i bought it it cost 1m complete
[03:39] <Freezer699> now 23m worth <.<
[03:39] <Casting Fishes^^> weird song
[03:39] <Casting Fishes^^> /me pings joey
[03:39] <Joeytje50> hai
[03:40] <Casting Fishes^^> :D
[03:49] <Masterbam4> what r those new boots with spikes
[03:52] <Seil> [[Steadfast boots]], [[Ragefire boots]], and [[Glaiven boots]]? those?
[04:01] <Accuratez> steadfast are too damn expensive >.>
[04:09] <Kaittaja> heya guys
[04:10] <Kaittaja> heya fishy ^^
[04:21] <Kaittaja> quite silent today
[04:24] <Casting Fishes^^> Hai
[04:24] <Accuratez> true.
[04:25] <Cristian2605> hi
[04:26] <Casting Fishes^^> Hai
[04:26] <Cristian2605> im brazil
[04:29] <Casting Fishes^^> awesome
[04:29] <Smithing> hey
[04:30] <Kaittaja> heya smithing
[04:31] <Casting Fishes^^> /me huggles smithingg
[04:31] <Casting Fishes^^> haidar
[04:31] <Masterbam4> i need to make money lol
[04:31] <Smithing> /me huggles back
[04:31] <Casting Fishes^^> yey
[04:31] <Casting Fishes^^> /me huggles joey too and waeks him up
[04:31] <Joeytje50> * Joeytje50 huggles feeshy
[04:31] <Joeytje50> :D
[04:31] <Casting Fishes^^> :D
[04:32] <Casting Fishes^^> im like.. soo weak right now. My legs are tired.
[04:32] <Casting Fishes^^> /me yawns
[04:32] <Kaittaja> ebin
[04:33] <Casting Fishes^^> Well i've proved its possible for someone to go without sleeping for over 48 hours and not be crazy
[04:33] <Range riley> hi guys
[04:33] <Casting Fishes^^> lunch time bbl<3
[04:33] <Range riley> i just got the book of zamorak
[04:34] <Range riley> not so hard
[04:37] <Kaittaja> oh no soon there will be system update in RS
[04:39] <Kaittaja> woned how long it takes?
[04:40] <Range riley> i love my god book
[04:41] <Range riley> its beast
[04:41] <Casting Fishes^^> yep...
[04:41] <Kaittaja> *yawn* I hope it's not a 2hour update...
[04:41] <Accuratez> i wish I could sell mine
[04:41] <Casting Fishes^^> lunch ladies favorite me
[04:42] <Casting Fishes^^> its awkward
[04:45] <Casting Fishes^^> ciphyyy
[04:45] <Ciphrius Kane> Mwehehehehehe
[04:46] <Casting Fishes^^> nub undercover
[04:46] <Masterbam4> i saw that u can make phats
[04:46] <Masterbam4> with 3 items thats bull
[04:47] <Masterbam4> its seers collor dye and chef hat
[04:47] <Coelacanth0794> ello
[04:47] <Smithing> Hey guys
[04:47] <Masterbam4> that dose really work dose it?
[04:47] <Kaittaja> oh snap update
[04:47] <Coelacanth0794> what?
[04:47] <Casting Fishes^^> hai my coelbro
[04:47] <Coelacanth0794> master: anything involving phats is a scam
[04:47] <Coelacanth0794> hi casting
[04:48] <Masterbam4> seer,purple dye and chef hat
[04:48] <Coelacanth0794> what's he going on about
[04:48] <Casting Fishes^^> I'm eating lunch
[04:48] <Masterbam4> tthats how they said they made them
[04:48] <Masterbam4> i was like bs
[04:48] <Urbancowgurl777> a seer isn't an item
[04:49] <Urbancowgurl777> you can't make phats
[04:49] <Masterbam4> whatever u cut wool with
[04:49] <Casting Fishes^^> and surviving off of energy that i got from nowhere
[04:49] <Urbancowgurl777> spinning wheel?
[04:49] <Casting Fishes^^> i didn't sleep last night 
[04:49] <Masterbam4> sheer
[04:49] <Masterbam4> maybe
[04:50] <Kaittaja> am I only one actually playing?
[04:50] <Masterbam4> i was playing but update soon
[04:50] <Casting Fishes^^> I'm at school
[04:50] <Masterbam4> theysaid u can buy tea logs and turn them in to planks and make money
[04:50] <Kaittaja> what happens today's update?
[04:51] <Coelacanth0794> he means [[shears]], which is just a bad rumour
[04:51] <Masterbam4> im a girl damn it
[04:51] <Casting Fishes^^> coel used to call me he
[04:51] <Urbancowgurl777> if you want to know if something is true, read its article on the wiki
[04:52] <Casting Fishes^^> still does, sometimes
[04:52] <Coelacanth0794> anything involving phats is a fake
[04:52] <Coelacanth0794> making them, getting one free etc
[04:53] <Masterbam4> iwould believe so
[04:53] <Casting Fishes^^> i gave like.. a 15 minute speech to my teachers about how wikipedia is mostly always a valid resource..
[04:53] <Coelacanth0794> and they dismissed it
[04:53] <Urbancowgurl777> a white party hat is 2 billion coins on the GE
[04:53] <Kaittaja> did they believe?
[04:53] <Kaittaja> MUST COLLECT 2BILLION COINS 11111111111!!
[04:54] <Casting Fishes^^> "oh but anyone can edit it" that is true, but so many people are watching it that they know..
[04:54] <Kaittaja> wonder is there anybody selling those?
[04:54] <Urbancowgurl777> [[Graphical updates/Chatheads]]
[04:54] <Urbancowgurl777> is this seriously necessary
[04:54] <Urbancowgurl777> all the trolls at the bottom look the same.
[04:54] <Coelacanth0794> k cant join irc for some reason
[04:55] <Masterbam4> do the hack things work?
[04:55] <Coelacanth0794> no hacks in rs
[04:55] <Masterbam4> so all those programs fail lol
[04:55] <Casting Fishes^^> brb
[04:55] <Urbancowgurl777> tip:
[04:55] <Ciphrius Kane> I'll get the double xp early bird thing easily enough methinks
[04:55] <Urbancowgurl777> if you type "hacks" into the rs wiki search bar
[04:55] <Urbancowgurl777> it will tell you all about them
[04:56] <Urbancowgurl777> try searching our website.
[04:57] <Masterbam4> so many scammers
[04:57] <Coelacanth0794> true dat
[04:57] <Masterbam4> i hate it
[04:57] <Masterbam4> they make money too
[04:57] <Masterbam4> i met 1 true doubler
[04:58] <Masterbam4> out of like 12348324398
[04:58] <Coelacanth0794> dont try doublers
[04:58] <Masterbam4> and then theres the plp who quit and give there stuff away
[04:58] <AnselaJonla> Hi
[04:58] <Coelacanth0794> easiest scam in history
[04:58] <Masterbam4> i know'
[04:58] <Kaittaja> isn't it obvious that doublers are hoax?
[04:58] <Urbancowgurl777> there are no true doublers. they don't get anything from doubling
[04:58] <Urbancowgurl777> they're just trying to gain trust if they do it legitly
[04:59] <Masterbam4> ive seen 1 trade one befor
[04:59] <Coelacanth0794>
[04:59] <Masterbam4> haha
[04:59] <Casting Fishes^^> lolol
[05:00] <Casting Fishes^^> /me huggles Fergie
[05:00] <Kaittaja> so the update is pretty pointless?
[05:00] <Kaittaja> but trolls will look awsome
[05:00] <Casting Fishes^^> i don't feel good :c
[05:00] <Kaittaja> and thsi update shoudln't take long
[05:00] <Coelacanth0794> impossible, you cant catch my cold via internet
[05:00] <Urbancowgurl777> lol Coel
[05:01] <Urbancowgurl777> i like looking at google autocompletes
[05:01] <Urbancowgurl777> they's teh funneh
[05:01] <Coelacanth0794>
[05:01] <Kaittaja> voel... has anyone prooven it yet?
[05:01] <Coelacanth0794> memebase had one small site dedicated to that fergs
[05:01] <Coelacanth0794> they scrapped it :c
[05:02] <AnselaJonla> What do you think about next month's projected updates, Fergs?
