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23:55 <The Mol Man> okay, I found his IAMA
23:55 <The Mol Man> give me a second
23:55 <Dogfoger> LAMA
23:55 <Dogfoger> LLAMA
23:55 <The Mol Man>
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23:55 <The Mol Man> there we go
23:55 <The Mol Man> oh, and I meant 2-3 *
23:55 <The Mol Man> just noticed I typo
23:55 <Smartman294> 2 weeks?!?!?
23:55 <The Mol Man> so?
23:55 <Dogfoger> 7 weeks*
23:56 <Dogfoger> knowing Jagex
23:56 <The Mol Man> who cares?
23:56 <The Mol Man> train the skill like a man
23:56 <The Mol Man> (qc) My Divination level is 98 (xp: 12,508,343, rank: 1,428). XP until level 99: 526,088.
23:56 <Dogfoger> mol
23:56 <Dogfoger> not all of us no life dic
23:56 <Dogfoger> div
23:56 <Smartman294> ya ur right i rather attack sara guys
23:56 <Smartman294> SARA MUST SUFFER
23:56 <The Mol Man> but if you don't train the skill legit, why should you get lots of xp?
23:56 <Haidro> Mol do you watch adventure time
23:57 <The Mol Man> no
23:57 <The Mol Man> don't
23:57 <Smartman294> what side are u guys?
23:57 <TonyBest100> Its a good thing they aren't releasing the div xp lamps during a promotion like Super September
23:57 <Coelacanth0794> zamorak
23:57 <Smartman294> in the war
23:57 <Smartman294> zammy!!!
23:57 <The Mol Man> Zamorak is going to lose you know
23:57 <Smartman294> and?
23:58 <Coelacanth0794> afaik everyone is on sara until proven otherwise
23:58 <Smartman294> its cus u guys have the nubs
23:58 <Haidro> :D
23:58 <The Mol Man> both the gods suck
23:58 <Haidro> I'm with sara because I hate zammy
23:58 <Haidro> Sara isn't my go
23:58 <Haidro> god
23:58 <Smartman294> i hate zaros the most
23:58 <Haidro> Pfft. Zaros is up there for me
23:58 <Haidro> Guthix then Zaros then Sliske
23:59 <Haidro> Then Sara, arma, bandos, zammy
23:59 <TonyBest100> Well.. time to load up RS and stand at the God Statue in Canifis
23:59 <Amo Vos> bandos goes last
23:59 <Amo Vos> he's just a though guy without brains imo
23:59 <Smartman294> my friend is sideless but hates sliske the most and sara second
23:59 <Coelacanth0794>
23:59 <Haidro> Well then he isn't sideless is he ;)
23:59 <Smartman294> he doesnt follow any :P
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00:00 <The Mol Man> SPINSSSSSSSS
00:00 <Haidro> relog
00:00 <Smartman294> im a zammy follower!!!
00:00 <TonyBest100> Then in that case he follows Godless, not wanting to side against any gods
00:00 <TonyBest100> :P
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00:00 <Haidro> I don't think god statues work...
00:00 <Haidro> Herblore daily!!!
00:01 <Haidro> Shit
00:01 <TonyBest100> They should, they're altars!
00:01 <Smartman294> sara attacking time again
00:01 <Haidro> god statues don't count
00:01 <The Mol Man> god wars
00:01 <TonyBest100> Balls, well, Varrock for 2 altars and Taverley for the 3rd
00:01 <The Mol Man> lol
00:01 <Smartman294> i wish u could attack sara players in the bol
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00:02 <Dogfoger> [[Coin of Balance]]
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00:02 <Haidro> Cook Me Plox: Explain please
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00:03 <Smartman294> nsfw
00:03 <Smartman294> XD
00:03 <TonyBest100> One down, 2 to go
00:03 <Spineweilder> crown of seasons changed appearance
00:03 <Smartman294> it did?
00:03 <Spineweilder> yep
00:03 <Spineweilder> I got all 4 looks orbed
00:03 <Smartman294> why is every week the same?
00:03 <TonyBest100> How does that fall under NSFW >.<
00:03 <Smartman294> :P
00:03 <Haidro> Yay seren altar works
00:04 <Haidro> Oh, right spine, today is solstice
00:04 <Haidro> 87 prayer!
00:04 <Smartman294> i cant decide which override I want first
00:04 <Smartman294> gz haidro
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00:05 <TonyBest100> Wtf lagging badly
00:05 <Spineweilder> [[Cos]]
00:05 <Haidro> [[zamorak brew]]
00:05 <TonyBest100> Thats another challenge down
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00:05 <Coelacanth0794> i've actually only shown my most recent drawing to 1 person so far
00:06 <TonyBest100> 4 to go for superior superhero outfit
00:06 <TonyBest100> and shielf
00:06 <TonyBest100> and 60k loyalty
00:06 <TonyBest100> shield*
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00:06 <Smartman294> i want super supervillian :P
00:06 <The Mol Man> show me
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00:06 <The Mol Man> gotta go kill some cows then
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00:06 <Smartman294> rather attack sara ;D
00:07 <The Mol Man> then no title for you
00:07 <Smartman294> I HATE sara
00:07 <The Mol Man> why?
00:07 <Smartman294> because he hates zammy
00:07 <Coelacanth0794> i'm generally against sara 
00:07 <Coelacanth0794> guthixian to the bitter end
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00:08 <The Mol Man> you hate him too much, sm
00:08 <Smartman294> power though choas!!!!
00:08 <The Mol Man> Strength through chaos*
00:09 <Smartman294> it there was no chaos there be no motion
00:09 <The Mol Man> spine
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00:09 <Spineweilder> hm
00:09 <The Mol Man> herbs?
00:10 <Spineweilder> ur world pop portal
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00:10 <The Mol Man> ya daaawg
00:10 <Spineweilder>
00:10 <Cook Me Plox> boom downvoted
00:10 <Coelacanth0794> spine what is the new super challenge
00:10 <Spineweilder> die cook
00:11 <Cook Me Plox> seriously though
00:11 <Cook Me Plox> your flair sucks and you should remove it
00:11 <Spineweilder> first time posting
00:11 <Spineweilder> what Cook, embarassed? o.o
00:11 <Coelacanth0794> spine?
00:11 <Smartman294> XD
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00:11 <Spineweilder> hmm
00:11 <Spineweilder> idk
00:11 <Cook Me Plox> yes, it's embarrassing
00:11 <Spineweilder> i think it's praying at various altars
00:11 <Coelacanth0794> spine dw cook is a mad downvoter
00:11 <Cook Me Plox> for reals
00:11 <Smartman294> is flair shared by reddit or is it shared?
00:11 <Coelacanth0794> he doesnt upvote
00:11 <Spineweilder> worse than roman downvoter?
00:12 <The Mol Man> coel, doing herbs?
00:12 <Cook Me Plox> I downvote every Warthog comment though
00:12 <Smartman294> XD
00:12 <Coelacanth0794> mol what is the new super challenge
00:12 <Cook Me Plox> Probably at -80 or so on him
00:12 <Smartman294> 3 altars
00:12 <Smartman294> different gods
00:12 <Coelacanth0794> ok thanks smartman
00:12 <Spineweilder> mol
00:12 <Spineweilder> ping me when you're about to do i
00:12 <Spineweilder> transing cos
00:12 <Cook Me Plox> seriously though
00:12 <Cook Me Plox> your flair sucks and you really should get rid of it
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00:12 <Smartman294> XD
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00:13 <Spineweilder> haidro has a flair like mine too
00:13 <Haidro> Our flairs are awesome
00:13 <Cook Me Plox> I told him to remove his
00:13 <Coelacanth0794> we all have flairs
00:13 <Cook Me Plox> and yours
00:13 <Coelacanth0794> cook is a nonconformist
00:13 <Haidro> Flairs arebest
00:13 <Smartman294> spine and haidro are godless?
00:13 <Cook Me Plox> no, it's bragging
00:13 <Coelacanth0794> ok
00:13 <Cook Me Plox> if you want to be an editor fine
00:13 <Haidro> ofc it's bragging
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00:14 <Coelacanth0794> til bragging is illgal you know
00:14 <The Mol Man> spine
00:14 <The Mol Man> SPINE
00:14 <Haidro> filling up a vial should give me 1 farming xp
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00:14 <Smartman294> nice 2 sacred metal turns in 2 mins
00:14 <Smartman294> 10 mins
00:14 <Cook Me Plox> it's not illegal, it's just stupid to have on a flair when we claim adminship isn't a big deal
00:14 <The Mol Man> i should put it on my flair
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00:14 <Cook Me Plox> then there's image manager, what the hell does that mean
00:15 <Coelacanth0794> so dont use the flair then cook
00:15 <Coelacanth0794> problem solved
00:15 <Smartman294> downvotes cook
00:15 <Cook Me Plox> I'm obviously not going to use
00:15 <Cook Me Plox> But I'm asking you not to use it because it reflects negatively on the site
00:16 <Smartman294> and how does a flair negativly affect a site
00:16 <Smartman294> its a picture thats it
00:16 <Spineweilder> I changed it because the flair was too long
00:16 <Cook Me Plox> it's text
00:16 <Spineweilder> not because you told me to, mind you
00:16 <Smartman294> ah that thing u mean
00:16 <Demise36> K JAGEX
00:16 <Cook Me Plox> it's as bad as Axslayer saying he was the wiki representative on reddit
00:17 <Smartman294> XD
00:17 <Smartman294> but we he?
00:17 <Smartman294> was
00:17 <The Mol Man> no
00:17 <The Mol Man> pretty sure he was a random idiot
00:19 <Spineweilder> [[cos]]
00:19 <Demise36> elefint.
00:19 <Demise36> (elefint) elefint.
00:19 <The Mol Man> (elefint)
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00:20 <Coelacanth0794> well
00:20 <Coelacanth0794> spine seems to have done some rerading according to newfiles
00:20 <The Mol Man> it's 4:20 somewhere
00:20 <Coelacanth0794> though ancient hymnal has a celtic cross
00:21 <The Mol Man> (qc) My Divination level is 98 (xp: 12,667,039, rank: 1,413). XP until level 99: 367,392.
00:21 <The Mol Man> :D
00:21 <The Mol Man> climbing them ranks
00:22 <Demise36> elefint. (elefint)
00:22 <Spineweilder> yes coel
00:22 <Spineweilder> reading sucks don't do it
00:22 <Spineweilder> it's a trap
00:22 <Coelacanth0794> but i have to for things
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00:26 <Haidro> Okay I changed my flair are you happy now cook
00:27 <Cook Me Plox> almost never
00:27 <The Mol Man>
00:27 <Haidro> srs
00:27 <Haidro> Cook back me up here
00:27 <The Mol Man> time to start converting with energy for everything
00:28 <Coelacanth0794> you got 1 downvote
00:28 <Coelacanth0794> "SRS"
00:28 <Cook Me Plox> no he got 8
00:28 <The Mol Man> I delete right away when I get downvoted
00:29 <Cook Me Plox> coward
00:29 <Cook Me Plox> Haidro, I can't back you up, but I can downvote everyone except you
00:29 <Cook Me Plox> if that would make you feel better
00:29 <Coelacanth0794> cook is the master redditor apparantly
00:29 <The Mol Man> what do you call an idiot browsing subs?
00:29 <The Mol Man> a redditard
00:29 <Cook Me Plox> racist
00:29 <Cook Me Plox> Coel I have like 2000 comment karma okay, I'm kind of a big deal
00:30 <Coelacanth0794> as do i
00:30 <The Mol Man> ^
00:30 <The Mol Man> cook has more
00:30 <Coelacanth0794> k
00:31 <Cook Me Plox> Haidro, I'm not going to bother replying to that, the time has come and gone
00:31 <Cook Me Plox> But you're right, the style doesn't mean shit
00:31 <The Mol Man> I wonder if jagex will actually make it matter oneday
00:31 <The Mol Man> so why are elemental spells still different magic levels?
00:32 <Haidro> Because fuck logic
00:32 <Haidro> And quest requirements
00:32 <Cook Me Plox> better question is why I get better ability damage dual wielding Air Blast than I do with Air Surge
00:32 <Haidro> Eg Family Crest and TEK
00:32 <The Mol Man> TEK??
00:33 <Haidro> The Elder KILn
00:33 <The Mol Man> o
00:33 <Smartman294> that quest was easy ;D
00:33 <The Mol Man> no it wasn't
00:33 <Cook Me Plox> Let's see...3670/4 is 917
00:33 <The Mol Man> took me 4 days
00:33 <Smartman294> CAKE
00:33 <Smartman294> u didnt know the trick then ;P
00:33 <Haidro>
00:33 <The Mol Man> the first part took me 4 days
00:34 <The Mol Man> I had no idea what the fuck Ga'al meant
00:34 <Smartman294> how about the boss?
00:34 <Cook Me Plox> 87 defence
00:34 <The Mol Man> but omfg boe was harder
00:34 <Cook Me Plox> so the one monster it matters against is KK
00:34 <Cook Me Plox> j
00:34 <The Mol Man> i could not find those ga'al at all
00:34 <Haidro> TBoE was so fucking easy
00:34 <Smartman294> TBoE?
00:34 <Cook Me Plox> you did it after the nerf shut up
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00:34 <The Mol Man> haidro, it took me 14 days to find the ga'al
00:34 <The Mol Man> for the quest
00:34 <Smartman294> what was tboe?
00:34 <The Mol Man> where you had to find 3 of them
00:34 <Haidro> The Brink of Extinction
00:35 <The Mol Man> and that cave entrance?
00:35 <Smartman294> which was that?
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00:35 <Smartman294> the end of the tzaar series?
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00:35 <The Mol Man> ya
00:35 <The Mol Man> hardest quest ever
00:35 <Smartman294> no wait that boss i meant
00:35 <Smartman294> the was cake
00:35 <The Mol Man>
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00:35 <Smartman294> there was a trick with the hard guy
00:35 <The Mol Man> tricks are for whores
00:35 <Smartman294> destory
00:36 <Smartman294> made him cake
00:36 <Smartman294> 2k 2k 2k 2k 2k stun 20 secs wait 2k 2k 2k 2k 2k
00:36 <The Mol Man> sounds like my damage taken
00:36 <Smartman294> XD
00:36 <The Mol Man> i like easy quests
00:37 <The Mol Man> only took me an hour or so to find the stuff for cook's assistant
00:37 <Smartman294> i am a quest master i must beat every quest ;D
00:37 <The Mol Man> me too
00:37 <Smartman294> i hate div
00:37 <Smartman294> i was nearing 80
00:37 <The Mol Man> (qc) My Divination level is 98 (xp: 12,667,039, rank: 1,413). XP until level 99: 367,392.
00:37 <Smartman294> and it screwed me
00:37 <The Mol Man> ho?
00:37 <Spineweilder> hmm
00:37 <The Mol Man> also, how?
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00:37 <Smartman294> 80 everything
00:37 <Haidro> Why u give me pure essence noob daily challenge noob
00:38 <The Mol Man> i had 80 everything before div was released too
00:38 <The Mol Man> not even kidding
00:38 <The Mol Man> ya know what I did?
00:38 <Smartman294> suck it up?
00:38 <The Mol Man> I said "Fuck you! I'm mastering this skill."
00:38 <Smartman294> XD
00:38 <The Mol Man> now I'm 345k til 99
00:38 <Smartman294> i  want 99 herb
00:38 <The Mol Man> for what?
00:39 <The Mol Man> pretty cape
00:39 <Smartman294> firs 99
00:39 <Smartman294> i have 0 99s
00:39 <The Mol Man> herblore is one of the best looking capes
00:39 <Smartman294> div is nicer ;D
00:39 <The Mol Man> meh
00:39 <The Mol Man> I just like the symbol
00:39 <The Mol Man> we need a pink skill capes
00:40 <Smartman294> i cant decide what override i want first
00:40 <Smartman294> I can make any
00:40 <The Mol Man> magic, rc, con, prayer, hp
00:40 <The Mol Man> too many fucking white ones
00:40 <Smartman294> i wonder what the 3 dragon weapons for the next new quest is
00:40 <Haidro> Holy crap we do need a pink skill cape
00:40 <Haidro> Throwing axe, warhammer, something else
00:41 <Haidro> Knives
00:41 <Haidro> [[Dragon warhammer]]
00:41 <Smartman294> but why warhammer
00:41 <Haidro> Dwarves
00:41 <Smartman294> WARHAMMER
00:41 <The Mol Man> smartman, what weapon do you use?
00:41 <Smartman294> depend :P
00:42 <The Mol Man> you should always use a battleaxe
00:42 <Smartman294> why?
00:42 <Smartman294> i use my rapier
00:42 <The Mol Man> zamorak's favorite weapon
00:42 <Haidro> Chaotic battleaxe
00:42 <Smartman294> right now im using a cbow
00:42 <The Mol Man> exquisite battle axe
00:43 <Smartman294> why is sara have every nub with their team? D
00:43 <Ciphrius Kane> Cause they go and see "Oh Sara's winning" and decide to jump on the bandwagon
00:43 <Smartman294> XD
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00:44 <The Mol Man> that's what I did
00:44 <The Mol Man> I'm not going to be a fucking loser
00:44 <Smartman294> i wonder how the war ends
00:44 <The Mol Man> it doesn't
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00:44 <The Mol Man> it rages on forever
00:44 <The Mol Man> this is but a single battle
00:44 <Haidro> Wish I had ardy cloak 4 D:
00:45 <Spineweilder> I has >:3
00:45 <Smartman294> I mean what happens when the battle end
00:45 <Haidro> Zammy will die
00:45 <Spineweilder> I guess he'll be defeated
00:45 <Smartman294> if he dies sara is fist
00:45 <Spineweilder> or retreat
00:45 <Smartman294> first
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00:45 <Haidro> My port phas herbs always die I swear
00:45 <Smartman294> im backstabbing sara first then
00:45 <The Mol Man> 12.7m
00:45 <Bakeyz> im shopping for yankee candles :3
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00:46 <The Mol Man> ewww
00:46 <Smartman294> XD
00:46 <The Mol Man> fucking hated those
00:46 <Ciphrius Kane> You're on Zamorak's team right now aren't you?
00:46 <Smartman294> yea
00:46 <The Mol Man> every damn year we were forced to sell them
00:46 <Ciphrius Kane> You do realise that you therefore cannot backstab Sara
00:46 <Smartman294> im a devout zamarokian 
00:46 <The Mol Man> yes he can
00:47 <Bakeyz> mol can u get me a discount :3
00:47 <Ciphrius Kane> You can backstab Zam but not Sara at this point
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00:47 <The Mol Man> backstabbing is just turning around from your intentions
00:47 <The Mol Man> whether those intentions were true or not
00:47 <Smartman294> if zam dies i make sara think i was with him the whole time
00:47 <Smartman294> then take him down
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00:47 <The Mol Man> ^
00:48 <Bakeyz> >Sold Out
00:48 <Bakeyz> ;_;
00:48 <Smartman294> bandos is the easiest
00:48 <Smartman294> he is dumb as bricks
00:48 <Ciphrius Kane> No, he's just violent
00:48 <Ciphrius Kane> Tuska is the stupid one
00:48 <Bakeyz> are we allowed to post outside links here, im not aware of the rules
00:48 <Bakeyz> :3
00:49 <Ciphrius Kane> So long as they're appropriate
00:49 <Smartman294> his minions are dumb
00:49 <Bakeyz>
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00:49 <Ciphrius Kane> So no porn
00:49 <Ciphrius Kane> Aye but that doesn't make him dumb
00:49 <Ciphrius Kane> What better way of keeping power than if your minions are too dumb to realise they're being taken for a ride?
00:50 <Bakeyz> YAYA new sesonal items :DDD?
00:50 <Bakeyz> >Mask of the Abyss :33!!
00:50 <Smartman294> what?
00:50 <Ciphrius Kane> That's not a seasonal item
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00:51 <Bakeyz> i didnt mean that
00:51 <Bakeyz> i typed that poorly xD
00:51 <Bakeyz> nvm lol
00:52 <Smartman294> why do I have christmas music on my general playlist? D
00:52 <Smartman294> XD
00:52 <Bakeyz> lol
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00:56 <Bakeyz> /me is excited
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00:58 <Spineweilder> hmm
00:58 <Bakeyz> shame my slayer is 33 tho xD
00:59 <The Mol Man> wanna race to 99?
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00:59 <Bakeyz> ur 99 arent u >:L
00:59 <The Mol Man> 95
00:59 <Bakeyz> that seems fair :D
00:59 <The Mol Man> but I haven't been training
00:59 <The Mol Man> no real plans to train it either tbh
01:00 <Bakeyz> its my lowest skill ;_;
01:00 <Smartman294> what is
01:00 <The Mol Man> y u no pay attention ;-;
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01:00 <Bakeyz> if i get a skull from the squeal ill be the happiest person evar...
01:00 <Smartman294> XD
01:00 <Bakeyz> skully*
01:01 <The Mol Man> doubt it
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01:01 <The Mol Man> that kid who lost his mom and was reunited 30 years later
01:01 <The Mol Man> way happier
01:01 <Bakeyz> ud think that...
01:01 <Bakeyz> ;_:
01:02 <The Mol Man> I'll be way happier than anyone has ever been after 99 div
01:02 <Smartman294> how do you lose a mom?
01:02 <The Mol Man> tons of ways
01:02 <The Mol Man> kidnapped mom
01:02 <The Mol Man> kidnapped kid
01:02 <The Mol Man> lost in a store
01:02 <The Mol Man> killed but turns out she's still a live
01:02 <The Mol Man> put up for adoption
01:02 <The Mol Man> sex change
01:02 <Bakeyz> mol knows all
01:03 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
01:03 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
01:03 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
01:03 <The Mol Man> I know nothing
01:03 <Bakeyz> >sex change
01:03 <Bakeyz> ilu
01:03 <The Mol Man> and I know I know nothing
01:03 <Smartman294> 4th is just being a bad parent
01:03 <The Mol Man> that makes me the wisest man on earth
01:03 <The Mol Man> not necessarily
01:03 <Bakeyz> :O
01:03 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
01:03 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
01:03 <The Mol Man> there could have been a huge crowd that overwhelmed the two
01:03 <Ciphrius Kane> You ever been to IKEA
01:04 <Ciphrius Kane> My cousin went into that store seven years ago, and despite having police sniffer dogs out and heat scanning the store we have yet to find him again.
01:05 <Smartman294> XD
01:06 <Ciphrius Kane> Course it could be he was killed and that's why we cannae find him
01:06 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
01:06 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
01:07 -!- Black9cat has joined Special:Chat
01:07 <Haidro> ugh, who went to Jagex HQa gain
01:08 <Haidro> Ryan, regicidal, nathan, dardan...
01:08 <Haidro> One more
01:08 -!- Black9cat has left Special:Chat.
01:08 <Ciphrius Kane> Why?  Has somebody else claimed leadership of the wiki?
01:08 <Ciphrius Kane> Jake
01:08 <Haidro> Ah yes
01:08 <The Mol Man> Ryan only went once
01:08 <Haidro> thanks
01:08 <The Mol Man> he never had an again
01:09 <Ciphrius Kane> Ryan actually has all the info about the trip on one of his pages
01:10 <Cook Me Plox> I am an RS Wiki admin
01:11 <Haidro> AMA
01:12 <Smartman294> XD4
01:12 <Haidro> We should so do an AMA
01:12 <Haidro> Right Spine
01:12 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
01:12 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
01:12 <The Mol Man> no
01:12 <The Mol Man> 50k+edits to deserve an AMA
01:12 <Spineweilder> We are Haidro
01:13 <Haidro> [[Igneous Jadinko]]
01:13 <Haidro> Time to hunt these I guess
01:13 <The Mol Man> yes
01:13 <Coelacanth0794>
01:14 <Haidro> coel dafuq
01:14 <The Mol Man> shut up, Mteg
01:14 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
01:14 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
01:15 <Haidro> terrydro
01:15 <Spineweilder> Hmm
01:15 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
01:15 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
01:15 <Coelacanth0794> hmm
01:15 <The Mol Man> ɯɯɥ
01:15 <Ciphrius Kane> Gen V pokemon games censored the word "assassin" as a possible name
01:15 <The Mol Man> what about butts?
01:15 <The Mol Man> can butts still used gust?
01:16 <Spineweilder> because ASS ASS IN Kane
01:16 <Haidro> "The required environment for catching these consists of a blue vine blossom, a lergberry bush, a thermal vent, and an orange tree. " Why it no work
01:16 <The Mol Man> you did it wrong
01:16 <The Mol Man> or you're looking in the wrong place
01:17 <Haidro> I have it all
01:17 <The Mol Man> next to the bridge to the god jadinko island?
01:17 <Haidro> wha?
01:17 <The Mol Man> go stand by the herb patch
01:17 <Coelacanth0794> it'd be even worse if it was ass in ass
01:17 <Haidro> Oh wait
01:17 <Haidro> I think I did it right
01:17 <The Mol Man> or ass ass ass ass ass ass
01:17 <Haidro> Do I track them?
01:17 <Coelacanth0794> butts
01:17 <The Mol Man> no
01:17 <The Mol Man> /butts
01:17 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
01:17 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
01:17 <Haidro> aha
01:17 <Haidro> I se them
01:18 <The Mol Man> /butts
01:18 <The Mol Man> wtf
01:18 <The Mol Man> Ѡ
01:18 <Haidro> they are on southern side
01:18 <Coelacanth0794> ...?
01:18 <The Mol Man> o right, i got rid of butts
01:18 <The Mol Man> Ѡ
01:18 <The Mol Man> :ɔ
01:18 <Haidro> get in the traps dammit
01:18 <Haidro> I need marble vines @
01:19 <The Mol Man> omfg hate them
01:19 <The Mol Man> hunt lvl?
01:19 <Haidro> don't ask
01:19 <The Mol Man> (qc) haidro's Hunter level is 75 (xp: 1,217,265, rank: 104,804). XP until level 76: 119,178.
01:19 <Haidro> I'm so fucked
01:20 <Bakeyz> the pit again :O!
