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[11:12] <Casting Fishes^^> Mr Ciph
[11:12] <AnselaJonla> You want 500M but you're training one of the money sinks?
[11:12] <Spineweilder> Lol
[11:12] <Spineweilder> cancel it
[11:13] <Zahuna> Scratch that
[11:13] <Ciphrius Kane> Yes Miss Cast?
[11:13] <Casting Fishes^^> I'm waiting
[11:13] <Casting Fishes^^> ;) 
[11:13] <Ciphrius Kane> Really?
[11:13] <Casting Fishes^^> Yeah..
[11:13] <Casting Fishes^^> Lulul
[11:13] <Casting Fishes^^> :D
[11:13] <Zahuna> Didnt mean to say construction
[11:13] <Zahuna> :P
[11:13] <Casting Fishes^^> I knew you were joking
[11:13] <Casting Fishes^^> so i went anyways
[11:14] <AnselaJonla> Fletch 4k/7k yew longs
[11:14] <Ciphrius Kane> Listen to this great offer:Buy one fish & chips for the price of 2 and get a second fish & chips ABSOLUTELY FREE!
[11:14] <Sum1 0 o> i keel feeshees
[11:14] <Casting Fishes^^> mk
[11:15] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o gives a cæk to feesh
[11:15] <Zahuna> Ansela: Me?
[11:15] <AnselaJonla> Fletched*
[11:15] <Zahuna> Oh lol
[11:15] <Henneyj> confused by this
[11:15] <Casting Fishes^^> tempting
[11:15] <Casting Fishes^^>
[11:16] <AnselaJonla> Henney - another message was deleted to add that... gibberish
[11:17] <Zahuna> Casting:Do it.
[11:17] <Zahuna> I...I....
[11:17] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[11:17] <Zahuna> Quintuple doggy dare you!
[11:17] <Eraser boy> hello
[11:17] <Casting Fishes^^> do what
[11:17] <Sum1 0 o> eat the cæk feesh!
[11:17] <Casting Fishes^^> oh
[11:17] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ noms
[11:17] <Casting Fishes^^> brb
[11:17] <Henneyj> yea i noticed
[11:17] <Zahuna> Keel heem.
[11:17] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o poisoned teh cæk
[11:18] <Eraser boy> i'm no good at finding out info, does anyone know if robin hood hat will rise?
[11:18] <Zahuna> * Zahuna killed Sum1 0_o
[11:18] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o lays dying on teh floor
[11:19] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o eats a lobster and kills Zahuna
[11:19] <Zahuna> /Me kills Sum1 0 o again.
[11:20] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o eats a shrimp and takes out shark's and Zahuna is left with -300 lp
[11:20] <Zahuna> * Zahuna lives despite having been killed.
[11:20] <Ciphrius Kane> * Ciphrius Kane slays the god
[11:20] <Eraser boy> me shoots both with 12 gauge shotgun
[11:20] <Sum1 0 o> sharks*
[11:20] <Ciphrius Kane> There, now enough god mode
[11:20] <Sum1 0 o> dharoks*
[11:20] <Zahuna> * Zahuna Respawns in Edgeville.
[11:20] <Zahuna> Dammit
[11:20] <Zahuna> * Zahuna runs back to where he died.
[11:21] <Eraser boy> eraser boy shoots zahuna a second time
[11:21] <Zahuna> Eraser boy missed Zahuna a second time.
[11:21] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o unlocks the true power of the Stone of Jas, using a (cabbage) on it!
[11:21] <AnselaJonla> * AnselaJonla blows you all away with a shoulder-mounted missile launcher
[11:21] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o becomes invincible
[11:21] <Zahuna> * Zahuna eats a cabbage an becomes immortal.
[11:22] <Ciphrius Kane> * Ciphrius Kane goes to work for Jagex and deletes all the accounts
[11:22] <Eraser boy> eraser boy launches 10 nukes locked all on zahuna and goes to a bomb shelter
[11:22] <Zahuna> * Zahuna makes another account.
[11:22] <Zahuna> Eraser boy was too late because Zahuna's account was deleted.
[11:22] <Casting Fishes^^> just havin a casual night
[11:23] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o grabs the staff of armadyl, and uses cæk on the SoJ unlocking the power of the elder gods
[11:23] <Casting Fishes^^>
[11:23] <Eraser boy> eraser boy kills all with bronze dagger
[11:23] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o sticks a cæk in the SoA
[11:23] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o has the power of 10 elder gods
[11:24] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o kills the mage in the Abyss and the portal explodes
[11:24] <Zahuna> * Zahuna turns off Sum1 0 o's computer.
[11:24] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o escapes the universe as it explodes
[11:24] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o presses cancel
[11:25] <Casting Fishes^^>
[11:25] <Zahuna> Zahuna thinks him and his friends should hang out on the weekend. Wubwub
[11:25] <Zahuna> Having fun Fishee?
[11:25] <Casting Fishes^^> Ciph chickened out
[11:26] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o creates a new universe and prevents you guys from being reincarnated
[11:26] <Casting Fishes^^> so i'ma go have death by hellhound
[11:26] <Zahuna> Nooo, get some guy to skull on you
[11:26] <Zahuna> Then barrage him :D
[11:27] <Ciphrius Kane> I couldn't get a gang to come help me beat you up
[11:28] <Casting Fishes^^> ;3
[11:28] <Zahuna> Oh Dayum. I jut killed fresh.
[11:28] <Zahuna> Feesh*
[11:28] <Casting Fishes^^> I'm uploading that
[11:28] <Casting Fishes^^> It stopped recording before i died but oh well
[11:29] <Sum1 0 o> leik leik 1 hit?
