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23:10 <Jr Mime> Mol?
23:10 <The Mol Man> ?????????//
23:10 <Jr Mime> Cook is being mean by not awnsering
23:10 <Cook Me Plox> this sucks.
23:11 <The Mol Man> Cook
23:11 <Cook Me Plox> Who wrote it?
23:11 <The Mol Man> don't answer
23:11 <The Mol Man> I can proudly say Not I
23:11 <Jr Mime> A ip did
23:11 <Jr Mime> Oh no
23:11 <Jr Mime> *Goes futher*
23:11 <Jr Mime> Yup, a ip did
23:11 <Jr Mime>  (Talk) to be exact
23:11 <The Mol Man> I like how ips always add infomation by saying "also <this>"
23:12 <The Mol Man> also also also lasso also also alto also also also
23:12 <Jr Mime> Also, a cow distraction
23:12 <Cook Me Plox> Well, they're the ones adding the information
23:12 <Cook Me Plox> So...maybe do better than them
23:12  * Jr Mime doesn't know what to put
23:12 <The Mol Man> I don't want to know what to put
23:12  * Jr Mime will go trans that portal except the transl cus I suck
23:12 <The Mol Man> but I wish these ips understood fluency 
23:13 <Cook Me Plox> read this if you're clueless.
23:14 <Jr Mime> They have more info than us
23:14 <Jr Mime> *Facers*
23:14 -!- 01tankranger has joined Special:Chat
23:14 <01tankranger> hi
23:15 <01tankranger> whats a good thing to train range on at lv 19?
23:15 <Jr Mime> [[Ranged traning|This methode]]
23:15 <01tankranger> its blocked on my comp
23:16 <The Mol Man> it shouldn't be
23:16 <The Mol Man> it's on this wiki
23:16 <The Mol Man> if that's blocked, you should not be able to access this chat
23:16 <Jr Mime> [[Ranged training]]
23:16 <01tankranger> i can cause i use https
23:16 <Jr Mime> Oh
23:16 <Jr Mime> Click the newest lick ^
23:17 <Jr Mime> link
23:17 <CoffeeMugRS>
23:17 <01tankranger> that works thanks
23:17 <01tankranger> btw whats all your lvs I'm lv 86
23:17 <The Mol Man> it's exactly what mime linked
23:17 <The Mol Man> 136
23:18 <01tankranger> nice
23:18 <Jr Mime> (qc) My combat level is 110; Attack: 81, Defence: 79, Strength: 85, Constitution: 84, Ranged: 75, Prayer: 71, Magic: 99, Summoning: 57.
23:18 <01tankranger> is this good for lv 86 summoning lv58
23:19 <Jr Mime> yes
23:19 <Jr Mime> Better than me >.>
23:19 <01tankranger> =D
23:19 <01tankranger> i used the spy on penguins thingy
23:19 <Jr Mime> Nice
23:19 <The Mol Man> mime y u fail at summ?
23:20 <CoffeeMugRS> (qc) My Summoning level is 99 (xp: 14,633,607, rank: 5,222).
23:20 <Szerszen4s> is the combat beta open?
23:20 <01tankranger> i like training on cows at like lv 6
23:20 <01tankranger> =P
23:20 <The Mol Man> it's been open
23:21 <The Mol Man> its only open to ppl like me atm
23:21 <Szerszen4s> why does it take long to load
23:21 <Szerszen4s> mol what you mean by that?
23:21 <01tankranger> You all in same clan?
23:21 -!- Goreflex has joined Special:Chat
23:22 <Goreflex> <- Needs halp
23:22 <Szerszen4s> anyone ever just try to load it and the screen just goes white?
23:22 <01tankranger> gtg
23:22 <Szerszen4s> withe?
23:22 -!- 01tankranger has left Special:Chat.
23:22 <Szerszen4s> goreflex
23:22 <Goreflex> I want to add a location to Elite clues Kharazi Scans
23:23 <Sum1 0 o> Szerszen4s, it's only available to people that have been selected, but on weekends all members can go in it.
23:23 <Szerszen4s> i have a combat beta contract does that count?
23:23 <The Mol Man> no
23:23 <Szerszen4s> damn it
23:24 <Szerszen4s> what is the combat beta contract's purpose?
23:24 <Goreflex> To sign up for the combat beta.
23:24 <The Mol Man> in june
23:24 <Goreflex> Wasn't it may?
23:24 <Sum1 0 o> If you signed up on June 1st-18th and got an email saying you got in, you got in
23:24 <Goreflex> Oh nvm
23:24 <Goreflex> Can someone help me add the location :)?
23:25 <Szerszen4s> i was not on at all that time period  man i wanted to try it 
23:25 <Goreflex> And yet i have 2 accounts with full access and never use it
23:25 <Goreflex> Shame
23:25 <Szerszen4s> anyone ever randomly have no adds as a non-mem?
23:26 <Szerszen4s> you should give me one -w-
23:26 <Szerszen4s> jk
23:26 <The Mol Man> Cook/ansela
23:26 <Goreflex>
23:26 <Szerszen4s> oh is ansela online?
23:26 <Jr Mime> Ansela btw
23:26 <Jr Mime> I is transing the portal
23:26 <The Mol Man> wanna block these 2?
23:26 <Szerszen4s> lol
23:27 -!- 01tankranger has joined Special:Chat
23:27 <The Mol Man> I just snooped, they're live like right next to eachother :P
23:27 <Jr Mime> Please delete [[File:Hello.jpg]]
23:27 <Jr Mime> Also, warning
23:27 <Jr Mime> Calling a cookie
23:27 <Sum1 0 o> MY EYES
23:28 <Sum1 0 o> I CLICKED IT
23:28 <Szerszen4s> thats disturbing
23:28 <Jr Mime> I said warning
23:28 <Jr Mime> [email protected]@@@
23:28 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
23:28 <Goreflex> :|
23:28 <Jr Mime> Oh crap, he no admin
23:28 <Jr Mime> Cook is here
23:28 <Sum1 0 o> before you said warning
23:28 <Sum1 0 o> I clicked it
23:28 <Szerszen4s> i clicked befor you said warning
23:28 <Jr Mime> >.>
23:28 <Hallowland> Hi
23:28 <Atheist723> It is already deleted.
23:28 <Jr Mime> Gj Cook
23:28 <Atheist723> Hi Hallowland.
23:28 <Jr Mime> And ty
23:28 <Jr Mime> :P
23:28 <Szerszen4s> hoiw did you find that link? >.<
23:28 <Szerszen4s> >.>
23:28 <The Mol Man> this guy too cook
23:29 <The Mol Man> ;)
23:29 <Cåm> is there a problem?
23:29 <The Mol Man> shock links
23:29 <Cook Me Plox> look at the block log, noob
23:29 <The Mol Man> you don't wanna know
23:29 <Szerszen4s> Jr how did you find that image?
23:29 <The Mol Man> i posted that right before it refreshed!
23:29 <Jr Mime> [[Special:RecentChanges]]
23:29 <Cåm> [[Special:Log/block]]
23:29 <Cook Me Plox> 30 seconds late.
23:30 <Szerszen4s> ahhhhhh f**K!
23:30 <Szerszen4s> that hurts!
23:30 <Szerszen4s> .
23:30 <Szerszen4s> brb
23:31 <Szerszen4s> ok i good
23:32 <Szerszen4s> anyone?
23:32 <Szerszen4s> why has noone said anything?
23:32 -!- Goreflex has left Special:Chat.
23:32 <Szerszen4s> it looks like im spamming!
23:32 <The Mol Man> cause the chaos is ended
23:32 <Cåm> you can delete logs?
23:32 -!- Mr Tudjay has joined Special:Chat
23:32 <The Mol Man> mhmm
23:32 <The Mol Man> revdel can
23:32 <Mr Tudjay> Good morrow! :P
23:32 <Cåm> Then why can I see what was removed...
23:33 <Szerszen4s> i know a mod on rs
23:33 <The Mol Man> ur a custodian
23:33 <The Mol Man> so do I
23:33 <Cåm> I really should read up on what stuff a custodian can see
23:33 <Szerszen4s> who do you know mol?
23:34 <Szerszen4s> lmao cam your a custodian?
23:34 <Szerszen4s> what even is that?
23:34 <The Mol Man> [[RS:CUST]]
23:34 <The Mol Man> the mod I know is the newest 99 crafter
23:34 <Cook Me Plox> My cousin is a mod
23:34 <Cåm> It's originally for supressing redirect creation for moving files, but there's a whole load of other stuff added on since it was created
23:35 <Cook Me Plox> it was for moving files, period
23:35 <The Mol Man> idk why we can view deletion logs
23:35 <Szerszen4s> the mod i know is "kieren B
23:35 <Szerszen4s> i think is her name
23:35 <Cåm> then there's stuff like charmedit, etc
23:35 <Szerszen4s> cant remember
23:36 <The Mol Man> charm edit isn't a big use to anyone rly
23:36 <Cåm> Then there's viewing deleted files as long as we're given the correct link
23:36 <Jr Mime> Mol, whyunouse[[RS:CUST|Cust]]? :OI
23:36 <The Mol Man> huh?