01:20 <Bakeyz> yay
01:20 <The Mol Man> get the monkey mask yo
01:22 <Coelacanth0794> neck
01:23 <The Mol Man> (qc) My Divination level is 98 (xp: 12,735,321, rank: 1,404). XP until level 99: 299,110.
01:23 <The Mol Man> :D
01:23 <The Mol Man> k i go night night
01:23 <The Mol Man> 99 tomorrow, yo
01:23 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
01:23 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
01:23 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
01:27 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
01:27 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
01:28 <Spineweilder> Hmm
01:28 <Spineweilder> Does coel want to help me trans easy stuff
01:28 <Spineweilder> not npcs or equipped
01:30 <Smartman294> why 99
01:31 <Coelacanth0794> what do you mean why 99
01:31 <Smartman294> i mean why 99
01:31 <Haidro> Bye everyone
01:31 <Smartman294> bye
01:32 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
01:32 <Coelacanth0794> because his goal is to get the divination skillcape
01:32 <Smartman294> dun dun dun
01:33 <Smartman294> i cant decide which thing i make with sacred meta
01:33 <Smartman294> metal
01:36 <Coelacanth0794> i have like 3k frags
01:36 <Smartman294> and made everything?
01:36 <Coelacanth0794> if they were tradeable i'd sell them
01:36 <Coelacanth0794> yeah i made all 6
01:36 <Smartman294> they be worthless XD
01:36 <Smartman294>  if you could sell them
01:36 <Coelacanth0794> they really stack up after the last bol uodate
01:37 <Smartman294> i havent been getting any XD
01:38 <Coelacanth0794> use your divine fury and start glacking some saradominists
01:38 <Smartman294> what zammy thing u think is best?
01:40 -!- Spineweilder has left Special:Chat.
01:40 <Smartman294> ?
01:41 <Coelacanth0794> i dont actually have any of the zam overrides on
01:41 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
01:41 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
01:41 <Coelacanth0794> i turned on saradominist bow since it looks very streamlined and i like that look
01:41 <Smartman294> arent they the same weapons just look different?
01:42 <Coelacanth0794> though i never use bows so it hardly matters
01:42 <Coelacanth0794> they're an override for weapons
01:42 <Smartman294> but the same 1s right?
01:42 <Coelacanth0794> so like the solomon general store things
01:42 <Coelacanth0794> greathammers are a cosmetic override for mauls, bows for bows and staves for any staff
01:43 <Smartman294> i wish they had a cbow 1
01:44 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
01:44 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
01:46 -!- Jamamon has joined Special:Chat
01:46 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
01:47 <Haidro> [[ugune seed]]
01:48 -!- Jamamon has left Special:Chat.
01:48 -!- Caelo Sciat has joined Special:Chat
01:49 <Caelo Sciat> I still think Solomon is an idiotic idea. 
01:50 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
01:50 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
01:50 <Coelacanth0794> lol
01:50 <Coelacanth0794> but how can they do microtransactiosn? D:::
01:53 -!- Gian1001 has joined Special:Chat
01:53 <Gian1001> hi guys
01:53 <Gian1001> I have a question
01:53 <Haidro> ask :)
01:54 <Gian1001> If I wanna train with [[red chinchompas]] how much should I buy ?
01:54 <Gian1001> I'm 60 ranged and I want to get to level 70
01:54 <Haidro> :s no idea
01:54 <Haidro> I'd say don't train with red chins
01:54 <Haidro> Combat level?
01:55 <Gian1001> why ?
01:55 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
01:56 <Gian1001> my combat level is 173
01:56 <Haidro> Pretty sure they're bad now
01:56 <Ciphrius Kane> Red chins were good experience because they used to award experience per hit
01:56 <Haidro> Oo, you can try killing waterfiends
01:56 <Haidro> They're weak to range, and they give great xp
01:56 <Ciphrius Kane> Now they award it per kill, and chinchompas just dinnae have that killing power
01:56 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
01:56 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
01:56 <Gian1001> ohhh
01:56 <Gian1001> which is the best monster to get xp ?
01:56 <Gian1001> im training at grotworms right now
01:56 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
01:56 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
01:56 <Gian1001> because of my slayer task
01:57 <Gian1001> but it gives only 200 xp :S
01:57 <Cook Me Plox> ciph whai
01:57 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
01:57 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
01:57 <Ciphrius Kane> Why what?
01:57 <Cook Me Plox> why blocked me
01:58 <Ciphrius Kane> Because I don't particularly feel like talking to you in private
01:58 <Cook Me Plox> Okay, it's just weird though since the only time I've PMed you in the last, say, month was me offering you free stuff
01:59 <Haidro> Alright c ya
01:59 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
02:00 <Ciphrius Kane> It's more to stop me from having a go at you in PM
02:00 <Ciphrius Kane> That is what it's always been about
02:01 -!- Gian1001 has left Special:Chat.
02:02 <Cook Me Plox> Okay, but you do realize this isn't personal? I'm happy to talk this out
02:02 <Cook Me Plox> You know I don't get involved in this stuff without someone else pushing me to get involved
02:04 <Ciphrius Kane> I'd rather not run the risk
02:04 <Cook Me Plox> I'm not going to hold anything you say privately against you
02:06 <Ciphrius Kane> I've found the best way to keep things private is to keep it to yourself.  Otherwise somebody might let slip
02:07 <Cook Me Plox> whatever floats your boat man, you know I don't like any of this
02:09 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
02:09 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
02:09 -!- Caelo Sciat has left Special:Chat.
02:10 <Ciphrius Kane> What is it you wanted anyway?
02:12 -!- Smartman294 has left Special:Chat.
02:12 -!- Smartman294 has joined Special:Chat
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02:13 -!- BrenRS has joined Special:Chat
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02:19 <Atheist723> [[File:Swallow_whole.gif]]
02:19 <Atheist723> If it is not from Spineweilder I'd probably think this is edited...
02:21 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
02:21 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
02:21 <Coelacanth0794> why do you feel it is edited
02:22 <Atheist723> It looks very...fake and the clownfish rather out of place.
02:23 <Coelacanth0794> that's what it looks like ingame
02:23 <Coelacanth0794> slightly out of date with the character model though
02:23 <Coelacanth0794> kinda hoping they'll eventually do an evolution of summoning
02:25 -!- Jamamon has joined Special:Chat
02:25 <Jamamon> What's the code used to link to a page on a different wiki?
02:26 <Coelacanth0794> [linky-linly.con/wikia text that is what you want it to say]
02:26 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
02:26 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
02:26 <Coelacanth0794> that's for any link not just wiki
02:26 <Jamamon> oh, thanks
02:26 <Coelacanth0794> i forget that specific code you refer to atm tho :/
02:28 <BrenRS> [[crown of seasons]]
02:29 <Atheist723> Tried to search for [[Super magic potion]], keep typing "Superman"...
02:29 <Coelacanth0794> :P
02:29 <Jamamon> the first word of the text isn't showing up on the page
02:30 <Jamamon> for instance, doing [|Hello there] shows up as [there]
02:31 <Coelacanth0794> the first space qualifies as the |
02:31 <Coelacanth0794> [ text]
02:32 <Coelacanth0794> = [[text]]
02:32 <Coelacanth0794> yno?
02:32 <Jamamon> oh, ok, i put a space after the "|" but brackets appear around the link on the page
02:33 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
02:33 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
02:34 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
02:35 <Coelacanth0794> [ Hello there] would be the exact text you'd want to do for it to work
02:35 <Ciphrius Kane> So Andorin's back it seems
02:36 <Coelacanth0794> the absolute first spacebar space is considered the | for that link
02:36 -!- Pickme42 has joined Special:Chat
02:36 <Jamamon> ahh thank you
02:37 <Jamamon> so you don't need two "[" for outside links?
02:37 <Pickme42> what place can you cut and bank willow trees quickly?
02:37 <Jamamon> draynor
02:37 -!- Mjsawagh has joined Special:Chat
02:37 <Ciphrius Kane> Barbie assault course?
02:37 <Pickme42> is  that the quickest?
02:37 <Mjsawagh> hi guys
02:37 <Ciphrius Kane> [[Willow tree]]
02:37 <Ciphrius Kane> Have you checked there?
02:37 <Ciphrius Kane> Hi
02:38 <Pickme42> Btw has anyone seen the movie Seven Pounds with will smith?
02:38 <Jamamon> i have
02:38 <Mjsawagh> my name is mohammed from kuwait and u?
02:39 <Ciphrius Kane> I'm Ciphrius and I'm from the Imperium
02:39 <Coelacanth0794> i'm coelacanth
02:39 <Coelacanth0794> which is a type of deepsea big fish
02:39 <Mjsawagh> nice to meet you:)
02:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Did anybody else just get a pop up survey?
02:40 <Pickme42> i did
02:40 <Jamamon> not me
02:40 <Pickme42> what was yours like?
02:40 -!- Walrus068 has joined Special:Chat
02:40 -!- Walrus068 has left Special:Chat.
02:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Eh, didn't bother reading it
02:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Scorecard survey?
02:41 -!- Beeptoaster has joined Special:Chat
02:41 <Pickme42> Oh, mine was just asking if i was interested in some sexy singles in my area, the usual
02:41 <Beeptoaster> hello
02:41 <Ciphrius Kane> Well here's one now
02:42 <Beeptoaster> :v
02:43 -!- Pickme42 has left Special:Chat.
02:44 -!- Jamamon has left Special:Chat.
02:44 -!- Mjsawagh has left Special:Chat.
02:46 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
02:46 <Bakeyz> >gets punch a sheep challenge in pit
02:46 <Bakeyz> >gets it on first try
02:46 <Bakeyz> #winning
02:46 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
02:47 <Coelacanth0794> nice
02:47 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
02:47 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
02:48 -!- Jamamon has joined Special:Chat
02:48 -!- Coelacanth0794 has left Special:Chat.
02:48 <Jamamon> anyone know the codes for background colors of templates?
02:48 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
02:49 <Ciphrius Kane> Look up a hexidecimal chart
02:49 <Jamamon> oh, thanks
02:49 <Jamamon> problem solved
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02:51 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has joined Special:Chat
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02:59 -!- Ryan PM has joined Special:Chat
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03:27 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
03:27 <Dtm142> Boo
03:30 -!- Dungeonmaster12 has left Special:Chat.
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04:25 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
04:26 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
04:26 -!- MAGE-KIL-R has joined Special:Chat
04:26 <SovietHero> *Ranges A Level 2 Cow behind a fence*
04:26 -!- Illagong has joined Special:Chat
04:30 -!- A Level 2 Cow has left Special:Chat.
04:31 <SovietHero> Cook is nub
04:37 -!- BrenRS has left Special:Chat.
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04:58 <Beeptoaster> empty eh
05:18 -!- EmilyIsMyName has joined Special:Chat
05:18 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
05:19 <EmilyIsMyName> Hi
05:19 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
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05:20 -!- Urbancowgurl777 has joined Special:Chat
05:21 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
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05:33 <Atheist723> Wow, Dagannoth mother is ridiculously hard post-EoC...
05:35 <Atheist723> What came as more of a surprise was General Khazard, when EoC nerfed defence into oblivion he actually has much higher melee defence than before.
05:47 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
06:06 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
06:18 -!- Bakeyz has left Special:Chat.
06:20 -!- Rwojy has joined Special:Chat
06:26 -!- Bakeyz has joined Special:Chat
06:28 <Bakeyz> can i be a noob for a sec :P?
06:31 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
06:33 -!- Weezymula has joined Special:Chat
06:33 <Weezymula> wow
06:33 <Weezymula> runescape is going to crash pretty soon
06:33 <Rwojy> y
06:33 <Haidro> I think RuneScape's going fine
06:34 <Cook Me Plox> it's not, but it's not going to "crash"
06:34 <Haidro> what d you think will happen
06:36 <Weezymula> dude its going to crash
06:36 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
06:36 <Cook Me Plox> what do you mean by crash
06:36 <Weezymula> everyone near level 100-120 just stop playing after they updated the eoc or what ever you call it
06:36 <Weezymula> it looks like wow
06:36 <Weezymula> world of war craft
06:36 <SovietHero>
06:36 <Cook Me Plox> that's not true, you lose credibility by using hyperbole
06:36 <Cook Me Plox> there was a noticeable decline surely
06:37 <Cook Me Plox> in any case very few online games actually crash
06:37 <Cook Me Plox> it's a slow inevitable decline
06:37 <Cook Me Plox> that's what's going to happen, I think that's what is happening now
06:37 <Weezymula> nah it going to crash pretty soon im supprise it hasn't yet
06:38 <Cook Me Plox> do you know what the word crash meaans
06:38 <Weezymula> don't be fuckin stupid bitch
06:38 -!- Weezymula was kicked from Special:Chat by Haidro
06:38 -!- Weezymula has left Special:Chat.
06:39 <Haidro> 
06:39 <Haidro> I remember him
06:39 -!- Weezymula has joined Special:Chat
06:39 <Cook Me Plox> isn't weezy free now?
06:39 <Haidro> You be nice now :3
06:39 <Weezymula> yeh i put this as my profile a long time ago when i use to play runescape as a happy boy 
06:39 <Weezymula> now they fucked up
06:40 <Weezymula> they screwed me up and i lost about 250mill they changed the price of everything
06:40 <Cook Me Plox> lol
06:40 <Weezymula> so much of my life put into that
06:40 <Weezymula> :( why did they do that though wtf is wrong with them
06:41 <Weezymula> seriously fuck the main owner of runescape
06:41 <Cook Me Plox> k
06:41 <Haidro> holy shit
06:41 <Weezymula> the day runescape change i fuckin printed a picture of mod mark and took a shit on it and feed it to my dog
06:41 <Atheist723> I can't believe how people could still delude themselves into thinking it is still "fine".
06:42 -!- Weezymula was banned from Special:Chat by Haidro for 31536000000 seconds.
06:42 -!- Weezymula has left Special:Chat.
06:42 <Atheist723> ...But yeah, that's just being annoying.
06:42 <Atheist723> By the way, Haidro, happy birthday.
06:42 <Haidro> Thank you
06:42 <Haidro> The guy in the video I linked above... goes to my school
06:43 <Haidro> Wow, this video got so much attention
06:44 <Atheist723> I think I'll pass...
06:45 <Atheist723> Also, looks like that guy has been causing trouble for a while.
06:45 <Haidro> He's super nice at school
06:45 <Atheist723> Nah, I was talking about the guy you banned.
06:45 <Haidro> oh
06:45 <Haidro> yes
06:46 <Cook Me Plox> it's your bert day?
06:46 <Haidro> mhm
06:46 <Haidro> 15 :)
06:47 <Rwojy> nub
06:47 <Cook Me Plox> 15 trips around the sun
06:47 <Rwojy> gtfo my lawn
06:47 <Cook Me Plox> may you have at least 10 more
06:48 <Haidro> thanks, I guess
06:51 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
06:52 -!- Zamorak00 has joined Special:Chat
06:55 -!- Bluefire2 has joined Special:Chat
06:55 <Cook Me Plox> hi blufe
06:55 <Bluefire2> wat
06:55 <Haidro> [[witchdocter outfit]]
06:55 <Bluefire2> o
06:55 <Cook Me Plox> docter
06:56 <Bluefire2> i r docter
06:56 <Cook Me Plox> i doct stuff
06:56 <Cook Me Plox> also haidro, isn't regicidal lee?
06:56 <Bluefire2> wat
06:57 <Haidro> Yes cook
06:57 <Bluefire2> they replaced Black Knights' Fortress?
06:57 <Haidro> and yes I know, docter
06:57 <Cook Me Plox> why did you say "none of them did"
06:57 <Haidro> None of them are JMods?
06:57 <Haidro> Oh shit
06:58 <Haidro> djafglhasfg
06:58 <Haidro> Completely forgot Lee became a JMod
06:58 -!- Bluefire2 has left Special:Chat.
06:58 <Haidro> Who's the other one then cook
06:58 <Haidro> You said 2 out of 5
06:59 <Cook Me Plox> someone said elsewhere in the thread that dardan got an offer
06:59 <Haidro> oh. right.
07:00 <Haidro> They shouldn't have started this whole thin
07:00 -!- Bluefire2 has joined Special:Chat
07:00 <Cook Me Plox> at least the rune wiki owner got his visit
07:01 <Haidro> you should have gone ;-;
07:02 <Bakeyz> who can guess my cash stack :D
07:02 <Haidro> 2147m
07:02 <Bakeyz> 59k :D
07:07 -!- Bluefire2 has left Special:Chat.
07:07 -!- Bluefire2 has joined Special:Chat
07:14 -!- Bluefire2 has left Special:Chat.
07:14 -!- Bluefire2 has joined Special:Chat
07:23 -!- Temujin96 has joined Special:Chat
07:23 <Temujin96> fuck
07:23 <Temujin96> my hellcat became overgrown
07:24 <Temujin96> If I make him wily, will his rat count be reset?
07:24 <Temujin96> =S
07:25 -!- Bluefire2 has left Special:Chat.
07:27 -!- Bluefire2 has joined Special:Chat
07:30 <Haidro> [[blue blossom seed]]
07:30 <Atheist723> Ryan PM has a detailed account of his visit on his userpage.
07:30 <Cook Me Plox> wat
07:31 <Cook Me Plox> okay slep now
07:31 <Haidro> bai
07:31 <Haidro> [[vine flower patch]]
07:33 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
07:39 <Atheist723> Floor 15. I'm getting increasingly nervous of the eventual encounter of the dreaded Desert Treasure quartet.
07:40 -!- Bluefire2 has left Special:Chat.
07:40 <Haidro> They used to be really hard after EoC, but it's kinda fine now
07:41 -!- Bluefire2 has joined Special:Chat
07:42 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
07:43 <Jlun2> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[tectonic mask]] is 43,248,266 coins.
07:43 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
07:45 <Atheist723> Combat triangle rebalancing: Make everything an absolute pain to hit with melee, whether it makes sense or not.
07:45 <Jlun2> its not everything
07:45 <Atheist723> Slight exaggeration.
07:46 <Jlun2> btw, in dung, the weakness play a lot less of a role
07:46 <Jlun2> which means mage/melee/range works equally well
07:46 <Jlun2> in terms of dmg
07:46 <Atheist723> Bosses don't have weaknesses.
07:46 <Atheist723> Also, floor 20.
07:47 <Jlun2> @athe
07:47 <Jlun2> i mean against normal enemies in dung
07:47 <Atheist723> I know.
07:47 <Jlun2> weakness play a bit of a role, but not as much
07:47 <Atheist723> I haven't done any serious dungeoneering after EoC.
07:47 <Jlun2> are you still f2p?
07:48 <Atheist723> No.
07:48 <Atheist723> As you could see from the above comments, I'm doing Dominion Tower.
07:49 <Jlun2> ok. use "Dung Smith" fc and get the highest tier of weapons you an equip
07:49 <Temujin96> I just got the 50 rodents chatbox again 
07:49 <Temujin96> /wrist
07:49 <Jlun2> @athe
07:49 <Jlun2> i just joined chat., cant see said comments
07:49 -!- Rwojy has left Special:Chat.
07:50 <Atheist723> It is the second comment before your joining, you could see 10.
07:51 <Atheist723> Floor 25...
07:51 <Atheist723> OH SHI-
07:51 <Atheist723> *Dies*
07:51 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
07:51 <Jlun2> I thought you were talkin about dg
07:51 <Jlun2> :P
07:51 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
07:52 <Atheist723> "Desert Treasure quartet" couldn't really be confused with something from Dungeoneering...
07:52 <Jlun2> [[cos]]
07:52 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
07:53 <Jlun2> @athe
07:53 <Jlun2> dont underestimate the power of ignorance in internet
07:53 -!- Bluefire2 has left Special:Chat.
07:53 -!- Bluefire2 has joined Special:Chat
07:55 -!- Bluefire2 has left Special:Chat.
07:55 -!- Bluefire2 has joined Special:Chat
07:56 <Atheist723> The massive nerf to protection prayers is not going to help.
07:56 -!- Bluefire2 has left Special:Chat.
07:56 <Atheist723> I barely beat them with prayers and a full inventory of food...
07:56 <Jlun2> do we have a strategy page for them?
07:57 <Atheist723> Yes, but it is pre-EoC.
07:57 <Atheist723> The fact that all 4 bosses hit very hard with melee makes the nerf extremely lethal.
07:58 <Jlun2> hm....use mage and [[asphyxiate]]?
07:58 <Atheist723> You do realise there are 4 of them, right?
07:59 <Jlun2> anyway to lure them away?
07:59 <Jlun2> like hide behind pillars?
07:59 <Atheist723> Kamil freezes you and Dessous teleports to you.
07:59 <Jlun2> i havent beaten DT, so i dont know :P
08:00 -!- Sum1 0 o has left Special:Chat.
08:01 -!- Sum1 0 o has joined Special:Chat
08:01 <Jlun2> er....does teleblock or bind spells work?
08:02 -!- Sum1 0 o has left Special:Chat.
08:02 <Atheist723> You got to that level without doing DT?
08:02 <Jlun2> yes. check my ad log :P
08:02 <Atheist723> A few years ago DT was like...obligatory.
08:02 <Atheist723> It was like *the* quest or something.
08:02 <Temujin96> no bind spells in ancients, just ice
08:03 <Temujin96> hence I seldom use ancients
08:03 <Jlun2> I've unlocked lunars like post eoc :P
08:03 <Atheist723> Teleport Block never works on NPCs.
08:03 <Temujin96> lunars is just for training/money making
08:03 <Jlun2> i dont really like quests. in fact, i think the only reason i did lunars was for the 2 spins >.>
08:03 <Atheist723> Temujin96: Disruption Shield + Vengeance = win
08:04 <Atheist723> Also, another massive nerf to magic potions makes this even harder.
08:05 <Jlun2> i just use that vecna skull since super mage potions are way too expensive 0_o
08:05 -!- Rwojy has joined Special:Chat
08:05 <Atheist723> Nah, the nerf is towards magic level boosts in general.
08:05 <Atheist723> I used Vecna skull as well.
08:05 <Temujin96> No ability is anywhere near as good as rejuv before it was nerfed
08:06 <Atheist723> Post-nerf magic potions are almost useless.
08:06 <Jlun2> @temu
08:06 <Jlun2> i got past this by safespotting then rest for 5 mins
08:06 <Temujin96> lol
08:06 <Jlun2> resting in fight kiln :P
08:07 <Jlun2> and fight caves maybe
08:07 <Atheist723> With the magic boost nerf I can't use Vengeance Group, Fire Surge or Ice Barrage.
08:07 <Atheist723> Seriously, wtf Jagex?
08:07 <Jlun2> ?
08:08 <Atheist723> (qc) My Magic level is 93.
08:08 <Jlun2> oh
08:08 <Temujin96> yes
08:08 <Temujin96> They altered it so that you can no longer use spells by boosting
08:08 <Atheist723> Which is just...stupid.
08:08 <Jlun2> mage remains my only 99 cb skill. and most of it was gotten without combat. :P
08:09 -!- Beeptoaster has left Special:Chat.
08:09 -!- Beeptoaster has joined Special:Chat
08:13 -!- Temujin96 has left Special:Chat.
08:13 -!- Temujin96 has joined Special:Chat
08:14 <Temujin96> Magic is like that =P
08:15 <Jlun2> temu, remember that game i mentioned? i found a playthroug of it! :D
08:15 <Jlun2>
08:15 <Jlun2> oddly hard to find :P
08:16 <Temujin96> I don't remember the game :x
08:16 <Jlun2> i posted it on the rs forum i think
08:17 <Temujin96> Oh, I see
08:17 <Temujin96> recent post jlun2 runescape
08:17 <Temujin96> Wait
08:17 <Jlun2> i changed my ign :P
08:17 <Temujin96> Spinspanspun?
08:18 <Jlun2> yes :P
08:18 <Jlun2> inspired by a comment by Cook in this chat 
08:18 <Jlun2> He said something about having a spin theme wikia gathering
08:19 <Temujin96> Meh, I'll find it later
08:19 <Temujin96> I want to get this blasted cat training medal first
08:19 <Jlun2> adult cats hunt much better
08:19 <Temujin96> I've already collected >150 in total, but my asshole cat decided to become overgrown
08:19 <Jlun2> :o
08:20 <Temujin96> Hence my rat count was reset
08:20 <Atheist723> I remember when you could change bosses by logging out and back in.
08:20 <Atheist723> Good times.
08:20 <Temujin96> wily cat is a little faster though
08:21 <Temujin96> ~test
08:21 <TyBot> Temujin96: I love you. <3
08:24 <Atheist723> What. The. Hell.
08:24 <Jlun2> ?
08:24 <Atheist723> They are INSANELY more difficult.
08:25 <Jlun2> ?
08:25 <Atheist723> I managed to line them all up and died before I could even get Kamil to 50%.
08:25 <Atheist723> This is crazy.
08:25 <Jlun2> i think it was updated
08:25 <Jlun2> this year
08:26 <Jlun2> let me check
08:31 <Atheist723> Before the boost nerf I could cast Fire Surge and Ice Barrage while wearing the medallion.
08:32 <Temujin96> [[varrock tasks]]
08:32 <Jlun2> found it
08:32 <Jlun2>
08:32 <Jlun2> All bosses in Dominion Tower have had their stats assessed and rebalanced.
08:33 <Jlun2> and more
08:34 <Atheist723> "A typo that made Flambeed have a melee strength 10x too high has been corrected."
08:34 <Atheist723> Ouch.
08:35 <Atheist723> Also, "Koschei throws out more insults."
08:35 <Atheist723> What kind of patch is that.
08:35 <Jlun2> the devs were having fun i guess?
08:38 <Atheist723> They don't hit extremely hard, but their melee attacks are very accurate.
08:38 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
08:38 <Atheist723> The 200s spam would whittle you down very quickly.
08:38 <Atheist723> Not to mention the odd 600s from magic.
08:39 <Jlun2> hey, at least he doesnt hit 2k's now, if the patch note was correct :P
08:40 <Atheist723> Can they nerf it to 20s?
08:40 <Atheist723> Hmm...