[05:02] <Masterbam4> i wish there was a bollon drop party today
[05:02] <Urbancowgurl777> i haven't read the BTS or update yet
[05:02] <Urbancowgurl777> i just skimmed the BTS and saw some stuff about tzhaar
[05:02] <AnselaJonla>,16,400,63547766
[05:03] <AnselaJonla> Yeah, TzHaar rework, quest and new activity coming this month
[05:03] <AnselaJonla> [[Fight Kiln]]
[05:03] <Coelacanth0794> bts: tzhaar update, tzhaar quest, cave that you gotta spend fire cape to enter and is hard as crap
[05:03] <AnselaJonla> [[BTS]]
[05:03] <Coelacanth0794> flask thingies
[05:03] <Coelacanth0794> and the dominion tower dragon thingy.
[05:04] <Urbancowgurl777> "spend" fire cape?
[05:04] <AnselaJonla> Yeah
[05:04] <Coelacanth0794> yes
[05:04] <Urbancowgurl777> one time per visit? <.<
[05:04] <Coelacanth0794> at least once
[05:04] <AnselaJonla> "In our most challenging minigame yet, you’ll be asked to sacrifice your fire cape once before even stepping through the door!"
[05:04] <Coelacanth0794> idk about every attempt
[05:04] <Urbancowgurl777> x_x
[05:04] <Coelacanth0794> since you'd be fighting 2 jads at once commonly it says
[05:04] <Coelacanth0794> and then a new tzhaar boss 
[05:04] <Coelacanth0794> etc
[05:05] <Urbancowgurl777> sounds interesting
[05:05] <Coelacanth0794> Kaizo runescape, in a nutshell
[05:05] <Urbancowgurl777> disappointed they chose tzhaar though
[05:05] <Urbancowgurl777> they just updated it recently
[05:06] <Casting Fishes^^> men
[05:06] <Casting Fishes^^> meh*
[05:06] <Casting Fishes^^> /me summons joey
[05:06] <Joeytje50> * Joeytje50 is summoned
[05:06] <Joeytje50> :D
[05:06] <Casting Fishes^^> yey
[05:07] <Masterbam4> lol
[05:07] <Joeytje50> XD
[05:07] <Kaittaja> that wasn't big update?
[05:07] <Casting Fishes^^> your liek evilbot in irc
[05:07] <Joeytje50>
[05:07] <Joeytje50> I don't know anything about this
[05:07] <Joeytje50> so someone please check
[05:07] <Casting Fishes^^> we say something to you or say caek and you respond
[05:07] <Joeytje50> :D
[05:07] <AnselaJonla> Kai, it wasn't going to be. Most late-week updates are just bug fixes
[05:07] <Joeytje50> I don't have a ping for caek btw
[05:07] <Coelacanth0794> seems fine
[05:07] <Masterbam4> i need to make 10m but i cant with 3fps lol
[05:08] <Joeytje50> I do check this window every once in a while though
[05:08] <Casting Fishes^^> maek ones
[05:08] <Coelacanth0794> although they gotta have a LOT of patience for even that 1300
[05:08] <Joeytje50> and when I am done making my AWB script I'll be fully active again
[05:08] <Joeytje50> but for now, it's once in a while
[05:08] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[05:08] <Casting Fishes^^> /me misses joey
[05:08] <Urbancowgurl777> yeah, that person must have had a boring day <.<
[05:08] <Coelacanth0794> what
[05:09] <AnselaJonla>
[05:09] <AnselaJonla> Oh, Fergs, me and Vader made a new warn/info template earlier
[05:09] <Joeytje50> ansela: just add [[template:unsigned]]
[05:10] <Joeytje50> IPs are allowed to vote
[05:10] <Joeytje50> [[RS:SOW]]
[05:10] <Urbancowgurl777> Vader?
[05:10] <AnselaJonla> RSDaftVader
[05:10] <Urbancowgurl777> i think she meant the terrible quality of that oppose <.<
[05:10] <Urbancowgurl777> oh, can i see? (:
[05:10] <AnselaJonla> [[Template:Imgname]]
[05:11] <Casting Fishes^^> me has to goes
[05:11] <AnselaJonla> Cya Feesh
[05:11] <Masterbam4> bye bye
[05:11] <Casting Fishes^^> bbl
[05:11] <Urbancowgurl777> nice ^-^
[05:11] <AnselaJonla> ty
[05:11] <Casting Fishes^^> //me huggles everyone and joey gbai
[05:11] <Joeytje50> bai
[05:11] <Casting Fishes^^> <3
[05:12] <Coelacanth0794> wut
[05:12] <Urbancowgurl777> lord knows that template will get used frequently >.<
[05:12] <Urbancowgurl777> especially on update days, ugh
[05:12] <Masterbam4> me dont understand
[05:13] <AnselaJonla> Images uploaded to the wiki should have names that describe what they're about
[05:13] <Masterbam4> how is that baby troll named my own dad?
[05:13] <Masterbam4> oh
[05:13] <AnselaJonla> Oh, the player fed it [[troll general%27s bones|troll general's bones]]
[05:13] <Masterbam4> oh lol
[05:14] <Masterbam4> i thought at frist u could namethem and i wanted to name it mr hanky
[05:14] <Urbancowgurl777> i haven't decided what to feed mine yet
[05:15] <AnselaJonla> btw, have you see the [[troll commando|wolf]], [[troll mage commando|cow]] and [[troll ranger commando|bush-disguise penguin]] wandering around Burthorpe and Taverley?
[05:15] <AnselaJonla> I feed mine a key half, for now
[05:15] <Urbancowgurl777> i haven't logged in
[05:15] <Masterbam4> i saw somone fed it bgs
[05:15] <AnselaJonla> Wow... more ingame money than sense
[05:15] <AnselaJonla> brb
[05:16] <Urbancowgurl777> lol
[05:16] <Masterbam4> what was update
[05:16] <Urbancowgurl777> i wanna name mine like.. Marigold or White lily
[05:17] <Kaittaja> I really enjoy the name ability on the baby troll...
[05:18] <Kaittaja> but It's anoying to see someone with a p hat -.-''' since it really effects RS economy
[05:18] <Masterbam4> lol
[05:18] <Urbancowgurl777> rares do not effect me at all
[05:18] <Masterbam4> they would give the pet that but not a poor person
[05:18] <Coelacanth0794> true dat
[05:18] <Kaittaja> yeah
[05:19] <Kaittaja> well wih partyhats you wouldn't be poor anymore...
[05:19] <Masterbam4> that makes me mad
[05:19] <Masterbam4> i give money to my poor friends
[05:19] <Smithing> Darn, {{subst:REVISIONID}} isn't working as well as I anticipated (angry) 
[05:19] <Urbancowgurl777> i don't give money to anyone
[05:19] <Masterbam4> i gave like 250k to a lvl 35 yesterday
[05:19] <Masterbam4> why?
[05:20] <Kaittaja> I might support clan members with cash... nobody else really
[05:20] <Masterbam4> good carma
[05:20] <Urbancowgurl777> i don't believe in karma first of all
[05:20] <Urbancowgurl777> secondly, people need to learn to make money for themselves
[05:20] <Urbancowgurl777> or they wind up being level 120s that beg for money
[05:20] <Masterbam4> she got regen braclet and white beret
[05:20] <Masterbam4> im a 102 with like nothing ={
[05:21] <Kaittaja> and if I start giving newbies money that would be probably only 10K at most
[05:21] <Coelacanth0794> i saw a 130 something legit begging
[05:21] <Urbancowgurl777> i'd be fine with teaching someone how to make money
[05:21] <Urbancowgurl777> but giving it to them.. solves nothing
[05:21] <Coelacanth0794> [[lachopher]] iirc
[05:22] <AnselaJonla> [[Lactopher]]?
[05:22] <Masterbam4> i be nice and give just as i would like to recive
[05:23] <Kaittaja> and I will never give anything to beggars
[05:23] <Coelacanth0794> i participate in neither giving or taking
[05:23] <Masterbam4> she didnt begg
[05:23] <Coelacanth0794> i have been offered some free things (xmas gifts from strangers)
[05:23] <Coelacanth0794> i always turn them down.
[05:23] <AnselaJonla> I used to sometimes wander around f2p Lum giving iron armour to people under lvl 10
[05:23] <Kaittaja> bam I've given away 100K in total for newbies that need some money to start... armory etc.