23:36 -!- Dannyboy1302 has joined Special:Chat
23:37 <Dannyboy1302> hey guys
23:37 <Jr Mime> hi
23:37 <Jr Mime> Welcome to the Wiki! :P
23:37 <Jr Mime> RS Wiki*&
23:37 <Jr Mime> *
23:38 <Mr Tudjay> Hey Danny
23:39 <Dannyboy1302> Hey My names daniel and i own a level 137 :) 9 99's
23:40 -!- Goreflex has joined Special:Chat
23:40 <Mr Tudjay> Vn :P
23:40 -!- Goreflex has left Special:Chat.
23:40 <Dannyboy1302> is anyone online now :) ?
23:41 <CoffeeMugRS> (qc) My Overall level is 2496 (xp: 1,015,042,984, rank: 385).
23:41 <CoffeeMugRS> :)
23:41 <The Mol Man> gf down 2 ramls
23:41 <The Mol Man> ranks*
23:41 <CoffeeMugRS> 3 actually
23:41 <CoffeeMugRS> I've only gotten 1m xp in the past day lol
23:41 <Dannyboy1302> coffee thats awsome :) how long have you been playing bro
23:42 <CoffeeMugRS> Since 2005
23:42 <Cåm> Cook, was [[Forum:Semantic MediaWiki]] the only proposal for installing SMW?
23:42 <Jr Mime> OMG [email protected]@
23:42 <Jr Mime> I forgot to add transparency
23:42 <CoffeeMugRS> Loser.
23:42 <Mr Tudjay> GG :P
23:42 <Dannyboy1302> iv been playing since 2005 too :D
23:42 <Cåm> no caps plz
23:42 <Jr Mime> I used it once because I'm mad >.>
23:43 <CoffeeMugRS> Twice.
23:43 <Cåm> -points to two examples of caps-
23:43 <CoffeeMugRS> OMG [email protected]@
23:43 <Dannyboy1302> coffeemug
23:43 <CoffeeMugRS> Yes?
23:43 <Dannyboy1302> add me in game ?
23:43 <Jr Mime> 1 is little
23:43 <Jr Mime> :O
23:43 <CoffeeMugRS> Full list, sorry.
23:44 <Dannyboy1302> oh no worrys :)
23:44 <Cook Me Plox> [[Big Chinchompa]]
23:44 <Cook Me Plox> anyone care to help write this?
23:44 <CoffeeMugRS> I could.
23:45 <Hallowland> Coffee!
23:45 -!- Dannyboy1302 has left Special:Chat.
23:45 <CoffeeMugRS> Hallow!
23:46 <Jr Mime> I'm fixing the portal
23:46 <Jr Mime> Semi fixing
23:46 <Jr Mime> >.>
23:47 -!- Szerszen4s has left Special:Chat.
23:47 <Hallowland> My temperature is 40ºC or 104ºF idk how I'm not dead yet lol
23:48 <Atheist723> That is...alarming.
23:49 -!- N7 Elite has joined Special:Chat
23:49 <The Mol Man> hi N7
23:49 <Atheist723> Don't you need to see a doctor?
23:49 <CoffeeMugRS> Go get some sleep. :(
23:49 <Hallowland> I tried
23:49 <CoffeeMugRS> Try more.
23:49 <Hallowland> But he left me waiting 4 hours
23:49 <Atheist723> Unfortunate.
23:49 <The Mol Man> try harder
23:49 <Hallowland> So I gave up lol
23:49 <CoffeeMugRS> Get a paper towel, wet it, put it in the freezer, and put it on the back of your neck.
23:49 <Atheist723> ...You could sound coherent at 40ºC?
23:49 <N7 Elite> Did you take any Tylenol for your fever?
23:50 <Hallowland> When I sleep my temperature skyrocket lol
23:50 <The Mol Man> :D WE LOVE U HLLOW
23:50 <Hallowland> I did
23:50 <Hallowland> 5 pills so far
23:50 <N7 Elite> That's not good.
23:50 <Cåm> Ciph, you there?
23:50 <The Mol Man> no
23:50 -!- Cåm has left Special:Chat.
23:50 <The Mol Man> he's not in the chat
23:51 -!- Cåm has joined Special:Chat
23:51 <N7 Elite> What other symptoms are you feeling?
23:51 <Cåm> I must learn to refresh...
23:51 <AnselaJonla> The fuck's going on in rc?
23:51 <AnselaJonla> Does someone need blocking?
23:51 <The Mol Man> we did
23:51 <Hallowland> I feel very cold when the temperature is very high
23:51 <The Mol Man> but cook got it
23:51 <Mr Tudjay> What needs writing on [[[Big Chinchompa]]] article? 
23:51 <AnselaJonla> Okay
23:51 <N7 Elite> Hmm... Perhaps you ought to go to your local ER.
23:52 <The Mol Man> but ansela
23:52 <The Mol Man> you can delete
23:52 <Hallowland> And all my body hurts
23:52 <N7 Elite> That sounds life-threatening if your temperature's that high.
23:52 <The Mol Man> hallow, call whatever your 9-11 is
23:52 <AnselaJonla> Done~
23:52 <AnselaJonla> Hope it's the right block reason
23:52 <Jr Mime> Oh yes
23:52 <AnselaJonla> I'm kinda swimmy right now
23:52 <Hallowland> What?
23:52 <Jr Mime> He uploaded a very very bad image
23:52 <The Mol Man> just don't look at his deleted contributions
23:52 <AnselaJonla> Weee, sleep is good sometimes
23:52 <Atheist723> Swimmy?
23:53 <Atheist723> The emergency number thingy, Hallowland.
23:53 <The Mol Man> what's 9-11 in Sicily ._.
23:53 <Jr Mime> Ansela
23:53 <Jr Mime> Can you do some transl?
23:53 <Atheist723> It's 911 in America.
23:53 <The Mol Man> ik
23:53 <The Mol Man> but what is the counterpart where hallow lives
23:53 <The Mol Man> she should call that D:
23:53 <Atheist723> I'm just saying.
23:53 <The Mol Man> ik
23:53 <Hallowland> Lol
23:53 <AnselaJonla> I can't do transl when I'm awake Mimey
23:54 <Hallowland> The doctor said
23:54 -!- 01tankranger has left Special:Chat.
23:54 <N7 Elite> Wow... Even with the Custodian userright, I can't view deleted images.
23:54 <AnselaJonla> When I'm so tired that words move...
23:54 <The Mol Man> you can N7
23:54 <N7 Elite> I'm assuming only admins can do that?
23:54 <Jr Mime> Ah ok
23:54 <Hallowland> "Just drink some coconut milk and you will be alright"
23:54 <N7 Elite> Wait, what?
23:54 <AnselaJonla> N7, you can if an admin gives you the link
23:54 <The Mol Man> ^
23:54 <AnselaJonla> [[Special:Log/delete]]
23:54 <The Mol Man> you don't wanna view it
23:54 <N7 Elite> I don't think I want to see it.
23:54 <CoffeeMugRS> Put some lime juice in some coconut milk, Hallow.
23:54 <The Mol Man> you don't
23:54  * AnselaJonla is curious now
23:54 <The Mol Man> nononononononono
23:54 <Jr Mime> No Ansela
23:54 <Jr Mime> It's very bad
23:54 <N7 Elite> Ansela, don't do it.
23:54 <Jr Mime> Discurting
23:55 <AnselaJonla> Oh, goatse
23:55 <N7 Elite> You'll be scarred for life according to Mime and Mol.
23:55 <AnselaJonla> Seen it before
23:55 -!- Gaz Lloyd has joined Special:Chat
23:55 <Atheist723> ^Already scarred for life?
23:55 <Atheist723> Hi Gaz Lloyd.
23:55 <Cåm> hi Gaz
23:55 <Hallowland> I've seen that before
23:55  * Cåm is also curious nao
23:55 -!- IChopIvy has joined Special:Chat
23:55 <The Mol Man> >.>
23:56 <RuneScapeNews> Hey Mol
23:56 <Hallowland> Char --> Becomes a flaming girl lol
23:56 <Jr Mime>
23:56 <Jr Mime> Good trans
23:56 <Hallowland> I think I am an Auspah too lol
23:56 <Jr Mime> Someone mind to transl the portal and fire? :P
23:56 <N7 Elite> So, have we had any vandals in regards to the recent snafu over the Bank Boosters from Solomon's and the Loyalty Shop?
23:56 <The Mol Man> why u no finish?
23:56  * Jr Mime sucks at transl
23:56 <The Mol Man> no
23:56 <Atheist723> [[Solomon's General Store]].
23:56 <Hallowland> Mime
23:56 <AnselaJonla> Check my contribs for today N7 Elite
23:56 <The Mol Man> just people saying bots in big chins
23:56 <AnselaJonla> I reverted a few
23:56 <Hallowland> You said you were awesome at trans yesterday lol
23:56 <Cåm> maybe they're having the day off ;)
23:56 <Atheist723> All the RWTers on forums saying bank spaces isn't an advantage... (fp)
23:57 <The Mol Man> all vandals have moved to answers
23:57 <The Mol Man> haidro thinks it's not an advantage ._.