08:40 <Atheist723> [[Fareed]]
08:44 <Demise36> flambeed was easy when he hit 2ks
08:44 <Jlun2> that's because according to the patch notes, prayer protect 100% against dom tower
08:45 <Jlun2> it doesnt anymore
08:45 <Demise36> i didnt use prayers
08:45 <Jlun2> huh. i guess some ppl are just lucky
08:45 <Demise36> (elefint)
08:46 <Jlun2> that's an elephant?
08:46 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
08:46 <Jlun2> looks like a shield
08:46 <Demise36> its an elefint
08:46 <Jlun2>
08:46 <Jlun2>
08:47 <Jlun2> that looks more elefint-like
08:48 <Jlun2> I shall now refer Octobre as the month of the Elefints
08:51 <Temujin96> Haidro, where's your poh?
08:51 <Temujin96> (elefint)
08:51 <Temujin96> :D
08:51 <Haidro> yanille, but I prob don't have one
08:52 <Temujin96> (elefint) (elefint) (elefint) (elefint) (elefint)
08:52 <Temujin96> The elephants went in two by two harrah, harrah!
08:52 <Temujin96> XD
08:52 <Temujin96> kk, can I check anyway?
08:53 <Temujin96> I'm at the yanille poh portal on your world, Haidro
08:53 <Haidro> alright lemme see
08:54 <Temujin96> ty
08:55 <Haidro> Give me a sec
08:55 <Haidro> Something's about to finish growing
08:55 <Temujin96> kk
08:55 <Temujin96> ooo
08:55 <Temujin96> I can pick up my guthix raptor thingy whilst here :)
08:56 <Temujin96> What do I feed it?
08:56 <Temujin96> [[guthix raptor]]
08:56 <Haidro> ground fish bait
08:56 <Temujin96> ty
08:56 <Haidro> [[Arzinan Avatar]]
08:56 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
08:56 <Temujin96> one coin on the ge :)
08:57 <Temujin96> Are you coming?
08:57 <Haidro> yep
08:57 <Temujin96> ty
08:59 <Haidro> [[Mahogany eagle lectern]]
08:59 <Haidro> ugh
08:59 <Haidro> gold leaf
08:59 <Temujin96> Haidro can building mode?
09:00 <Haidro> I dun has materials
09:00 <Temujin96> You'll need this too for a varrock task
09:00 <Haidro> gold leaf is expensive
09:00 <Temujin96> ik...
09:00 <Haidro> [[Varrock Tasks]]
09:00 <Temujin96> a hard one
09:00 <Temujin96> "9. Keeping Tabs on Varrock"
09:00 <Haidro> Done hard ones
09:00 <Temujin96> oh
09:01 <Temujin96> Do you happen to remember who's poh you used?
09:01 <Haidro> Dude
09:01 <Haidro> You can make varrockt asks on my lectern
09:01 <Temujin96> yes
09:01 <Temujin96> but has to be mahogany
09:01 <Haidro> Did you try mine
09:01 <Temujin96> Make a Varrock teleport tablet on a mahogany lectern (This can be done at another player's POH.)
09:02 <Temujin96> Your lectern isn't mahogany
09:02 <Haidro> how do you know
09:02 <Haidro> Hmm yea. You're right
09:02 <Haidro> I wouldn't spend a gold leaf on a construction item
09:02 <Temujin96> neither
09:03 <Temujin96> Ciph, do you happen to have a mahogany eagle lectern in your poh?
09:03 <Temujin96> Ping Ciphrius Kane
09:04 <Temujin96> ...
09:07 <Ciphrius Kane> I might
09:08 <Ciphrius Kane> What do you need it for?
09:10 <Atheist723> In which quest do you unlock Sigmund for Dominion Tower?
09:10 -!- Battleben has joined Special:Chat
09:10 <Atheist723> Another Slice of H.A.M., or Chosen Commander?
09:10 <Battleben> Another slice
09:10 <Ciphrius Kane> ASOH
09:11 <Ciphrius Kane> If it were CC you'd have Zanik by your side
09:11 <Atheist723> But [[Dominion Tower]] says Chosen Commander, and I have not encountered him at all.
09:11 <Jlun2> [[zanik (item)]]
09:11 <Jlun2> (y)
09:11 <Ciphrius Kane> Athe, do the special challenge with the bombs
09:12 <Jlun2> atheist, hidden update i guess?
09:12 <Ciphrius Kane> Why is it when people want to talk to me they dinnae bleeping respond?
09:12 <Atheist723> Nope...Chosen Commander.
09:12 <Atheist723> Dammit.
09:14 <Battleben> Wait, you haven't done the chosen commander?
09:14 <Battleben> What kind of scryer ARE you, Athe?
09:15 <Battleben> The version of the fight is the one from another slice, odd.
09:16 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
09:16 <Alchez> Hiya.
09:16 -!- A Level 2 Cow has joined Special:Chat
09:16 <Battleben> hi
09:17 <A Level 2 Cow> Hey
09:17 <Ciphrius Kane> Hi
09:17 <A Level 2 Cow> HARRO
09:17 <Jlun2> moo
09:18 <Jlun2> btw
09:18 <A Level 2 Cow> Would anyone be interested in 1mil of cold hard cash?
09:18 <Jlun2> bren killed like 64k of you
09:18 <A Level 2 Cow> Wow
09:18 <Jlun2>
09:18 <Jlun2> 65k
09:18 <Jlun2> rank 34
09:18 <Jlun2> *3
09:18 <A Level 2 Cow> Ill go to the bren breeding cave and kill 102304k bens
09:18 <A Level 2 Cow> bren
09:19 <Jlun2> and does that dk50 guy ever sleep??
09:19 <Ciphrius Kane> Sleep is for the weak
09:19 <A Level 2 Cow> HOLY SHEET
09:19 <A Level 2 Cow> HE KILLED 85,000 OF MAH BROTHERS
09:19 <Jlun2> I wished God would remove Fatigue in RealLifeScape, but whatever
09:20 <A Level 2 Cow> jLUN
09:21 <A Level 2 Cow> Ill give you 1mil if you do my science speech
09:21 <A Level 2 Cow> Its actually pretty easy
09:21 <Jlun2> nty
09:21 <Jlun2> also
09:21 <A Level 2 Cow> whyy
09:21 <Alchez> DK50?
09:21 <Jlun2> @cow
09:21 <Jlun2>
09:21 <Jlun2> be careful tho
09:22 <Jlun2> if your teacher finds out, GF
09:22 <Atheist723> Seasonal hiscores: the catalyst to extreme nolifing.
09:22 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
09:22 <A Level 2 Cow> Lol wut
09:22 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
09:23 <Jlun2>
09:23 <Jlun2> its legal according to law
09:23 <Jlun2> doesnt mean you wont get a zero if you get caught tho
09:23 <Temujin96> Sorry, I went afk - dinner
09:24 <Temujin96> I need it for a task, Ciph
09:24 <Temujin96> "9. Keeping Tabs on Varrock	Make a Varrock teleport tablet on a mahogany lectern (This can be done at another player's POH.)"
09:24 -!- A Level 2 Cow has left Special:Chat.
09:24 <Jlun2> kinda like how color bots are legal in law since they dont modify the client, but Jagex will happily ban you if they catch you
09:24 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
09:24 <Haidro> Cow what do you have to do in science
09:25 <Temujin96> You do speeches in science?
09:25 <Temujin96> Ping Ciphrius Kane
09:26 <Jlun2> does kane have that ping option?
09:26 <Ciphrius Kane> No I do not
09:27 <Jlun2> coel said he knows that joey and ansela have it along with himself
09:27 <Jlun2> oh, and that he's certain fergs and cook doesnt have it
09:27 <Temujin96> Sorry, I'm checking a friend's poh first
09:28 <Atheist723> You can't even freeze the Desert Treasure bosses...
09:28 <Atheist723> Because you'll just make them spam ranged/magic 600s.
09:28 <Haidro> Stun or freeze
09:29 <Jlun2> btw, can tzhaar jad be flinched now? he has the "cannot be stunned" status now with his lp reduced to 7.9k
09:29 <Jlun2> and he hits higher than the normal jad
09:30 <Atheist723> ......
09:30 <Battleben> tzhaar-jad?
09:30 <Temujin96> [[gold leaf]]
09:30 <Jlun2> yes ben. in the fight kiln staregy page
09:30 <Haidro> Tz-Tok Jad or TokHaar-Jad
09:31 <Jlun2> it says to use prayer swap or flinch
09:31 <Atheist723> What happens if you attack Fareed without ice gloves, and your inventory/bank is full?
09:31 <Jlun2> @athe
09:31 <Jlun2> probably nothing.
09:31 <Jlun2> just like the chaos element when fighting with full inv
09:31 <Haidro> It goes to your bank if invent is full?
09:31 <Ciphrius Kane> Depends on your weapon
09:31 <Ciphrius Kane> I lost a dom cbow cause I forgot the gloves
09:32 <Jlun2> :0
09:32 <Battleben> it drops to the floor I think
09:32 <Jlun2> ben, im refering to this
09:32 <Jlun2>
09:33 <Jlun2> "Unlike TzTok-Jad, TokHaar-Jad can be killed without use of protection prayers or Invulnerability crystal (except for Wave 35) by flinching TokHaar-Jad, however this can take longer to kill using this method."
09:33 <Jlun2> He now has the unstunabble status tho
09:34 <Temujin96> thank god for w13 yanille :)
09:34 <Haidro> you mean 31
09:35 <Temujin96> yeah, sorry
09:38 <Temujin96> [[air battlestaff
09:38 <Temujin96> [[air battlestaff]]
09:39 <Jlun2> brb
09:39 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
09:40 <Temujin96>
09:41 <Temujin96> I need more kudos...
09:41 <Temujin96> [[kudos]]
09:42 <Ciphrius Kane> Done the quiz?
09:44 <Temujin96> Doing it now
09:44 <Temujin96> How do penguins keep warm: Magic
09:45 <Temujin96> Moving around in extricate circles wasn't an option :/
09:45 <Temujin96> *intricate
09:47 <Atheist723> I...I actually won...
09:47 <Atheist723> I don't know how exactly I managed to kill Dessous and Kamil.
09:47 <Temujin96> gw :)
09:48 <Atheist723> But they got me to 20% health and I just round and round like a noob farcasting Damis and Fareed.
09:48 <Atheist723> *run round
09:48 <Atheist723> Oh, well, practice makes perfect.
09:49 <Atheist723> If you want to see me being a noob, come to DT world 39.
09:50 -!- A Level 2 Cow has joined Special:Chat
09:52 -!- A Level 2 Cow has left Special:Chat.
09:52 -!- A Level 2 Cow has joined Special:Chat
09:54 <Temujin96> 2h 40 min because of some damn ivy bush :(
09:54 -!- Beeptoaster has left Special:Chat.
10:06 -!- A Level 2 Cow has left Special:Chat.
10:07 -!- King Oskar has joined Special:Chat
10:07 <King Oskar> Hi
10:07 <King Oskar> Guess what I found
10:07 <King Oskar> About Cornucopia
10:08 <King Oskar> Alright looks like no one is here
10:08 <Atheist723> Yes?
10:08 <King Oskar> I will go mine some coal...
10:08 <King Oskar> ah hi
10:08 <King Oskar> A star?
10:08 <King Oskar> :/
10:08 <King Oskar> Is the star because you are moderator?
10:09 <King Oskar> No I don't wish to become admin or moderator
10:09 <Atheist723> I'm the last member of a nearly extinct species of RuneScape wikian called the Chat Moderator.
10:09 <King Oskar> aha
10:09 <Atheist723> All the silver stars are administrators.
10:09 <King Oskar> Well Lastly I used my cornucopia was even before EoC
10:09 <Atheist723> Same.
10:09 <King Oskar> and it healed me only 170 HP
10:09 <King Oskar> it didn't convert
10:09 <King Oskar> :/
10:10 <Atheist723> Actually, it was 140.
10:10 <Atheist723> I'm pretty sure of that.
10:10 <King Oskar> ok
10:10 <King Oskar> Yet I have to go
10:10 <King Oskar> my mother is calling me?
10:11 <Atheist723> Bye then.
10:11 <King Oskar> bye
10:11 <King Oskar> Chat Moderator
10:11 <King Oskar> right? :)
10:11 -!- King Oskar has left Special:Chat.
10:11 <Atheist723> Yeah.
10:21 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
10:21 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
10:26 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
10:26 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
10:37 <Temujin96> wait
10:37 <Temujin96> so I have to wait here for forty minutes to complete this task because if I leave the area it doesn't count?
10:37 <Temujin96> :(
10:38 <Temujin96> 21:17
10:47 <TyBot> RSChatbot detected back in chat. Updating logs and shutting off logger.
10:48 <Temujin96> that was easy
10:54 -!- Temujin96 has left Special:Chat.
10:54 -!- Zamorak00 has left Special:Chat.
10:54 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
10:55 -!- Zamorak00 has joined Special:Chat
10:55 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
10:55 -!- Zamorak00 has left Special:Chat.
10:56 <Dogfoger> Why does Temujin have the same avatar as Cook?
10:56 -!- Temujin96 has joined Special:Chat
10:57 -!- Like Ah Sir has joined Special:Chat
11:03 <Temujin96> [[Falador tasks]]
11:10 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
11:11 <TonyBest100> Hey Guys
11:15 <Obi1137> hi tony
11:15 <TonyBest100> Got a nice pendant of fishing for use today at BoL
11:16 <Temujin96> [[ETL]]
11:18 <TonyBest100> Depending on how much XP I have left after today's fishing at BoL, i'll hunt those penguins for the remaining xp
11:18 <Temujin96> evil yew
11:18 <Temujin96> :)
11:19 <TonyBest100> :P
11:19 <TonyBest100> 104k xp til 90 fishing
11:19 <Temujin96> fk it, it's not worth the time
11:20 <TonyBest100> getting 327xp thanks to pendant lol
11:25 <Temujin96> No, I mean the yew
11:25 <Temujin96> [[guthix chick]]
11:26 <Temujin96> 400 minutes  = fully grown :/
11:29 <Haidro> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[grimy snapdragon]] is 2,977 coins.
11:29 <Haidro> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[clean snapdragon]] is 2,987 coins.
11:34 -!- Like Ah Sir has left Special:Chat.
11:38 <TonyBest100> Got another 19k worth of xp on this fishing pendant lol
11:41 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
11:43 <Haidro> (qc) The Exchange price of 305x [[clean snapdragon]] is 911,035 coins (2987 coins each).
11:47 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
11:47 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
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11:54 <TonyBest100> 64k xp til 90 fishing, and only at 650 tears for today lol
11:55 <Jlun2> @tony
11:55 <Jlun2> do you use "Node Find" fc?
11:56 <TonyBest100> No
11:56 <Jlun2> but its really quick tears and xp 
11:56 <TonyBest100> Cbf hopping worlds constantly for nodes, I always lag when logging in while at BoL
11:57 <TonyBest100> to the point where it kicks me to lobby several times
11:57 <Jlun2> :o
11:58 <Temujin96> 6 hours 20 minutes for last fally hard task
11:58 <Temujin96> and around half an hour left on the last varrock hard task :)
11:58 <Jlun2> mage tree?
11:58 <Temujin96> Stupid farming tasks...
11:58 <Temujin96> yew
11:59 <Jlun2> plant mage 
11:59 <Temujin96> I received a mage tree earlier from misc and sold it :)
11:59 <Jlun2> it allows you to finish 2 tasks at once
11:59 <Temujin96> *mage seed
11:59 <Temujin96> it does :o
11:59 <Jlun2> [[falador task]]
11:59 <Temujin96> damn
11:59 <Temujin96> too late
12:00 <TonyBest100> after I do 1500 tears I'm going to hunt down all the pengs and then if I'm short any xp, I'll use my jack of trades aura lol
12:00 <Jlun2> It Spoiled My View - Cut down a Yew tree or Magic tree that you grew in Falador Park.
12:00 <Temujin96> ik
12:00 <Jlun2> I Swear I Heard It Scream - Cut down a magic tree grown in your tree patch in Falador Park.
12:01 <Temujin96> That's the one I'm doing
12:01 <Temujin96> AH
12:01 <Jlun2> and that's 2
12:01 <Jlun2> one from hard, and one from elite
12:05 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
12:05 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
12:10 <Temujin96> There are two elite seers' tasks that I can't do :(
12:11 <Temujin96> Poison ivy bush has reached its penultimate growth stage >_<
12:11 <Jlun2> [[seer's task]]
12:12 <Temujin96> 87 herby
12:13 <Temujin96> and 80 fletch
12:13 <Temujin96> I wish more boosts stacked
12:13 <Jlun2> use stew for fltech?
12:13 <Jlun2> *fltech
12:14 <Jlun2> ......
12:14 <Jlun2> fletch
12:14 <Temujin96> yeah, but my fletch is only 77
12:14 <Temujin96> and I'd need to reach 87 herby then stew
12:15 <Jlun2> quickly train up 3 lvls using yew longs
12:15 <Temujin96> The silver lining of having to effectively catch ~175 cats for that med task is that I now have lots of spices :D
12:15 <Haidro> 72/75 at warbands not bad
12:15 <Temujin96> Nah, I like watching ivy grow :P
12:15 <Temujin96> * =P
12:15 <Jlun2> wc xp?
12:16 <Temujin96> No, poison ivy
12:16 <Jlun2> ok. farm xp?
12:16 <Temujin96> the final hard task that takes 160 minutes
12:16 <Temujin96> idk, piss all I think
12:16 <Haidro> heh, that task was a bitch for me
12:16 <Temujin96> I've never grown it before
12:16 <Temujin96> the yew's going to take even longer
12:16 <Haidro> I've got all hard tasks completed except desert (450 kills in dom tower D:) and daemonheim
12:17 <Temujin96> not to mention my raptor chick
12:17 <Jlun2> 88k more fish xp. lets go!
12:17 <Temujin96> Until?
12:17 <Jlun2> 30m
12:17 <Temujin96> nice
12:17 <Temujin96> /me thinks that the ivy bush is taunting him *
12:18 <Jlun2> it sometimes lag and ends up taking longer
12:18 <Haidro> I still have my ivy bush grown from the tasks
12:18 <Temujin96> Thanks for your encouraging words, Jlun =P
12:18 <Jlun2> I still have ivys for my daily calquat trees
12:18 <Temujin96> I wanna go back to karamja to reach 60 divvy
12:18 <Jlun2> need 8 ivy berries to watch over
12:18 <Jlun2> but otherwise cheap 12k farm xp per day
12:19 <Temujin96> I hate tasks
12:19 <Jlun2> I hate quests
12:19 <Temujin96> I don't mind quests
12:20 <Jlun2> Still havent done monkey madness or DT
12:20 <Temujin96> I'm never going to do the ten that I haven't done but still
12:20 <Temujin96> You should at least do the easy ones, Jlun
12:20 <Jlun2> did legends because several clue scrolls in a row took me there >.>
12:21 <Jlun2> @temu
12:21 <Jlun2> I did, I kept Zanik's corpse as a souvineer :P
12:21 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
12:22 <Temujin96> ...
12:22 <Jlun2> who knew you could've banked them, huh?
12:22 <Temujin96> Zanik is my favourite NPC
12:22 <Temujin96> Do you even lore?
12:23 <Jlun2> wait
12:23 <Temujin96> Yay! This infernal bush is finally done!
12:23 <TyA> yay
12:23 <Jlun2> @temu
12:23 <Jlun2>
12:23 <Temujin96> Hi
12:23 <Temujin96> Time to buy more battlestaves :)
12:24 -!- Smithing has joined Special:Chat
12:24 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
12:24 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
12:24 <Temujin96> Jlun, Y U NO imgur?
12:24 <TyA> Because Imgur is awesome
12:24 <Jlun2> i have a photobucket acc, so might as well use it :P
12:24 <Temujin96> Lame excuse
12:24 <Temujin96> Use imgur
12:24 <Jlun2> did you check the image tho?
12:25 <Jlun2> or you can meet me in dg lobby ingame
12:25 <Temujin96> Why they make the combat instructor turn newbie slayer master give me the armour 3?
12:26 <Temujin96> I looked at it :)
12:26 <Temujin96> What a dick, I have to come back with my armour
12:27 <Temujin96> Why do you want to meet me in-game, Jlun?
12:28 <TonyBest100> Woop, starting to look like I only need to do most of the penguins to get the xp needed for 90 fishing now lol
12:28 -!- TyBot has left Special:Chat.
12:28 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
12:28 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
12:28 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
12:28 <Jlun2> [[Zanik (item)]] something like that
12:28 <TonyBest100> down to 25k xp needed, with 200 more tears left to get
12:28 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
12:29 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
12:29 <Temujin96> Just tell me what it is
12:29 <Jlun2> i did
12:30 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
12:30 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
12:30 <Temujin96> Be exact
12:30 <Jlun2> x28
12:30 <Temujin96> ...
12:30 <Temujin96> They're not tradable
12:30 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
12:30 <Jlun2> the dg ring can check inv of others in team
12:31 <Temujin96> meh
12:31 <Atheist723> What about Zanik?
12:31 <Temujin96> Jlun has 28 dead Zanik's
12:31 <Demise36> temujin y u elefint
12:31 <Temujin96> *Zaniks
12:31 <Temujin96> Desmise can elefint?
12:31 <Jlun2> (elefint)
12:31 <Temujin96> (elefint)
12:31 <Demise36> elefint. (elefint)
12:32 <Obi1137> (elefint)
12:32 <Jlun2> atheist, want to see them? :P
12:32 <Atheist723> How and what for?
12:32 <Jlun2> using dg ring :P
12:33 <Atheist723> I mean how did you get duplicates? And why?
12:33 <Temujin96> * sigh * time to do mort tasks :/
12:33 <Jlun2> how? let's just say they could be banked. also applies to [[stick]]
12:33 <Jlun2> er...
12:33 -!- Amo Vos has joined Special:Chat
12:34 <Amo Vos> (elefint)  ... oh god
12:34 <Temujin96> Il pourrait me rendre morts =P
12:34 <Temujin96> That sounds awkward but oh well
12:35 <Temujin96> I wanted to say mort rather than tuer XD
12:35 <Jlun2> anyway, who wants to help me on dg task?
12:35 <Amo Vos> i can
12:35 <Atheist723> So tired.
12:35 <TonyBest100> ugh all fishing nodes at BoL turned orange
12:35 <Jlun2> ok, amos, can you meet in dg lobby?
12:35 <Amo Vos> yea
12:36 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
12:36 <Jlun2> i need 2 of the task with another player :P
12:36 <Kq head> elle flint shall have your soul
12:36 <Amo Vos> (elefint)(elefint)(elefint)
12:36 <Amo Vos> =/
12:36 <Jlun2> have you seen my soul kq
12:36 <Kq head> it's fishy
12:36 <Temujin96> /me slaps kq head *
12:36 <Kq head> (elefint)
12:37 <Temujin96> You're not supposed to tell them that!
12:37 <Jlun2> are you there, amos?
12:37 <Kq head> Amo: No
12:38 <Amo Vos> Kq: Yes
12:40 <Kq head> Thok Norris
12:45 <Kq head> (dog)
12:45 <Kq head> (dawg)
12:45 <Kq head> we need a (dawg) emote
12:46 <TonyBest100> done tear collecting, now to go penguin hunting for the last 15k xp
12:50 <Temujin96> Bye
12:51 -!- Temujin96 has left Special:Chat.
12:51 <Jlun2> ty
12:52 <Amo Vos> np
12:54 <Amo Vos> got tired of this crappy image =p
12:54 <Jlun2> also, where did the duo = no drop rumor come from?
12:54 <Amo Vos> i have had it many times jlun, doing a c6 small or med floor, duo, and when both entered the boss room when the boss was still there, no drop
12:54 <Amo Vos> might only be at certain bosses idk
12:55 <Jlun2> hidden update perhaps? :o
12:55 <Amo Vos> no a bug
12:55 <Amo Vos> bosses should always drop something
12:55 <Jlun2> well, at least it seems the runebound behomoth drops it :P
12:56 <Amo Vos> yup
12:56 <Amo Vos> necrolord is a boss that is know to often drop nothing
12:57 <Jlun2> solo or duo?
12:58 <Amo Vos> duo
12:58 <Amo Vos> or in larger groups where 2 ppl do the boss
12:58 <Jlun2> what happens if it was 1 person doing the boss in a duo?
12:59 <Amo Vos> then it always drops
12:59 <Jlun2> 0_o
12:59 <Amo Vos> i don't know which bosses/floors in specific have this problem, but not all seem to have it
12:59 <Amo Vos> might be bosses where you can/can't tele out of. idk
13:00 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
13:01 <Jlun2> can you finch unstunnable enemies?
13:02 <Amo Vos> finch?
13:02 <Jlun2> [[jad]]
13:02 <Jlun2>
13:02 <Jlun2> "Unlike TzTok-Jad, TokHaar-Jad can be killed without use of protection prayers or Invulnerability crystal (except for Wave 35) by flinching TokHaar-Jad, however this can take longer to kill using this method."
13:02 <Jlun2> but it's unstunable :o
13:03 <Amo Vos> ooh that
13:05 <Jlun2> what does flinch even mean in this case?
13:05 <Haidro> Attack it, then wait for it to go unaggresive
13:05 -!- Man of steak has joined Special:Chat
13:06 <Jlun2> isnt jad always unaggressive?
13:06 <Haidro> you mean aggresive?
13:06 <Jlun2> er...yes
13:06 <Haidro> Hmm, yes, let me rephrase my sentence
13:06 <Haidro> You know how when you attack a monster, it's first your turn, then theirs?
13:06 <Jlun2> yes
13:07 -!- MAGE-KIL-R has joined Special:Chat
13:07 <Amo Vos> I think flinching was attacking it, then going into hiding, then attacking it again, going into hiding again, doing this fast, will keep jad from attacking
13:07 <Amo Vos> since his attacks are slow
13:07 <TonyBest100> WOOP 90 (fishing)
13:07 <Haidro> Well you pertty much attack Jad, then hide so he doesn't attack you
13:07 <Haidro> Then you wait for combat to cease
13:07 <Haidro> and repeat
13:07 <Amo Vos> gz tony (caek)
13:07 <Kq head> flinching still exists? lol
13:08 <Jlun2> ^
13:08 <Amo Vos> yup @ jad
13:08 <Haidro> You'd have to momentum tho wouldn't you
13:08 <Kq head> this is why the combat system is kinda dumb
13:08 <Haidro> The combat system is perfect
13:08 <Jlun2> @hai
13:08 <Jlun2> what
13:08 <Haidro> So much better than before
13:08 <Haidro> We needed this update
13:08 <Man of steak> I preferred the old one.