[05:23] <Urbancowgurl777> i used to back when there were legit nubsaus
[05:24] <Kaittaja> ansela... give 'em iron armour set :D
[05:24] <Urbancowgurl777> i've never taken money .. except one time when someone loaned me 5m
[05:24] <Joeytje50> * Joeytje50 mad at javascript
[05:24] <Urbancowgurl777> but i paid it back ;3=
[05:24] <AnselaJonla> Real newbies wouldn't know what to do with an armour set
[05:24] <Joeytje50> y u no do wat I want u 2
[05:24] <Joeytje50> >:O
[05:24] <Coelacanth0794> * Coel doesn't believe in money loans online
[05:24] <Joeytje50> AGF @@@@
[05:24] <Joeytje50> :>
[05:25] <Masterbam4> ya i learned that
[05:25] <Masterbam4> lossed 2m lol
[05:25] <Joeytje50> * Joeytje50 gets fergs to ban coel for not AGFing
[05:25] <Masterbam4> that way
[05:25] <Urbancowgurl777> i leant my BCP to someone and they never gave it back
[05:25] <Urbancowgurl777> so i know who to trust, which is a very small amount of people :P
[05:25] <Urbancowgurl777> lent*
[05:25] <Urbancowgurl777> *banz*
[05:25] <Joeytje50> I once lent fswe 2m, once lent Megan 5m and once even lent Megan my santa, all 3 times I got it back
[05:25] <Coelacanth0794> hax
[05:25] <Coelacanth0794> using [[Item Lending]] sure
[05:25] <AnselaJonla> I had someone offer to lend me their Bandos gear and Zammy spear until I get 99 (hp) 
[05:26] <Kaittaja> I am trust worthy and I trust some people... I loaned some money from my clan member and payed it back hour later
[05:26] <Joeytje50> coel: no, without
[05:26] <Coelacanth0794> joey: i mean me.
[05:26] <Coelacanth0794> nub
[05:26] <Joeytje50> o
[05:26] <Urbancowgurl777> he needed my BCP for 99 something
[05:26] <Urbancowgurl777> then he got it and i never saw him log in again
[05:26] <Urbancowgurl777> lol
[05:26] <Urbancowgurl777> gf 25m
[05:26] <Joeytje50> I did once "lose" 2m by not getting my money for a bet irl
[05:27] <AnselaJonla> I turned the offer down, because I'm gonna be slaying to 99, mostly
[05:27] <Seil> I remember forever ago I needed money for prayer so I borrowed some cash from a friend and used ranger boots to borrow against, I ended up just letting him keep them despite them being worth way more at the time(was going to get them back for the original borrowed amount so I would have profited lol)
[05:27] <Coelacanth0794> * Coel blames joey
[05:27] <Joeytje50> someone said he'd pay me if something would not happen until the summer the year after that
[05:27] <Joeytje50> else I'd pay him 2m
[05:27] <AnselaJonla> [[File:2x.png]]
[05:27] <Joeytje50> so I won, but then he already stopped playing and moved to another city
[05:27] <Coelacanth0794> already did that pic
[05:27] <Urbancowgurl777> gawd
[05:28] <Urbancowgurl777> that's a triplicate
[05:28] <Urbancowgurl777> -.-
[05:28] <Joeytje50> -.-
[05:28] <Coelacanth0794> i upladed the laidee gnonock one
[05:28] <AnselaJonla> Hey, Fergs... bad name and that glitch was fixed yday
[05:28] <Joeytje50> also, terrible name
[05:28] <Urbancowgurl777> give me the duplicate pic and i'll delete one
[05:28] <Coelacanth0794> mines without costume too :3
[05:28] <Kaittaja> how you guys then do youyr money?
[05:28] <Coelacanth0794> what
[05:28] <Seil> What?..
[05:29] <Kaittaja> your*
[05:29] <Coelacanth0794> how you guys then do your money
[05:29] <Urbancowgurl777> i don't do my money
[05:29] <Coelacanth0794> ????
[05:29] <Coelacanth0794> profit
[05:29] <Kaittaja> what way you guys earn your cash in RS
[05:29] <AnselaJonla> [[Talk:Player Moderator%23Edits Made by Ex-Moderator|Talk:Player Moderator#Edits Made by Ex-Moderator]] - oh, who gave him permission to put that yt link onto a mainspace page? (I removed it, btw)
[05:29] <Urbancowgurl777> mod mat k, apparently
[05:29] <Urbancowgurl777> he means he has permission to post the video link
[05:29] <Urbancowgurl777> whether we allow it or not is different
[05:29] <Urbancowgurl777> i earn money by skilling
[05:29] <Kaittaja> as?
[05:30] <Seil> I don't really try to earn money anymore generally, it's a biproduct unless I'm hurting for it
[05:30] <Urbancowgurl777> as what?
[05:30] <Kaittaja> as skilling? meaning you spent money on leveling i up to make products that are higher value when sold?
[05:30] <Seil> Like I just grinded from 96 to 99 str at rum pumped crabs, getting a decent number of brackish blades along the way lol, not amazing money, but money I didn't have
[05:31] <Urbancowgurl777> i don't spend money on skilling, i make money by skilling
[05:31] <Coelacanth0794> true dat
[05:31] <Coelacanth0794> i think siel means something like smithing
[05:31] <AnselaJonla> 10 days of 10 people on coal at Misc can make 1m>
[05:31] <Urbancowgurl777> oh
[05:31] <Urbancowgurl777> my kingdom is probably dead
[05:31] <Urbancowgurl777> <.<
[05:32] <Coelacanth0794> gf
[05:32] <Urbancowgurl777> i want to log on but i need to do this homework
[05:32] <Urbancowgurl777> ):
[05:32] <Seil> Interestingly enough, spirit shards buy easily at 24 gp on the ge most of the time, which is 10k gp every 4 hours without doing anything whatsoever, so yay passive pocket change =p 
[05:33] <Coelacanth0794> ICFGHJKL
[05:33] <Coelacanth0794> i frickin hate dagonhai elite
[05:33] <Seil> ._.
[05:33] <Urbancowgurl777> <.<
[05:34] <Kaittaja> is summoning a good skill that is worth leveling up?
[05:34] <Joeytje50> "The day robots can totally replace machines is the start of Judgement day."--hofmic
[05:34] <Joeytje50> um
[05:34] <Joeytje50> robots already replace machines
[05:34] <Seil> Summoning is infinitely useful
[05:34] <Joeytje50> robots ARE machines
[05:34] <Joeytje50> lolol
[05:34] <Smithing> Nice
[05:35] <Kaittaja> maybe later i'll actually do wolf whistle...
[05:35] <Smithing> I might have some use for that
[05:35] <Urbancowgurl777> we should ask people who we're unsure of to use the template ;P
[05:36] <Smithing> You can subst: it too
[05:36] <Urbancowgurl777> lol. Fswe reuploaded the image i deleted 
[05:36] <Kaittaja> I feel like leveling (smithing) to 99
[05:37] <Kaittaja> just to get rune armor stand in my POH ^^
[05:37] <Joeytje50> smithing: [[User:Joeytje50/Templates/Gender]]
[05:37] <Joeytje50> enter anyone's name and get their gender :P
[05:37] <Urbancowgurl777> i went through a lot of trouble to get a rune armor stand in my POH
[05:37] <Urbancowgurl777> then found out it couldn't be assisted
[05:37] <Urbancowgurl777> -.-
[05:38] <Kaittaja> haha epic
[05:38] <Urbancowgurl777> wth
[05:38] <Urbancowgurl777> how it know o.o
[05:38] <Joeytje50> because of [[Special:Preferences]]
[05:38] <Urbancowgurl777> oh
[05:38] <Urbancowgurl777> Andorin is genderless lol
[05:38] <Joeytje50> XD
[05:38] <Joeytje50> A proofreader did not specify a gender
[05:38] <Joeytje50> 
[05:38] <Joeytje50> bah1
[05:39] <Smithing> Yea, I checked that too lol
[05:39] <Joeytje50> he doesn't want to say it
[05:39] <Joeytje50> so I checked with that XD
[05:39] <Urbancowgurl777> ugh
[05:39] <Seil> I'm a box.