[11:29] <Zahuna> Two-hit
[11:29] <Zahuna> :3
[11:29] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o seals my power in the centre of the new Gielinor and curses all spades to not work
[11:30] <Zahuna> * Zahuna brings a spade from the old Gielinor.
[11:30] <Sum1 0 o> and turns dirt into dragon metal
[11:31] <Spineweilder> bai guise
[11:31] <Sum1 0 o> nou
[11:31] <Zahuna> Hai Spine.
[11:32] <Sum1 0 o> * Gielinor explodes from the intensity of my paower
[11:32] <BicycleCat> Hai folks.
[11:32] <Casting Fishes^^> hai
[11:32] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ huggles biek kitteh
[11:32] <Casting Fishes^^> you best kitteh
[11:32] <Casting Fishes^^> ciph chickened out 
[11:33] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o grabs my power before it exploded
[11:33] <Zahuna> Hi Bike
[11:33] <Casting Fishes^^> he told me meet him in level 54 wilderness and never showed
[11:33] <Sum1 0 o> with my super paowers
[11:33] <Ciphrius Kane> Hey, I was trying to gather a crew to come kill you
[11:33] <Ciphrius Kane> Spine and Ansela backed out though
[11:33] <Casting Fishes^^> you aren't good enough yourself?
[11:34] <Henneyj> someone update the navigation
[11:34] <BicycleCat> Meh, I don't even see why PKers needed yet another weapon in their vast arsenal of PvP gear.
[11:34] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o checks my power level
[11:34] <Zahuna> /lvl attack
[11:34] <Casting Fishes^^> (qc) My power level is OVER 9000!
[11:34] <Casting Fishes^^> :D
[11:34] <Zahuna> Why isn't it working?
[11:35] <Ciphrius Kane> Oh I could, I just wanted them there for backup
[11:35] <BicycleCat> inb4PKersusethenewboltstogriefskillersandpenguinhunters
[11:35] <Zahuna> /lvl attack Zahub
[11:35] <Zahuna> Oops
[11:35] <Zahuna> /lvl attack Zahuna
[11:35] <Zahuna> /lvl attack
[11:35] <Zahuna> I don't know what the problem is.
[11:35] <BicycleCat> Umm... This isn't the IRC?
[11:36] <Sum1 0 o> [[RS:QC]] Cat
[11:36] <Casting Fishes^^> bike kitteh :3
[11:36] <Casting Fishes^^> hehe
[11:36] <Casting Fishes^^> (qc) My attack level is 70 (xp: 756,266, rank: 499,558).
[11:36] <BicycleCat> O_o
[11:36] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o has higher atk
[11:36] <Sum1 0 o> (qc) My attack level is 72 (xp: 984,455, rank: 450,631).
[11:37] <Zahuna> /name Zahuna
[11:37] <Zahuna> /lvl attack
[11:37] <Zahuna> Grrrr
[11:37] <BicycleCat> Great, thanks everyone...
[11:37] <Zahuna> /name <Zahuna>
[11:38] <Zahuna> /lvl attack
[11:38] <BicycleCat> I like freaking out that I've gotten hacked when my NoScript add-on for Firefox locks the Chat up.
[11:38] <Zahuna> It as working earlier D:
[11:38] <Zahuna> Was*
[11:38] <BicycleCat> It works for me...
[11:38] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[11:38] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ huggles biek kitteh
[11:38] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[11:38] <Casting Fishes^^> <3
[11:38] <BicycleCat> (qc) My attack level is 79 (xp: 1,859,873, rank: 329,558).
[11:38] <Casting Fishes^^> :D
[11:39] <BicycleCat> Who added the qc thingy by the way?
[11:39] <Zahuna> Jo-E
[11:39] <Zahuna> /help
[11:39] <Zahuna> Wow, nothing is working
[11:40] <BicycleCat> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[cabbage]] is 64 coins.
[11:40] <BicycleCat> Whoever knew?
[11:40] <Casting Fishes^^> (cabbage) 
[11:40] <Zahuna> /gep bucket
[11:40] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[11:40] <Zahuna> For crying out loud
[11:40] <Casting Fishes^^> how do i do teh multiple 
[11:40] <BicycleCat> Does the Exchange price thingy read it off the Wiki or off the actual RuneScape website?
[11:41] <Ciphrius Kane> Wiki I think
[11:41] <Casting Fishes^^> (qc) The Exchange price of 9001x [[cabbage]] is 576,064 coins (64 coins each).
[11:41] <Casting Fishes^^> :3 
[11:41] <BicycleCat> Zahuna, do you have chat hax installed?
[11:41] <BicycleCat> (qc) My combat level is 105; Attack: 79, Defence: 75, Strength: 77, Constitution: 77, Ranged: 71, Prayer: 72, Magic: 75, Summoning: 60.
[11:41] <Zahuna> I dont think you need hacks fr this.
[11:41] <Zahuna> Hold on.
[11:42] <BicycleCat> (qc) Zahuna's combat level is 91; Attack: 75, Defence: 67, Strength: 68, Constitution: 73, Ranged: 73, Prayer: 50, Magic: 60, Summoning: 32.
[11:43] <BicycleCat> Nice stats, by the way.
[11:43] <AnselaJonla> (qc) My combat level is 126; Attack: 91, Defence: 92, Strength: 92, Constitution: 96, Ranged: 86, Prayer: 82, Magic: 91, Summoning: 82.
[11:43] <Zahuna> Thanks, I guess. They're not that good.
[11:43] <Casting Fishes^^> [[RS:CC]] 
[11:44] <BicycleCat> People idle, enjoy the silence.