13:09 <Man of steak> At least you had a chance against higher level players.
13:09 <Jlun2> @hai
13:09 <Jlun2> update smithing pls
13:09 <Haidro> A lot of people preferred the old system, I can understand that
13:09 <Haidro> Jlun2: What do you mean
13:09 <Jlun2> dragon should not be that expensive for t60 melee
13:09 <Jlun2> i mean, just look at range
13:09 <Haidro> Well, that has nothing to do with the combat system ;)
13:10 <Man of steak> The new system is good, but it eliminates any chance of a lower level beating a higher level. It's unfair, to be frank.
13:10 <TonyBest100> i can do PoP now that I have 90 fishing :)
13:10 <Haidro> Why should a low level be able to kill a high level?
13:10 <Kq head> nothing to do with eoc
13:10 <Jlun2> @tony
13:10 <Jlun2> do rocktails
13:10 <Kq head> it's the fact that it has had weird kinks since it existed
13:10 <Man of steak> @Haidro : A single high level person shouldn't be able to take on ten lower level people.
13:11 <Kq head> i heard it made lower levels more able to beat higher levels within around 50 levels
13:11 <Kq head> but that might not be the case after they made stats affect combat again
13:11 <Jlun2> @man
13:11 <Jlun2> not to mention the same cb lvls could have different hp now
13:11 <Man of steak> Before, a level 70 could kill a level 100, but now that's very unlikely.
13:11 <Haidro> It should be very unlikely
13:11 <Haidro> That just defeats the purpose of being high levelled
13:11 <Man of steak> No, it doesn't.
13:12 <Jlun2> that sounds kinda elitist
13:12 <Kq head> it depends on equipment mostly
13:12 <Man of steak> It was still a low chance, but back then it was kinda plausible.
13:12 <Kq head> in fact, entirely
13:12 <Jlun2> ^
13:12 <TonyBest100>
13:13 <Haidro> omg I wanna PoP
13:13 <Jlun2> do rocktails
13:13 <Jlun2> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[rocktail]] is 2,761 coins.
13:14 <Kq head> i have no mouse
13:14 <Kq head> and i must PoP
13:14 <Kq head> "I have no mouth, and I must bake cookies!" - altered grandma
13:15 <Haidro> night everyone
13:15 <Man of steak> Fascinating. It was higher price for rockta when I last played. Then again, I did play about two months ago. I kinda went into hibernation.
13:15 <Kq head> g'night mudkip
13:15 <Man of steak> rocktails*
13:15 <Haidro> dugkip :)
13:15 <Kq head> i picked mudkip for my emerald restart
13:15 <Haidro> Grass all the way
13:15 <Kq head> because mudkip is a boss
13:15 <Kq head> stompin that electric gym
13:16 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
13:16 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
13:16 <Jlun2> @hai
13:16 <Jlun2> heretic!
13:16 <Haidro> you realise electric beats water
13:16 <Kq head>,16,254,65160036
13:16 <Kq head> yet the seren altar worked fine!
13:16 <Kq head> ground beats electric
13:17 <Jlun2> mudkip evolves into marshtomp 
13:17 <Jlun2> ground/water
13:17 <Kq head> torchic is the best choice though because fire/fighting is op dual
13:17 <Haidro> Mhm true
13:17 <Haidro> Swampert is a pretty beast pokemont
13:17 <MAGE-KIL-R> Kq head: I used the Zaros altar at digsite. Worked fine for me 
13:18 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
13:18 <Kq head> maybe they hotfixed it or this guy was just hallucinating
13:18 <Jlun2> anyone tried the construction statues?
13:18 <Jlun2> do they count?
13:18 <Kq head> "Everyone should take note that altars will only work if you don't have full prayer points."
13:18 <Kq head> -I had full points for all 3
13:18 <Jlun2> ^
13:18 <Jlun2> same
13:19 <MAGE-KIL-R> same 
13:19 <Kq head> i was on curses and it only worked after i told it to not change to prayers
13:19 <Kq head> so people are probably just those hasty folk who try once and complain about it
13:19 <Jlun2> i used monastry, varrock chaos and guthix
13:20 <Kq head> *logs in*
13:20 <Kq head> omg wtf is this whar my dds
13:20 <Kq head> *hits 1 key repeatedly*
13:20 <Kq head> omfg this sux ffs quitting
13:20 <MAGE-KIL-R> I used digsite, lumby church, and varrock southeast
13:20 <Jlun2> dds? i thought even back then ppl used mostly dclaws
13:20 <Kq head> i heard dds could do more overall damage at a slower pace
13:21 <Kq head> and you know
13:21 <Kq head> most people back then used stuff like torso/d legs if they didn't have bandos
13:21 <Kq head> ofc they couldn't all afford claws
13:21 <Jlun2> .....
13:21 <Jlun2> huh. i guess it's true most of my friends list are very rich
13:22 <Kq head> even people with claws probably had a dds
13:22 <Kq head> it's a 20k top-tier spec
13:22 <Kq head> compared to a 20-30+ god-tier spec
13:22 <Kq head> 20-30m+*
13:23 <Jlun2> staff of armadyl seems to have risen 2m since i last bought it :o
13:23 <Kq head> "I prayed to Bob the cat in my house n it worked..."
13:23 <Kq head> Bob confirmed tier 2 god
13:23 -!- Man of steak has left Special:Chat.
13:24 <MAGE-KIL-R> interesting
13:24 <Jlun2> Jagex: Bob isn't a God?
13:24 <Kq head>,16,871,65150049
13:24 <Kq head> enjoy taking 20% longer to kill dg bosses, folks
13:25 <Kq head> look at the posts after the first one
13:25 <Jlun2> Yes, he mentioned some Dg boss rebalance, but apparently it was not planned to be added with Dg tasks...
13:25 <Kq head> in other words
13:26 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
13:26 <Kq head> Jagex: I don't give a fuck
13:26 <Kq head> how will they be rebalanced i wonder
13:27 <Kq head> because a level 10 rammernaut eeeeeeh
13:27 <Jlun2> make them have 180k lp?
13:28 <Kq head> "just curious, how do people find gulega to be hard? just veng the spec, if you dont want a death, grab like 4 food or a hex or just guthix blessing after it, very fast boss actually"
13:29 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
13:29 <Jlun2> Walking is elite
13:29 <Kq head> "just curious, how do people find blink to be... AH FUCK!"
13:29 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
13:29 <Jlun2> not hard, just annoying
13:30 <Kq head> by hard i mean killing without dying or major food use
13:30 <Jlun2> btw, gatestones avoid dmg, but group gates dont
13:30 <Kq head> because eoc made them that way
13:30 <Kq head> there's 2 boss categories
13:30 <Kq head> 1: Easy
13:30 <Kq head> 2: Blink
13:30 <Jlun2> use normal gatestones to teleport instead
13:30 <Jlun2> no food needed
13:30 <Kq head> yeah well with that logic
13:30 <Kq head> runebound behemoth was easy pre-eoc
13:31 <Kq head> but if you didn't touch that crystal in time
13:31 <Kq head> you basically die
13:31 <Jlun2> have you tried using normal gatestone?
13:31 <Jlun2> or did you just use group?
13:31 <Kq head> i used it to kill behemoth
13:31 <Kq head> before eoc
13:31 <Jlun2> for blink
13:31 <Kq head> no
13:31 <Kq head> dont need preparation since eoc
13:31 <Kq head> just rush through with salve eels from drops
13:31 <Jlun2> i have 125 cosmics binded
13:32 <Kq head> "Blink will always be hard. No matter what happens to RS."
13:33 <Kq head> btw this guy who finds blink easy finds gulega hard
13:33 <Kq head> Yeah.
13:33 <Jlun2> trolling
13:33 <Amo Vos> Lol blink isn't that hard.. except if you try not to die =p
13:33 <Amo Vos> or if you have 100.000 cave morays
13:33 <Jlun2> @amos
13:33 <Jlun2> i got behemoth again and it dropped the exact same thing as it did for you >.>
13:34 <Jlun2> (qc) spinspanspun's Defence level is 95 (xp: 9,341,189, rank: 98,171). XP until level 96: 343,388.
13:34 <Jlun2> WHY????
13:34 <Amo Vos> Lol
13:34 <Kq head> if they made blink run in all directions instead of just two, he would be nightmarish
13:34 <Kq head> and gatestone would be the only way to win, basically
13:35 <Jlun2> 175 nechs
13:36 <Amo Vos> Lol kq, don't give them ideas
13:36 <Kq head> "hard mode=no-food drops kill everything that leads to boss (can't leave the room while mobs are alive but you can telly out not sure if bug)
13:36 <Kq head> boss highest level(was nice soloing t11 items) 
13:36 <Kq head> there was nothing that made this hard but instead just took more time"
13:36 <Amo Vos> hard mode = only a few food drops , or a few fish spots
13:36 <Amo Vos> but.. aload of cash drops, so can buy food
13:36 <Kq head> i wanted to do hard mode but thanks for ruining it for me
13:36 <MAGE-KIL-R> lol
13:37 <Amo Vos> i did f1-51 in hard mode
13:37 <Amo Vos> best way to get food is to buy it
13:37 <Kq head> i need div up for hard mode
13:37 <Jlun2> i havent even unlocked it
13:37 <Kq head> now i dont even need to train it cos hard mode sucks
13:37 -!- Vilchinos has joined Special:Chat
13:37 <Amo Vos> There's a huge pre, and that's the epic combat xp you get
13:37 <Jlun2> is it 100% drop for t11?
13:37 <Jlun2> in hard?
13:37 -!- Vilchinos has left Special:Chat.
13:37 <Kq head> the bosses are highest lvl
13:38 <Kq head> so high chance of t11
13:38 <Amo Vos> I had a lvl 198 blink... nightmares haah
13:38 <Amo Vos> that too yes
13:38 <Kq head> hard mode rammernaut for your plate
13:38 <Amo Vos> not 100% jlun, but a lot bigger
13:38 <Amo Vos> dreadnaut...
13:38 <Jlun2> rammernaut gives mauls
13:38 <Kq head> same thing
13:38 <Jlun2> and i already have prim maul
13:38 <Jlun2> that i cant wield
13:39 <Amo Vos> and you have no armour whatsoever.
13:39 <Kq head> dreadnaut is rammernaut that doesn't charge
13:39 <Kq head> in other words
13:39 <Kq head> weak
13:39 <Kq head> he doesn't throw slime if you solo either
13:39 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
13:39 <Amo Vos> Hello mol
13:39 <Kq head> well look what the cat dragged in
13:39 <Kq head> a live squirrel
13:39 <Jlun2> hi sandy
13:40 <Kq head> w/e you smell like sea salt so i'm outta here
13:40 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
13:40 <Jlun2> [[nech]]
13:41 -!- Callofduty4 has joined Special:Chat
13:41 <The Mol Man> cod!
13:41 <Amo Vos> Mol!
13:41 <Amo Vos> =/ y u no say hi
13:41 <The Mol Man> cause cod is better
13:41 <Jlun2> xp waste
13:41 <Amo Vos> =[
13:42 <Amo Vos> /me slaps mol with (elefint).
13:42 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
13:42 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
13:43 <Jlun2> 1.4k ping wtf
13:43 <Amo Vos> lol
13:44 <Amo Vos> (qc) avogadro's Divination level is 98 (xp: 12,735,321, rank: 1,438). XP until level 99: 299,110.
13:44 <Amo Vos> hmm sexy
13:44 <Amo Vos> throwing a party ?
13:44 <Amo Vos> ~test
13:44 <Amo Vos> !test
13:44 <Amo Vos> =/
13:45 <The Mol Man> no
13:45 <Amo Vos> Mkay.
13:46 <Amo Vos> [[User:Amaurice/Goals]]
13:46 <Amo Vos> Wikia race to 99 div, mol isn't on it
13:46 <Amo Vos> [[User:Amaurice/My Goals
13:46 <Amo Vos> pffffff
13:47 -!- Smithing has left Special:Chat.
13:47 <The Mol Man> put me on there then ;)
13:47 <Amo Vos> It's amaurice's page 
13:47 <Amo Vos> =p
13:47 <The Mol Man> just put me on there ;)
13:47 <Amo Vos> Nope.
13:48 <The Mol Man> talk page amaurice then
13:48 <Atheist723> Dominion Tower with permanent handicaps: Extreme lag and frequent disconnections.
13:48 -!- Pr0boyz has joined Special:Chat
13:48 <Jlun2> 1.5k ping here
13:49 <Amo Vos> The higher the better.... xD
13:50 <Jlun2> ..........
13:50 <Amo Vos> mol:
13:50 <Jlun2> i really hope that was a joke :o
13:50 <Atheist723> "Ping: N/A"
13:50 <Atheist723> "The readings are off the charts!"
13:50 <Amo Vos> lol
13:51 <Atheist723> Really, my computer is fairly new and gets a decent fps, but the connection is horrible.
13:51 <Jlun2> 224 addy ore noted from rdt and the ring didnt shine
13:51 <The Mol Man> almost never does jlun
13:51 <The Mol Man> I've only had it shine for clues
13:52 <Amo Vos> well it first was like shining each time, and in jagex's attempt to fix it they almost disabled it
13:52 <Jlun2> and when it just shone, its for a stupid coin drop
13:52 <The Mol Man> tbh, it doesn't need to shine
13:52 <Amo Vos> Any slay monster with unique drops made the ring shine on each kill
13:52 <Pr0boyz> Can I ask?
13:52 <Amo Vos> Yes probo
13:52 <Pr0boyz> Which other gods in glelinor that I can pray to?
13:53 <Pr0boyz> I've tried lumby and varrock
13:53 <Pr0boyz> Left 1 more x.x
13:53 <Obi1137> zaros?
13:53 <Jlun2> guthix
13:53 <The Mol Man> north of falador
13:53 <Obi1137> guthix altar is near fally lodestone
13:53 <Pr0boyz> North of falador? 
13:53 <Pr0boyz> Thanks!!
13:53 <The Mol Man> yes
13:53 <Jlun2> the one in traverly works too
13:53 <Obi1137> it's the pile of pure essence
13:53 <Pr0boyz> Tried some other places but they're all the same
13:53 <TonyBest100> Pr0, Taverley for Guthix, Varrock for both Saradomin and Zamorak altars
13:53 <TonyBest100> thats how I did it :P
13:53 <Amo Vos> Taverly.. more like burthorpe =p
13:53 <Jlun2> i used edgeville one 
13:53 <TonyBest100> Well it's mainly inbetween
13:54 <Amo Vos> true
13:54 <TonyBest100> the challenge helped me get to 90 fishing lol
13:54 <Atheist723> The Ancient Magicks altar works despite not being a prayer altar.
13:54 <Amo Vos> Mol: [[Template:Poll]], any ideas?
13:55 <Jlun2> someone try the lunar isle altar?
13:55 <MAGE-KIL-R> pretty sure there isn't one on lunar isle jlun
13:55 <The Mol Man> wait until super september is over tbh
13:55 <Jlun2> the rune ess altar
13:55 -!- SahaniFashion has joined Special:Chat
13:55 <Jlun2> right click is "pray"
13:56 <MAGE-KIL-R> that's just to change spell set though
13:56 <MAGE-KIL-R> it doesn't restore spell points so it probably wouldn't count
13:56 <Pr0boyz> You guys saved me!
13:56 <Pr0boyz> Thanks a lot!
13:56 <MAGE-KIL-R> *prayer points
13:56 <Jlun2> wouldnt be surprised if it actually worked tho
13:56 <Amo Vos> many altars dont work though
13:56 <Amo Vos> even obvious ones like god statues
13:56 <Jlun2> bob poh altar worked 
13:57 <Jlun2> said kq
13:57 <The Mol Man> lol
13:57 <MAGE-KIL-R> clearly bob is a god....
13:57 <The Mol Man> bob says "I am Za-"
13:57 <Amo Vos> poh altars dont work
13:57 <The Mol Man> foreshadowing
13:57 -!- Pr0boyz has left Special:Chat.
13:57 <Jlun2> ask kq, amos
13:57 <The Mol Man> zaros is going to use bob's body
13:57 <Amo Vos> mine is aligned to Bob, didn't work
13:57 <Jlun2> huh
13:57 <The Mol Man> bren is 20k behind
13:58 <Jlun2> its that dk50 guy again
13:58 <Atheist723> This is stupid...
13:58 <Atheist723> Screen completely freezes 80% of the time.
13:58 <Amo Vos> lol he lost the bulldog hiscores, he 's camping this one now
13:59 <Jlun2> good ideology
13:59 <Atheist723> Completely lagged to death.
13:59 <Amo Vos> lol
13:59 <Jlun2> i do that too
13:59 <Jlun2> cant get 1b in eoc? get it in rsc!
14:00 <Atheist723> Was "fighting" the Dagannoth mother.
14:01 <Atheist723> Every time I set a new combat style, it freezes for at least 10 seconds, so that it could change to another colour.
14:01 <Amo Vos> [[TzHaar-Xil-Kal]] seriously?
14:01 <Amo Vos> it is literally only mentioned once
14:01 <Jlun2> pls draw the line between one sided fight and execution. athe
14:01 <Atheist723> After 5 seconds of frantic running and switching it freezes again to let it change colour again.
14:02 <Atheist723> Well, I got 2 hits from beginning because I know it always starts out brown.
14:02 <Atheist723> Then the Lag curbstomped me into oblivion.
14:04 <Amo Vos> The Mol Man, aren't tzhaar genderless?
14:04 <The Mol Man> idk
14:04 <Amo Vos> yea they are
14:05 <Amo Vos> Gender: None on all pages
14:05 <Jlun2> a new meaning to born from a rock
14:05 <Amo Vos> "mother earth" -> rocks
14:06 <Amo Vos> makes perfect sense
14:06 -!- Carigun has joined Special:Chat
14:07 <Atheist723> Not even more practice could help against this damn connection.
14:07 <Carigun> what is the quickest way to get to Lvl 50 Smithing starting at 42
14:07 -!- SahaniFashion has left Special:Chat.
14:07 <Amo Vos> i didn't know someone ages that fast
14:07 <Atheist723> [[Smithing training]]
14:07 <Jlun2> steel weapons
14:09 -!- Bedonna has joined Special:Chat
14:09 <Bedonna> anyone getting invalid request when posting in runescape forums?
14:10 <Bedonna> i got a mute for abt 3 days and there was no evidence
14:10 <Jlun2> all the time
14:10 <Jlun2> why?
14:10 <Bedonna> n i couldnt appeal
14:10 <Bedonna> cause i wanted to ask abt games programming
14:10 <Jlun2> that's a pmod mute
14:10 <Bedonna> n im worried if i am banned from forums
14:10 <Bedonna> oh
14:10 <Jlun2> cant use forums while banned btw nor mute
14:11 <Bedonna> oh....but now im not banned or mute, so i shld be able to post alrdy?
14:11 <Bedonna> except that the invalid request is a glitch>
14:11 <Jlun2> sometimes forum lags
14:11 <Carigun> ok steel bars
14:11 <Bedonna> i see
14:11 <Carigun> where is the best place for this
14:12 <Bedonna> do any  u program games?
14:12 <Jlun2> nope, sorry
14:12 <Jlun2> @cari
14:12 <Jlun2> burth
14:12 <Jlun2> south of burthrope bank is both furnace and anvil
14:13 <Carigun> thanks
14:13 <Jlun2> @bed
14:13 <Jlun2> i do script for games using lua, but it's mostly based on other ppls scripts
14:14 <Jlun2>
14:14 <Jlun2> :P
14:14 <Bedonna> wow
14:15 <Bedonna> thats like a rare language
14:15 <TonyBest100>
14:16 <Bedonna> im doing scratch, so ashamed of myself for not making much progress
14:16 <Bedonna> a pong game
14:17 <Jlun2> doing from scratch is pretty difficult 
14:17 <Bedonna>
14:17 <Jlun2> you should at least check other ppl's code and see how they would do it, then try and find a different approach
14:17 <Bedonna> basically its not from scratch,there is this language called scratch
14:17 <Jlun2> oh
14:18 <Bedonna> yea, thats what i did, for nomal proramming, and i realised, copy paste n change
14:18 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
14:18 <Coelacanth0794> hi
14:18 <Jlun2> 3k ping wtf
14:18 <Coelacanth0794>
14:19 <The Mol Man> hi coel!
14:19 <Bedonna> i feel like an infant, but its incredibly user friendly...what is 3k ping?
14:19 <Bedonna> hi
14:19 <Amo Vos> hey coel 
14:19 <Coelacanth0794> ello
14:19 <Jlun2> [[developer console]]
14:19 <Coelacanth0794> ping is how long it takes for the test signal to be sent back from the big server
14:19 <Bedonna> oh
14:19 <Carigun> ok 3120 bars needed to smith
14:19 <Coelacanth0794> so you want it low
14:19 <Bedonna> i see...
14:19 <Jlun2> then type "displayfps"
14:19 <Bedonna> ooh
14:22 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
14:23 <Carigun> i cannot afford to buy it all in one go
14:23 <Amo Vos> i see a ben
14:23 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
14:23 <Jlun2> test
14:24 <Amo Vos> ~
14:25 -!- Rwojy has left Special:Chat.
14:26 <Amo Vos> hello rwojy
14:26 <Amo Vos> wait.. 
14:26 <Amo Vos> he left
14:27 -!- Coelacanth0794 has left Special:Chat.
14:27 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
14:27 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
14:27 -!- MAGE-KIL-R has left Special:Chat.
14:28 <Battleben> I named my cute phoenix eggling
14:28 <Battleben> Miss Chubby Beak
14:28 <Amo Vos> lol
14:28 <Amo Vos> I'd call it Pecky
14:28 <Obi1137> I'd call mine Salad Fingers
14:28 <Battleben> Or Ms. Chubby Beak for short
14:28 <Obi1137> The memories...
14:29 <Battleben> It's a ference to somethig.
14:29 <Amo Vos> [[User:IsobelJ]] <-- his birthday today
14:29 <Obi1137> (cake)
14:29 <Amo Vos> *her
14:30 <Carigun> is all the rocks in the cave next to the smithing, mining and smelting training area bits for bronze
14:31 <Battleben> It's a reference to Mr. Chubby Beak
14:33 <Coelacanth0794> orly
14:34 <Carigun> since im buying the ores should i be making bits out of the steel bars
14:35 <Battleben> Here's mr. chubby beak with his siblings
14:35 -!- Coelacanth0794 has left Special:Chat.
14:35 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
14:36 <Amo Vos> lol
14:36 <Amo Vos> lol bren
14:37 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
14:37 <Jlun2> testing
14:38 <Amo Vos> (qc) Jlun's test failed.
14:40 <Battleben> 1001st guy on the farmyard rampage hiscores is an imator of me
14:40 <Coelacanth0794> game can lag to the extent music pauses, ut we can't allow dat blip to stop!
14:40 <Battleben>*8/ranking?id=1378215053712&filter=-1&page=41 people in my clan confused mw with them
14:40 <Coelacanth0794> *nomusic.exe* blip. blip. blip. blip. blip. blip. blip. blip. blip. blip. blip. 
14:40 <Carigun> is it worth making steel chestplates
14:40 <Jlun2> coel, ?
14:41 <Coelacanth0794> ikr jlun
14:41 <Jlun2> what are you refering to??
14:41 <Amo Vos> lol Wahiseitel.. 
14:41 <Atheist723> Just by doing the 50 kills super challenge you get rank 10000.
14:42 <Coelacanth0794> the blip.
14:42 <Battleben> And then I confused this impistor with [[User:Ice Rush]]
14:42 <Battleben> impostor*
14:42 <Jlun2> what blip??
14:42 <Atheist723> There are probably just that many active players at most.
14:43 <Jlun2> ^
14:43 <Carigun> shouldnt i be doing gold?
14:43 <Jlun2> are you f2p?
14:43 <Jlun2> if so, dont
14:44 <Carigun> yea im f2p
14:44 <Jlun2> only reason ppl do gold is because gaulets
14:44 <Jlun2> gdolsmith gaulets are p2p tho
14:44 -!- Bedonna has left Special:Chat.
14:44 <Atheist723> Hmm, wait.
14:44 <Battleben> superheating gold with gauntlets is great, cheap xp.
14:44 <Atheist723> Okay, it is more like 60000.
14:45 <Jlun2> hes f2p, ben
14:45 <Atheist723> I didn't notice I killed 3 extra.
14:45 <Atheist723> That 3 kills equals a rank advance of over 50000.
14:46 <Carigun> yes but id get more xp with gold
14:46 <Jlun2> 28 xp?
14:47 <Jlun2> and you also lose money
14:47 <Jlun2> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[gold ore]] is 434 coins.
14:47 <Jlun2> gep gold bar
14:47 <Jlun2> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[gold bar]] is 107 coins.
14:47 <Battleben> What smithing level are you going for?
14:47 <Battleben> And what's your smithing level atm?
14:48 <Carigun> im at 42 and want 50
14:48 <Atheist723> I can't even open the client...
14:51 <Carigun> 60/3120 steel bars
14:53 <The Mol Man> coel
14:53 <Coelacanth0794> what
14:53 <The Mol Man>
14:53 <The Mol Man> del
14:53 <Coelacanth0794> deleteconflicted
14:53 <The Mol Man> ♥
14:53 <The Mol Man> lul
14:54 <Jlun2>
14:54 <Jlun2> who is this
14:54 <The Mol Man> owner of RSW
14:54 <TonyBest100> lol wtf at that pages history
14:54 <Jlun2> ?
15:00 -!- Carigun has left Special:Chat.
15:00 -!- Carigun has joined Special:Chat
15:01 -!- Carigun has left Special:Chat.