[05:39] <Urbancowgurl777> people bug me with that
[05:39] <Urbancowgurl777> rather lie than not say a gender at all <.<
[05:39] <Coelacanth0794> what
[05:39] <Joeytje50> yeah it can be annoying for addressing persons as he or she
[05:40] <Joeytje50> if only english would work like dutch
[05:40] <Urbancowgurl777> thomas/thomasina :P
[05:40] <Joeytje50> proof would have had to say A proofreader or A proofreadster
[05:40] <Joeytje50> ster for female, er for male
[05:40] <Joeytje50> then we would know something
[05:40] <Urbancowgurl777> lol
[05:40] <Joeytje50> but ofc, english doesn't need that :<
[05:40] <Urbancowgurl777> so you're Joester ;3=
[05:40] <Joeytje50> nuuuuu
[05:40] <Urbancowgurl777> lol
[05:40] <Kaittaja> Kcq , C *** O***|\/| >>>> 20M *** =18.08 *** $
[05:40] <Kaittaja> this message is from: Yqmhjk8175
[05:40] <Kaittaja> in private message
[05:40] <Joeytje50> [[User:Joeytje50/Templates/Gender]]
[05:41] <Joeytje50> [[User:Joeytje50/Templates/Gender]] I r mael
[05:41] <Seil> box <3
[05:41] <Urbancowgurl777> lmao
[05:41] <Joeytje50> rofl
[05:41] <Coelacanth0794> oh that
[05:41] <Kaittaja> kaittaja did not specify a gender
[05:42] <Kaittaja> XD
[05:42] <Urbancowgurl777> Joey, you never helped me with my microsoft office bug
[05:42] <Urbancowgurl777> </3
[05:42] <Joeytje50> I tried, but I have no idea what's wrong
[05:42] <Joeytje50> also, can I haz pixx0rz?
[05:43] <Urbancowgurl777>
[05:43] <Urbancowgurl777> see the icon thingy in the top left is all white and weird
[05:43] <Kaittaja> meow
[05:44] <Joeytje50> hmmm
[05:44] <Joeytje50> looks like it inverted the colors or something
[05:44] <Urbancowgurl777> yeah
[05:44] <Urbancowgurl777> i think i did it in my preferences when you right click the desktop and change the color things
[05:44] <Urbancowgurl777> but i thought i fixed them all.
[05:44] <Seil> If they were inverted, they'd still be colors, it grayscaled em o.o
[05:45] <Urbancowgurl777> s:
[05:45] <Joeytje50> no idea what that is O_o
[05:45] <Urbancowgurl777> D:
[05:45] <Seil> Odd lol I've never run into something like that and I've seen plenty of odd issues with my family x.x
[05:45] <Joeytje50> have you asked anyone else who might know already?
[05:46] <Urbancowgurl777> no, who would know something like that <.< i just googled it though
[05:46] <Urbancowgurl777> didn't think to google "grayscale" so that helped narrow results
[05:46] <Kaittaja> o.O
[05:49] <Joeytje50> wow lotsa GEMW spam in RC
[05:53] <Urbancowgurl777> *unhelped*
[05:53] <Joeytje50> sry, I can't help you :x
[05:54] <Joeytje50> no idea what it is
[05:54] <Joeytje50> maybe go to the store where you bought your computer/MSOffice
[05:54] <Kaittaja> interesting... 
[05:56] <Kaittaja> o.O
[05:56] <Kaittaja> math is strange
[05:57] <Seil> Math is logical
[05:57] <Kaittaja> it is and that makes it so strange...
[05:58] <Kaittaja> it tells you things you didn't even think possible to get
[05:58] <Kaittaja> I use a lot of math while playing RS
[05:58] <Casting Fishes^^> joey
[05:58] <Joeytje50> feesh
[05:59] <Casting Fishes^^> i just did a facebook
[05:59] <Smithing> did a facebook?
[05:59] <Joeytje50> * Joeytje50 no has fb
[05:59] <Casting Fishes^^> nonono
[05:59] <Casting Fishes^^> i just faceplanted into one of my books
[06:00] <Smithing> :o
[06:00] <Casting Fishes^^> i remember a while ago i faceplanted into the desk and you were liek
[06:00] <Casting Fishes^^> /me was hoping for a facebook not a facedesk
[06:01] <Casting Fishes^^> ive Provence the fact that humans need sleep
[06:01] <Casting Fishes^^> proven *
[06:01] <Casting Fishes^^> last night was worth it though
[06:02] <Casting Fishes^^> brb
[06:02] <Seil> Puny mortals and your silly necessities for life
[06:07] <Coelacanth0794> cool story
[06:11] <Matt Nazarchuk> Can anyone think of places in RS where there would be a display of a rune armour set? like one that you cant touch its just there.
[06:11] <Ciphrius Kane> POH
[06:11] <Coelacanth0794> [[Rolo the Stout|The amount of chins is too damn high!]]
[06:11] <Coelacanth0794> also we need better pic
[06:11] <AnselaJonla> I can't
[06:11] <Joeytje50> lol
[06:12] <Coelacanth0794> joey can u get better pic of that guy?
[06:12] <Joeytje50> idk
[06:12] <Coelacanth0794> or did you already finish quest
[06:12] <Matt Nazarchuk> POH prob wont work. maybe the guy that you get to but rune plate from when you complete D-Slayer? Can anyone check if the distpay is updated like the black armour display?
[06:12] <Joeytje50> nop, haven't done anything on RS about this update
[06:13] <Coelacanth0794> can you oculus rolo the whale then plz
[06:13] <Joeytje50> lol
[06:13] <Joeytje50> probably sometime this weekend
[06:13] <Joeytje50> post on my talk pls
[06:13] <Coelacanth0794> now?
[06:15] <Joeytje50> cant do it now
[06:15] <Joeytje50> gtg dinner
[06:15] <Matt Nazarchuk> BTW who made that pic for the updated Black equipment?
[06:16] <Coelacanth0794> trufax: troll wont eat vyre corpse
[06:16] <Coelacanth0794> ohwell
[06:16] <Coelacanth0794> black wasnt updated yet
[06:26] <AnselaJonla> Eh, why are those images on the BTS talk page?
[06:31] <Casting Fishes^^> tiered
[06:32] <Coelacanth0794> which tier?
[06:35] <Matt Nazarchuk> I know that Black equipment hasn't been updated yet, but some one found a black armour stand and it was updated ont he stand. its in the new files page of the wiki and under black equipment.
[06:36] <Coelacanth0794> link plz?
[06:37] <Ciphrius Kane> [[File:New black armor preview.png]]
[06:37] <Coelacanth0794> ..huh.
[06:37] <Coelacanth0794> i could get a better pic of that
[06:37] <Coelacanth0794> doing clue scroll though
[06:37] <Matt Nazarchuk> kay[[Black equipment]]
[06:38] <Seil> Oh wow that black armor is sexy
[06:38] <Matt Nazarchuk> yes plz. im still in my "tutorial" mode of GIMP
[06:38] <Coelacanth0794> ill get more detailed pic of it when i finish clue, k?
[06:38] <Coelacanth0794> as in much larger
[06:39] <Seil> I honestly think if the black armour looks like that, I like it more than the new dragon by far
[06:39] <Coelacanth0794> just imagine mithril!
[06:39] <Coelacanth0794> 
[06:40] <Seil> I refuse to imagine anything because then Jagex will crash my hopes and dreams like always
[06:40] <Seil> lol
[06:41] <Chimpster18> that black armour looks amazing, but i like the new dragon better
[06:42] <Coelacanth0794> black cavalier
[06:43] <Seil> I greatly dislike the new dragon helm
[06:43] <Zombica> hey guys is there a way to zoom in in RuneScape so i can take a good picture?
[06:44] <Coelacanth0794> oh its 386k
[06:44] <Coelacanth0794> not bad for a hard clue
[06:44] <Seil> Orb of Oculus is your friend for picturs
[06:44] <Seil> pictures*
[06:44] <Coelacanth0794> true dat
[06:44] <Coelacanth0794> not for controls, though
[06:45] <Seil> A lot of times the controls feel very wrong for sure lol
[06:45] <Chimpster18> just sold loads of ore and got 200k
[06:45] <Zombica> ty
[06:46] <Coelacanth0794> grz
[06:46] <Seil> Working on 81 mining then I need to figure out what I'ma do for crafting x.x getting the flask requirements so I don't have to worry about it later lol
[06:47] <Coelacanth0794> crafting is really expensive.
[06:47] <Zombica> btw i love how the new [[Wizard Robes]] look. They look epic
[06:47] <Seil> As is prayer and I have 96 in that lol
[06:48] <Coelacanth0794> but prayer is more worthwhile combat wise
[06:48] <Seil> I mostly avoid crafting because I have no reason to train it, and now I do, sadly
[06:48] <Coelacanth0794> k gonna get that black armour pic now
[06:48] <Joeytje50> back
[06:50] <Coelacanth0794> k i see them.