23:57 <Cåm> lets be honest though, how many people really need 700 bank spaces?
23:57 <Jr Mime> -->
23:57 <Jr Mime> (Not me)
23:57 <Atheist723> I do.
23:57 -!- Xarkanos has joined Special:Chat
23:57 <Hallowland> Runescape: Gold shop released!
23:57 <Hallowland> Soon
23:57 <Xarkanos> here gaise
23:57 <Xarkanos>
23:57 <Jr Mime> ?
23:57 <Cåm> have fun ourania rc with all the extra spaces
23:57 <Xarkanos> thing with gaz
23:57 -!- Juvialoxar has joined Special:Chat
23:58 <Xarkanos> and others
23:58 <Jr Mime> ?
23:58 <Atheist723> My bank is always filled to the exploding point, Cåm.
23:58 <Juvialoxar> hey atheist
23:58 <Atheist723> I (try to) clean it out like every once a week.
23:58 <Xarkanos> Gaz!
23:58 <Xarkanos> explain to meh D:
23:58 <Jr Mime> brb
23:58 <N7 Elite> I don't believe it's an advantage either, and I'm usually packed full with stuff in my bank.
23:59 <N7 Elite> inb4raeg.
23:59 <Atheist723> I completely fail to see the logic.
23:59 <Atheist723> You know me better than that, N7 Elite.
23:59 <Xarkanos> CAEK
23:59 <Juvialoxar> atheist allow my pm
23:59 <Xarkanos> PONIES
23:59 <N7 Elite> I wasn't referring to you.
23:59 <Xarkanos> talk to me Gazzles </3
23:59 <N7 Elite> It's someone else whom I was referring to.
23:59 <IChopIvy> gaz is ignoring
23:59 <Xarkanos> :c
00:00 <The Mol Man> me?
00:00 <AnselaJonla> Juvialoxar - if Athe has blocked you from pming him, then he doesn't want you pming him
00:00 <Juvialoxar> ok
00:00 <AnselaJonla> Tbh, I'd rather you didn't pm me either
00:00 <N7 Elite> Xar, is that you dressed up like Ash Ketchum off Pokemon?
00:00 <N7 Elite> (O_O)
00:00 <Xarkanos> YEP
00:00 <Xarkanos> Last year's H'Ween
00:00 <The Mol Man> Y U NO DRESS UP AS BLUE?
00:01 <Xarkanos> custom-made courtesy of my friend c:
00:01 <Jr Mime> It is now 8:01pm. Sof reset
00:01 <Cåm> [[User:Xarkanos]] <3 dat cat
00:01 <Xarkanos> <3
00:01 <N7 Elite> I wanna dress up as Seth off of Coliseum.
00:01 <Xarkanos> Tok-Haar KAT
00:01 <The Mol Man> seen it
00:01 -!- Juvialoxar has left Special:Chat.
00:02 <Xarkanos> GAZ
00:02 <Xarkanos> y u ignore?
00:02 <Xarkanos>
00:02 <Xarkanos> this is bothering me now >_>
00:02 <The Mol Man> wtf is it?
00:02 <N7 Elite> Oh wow... He's actually known as Wes, but I prefer to call him Seth.
00:02 <Xarkanos> 34% turm bonus
00:02 <Cåm> get him irc if it's that important. More likely to get a response there
00:02 <N7 Elite>
00:02 <The Mol Man> o
00:02 <Xarkanos> No me gusta bug abuse b& >_<
00:02 <N7 Elite> Wes sounds uncomfortably close to one of my friends' names.
00:03 -!- Sentra246 has joined Special:Chat
00:03 <The Mol Man> You have received your daily spins...
00:03 <The Mol Man> now they tell us... -.-
00:03 <The Mol Man> dammit
00:03 <The Mol Man> hi glenn
00:03 <Sentra246> hey
00:04 <Xarkanos> does the notify show up with Game on Filter?
00:04 <Hallowland> Hey Sentra
00:04 <Jr Mime>
00:04 <Jr Mime> 2x small lamp.. 50k... 1k
00:04 <Jr Mime> Woo for 51k and 6k xp!
00:04 <The Mol Man> no
00:04 <N7 Elite> Wait, what the heck? All the other protagonists in the Pokemon series are around 11 years old? (O_O)
00:04 <Xarkanos> ^
00:04 <N7 Elite> Then why the heck is Gary Oak driving a car around with skimpy cheerleaders in it?
00:04 <The Mol Man> You start your adventure at 10 so yeah...
00:05 <The Mol Man> Pimpin
00:05 <The Mol Man> AMG FREE SPIN
00:05 <The Mol Man> Planet axe...?
00:05 <Hallowland> My temperature is finally going down
00:05 <Cook Me Plox> So 40 bucks for 250 bank spaces
00:06 <Atheist723> That's great, Hallowland.
00:06 <N7 Elite> By the way, who would win in a fight? Gary Oak off Pokemon or the [[Gary_(clone)|Gary clones]] off Fallout 3?
00:06 <The Mol Man> <3 hallow
00:06 <Atheist723> While I appreciate extra bank space, that is too expensive.
00:06 <The Mol Man> gary oak sucks so GC
00:06 <Hallowland> My proteins are happy they won't fry
00:06 <Hallowland> lol
00:06 <N7 Elite> M'kay.
00:07 <The Mol Man> Would the message you get after watching an ad be a worthy upload?
00:07 <N7 Elite> Gary... Gary... Gaaaaary!
00:07 <Cook Me Plox>'s the first non-cosmetic thing you can buy directly from the shop.
00:07 <The Mol Man> anyone?
00:07 <Jr Mime> RWT
00:07 <Jr Mime> >.>
00:07 <The Mol Man> Cook
00:07 <Jr Mime> Just clean your bank and done!
00:07 <Cook Me Plox> Squeal of Fortune started with a harmless thing with no microtransaction connections
00:07 <The Mol Man> image of message after watching ad for free spin on wiki?
00:08 <Cook Me Plox> Solomon's store sort of went the opposite path, starting with microtransactions but nothing useful
00:08 <Cook Me Plox> And sure
00:08 <Cook Me Plox> Mol, query
00:08 <The Mol Man> ?
00:08 <CoffeeMugRS> Bye guys
00:08 <N7 Elite> Release me, Mommagus!
00:08 <Mr Tudjay> See ye
00:08 <CoffeeMugRS> Someone called 911
00:08 <CoffeeMugRS> @@@
00:08 <Atheist723> I predicted they would sell game benefits with SGS...sadly, they did.
00:08 <AnselaJonla> You're all NOOBS! Good night!!!
00:08 <N7 Elite> Bye Coffee.
00:08 <CoffeeMugRS> Gn Ansela
00:08 <Mr Tudjay> *raging*
00:08 <Mr Tudjay> they messed up private chat again. There's a space above it when you log in.
00:08 -!- CoffeeMugRS has left Special:Chat.
00:08 <Atheist723> Goodnight Ansela.
00:08 <N7 Elite> Good night nub Ansela.
00:08 -!- AnselaJonla has left Special:Chat.
00:09 <Atheist723> You really sound like you need some rest.
00:09 <The Mol Man> Imma just upload the image raw, not sure how to crop it/deal with ad name
00:09 <N7 Elite> I feel so old since I'm the only one on this wiki who knows what Geist is.
00:09 <N7 Elite> Seriously, Geist was a classic.
00:10 <N7 Elite> No other game since has utilized the gameplay of Geist, particularly the ability to possess different hosts in order to complete your objectives.
00:10 <Jr Mime> Use auto-crop Mol^
00:10 <Jr Mime> ?
00:13 -!- Xarkanos has left Special:Chat.
00:14 <The Mol Man> mime
00:14 -!- Gaz Lloyd has left Special:Chat.
00:14 <The Mol Man> wtf...
00:15 <The Mol Man> i got another spin somehow
00:15 <The Mol Man> a spin ticket appeared in my inventory O.o
00:15 <Atheist723> You get those from almost everything.
00:15 <The Mol Man> i did nothing though
00:15 <The Mol Man> it just ended up there
00:17 <Casting Fishes^^> [[RS:RAFFLE]] 
00:17 <Jr Mime> What the fudge Mol?
00:17 <The Mol Man> ???
00:18 <Jr Mime> What is that? Lol
00:18 <Jr Mime> A virus?
00:18 <Jr Mime> +brandboost powered by WildTangent
00:18 <The Mol Man> idk it's just part of the screen
00:18 <The Mol Man> tbh feel free to crop it out
00:18 -!- Cåm has left Special:Chat.
00:18 <Jr Mime> Cam has left the chat.
00:19 <The Mol Man>
00:19 <The Mol Man> What are we doing about the ad?
00:19 <The Mol Man> leave it in? censor it?
00:19 <The Mol Man> what
00:20 <Jr Mime> No, sec
00:20 <The Mol Man> reuploading?