15:02 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
15:02 <Jlun2> 3 rune boots and it shone for all of them :o
15:03 <The Mol Man> <200k til 99
15:03 <TyA> I tried to submit my charm data and was told not to vandalize :(
15:03 -!- Carigun has joined Special:Chat
15:03 <The Mol Man> lul gf
15:03 <Jlun2> which enemy?
15:03 <The Mol Man> I think bren is going to be doing 50k cow kills data
15:03 <Carigun> would a cracked smiting urn help
15:03 <The Mol Man> are you smelting?
15:04 <The Mol Man> or using an anvil?
15:04 <Carigun> smithing
15:04 <Carigun> smelt
15:04 <The Mol Man> [[cracked smithing urn]]
15:05 <The Mol Man> no
15:05 <The Mol Man> you want a standard smelting urn
15:05 <The Mol Man> you said steel, right?
15:05 <Carigun> yep steel
15:05 <The Mol Man> then ya, normal urn
15:05 <Jlun2> 150 kills later and only 1 green charm
15:05 <Carigun> my crafting is a bit low for that
15:06 <Carigun> 15
15:06 <The Mol Man> can't you get assist for adding the rune?
15:06 <The Mol Man> and for teleporting?
15:06 <TyA> [[Template:Charm log submission]]
15:06 <The Mol Man> just edit it manually, ty
15:06 <The Mol Man> ?
15:06 <Jlun2> which enemy, tya?
15:07 <TyA> That'll work. 
15:07 <TyA> Spectres
15:07 <The Mol Man> i trust u not being vandal
15:07 <Jlun2> did it get updated?
15:07 <The Mol Man> for now...
15:07 <Jlun2> if so, best delete existing log back to 0
15:07 <The Mol Man> we don't know for sure
15:07 <Jlun2> or any other edits would trigger it
15:08 <The Mol Man> actually, it's more that our data would be egregiously wrong
15:08 <TyA> Or I just had a very nice run
15:08 <TyA> 50 kills
15:08 <TyA> 14 gold
15:08 <TyA> 2 green
15:08 <TyA> 1 crimson
15:08 <TyA> 3 blue
15:08 <Jlun2> you can check the previous entries
15:09 <The Mol Man> amfg so close ;-;
15:09 <Carigun> over 100 bars
15:09 <The Mol Man> jlun, go help carigun
15:09 <Jlun2> slaying atm
15:09 <The Mol Man> selfish
15:10 <Jlun2> says the mol who's doing div and not images 
15:10 <The Mol Man> I'm working on div cape+hood dii atm
15:11 <Jlun2> you dont even have the cape
15:11 <Carigun> 115/3120
15:11 <Jlun2> why are you listing your bars??
15:11 <The Mol Man> I'm close to it, jlun
15:11 <The Mol Man> 190k til
15:12 <TyA> (elifint)
15:12 <TyA> (elefint)
15:12 <The Mol Man> :D
15:12 <Coelacanth0794> the hell?
15:12 <The Mol Man> :ɔ (elefint)
15:13 <TyA> (pony)
15:13 <The Mol Man> yay!
15:13 <The Mol Man> (yay)
15:13 <The Mol Man> o
15:13 <The Mol Man> (pony)
15:13 <Jlun2> in which cook finally expresses his elefint fetish
15:14 <Coelacanth0794> so we shouldnt have flairs on reddit but having an elephant on the homepage is acceptable
15:14 <The Mol Man> it's a joke
15:14 <Jlun2> flairs?
15:14 <The Mol Man> and the more it angers you, the longer it will last
15:14 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
15:14 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
15:14 <Coelacanth0794> i was under the understanding we were supposed to be serious
15:14 <Jlun2> @mol
15:14 <Jlun2> well that's something you should tell a elected leader to do...
15:15 <Jlun2> [[nech]]
15:16 -!- MAGE-KIL-R has joined Special:Chat
15:17 <Carigun> 151
15:17 <Jlun2> ........
15:18 <Jlun2> why are you posting how many steel bars you made in chat??
15:18 <Jlun2> time stamp? bored? OCD?
15:18 <Amo Vos> lol
15:18 <Coelacanth0794> cactuspeng in ge
15:19 <Amo Vos> world would be nice coel ;)
15:19 <The Mol Man> 116
15:19 <Jlun2> mouse over in the lunar altar is a prayer symbol  :P
15:19 <MAGE-KIL-R> Mol Man now posting how many bronze bars he made
15:19 <The Mol Man> ?
15:20 <MAGE-KIL-R> 11:17:41
15:20 <MAGE-KIL-R> Carigun151
15:20 <MAGE-KIL-R> 11:17:48
15:20 <MAGE-KIL-R> Jlun2........
15:20 <MAGE-KIL-R> why are you posting how many steel bars you made in chat??
15:20 <The Mol Man> ummm... ok?
15:20 <MAGE-KIL-R> nvm :P, trying to make a joke...didn't work
15:20 <The Mol Man> ya, it didn't >:I
15:20 <Jlun2> mol is bored with ocd trying to get timestamp
15:21 <Carigun> i dunno
15:21 <The Mol Man> ??
15:23 <Carigun> i havent feed swordfish in 3 days
15:23 <The Mol Man> don't need to feed him
15:23 <Jlun2> you have a pet marlin??
15:23 <MAGE-KIL-R> Hey Mol Man, I still think the coal truck thing we were talking about yesterday is a hidden update, but everybody in my clan has a seers headband, so nobody can test it
15:23 <The Mol Man> I'm not arguing that part
15:23 <Jlun2>
15:23 <Jlun2> ???
15:23 <The Mol Man> I just want to know what level of completion we need
15:24 <MAGE-KIL-R> What I'm saying is I'm not sure it is task related. I was attempting to find somebody who had not completed them to test my theory
15:24 <Jlun2> post on reddit, mage
15:25 <The Mol Man> jlun, don't you have a noob account with mems?
15:25 <Jlun2> its f2p >.>
15:25 <The Mol Man> ...
15:25 <The Mol Man> we can ask cook/ben
15:25 <Jlun2> and the noob acc was the one with no email
15:26 <The Mol Man> buy mems for it
15:26 -!- Amo Vos has left Special:Chat.
15:26 <Jlun2> need another mom to give me credit card
15:27 <Dogfoger> . 
15:27 -!- The Pops has joined Special:Chat
15:27 <Jlun2> what? that clicking game said you can buy grannies
15:27 <Jlun2> i assume the same applies for moms
15:27 -!- The Pops has left Special:Chat.
15:29 <Carigun> Smithing Lvl 43
15:29 <The Mol Man> gratz
15:30 <Carigun> just another 7 to go then i can go fractite
15:31 <Jlun2> def/ atk lvls?
15:33 <Atheist723> !test
15:33 <RSChatBot> Atheist723: Hai!
15:34 <Atheist723> The connection is absolutely horrible today...
15:35 <Carigun> Def: 50 Atk: 51
15:35 <Battleben> Next week Mol.
15:35 <Jlun2> if you only need fractite gear, just pm me :P
15:35 <Battleben> Actually I could do it today
15:35 <Jlun2> ign?
15:36 <Battleben> maybe
15:36 <Coelacanth0794> so how should i go about to get the sinkhole task done?
15:37 <Jlun2> go to w134
15:37 <Coelacanth0794> but as in while i am in a sinkhole?
15:37 <Jlun2> through it and kill enemies first
15:37 <Jlun2> while getting exploration tokens and cards
15:37 <Jlun2> pick up resources last
15:41 <Carigun> havent killed anyone for an hour
15:41 <Jlun2> ????
15:41 <Jlun2> then why do you need fractite if you arent going to kill in dg???? 
15:42 <Jlun2> do you only need the gear, or smith lvls too??
15:42 <Jlun2> and pls stop waiting like 5 mins to reply; it's very confusing
15:43 <The Mol Man> jlun, what if he lives on phobos?
15:43 <The Mol Man> and there's a 2.5 minute delay?
15:44 <Jlun2> Even space couldn't stop people from playing R$....
15:45 <Carigun> well i mainly go down there as i can do a small bit on all skills
15:46 <Jlun2> when I meant to not respond after 5 mins, I don't mean resort to 4. >.>
15:46 <Jlun2> bye
15:46 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
15:46 <The Mol Man> that was 2
15:48 <Coelacanth0794> wow that was a lot easier
15:49 <The Mol Man> TyA
15:53 <The Mol Man> 12.9m xp
15:58 -!- IsobelJ has joined Special:Chat
15:59 <IsobelJ> Hey
15:59 <The Mol Man> hi
15:59 <Battleben> I heard it's your birthday
15:59 <Battleben> or did I hear wrong?
15:59 <IsobelJ> It could possibly be my birthday
16:00 <The Mol Man> it's daisy's birthday
16:00 <Battleben> According to your userpage, it is
16:00 <Battleben> So happy birthday.
16:00 <IsobelJ> Yes it is :P Thanks
16:00 -!- Carigun has left Special:Chat.
16:01 <TonyBest100>
16:02 <TonyBest100> lol
16:03 <TonyBest100>
16:03 -!- MAGE-KIL-R has left Special:Chat.
16:19 <The Mol Man> <100k til 99 :ɔ
16:19 <IsobelJ> Div?
16:20 <The Mol Man> yes
16:20 <IsobelJ> Nice :) I just started
16:20 <The Mol Man> gl
16:20 <IsobelJ> Seems good so far
16:20 <The Mol Man> it's pretty monotonous
16:21 <IsobelJ> Would be worse if it needed constant attention
16:21 <The Mol Man> true
16:22 <Battleben> it's slower than fishing apparently
16:22 <Battleben> requires less attention though
16:22 <The Mol Man> it's not really
16:22 <The Mol Man> ~70k an hour
16:22 <Battleben> Well, I hate both.
16:22 <The Mol Man> I've never really timed it
16:22 <Battleben> so whatever
16:23 <The Mol Man> i want 99 fishing, but too boring
16:23 <IsobelJ> Fish Flingers ^^
16:23 <The Mol Man> boring
16:23 <IsobelJ> You don't even like that? :o
16:23 <The Mol Man>
16:23 <The Mol Man> nope lol
16:23 <Battleben> I like fish flingers
16:24 <TonyBest100> lol
16:26 <The Mol Man> [[chronicle fragment]]
16:26 <Demise36> ELEFINT (ELEFINT)
16:27 <The Mol Man> (elefint)
16:27 <The Mol Man> wonder if I can get 10 fragments
16:28 <Battleben> (elefint) that's an emoticon now..
16:28 <Battleben> seriously?
16:28 <Battleben> (elefint)(elefint)(elefint)(elefint)(elefint)(elefint)(elefint)(elefint)
16:28 <Coelacanth0794> gotta go fast
16:28 <Battleben> awe
16:28 <Demise36> wahi
16:29 <Demise36> (elefint)
16:32 -!- MAGE-KIL-R has joined Special:Chat
16:32 <The Mol Man> so who wants to watch me get 99?
16:32 <The Mol Man> :ɔ
16:32 <The Mol Man> coel?
16:32 <Demise36> wahi y u laggy and glitchy
16:32 <Demise36> u suck m0l
16:33 <The Mol Man> usuck
16:33 <The Mol Man> ur like 16 div
16:33 <Coelacanth0794> logged out so i can focus on my thing assignment
16:33 <The Mol Man> div > school
16:33 <Coelacanth0794> school>rs
16:33 <Demise36> cabbage > m0l
16:33 <The Mol Man> feces > demise
16:33 <Coelacanth0794> i can div at any time
16:33 <Demise36> (elefint) > m0l
16:33 <The Mol Man> but you can't see me get 99 at any time
16:33 <Coelacanth0794> grz
16:33 <Demise36> c0el
16:34 <The Mol Man> not yet
16:34 <Demise36> have a elefint
16:34 <The Mol Man> 80k
16:34 <Demise36> (elefint)
16:34 <The Mol Man> plz come :c
16:34 <Coelacanth0794> shoe, demise
16:34 <The Mol Man> shoo*
16:34 <Demise36> C:
16:39 <Demise36> m0l
16:39 <Demise36> ur an elefint
16:39 <Demise36> (elefint)
16:39 <The Mol Man> (elefint)
16:44 -!- Ignis438 has joined Special:Chat
16:45 <Ignis438> can someone direct me to the page that shows outdated images?
16:45 <The Mol Man> [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Obfile]]
16:46 <The Mol Man>
16:46 <Coelacanth0794> or just category:obsolete images
16:46 <Coelacanth0794> probably be friendlier
16:46 <The Mol Man> ya coel, I didn't know exactlt what it was called
16:46 <Ignis438> thank you
16:46 <Coelacanth0794> k
16:46 <The Mol Man> coel, plz come to 99 party :c
16:48 <Coelacanth0794> i am really supposed to be writing this essay
16:48 <The Mol Man> :c
16:48 <The Mol Man> it's in like 40 mins
16:48 <Coelacanth0794> tell me to login when 5 mins
16:48 <The Mol Man> yay
16:48 <Coelacanth0794> i need this done for tues morning
16:49 <The Mol Man> rank 1419
16:50 <The Mol Man> exactly 1400 people have 99 atm
16:50 <The Mol Man> :c not gonna get top 1400 I guess
16:50 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
16:51 <Demise36> nub m0l
16:52 <The Mol Man> gtfo
16:53 <Demise36> (elefint) (elefint) (elefint) (elefint) (elefint) (elefint)
16:53 <Cook Me Plox> why not just do another 10k xp worth
16:53 <The Mol Man> I meant top 1400 to get it
16:53 <The Mol Man> another 15k experience will get me top 1000
16:54 <The Mol Man> probably doing that lol
16:54 <Ignis438> will people playing the html5 version of rs be able to play with ppl on java?
16:54 <TyA> Yes. They already can
16:54 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
16:54 <Ignis438> like on the same servers?
16:54 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
16:55 <Cook Me Plox> yes
16:57 -!- Fearthe1337 has joined Special:Chat
16:57 <Coelacanth0794> ignis+joey
16:58 <Coelacanth0794> when they kiss, their santa hats will never touch
16:58 <Coelacanth0794> happy bday IsobelJ
16:58 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
16:59 <The Mol Man> happy 99 day, mol*
16:59 <Ignis438> my shat will be relevant in a few more months
17:00 <Fearthe1337> mmm cook me plox: , if i trade in challenges during super september, just divide by 1.2?
17:00 <Cook Me Plox> okay
17:00 <Fearthe1337> 1.25 *
17:01 <The Mol Man> 2 isn;t it?
17:01 <The Mol Man> except dg
17:02 <Fearthe1337> wait my bad yea 2
17:02 <Fearthe1337> 69 xp from a daily, so 34.5 xp
17:02 <The Mol Man> 69? lol what?
17:02 <The Mol Man> 69 k you mean I hope
17:02 <Fearthe1337> no
17:03 <The Mol Man> dafuq
17:03 <Fearthe1337> i have a noob acc for warbands
17:03 <Fearthe1337> who was lvl 8 divination
17:03 <The Mol Man> ah
17:03 <The Mol Man> lol
17:03 <Fearthe1337> max for div dailies is like 3k btw -.-
17:03 <The Mol Man> 4.6k for me
17:03 <IsobelJ> Thanks Coel :)
17:04 <Fearthe1337> well. no way it will be 69k :p
17:05 <The Mol Man> well, I didn't know what skill/level lol
17:05 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
17:05 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
17:06 <The Mol Man> Speaking of div...
17:06 <The Mol Man> 13m xp :ɔ
17:07 -!- Ignis438 has left Special:Chat.
17:07 <Obi1137> nice
17:07 <The Mol Man> soooooo
17:07 <The Mol Man> close....
17:07 <Obi1137> 13m xp is 99 right?
17:08 <The Mol Man> 13,034,431
17:08 <The Mol Man> 32k til
17:08 <Obi1137> so close 
17:08 <Fearthe1337> dang nice
17:08 <Obi1137> partay?
17:08 <The Mol Man> my world 89 at first rift for 99 :x
17:08 <Obi1137> first?
17:08 <The Mol Man> in draynor
17:08 <Obi1137> that's uhh, draynor
17:08 <Obi1137> ah
17:09 <The Mol Man> i will transm00t r00n for anyone who gives me adamant
17:10 <The Mol Man> (H)
17:10 <Coelacanth0794> how much addy is it per runite
17:10 <The Mol Man> 6
17:10 <The Mol Man> you'll lose money btw
17:10 <Obi1137> lol
17:10 <The Mol Man> but it's transm00ted r00n
17:10 <The Mol Man> (H)
17:10 <Coelacanth0794> hm
17:15 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
17:17 <Obi1137>
17:17 <Obi1137> /me melts
17:18 -!- Fearthe1337 has left Special:Chat.
17:20 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
17:21 <The Mol Man> <20k til :ɔ
17:25 <Demise36> m0l is a nub
17:25 <The Mol Man> nougtfo
17:25 <Battleben> (pony)
17:25 <Demise36> k...
17:26 <Demise36> (elefint) > (pony)
17:27 <Demise36> (CABBAGE)
17:28 <The Mol Man> <10k til :ɔ
17:28 <The Mol Man> Might as well log in now, coel
17:29 <The Mol Man> SEAN
17:30 <Dogfoger> yep
17:30 <Demise36> (ELEFINT)
17:30 <The Mol Man> wanna watch me get 99 div?
17:30 <Dogfoger> no
17:30 <Dogfoger> Oh
17:30 <Dogfoger> Yeah
17:30 <Dogfoger> world and location
17:30 <The Mol Man> 89, draynor rift
17:31 <Dogfoger> you mean the pales?
17:31 <The Mol Man> yes
17:31 <The Mol Man> coel
17:31 <The Mol Man> coel
17:31 <The Mol Man> coel
17:31 <The Mol Man> :c
17:32 <The Mol Man> ;-;
17:32 <The Mol Man> cmon, i need everyone paying ATTENTION TO [email protected]@@@
17:33 <Demise36> U SUCK
17:33 <Demise36> that is all
17:33 <The Mol Man> usuck
17:33 <Demise36> C:
17:33 <The Mol Man> gtfo
17:33 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
17:33 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
17:34 <The Mol Man> <1k til 99
17:34 <MAGE-KIL-R> very close....
17:35 <The Mol Man> stupid coel :,(
17:36 -!- Spook873 has joined Special:Chat
17:36 <Spook873> anyone know which altars work for the challenge today?
17:37 <The Mol Man> go to the two altars in varrock
17:37 <The Mol Man> then just north of fally
17:37 <Battleben> poh ones, tribute stone, varrock altars, ect
17:37 <Spook873> tribute stone?
17:38 <Spook873> ok thank you
17:40 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
17:40 <Cook Me Plox> hi cuppa
17:40 <Suppa chuppa> hi
17:41 <Demise36> elefint.
17:41 <The Mol Man> suppa
17:41 <Battleben> (elefint)
17:41 <The Mol Man> I 99
17:41 <Suppa chuppa> nice
17:42 <The Mol Man> (qc) My Divination level is 99 (xp: 13,034,454, rank: 1,395). XP until level 100: 1,356,706.
17:43 <The Mol Man> DII time
17:43 -!- Walrus068 has joined Special:Chat
17:44 <Walrus068> dedication
17:44 <The Mol Man> all this for a wiki pic
17:45 <Demise36> nub
17:45 <Walrus068> man you do nothin but wiki
17:45 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
17:45 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
17:45 <Battleben> I killed 40k goblins for a iwki pic
17:45 <Demise36> beat that
17:46 <Demise36> i was with wahi
17:46 <Demise36> every day
17:46 <Battleben> [[File:Goblin champion.png]]
17:46 <Battleben> [[File:Goblin Champion.png]]
17:50 <Coelacanth0794> hello
17:50 <Atheist723> Keep spam clicking [[Meteor Strike]] and died.
17:50 <Atheist723> Forgot target requires at least 50% health.
17:51 <Coelacanth0794> grz on 99 mol
17:51 <The Mol Man> YAY
17:52 <Walrus068> wat
17:53 <Atheist723> Hey, they made magic carpets instant.
17:53 <Atheist723> Oh, congratulations, The Mol Man.
17:53 <The Mol Man> YAY
17:54 <MAGE-KIL-R> grats Mol Man!!
17:54 <Cook Me Plox> grots
17:54 <Cook Me Plox> now get top 1k
17:54 <The Mol Man> YAY
17:55 <The Mol Man> I will
17:55 <Walrus068> mol shut up
17:55 <The Mol Man> YAY!
17:55 <Walrus068> lol
17:56 <The Mol Man> omfg
17:56 <The Mol Man> the untrimmed icon
17:57 <Walrus068> is it hot
17:57 <The Mol Man>
17:57 <The Mol Man> idk if you can see it
17:57 <The Mol Man> might be bugged
17:57 <Atheist723> Looks like Jagex missed a lot of altars with today's challenge
17:57 <Atheist723> .
17:57 <Walrus068> ?
17:58 <The Mol Man> walrus
17:58 <Walrus068> it doesn't look bugged
17:59 <Walrus068> o maybe
17:59 <The Mol Man> that's supposed to be untrimmed icon
17:59 <The Mol Man> I meant upload bugged
17:59 <Walrus068> oh
17:59 <Atheist723> They missed practically every unique altar.
18:00 <The Mol Man> div trim perfectly matches teal in solomon's
18:01 <Dogfoger> /me slaps mol around a bit
18:01 <The Mol Man> gtfo
18:03 <Dogfoger> EEEk
18:03 <Dogfoger> House just got shot
18:04 <The Mol Man> oh hey, confirmed word for div training: "diviner"
18:05 <Atheist723> It is already in the examine text.
18:06 <The Mol Man> I just changed that ya know
18:06 <Atheist723> [[Orla Fairweather]]
18:06 <The Mol Man>
18:06 <The Mol Man> oh
18:06 <The Mol Man> I never examined that noob
18:06 <The Mol Man> I never even talked to her until just now lol
18:06 <The Mol Man> Where did we get the first examine text from? >.>
18:07 <MAGE-KIL-R> perhaps jagex changed it?
18:07 <The Mol Man> I think someone just stole it from the capestand lol
18:07 <MAGE-KIL-R> I bet that's it
18:08 <The Mol Man>
18:08 <The Mol Man> rate my outfit :ɔ
18:09 <Walrus068> could win at wikifest
18:09 <The Mol Man> awww yus
18:09 <Atheist723> ...Weird.
18:09 <The Mol Man> ??????/
18:09 <The Mol Man> I am not weird :c
18:09 <MAGE-KIL-R> why are you div? you have 99!!
18:10 <The Mol Man> energy
18:10 <The Mol Man> also, top 1k
18:10 <Coelacanth0794> ya dat
18:10 <Atheist723> The hat just clashes with the traditional looking robes.
18:10 <The Mol Man> ik athe :/
18:10 <MAGE-KIL-R> too bad you can't recolour hat
18:10 <The Mol Man> I thought it would look good at first
18:12 <Demise36> (elefint)
18:12 <Coelacanth0794> why is crime of the century so good
18:16 <Demise36> Elefint
18:16 <Demise36> cuk
18:16 <Demise36> (elefint)
18:17 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
18:17 <The Mol Man> kq
18:17 <The Mol Man> (qc) My Divination level is 99 (xp: 13,034,454, rank: 1,400). XP until level 100: 1,356,706.
18:17 <The Mol Man> <3
18:17 <TonyBest100>
18:18 <The Mol Man> kq?!?!?!?
18:18 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
18:18 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
18:18 <Kq head> kl
18:18 <Kq head> omg now u can stop diving
18:18 <The Mol Man> nope
18:19 <The Mol Man> 400 ranks to go
18:19 <Kq head> balls
18:19 <The Mol Man> plus like 50k energy?
18:19 <The Mol Man> lol
18:19 <The Mol Man> at vibrants atm
18:19 <Kq head> i just realised if electric eels can use electricity
18:19 <Kq head> then is it possible for an animal to use fire?!
18:19 <Kq head> real life pokemon
18:19 <MAGE-KIL-R> real life dragons?
18:20 <Kq head> yeah but a real dragon would be too heavy to fly
18:20 <Kq head> unless it had massive wings
18:20 <The Mol Man> same is said for the bumble bee
18:20 <Kq head> yeah, except that was a fail
18:21 <MAGE-KIL-R> bumble bee's should use fire
18:21 <Kq head> the wild beedrill used flamethrower
18:21 <The Mol Man> no
18:22 <The Mol Man> they should use ice
18:22 <The Mol Man> and be called bumblefreeze
18:22 <Kq head> bug/ice would be a cool combo
18:23 <The Mol Man> only 2k energy ;-;
18:24 <The Mol Man> also the icon juttonblax gives in the poh is stupid
18:24 <Kq head> so you can
18:24 <Kq head> -type in a name to join instances
18:24 <Kq head> but not
18:24 <Kq head> -type in a name of a person to expel from your home?
18:25 <The Mol Man> lol
18:25 <Kq head> i got the shiny palkia today
18:25 <The Mol Man> finally
18:26 <Kq head> why did they put a shiny lock on zekrom/reshiram/victini yet not have any events or anything for them
18:26 <Kq head> it kinda pisses me off
18:26 <The Mol Man> cause trololololololololololol
18:26 <Kq head> because shiny zekrom is pretty sick
18:26 <The Mol Man> converting to energy is such shitty exp
18:27 <Kq head> apparently a shiny manaphy is theoretically possible if you traded the egg to another game
18:27 <The Mol Man> yes
18:27 <Kq head> except you'd only have 1 shot at it
18:27 <Kq head> so fuck that
18:27 <The Mol Man> not true
18:27 <The Mol Man> reset over and over
18:27 <The Mol Man> until you get the right pid
18:27 -!- Walrus068 has left Special:Chat.
18:27 <Kq head> so you basically have to use the rng to get it
18:28 <The Mol Man> ya know what would be a great home teleport animation?