[11:44] <Zahuna> Now whenever I put a slash before anything it doesn't work.
[11:44] <BicycleCat> Wait, is that a new command?
[11:45] <Zahuna> /lvl attack
[11:45] <BicycleCat> Do you have chat hax installed?
[11:45] <BicycleCat> You have to add it to your global.js
[11:45] <Zahuna> Yeah
[11:45] <Casting Fishes^^> hm
[11:45] <Casting Fishes^^> ima see if im in teh green zone for teh mute thingie
[11:45] <Casting Fishes^^> >.>
[11:46] <Zahuna> It didn't work that time because I put a space first so you could see the command.
[11:46] <Zahuna> But when I put te space there, no speech comes up at all.
[11:46] <Zahuna> /lvl attack Zahun
[11:47] <Zahuna> /lvl attack
[11:47] <Metal is me> GUYS!
[11:47] <Metal is me> a blue cape???
[11:47] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[11:47] <BicycleCat> (qc) Metal's fishing level is 60 (xp: 288,451, rank: 439,987).
[11:47] <BicycleCat> Lolwut?
[11:47] <Metal is me> 0_ooooo
[11:47] <Metal is me> how?
[11:47] <BicycleCat> I typed in Metal is me, yet it showed Metal.
[11:47] <BicycleCat> (qc) Metal_is_me's attack level is 75 (xp: 1,288,402, rank: 391,571).
[11:47] <Metal is me> :3
[11:47] <BicycleCat> Oh, I see now.
[11:48] <Metal is me> try dungeoneering
[11:48] <BicycleCat> (qc) Metal_is_me's dungeoneering level is 70 (xp: 791,954, rank: 135,399).
[11:48] <Metal is me> ^.^
[11:49] <Metal is me> ohwell guys...
[11:49] <Metal is me> a blue cape?? :( 
[11:49] <Zahuna> (qc) My dungeoneering level is 50 (xp: 104,705, rank: 246,056).
[11:49] <Zahuna> (qc) My dungeoneering level is 50 (xp: 104,705, rank: 246,056).
[11:49] <Zahuna> Oh Mai gawd
[11:49] <Zahuna> It werked
[11:49] <Metal is me> double as good!
[11:50] <Casting Fishes^^> ^_^
[11:50] <Zahuna> (qc) My construction level is 70 (xp: 742,286, rank: 170,186).
[11:50] <BicycleCat> (qc) Ruri's combat level is 126; Attack: 91, Defence: 92, Strength: 92, Constitution: 96, Ranged: 86, Prayer: 82, Magic: 91, Summoning: 82.
[11:50] <Metal is me> howd he do daT?
[11:50] <Casting Fishes^^> just don't spam it lol
[11:50] <Zahuna> I don't know what I did, but it's working again. :D
[11:50] <Casting Fishes^^> >.>
[11:50] <Casting Fishes^^> I is in teh green mark
[11:50] <Casting Fishes^^> :o
[11:50] <Metal is me> what green mark??
[11:50] <BicycleCat> Who decided to add the quick chat thingy to the Chat?
[11:50] <Casting Fishes^^>
[11:51] <BicycleCat> I want to shake his or her hand.
[11:51] <Casting Fishes^^> [[User:Joeytje50|caek]]
[11:51] <AnselaJonla> Joey
[11:51] <BicycleCat> =O
[11:51] <Casting Fishes^^> [[Hand shake|Biek to joey]]
[11:51] <Casting Fishes^^> nuz
[11:51] <Metal is me> oh and we may not spam levels -.-
[11:51] <Zahuna> ^
[11:51] <BicycleCat> I'll be back later.
[11:52] <BicycleCat> Going in-game for a bit.
[11:52] <Metal is me> bicycle nooo'
[11:52] <Metal is me> you must tell me...
[11:52] <Zahuna> Theres a glitch that if you hit the enter button again before te text appears, it will appear a many times as you hit the button.
[11:52] <Metal is me> test
[11:52] <Metal is me> lolnope
[11:52] <Metal is me> you sure¨¨
[11:52] <Casting Fishes^^> [[File:Shake Hands.gif|biek [email protected]]]
[11:52] <Metal is me> yep its not real
[11:53] <Zahuna> It's a glitch.
[11:53] <Zahuna> Watch...
[11:53] <Metal is me> :( 
[11:53] <Zahuna> (qc) My fletching level is 85 (xp: 3,281,059, rank: 172,310).
[11:53] <Zahuna> (qc) My fletching level is 85 (xp: 3,281,059, rank: 172,310).
[11:53] <Zahuna> (qc) My fletching level is 85 (xp: 3,281,059, rank: 172,310).
[11:53] <Casting Fishes^^> don't spam
[11:53] <Casting Fishes^^> >.>
[11:53] <Zahuna> I know. D:
[11:53] <Metal is me> <.<
[11:53] <Metal is me> casting facepalm
[11:54] <Zahuna> No more quick chat for me. :L
[11:54] <Metal is me> you do know we were just testing a bug
[11:54] <Casting Fishes^^> [[File:Facepalm]]
[11:54] <Casting Fishes^^> oops
[11:54] <Casting Fishes^^> [[File:Facepalm.gif]] :3
[11:54] <Casting Fishes^^> T_T
[11:54] <Casting Fishes^^> (facepalm) 
[11:54] <Metal is me> (facepalm) 
[11:55] <Metal is me> [[Carnival headdress]]
[11:55] <Casting Fishes^^> [[File:Face-palm.gif]] 
[11:55] <Metal is me> one of my fav emotes^
[11:58] <Casting Fishes^^> [[File:Anniversary emote with cape.gif|my favorite]]
[12:01] <Casting Fishes^^> caaam
[12:01] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ huggles cam
[12:01] <Edmyg> * Cam huggles Feesh
[12:02] <AnselaJonla> CAMMIE!