00:20 <Jr Mime> Check it
00:21 <Jr Mime> If it loads
00:21 <Jr Mime> In a sec
00:21 <Jr Mime> In any sec
00:21 <The Mol Man> inb4wikiauploadbug
00:21 <Jr Mime> About now
00:21 <Jr Mime> Maybe now?
00:21 <Cook Me Plox> Make Jagex pay us to leave it up
00:21 <Jr Mime> Holy crap [email protected]@
00:21 <The Mol Man>
00:21 <The Mol Man> i like cook's idea
00:21 <Jr Mime> Loading... Loading... Loading
00:21 <Jr Mime> There Mol
00:22 <The Mol Man> ah
00:22 <Jr Mime> So....
00:22 <Jr Mime> If you click an AD on top
00:22 <Jr Mime> You get a free spin?
00:22 <The Mol Man> no
00:22 <Cook Me Plox> I don't even know
00:22 <The Mol Man> tha's after the add when you click [continue]
00:23 <Jr Mime> Continue where?
00:23 <Jr Mime> I no see anything
00:23 <The Mol Man> it was on the previous page
00:23 <The Mol Man> there's a video with a count down
00:24 <Jr Mime> O_O?
00:24 <The Mol Man> when it hits 0it changes to continue
00:24 <The Mol Man> and then clicking continue gives you that message
00:24 <Jr Mime>
00:24 <Jr Mime> Who want to upload for [[Banners]] I think
00:24 <The Mol Man> u can
00:25 <Jr Mime> [[Head banner]]
00:25 <Jr Mime> Okies sec
00:25 <Jr Mime> :P
00:26 <Cook Me Plox> Anyone know axslayer?
00:27 <The Mol Man> no...
00:27 <Jr Mime> Naop
00:27 <Jr Mime> Load load [email protected]@
00:28 <Cook Me Plox> I dunno, something about him doing that on reddit rubs me the wrong way
00:29 <Jr Mime> Hair
00:29 <Jr Mime> The slider on [[Head banner]] no work
00:29 <Jr Mime> I mean cook
00:29 <Jr Mime> >.>
00:30 <Cook Me Plox> You confuse me with a Hair?
00:31 <Jr Mime> I was thinking of hair for a moment
00:31 <Meter55> Hows the D&D?
00:31 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
00:31 <Jr Mime> Idk
00:34 <Jr Mime>
00:34 <Jr Mime> How did Ansela failed! :P
00:34 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
00:34 <The Mol Man> TYA <3
00:35 <BrenRS> Got a clean torstol drop from steel dragons
00:35 <BrenRS> sold it, got 800k O_O
00:35 <BrenRS> [[Treasure_Trails/Guide/Maps]]
00:35 <Jr Mime> lolololololol
00:37 <Cook Me Plox> you're the third person I've heard say that in the last two days, Bren
00:38 <The Mol Man> SoF
00:38 <Cook Me Plox> It's a game of [email protected]
00:38 <Cook Me Plox> I would laugh if Jagex put that on the squeal interface
00:39 <The Mol Man> i remember seeing a comparison of the SoF to a B6S
00:39 <The Mol Man> i can't remember if it was here
00:39 <Jr Mime> brbrbrbrb
00:39 <N7 Elite> Be back later.
00:39 <The Mol Man> cya
00:40 -!- N7 Elite has left Special:Chat.
00:41 <The Mol Man> why do we say that the wheel suggests that the chance of a rare is 1/3
00:41 <The Mol Man> 1/13*
00:42 <The Mol Man> by the way the wheel is split, it most certainly does not
00:42 <The Mol Man> maybe like 1/30? i can't really tell
00:42 <Jr Mime> Cya tomorrow
00:42 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
00:42 <Sentra246> the slices aren't accurate as to the probablity
00:43 <The Mol Man> i know
00:43 <The Mol Man> but i'm going to change it to say it suggests those slices
00:43 <The Mol Man> rather than that it suggests 1/13
00:46 <Coelacanth0794> hi
00:48 <The Mol Man> the wheel's slices suggest its a 3/100 chance
01:13 -!- Gunray10 has joined Special:Chat
01:13 <Gunray10> hi
01:14 <Gunray10> i got a question
01:14 -!- Nex Undique has joined Special:Chat
01:14 <Mr Tudjay> Hiya. Shoot :P
01:15 <Gunray10> is there any fly fishing spots that are close to banks besides the barbarian village and lumbrigde in f2p?
01:16 <The Mol Man> no
01:17 <Gunray10> you sure?
01:17 <The Mol Man> pretty sure
01:18 <Gunray10> :(
01:21 <Gunray10> what about karamja?
01:21 <The Mol Man> i don't think that's fly
01:22 <Nex Undique> Pretty sure theonly 2 fly fishing spots in F2P are either Gunnarsgrunn or Lumbridge
01:23 <The Mol Man> ;( no hairr today
01:27 -!- Gunray10 has left Special:Chat.
01:27 -!- LunaEnserric has joined Special:Chat
01:28 <LunaEnserric> any low level folk that wanna do dungeoneering with me? :I
01:29 <Mr Tudjay> No ty. :) Ty though
01:29 <The Mol Man> Not I
01:29 -!- LunaEnserric has left Special:Chat.
01:33 -!- SoUtH Un1T has joined Special:Chat
01:33 <SoUtH Un1T> hey dudes
01:33 <The Mol Man> hi
01:33 <SoUtH Un1T> whats happening?
01:34 <The Mol Man> nothing
01:35 <Mr Tudjay> Hey Un1t. Not much, you?
01:35 <SoUtH Un1T> yeh nothing at school atm haha
01:35 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has joined Special:Chat
01:35 <The Mol Man> hi fergie
01:35 <Cook Me Plox> We should have a page for [[Britain]]
01:35 <Urbancowgurl777> ??
01:38 <Nex Undique> Ice Rush posted on Ansela's talk page and I guess he saw the link at the op saying to direct spam to you
01:38 <Nex Undique> top
01:38 <Urbancowgurl777> ohh
01:38 <Urbancowgurl777> i see
01:39 <Urbancowgurl777> heh
01:39 <Urbancowgurl777> also
01:39 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
01:39 <The Mol Man> fergie
01:39 <The Mol Man> we lost shock storm
01:39 <Urbancowgurl777> why?
01:39 <The Mol Man> i think he just got pissed at the game
01:40 <The Mol Man> he blanked his user page earlier for a goodbye
01:40 <The Mol Man> [[User:Shockstorm]]
01:40 <Urbancowgurl777> he didn't last long
01:40 <The Mol Man> he's probably just moved to another wiki :P
01:40 <Urbancowgurl777> one of my friends on steam pm'd me this morning commenting on RS going downhill
01:40 <Urbancowgurl777> did something happen today? o.o
01:41 <The Mol Man> you can buy bank space
01:41 <Urbancowgurl777> what, seriously?
01:41 <The Mol Man> mhhm
01:41 <Urbancowgurl777> *goes to read forums*
01:42 <The Mol Man>!?redirect=no
01:42 <Urbancowgurl777> i saw it already
01:42 <The Mol Man> k
01:42 <Urbancowgurl777> glanced, forums are funner to read
01:44 <Urbancowgurl777> man it's sad to see ex forum-mods voicing their "loud minority" opinions
01:45 <The Mol Man> Ciph got 99 craft :D
01:47 <Nex Undique> Why does [[Skaldrun]] change his appearance? Is one right after he's unfrozen and one when he's outside?
01:47 <The Mol Man> i think
01:48 <The Mol Man> id say hooded is frozen one
01:48 <Nex Undique> Alright, thanks. I thought so, but I wasn't entirely sure
01:48 <The Mol Man> i looked at the gallery :P
01:52 <Urbancowgurl777> useful
01:53 <The Mol Man> wow... -.-
01:53 <BrenRS> [[Kuradal's Dungeon]]
01:53 <BrenRS> [[Ancient Cavern]]
01:53 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
01:53 <Hairr> Hello
01:53 <The Mol Man> HAIRR
01:53 <The Mol Man> i did it btw
01:54 <Hairr> [[w:c:a]]
01:54 <The Mol Man>
01:54 <The Mol Man> technically, i have the entire communities consensus atm >.>
01:54 <The Mol Man> if 2 people counts as a community
01:54 -!- Azxcw has joined Special:Chat
01:55 <Azxcw> ji guys
01:55 <Hairr> Hey Azxcw
01:55 <Azxcw> hi
01:55 <Azxcw> guess what
01:55 <Hairr> what
01:55 <The Mol Man> Your name is Azxcw
01:56 <The Mol Man> is that what I had to guess?
01:56 <Urbancowgurl777> purple
01:56 <Azxcw> guys im a member
01:56 <Azxcw> woooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!