18:28 <Kq head> toilet
18:28 <The Mol Man> this
18:28 <Kq head> explosive diarrhoea launch
18:29 <The Mol Man> eating yourself
18:29 <Kq head> it's not fair to have the power to break physics
18:30 <Kq head> that's like so overpowered
18:30 <The Mol Man> pinkie breaks physics all the time
18:31 <Kq head> she is theoretically the strongest then
18:31 <Kq head> it's like who needs wings, just defy gravity
18:31 <Coelacanth0794> dunge hards are harder than elites
18:32 <Kq head> srsly though, why does gamefreak do such mysterious things
18:32 <Kq head> your own manaphy will never be shiny
18:32 <Kq head> why? fuck you
18:33 <Coelacanth0794> ehwot
18:33 <The Mol Man> its id is calculated when transfered
18:33 <The Mol Man> if it's shiny, it will recalculate it
18:33 -!- This480 has joined Special:Chat
18:34 <This480> anyone on?
18:34 <The Mol Man> no
18:34 <This480> oh okie dokie
18:34 <The Mol Man> whatcha need?
18:35 <This480> i need spirit shards
18:35 <The Mol Man> go to pikkupstix
18:35 <This480> who the faq is that
18:35 <The Mol Man> the noob in taverley
18:36 <This480> nah i need em for 24gp 
18:36 <MAGE-KIL-R> or you can buy them on g.e.
18:37 <The Mol Man> why 24?
18:37 <The Mol Man> it's not going to make a huge difference
18:37 <Coelacanth0794> lol 24
18:37 <This480> i buy em for 24gp and sell it to the guy next door in taverley for 25
18:37 <Coelacanth0794> i got 99 by buying from pikkup
18:38 <This480> im buyin 100k for 2.3m
18:38 <The Mol Man> that's actually a terribly inefficient way to make money
18:38 <Coelacanth0794> so you're a mercher
18:38 <Coelacanth0794> (n)
18:38 <This480> im merching at same time and doin wine of zammy
18:38 <MAGE-KIL-R> 1 coin profit per shard?
18:38 <This480> ye 
18:38 <Coelacanth0794> bro do you even steel titan
18:38 <The Mol Man> chopping logs is better money
18:38 <This480> im f2p so times are hard i can merch so much if i was mem
18:39 <Coelacanth0794> hmm.
18:39 <MAGE-KIL-R> chop oak logs
18:39 <This480> id rather bonfire em after i cut
18:39 <MAGE-KIL-R> pick flax and sell it
18:39 <This480> flax?
18:39 <Coelacanth0794> oak logs are in demand for construction, of which they are made into oak planks
18:39 <Coelacanth0794> thus it is better money to sell oak logs than to burn them
18:39 <MAGE-KIL-R> flax can be spun into bowstrings....grows in taverly
18:39 <This480> ikr i tried merching 1m of em but didnt work out
18:40 <This480> oh 
18:40 <This480> once i step into teverley im lost idk where shlt is 
18:40 <MAGE-KIL-R> minimap
18:40 <Coelacanth0794> /me gives mol 1 chocolate covered sunflower seed
18:41 <The Mol Man> why chocolate?
18:41 <This480> im busy right now leveling crafting im trying to get accursed urn
18:42 <MAGE-KIL-R> spinning flax into bowstrings gives crafting xp
18:42 <This480> spirit shards are at the top selling 
18:42 <This480> come to world 3 barb vill show me
18:42 <This480> teach me your ways
18:42 <MAGE-KIL-R> just giving suggestions on what will give you both xp and more money than trying to merch shards
18:43 <This480> ik i mostly merch rune full (g) buy for 10% less and sell for reg
18:43 <This480> right now im trying out str ring (t)
18:44 <Coelacanth0794> ammy?*
18:44 <MAGE-KIL-R> I don't merch, so I cannot give you suggestions
18:44 <This480> yeah
18:44 <This480> ammy
18:44 <Coelacanth0794> cook me plox is the mercher master, so ask him
18:45 <This480> cook me plox what would you price str (t) ammy at?
18:46 <This480> epically broke rn 640K left
18:48 <Cook Me Plox> how much money do you have?
18:54 <This480> i used to have 4m
18:54 <This480> doubler scammed me
18:56 <Kq head> whenever i see a doubler or lurer i always expose them for everyone to see...
18:56 <Kq head> and somebody still falls for it 5 minutes later
18:58 <This480> lol first he doubled my 2m got the 4m after then after he take 4m he teleport away
18:59 <Battleben> Fun fact:
18:59 <Battleben> There's no such thing as a legit money double
18:59 <Battleben> doubler*
18:59 <Battleben> They're ALL scammers.
18:59 <Kq head> You should be a legit money doubler just to trick people lol
18:59 <The Mol Man> not true
18:59 <The Mol Man> I've done it before
18:59 <The Mol Man> just as a fuck you to scammers
19:00 <Kq head> and then log out mysteriously and people say "lol he scamed u" but you didnt take any money
19:00 <Kq head> hot/cold x1.3 legit
19:00 <This480> lol
19:02 <This480> ugh i have to spend about a week again at wine of zammy to get that money back
19:02 -!- Walrus068 has joined Special:Chat
19:02 <Kq head> meanwhile, the doubler probably made 40m in that time
19:02 <Kq head> either that or he's banned
19:03 <Kq head> trust nobody
19:03 <This480> lol true
19:04 <This480> lol i trust my runescape friends more than my real friends, ik that i can trust em with my bank while my real friends after HS they would take shiit and think we willl never cross paths 
19:05 <Kq head> i trust nobody, ever
19:06 <This480> lol trust issues 
19:06 <Demise36> G U Y S
19:06 <This480> hi
19:06 <Demise36> wanna help me get keepsaked primal ls
19:06 <Kq head> i don't even trust coelacanth
19:06 <Demise36> ?????????????????
19:06 <Coelacanth0794> ok
19:06 <Kq head> lol no
19:06 <Demise36> c0el
19:06 <Demise36> help
19:06 <Coelacanth0794> til i cannot be trusted
19:06 <Coelacanth0794> gtfo demise i need primal for binding
19:07 <The Mol Man> I completed pass the port
19:07 <The Mol Man> by killing he boss
19:07 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
19:07 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
19:07 <Battleben> kay
19:07 <Battleben> got membership on n00b account in preperation for birthright
19:07 <Kq head> yeah coel i can trust you with wiki stuff
19:07 <Kq head> but nothing else
19:07 <Coelacanth0794>  can it do botd?
19:07 <Kq head> so you could probably use that to rob me
19:07 <Battleben> depending on when it's released, I may also be able to do Icthlarin's Little Helperrr
19:07 <Battleben> No, coel :P
19:08 <Coelacanth0794> did you orb kringk yet ben
19:08 <This480> sell wine of zammy
19:09 <This480> B> Acc Any Skill with 99 4m 
19:09 <Coelacanth0794> huh?
19:09 <Coelacanth0794> account selling?
19:10 <This480> im buyin
19:10 <Coelacanth0794> no buying or selling accounts
19:10 <This480> too late
19:10 -!- This480 was kicked from Special:Chat by Coelacanth0794
19:10 -!- This480 has left Special:Chat.
19:10 <Coelacanth0794> then begone
19:10 <Kq head> didn't he say he lost 4m
19:11 -!- This480 has joined Special:Chat
19:11 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
19:11 <This480> i was jokin
19:11 <This480> lol
19:11 <Coelacanth0794> no you werent
19:11 <This480> and its impossible to buy acc
19:12 <Coelacanth0794> then why did you bother to ask for an account to buy?
19:12 <This480> idk just to test the possibiity someone would say something
19:13 <Coelacanth0794> you should know better than to break rules just because you wanna see the reaction
19:13 <The Mol Man> calm down
19:14 <Coelacanth0794> go away mol
19:14 <The Mol Man> No, seriously
19:14 <The Mol Man> calm down
19:14 <The Mol Man> it's not a big deal
19:14 <Kq head> Yah it is
19:14 <Kq head> overruled 2 to 1
19:14 <This480> Yeah shut up mol its a big deal you have to work for your shlt
19:14 <This480> trolololol if you cant beat em join em
19:15 -!- This480 was kicked from Special:Chat by Coelacanth0794
19:15 -!- This480 has left Special:Chat.
19:15 <Kq head> wtf coel
19:15 <Coelacanth0794> just a troll then
19:15 <Kq head> no like wtf dude
19:15 <TonyBest100> He was weird
19:15 <Cook Me Plox> Do we want to use the Darwin skin early?
19:15 <The Mol Man> no
19:15 <Kq head> the dar who
19:15 <Coelacanth0794> what is darwin skin
19:15 <Cook Me Plox> Why not? It honestly seems like a good thing
19:15 <Kq head> [[Darwin skin]]
19:15 <Cook Me Plox> Coel, the main thing is that it has a fluid width
19:16 <Cook Me Plox> Kq, it's a Wikia thing
19:16 <Cook Me Plox> Change from Oasis
19:16 <Kq head> change is bad
19:16 <Coelacanth0794> could i have a link to the blog about it?
19:17 -!- Walrus068 has left Special:Chat.
19:18 <Kq head> No, you may not.
19:19 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
19:19 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
19:20 <Demise36> .
19:22 <Kq head> [[File:Larriar inspiration.jpg]]
19:22 <Kq head> jmods do the craziest things
19:22 -!- Smithing has joined Special:Chat
19:25 <TonyBest100> da hell is that image >.<
19:25 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
19:25 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
19:27 <Kq head> be careful, famous players
19:27 <Kq head> jagex gon' take your name!
19:27 <Coelacanth0794> the divingineering master is DarDon?
19:27 <Kq head> "According to Mod Mark, Zezima is arguably the most famous player of the game.[7] In 2007, he made it onto the list of biggest role models in a study done by Cartoon Network's New Generations show."
19:27 <Kq head> Role model. ok
19:28 <Coelacanth0794> the new slayer master is Saysemma
19:28 <Kq head> person who sells skillcape of jagwiki edits
19:28 <Kq head> Cook It Good
19:29 <Kq head> No wait it's...
19:29 <Kq head> Cooket Plaius
19:29 <Kq head> Cookette.
19:30 -!- Obi1137 has left Special:Chat.
19:30 -!- Obi1137 has joined Special:Chat
19:32 <Coelacanth0794> sue oh my
19:32 <Coelacanth0794> aka "off to play dota2"
19:32 -!- MAGE-KIL-R has left Special:Chat.
19:41 <Coelacanth0794> done
19:42 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
19:43 -!- Smithing has left Special:Chat.
19:51 <Battleben> hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
19:52 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
19:53 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
19:53 <Battleben> note to self: orb Krink
19:54 <Battleben> Bye n00bs
19:54 <The Mol Man> [[guard room key]]
19:55 <Battleben> (elefint)
19:55 -!- Battleben has left Special:Chat.
20:06 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
20:06 <Kq head> [[Krink]] who
20:06 <Kq head> [[Kringk]]
20:07 <Kq head> gross
20:08 <The Mol Man>!
20:08 <The Mol Man> coel
20:08 <The Mol Man> delete
20:09 <Kq head> barbarian assault hats need new chatheads
20:09 <Kq head> because duel arena
20:11 -!- Gian1001 has joined Special:Chat
20:12 <Gian1001> hi guys
20:12 <Gian1001> I have a question
20:12 <Gian1001> does the kalphite queen is easy?
20:12 <Gian1001> kalphite king*
20:15 <The Mol Man> no
20:16 <Gian1001> can someone solo it?
20:16 <Gian1001> or it's very dificult?
20:16 <The Mol Man> no
20:17 <Suppa chuppa> kalphite king?
20:17 <Suppa chuppa> it has been solo'd, but it's tough
20:17 <Gian1001> yes
20:17 <Gian1001> because on the rs of 2012 it was easy 
20:17 <Suppa chuppa> only a couple people have managed, i believe
20:17 <Gian1001> xD
20:17 <Suppa chuppa> it didn't come out until this year i thought
20:17 <Suppa chuppa> [[KK]]
20:18 <Suppa chuppa> yeah, came out january of this year
20:18 <Suppa chuppa> didn't exist in 2012, are you thinking of another monster?
20:18 -!- Fran4001 has joined Special:Chat
20:18 <Gian1001> ohhh my bad
20:18 <Fran4001> He tought it was kalphite queen
20:18 <Gian1001> yes 
20:18 <Gian1001> lol
20:18 <Fran4001> hes retarded
20:18 <Fran4001> mind him
20:19 <Suppa chuppa> lol
20:19 <Fran4001> i can solo nex
20:19 <Fran4001> with
20:19 <Fran4001> a
20:19 <Fran4001> rune crossbow
20:19 <Fran4001> and a yak with sharks
20:20 <Suppa chuppa> lol
20:20 <Fran4001> Laugh
20:20 <Fran4001> all you want
20:20 <Fran4001> but it's true
20:20 <Suppa chuppa> is nex easier post-eoc?
20:21 <Fran4001> no
20:21 <Fran4001> i lost full torva
20:21 <Fran4001> trying to kill him
20:21 <Fran4001> with 20 summoning
20:21 <Suppa chuppa> that sucks
20:21 <Fran4001> lolol
20:21 <Suppa chuppa> 20 summoning? >_>
20:21 <Fran4001> ikr
20:21 <Fran4001> yes
20:22 <Fran4001> summoning gives me dick pain
20:22 <Coelacanth0794> got Epic Epic done
20:24 <Fran4001> im gonna call mod mark
20:24 <Fran4001> hes currently in cambrige
20:24 <Kq head> what are you gonna tell him
20:24 <Fran4001> cambridge*
20:24 <Fran4001> im
20:24 <Fran4001> gonna tell him
20:24 <Fran4001> to come over here
20:26 -!- Beeptoaster has joined Special:Chat
20:26 <Beeptoaster> hello
20:26 <Obi1137> hi
20:26 <Beeptoaster> how are you guys today?
20:26 <Obi1137> just lurking as usual
20:27 <Beeptoaster> im just throwing logs into a fire
20:27 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
20:27 <The Mol Man> I'm bank standing in a dungeon
20:27 <Beeptoaster> also trying to figure out where to level my magic at
20:28 <The Mol Man> lvl atm>
20:28 <The Mol Man> ?
20:28 <Beeptoaster> 13
20:28 <The Mol Man> oh
20:28 <The Mol Man> just kill random monsters
20:29 <Beeptoaster> k
20:30 <Fran4001> Ok
20:30 <The Mol Man> [[celestial catalytic staff]]
20:31 -!- Dogfoger has left Special:Chat.
20:31 -!- Dogfoger has joined Special:Chat
20:31 <Beeptoaster> darn
20:32 <The Mol Man> ?
20:33 <Beeptoaster> i want that staff
20:33 <Beeptoaster> :c
20:34 <The Mol Man> only usable in daem :x
20:34 <Beeptoaster> i know
20:34 <The Mol Man> I have it bound
20:34 <Beeptoaster> i only just hit over 500k exp
20:34 <The Mol Man> I'll probably never use it
20:35 <Beeptoaster> so im nowhere near a level 99 in anythnig
20:35 <The Mol Man> 99 is overrated
20:37 <Coelacanth0794> he said hours after he gets 99 div
20:38 <The Mol Man> just needed the DII
20:38 -!- Gian1001 has left Special:Chat.
20:39 -!- Gian1001 has joined Special:Chat
20:39 -!- Walrus068 has joined Special:Chat
20:40 -!- Gian1001 has left Special:Chat.
20:40 <Dogfoger> .
20:40 <Dogfoger> [[kq]]
20:41 <Fran4001> Hi
20:41 <Fran4001> im mod mark
20:41 <Coelacanth0794> sure you are.
20:41 -!- Gian1001 has joined Special:Chat
20:41 <Dogfoger> [[Kree]]
20:42 <Fran4001> Wanna work at mark donalds for 6$ an hour
20:42 <The Mol Man> Please leave
20:42 <Fran4001> il give you a chance to buy spins
20:42 -!- Fran4001 was kicked from Special:Chat by Coelacanth0794
20:42 <Fran4001> did you know im so smart
20:42 -!- Fran4001 has left Special:Chat.
20:42 <Coelacanth0794> ass, meet boot
20:42 <Gian1001> guys
20:42 <Coelacanth0794> wat
20:42 <Gian1001> where can I find the page for
20:42 <The Mol Man> What's the shape of Italy, fran?
20:43 <Gian1001> 07 ?
20:43 <The Mol Man> [[Old School RuneScape]]
20:45 -!- Spineweilder has joined Special:Chat
20:47 -!- Gian1001 has left Special:Chat.
20:48 -!- Gian1001 has joined Special:Chat
20:49 <Kq head> wear elegant blouse and skirt with a beret and scarf as a male character
20:49 <Kq head> see how many people call you weird
20:49 -!- Walrus068 has left Special:Chat.
20:49 <The Mol Man> wear all pink + unicorn mask
20:50 <Kq head> yeah but it's a common outfit for females who do practically nothing and follow dance
20:50 <Kq head> it was common for flower bots too, i think lol
20:51 <Coelacanth0794> here's to not updating the ooo on release of birthright
20:51 <Coelacanth0794> *jagex employees raise glasses*
20:51 -!- Mod Mark Ogilvie has joined Special:Chat
20:51 -!- Mod Mark Ogilvie was kicked from Special:Chat by Coelacanth0794
20:51 -!- Mod Mark Ogilvie has left Special:Chat.
20:51 <Obi1137> ooo?
20:51 <The Mol Man> what the fuck
20:51 <The Mol Man> that's supposed to be blocked
20:51 <Suppa chuppa> blocking, coel?
20:51 <Suppa chuppa> yeah, it should
20:51 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
20:51 <Kq head> I'm surprised it wasn't "Ogivile" or "Ogville"
20:52 <Jlun2> ?
20:52 <Obi1137> Is that an impersonator?
20:52 <The Mol Man> is the black list broken?
20:52 <The Mol Man> JLUN I AM 99
20:52 <The Mol Man> yes obi
20:52 <Obi1137> Lol
20:52 <Jlun2> what block?
20:52 <Obi1137> Oh and gratz on the 99 Div!
20:52 <Obi1137> I missed it, didn't I :/
20:52 <Jlun2> now go get 99 fletch
20:52 <The Mol Man> yes >:I
20:52 <The Mol Man> getting energy atm
20:53 <The Mol Man> (qc) My Divination level is 99 (xp: 13,034,454, rank: 1,412). XP until level 100: 1,356,706.
20:53 <The Mol Man> D: that's a lower rank than when I actually got 99
20:53 <Kq head> i saw a guy claiming to be from Miami
20:53 <The Mol Man> lol, Miami is a made up city
20:53 <Kq head> considering he had a 'murican accent
20:53 <Kq head> it was probably true
20:53 <Jlun2>
20:54 <Kq head> <- made up wiki article
20:54 <The Mol Man> not made up
20:54 <The Mol Man> it's an article on a fictional place
20:54 <The Mol Man> Suppa
20:54 <The Mol Man> how the fuck did he bypass that?
20:54 <Suppa chuppa> not sure
20:54 <Jlun2> ?
20:54 <Kq head> RSChatBot helped him
20:55 <Kq head> it has become sentient
20:55 <The Mol Man> suppa can you go the blacklist
20:55 <The Mol Man> and add an extra line break before each comment
20:55 <Suppa chuppa> link?
20:55 <Jlun2> which user?
20:55 <The Mol Man>
20:55 <Jlun2>
20:56 <Jlun2> ???
20:56 <The Mol Man> tbh
20:56 <The Mol Man> can be 99 fletch in what? 3 days?
20:56 <Jlun2>
20:57 <Jlun2> what happened??
20:57 <Suppa chuppa> Jlun2:
20:57 <Kq head> lol ansela got blocked?
20:57 <The Mol Man> not really lol
20:57 <The Mol Man> more like, why'd we take so long
20:58 <Jlun2> edit warring? well, at least she's better than a certain user who's pretending to give a crap about the wiki at least....
20:58 <Suppa chuppa> who?
20:58 <The Mol Man> stop it jlun
20:58 <The Mol Man> suppa
20:58 <Kq head> I genuinely wonder who that could be
20:58 <The Mol Man> remove the ^User:
20:58 <Suppa chuppa> k
20:59 <Kq head> "INFINITE YEARS" -Coelacanth
20:59 <The Mol Man> that's not on the example page on MW, so I guess it's the problem
20:59 <The Mol Man> So I think it's trying to block stuff like User:User:Mod.*
20:59 -!- Spook873 has left Special:Chat.
20:59 <The Mol Man> now we need to try making a Mod account 
20:59 <Suppa chuppa> yeah, someone try it
20:59 <Hairr> mod hair
20:59 <Hairr> pls
20:59 <The Mol Man> do it hairr
20:59 <The Mol Man> TRY IT
21:00 <Kq head> "Sir Fapalot"
21:00 <Kq head> "Sir Donald Fapalot"
21:00 <Kq head> "Dontbanmeitsfapalot"
21:00 <Kq head> Typical.
21:00 <Jlun2> @kq
21:00 <Jlun2> check the chat log for those days >.>
21:00 <Coelacanth0794> plixyploxdontbanmeiamfapalot
21:00 <Jlun2> it was weird
21:00 <Coelacanth0794> and then
21:00 <Coelacanth0794> plixyploxdontbanmeiamfapalot2
21:01 <Kq head> did i even come here on the 21st
21:01 <Kq head> i forgot
21:01 <Kq head> oh for a little while :o
21:02 -!- Mod Hair has joined Special:Chat
21:02 <Mod Hair> mod hair rules
21:02 -!- Mod Hair was kicked from Special:Chat by Suppa chuppa
21:02 -!- Mod Hair has left Special:Chat.
21:02 <Kq head> Mod Neeeeeerrrr
21:02 <Suppa chuppa> nou
21:02 <Jlun2> coel
21:02 <Coelacanth0794> what
21:02 <Hairr> Suppa AGF that mod hair guy was nice
21:02 <Hairr> :((
21:02 <Kq head> Ermagherd
21:02 <Kq head> Merd Herr rewls
21:02 <Jlun2> what do you mean infinite years for the 3 day block?
21:04 <The Mol Man>
21:04 <Hairr> coel that way me
21:04 <Hairr> you dummy
21:04 <Hairr> was*
21:04 <Hairr> Don't get me blocked lol
21:04 <Coelacanth0794> it's the right way
21:04 -!- Gian1001 has left Special:Chat.
21:05 <Kq head> "gen 10 sucks" -The Mol Man
21:05 <Coelacanth0794> wut
21:05 <Jlun2> @mol
21:05 <Jlun2>
21:05 <Kq head> ermagherd chert lergs
21:06 <Kq head> lolol wiki "image manager"
21:07 <Spineweilder> how deer you insult me
21:07 <Kq head> i would call myself "image d00d"
21:07 <The Mol Man> you were insulting yourself
21:07 <Kq head> spine i saw ur images on 07 wiki
21:07 <The Mol Man> just make your flair say "I take pix0rz"
21:07 <Coelacanth0794> spine is just so insultable
21:07 <Kq head> good job on making that wiki less crap
21:07 <Kq head> *applause*
21:08 <The Mol Man> actually he made it worse
21:08 <The Mol Man> because now it's greater contrast against the shit
21:08 <Jlun2> now do the same for the jag wiki ;)
21:08 <The Mol Man> making the net shittiness go up
21:08 <Spineweilder> Yes kq
21:09 <Kq head> so is it ok to use historical images from this wiki on 07 wiki
21:09 <Spineweilder> yeah sure
21:09 <Spineweilder> so long as it's not post-era
21:09 <Kq head> eeeeeeeee
21:09 <Jlun2> we steal/borrow from jag wiki and vice versa :P
21:09 <Kq head> now i can fulfil ocd
21:09 <Spineweilder> also kq, vice versa works too
21:10 <Kq head> hmm i think aberrant spect(er) should be a redirect on 07 wiki because some n00bcakez can't seem to get it right in articles
21:10 <Kq head> and you end up with so many red links
21:10 <Kq head> [[File:Aberrant specter old.png]] is this 07 era
21:10 <Kq head> it doesn't look jagged enough imo
21:11 <Spineweilder> seeing as it's uploaded from 2006
21:11 <Spineweilder> go ahead
21:11 <Jlun2> is anyone lagging here?
21:11 <Kq head> yah but...
21:11 <Kq head> it looks soooo smooth for 07
21:11 <Spineweilder> hmm 
21:12 <Spineweilder> it's transed weird
21:12 <Spineweilder> lemme non aa trans
21:12 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
21:12 <Coelacanth0794> now that im done my essay part of me wants to draw more
21:13 <Coelacanth0794> but first bol
21:13 <Coelacanth0794>
21:13 <Kq head> [[File:Kurask.png]] [[File:Kurask2.png]]
21:13 <Kq head> anyone think these should be moved
21:13 <Kq head> first is historical
21:14 <Coelacanth0794> the lighting on current image is bad
21:14 -!- BrenRS has joined Special:Chat
21:14 <Spineweilder> nub bren
21:14 <Hairr> hi bren
21:14 <The Mol Man> go get #1 ffs
21:14 <Coelacanth0794> i do agree with kq tho
21:14 <Coelacanth0794> kurask old and kurask
21:14 <BrenRS> lol mol man
21:14 <BrenRS> I had to leave house yesterday all day
21:15 <Spineweilder> what's leave
21:15 <BrenRS> and yeah I was 12k behind
21:15 <The Mol Man> you gonna let that bitch be 20k ahead of you?
21:15 <Kq head> oldest image of terror dog... has part of its foot missing
21:15 <Coelacanth0794>
21:15 <BrenRS> and era of sins goes about same speed as me
21:15 <Hairr> #1 in what
21:15 -!- Stinkowing has joined Special:Chat
21:15 <The Mol Man> play all day
21:15 <BrenRS> era of sins will win if they go strong
21:15 <BrenRS> no I'd rather do div
21:15 <The Mol Man> fuck him, go get #1
21:16 <The Mol Man> lol guy named burger king
21:16 <TonyBest100> lol
21:16 <The Mol Man> golden mining suit+royal crown
21:16 <BrenRS> I'd rather do red imp kills
21:16 <The Mol Man> here he is
21:16 <The Mol Man> and with a bonus
21:16 <The Mol Man> I have a retarded face
21:16 <The Mol Man>
21:17 <Coelacanth0794> it's a good suit
21:17 <BrenRS> mol man, use puush..