[06:50] <Coelacanth0794> k
[06:50] <Coelacanth0794> gonna trans
[06:51] <Matt Nazarchuk> my chat thing is broken it wont update automaticaly. 
[06:53] <Seil> Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku the shapeshifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil. But a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung him into the future, where my evil is law. Now the fool seeks to return to the past, and undo the future that is Aku.
[06:54] <Coelacanth0794> riveting.
[06:55] <Kaittaja> samurai jack...
[06:55] <Coelacanth0794> Used oculus to zoom in alot on the armour
[06:55] <Coelacanth0794> $5 says battleben or fwse reverts to non-aa version cuz it's zoomed in
[06:56] <Seil> o.o
[06:57] <Coelacanth0794> ?
[06:57] <Coelacanth0794> they tend to do that
[06:57] <Coelacanth0794> ask joey
[06:58] <Joeytje50> lol
[06:59] <Matt Nazarchuk> battle ben?
[07:00] <Coelacanth0794> [[File:New black armor preview.png]] what think?
[07:01] <Seil> Do want x.x
[07:01] <Ciphrius Kane> I think the name breaks our [[RS:NOT]] policy
[07:01] <Coelacanth0794> ?
[07:01] <Coelacanth0794> howso
[07:01] <Matt Nazarchuk> Awesome dude.
[10:14] <Coelacanth0794> bow*
[10:14] <Illuminance> oh, ok
[10:14] <Illuminance> thanks
[10:14] <Illuminance> im gonna buy meself a dark bow :3
[10:14] <Coelacanth0794> just fletch a yew or magic one
[10:15] <Coelacanth0794> wut
[10:16] <Illuminance> ololololo
[10:16] <Hairrazerrr> lots of language in that link if anyone clicks it btw^
[10:16] <Illuminance> eeeyup
[10:17] <Coelacanth0794> true dat
[10:17] <Coelacanth0794> k
[10:17] <Hairrazerrr> first
[10:17] <Hairrazerrr> second*
[10:17] <Flaysian> fu misclicks
[10:17] <Hairrazerrr> hey flay
[10:17] <ZamorakO o> It now has no avatar. 
[10:17] <Seil> Shouldn't any paragraph contain a lot of language?
[10:17] <Flaysian> woot
[10:17] <Seil> Otherwise it's not really a structure of words is it?
[10:17] <Flaysian> ty ty
[10:17] <Smithing> Cool Zam
[10:18] <ZamorakO o> Though I *highly* disagree with those who insisted I change it
[10:18] <Hairrazerrr> zammy, if i put lots of rs things in that avatar i made, can u give it that
[10:18] <Hairrazerrr> TOO BAD
[10:18] <ZamorakO o> >_>
[10:18] <Flaysian> why so mr. zamorakO o
[10:18] <Hairrazerrr> it was pony, i don't like pony, it no more pony
[10:18] <Flaysian> the userpage shouldn't really be signed either
[10:19] <ZamorakO o> I should take a table and overturn it
[10:19] <Hairrazerrr> nou
[10:19] <ZamorakO o> I believe I reserve the right to have its userpage as I wish
[10:19] <ZamorakO o> And I'd argue the same for its avatar
[10:19] <Hairrazerrr> Uhh... it is a runescape wiki community bot though ;) 
[10:20] <Flaysian> ^
[10:20] <Hairrazerrr> so the community decides 
[10:20] <Hairrazerrr> and we voted
[10:20] <Smithing> dunno what a pony has ta do with rs
[10:20] <Flaysian> if anything, Joey should be the one choosing how it is customised/run
[10:20] <Coelacanth0794> zam did it i think
[10:20] <Coelacanth0794> ask him, smith
[10:20] <ZamorakO o> Joey made it
[10:20] <ZamorakO o> *the script
[10:20] <Flaysian> he did
[10:20] <ZamorakO o> I made the pony
[10:20] <Flaysian> you did
[10:21] <Flaysian> script outweights pony slightly though
[10:21] <Flaysian> -t
[10:21] <ZamorakO o> You run it then >_>
[10:21] <Hairrazerrr> okay :D
[10:21] <Flaysian> Joey nominated you
[10:21] <ZamorakO o> I accepted
[10:21] <Flaysian> and I supported you
[10:21] <Flaysian> but pls make it less centred on yourself
[10:22] <ZamorakO o> Why can I not choose a simple avatar? >_>
[10:22] <Flaysian> because it is a community log bot, which should be simply that
[10:22] <Hairrazerrr> It is displayed in the chat and I bet you a lot of people will wonder why the wiki would want a pony for an avatar
[10:22] <Hairrazerrr> and what flay said
[10:22] <Flaysian> it should not have a completely irrelevant and unprofessional avatar or a signature on it
[10:23] <ZamorakO o> It has my signature on its userpage because I signed it
[10:23] <Flaysian> I am quite aware of that
[10:23] <Flaysian> and that's the problem
[10:23] <Smithing> I personally don't see a prob with the sig
[10:23] <Coelacanth0794> eeerrhghhehghg.
[10:23] <Coelacanth0794> that new bronze med detail...
[10:23] <Coelacanth0794> :S
[10:23] <Coelacanth0794> 
[10:23] <Hairrazerrr> I don't think it is needed though
[10:24] <Coelacanth0794> rsa or zam, wanna retake?
[10:24] <Flaysian> there is no need for a user signature on a community bot
[10:24] <ZamorakO o> .... It's a problem that I signed it's userpage? 
[10:24] <ZamorakO o> *its
[10:24] <Flaysian> that's what {{Userbox/bot owner}} is for
[10:24] <Hairrazerrr> Flay, look at the avatar I made :D 
[10:24] <Hairrazerrr>
[10:24] <Flaysian> ownership ppl
[10:24] <Flaysian> that is very emo-ish, Hair
[10:24] <Casting Fishes^^> me lieks it hair<3
[10:25] <Flaysian> ya ^-^
[10:25] <Smithing> I like it too
[10:25] <Flaysian> hi mr. cook
[10:25] <Hairrazerrr> it is the same font as the runescape wiki logo though, just in black D:
[10:25] <Hairrazerrr> hey cook
[10:25] <Flaysian> oh, Cook, you there
[10:25] <Cook Me Plox> yes
[10:25] <Flaysian> whar are exclusive images
[10:25] <Flaysian> are you going to upload them?
[10:26] <Cook Me Plox> I can fwd them to you if you wnat
[10:26] <Cook Me Plox> want*
[10:26] <Flaysian> yes pls
[10:26] <ZamorakO o> It's a problem that I signed <span style="color:red;">RSChatBot</span>'s userpage and it's a problem that I had a pony avatar. Did I do anything right Flay?
[10:26] <Coelacanth0794>
[10:26] <ZamorakO o> *and Hair
[10:26] <Flaysian> [[Special:Emailuser/Flaysian]]
[10:26] <Flaysian> you added the correct templates, Ty
[10:26] <Flaysian> but the former two are not right
[10:27] <Cook Me Plox> I need an actual address
[10:27] <Flaysian> oh, kk
[10:27] <Hairrazerrr> Well Zammy, you already put that this bot is run by "zammy" in the user box, i think the page would look better if you told how the bot works and what it does imo
[10:27] <Hairrazerrr> brb
[10:28] <Hairrazerrr> okay
[10:30] <Flaysian> that was actually very well said, Mr. Hair 
[10:31] <ZamorakO o> Did you even look at its userpage's history? 
[10:31] <Hairrazerrr> Nada
[10:32] <ZamorakO o> According to you, I did nothing right. 
[10:32] <Cook Me Plox> STOP THE FIGHTING
[10:32] <Hairrazerrr> we are discussing cook. GET IT RIGHT
[10:32] <ZamorakO o> PMA cook? 