[12:02] <Edmyg> Heey Ansela (:
[12:02] <Casting Fishes^^> >.>
[12:02] <Casting Fishes^^> I has a girl in my school whose name is kami
[12:02] <Casting Fishes^^> lul
[12:02] <Edmyg> Is there any reason chat opens in a new window? Always used to be a new tab :/ 
[12:03] <Casting Fishes^^> 50gp and
[12:03] <Ciphrius Kane> Did you know there are 8 demonic princes?
[12:03] <Casting Fishes^^> rune [email protected]@@
[12:03] <Ciphrius Kane> Lucifer, Mammon, Asmodeus, Satan, Beelzebub, Leviathan, Belphegor and Steve Jobs
[12:04] <AnselaJonla> 3 gold ore and 50gp
[12:04] <Casting Fishes^^> >.>
[12:04] <Casting Fishes^^> ansela i trade rune 2h for gold ore
[12:04] <Casting Fishes^^> :D
[12:04] <Casting Fishes^^> i love gold ore
[12:04] <Casting Fishes^^> <33
[12:05] <AnselaJonla> My gold ore
[12:05] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[12:05] <Ciphrius Kane> 10,050 gp
[12:07] <Edmyg> Apparently Runescape is copyright of Jagex 1999-2011.
[12:07] <Edmyg> test
[12:07] <Ciphrius Kane> Really? Only till 2011?
[12:07] <Casting Fishes^^> >.>
[12:07] <Ciphrius Kane> Nope, 2012
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> so uhm
[12:08] <Sum1 0 o> RuneScape is no longer copyrighted! 
[12:08] <Ciphrius Kane> This website and its contents are copyright © 1999 - 2012 Jagex Ltd
[12:08] <Sum1 0 o> Everyone get the rsps's up!
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> Lol
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> look at the last thing
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> :3
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> my babies
[12:08] <Casting Fishes^^> <3
[12:08] <BLIPBLOBZ> Hello1
[12:08] <BLIPBLOBZ> *!
[12:09] <Sum1 0 o> 2 soft clay and a med lamp
[12:09] <Casting Fishes^^> lool
[12:10] <Weekeypeedeea>
[12:10] <PlayindatRS> hi
[12:10] <Weekeypeedeea> can anyone tell me what emote that is
[12:10] <Weekeypeedeea> at the end of the vid
[12:10] <Weekeypeedeea> I recommend going to the end, and skipping the begging
[12:10] <Weekeypeedeea> beginning*
[12:11] <PlayindatRS> the completion cape emote?
[12:11] <PlayindatRS> is that what you're talking about?
[12:11] <Weekeypeedeea> oh is that it?
[12:11] <Weekeypeedeea> the gold and black dragons
[12:11] <PlayindatRS> yah
[12:11] <Ciphrius Kane>
[12:11] <PlayindatRS> its the completion capes emote
[12:11] <Weekeypeedeea> oh that's awesome.
[12:11] <Ciphrius Kane> Ya gotta love that guy
[12:12] <Casting Fishes^^> concert in 2 days
[12:12] <Casting Fishes^^> o:
[12:13] <Casting Fishes^^> diaa
[12:13] <Casting Fishes^^> hai
[12:13] <Weekeypeedeea> What kind of concert? :o
[12:13] <Eis Herz> Just joined a new clan. They're all scared of me, lol.
[12:13] <AnselaJonla> Hey Dia
[12:13] <BLIPBLOBZ> Dia!
[12:14] <Casting Fishes^^> a concert
[12:14] <Casting Fishes^^> of concerts
[12:14] <Casting Fishes^^> :3
[12:14] <Casting Fishes^^>
[12:14] <BLIPBLOBZ> meh
[12:14] <Ciphrius Kane> Why dia?
[12:15] <Weekeypeedeea> I got a set of worn-out dragon gauntlets from a stake the other day, are they worth restoring for 50 tokens?
[12:15] <PlayindatRS> why not zoidberg?
[12:15] <BLIPBLOBZ> Maybe because she's a tough-as-nails person, ciph.
[12:15] <PlayindatRS> i dont think its worth it
[12:15] <PlayindatRS> they degrade
[12:15] <Weekeypeedeea> ok.
[12:15] <Weekeypeedeea> just sell them?
[12:16] <BLIPBLOBZ> sell them.
[12:16] <PlayindatRS> and theres better options
[12:16] <PlayindatRS> like regen brace is better even combat brace
[12:16] <Weekeypeedeea> Like the combat bracelet?
[12:16] <Eis Herz> Ciph, because I'm a bitch. :-P 
[12:16] <BLIPBLOBZ> lol
[12:16] <Weekeypeedeea> Is Combat Bracelet better than Regen or vise-versa? 
[12:16] <PlayindatRS> regen is better
[12:16] <Weekeypeedeea> okay.
[12:16] <PlayindatRS> unless you need the teleports
[12:17] <Weekeypeedeea> [[Regen Bracelet]]
[12:17] <PlayindatRS> its better stats and the health regen bonus is great
[12:17] <Weekeypeedeea> 130k, meh, not bad.
[12:17] <BLIPBLOBZ> What's your favorite weapon in Runescape Dia?
[12:17] <Eis Herz> Which combat style?
[12:17] <BLIPBLOBZ> Slash and Smash
[12:17] <Weekeypeedeea> Is there any option to compare items on the wiki?