21:17 <The Mol Man> why?
21:17 <Spineweilder> kq
21:17 <The Mol Man> imgur is faster
21:18 <BrenRS> well, time to submit charm log here we go
21:18 <BrenRS> [[Cow]]
21:18 <Spineweilder> kanakanohikana
21:18 <BrenRS> I can already tell you gold charm is 0%
21:18 <Spineweilder>
21:18 <Kq head> yuh
21:18 <Spineweilder> KQ
21:18 <Spineweilder> das good
21:18 <Spineweilder> more jagged
21:18 <Kq head> ok
21:18 <The Mol Man> spine
21:18 <The Mol Man> do a non aa trans
21:18 <Spineweilder> use that for 07 wiki
21:18 <Kq head> hao do i get it without black background
21:19 <Kq head> cuz annoying
21:19 <Spineweilder> it is non-aa
21:19 <Spineweilder> save the image
21:19 <The Mol Man> retrans it without AA again
21:19 <BrenRS> it won't let me add 65k kills -.-
21:19 <Spineweilder> the image IS non-aa
21:19 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
21:19 <The Mol Man> ik
21:19 <The Mol Man> do another trans of it
21:19 <The Mol Man> redundantly
21:19 <Spineweilder> the trans'd image IS non0aa
21:19 <The Mol Man> ik
21:19 <Spineweilder> just upload bug
21:19 <The Mol Man> redo it for fun
21:20 <BrenRS> why can't I submit charm log for 65k cows?
21:20 <Suppa chuppa> max is like 10k
21:20 <Suppa chuppa> i forget
21:20 <The Mol Man> too high
21:20 <The Mol Man> just give suppa the number
21:20 <The Mol Man> he'll add em in
21:20 <Spineweilder> do it in intervals of 10k
21:20 <Spineweilder> suppa is log king
21:21 <The Mol Man> give it to suppa*
21:21 <Suppa chuppa> lol
21:21 <Spineweilder> literally and figuratively
21:21 <BrenRS> Suppa chuppa, 65,903 kills
21:21 <BrenRS> Gold: 0
21:21 <BrenRS> Green: 2578
21:21 <BrenRS> Crimson: 149
21:21 <BrenRS> Blue: 34
21:21 <Suppa chuppa> dang, 0 gold?
21:21 <Suppa chuppa> k
21:21 <BrenRS> idk why it shows 2% for gold charms...
21:21 <BrenRS> yeah I'll recheck imp
21:21 <Suppa chuppa> make sure you don't have it converting gold to xp
21:21 <Suppa chuppa> lol
21:22 <BrenRS> wow
21:22 <BrenRS> my imp
21:22 <BrenRS> was converting them
21:22 <Spineweilder> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
21:22 <BrenRS> wanna just make it up?
21:22 <Spineweilder> @@@@@@@@@@@
21:22 -!- Obi1137 has left Special:Chat.
21:22 <BrenRS> I mean the number is pretty big
21:22 -!- Obi1137 has joined Special:Chat
21:22 <Suppa chuppa> any way of checking summoning xp gained?
21:22 <The Mol Man> ...
21:22 <Suppa chuppa> since you started
21:22 <BrenRS> yes
21:22 <Kq head> wat
21:22 <BrenRS> when did farmyard rampage come out?
21:22 <Spineweilder> want me to restore it
21:22 <Kq head> i'm hoping this is just dumb people uploading current images
21:23 <Suppa chuppa> well just check the xp and divide by 4
21:23 <Kq head> no just wondering
21:23 <Suppa chuppa> uh
21:23 <Kq head> what the images were
21:23 <Suppa chuppa> sept 20
21:23 <Kq head> because if i upload the correct one it shouldn't be a problem
21:23 <Spineweilder> must've been post-era
21:23 <Spineweilder> yeah go ahead
21:23 <BrenRS> This is what I see...
21:23 <BrenRS> Don't think I used a familiar during this lol
21:23 <BrenRS> Pretty sure I just camped here
21:23 <Dogfoger> /me wants one of them glass toasters
21:24 <The Mol Man> like 600 gold?
21:24 <The Mol Man> cbf to add
21:24 <Dogfoger> tired of burnt toast
21:24 <BrenRS> [[charming imp]]
21:24 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
21:25 <Suppa chuppa> looks like 556
21:25 <BrenRS> I did 0.02*65,903
21:25 <BrenRS> and got 1318
21:26 <The Mol Man> 556 is better
21:26 <BrenRS> omg I just wish it picked up gold -.-
21:26 <BrenRS> spine did you change it on accident? :P
21:27 <The Mol Man> hairrrrrrrr
21:27 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
21:27 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
21:27 <The Mol Man> :ɔ
21:27 <BrenRS> you think it will mess up data much? I mean 65k kills is a LOT for cows x[)
21:27 <Dogfoger>
21:27 <Dogfoger> how awesome is this
21:28 <Kq head> pretty awesome
21:28 -!- Mr.WhiteHat has joined Special:Chat
21:28 <Suppa chuppa> i'll use it
21:28 <Dogfoger> costs a fuck ton but it's awesome
21:28 <The Mol Man> tbh
21:28 <The Mol Man> delete data
21:28 <The Mol Man> change to bren's
21:28 <The Mol Man> (H)
21:28 <Mr.WhiteHat> What are good combat stats for solo-ing bandos?
21:28 <Dogfoger> I would make toast every day if I had one
21:28 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
21:28 <The Mol Man> like 80+
21:28 <Dogfoger> I hate toast purely because it's always burnt
21:28 <BrenRS> yeah mol man srs because look at the data
21:28 <BrenRS> doesn't match with mine
21:28 <Dogfoger> How do restaurants always get it so perfect?
21:28 <Mr.WhiteHat> and duo?
21:29 <BrenRS> that's for green/crimson/blue at least
21:29 <The Mol Man> probably same deal
21:29 <The Mol Man> maybe 70+
21:29 <Mr.WhiteHat> kk thanks
21:29 <Mr.WhiteHat> any boss I can solo with 70 stats?
21:29 <Suppa chuppa> hm, you could do the kbd >_>
21:29 <Suppa chuppa> but that's not the best boss to solo
21:29 <The Mol Man> Don't kill the Mole
21:30 <Dogfoger> KQ
21:30 <Suppa chuppa> kill even
21:30 <Dogfoger> KQ is really easy now
21:30 <Dogfoger> heck, Nex is really easy now
21:30 <Dogfoger> or so I've heard
21:30 <Mr.WhiteHat> kq?
21:30 <Dogfoger> never actually "wrecked" her
21:30 <The Mol Man> no, leave kq alone :c
21:30 <Dogfoger> [[Kalphite Queen]]
21:30 <Mr.WhiteHat> mmh thanks
21:30 <The Mol Man> if you're only level 70, training should be a higher priority
21:30 <Mr.WhiteHat> yeaaa
21:30 <BrenRS> oh wow now I know...
21:30 <Dogfoger> I can't even "wreck" QBD
21:31 <BrenRS> it's Charm namespace and then the npc name
21:31 <The Mol Man> I can
21:31 <BrenRS> now I know if it gives me that problem
21:31 <The Mol Man> I accidentally killed her once, sean
21:31 <The Mol Man> that's how good I am
21:31 <Dogfoger> Yeah? Well i accidentally killed Kree'arra!
21:31 <The Mol Man> no
21:31 <The Mol Man> you accidentally continued after your friend left
21:31 <Coelacanth0794> i cannot total qbd cuz i have no 90 weapons
21:32 <BrenRS> Should I do 32,952 kills (half more) and see how many gold I get?
21:32 <Dogfoger> If I had known he had left I woulda tele'd the hell outa there
21:32 <Suppa chuppa> sure
21:32 <BrenRS> hmm
21:32 <The Mol Man> you can kick qbd ass with chaotics
21:32 <BrenRS> I just don't know how accurate those numbers are
21:32 <BrenRS> for summoning xp
21:32 <Dogfoger> Mol
21:33 <The Mol Man> ???
21:33 <Dogfoger> I kicked her ass with an EE and a vine whip
21:33 <Dogfoger> up until her 4th phase
21:33 <Kq head> does kq still have that 100% accuracy
21:33 <Spineweilder> hmm
21:33 <Kq head> because if so, it's not easy for anyone who actually needs a d chain
21:33 <Dogfoger> who the heck needs a d chain
21:33 <The Mol Man> I got d chain from kq once
21:33 <The Mol Man> was awesome
21:33 <Kq head> i got a d2h
21:33 <Dogfoger> Mol
21:33 <The Mol Man> also gotten one from dusts :x
21:33 <Dogfoger> I got a d chain from dusties
21:34 <Dogfoger> oh crap
21:34 <The Mol Man> I have too
21:34 <Kq head> and of course i found what i named my account after
21:34 <Dogfoger> there goes my trump card
21:34 <The Mol Man> i could win still, sean
21:34 <The Mol Man> (qc) My Divination level is 99 (xp: 13,047,710, rank: 1,042). XP until level 100: 1,343,450.
21:34 <The Mol Man> holy shit
21:34 <Dogfoger> where does Divination play into this?
21:34 <The Mol Man> that many ranks from like 1k xp
21:34 <The Mol Man> daaayyyuuuummm
21:34 <The Mol Man> idk
21:35 <The Mol Man> I got it today and I'm so happy yo ^.^
21:35 <Dogfoger> it doesn't
21:35 <The Mol Man> let me be happy :c
21:35 <The Mol Man> :ɔ
21:35 <Dogfoger> I got 99 magic on the 3rd of may and I'm still happy
21:35 <The Mol Man> happy mol
21:35 <The Mol Man> happy happy happy mol
21:35 <Dogfoger> cause it was my first
21:35 <The Mol Man> (y)
21:35 <Dogfoger> /me pops Mol's happy
21:35 <The Mol Man> is it untrim?
21:35 <Dogfoger> yah untrim
21:35 <Dogfoger> for now
21:35 <The Mol Man> [[magic cape]]
21:35 <Dogfoger> (qc) My Construction level is 79 (xp: 1,961,247, rank: 69,921). XP until level 80: 24,821.
21:36 <The Mol Man> cool
21:36 <Dogfoger> damnit
21:36 <The Mol Man> you need to pose
21:36 <Dogfoger> (qc) My Construction level is 79 (xp: 1,961,247, rank: 69,921). XP until level 80: 24,821.
21:36 <Kq head>
21:36 <Kq head> would you rather play post-eoc rs, or this?
21:36 <The Mol Man> keepake untrim magic
21:36 <Dogfoger> fuck it
21:36 <Dogfoger> (qc) My Constitution level is 97 (xp: 11,548,872, rank: 106,108). XP until level 98: 256,734.
21:36 <Dogfoger> there lol
21:36 <The Mol Man> sean keepsake
21:36 <Dogfoger> I keepsaked my qpc
21:36 <Dogfoger> Which I am still happy about
21:36 <The Mol Man> get another keepsake
21:37 <Dogfoger> I have 2 more keepsakes
21:37 <The Mol Man> have spine/coel do a pic of you with untrim magic plz
21:37 <Spineweilder> hmm
21:37 <Dogfoger> Just dunno what I should use em on
21:37 <Dogfoger> spine stop brooding
21:37 <Coelacanth0794> ibis ofc
21:37 <The Mol Man> i summoned him noob
21:37 <Dogfoger> Ibis would be awesome
21:37 <The Mol Man> one of you 2 needs to get sean's untrim mage
21:37 <Dogfoger> Was gonna use it on arma but I have no gold
21:37 <Spineweilder> ok
21:37 <Kq head> I must kill the Ibis Trigger
21:37 <Kq head> -Sliver the Hegehog
21:37 <Spineweilder> Sean 
21:37 <Dogfoger> what
21:37 <Spineweilder> My house my world
21:37 <Coelacanth0794> the wut
21:38 <The Mol Man> coel
21:38 <Coelacanth0794> ?
21:38 <The Mol Man> show me pixor
21:38 <Dogfoger> Spine there is no difference between the keepsake and the original
21:38 <Coelacanth0794> huh?
21:38 <The Mol Man> your griffon
21:38 <Dogfoger> mol is messing with you
21:38 <Coelacanth0794>
21:38 <Coelacanth0794> oh my drawing
21:38 <The Mol Man> i;m not sean
21:38 <Spineweilder> "have spine/coel do a pic of you with untrim magic plz" is all i heard
21:38 <Kq head> amg its bootiful
21:38 <The Mol Man> we need a new untrim magic pic, sean
21:38 <The Mol Man> with hood and shit
21:38 <Kq head> coel i didn kno u draw applejak as well
21:38 <Dogfoger> We do?
21:38 <Dogfoger> Oh
21:38 <Dogfoger> Let me go by another
21:38 <Coelacanth0794> hue
21:39 <Dogfoger> You're in Yannille yeah spine?
21:39 <Spineweilder> mhm
21:39 <Spineweilder> 77
21:40 <Coelacanth0794> are you headachelesS?
21:40 <Kq head> dose any1 wanna pixor me wearing white ele
21:40 <Kq head> and other eles
21:40 <Kq head> because
21:41 <BrenRS> [[white elegant]]
21:41 <BrenRS> hmm
21:41 <BrenRS> you have enough for all sets?
21:41 <BrenRS> was hoping we could get all reworked
21:41 <Kq head> i have male red, female others but no purple
21:42 <Kq head> i could afford all, but...
21:42 <Dogfoger> lmao!
21:42 <Kq head> dunno if they'd resell
21:42 <Dogfoger> Accidentally attacked a wizard
21:42 <Dogfoger> Tried to run but couldn't
21:42 <Coelacanth0794> frontshots of those would probably suffice
21:42 <Kq head> i may as well do it
21:42 <BrenRS> I'll buy some [email protected]
21:42 <Kq head> i got 'nuff money
21:42 <Dogfoger> equipped a random chinchompa in my invy
21:42 <Dogfoger> and managed to get a ticket out of it
21:42 <Coelacanth0794> eh
21:42 <The Mol Man> lol
21:44 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
21:44 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
21:45 <Kq head> bol sharpshooters are huuuuge douchebags
21:45 <BrenRS> kq head you're buying all sets of elegant?
21:45 <Kq head> i can buy them all yes
21:45 <Spineweilder> you can buy all bren just to start off your treasure trail collection
21:46 <Kq head> err spine, even if he did
21:46 <Kq head> there's only room for 1 set per colour in the treasure chest
21:46 <BrenRS> kq head are you buying all sets?
21:47 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
21:47 <The Mol Man> MATTCHEW
21:47 <Kq head> yes
21:47 <Kq head> unless you wanna/have bought
21:47 <BrenRS> nope lol
21:47 <Dogfoger> spine what the heck are ye doing
21:47 <The Mol Man> matthi, matthow, mattare, mattyou
21:47 <Kq head> i will buy them when im done with bol
21:47 <BrenRS> elegant only looks hawt on girl characters
21:47 <Matthew2602> whatever you say mol
21:47 <Matthew2602> im okay thankyou
21:47 <The Mol Man> mattchew guess what I got
21:47 <The Mol Man> :ɔ
21:47 <Kq head> elegant blouse looks funny on men
21:48 <Matthew2602> I'm on ze school holidays now, so that's good
21:48 <Coelacanth0794> mol got a pat on the head
21:48 <Coelacanth0794> /me pat pat
21:48 <The Mol Man> yes
21:48 <The Mol Man> but guess what else :ɔ
21:48 <Spineweilder> sean
21:48 <Spineweilder> where is you
21:48 <Coelacanth0794> a chocolate covered sunflower seed
21:48 <Coelacanth0794> i almost forgot
21:48 <The Mol Man> l2grammar spine
21:48 <Coelacanth0794> thanks mol
21:48 <The Mol Man> "where am you"*
21:48 <Matthew2602> Yesterday I started a new skyrim file and sunk like 8 or 9 hours into it T_T
21:48 <The Mol Man> idiot
21:48 <Matthew2602> WHAT MOL
21:48 <The Mol Man> (qc) My Divination level is 99 (xp: 13,047,710, rank: 1,044). XP until level 100: 1,343,450.
21:48 <Coelacanth0794> matt do you even bol
21:48 <The Mol Man> (elefint) :ɔ
21:48 <Matthew2602> ermahgerd gratz
21:49 <The Mol Man> YAY
21:49 <Matthew2602> what's the command to show your divination level
21:49 <The Mol Man> ok, got 10k vibrant
21:49 <The Mol Man>  /lvl div
21:49 <The Mol Man> how you not know ._.
21:49 <Matthew2602> Because it's not like I ever use it ever
21:49 <Coelacanth0794> cuz he is 2nd worst admin?
21:49 <Coelacanth0794> duh
21:50 <Matthew2602> point is, MY DIVINATION LEVEL IS 1
21:50 <Matthew2602> YAY
21:50 <Coelacanth0794> fail.
21:51 <The Mol Man> okay, need like 1500 brilliant energy
21:51 <The Mol Man> maybe 2k
21:51 <The Mol Man> so I can do herbs every day for a while
21:51 <Coelacanth0794> that would not take too long
21:52 <The Mol Man> nope
21:52 <The Mol Man> hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
21:52 <Hairr> hi mol :D
21:52 <Matthew2602> hi matt
21:52 <Coelacanth0794> the hairball
21:52 <Matthew2602> matt #2*
21:53 <The Mol Man> gtfo
21:53 <Hairr> matt: I am mod hair
21:53 <Coelacanth0794> matt #1
21:53 <The Mol Man> he'ss better matt
21:53 <The Mol Man> he always here
21:53 <The Mol Man> not liek u
21:53 <Matthew2602> I may be the second worst admin but I am still matthew #1
21:53 <Coelacanth0794> tbh hairr's been gone for a while
21:53 <Coelacanth0794> who was that noob with the zoidberg avatar?
21:53 <Hairr> ryan
21:53 <The Mol Man> baker
21:53 <Coelacanth0794> baker yes
21:53 <Matthew2602> I AM LITERALLY BEFORE HIM
21:54 <Coelacanth0794> i am become literally hairr
21:54 <The Mol Man> he is better
21:54 <Matthew2602> ;_;
21:54 <Dogfoger> So when do I get to see my sexy cape on the wiki
21:54 <Kq head> iam literally become an mol
21:54 <Beeptoaster> mmm toast
21:55 <Matthew2602> ;_;
21:55 <Spineweilder> hmm
21:55 <Coelacanth0794>
21:55 <Dogfoger> OOOOH
21:55 <Dogfoger> THAT'S why I was going on about toast
21:55 <Dogfoger> coel, it's cute, no?
21:55 <Coelacanth0794> is wicked awesome
21:56 <Dogfoger> looks like the spider that bit spiderman
21:56 <Kq head> why are spiders creepy to some people
21:57 <Dogfoger> "It's the eyes."
21:57 <Spineweilder>
21:57 <Dogfoger> "And the pincers... *click click*"
21:57 <The Mol Man> wait
21:57 <Dogfoger> Tell me who said that last quote and you will be rewarded
21:57 <The Mol Man> sean, do a dii
21:57 <Spineweilder> no need
21:57 <Dogfoger> I don't know how to do a DII
21:57 <The Mol Man> spine
21:57 <The Mol Man> yes
21:57 <The Mol Man> cause cool
21:58 <Spineweilder> dun need 2 dii's on one page
21:58 <Kq head> why are 8 eyes any different from giant eyes made of smaller eyes
21:58 <Dogfoger> and besides, I'm busy indulging in buttsex, incests, horselords and quests
21:58 <Dogfoger> aka Game of Thrones
21:58 <Coelacanth0794> uh
21:58 <Dogfoger> i think those four words sums it up actually
21:59 <Spineweilder> I like how mol changes his hair while modeling but is pointless to do so
21:59 <Kq head> you don't wanna be too iconic eh
22:00 <Spineweilder> they're all gonna be blue anyway
22:00 <Dogfoger> Spine
22:00 <Dogfoger> Why am I skew
22:00 <Spineweilder> hmm
22:00 <Dogfoger>
22:00 <BrenRS> so hungry lol going to get something to eat
22:00 <BrenRS> I just wake up and scape right away
22:01 <Dogfoger> i don't like people seeing my green shirt and blue pants
22:01 <Dogfoger> /me cries in the corner
22:01 <Spineweilder> too bad 
22:01 <Spineweilder> >:D
22:01 <Dogfoger> Bren
22:01 <Dogfoger> Time for a midnight snack for me
22:01 <Dogfoger> actually midnight 05
22:01 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
22:02 <Haidro> hai
22:02 <Kq head> ???
22:02 <Spineweilder> nub dro
22:02 <Haidro> nou
22:02 <Hairr> haidro
22:02 <Coelacanth0794> nub spine
22:02 <Spineweilder> happy birthday
22:02 <Spineweilder> (caek(
22:02 <Kq head> i'm pretty sure it can, because it's a fucking useless item
22:02 <Spineweilder> (caek)
22:02 <Haidro> birthday was yesterday :D
22:02 <Hairr> Sigma wants you to go into irc
22:02 <Coelacanth0794> wot
22:02 <Hairr> @Haidro
22:02 <Spineweilder> still 22nd here
22:02 <Coelacanth0794> hbday nib
22:02 <Haidro> Tell him I'm not going
22:02 <Kq head> whos bday is it
22:03 <Haidro> was mine yesterday
22:03 <Kq head> happy afterbday
22:03 <Haidro> thank you
22:04 <Dogfoger> oh crap
22:04 <Matthew2602> how old are you now
22:04 <Dogfoger> I had the chance and I missed it
22:04 <Dogfoger> happy bday haidro :)
22:04 <Dogfoger> or
22:04 <Dogfoger> what is the word
22:04 <Dogfoger> umm
22:04 <Haidro> 15 matt
22:04 <Haidro> thanks dog
22:05 <Dogfoger> starts with a b
22:05 <Dogfoger> mol biggeroff
22:05 <Coelacanth0794> you're only 15
22:05 <Coelacanth0794> wot.
22:05 <Kq head> lol haidro is young
22:05 <Matthew2602> oh yeah, for some reason I thought you'd already had your birthday this year >_>
22:05 <Spineweilder> wat
22:05 <Spineweilder> nubdo is 15
22:05 <Spineweilder> you is nub
22:05 <Hairr> my little haidro is growing up
22:05 <Coelacanth0794> [18:04] <Elune> haidro why do you hate us
22:05 <Matthew2602> D:
22:05 <Haidro> Because I'm sick of them all
22:06 <Matthew2602> I'll go into irc to comfort elune
22:07 <Ciphrius Kane> Go in as Haidro
22:07 <Matthew2602> I couldn't
22:07 <Matthew2602> nickserv would keel me
22:07 <Ciphrius Kane> All the more reason to do so
22:07 <Haidro> Jagex have so fucked up with this JMod system
22:07 <Kq head> hairr did u just call him little haidro
22:07 <Kq head> he is no little!!
22:07 <Matthew2602> I'd probably just get insta kicked
22:08 <Kq head> young is not little
22:08 <Haidro> [[RS:IRC]] ughj
22:08 <Hairr> no you wouldn't matt, it'd give you like a minute or two
22:08 <Matthew2602> oh
22:08 <Hairr> then change you to Guest235235
22:08 <Matthew2602> ahuh
22:08 <Ciphrius Kane> You don't think you could impersonate Haidro?
22:08 <Spineweilder> I am Haidro
22:08 <Spineweilder> perfect impersonation
22:10 <Spineweilder> hmmmmm
22:11 <BrenRS> [[vamp scrimshaw]]
22:11 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
22:11 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
22:11 <Spineweilder> [[Scrimshaw of vampyrism]]
22:11 <Spineweilder> just in case..
22:11 <Spineweilder> ;)
22:12 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
22:13 <Spineweilder> hmmmmm
22:13 <Spineweilder> haidro
22:13 -!- Obi1137 has left Special:Chat.
22:13 -!- Obi1137 has joined Special:Chat
22:13 <Haidro>  
22:14 <Spineweilder> PM
22:14 -!- Obi1137 has left Special:Chat.
22:15 <Spineweilder> k
22:17 <The Mol Man> O cool, I'm top 1k
22:18 <Haidro> omg you beat suomi
22:18 <The Mol Man> he's probably gonna sit at his rank forever
22:20 <Kq head> so are pokemon named after what they say, or do they say what they are named
22:20 <The Mol Man> neither
22:20 <Spineweilder> hmm
22:20 <The Mol Man> they just make noises
22:20 <The Mol Man> and we hear what we want to
22:20 <Kq head> lol in the early games they did just make noises
22:21 <Kq head> text noises when spoken to
22:21 <Ciphrius Kane> Not all Pokemon say their names
22:21 <Kq head> and then you talk to one in the new games and it almost says its name like "pidgii!"
22:21 <The Mol Man> registeel's cry sounds a lot like the first couple notes of When the Saints Go Marching In
22:21 <Ciphrius Kane> Arbok doesn't
22:21 <Kq head> charbok
22:21 <Ciphrius Kane> Charvok
22:22 -!- Stinkowing has left Special:Chat.
22:22 <Kq head> i remember talking to a psyduck in one game and it said something like "guguo"
22:22 <Ciphrius Kane> And Charizard roared rather than saying anything
22:22 <Coelacanth0794> RRAAGBAHGAVHBDJKLA
22:23 <Kq head> but most of them obnoxiously say their name
22:23 <Ciphrius Kane> Well that's Pokemon language
22:23 <Kq head> my bro watched a newer ep with a ludicolo (i don't know why he did) and he laughed at how human it sounded
22:23 -!- Callofduty4 has left Special:Chat.