[10:32] <Cook Me Plox> lulz
[10:32] <Casting Fishes^^> oh noes
[10:32] <Flaysian> what is issue then Ty
[10:33] <Casting Fishes^^> coel is back to ordering people around
[10:33] <Flaysian> :O
[10:33] <Casting Fishes^^> Well, i had a nice day </3
[10:33] <Casting Fishes^^> not coel
[10:33] <Casting Fishes^^> cook*
[10:33] <Casting Fishes^^> fail
[10:33] <Cook Me Plox> wath
[10:33] <ZamorakO o> Really Flay? >_>
[10:33] <Cook Me Plox> *confus for a moments*
[10:33] <Casting Fishes^^> yesterday
[10:33] <Casting Fishes^^> you said all you did was order people around
[10:33] <Casting Fishes^^> >.>
[10:33] <Hairrazerrr> slave driver*
[10:33] <Hairrazerrr> ;) 
[10:33] <Cook Me Plox> nah, just on update days
[10:33] <Flaysian> if you didn't add any of those templates, then yes, speaking solely about that userpage, there was nothing done to standard
[10:33] <Casting Fishes^^> but he was friendly cewk yesterday
[10:34] <Flaysian> but you changed the avatar and won't change the signature, so what is issue
[10:34] <Cook Me Plox> wath
[10:34] <Cook Me Plox> I was totally order-people-around-cewk yesterday
[10:34] <ZamorakO o> Forum:Someone else to run <span style="color:red;">RSChatBot</span> 
[10:34] <Cook Me Plox> watchu thinking.
[10:34] <ZamorakO o> brb, making thread
[10:34] <Hairrazerrr> Ty...
[10:34] <Hairrazerrr> just take the sig off the [email protected]@
[10:34] <Flaysian> lol
[10:35] <Flaysian> I should probably say that I have no problem with you running the bot, Ty, seeing as I supported you in the discussion
[10:35] <Casting Fishes^^> Flay i r upset
[10:35] <Casting Fishes^^> I drank all my gin </3
[10:35] <Flaysian> but just less centered on yourself pls
[10:35] <ZamorakO o> I've had it
[10:35] <Flaysian> D: y u do this Fish
[10:35] <Seil> ._.
[10:35] <Casting Fishes^^> i only boughts 4
[10:36] <Casting Fishes^^> [[Gin]]
[10:37] <ZamorakO o> Anyone else willing to run it? 
[10:38] <Hairrazerrr> I can :/ 
[10:38] <Flaysian> <_<
[10:38] <Cook Me Plox> Why are we discussing someone else to run it
[10:38] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ goes afk
[10:38] <Flaysian> Idk Cook
[10:38] <Hairrazerrr> but you are doing a good job though
[10:38] <ZamorakO o> Because according to you and Flay, I can do nothing right. 
[10:38] <ZamorakO o> you = hair
[10:38] <Hairrazerrr> (facepalm) 
[10:39] <Hairrazerrr> just take the sig off the userpage and we are [email protected]@!##@
[10:39] <Flaysian> Ty, you're taking things a little out of context dood
[10:40] <Smithing> I don't see what the problem is, it's Zam's bot account
[10:40] <Hairrazerrr> brb...
[10:40] <Cook Me Plox> what happened here
[10:40] <ZamorakO o> It died earlier
[10:41] <Flaysian> <_>
[10:43] <Cook Me Plox> Guys, why does this matter
[10:43] <Hairrazerrr> it started out simpler
[10:43] <Hairrazerrr> [[File:Cannon1.png]]
[10:43] <Hairrazerrr> kill
[10:43] <Cook Me Plox> The <span style="color:red;">RSChatBot</span> fills a need the community has. That doesn't mean it belongs to the community.
[10:44] <Sum1 0 o> hai
[10:44] <Flaysian> hi]
[10:44] <Hairrazerrr> Hey 
[10:44] <Flaysian> -]
[10:44] <Cook Me Plox> SmackBot and BrainBot also do important tasks that fill a need, but that doesn't mean they need to be all standardized like you seem to want Zamorak's bot to be
[10:44] <ZamorakO o> [10:18] <Hairrazerrr> it was pony, i don't like pony, it no more pony
[10:44] <Hairrazerrr> ya
[10:44] <Flaysian> they're personalised accounts, like CookBot or ZammyBot
[10:44] <Coelacanth0794>
[10:44] <Nex Undique> You don't want its avatar to be a pony?
[10:45] <Hairrazerrr> we aren't mlp wiki, i don't want anybody's avatars to be a pony. :/ 
[10:45] <Flaysian> <span style="color:red;">RSChatBot</span>, though, as it was created under approval from the community and by various users, is certainly a community project
[10:45] <Hairrazerrr> but that is just my .02
[10:45] <ZamorakO o> So was SmackBot and BrainBot
[10:45] <Nex Undique> No, the consensus to log it was
[10:45] <Nex Undique> It's his account
[10:45] <Nex Undique> just suck it up
[10:46] <Hairrazerrr> the consensus was also to flag as a bot
[10:46] <Cook Me Plox> Guys, does this really fucking matter
[10:46] <Cook Me Plox> Honestly.
[10:46] <ZamorakO o> It would have been stupid not to flag it. 
[10:46] <ZamorakO o> Cook, how would [[File:Patrolling guard.png]] be categorized? 
[10:47] <Cook Me Plox> is it a blue npc?
[10:47] <Hairrazerrr> non-player character
[10:47] <Hairrazerrr> playable*
[10:47] <Cook Me Plox> ?
[10:47] <Sum1 0 o> This IP should make a account [[Special:Contributions/]]
[10:48] <ZamorakO o> Ask them to :P
[10:48] <Hairrazerrr> {{thankyou}} or something
[10:48] <Flaysian> ^^
[10:48] <Cook Me Plox> in most cases those people actually do have accounts
[10:48] <Hairrazerrr> [[Template:Thankyou]]
[10:48] <Hairrazerrr> yes
[10:49] <Hairrazerrr> {{thankyou|Sum1 0 o|~~~~}}
[10:49] <Sum1 0 o> done
[10:49] <Sum1 0 o> oh wait
[10:49] <Sum1 0 o> I'll fix thta
[10:49] <Cook Me Plox> zam, is it a blue npc?
[10:49] <Hairrazerrr> whoops
[10:49] <Sum1 0 o> that*
[10:49] <Hairrazerrr> and subst it
[10:49] <Flaysian> it doesn't matter, Sum1, what you did is ok too
[10:49] <Flaysian> if you want to change it though, go ahead
[10:50] <Smithing> Hmm, anyone mind if I remove the space at the bottom from [[Template:Welcome]]?
[10:50] <Sum1 0 o> subst?
[10:50] <Hairrazerrr> {{subst:thankyou}}
[10:50] <Flaysian> I think it was put their for somewhat larger signatures, Smith
[10:50] <Coelacanth0794> [[File:Hati2.png]] KILL IT WITH DELETE
[10:50] <Coelacanth0794> 
[10:50] <Flaysian> but if it works, do it
[10:50] <Flaysian> htere*
[10:50] <Flaysian> there**
[10:51] <Flaysian> <_>
[10:51] <Coelacanth0794> nonaa, sd images
[10:51] <Coelacanth0794> ydtghnjmk,jhbgvfrytsd
[10:51] <Smithing> If you guys don't like it, just undo
[10:51] <Kaittaja> *yawn*
[10:52] <Kaittaja> fletching is interesting... I can already make equipment I can't use XD
[10:53] <Sum1 0 o> One time I played RS w/o the GE
[10:53] <Cook Me Plox> [[Raw wolf meat]] has anyone done wolf whistle
[10:53] <Cook Me Plox> someone PLEASE make that less suck
[10:53] <Sum1 0 o> It was actually pretty fun
[10:53] <Sum1 0 o> me
[10:53] <Hairrazerrr> it is so pretty though cook
[10:54] <Cook Me Plox> srs though, anyone write two sentences on it please?
[10:54] <Coelacanth0794> wut
[10:54] <ZamorakO o> Sum1, I like it with the GE moar. No more having to find merchants. :P
[10:54] <Coelacanth0794> i did the new wolf whistle
[10:54] <Coelacanth0794> saw nonw of that item
[10:54] <Seil> That has nothing to do with wolf whistle
[10:54] <Coelacanth0794> what the hell is it?
[10:54] <Hairrazerrr> "This is meat. It is also raw."
[10:54] <Seil> In fact, wolf whistle has nothing to do with wolves anymore at all
[10:54] <Hairrazerrr> two sentences done
[10:54] <Seil> Name is misleading lol
[10:54] <Sum1 0 o> Zammy, I played making my own gear
[10:55] <ZamorakO o> Inefficient 
[10:55] <Sum1 0 o> I had a maple longbow studded armour vam's boots and a coif
[10:55] <Sum1 0 o> and 60 mithril arrows I made myself
[10:55] <Sum1 0 o> Ranged gear is easier to make than melee
[10:55] <Seil> I remember selling flax and bs at seers bank to get my first d long
[10:55] <Seil> lol
[10:55] <Hairrazerrr> Hiya exor
[10:56] <Sum1 0 o> hai
[10:56] <Exor Solieve> hai hairbro
[10:56] <Cook Me Plox> so nobody knows?