[12:18] <Casting Fishes^^> yes
[12:18] <Eis Herz> Barrelchest anchor for melee.
[12:18] <Weekeypeedeea> :o where is it?
[12:18] <Weekeypeedeea> Found it
[12:18] <PlayindatRS> compare item near the bottom of the stats chart i think
[12:18] <Eraser boy> does anyone know if robin hood hat will go back up? :/ 
[12:18] <BLIPBLOBZ> I dunno.
[12:18] <PlayindatRS> eeehhh
[12:18] <PlayindatRS> idk new armadyl looks boss
[12:18] <Weekeypeedeea> wow
[12:19] <Eis Herz> New Armadyl looks crap on girls.
[12:19] <Weekeypeedeea> ^
[12:19] <BLIPBLOBZ> lol true.
[12:19] <Weekeypeedeea> makes them look like ugly aliens.
[12:19] <Ciphrius Kane> Were there any new male npcs released today?
[12:19] <BLIPBLOBZ> I saw a female player wearing it, and it looked like shit.
[12:19] <PlayindatRS> looks way better then before
[12:19] <Weekeypeedeea> And General Graardor has the old bcp :( 
[12:20] <Weekeypeedeea> which is quite strange
[12:20] <BLIPBLOBZ> I wondered why Diango in Draynor Village had a graphical update.
[12:20] <Eis Herz> [[left half]] and [[right half]] haven't even been given a new look.
[12:21] <BLIPBLOBZ> Which is strange.
[12:21] <BLIPBLOBZ> Wish they would give some weapons a graphical overhaul.
[12:22] <BLIPBLOBZ> Cause every time I use one, it looks like I'm using a plastic sword or axe.
[12:22] <PlayindatRS> they said theyre updating all weapons and armour in the future
[12:23] <BLIPBLOBZ> Armor- check
[12:23] <BLIPBLOBZ> Weapons- In progress
[12:23] <PlayindatRS> i kind of miss the old noob armour though
[12:23] <PlayindatRS> well they didnt do all the armour
[12:23] <PlayindatRS> granite is still the same
[12:23] <PlayindatRS> and a few others
[12:23] <BLIPBLOBZ> Looks pretty new to me.
[12:23] <Eis Herz> I'd rather not play pornscape when I wear dhide.
[12:23] <BLIPBLOBZ> wut
[12:23] <PlayindatRS> it looks good
[12:24] <BLIPBLOBZ> Dragonhide? What's wrong with it?
[12:24] <Eis Herz> Have you seen it on girls?
[12:24] <AnselaJonla> Lemme guess - you're both male?
[12:24] <BLIPBLOBZ> Not yet Dia.
[12:24] <PlayindatRS> who?
[12:24] <AnselaJonla> You and Blip
[12:24] <BLIPBLOBZ> Duh.
[12:24] <PlayindatRS> well my main is female
[12:24] <BLIPBLOBZ> And call me by my true name next time please.
[12:25] <PlayindatRS> blobz
[12:25] <BLIPBLOBZ> No.
[12:25] <AnselaJonla> [[Armadyl body|An example of the new female d'hide look]]
[12:25] <BLIPBLOBZ> HTW would I be named "Blobz"?
[12:25] <Eis Herz> They weren't kidding when they say don't move away from the trees..
[12:25] <PlayindatRS> looks fine tbh
[12:25] <Eis Herz> 2 steps, disintergrated.
[12:25] <Weekeypeedeea> Any pkers here with 80 (ranged) ?
[12:25] <PlayindatRS> whats wrong with it? males is beter
[12:25] <BLIPBLOBZ> ooooooohow. I get it n
[12:25] <PlayindatRS> but i wouldnt say the females sucks
[12:26] <Eis Herz> Well..
[12:26] <BLIPBLOBZ> Both looks great.
[12:26] <AnselaJonla> Blip - as you have yet to tell us what you wish to be called, we will continue to call you some variation on your wikiname
[12:26] <Eis Herz> (content) 
[12:26] <Weekeypeedeea> Or for that matter, anyone with 80 ranged at all?
[12:26] <Eis Herz> I am 99, Week.
[12:26] <PlayindatRS> just my main has 80 ranged
[12:26] <Weekeypeedeea> Did you see the new bolts?
[12:26] <BLIPBLOBZ> Ok fine my name is Daniel. Happy?
[12:26] <Eis Herz> I'm getting them. Yes.
[12:26] <PlayindatRS> my name is blip
[12:26] <BLIPBLOBZ> What kind of bolts?
[12:26] <Weekeypeedeea> They expensive O.O
[12:26] <AnselaJonla> The new ones
[12:27] <Weekeypeedeea> very nice.
[12:27] <Eis Herz> Are they?
[12:27] <Weekeypeedeea> 450 a piece
[12:27] <BLIPBLOBZ> damn
[12:27] <Weekeypeedeea> so kinda
[12:27] <PlayindatRS> pfft
[12:27] <PlayindatRS> dbolts (e) are like 3k each
[12:27] <AnselaJonla> Erm... going for 5k a piece, actually
[12:27] <Weekeypeedeea> and you can't pick them up or get them attrracted back
[12:27] <Eis Herz> Seriously?
[12:27] <Eis Herz> (gets a massive hatchet)
[12:27] <Weekeypeedeea> yep
[12:27] <BLIPBLOBZ> (facepalm) 
[12:27] <BLIPBLOBZ> Just check it yourself...
[12:27] <Eis Herz> @ Ruri
[12:27] <BLIPBLOBZ> .. ok?
[12:27] <AnselaJonla> Yep Dia - 5k a piece, can't be retrieved after firing in anyway
[12:28] <BLIPBLOBZ> That sucks.