01:56 <The Mol Man> gratz
01:56 <Urbancowgurl777> nice
01:56 <Azxcw> im a lvl 74
01:57 <Azxcw> i bought guthans
01:57 <Urbancowgurl777> i think i was like a level 50 when i became a member
01:57 <Azxcw> can i ask you a question
01:57 <Hairr> sure
01:57 <Urbancowgurl777> i remember losing full adamant after my first trip into Karamja and a jungle man keeled me
01:57 <Urbancowgurl777> ):
01:57 <Azxcw> what does splashing mean
01:57 <The Mol Man> miss
01:57 <Urbancowgurl777> not hitting when you're attacking with magic
01:57 <Urbancowgurl777> and it literally splashes on the opponent 
01:57 <Azxcw> i meant soaking
01:58 <Urbancowgurl777> [[Damage soaking]] read
01:58 <Hairr> amg Mol Man, guss what
01:58 <Azxcw> how do u soak
01:58 <The Mol Man> u opposed ._.
01:58 <The Mol Man> get hit 200+
01:58 <Hairr> no, I got Taco :O
01:58 <Urbancowgurl777> read the article Azxcw
01:58 <Azxcw> oh
01:58 <Hairr>
01:58 <Hairr> taco
01:58 <The Mol Man> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm taco
01:59 <Azxcw> anyone wanna see my own wiki
01:59 <Azxcw> i made it all by myself
01:59 <Hairr> what's on it
01:59 <Azxcw>
01:59 <Azxcw> tell me how i did
01:59 <Azxcw> its about total miner
02:00 <Hairr>
02:00 <Hairr> ?
02:00 <Azxcw> no look on my wikio
02:00 <Azxcw> wiki
02:00 <Azxcw> i made my own
02:00 <Hairr> I saw, I'm just sayin why not already contribute to the same topic :3
02:01 <Hairr> that was already established
02:01 <Urbancowgurl777> WIKIO WIKIO
02:01 <Urbancowgurl777> WIKI
02:01 <Urbancowgurl777> OOOOOO
02:01 <Hairr> wat
02:01 <Urbancowgurl777> peter pan :3=
02:01 <Azxcw> ....................
02:01 <The Mol Man> she's singing
02:01 <Azxcw> .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................
02:01 <Urbancowgurl777> sotp
02:02 <The Mol Man> stop
02:02 <Urbancowgurl777> ):
02:02 <Hairr> yeah, sotp
02:02 <Azxcw> i like to create my own wiki
02:02 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
02:02 <Azxcw> so thats why i did it
02:02 <Azxcw> _._
02:02 <Azxcw> -.-
02:02 <Hairr> Azxcw:  There is no reason to rage about it, I was literally just asking why
02:02 <Azxcw> oh
02:02 <Azxcw> well i just said
02:03 <Azxcw> look what i did on my profile page on rs wiki
02:03 <Azxcw> i added something cool
02:03 -!- Tharkon has joined Special:Chat
02:03 <Hairr> tharkon :O
02:03 <Azxcw>
02:03 <Azxcw> look
02:03 <Tharkon> hi
02:03 <Tharkon> am I that famous?
02:03 <Azxcw> click my link
02:03 <Nex Undique> Hey Tharkon
02:03 <Hairr> Tharkon: Very much so
02:03 <Urbancowgurl777> Tharkon!!! <33
02:03 <Azxcw> guys click my link
02:03 <Nex Undique> Cool Azxcw
02:03 <Hairr> We did, it's cool
02:04 <The Mol Man> i more famuz
02:04 <Hairr> Oh look, I welcomed you
02:04 <Urbancowgurl777> want autograff
02:04 <The Mol Man> here: ~~~~
02:04 -!- Cadge Lewool has joined Special:Chat
02:04 <Hairr> Hey Cadge Lewool
02:04 <Cadge Lewool> Hello!
02:05 <Urbancowgurl777> hi
02:05 <Tharkon> hey Cadgey
02:05 <Cadge Lewool> Hey Tharky.
02:05 <Tharkon> Guess everyone is famous here.
02:05 <The Mol Man> i da most
02:05 <Cook Me Plox> No, just me.
02:05 <Tharkon> Just by entering this chat you become famous.
02:06 <The Mol Man> here ma uttugriff ~~~~
02:06 <Tharkon> Btw, anyone happen to know how you start "building"  a clan dragon?
02:06 <Azxcw> now look at my user page its done!
02:06 <Hairr> Very neat
02:07 <Azxcw> 6 barrows brothers
02:07 <Azxcw> my favourite is guthan
02:07 <Cook Me Plox> Tharkon, you put the perch in your upgrade thing
02:07 <Azxcw> he looks badass
02:08 <Tharkon> Upgrade thing? Any more specific name for it?
02:08 <Cadge Lewool> Perch? What's it under.
02:08 -!- Spineweilder has joined Special:Chat
02:08 <Spineweilder> asdfghjkl
02:08 <Spineweilder> hi
02:08 <Hairr> I feel the same way spine
02:09 <Tharkon> zxcvbnm
02:09 <Tharkon> hi spine
02:09 <The Mol Man> olleh spin e
02:09 <Cook Me Plox> the upgrade jobs list?
02:10 <Urbancowgurl777> bbiab
02:10 <Tharkon> Is it a decoration, or does it go in one of the skill plots?
02:10 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has left Special:Chat.
02:10 <Cook Me Plox> There's a specific location for it, I think
02:11 <Tharkon> Couldn't find anything about how to build it on the [[Clan Dragon]] page.
02:15 -!- Azxcw has left Special:Chat.
02:16 -!- Azxcw has joined Special:Chat
02:16 <Azxcw> hi giuys im back
02:16 <Hairr> Hey
02:16 <Azxcw> i changed my chat head
02:16 <Hairr> Okay
02:17 <Azxcw> d
02:17 <Azxcw> yay it changed
02:18 <Azxcw> .
02:19 <Azxcw> i coudnt put torags
02:19 <Azxcw> or guthans
02:19 <Azxcw> torags was to small
02:30 -!- Nex Undique has left Special:Chat.
02:30 -!- Ryan Baker has joined Special:Chat
02:30 <Hairr> Hey Ryan
02:30 <Hairr> How's college? :D
02:31 <Ryan Baker> PAINFUL
02:31 <Hairr> o.o
02:31 <Ryan Baker> You know what's funny?
02:31 <Hairr> What...
02:32 <Ryan Baker> my first homework assignment, in Engineering Drawing, was to write the alphabet
02:32 <Hairr> I hope you passed
02:32 <Ryan Baker> the catch is, I have to write the letters PREFECTLY
02:32 <Ryan Baker> with the right strokes, angles, widths, and heights
02:32 <Hairr> "prefectly" I'm worrying...
02:32 <Ryan Baker> eh
02:32 <Ryan Baker> too lazy for grammar
02:33 <The Mol Man> i had an awesome first day
02:33 <Ryan Baker> just had a 6-9 pm English Comp
02:33 <The Mol Man> i was dicking around and as my english teacher asked for nicknames of people
02:33 <The Mol Man> I asked for her to give me one
02:33 <The Mol Man> we ended up voting on what my nickname would be
02:34 <Ryan Baker> hmmm
02:34 <The Mol Man> I'm an aid for 4th period which means I'm either making copies of papies 
02:34 <The Mol Man> papers*
02:34 <The Mol Man> or sitting around doing nothing
02:35 <Ryan Baker> Well, it seems that the two classes that are going to kill me are English Comp and the first 4 weeks of NIMS Lab
02:36 <Ryan Baker> whitescreen?
02:36 <Ryan Baker> rlly Jagex?
02:37 <The Mol Man> Jagex says F U to Ryan Baker and all its customers
02:37 <The Mol Man> you can buy bank space ryan
02:37 <The Mol Man> >.>
02:37 <Ryan Baker> I saw
02:37 <The Mol Man> ;(
02:38 <Ryan Baker> next thing to come: New slots for items you can only buy with irl cash
02:38 <Ryan Baker> like Spiral Knights did with trinkets
02:38 <Ryan Baker> hold on, I gtg
02:38 <Ryan Baker> the internet sucks here
02:38 <Ryan Baker> can't get rs going in chat
02:38 -!- Ryan Baker has left Special:Chat.
02:39 <Cook Me Plox> The sun is too round for evolution.
02:39 <The Mol Man> Good
02:39 -!- Meter55 has left Special:Chat.
02:41 <The Mol Man> HAIRR
02:41 <Hairr> HEY
02:41 <The Mol Man> ILY
02:41 <The Mol Man> GOODBYE
02:41 <The Mol Man> <3
02:41 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
02:41 <Hairr> k
02:42 -!- Ryan Baker has joined Special:Chat
02:42 <Cook Me Plox> So Hairr, how will you survive with yourself and Mol at half strength?
02:42 <Ryan Baker> hmmmm
02:42 <Ryan Baker> well
02:43 <Ryan Baker> I'ma definitely going to be on less guys
02:43 <Ryan Baker> I'm*
02:43 <Hairr> We won't, i'll just commit suicide like HIiii I I Itler
02:43 <Ryan Baker> two days in and I'm already exhausted...
02:43 <Spineweilder> back
02:43 <Ryan Baker> anyway, I gtg and get some rest
02:44 <Ryan Baker> night guys
02:44 <Hairr> G'night
02:44 <Ryan Baker> =D
02:44 -!- Ryan Baker has left Special:Chat.
02:44 -!- Cadge Lewool has left Special:Chat.
02:51 <Cook Me Plox> Ryan's going to be on less guys?