[10:56] <Seil> Not a clue, maybe wolves drop it now?
[10:56] <Smithing> If you need help with anything non-members, I might be able to help with that
[10:57] <Cook Me Plox> only non-members stuff I think are the new armour names and stuff
[10:57] <Sum1 0 o> Hair, "This is meat. It is also raw." needs more sentence fluency to make it long
[10:57] <Sum1 0 o> Like
[10:57] <Hairrazerrr> sarcasm
[10:57] <Hairrazerrr> ;) 
[10:57] <Cook Me Plox> come on, can someone at least conjecture what that is
[10:57] <Coelacanth0794> idk
[10:57] <Coelacanth0794> never seen it before.
[10:58] <Coelacanth0794> those trolls with wolf meat and wolf bones as names have same xamine as normal mountain trolls
[10:58] <Kaittaja> 1 am.
[10:58] <Coelacanth0794> examine*
[10:58] <Cire04> what is RC patrol?
[10:58] <Smithing> Hey Cire
[10:58] <Hairrazerrr> It is a neat way to go back and find vandalism
[10:58] <Cire04> hi cookie smith flay hair cool and someone
[10:59] <Cire04> oh and suppa and zammy
[10:59] <Cire04> confused?
[10:59] <Nex Undique> Cire, it's an cv tool
[10:59] <Cook Me Plox> [[RS:RCP]]
[10:59] <Nex Undique> it goes through past edits so that they can be easily checked
[10:59] <Sum1 0 o> "Raw wolf meat is a meat that is raw and can be cooked into [[Cooked meat]] granting 30 xp. It can be obtained by killing wolves."
[10:59] <Sum1 0 o> That's better
[10:59] <Cook Me Plox> good
[10:59] <Sum1 0 o> No wait!
[10:59] <Hairrazerrr> add it to the page then
[10:59] <Cook Me Plox> it's tradeable too
[11:00] <Sum1 0 o> My edit!
[11:00] <Cook Me Plox> also
[11:00] <Cook Me Plox> it's members
[11:00] <Cook Me Plox> er
[11:00] <Coelacanth0794> cook wanna delete cannon1.png
[11:00] <Cook Me Plox> non-members
[11:00] <Cook Me Plox> If you take some npc pics, yus <3
[11:00] <Cire04> oh
[11:00] <Kaittaja> any idea why there is 0.5xp possibility in RS?
[11:01] <Cook Me Plox> you mean, why things aren't perfectly round?
[11:01] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[11:01] <Kaittaja> yeah
[11:01] <Cire04> confused at wht you mean kaittaja
[11:01] <Casting Fishes^^> computer y u go to sleep
[11:02] <Cook Me Plox> WTF
[11:02] <Cook Me Plox> NO
[11:02] <Cook Me Plox> they messed with the mouseclick X
[11:02] <Cook Me Plox> it's been that way since like classic
[11:02] <Coelacanth0794> ikr
[11:02] <Kaittaja> when like fletchin untrung willow bows it's 41.5
[11:02] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ wonders y cewk no membar
[11:02] <Cook Me Plox> cuz no play
[11:02] <Cire04> and your wondering why it isn't just 41 or 42?
[11:02] <Cook Me Plox> that's a good question btw
[11:02] <Hairrazerrr> he nooby level
[11:02] <Sum1 0 o> I found that out too Cook
[11:02] <Cook Me Plox> they probably decided things should be multiples of eachother
[11:03] <Hairrazerrr> he needs 99 Cooking
[11:03] <Cook Me Plox> er, not multiples, but exponential
[11:03] <Sum1 0 o> I was playing classic the other day and it was same
[11:03] <Cook Me Plox> like the xp for logs goes up 50% for each type
[11:03] <Cire04> it's just jagex's idea, it should give more that 41xp but doesn't want to give 42 so they gave it 41.5
[11:03] <Kaittaja> that is a good explanation
[11:03] <Cire04> and because the bits they use, it wouldn't make sense to leave a whole digit unused
[11:04] <Cire04> else they would have to put the maximum xp to 2000000
[11:04] <Cire04> i mean
[11:04] <Cire04> 2,000,000,000
[11:04] <Cire04> and that is much much more
[11:04] <Cook Me Plox> that is also true.
[11:04] <Kaittaja> true that
[11:05] <Kaittaja> 2billion xp o.O
[11:05] <Kaittaja> that is a lot
[11:05] <Cook Me Plox> I wonder why they don't go to 214.7
[11:05] <Kaittaja> since they must want the max xp for one skill to be many numbers
[11:05] <Kaittaja> many zeros I mean
[11:05] <Cire04> say what cookie?
[11:06] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[11:06] <Cire04> lol
[11:06] <Kaittaja> (fletching) is booring to level up
[11:07] <Cire04> it's one of the fastest
[11:07] <Cire04> and easiest and cheapest lol
[11:07] <Kaittaja> yup
[11:07] <Sum1 0 o> It should be 214,748.3647 xp
[11:07] <Cire04> oh, because they want it to be a nice round number
[11:07] <Kaittaja> but 200m xp sounds more like a goal
[11:08] <Cire04> and it's easier for regular people to keep track
[11:08] <Sum1 0 o> Or at least 2147,483,6.47 xp
[11:08] <Sum1 0 o> no wait
[11:08] <Sum1 0 o> ERROR
[11:08] <Cook Me Plox> fff
[11:09] <Cook Me Plox> these wolves don't drop meat
[11:09] <Sum1 0 o> 214,748,36.47 XP*
[11:09] <Sum1 0 o> hah
[11:09] <Sum1 0 o> Which wolves you killin?
[11:09] <Cook Me Plox> f2p ones
[11:09] <Cook Me Plox> because the meat is f2p
[11:09] <Sum1 0 o> Because it's members
[11:09] <Sum1 0 o> Noo
[11:09] <Cook Me Plox> it's not.
[11:10] <Sum1 0 o> it's members
[11:10] <Casting Fishes^^> mmk
[11:10] <Cook Me Plox>
[11:10] <Cook Me Plox> see that gray seal thingu
[11:10] <Hairrazerrr> Flay
[11:10] <Sum1 0 o> JAGEX FAILS THAT'S WHY COOK
[11:11] <Flaysian> hi Hair
[11:11] <Hairrazerrr> pe em
[11:11] <Kaittaja> why people gamble so much?
[11:11] <Sum1 0 o> Why would you trust Jagex Cook?
[11:11] <Cire04> does it show members item when you obtain it and look at it from f2p?
[11:12] <Cook Me Plox> no.
[11:12] <Cook Me Plox> It's assuredly an f2p item.
[11:12] <Sum1 0 o> Member's object
[11:12] <Cook Me Plox> I can quickchat it there.
[11:12] <Cook Me Plox> i can attempt to buy it on the grand exchange.
[11:12] <Cook Me Plox> It's not members'.
[11:13] <Cook Me Plox> "It doesn't have much market changes since it has remained at 6 gp for 30 days."
[11:13] <Cook Me Plox> didn't it come out yesterday..?
[11:13] <Sum1 0 o> What
[11:13] <Cook Me Plox> raw wolf meat.
[11:13] <Cire04> hmm?
[11:13] <Sum1 0 o> :s
[11:13] <Cire04> then what did wolf use to drop?
[11:14] <Cook Me Plox> no meat.
[11:14] <Cook Me Plox> The item came out yesterday.
[11:14] <Cire04> really?
[11:14] <Illuminance> just finished ToI
[11:14] <Cook Me Plox> yes.
[11:14] <Illuminance> :) 
[11:14] <Cook Me Plox> that's why we don't have a page
[11:14] <Cook Me Plox> pro
[11:14] <Cire04> so just wolf bones in members
[11:14] <Coelacanth0794> wolves are the new cows
[11:15] <Kaittaja> in what way?
[11:15] <Flaysian> night all
[11:15] <Flaysian> /me waves
[11:15] <Hairrazerrr> bye
[11:15] <Cire04> they drop meat, bones and wolf fur
[11:15] <Kaittaja> buy flay
[11:15] <Cire04> bye flayflay
[11:16] <Cook Me Plox> Anyone available to take NPC pictures?