[12:28] <PlayindatRS> (facepalm) 
[12:28] <PlayindatRS> i win
[12:28] <Weekeypeedeea> What's 5k a piece?
[12:28] <Eis Herz> Can someone confirm that wc auras don't work at bloodwoods?
[12:28] <BLIPBLOBZ> The new bolts.
[12:28] <Weekeypeedeea> no..
[12:28] <Weekeypeedeea> they're 450
[12:28] <AnselaJonla> Flasks and bak bolts - anyone thing Jagex is trying to keep the prices high on purpose?
[12:28] <Weekeypeedeea> look at teh ge
[12:28] <PlayindatRS> is the bloodtree out yet?
[12:29] <Weekeypeedeea> yes
[12:29] <Eis Herz> I'm just glad these damn bolts dont need feathers.
[12:29] <PlayindatRS> damn
[12:29] <AnselaJonla> Weekey - what the ge says and what they sell for are two entirely different things
[12:29] <Eis Herz> I herd u lykd to be a pro ranger, now go kill chikkenz.
[12:29] <BLIPBLOBZ> How do YOU guys make money?
[12:29] <AnselaJonla> Various ways
[12:29] <PlayindatRS> 76k tricks
[12:29] <PlayindatRS> oh wait
[12:29] <Eraser boy> i got lured by my friend :/ 
[12:29] <BLIPBLOBZ> But most commonly.
[12:29] <PlayindatRS> EP too low GG
[12:29] <Eraser boy> did i already say that? 
[12:30] <PlayindatRS> well if youre a main just skill
[12:30] <PlayindatRS> if youre a pure just go kill druids all day
[12:30] <AnselaJonla> I don't have a main or a pure, nub
[12:30] <Casting Fishes^^> I got lured by my friend too :3 
[12:30] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ high fives
[12:30] <BLIPBLOBZ> I used to just steal wines of zamorak.
[12:30] <Eraser boy> i lost 10m
[12:30] <BLIPBLOBZ> Now it's different.
[12:30] <PlayindatRS> so what do you have?
[12:30] <PlayindatRS> no account at all? lol
[12:31] <Eraser boy> i thought we were luring someone else at purple portal
[12:31] <Eis Herz> These bloodwoods have pro wc xp.
[12:31] <BLIPBLOBZ> eraser?
[12:31] <Eraser boy> blpiblobz?
[12:31] <Weekeypeedeea> how much Eis?
[12:31] <Eraser boy> blipblobz*?
[12:31] <Eis Herz> 320 ea
[12:31] <Eis Herz> 12 logs from this tree.
[12:31] <Weekeypeedeea> dammn
[12:32] <Weekeypeedeea> 93 fletch?
[12:32] <Eis Herz> 99
[12:33] <Weekeypeedeea> geez
[12:33] <Weekeypeedeea> do you have max cape?
[12:33] <Eis Herz> Not on this acc, no.
[12:33] <Weekeypeedeea> do you have it on another?
[12:33] <Eis Herz> Not on my others either, lol.
[12:33] <Weekeypeedeea> lol
[12:33] <Weekeypeedeea> I only have 3 accounts
[12:34] <Weekeypeedeea> A f2p pker, a woodcutter/miner f2p, and my member.
[12:34] <Weekeypeedeea> I only use my member though, haha.
[12:34] <Casting Fishes^^> I have like.
[12:35] <Casting Fishes^^> 4 i think
[12:35] <Eis Herz> I use my wc/fm ftper when I'm annoyed with friends.
[12:35] <Weekeypeedeea> lol
[12:35] <Eis Herz> Probably why it has such high wc, lol.
[12:35] <Weekeypeedeea> do you almost have max cape?
[12:35] <Coelacanth0794> asdfghjkl
[12:35] <Casting Fishes^^> a f2p skiller that was mem at one point, my level 104 mem, my level 55 f2p and my def pure.
[12:36] <Eis Herz> Pm me through chat, Week.
[12:36] <PlayindatRS> my main isonly level 37 rofl
[12:38] <BLIPBLOBZ> lol
[12:39] <Eis Herz> The hell? Just saw a level 6 mugger running.
[12:39] <Ciphrius Kane> He saw you
[12:40] <PlayindatRS> stop him he stole my money1
[12:40] <PlayindatRS> !
[12:41] <Eis Herz> Right. 230 bolts = 103500gp.
[12:41] <Eis Herz> Sold them, got 920k for them.
[12:42] <Coelacanth0794> grz
[12:42] <Coelacanth0794> "The hell? Just saw a level 6 mugger running."
[12:42] <Coelacanth0794> loading glitch
[12:43] <Eis Herz> Would be on their end, I don't lag.
[12:43] <Coelacanth0794> i never said lag
[12:43] <Coelacanth0794> [Loading - Please wait.]
[12:43] <BLIPBLOBZ> I hate those.
[12:43] <Eis Herz> Wasn't there.
[12:44] <Coelacanth0794>
[12:45] <PlayindatRS> fail
[12:48] <BLIPBLOBZ> Cook!
[12:49] <Cook Me Plox> Hey
[12:49] <BLIPBLOBZ> hi :) 
[12:49] <Ciphrius Kane> Hello cookie, good news
[12:49] <Ciphrius Kane> You got the 4,500,000 edit
[12:49] <Cook Me Plox> Wut
[12:49] <Ciphrius Kane> All the millionth edits got taken by others
[12:49] <BLIPBLOBZ> wooo! Nice Pl0x!
[12:49] <Cook Me Plox> I thought we were at 5m already?