02:52 <Hairr> Cook is 12
02:53 <Hairr> Secrets revealed
02:55  * Hairr just understood how nasty the thing Cook said is
02:55  * Hairr slaps Cook
02:55 <Mr Tudjay> Alrighty, I'm off to sleep. Seeee ye
02:55 <Hairr> night
02:56 <Cook Me Plox> What did I say D:
02:56 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
02:56 <Hairr> "Ryan's going to be on less guys"
02:56 <Mr Tudjay> hehe
02:56 -!- Mr Tudjay has left Special:Chat.
02:56 <Cook Me Plox> Well, he is
02:56 <Hairr> l2grammar Ryan
02:57 <Hairr> It makes a big difference <.<
03:00  * Hairr has to go now
03:00 <Hairr> bye
03:00 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
03:05 -!- Goreflex has joined Special:Chat
03:05 <Goreflex> Excuse me, Does anybody know the post limit in a normal thread?
03:06 <Goreflex> *waits for a answer*
03:15 <Spineweilder> not sure
03:18 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
03:19 <Spineweilder> Hi Zam
03:20 <TyA> Hi
03:23 <Tharkon> Think I figured out where the dragon goes.
03:23 <Tharkon> It just goes in one of the topiary spots.
03:24 <Tharkon> Just no idea how to put it in without messing up symmetry, but that'll come.
03:24 -!- Tharkon has left Special:Chat.
03:28 -!- 01tankranger has joined Special:Chat
03:28 <01tankranger> hey
03:29 <01tankranger> anyone there?
03:29 <01tankranger> ???????????????????????
03:29 <01tankranger> where everyone go?
03:30 -!- Gunray10 has joined Special:Chat
03:30 <Gunray10> hi
03:30 <Gunray10> whats the best lvl for green dragons?
03:30 <01tankranger> oh hi
03:30 <01tankranger> no one else is on
03:30 <01tankranger> and whats your lv?
03:30 <Gunray10> lol
03:30 <Gunray10> so, whats the best level, melee wise
03:31 <01tankranger> whats your lv?
03:31 <Gunray10> 68
03:31 <01tankranger> well i started slaying them at lv 70
03:31 <01tankranger> are you able to wield dragon
03:32 <01tankranger> are you
03:33 <01tankranger> well good luck and if you can use drag dagger p++ and drag long
03:33 <Gunray10> k
03:33 -!- Gunray10 has left Special:Chat.
03:39 -!- Servant Girl has joined Special:Chat
03:39 <Servant Girl> I have come to the conclusion that some people simply enjoy being unhappy 
03:40 <Servant Girl> As such they will never be satisfied with any update ever. 
03:41 <Servant Girl> "Update the game but also make it like it was 6 years ago" ......ok Let me just do both of those conflicting things
03:42 <Servant Girl> "release ass loads of new content despite the fact that you are currently re-writing every speck of code that effects combat in any way" ......Right because Jagex employes don't need sleep. 
03:46 <01tankranger> huh
03:51 <Spineweilder> well, either that, Servant Girl, 
03:51 <Spineweilder> or it's just Jagex making updates aimed towards real-world trading and low levels
03:52 <BrenRS> Hey Kieran :D
03:52 <Spineweilder> note that almost every week Solomon's store and Squeal of Fortune have updates on a regular baiss
03:52 <Spineweilder> basis
03:52 <Spineweilder> hi bren
03:53 <BrenRS> I almost gained my 100k slayer xp for today but ehh
03:53 <BrenRS>
03:53 <Spineweilder> Personally I'd prefer Solomon's store to be merged with loyalty shop
03:53 <BrenRS> I'll just hit the 200k slayer xp mark by the end of tomorrow
03:53 <Spineweilder> :o thats cool
03:53 <BrenRS> Oh Kieran
03:54 <BrenRS> what would this be categorized as?
03:54 <Spineweilder> [[Category:Treasure_trail_images]
03:54 <Spineweilder> [[Category:Treasure_trail_images]]
03:54 <Spineweilder> already added it
03:56 <BrenRS> sure?
03:56 <Servant Girl> I guess your right, all about rwt except for Al Kharid...oh and Big chompy, but other than that, Oh and tons of bug fixes, but other than that....Oh and sevrel dicing leaders being IP banned.....OH annnnnd the contenuted work on the huge EoC....Yeah hardly anything
03:56 <Servant Girl> =(
03:56 <Servant Girl> it turely is sad
03:56 <Spineweilder> yea im kinda looking forward to EoC
03:57 <Spineweilder> first it's finally something different, but i can't afk train
03:57 <Servant Girl> Weeeeeeeelp I don't have a trimmed completionest cape soooo I'm not gonna complain about content
03:57 <Spineweilder> second it's not like Jagex will cancel it after the effort it's put in
03:57 <Spineweilder> and third [[Beta:Momentum]] will allow semi-afk training
03:58 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
03:58 <Spineweilder> man i should really crop that
03:59 <Spineweilder> there.
04:00 <Spineweilder> Good night 
04:00 -!- Spineweilder has left Special:Chat.
04:03 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has joined Special:Chat
04:04 <Urbancowgurl777> hi
04:05 <Servant Girl> Hello there
04:06 <Urbancowgurl777> *yawn* hmm
04:06 <Urbancowgurl777> edit wiki or sleep..
04:06 <TyA> o:
04:07 <TyA> Edit ALL the wikis
04:07 <Urbancowgurl777> no, just this one.
04:07 <Urbancowgurl777> because all other wikis suck
04:07 <Sentra246> fergie: Did you need me in enviro science? or did you find another study buddy
04:07 <Urbancowgurl777> i was thinking of making a blog on cc asking people their opinions on why they do/don't edit other wikis
04:07 <TyA> Jump in, delete stuff, jump out
04:07 <TyA> ???
04:07 <TyA> profit
04:07 <Urbancowgurl777> dunno yet Sentra, today was just the introduction ;3=
04:07 <Urbancowgurl777> you should standby though
04:07 <Urbancowgurl777> <3
04:07 <Sentra246> oic
04:08 <Sentra246> you're finishing summer break, forgot about that
04:08 <Urbancowgurl777> tomorrow i have my second math class
04:08 <Urbancowgurl777> i'm really scared. lol
04:08 <Urbancowgurl777> Bull is going to have his work cut out for him
04:09 <TyA> I have history, python, and logic tomorrow
04:09 <Urbancowgurl777> i have art and tennis as well
04:09 <Urbancowgurl777> tennis will be fun. art might be
04:09 <Urbancowgurl777> my art teacher reminds me of my mom<.<
04:10 <Sentra246> already helped one person for a maths exam today :P
04:10 <Urbancowgurl777> yesterday we had one tiny little math question. it was reducing a negative square root
04:10 <Urbancowgurl777> and you had to use the imaginary number or whatever
04:10 <Urbancowgurl777> ok seriously easy but i didn't get it. lol
04:10 <Urbancowgurl777> felt like an idiot
04:11 <Sentra246> i=sqrt(-1)
04:12 <Sentra246> you're at college right?
04:12 <Urbancowgurl777> yes and i'm older than you ._.
04:12 <Sentra246> i knew that bit :P
04:13 <Sentra246> 1st year?
04:15 <Urbancowgurl777> [email protected]$#
04:15 <Sentra246> oic
04:16 <Sentra246> didn't think you were just out of high school
04:17 <Urbancowgurl777> ok Sentra halp me
04:18 <Urbancowgurl777> with math
04:18 <Sentra246> i'll try :
04:18 <Sentra246> :P
04:18 <Urbancowgurl777> *pms*
04:18 <TyA> 1 + 1 = 2
04:18 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
04:18 <Sentra246> no ty, 1+1= a window
04:18 <Urbancowgurl777> thanks Tyler
04:18 <TyA> 1 + 1 = 1 on a bun
04:18 <Cook Me Plox> I am a good math
04:18 <TyA> I can do math [email protected]@@
04:19 <Cook Me Plox> FERGIE I AM THE BEST MATH
04:19 <Cook Me Plox> Sentra does things upside down
04:19 <Sentra246> no, you do everything upside down
04:19 <TyA> Nooo, you do stuff upside down
04:19 <Cook Me Plox> Well, so does fergie
04:19 <Cook Me Plox> SO SHUT UP
04:20 <Urbancowgurl777> lmao
04:20 <Cook Me Plox> it's funny because who the hell is this
04:21 <TyA> [[User:Axslayer33]]
04:22 <TyA> Thought the name was familiar
04:22 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
04:22 <Urbancowgurl777> not a mutual relationship
04:23 <Cook Me Plox> I nominate myself as official Reddit representative so I can say "I SHOULD HAVE POSTED THIS" whenever someone talks about the wiki
04:23 -!- Goreflex has left Special:Chat.
04:25 -!- Robger99 has joined Special:Chat
04:25 -!- Robger99 has left Special:Chat.
04:26 -!- Gunray10 has joined Special:Chat
04:26 <Gunray10> hi again
04:26 <TyA> Hii
04:27 <Gunray10> gots another question
04:27 <TyA> Shoot
04:28  * Sentra246 shoots TyA
04:28 <Gunray10> im a lvl 68 combat, should i kill hill giants to level up, or kill the deadly red spiders in the varrock sewers?