[11:16] <Illuminance> i just noticed d bow fires 2 arrows at a time
[11:16] <Kaittaja> epic?
[11:16] <Cire04> lol illuminance
[11:16] <Cire04> sorry cookie, tomorrow i would be able too though but i'm not allow to play games right now -_-
[11:16] <Nex Undique> I can, if you don't have to do Troll Warzone to see them
[11:17] <Cook Me Plox> okay
[11:18] <Illuminance> haha, i accidentally typed in lumbridge taks and lumbridge/draynor tasks popped up
[11:19] <Illuminance> win.
[11:19] <Cook Me Plox> *bets I made that redirect*
[11:19] <Nex Undique> Ewww, this new red x is bad
[11:19] <Nex Undique> Hi Seil
[11:19] <Cook Me Plox> I know right, Rsa?
[11:19] <Seil> Hi
[11:19] <Cook Me Plox> It feels like you didnt' quite click on it
[11:20] <Cook Me Plox> [[lumbridge%2520taks%3Faction%3Dhistory|lumbridge taks?action=history]] win
[11:20] <Cook Me Plox> I have made 30,000 mainspace redirects
[11:20] <Hairrazerrr> how you know
[11:20] <Cook Me Plox> cuz I counted
[11:20] <Hairrazerrr> :o
[11:20] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ huggles hair
[11:20] <Casting Fishes^^> <3
[11:21] <Hairrazerrr> <3
[11:21] <Nex Undique> Cook, are there any specific NPCs you want me to get?
[11:21] <Kaittaja> heya fishy... what ya doin'?
[11:21] <Cire04> lol cook
[11:21] <Cook Me Plox> Yes, sir
[11:21] <Cook Me Plox> [[RS:NU%23Characters|RS:NU#Characters]] all these redlinked guys
[11:21] <Cook Me Plox> plus...I guess I'll make a dpl list of those missing other stuff
[11:21] <Nex Undique> Okely-dokily
[11:22] <Illuminance> back
[11:22] <Cook Me Plox> awesome, thanks so much
[11:22] <Cook Me Plox> been bitching about those npc pictures for days now
[11:24] <Hairrazerrr> Hey Atheist
[11:24] <Atheist723> Hi everyone.
[11:24] <Nex Undique> lol
[11:24] <Nex Undique> Hi Atheist
[11:25] <Casting Fishes^^> *testing*
[11:25] <Cire04> wait
[11:25] <Cire04> theres a bank in burthope right?
[11:26] <Atheist723> Yes.
[11:26] <Cire04> so members regular home teleport
[11:26] <Cire04> burthope would be closer to a bank then
[11:26] <Seil> Once the lag isn't so annoying there maybe
[11:26] <Seil> Lol
[11:27] <Cire04> also, do you think it is possible to get 1mil / hour attacking blue dragons at level 90 combat?
[11:27] <Cire04> it seem quite unrealisitc
[11:28] <Cire04> hmm nvm
[11:28] <Cire04> gotta go
[11:28] <Coelacanth0794> 142m xp counter huzzah
[11:29] <Casting Fishes^^> yey :D
[11:30] <Nex Undique> Can I do Troll Warzone at a later time? Or once I click "no", is it gone forever?
[11:30] <Seil> Whenever you want
[11:30] <Seil> You can always cut on tutorial mode in the tasks interface to continue
[11:30] <Nex Undique> I clicked no and it seems that I can't do it :P It unlocked all the music and said I can find all the individual tasks later
[11:32] <Seil> Try going into the task menu, settings, and cutting tutorial mode on
[11:32] <Seil> Or Options rather
[11:33] <Illuminance> hi ansela
[11:33] <Smithing> Hey Ansela
[11:33] <Nex Undique> Oh yeah, there is a tutorial on/off button. Thanks Seil!
[11:34] <Cook Me Plox> how many countries can you name that start with U?
[11:34] <AnselaJonla> [[File:GhostAbsorb1.png]] - personal image?
[11:34] <Nex Undique> There's Uganda
[11:34] <AnselaJonla> Uzbekistan?
[11:34] <Hairrazerrr> United States, United Kingdom, already two :D
[11:35] <AnselaJonla> [[File:Guthans TzHaar-Ket.png]] - can be described in words?
[11:36] <Hairrazerrr> Hey Skull
[11:36] <Smithing> Uruguay, United Arab Emirates and Ukraine + the rest were mentioned I think
[11:36] <Illuminance> welcome skull
[11:36] <ForgotnSkull> Hello
[11:36] <AnselaJonla> [[File:Leather Body.png]] - duplicate (File:Leather Body2)
[11:37] <Smithing> O, hey Skull
[11:37] <Illuminance> hi RS
[11:37] <Smithing> Hey Vader
[11:37] <Casting Fishes^^> .-.
[11:38] <RSDaftVader> kia ora :) 
[11:38] <Casting Fishes^^> my mouse stopped working
[11:38] <Seil> ._.
[11:38] <Smithing> That sucks Fishes
[11:38] <Casting Fishes^^> It'll let me move the cursor
[11:38] <Casting Fishes^^> just not click
[11:38] <AnselaJonla> *pokes Cook/Suppa/Rsa*
[11:38] <Casting Fishes^^> soo.. :c
[11:38] <Casting Fishes^^> brb :c..
[11:40] <Casting Fishes^^> yey
[11:40] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[11:40] <Casting Fishes^^> chat y u no work
[11:41] <Kaittaja> heya fishy
[11:41] <Hairrazerrr> now you are here :D
[11:41] <Casting Fishes^^> yey
[11:41] <Kaittaja> heya fishy
[11:41] <Smithing> [[User talk:Charitwo]] Undelete maybe?
[11:41] <Smithing> Wb
[11:42] <Nex Undique> Cook, I'm going to have to get more images later =( My computer is going terribly slow. I think it needs a restart
[11:42] <AnselaJonla> I just did a quick scroll through of the new files since I left the computer, tagged 3 for deletion
[11:43] <Nex Undique> If you've fixed all the links, I'll delete them now
[11:43] <Casting Fishes^^> [[The Firemaker%27s Curse|The Firemaker's Curse]]
[11:43] <AnselaJonla> Two aren't on pages, one is on a userpage, trying to load it now
[11:43] <Casting Fishes^^> awh
[11:44] <Casting Fishes^^> i needs 3 more agility leveles
[11:44] <Casting Fishes^^> levels*
[11:44] <Cook Me Plox> okay nex, thanks
[11:44] <AnselaJonla> Removed the personal image from the page as well
[11:44] <Hairrazerrr> Joey is genious
[11:44] <Hairrazerrr>
[11:44] <Hairrazerrr> press button
[11:44] <AnselaJonla> He tried to put a gallery inside an infobox...
[11:45] <Hairrazerrr> its an awb, sorta
[11:45] <Cook Me Plox> bot it amg @@$
[11:45] <Hairrazerrr> *imagines cook evilly grinning
[11:45] <Hairrazerrr> *
[11:45] <Nex Undique> Done Ansela :) 
[11:45] <Cook Me Plox> I already do that
[11:46] <Nex Undique> Time to restart
[11:46] <AnselaJonla> ty Rsa
[11:49] <Smithing> Hey Spine
[11:49] <Hairrazerrr> Hey Spine
[11:50] <Spineweilder> he
[11:50] <Spineweilder> hey
[11:50] <Spineweilder> [[File:New black armor preview.png]] needs to be deleted
[11:50] <Spineweilder> [[File:Newarmor.png]] Already have
[11:50] <Spineweilder> Cook can u delete once i replace?
[11:51] <Spineweilder> or at least merge the files
[11:51] <AnselaJonla> I'm gonna move "Newarmor" to a better filename
[11:51] <Hairrazerrr> what is this?
[11:51] <AnselaJonla> The bank chest in [[Darkmeyer]] upper tier
[11:52] <Hairrazerrr> oh
[11:52] <Hairrazerrr> okay
[11:52] <Spineweilder> replaced [[Darkmeyer treasurer[[
[11:52] <Spineweilder> [[Darkmeyer treasurer]]
[11:53] <Spineweilder> [[Vyre treasurer]] here
[11:53] <AnselaJonla> Newarmor is moved to File:New black armour.png, Spine, if you're adding it to any pages
[11:53] <Hairrazerrr> im good now ;)