22:23 <Kq head> just sounds like a person
22:23 <The Mol Man> kq
22:24 <The Mol Man> go around saying nothing but ludicolo
22:24 <Kq head> lewdeekohloh
22:24 <Ciphrius Kane> I once saw a pokemon with a cry of "Fuck you"
22:24 <Kq head> wut
22:24 <The Mol Man> sure
22:24 <Kq head> ho-oh
22:24 <Ciphrius Kane> And no it was not a hack
22:24 <Ciphrius Kane> No not Ho-oh
22:24 <The Mol Man> you're just delusional
22:25 <The Mol Man> though that's a given
22:25 <Kq head> was it muk
22:25 <Ciphrius Kane> Nope
22:25 <Kq head> but muk has the middle fingers
22:25 <Ciphrius Kane> And I'm nae making this up Mol
22:25 <Kq head> and shoots slime from them
22:25 <Kq head> he's flipping you off with sludge
22:25 <Ciphrius Kane> I really did hear a Chatot say "Fuck you"
22:25 <The Mol Man> that doesn't count
22:25 <Coelacanth0794> [18:23] <@sacje> Coel
22:25 <Coelacanth0794> the fuck
22:25 <Kq head> if you used chatter, it could
22:26 <Kq head> but very pixelly
22:27 <Kq head> what if we named animals after sounds
22:27 <Kq head> so a snake would be "sssssss"
22:28 <Coelacanth0794> different parts of the world have differing views on the sound something makes
22:28 <Kq head> so a cat would be named "meow/mooow/ryow/nya/hiisth"
22:28 <BrenRS> [[Spoof names]]
22:28 <BrenRS> what's that article??
22:28 <Ciphrius Kane> Names of spoof NPCs
22:28 <Kq head> [[Player spoofs]]
22:30 -!- Spineweilder has left Special:Chat.
22:31 <Coelacanth0794> so mol if i showed you my newest drawing would you give me your thoughts on it
22:31 <The Mol Man> if by thoughts
22:31 <The Mol Man> you mean what I think
22:31 <The Mol Man> then yes
22:32 <Coelacanth0794> and criticism?
22:32 <Kq head> YES
22:32 <Kq head> YES
22:32 <The Mol Man> sure
22:33 -!- Spineweilder has joined Special:Chat
22:35 <Kq head> Whatever you do, don't say 'candle jack'.
22:35 <Kq head> if you do he will kidna
22:35 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
22:35 <Ciphrius Kane> candle jack
22:37 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
22:37 <Spineweilder> hmm
22:38 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
22:39 <Suppa chuppa>
22:39 <Suppa chuppa> why
22:39 <Suppa chuppa> just why
22:39 <The Mol Man> lololol
22:39 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
22:40 <Suppa chuppa> I have a ton of great questions to ask rs wiki editors
22:40 <Haidro> sk spine
22:40 <Haidro> Ask spine
22:40 <Kq head> that's not the real spine
22:40 <Kq head> isn't he like... "image manager"
22:40 <Haidro> all his
22:40 <Suppa chuppa> "why did i get blocked for editing corp beast article"
22:40 <Haidro> Kq head: He changed it
22:40 <TonyBest100> Why did spine have to do that >.<
22:40 <Suppa chuppa> "can i be admin"
22:40 <Haidro> because spine
22:40 <Haidro> [[clean landatyme]]
22:40 <Kq head> and some mecha-hen dude asked for proof
22:40 <Haidro> Always spell it wrong...
22:41 <Kq head> ranarrdyme
22:41 -!- Spineweilder has left Special:Chat.
22:41 -!- Spineweilder has joined Special:Chat
22:41 <Spineweilder> I was expecting Cook to ask that, Suppa
22:41 <Suppa chuppa> lol
22:41 <Kq head> well spine did you want to be asked many obnoxious questions because if you did, good luck
22:41 <Ciphrius Kane> Ya, he's the one who's always complaining about the "flair"
22:42 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
22:42 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
22:42 <Kq head> "Why the fuck did you include me?" -Oh mol
22:42 <Spineweilder> coel's in it too
22:42 <Coelacanth0794> i am?
22:43 <Cook Me Plox> boom downvoted
22:43 <Spineweilder> lel
22:43 <The Mol Man> upvote me though cook
22:43 <Kq head> i doubt anyone is going to say "Wow, so the mysterious images were uploaded by Spineweilder! Now I must worship him"
22:43 -!- Σ has joined Special:Chat
22:43 <Coelacanth0794> cook is serious about that btw
22:43 <Haidro> no
22:43 <Suppa chuppa> oh hey it's sigma wp
22:43 <Σ> yes
22:43 <Haidro> no
22:43 <Spineweilder> Cook downvotes everything
22:43 <The Mol Man> no
22:43 <Σ> suppa suppa chuppa chuppa
22:43 <Cook Me Plox> Pretty much I'm the only one who can edit it unless permission is given to by me.
22:43 <Cook Me Plox> nope
22:43 <The Mol Man> cook upvotes people who talk about mms
22:43 <The Mol Man> mmgs*
22:44 <Haidro> coko
22:44 <Kq head> mmg based on converting antimatter into cookies
22:44 <Haidro> shaddap
22:44 <Cook Me Plox> The only way this would be non-stupid is if you push people to edit
22:44 <Haidro> It's hard to give proof for a wiki thing
22:44 <The Mol Man> you edit your userpage...
22:44 <Haidro> What's the difference with what I've done
22:45 <Cook Me Plox> this makes me sad
22:45 <Haidro> blame spine
22:45 <Kq head> omfg its isobel's bday?
22:45 <Spineweilder> I asked Haidro for approval
22:45 <Spineweilder> But it was my idea as a whole
22:45 <Haidro> I said no. but spine did it
22:45 <Cook Me Plox> I hate it
22:45 <Haidro> xD
22:45 <Spineweilder> What don't you hate XD
22:45 <Haidro> me
22:45 <Kq head> Spine made the (elefint) anger
22:46 <Spineweilder> I feel the elefint might be corrupting the Cook we all know and love
22:46 <Kq head> what do you prefer
22:46 <Kq head> elefint cook or art cook
22:46 <Spineweilder> idk who art cook was
22:46 <Kq head> the last one
22:46 <Spineweilder> who was that guy in the portrait
22:46 <Kq head> that looks like artwork to me
22:46 <Cook Me Plox> max jacob
22:47 <The Mol Man> it is
22:47 <The Mol Man> picasso
22:47 <BrenRS> Spine
22:47 <BrenRS> I need you...
22:47 <BrenRS> To help me with wilderness pvp kills..?
22:47 <Spineweilder> wat]
22:47 <BrenRS> you think you could?
22:47 <Haidro> say no
22:47 <BrenRS> Yes
22:47 <Kq head> Say yaaaah
22:47 <BrenRS> for retakes
22:47 <BrenRS> on crowns
22:47 <BrenRS> you know you wanna
22:48 <Haidro> Bren I will do for 10mil an hour
22:48 <BrenRS> l0l
22:48 <Kq head> i will do for 10mil per 2 hours
22:48 <Kq head> jk
22:48 <Cook Me Plox> so unprofessional
22:48 <Kq head> i would rather go eat cake
22:48 <Kq head> rite nao
22:48 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
22:48 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
22:48 <Spineweilder> Who said we are
22:48 <Cook Me Plox> me
22:49 <Spineweilder> Head admin has no jurisdiction in judgement in reddit
22:49 <Cook Me Plox> no, but reddit does
22:49 <Kq head> The Highest Lord Almighty Wiki Admin
22:49 <Cook Me Plox> and they don't seem to enjoy it so far
22:49 <Cook Me Plox> cut down with the bullshit back and forth interactions though
22:49 <BrenRS> spine
22:49 <Cook Me Plox> this is not a place for you and your wiki friends to talk
22:49 <BrenRS> wanna help?
22:49 <Cook Me Plox> it's for people to ask you questions
22:49 <BrenRS> and what about you cook? you think you could help too?
22:49 <Cook Me Plox> you make the entire group looking fucking stupid otherwise
22:49 <Cook Me Plox> what do you need
22:49 <Kq head> what are they even gonna ask
22:49 <BrenRS> I need you to let me kill you a bunch of times in wildy
22:50 <The Mol Man> you should delete it quick
22:50 <The Mol Man> before people remember it
22:50 <Cook Me Plox> nah Bren
22:50 <Cook Me Plox> sorry
22:50 <BrenRS> ugh
22:50 <BrenRS> guess I gotta wait for red imp kills next week because my friend wants to do this weel
22:50 <BrenRS> week*
22:50 <Kq head> "cocks lololo" "why was i ban" "why dus my pic of me not uplod"
22:50 <Haidro> how long potato grow
22:50 <Kq head> "where can i get blue phats from"
22:50 <Kq head> "wiki doesnt tell me"
22:51 <The Mol Man> people on reddit aren't all that retarded
22:51 <Haidro> Kinda true
22:51 <Kq head> yeah that's what you think...
22:51 <Haidro> [[magic potion]]
22:51 <Kq head> if they have brains they won't ask anything
22:51 <Haidro> So that's why beads are expensive atm!
22:52 <Cook Me Plox> yeah, you should delete that and retry it later, less retarded
22:53 <Spineweilder> hmm
22:53 <Spineweilder> thinking about it
22:56 <Kq head> they should make a potion where one of the ingredients is a pickled brain
22:56 <Cook Me Plox> I mean, I know we're decentralized
22:56 <Cook Me Plox> but that's terrible
22:56 -!- Spineweilder has left Special:Chat.
22:56 -!- Spineweilder has joined Special:Chat
22:56 <Kq head> so every time you drink the potion you are drinking brain juice and gibs
22:56 <Kq head> and engaging in cannibalism
22:57 <Kq head> but drinking brain makes smarts
22:57 <Ciphrius Kane> You'd likely have people complaining and threatening lawsuits over that
22:58 <Ciphrius Kane> Just like every other update
22:58 <Kq head> [[pickled brain]]
22:58 <Kq head> hmm that DII
22:58 <Haidro> I need a cooking level of one to fill vials of water. Who would have thought
22:58 <Kq head> needs transl
22:59 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
22:59 <Suppa chuppa> looks pretty bad
22:59 <Ciphrius Kane> I've heard of some people threatening to sue Jagex for violating the first amendment, or is it the second?
23:00 <Ciphrius Kane> Which one is the free speech one?
23:00 -!- BrenRS has left Special:Chat.
23:00 <The Mol Man> the fifth
23:00 <Spineweilder> first
23:00 <Ciphrius Kane> No, the fifth is about the right not to give evidence if it would incriminate yourself
23:00 <The Mol Man> i think I know amurica
23:00 <The Mol Man> definitely the fifth
23:01 <Suppa chuppa> first is your freedoms
23:01 <Ciphrius Kane> So first is free speech, second is right to bear arms, fourth is the right to not be subjected to illegal stop and searches, fifth is the right to not incriminate yourself
23:01 <Suppa chuppa> well, first is freedom of speech, religion, and press
23:01 <The Mol Man> you are barely scratching what eat amendment i
23:01 <The Mol Man> the fifth offers so much lol
23:02 <Kq head> the second is the one with those shootings
23:02 <Coelacanth0794> 97 farming
23:02 <The Mol Man> gratz noob
23:02 <Ciphrius Kane> The right to form a peoples militia for the purpose of the protection of life and property
23:02 <Kq head> congratulations you have advanced a pointless skill
23:03 <Kq head> the right to own 50 different guns, apparently
23:03 <Kq head> "to protect me and my family"
23:03 <Ciphrius Kane> That's the militia part
23:03 <Ciphrius Kane> It was written at a time when North America had no standing army of its own though
23:03 <The Mol Man> very good, kane!
23:04 <Kq head> yeah when all they had were muskets which took 30 seconds to reload one bullet
23:04 <Spineweilder> mol should notice by now all the wands have the same hair color
23:04 <Kq head> couldn't hit for shit from long range
23:04 <Kq head> tons of smoke
23:04 <Ciphrius Kane> Also arms =/= guns
23:05 <Cook Me Plox> jesus christ you guys
23:05 <Cook Me Plox> this is facepalm
23:05 <Suppa chuppa> It is when you've got arms like mine
23:05 <Ciphrius Kane> It refers to any weapon that can be used for the purpose of defence or offence, such as swords
23:05 <The Mol Man> ik, cook
23:05 <Cook Me Plox> don't even respond to the question about moving off wikia
23:05 <Cook Me Plox> you're going to fuck it off
23:05 <Cook Me Plox> fuck it up*
23:05 <Kq head> so if the president does become a dictator, wouldn't he use... i dunno... tanks?
23:05 <Spineweilder> Why don't you answer it then
23:06 <Cook Me Plox> because I'm not getting involved in that shit
23:06 <The Mol Man> I answered it cook
23:06 <Haidro> I'll link him to our threads
23:06 <Haidro> okay then
23:06 <Cook Me Plox> no
23:06 <Suppa chuppa> srs mol
23:06 <The Mol Man> leave it along haidro
23:06 <Cook Me Plox> fuck mol
23:06 <Suppa chuppa> WAM? really? >_>
23:06 <Cook Me Plox> no
23:06 <The Mol Man> I'm deleting my comment in a minute
23:06 <Cook Me Plox> get rid of that shit
23:06 <Cook Me Plox> jesus christ
23:06 <The Mol Man> heh
23:06 <The Mol Man> just wanted the reaction
23:07 <Haidro> inb4 wikia spying on us
23:07 <Cook Me Plox> do you realize how bad all of this makes us look?
23:07 <Haidro> blame spine
23:07 <The Mol Man> yes
23:07 <Suppa chuppa> yes
23:07 <Cook Me Plox> just delete that loser of a thread
23:07 <The Mol Man> for the love of god, remove my name
23:07 <Haidro> blame spine x2
23:07 <Cook Me Plox> it's totally embarrassing
23:07 <Suppa chuppa> i'm literally in my shower crying
23:07 <Cook Me Plox> WHY TRACY
23:07 <Haidro> Suppa has a shower?
23:07 <Kq head> I'm outside Suppa's shower, brandishing
23:07 <The Mol Man> well, it's my shower
23:07 <Haidro> ah
23:07 <Kq head> uh-oh! wrong house
23:07 <The Mol Man> Spine, delete my nameand cook's
23:07 <The Mol Man> and coel's
23:08 <Cook Me Plox> wait
23:08 <Cook Me Plox> my name is on there?
23:08 <Cook Me Plox> god dammit
23:08 <The Mol Man>  such as haidro, cookmeplox, Coelacanth0794, fatmanspanda
23:08 <Suppa chuppa> LOL
23:08 <Cook Me Plox> this is straight up retarded
23:08 <Cook Me Plox> delete that shit
23:08 <Spineweilder> not anymore
23:08 <Ciphrius Kane> Yes Mr Johnson, we have your name now
23:08 <Cook Me Plox> not my name, the thread
23:08 <Suppa chuppa> good thing my reddit account name isn't known
23:08 <The Mol Man> PSA: Suppa's reddit account is the same as his IRL name
23:09 <Suppa chuppa> well
23:09 <Suppa chuppa> not quite
23:09 <The Mol Man> Archibald Chuppa
23:09 <Kq head> "Whenever you have a suggestion, implement it! One of our policies is to be bold."
23:09 <Kq head> NO. HAIDRO. NO.
23:09 <The Mol Man> ^
23:09 <Ciphrius Kane> Good thing nobody knows my reddit name is Ac-town
23:09 <Suppa chuppa> lol
23:09 <Cook Me Plox> good thing I don't know your rl name Ciph
23:10 <Ciphrius Kane> And you never shall
23:10 <Haidro> It's Robert
23:10 <The Mol Man> Kane isn't important enough to need to know
23:10 <Ciphrius Kane> Heh, nice guess but no
23:10 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
23:10 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
23:10 <Cook Me Plox> I
23:10 <Cook Me Plox> A
23:11 <Haidro> are you okay
23:11 <The Mol Man> haidro, delete all your comments
23:11 <The Mol Man> for the wiki's sake
23:11 <Haidro> i think my comments are fine thank you
23:11 <Haidro> ugh
23:12 <Haidro> Can this guy just stop being an attention whore and quit already
23:12 <Cook Me Plox> I could say the same to spine
23:12 -!- MAGE-KIL-R has joined Special:Chat
23:14 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
23:15 <Haidro> [[juju potions]]
23:16 -!- Obi1137 has joined Special:Chat
23:16 <Haidro> Cook, what would be better, turmoil or overloads
23:16 <TonyBest100> lol
23:17 <Cook Me Plox> deleting a shitty reddit thread, Haidro
23:17 <Haidro> It's not my thread
23:17 <Cook Me Plox> your comments
23:17 <Haidro> Are they not helping
23:18 <The Mol Man> I already said this
23:18 <The Mol Man> why do you need to hear this from cook?
23:18 <Cook Me Plox> he sort of cares what I think
23:19 <The Mol Man> If you guys want easy karma
23:19 <The Mol Man> and btw self posts don't do that
23:19 <The Mol Man> post gifs of random things
23:19 <Demise36> elefint.
23:19 <The Mol Man> reddit shits itself over magic moving pixors
23:19 <Haidro> I don't care about karma lol
23:19 <Demise36> (elefint)
23:19 <Spineweilder> wtf is a karma
23:19 <Haidro> What does it even do
23:19 <The Mol Man> you care about helping the wiki?
23:19 <Haidro> sure
23:19 <The Mol Man> if you truly care
23:19 <The Mol Man> delete it
23:19 <The Mol Man> all of it
23:19 <Haidro> It's not my thread
23:19 <Spineweilder> no shit mol, why would we be here
23:19 <Spineweilder> if we didn't care
23:20 <TonyBest100> wtf did I just find on /r/funny lol
23:20 <The Mol Man>
23:20 <Cook Me Plox> I have also seen the butthole
23:20 <TonyBest100> and it was only a matter of time before someone put the word "Crashing" to this
23:21 <TonyBest100>
23:22 <Kq head> think imma sell my bandos and just use obsidian
23:22 <Kq head> until i can get tetsu
23:22 <Kq head> which is pretty soon
23:22 <The Mol Man> does anyone have a skillcape on atm?
23:22 -!- BennieBoy has joined Special:Chat
23:22 <Spineweilder> i do
23:22 <The Mol Man> armour rating?
23:22 <Spineweilder> 33
23:23 <The Mol Man> WHY THE FUCK DID DIV CAPE SAY 34
23:23 <Haidro> omg time to get 99 div
23:23 <BennieBoy> !
23:23 <The Mol Man> time to delete the reddit comments*
23:25 <Suppa chuppa> lol
23:25 <Haidro> so cook, overloads or turmoil
23:25 <Demise36> b0th
23:25 <Cook Me Plox> delete your shitty comments and I'll tell you
23:25 <Haidro> my comments are not shitt
23:25 <Haidro> shitty
23:25 <Haidro> [{God banner]]
23:25 <Kq head> cant buy black ele legs for 3m, damn
23:25 <Haidro> [[God banner]]
23:25 <Demise36> cuk
23:25 <The Mol Man> but they are
23:25 <Demise36> have an elefint
23:25 <Demise36> (elefint)
23:25 <Haidro> What the heck
23:26 <Demise36> ha
23:26 <Demise36> hes fat
23:26 <The Mol Man> delete it
23:26 <The Mol Man> not the picture
23:26 <The Mol Man> the thread
23:26 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
23:26 <Cook Me Plox> Spine refuses to delete the thread because it will make HIM look bad
23:26 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
23:26 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
23:26 <The Mol Man>
23:26 <Suppa chuppa> >_>
23:27 <The Mol Man> I have 0 gleaming in bank
23:27 <The Mol Man> time to get 10 fucking thousand
23:27 <BennieBoy> what's wrong with the thread, Cook?
23:27 <The Mol Man> it makes us look bad
23:27 <Cook Me Plox> the original post is cringe-worthy, the answers are fairly uninformed
23:28 <Haidro> Get 10k of each energy Mol
23:28 <The Mol Man> I am...
23:28 <Haidro> :D
23:30 <BennieBoy> to be fair there aren't really any questions except for the bit about the guy asking if he could edit
23:30 <BennieBoy> which haidro answered pretty well
23:30 <The Mol Man> he really didn't
23:30 <Haidro> thanks mol
23:31 <Cook Me Plox> . I've semi-protected the page so no anonymous visitors or newly created accounts can edit it (this is an admin thing, too). Pretty much I'm the only one who can edit it unless permission is given to by me.
23:31 <The Mol Man> no thank you
23:31 <Cook Me Plox> Yeah, no
23:31 <The Mol Man> I was looking to be embarassed
23:31 <Cook Me Plox> and we better make sure not to ask Spine about his social security number
23:31 <Cook Me Plox> jesus christ
23:31 <Suppa chuppa> LOL
23:32 <Suppa chuppa> should delete that page
23:32 <Suppa chuppa> boom, no proof
23:32 <Spineweilder> Yeah stop trying to convince me 
23:32 <Kq head> i didn't manage to get all of the ele clothing... can't buy red skirt for 900k wtf
23:32 <The Mol Man> stop embarrassing us ;-;
23:32 <The Mol Man> try 2m
23:32 <The Mol Man> I'll pay for it if I have to
23:33 <The Mol Man> 2m at the most though
23:33 <Kq head> damn right you will, i'll have to actually start earning money again otherwise
23:33 <Cook Me Plox> You're quite simple putting your own reputation above the site's
23:33 <Suppa chuppa> just delete the post <_<
23:33 <Cook Me Plox> Deleting it would ultimately make me look worse
23:33 <Cook Me Plox> not haidro, not you
23:33 <Cook Me Plox> ME
23:33 <Cook Me Plox> ^ quote
23:33 <BennieBoy> -cook2013
23:33 <Kq head> nope can't get it for 2m
23:33 <Cook Me Plox> No, that was a Spinequote
23:34 <Kq head> can somebody get pics of the sets i have at least
23:34 <Suppa chuppa> I'll buy you a suit, spine
23:34 <Suppa chuppa> then you can look better
23:34 <Cook Me Plox> Try again later, the thread is already in negative territory
23:34 <Spineweilder> ...fine
23:34 <Spineweilder> but know this
23:34 <BennieBoy> could just delete it then remake one
23:34 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
23:34 <Spineweilder> all of you are just embarrassed 
23:34 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
23:34 <The Mol Man> because it's something to be embarrassed about
23:35 <The Mol Man> you basically pulled our collective pants down
23:35 <Cook Me Plox> I mean, you know I'm not trying to strongarm you for the sake of strongarming you
23:35 <Cook Me Plox> But it was not well-executed
23:35 <Spineweilder> it seems like you are
23:35 <Spineweilder> just like everyone else 
23:35 <Kq head> got red ele skirt... for 3m
23:35 <Kq head> lol
23:35 <The Mol Man> you;'re too enthusiastic about it
23:36 <The Mol Man> you paid too much for me to pay
23:36 <Kq head> idc
23:36 <Kq head> gimmie 2m when it's done
23:36 <The Mol Man> if you execute it properly, an ama about your work as an image taker would actually go well
23:37 <Kq head> in fact, don't even pay at all
23:37 <Kq head> i'll just make it back
23:37 <The Mol Man> damn straight
23:37 <The Mol Man> woah!
23:37 <The Mol Man> I can see the inside of wisps
23:37 <Kq head> cant get blue ele shirt for 3m, fuck it
23:37 <Kq head> if 3m isnt high enough then fuck that shit
23:37 <The Mol Man>
23:37 <The Mol Man> lookadat
23:38 <Cook Me Plox> (elefint)
23:38 <The Mol Man> ya that sucks
23:38 <The Mol Man> i wish there was an elefint in it :/
23:38 <The Mol Man> but omfg the insides are pretty cool
23:40 <Kq head> i can't finish the blue, green or black male sets
23:40 <Haidro> test
23:40 <Kq head> but got everything else
23:40 <Haidro> chat lagging for anyone else?
23:40 <Kq head> always
23:40 <BennieBoy> test
23:40 <Kq head> is any1 gonna take pixors plz
23:40 <BennieBoy> not for me
23:40 <Kq head> because i'll be so pissed
23:40 <Kq head> if you take them of someone else
23:40 <Kq head> after all the money i've wasted
23:41 <Haidro> Pics of what
23:41 <Kq head> elegant sets
23:41 <Haidro> Sure. 39 yanny portal
23:41 <Haidro> world 39, that is
23:41 <Σ> Привет, товарищ SovietHero
23:42 <Kq head> hmm need to get rid of my default gloves
23:42 <Kq head> kinda ruin it
23:42 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
23:42 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
23:43 <Haidro> [[Extreme attack]]
23:43 <Haidro> Can't wait to make my first extreme potion :D
23:44 -!- BennieBoy has left Special:Chat.
23:44 <Mr.WhiteHat> swag
23:44 <Haidro> kq you comin
23:44 <Kq head> ya
23:45 <Kq head> only have 2 of the male sets though
23:45 <Kq head> because ge sucks
23:47 <TonyBest100> wonder what the september challenge will be in 13 mins
23:47 <The Mol Man> give someone 10m gp
23:47 <Haidro> kq, swap
23:47 <The Mol Man> I'll help all of you guys
23:47 <The Mol Man> everyone give me the 10m
23:47 <TonyBest100> LOL
23:47 <Haidro> swap again or is that it
23:47 <TonyBest100> As if that would be it
23:47 <Kq head> gotta get a makeover
23:47 <TonyBest100> bet it's the golden gnome finding
23:47 <Kq head> for female sets
23:47 <Haidro> alright
23:47 <Haidro> I'll stay here
23:48 <Haidro> Because my angle is beautiful
23:48 <Kq head> utterly breathtaking angle
23:48 <TonyBest100> or the crystal tree 
23:49 <MAGE-KIL-R> *angel??
23:49 <The Mol Man> no
23:50 -!- Σ has left Special:Chat.
23:51 <Ciphrius Kane> Not every mention of the word angle is a misspelling of angel, and vice versa
23:51 <Kq head> haidro u hav nice house
23:52 <Haidro> I need a dungeon
23:52 <The Mol Man> Thanks Captain Kane!
23:53 <Ciphrius Kane> Why don't you stop with the sarcasm?
23:53 <The Mol Man> sarcasm?
23:53 <The Mol Man> I was genuinely thankful of that
23:53 <The Mol Man> god, learn to take a compliment ffs
23:54 <Ciphrius Kane> Yeah, course, a compliment
23:54 <The Mol Man> why do you think I'm always out to get you?
23:54 <The Mol Man> Why can't I thank you without being called ironic?
23:54 <Kq head> bcuz ur mol
23:55 <The Mol Man> please don't typecast me
23:55 <Ciphrius Kane> If you weren't being sarcastic or ironic why the huge "Captain Kane"?