04:28 <TyA> You fool! I was the real TyA! The imposter is over there! *points at Fergie*
04:29 <Urbancowgurl777> o.o
04:29 <TyA> I think I did Hill Giants for hobgoblins, but I'm far from ever being efficient, so I dunno
04:30 <Gunray10> i could go for red spiders if i wanna be afk, but i could get killed since they have decent attack and can attack in groups
04:30 <TyA> I'd just try it for a bit, and see how it goes
04:31 <Gunray10> i already did, and its so hard to decide
04:32 <TyA> Maybe do a little more on the hill giants so you won't possibly die then go afk?
04:32 -!- Robger99 has joined Special:Chat
04:32 <Robger99> Hi guys.
04:32 <Gunray10> meh, might aswell
04:32 <Robger99> If I have 5 mil what should I buy???
04:33 <Gunray10> you should flip at GE
04:33 <Robger99> My brother has some sort of relationship with a gold farming company
04:33 <Robger99> So 
04:33 <Robger99> He said he'd give me some gold
04:33 <Gunray10> we talking runescape or real life?
04:33 <Robger99> Runescape
04:33 <Robger99> Brb
04:33 -!- Robger99 has left Special:Chat.
04:34 -!- Robger99 has joined Special:Chat
04:34 <Gunray10> welp, leveled up my defence
04:34 <Gunray10> but still combat 68
04:35 <Robger99> Okay, so 2.8 mil, what should I get.
04:35 <Robger99> I'm looking for something thats non member
04:35 <Robger99> So that once I loose it.
04:36 <Robger99> Hmm...
04:36 <Gunray10> id suggest flipping it at GE
04:36 <Robger99> Flipping it?
04:36 <Gunray10> you know how to flip right?
04:36 <Gunray10> its when you buy something at a low price and re-sell it at a high one
04:36 <Robger99> Ahh
04:36 <Robger99> High alching is easier.
04:36 -!- Robger99 has left Special:Chat.
04:37 <Gunray10> that could work too
04:37 <Gunray10> but what would you use it on?
04:38 <Gunray10> i wouldnt use high alchemy on something i bought from the GE
04:38 <Cook Me Plox> Don't flip with 2800k, lol
04:39 <Gunray10> he says he has 2.8 mil
04:40 -!- Robger99 has joined Special:Chat
04:40 <Cook Me Plox> So did I
04:40 <Servant Girl> If its currently selling for the lower price...who is going to pay the higher price?
04:40 <TyA> Those who want it now
04:40 <Servant Girl> I don't get flipping...
04:41 <Robger99> This is a nice tool for you guys
04:41 <Robger99>
04:41 <Cook Me Plox> Servant, it works because at any time there are two different prices
04:41 <Cook Me Plox> We have a better one, Robger :P
04:41 <Servant Girl> I flip NPC shop items ^_^ huge mark ups to be had
04:41 <Urbancowgurl777> *random person comes in and posts random link, doesn't click*
04:41 <Cook Me Plox> [[Grand Exchange Market Watch/High Alchemy]]
04:41 <Cook Me Plox> It's a safe link, but we have one too
04:41 <Cook Me Plox> With all the limits
04:41 <Cook Me Plox> <3
04:41 <Urbancowgurl777> i refoos
04:42 <TyA> Limits are awesome cuz we have them
04:42 <Cook Me Plox> YOU ARE WELCOME
04:42 <Robger99> Well the one I used screwed up.
04:42 <Robger99> You can't alch sets.
04:42 <TyA> Earlier, I got the notification that I earned an achievement 
04:42 <Servant Girl> I make tons of gold buying from NPC shops and reselling at the GE for a huge mark up
04:42 <Urbancowgurl777> on here Ty? <.<
04:42 <Gunray10> IKR
04:42 <Cook Me Plox> Servant, you can make millions per hour flipping
04:42 <TyA> No, on another wiki
04:42 <Urbancowgurl777> i've never flipped anything
04:42 <TyA> I'm achievement exempt and the thing was from 7 July
04:43 <Urbancowgurl777> i make battlestaves but that isn't really flipping <.<
04:43 <Urbancowgurl777> lol<.<
04:43 <Cook Me Plox> You're achievement exempt? D:
04:43 <Urbancowgurl777> he's exempt from being awesome and being the best of the wiki
04:43 <Urbancowgurl777> too bad
04:43 <Robger99> I'm thinking about working towards a fire cape.
04:43 <TyA> yes o:
04:43 <TyA> Unless you're liek admin or something on the wiki, you don't keep them when you're vstf o:
04:44 <Servant Girl> I tried flipping once, but surpirse surpise when I tried to re-sell for 1 gold more...nothing happened =-/
04:44 <Urbancowgurl777> flipping is an art that must be learneth.
04:44 <Gunray10> you need to wait
04:44 <Robger99> 1 gold profit?
04:44 <Robger99> Win.
04:44 <Gunray10> flipping takes time
04:44 <Servant Girl> indeed and it didn't even work
04:44 <Urbancowgurl777> lol
04:44 <Robger99> High alch is easier.
04:44 <Urbancowgurl777> i just make money the traditional way <.<
04:45 <Gunray10> it usually takes from 1 day - 2 weeks
04:45 <Robger99> Whats that botting?
04:45 <Robger99> It seems like the new traditional way is botting.
04:45 <Gunray10> yep
04:45 <Gunray10> im fine with fish botting
04:45 <Gunray10> and cook botting
04:45 <Cook Me Plox> I HAVE A GUIDE
04:45 <Robger99> If you go on a F2P world to the mining guild, the chances of you getting some coal is slim
04:45 <Servant Girl> May way of NPC flipping grants up to a 400 coin mark up on certain items for an instant sell
04:45 <Urbancowgurl777> how is it "traditional" if it's new
04:46 <Gunray10> i did a method for empty spaces
04:46 <Gunray10> and it worked
04:46 <Cook Me Plox> servant, how much can you make in a day?
04:46 <Gunray10> turns out, the most empty spaces are the event servers
04:46 <Gunray10> like clan wars, fist of guthix , etc.
04:46 <Cook Me Plox> Empty spaces?
04:46 <Urbancowgurl777> .
04:47 <Servant Girl> I don't know, that information was never important to me. I just play at my own speed
04:47 <Robger99> Well, I go on at about 11:00 AM and there surprisingly isn't that much bots on.
04:47 <Gunray10> as in, there will be barley to no people around when you try to fish, mine, wood cut, etc.
04:47 <Robger99> I recently got my constitution skillcape
04:47 <Robger99> It looks nice.
04:47 <Servant Girl> Ah for a spot with no people just go to a spot near a bank that has a sllllllightly close spot near it
04:48 <Urbancowgurl777> i just go where i feel like it ._.
04:48 <Servant Girl> then simply use the slllllightly further away spot
04:48 <Servant Girl> Example: tree gnome stonghold
04:48 <Robger99> Who likes solomon?
04:48 <Gunray10> or just find a place with a deposite box and go on from there :3
04:49 <Robger99> Seems like a way to make some more money...
04:49 <Sentra246>  14:48:15 Urbancowgurl777 i just go where i feel like it ._.
04:49 <Sentra246> Interesting.
04:49 <Servant Girl> Shocking concept from a profit seeking organization. 
04:50 <Robger99> I love dragon maces
04:50 <Robger99> Nice bang for your buck.
04:50 <Gunray10> wish i was a member :(
04:50 <Robger99> Did you get a 14 day trial?
04:51 <Robger99> Thats currently what I'm useing.
04:51 <Gunray10> yea, and it was amazing
04:51 -!- Robger99 has left Special:Chat.
04:52 <TyA> I used to be a member, then I quit RuneScape
04:52 <TyA> Then after that I unsubscribed because I never did get back into it like I said I would
04:52 <Gunray10> i still play, even without membership
04:53 <Servant Girl> I have a ftp mage, whom I need to level to 50 RC
04:53 <Servant Girl> So I can get him some balla RC gloves and a hat
04:54 <Servant Girl> It make almost no differance but i'm on the fence about explorers ring vs ring of devotion
04:55 <Gunray10> ever herd of rune span?
04:55 <Servant Girl> basically a smigen of attack vs a tiny speck of def 
04:56 <Servant Girl> Yes tried it for the first time today!
04:56 <Gunray10> yep
04:56 <Gunray10> gets you good RC
04:56 <Servant Girl> How quick to level 50, you think?
04:56 <Gunray10> not sure
04:56 <Gunray10> but i can tell you this
04:57 <Gunray10> i was once a lvl 12 RC, but now im a LVL 36
04:57 <Servant Girl> XD my main, 6 year old member account only has 34 
04:58 <Servant Girl> But like I said...I've never played Runespan till today
04:58 <Cook Me Plox> Well, I'm a senior NASA physicist
04:59 -!- Gunray10 has left Special:Chat.