[12:50] <Ciphrius Kane> Aye
[12:50] <Cook Me Plox> Oh, old
[12:50] <Cook Me Plox> I see
[12:50] <Ciphrius Kane> Joey got it
[12:50] <Cook Me Plox> Time to try and start a GE limit bypassing co-op
[12:50] <Cook Me Plox> Think it'll work
[12:50] <Cook Me Plox> (?)
[12:51] <Ciphrius Kane> * Ciphrius Kane enjoys confusing Cook
[12:51] <Eis Herz> Syphilis confuses everyone.
[12:53] <Casting Fishes^^> when i get rich
[12:53] <Casting Fishes^^> ima buy a million cabbages
[12:53] <Eis Herz> You'll give me all the moneys in rs.
[12:53] <Casting Fishes^^> (qc) The Exchange price of 1000000x [[Cabbage]] is 64,000,000 coins (64 coins each).
[12:54] <PlayindatRS> good money making method
[12:54] <BLIPBLOBZ> lol
[12:54] <Coelacanth0794>
[12:55] <BLIPBLOBZ> LOL Calvin and Hobbes is hella funny.
[12:56] <Eis Herz> If its meant to be what I think it is, it isn't funny. If it isn't, I don't get it.
[12:57] <Coelacanth0794> Dear zam,
[12:57] <Coelacanth0794>
[12:57] <Coelacanth0794> sincerely coel
[12:58] <TyA> Mah elephants D:!
[01:00] <Eis Herz> Is there a way to get tabs to not stack in the taskbar in Win7?
[01:02] <Eraser boy> lol i just hit that link
[01:02] <Ciphrius Kane> * Ciphrius Kane starts stacking elephants into space
[01:03] <Casting Fishes^^> night guys
[01:03] <Casting Fishes^^> <3
[01:03] <Touhou FTW> night
[01:04] <Eraser boy> goodnight
[01:05] <Touhou FTW> night
[01:11] <Touhou FTW> Cook
[01:12] <Cook Me Plox> Hey
[01:13] <TyA> Hi Cookie
[01:17] <Cire04> cookie~
[01:18] <TyA> I say we take Cookie, and eat him
[01:18] <Eis Herz> ^
[01:18] <TyA> As a sacrifice to the High War God
[01:18] <Cire04> hey cookie can i have some investment tips? I've been doing enchanted set setting and selling to earn money, did it for a bit more than a month, and made about 1.6mil per week, but now the enchanted hats rarely have buy
[01:19] <Henneyj> bonjour, le cookie
[01:19] <Cire04> i think i just bought out most of it, do you have any new investment i could do?
[01:22] <Vulpes Twigy> inb4hello
[01:22] <Cire04> cookie?
[01:22] <TyA> hai twiggles
[01:23] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o uses the Cabbage of Jas and the Staff of Cæk to destroy you all
[01:24] <Cire04> -_-
[01:25] <Eis Herz> Tawt.
[01:25] <Zahuna> * Zahuna looks at Sum1 0 o and Sum1 0 o dies.
[01:25] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o is immortal from the power of the CoJ and SoC
[01:25] <Eis Herz> Cook, are you there?
[01:26] <Cire04> what is the users dont deserve article?
[01:26] <Cire04> [[RS:UDDA]]
[01:26] <Sum1 0 o> [[RS:PLAYER]]
[01:26] <Cire04> oh
[01:26] <Cire04> players dont deserve article
[01:26] <Cire04> RS:PDDA
[01:28] <Cire04> I hate how my signature is always at the end of a line and always gets cut, I have to put <br/> everytime
[01:29] <Eis Herz> Mine is pretty short.
[01:29] <Vulpes Twigy> Mine is kinda long
[01:30] <Eis Herz> Tmi, Twig.
[01:30] <Vulpes Twigy> Nyuk nyuk.
[01:30] <Eis Herz> :-D 
[01:32] <Coelacanth0794> nub vulpes
[01:33] <Vulpes Twigy> Nubcoel.
[01:33] <Coelacanth0794> newb vulpes
[01:33] <Cire04> so jagex has done all but one of their march behind the scences
[01:33] <Vulpes Twigy> nubleetcoel
[01:33] <Coelacanth0794> n00b vulpes
[01:33] <Cire04> bah bye everyone
[01:34] <Cire04> * Cire04 is going
[01:34] <Coelacanth0794> kbye
[01:34] <Zahuna> Which Behind the Scenes is left?
[01:34] <Vulpes Twigy> N()()b Coel
[01:34] <Coelacanth0794> the task thing
[01:34] <Zahuna> Obai dere.
[01:34] <Coelacanth0794> for morytania
[01:34] <Zahuna> Oh. I don't really do tasks.
[01:34] <Coelacanth0794> N[][]B vulpes
[01:34] <Vulpes Twigy> n..bcoel
[01:34] <Coelacanth0794> Nõõb vulpes
[01:35] <Cire04> i odn't do it either lol i only did lumbridge cause i wanted the tele, but it was useless after the lode stone, i also want the seer village one
[01:35] <Cire04> anyway byee
[01:35] <Vulpes Twigy> N7Coel
[01:35] <Zahuna> Face it.
[01:36] <Coelacanth0794> wut
[01:36] <Zahuna> You're all noobs.
[01:36] <Zahuna> ;D
[01:36] <Coelacanth0794> mppn bi;[rd
[01:36] <Coelacanth0794> thats noob vulpes one letter to the right
[01:36] <Coelacanth0794> We're all noobs, especially zahuna.
[01:36] <Zahuna> You messed up on the space.