04:59 <TyA> I'm a Ty
04:59 <TyA> I own a wallet
04:59 <Servant Girl> how do people dung? I find it soooo boring 
04:59 <TyA> What else do you want?
04:59 <Cook Me Plox> Was that supposed to be a haiku
04:59 <TyA> No
05:00 <TyA> The syllaballs are all wrong
05:00 <Cook Me Plox> so is the spelling
05:00 <TyA> and I just killed the spelling
05:00 <TyA> That's my queue to sleep
05:00 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
05:01 <Cook Me Plox> cue
05:03 <Servant Girl> Gosh, I love Haiku's! They are so much fun to write.  Not that hard, either.  
05:03 <Servant Girl> ^_^
05:04 -!- Touhou FTW has joined Special:Chat
05:05 <Servant Girl> I have a theroy
05:05 <Servant Girl> That when EoC is released as the full game that the eastern lands will also be released. 
05:06 <Servant Girl> And maybe....EoC will only apply in the eastern lands
05:06 <Urbancowgurl777> i don't think so o.o
05:09 <Urbancowgurl777>
05:09 <Touhou FTW> Ceiling cat
05:10 <Touhou FTW> is always watching
05:10 <Urbancowgurl777> o.o lol
05:14 -!- Robger99 has joined Special:Chat
05:14 <Robger99> Okay I got 4.5M
05:14 <Robger99> And I already have about 4.25M
05:14 <Robger99> How are whips?
05:15 <Robger99> Someone finally made a Gif for that?
05:16 -!- Robger99 has left Special:Chat.
05:16 <Urbancowgurl777> nitey nite
05:16 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has left Special:Chat.
05:23 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
05:23 <Dtm142>
05:23 <Dtm142> Why is this a featured Youtube video?
05:23 <Touhou FTW> why are those things back?
05:24 <Dtm142> Which?
05:24 <Touhou FTW> please tell me if you bomb them they rocket off
05:24 <Dtm142> Featured videos?
05:24 <Touhou FTW> the stones of truth things
05:24 <Dtm142> They do.
05:24 <Touhou FTW> oh good
05:24 <Touhou FTW> I am pleased now
05:24 <Dtm142> Then they grow back.
05:24 <Touhou FTW> dhmm
05:24 <Dtm142> And go Boing!
05:24 <Dtm142> (H)
05:24 <Touhou FTW> idr if they grew back in major's or not
05:24 <Touhou FTW> majora's*
05:25 <Dtm142> Spoiler alert:
05:25 <Dtm142> Impa and Grannie are the same person!
05:25 <Dtm142> (H)
05:25 <Touhou FTW> you reminded me of CDi Zelda
05:25 <Dtm142> (facepalm)
05:26 <Touhou FTW> you gotta admit
05:26 <Touhou FTW> those were the best
05:26 <Dtm142> Never played.
05:26 <Touhou FTW> neither have I
05:26 <Touhou FTW> but the memes
05:27 <Touhou FTW> priceless
05:27 <Cook Me Plox> !logs
05:27 <RSChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[RuneScape:Chat/Logs|here]].
05:29 <Dtm142> !logs
05:29 <RSChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[RuneScape:Chat/Logs|here]].
05:29 <Dtm142> Nifty
05:29 <Dtm142> !logs
05:29 <RSChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[RuneScape:Chat/Logs|here]].
05:29 <Dtm142> !logs
05:29 <RSChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[RuneScape:Chat/Logs|here]].
05:29 <Dtm142> !logs
05:29 <RSChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[RuneScape:Chat/Logs|here]].
05:29 <Dtm142> !logs
05:29 <RSChatBot> Chat logs may be seen [[RuneScape:Chat/Logs|here]].
05:29 <Dtm142> (H)
05:30 <Cook Me Plox> You're funny.
05:33 <Dtm142> Oh, I know.
05:33 <Dtm142> I'm like Charlie Chaplin's heir.
05:42 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
05:44 -!- Servant Girl has left Special:Chat.
05:55 <Haidro> Amg
05:55  * Haidro sees bearcat spamming
05:56 -!- Robger99 has joined Special:Chat
05:58 <Robger99> Can someone give me some advice?
05:58 <Haidro> What with>
05:58 <Robger99> Well, my brother has some connections to people
05:58 <Robger99> And he gave me 4.9 MIL
05:59 <Robger99> So I have about 9M now.
05:59 <Robger99> I'm looking for a nice weapon.
05:59 <Robger99> What do you think I should get?
05:59 <Haidro> What is your attack level?
05:59 <Robger99> 99.
05:59 <Haidro> Ooh nice
05:59 <Robger99> Yeah
05:59 <Haidro> Well the best weapon I think for high levels would be chaotics
05:59 <Robger99> I have 99 level for pretty much every combat skill.
05:59 <Haidro> But something buyable...
06:00 <Robger99> Whip?
06:00 <Haidro> Probably yes
06:00 <Robger99> Okay
06:00 <Robger99> Thanks
06:00 <Haidro> No prob
06:00 <Robger99> What world are you on?
06:00 <Haidro> 108
06:00 <Robger99> Lol
06:00 <Robger99> I love 108
06:00 <Robger99> Nobody comes on it.
06:00 <Robger99> Want to meet somewhere on it?
06:01 <Haidro> I'm at the Grand Exchange at the moment
06:01 <Robger99> Want to go on 139?
06:02 <Robger99> I mean 134
06:02 <Haidro> Is that a mems world?
06:02 <Robger99> Nope.
06:02 <Haidro> Sure I'll go there
06:03 <Robger99> You should become a member.
06:03 <Haidro> Was for more than a year
06:03 <Robger99> I keep getting this glitch where my screen is black.
06:03 <Robger99> But I can see my HUD
06:04 <Robger99> Or menu
06:04 <Robger99> Whatever you want to call it.
06:04 <Haidro> HUD?
06:04 <Robger99> Heads Up display.
06:04 <Robger99> I play a lot of FPS'
06:04 <Haidro> That was happening to me too
06:05 <Haidro> I just reloaded runescape
06:05 <Robger99> Same
06:05 <Robger99> So..
06:05 <Robger99> Where shall we meet?
06:05 <Robger99> Want to meet at the arena?
06:06 <Haidro> Duel arena?
06:06 <Robger99> Yeah
06:06 <Haidro> Nah :p
06:06 <Haidro> Doing something at GE atm
06:06 <Robger99> No fist to fist?
06:06 <Haidro> I have mems gear I don't want to unequip aswell
06:06 <Robger99> Skillcape?
06:07 <Haidro> Nah, just some stuff
06:07 <Haidro> glory, farseer helm, infiinity boots, red cape
06:07 <Haidro> barrows gloves too
06:07 <Robger99> GP?
06:08 <Haidro> Not much
06:10 <Haidro> Oh
06:10 <Haidro> crap
06:11 <Robger99> ???
06:12 <Haidro> Accidentally clicked a button which deposited what I was wearing
06:12 <Robger99> How long have you been wearing it for?
06:12 <Haidro> 2 months-ish now
06:12 <Robger99> That sucks
06:13 <Robger99> Whats your main source  of money?
06:14 <Haidro> Well, I mainly made my money in mems
06:14 <Haidro> by just skilling
06:18 <Robger99> Want to go dungeoneering?
06:31 <Cook Me Plox> just get membership haidro, it's worth it to unlock that money
06:33 <Haidro> Nuz
06:36 <Haidro> Or... maybe
06:36 <Haidro> If I'm gonna get it it should be now
06:37 <Cook Me Plox> There's at least 30-40m of stuff in there
06:37 <Haidro> Well I can't get it now anyway
06:37 <Haidro> I buy my cards
06:37 <Cook Me Plox> wait, more than that
06:37 <Haidro> I buy membership cards*
06:38 <Cook Me Plox> Those three items are 37.5m
06:38 <Haidro> What 3 items
06:38 <Haidro> oh
06:38 <Haidro> I know which
06:38 <Cook Me Plox> bandos and claws
06:39 <Cook Me Plox> or even more if that wine in the 8th tab is a half wine
06:39 <Haidro> Lololololololol
06:39 <Haidro> Just a wine of zammy ;)
06:40 <Cook Me Plox> yeah, easily another 40m
06:40 <Haidro> Well idk
06:40 <Haidro> Should I spend 15 dollars just to get 40mil?
06:47 -!- Sum1 0 o has left Special:Chat.
06:50 <Cook Me Plox> 15?
06:50 <Haidro> Yes
06:50 <Haidro> That's how much I pay per month
06:50 <Cook Me Plox> Why is that so expensive
06:50 <Haidro> Game card
06:50 <Cook Me Plox> Game cards in the US are 8 bucks, that's surprising
06:51 -!- Sentra246 has left Special:Chat.
06:51 <Haidro> That's Jgex for you
06:51 <Cook Me Plox> If you're looking for a good rate, then yes.
06:51 <Cook Me Plox> But I assume there are other reasons
06:53 <Haidro> There are only 5 people at the grand exchange on this world, not including me
06:57 <Haidro> fffuuu i need membership
07:10 <Cook Me Plox> If anyone is willing, please work on [[Big Chinchompa]]