[01:36] <Coelacanth0794> anyways gnight noobs
[01:36] <TyA> Especially Zahuna
[01:36] <TyA> Nighty night love <3
[01:36] <Touhou FTW> night
[01:37] <Vulpes Twigy> Ciao
[01:37] <Eis Herz> What is Touhou, by the way?
[01:37] <Vulpes Twigy> [[w:c:touhou]]
[01:37] <Touhou FTW> ^
[01:38] <Eis Herz> Loading a page, one moment.
[01:39] <TyA> Touhou: Gimme Touhou please <3
[01:39] <Touhou FTW> wut
[01:39] <Touhou FTW> My Touhou
[01:40] <Eis Herz> I need something to do. :| Halp.
[01:40] <Zahuna> Ty
[01:40] <Zahuna> Wheres that place where I can look what names have been taken?
[01:40] <Zahuna> Wikis names that is.
[01:41] <Eis Herz> Okay, this is one hell of a link, but look what I found when looking for Touhou.
[01:41] <Eis Herz>
[01:41] <Touhou FTW> nom
[01:41] <Zahuna> Wait. Ugh. User names. I want to see if my name I want is taken.
[01:41] <Touhou FTW> There's A LOT of fan art for it
[01:42] <Touhou FTW> That image is incorrect though, they don't know about outside matters.
[01:42] <Eis Herz> Incorrect? 
[01:42] <Vulpes Twigy> Is that Suyako?
[01:42] <Touhou FTW> They live in another world pretty much. They're disconnected from the outside world's events.
[01:42] <Touhou FTW> No, it's Eirin
[01:43] <Vulpes Twigy> *looks at poster behind self*
[01:43] <Eis Herz> I think there is something else wrong with that picture besides it being inaccurate...
[01:44] <Eis Herz> [[calc/prayer]]
[01:44] <TyA> Touhou: You reminded me that I never finished the game your avatar is from
[01:44] <Touhou FTW> </3
[01:45] <Vulpes Twigy> Yea, Knives are Sakuya spec...
[01:45] <Touhou FTW> I've finished 3/5 routes
[01:45] <Touhou FTW> Vulpes
[01:45] <Touhou FTW> it's a military uniform
[01:45] <Touhou FTW> Plus, Sakuya's hair is not that long
[01:45] <Vulpes Twigy> I know that.
[01:46] <Zahuna> Thanks Ty
[01:47] <Zahuna> do I use it?
[01:47] <Zahuna> Its just a page. That doesn't exist.
[01:47] <TyA> It says if the username is used or not
[01:49] <Slidpanther> hey guys
[01:49] <Touhou FTW> hi
[01:50] <Zahuna> it doesnt
[01:51] <Zahuna> I'm confused.
[01:51] <TyA> [[User:yoihwpfhwepfhwpef[wefj2w[-0fjw[e0fjw[efv]] does too
[01:52] <TyA> *[[User:woiehfowiehfowiehfcodcefh]]
[01:52] <Zahuna> Yeah, but...
[01:52] <Zahuna> It might exist on another wiki
[01:53] <TyA> It doesn't
[01:53] <TyA> Wikia uses a shared user table
[01:53] <TyA> [[User:Mythrun]] 
[01:53] <TyA> That's what it would be like for someone who exists but has never logged into this wiki
[01:54] <Zahuna> That means my name exists.
[01:54] <Zahuna> :L
[01:54] <N8g15> :) 
[01:55] <N8g15> I'm cb level 97, and did my 1st barrows run today.
[01:55] <Touhou FTW> nice
[01:55] <N8g15> Got Ahrims Robe Skirt :) 
[01:55] <Vulpes Twigy>
[01:55] <N8g15> 1.4m thank you very much
[01:55] <Touhou FTW> Is that Blue version?
[01:55] <Touhou FTW> and nice
[01:55] <Vulpes Twigy> Yea
[01:55] <N8g15> really?
[01:55] <N8g15> you play pokemon now?
[01:55] <Touhou FTW> Blue is one of the few I haven't played
[01:55] <Touhou FTW> it's Touhoumon
[01:55] <Touhou FTW> not Pokemon
[01:55] <N8g15> i remember when i used to play it...
[01:55] <Vulpes Twigy> Its on the Touhou wiki if you need a link
[01:56] <N8g15> hmm
[01:56] <Touhou FTW> Nah
[01:56] <N8g15> lots of people are playing now
[01:56] <Touhou FTW> I'll stick with enchanced
[01:56] <Touhou FTW> Enhanced*
[01:56] <N8g15> so I was pretty juiced :D
[01:56] <Touhou FTW> Oh
[01:56] <Touhou FTW> the last one I played
[01:57] <Touhou FTW> of the actual series
[01:57] <Touhou FTW> is Black
[01:57] <N8g15> What bout Pearl?
[01:57] <Touhou FTW> never played Pearl
[01:57] <Touhou FTW> I skipped that gen
[01:57] <TyA> wat wat wat
[01:57] <N8g15> i heard its good.
[01:57] <Vulpes Twigy> 4th Gen is good.
[01:57] <TyA> I beat Pearl, but not White :/ 
[01:57] <Vulpes Twigy> I think I have 300 hours on 4th
[01:57] <Zahuna> I gotta think of another name.
[01:57] <N8g15> I'll just stick to playing RS though
[01:57] <N8g15> :/ 
[01:57] <TyA> I should play RuneScape, but I don't :/ 
[01:58] <N8g15> Really?
[01:58] <Touhou FTW> I don't as much as I used to
[01:58] <TyA> I just can't get into it
[01:58] <N8g15> I'll take your stuff ;0
[01:58] <Vulpes Twigy> I don't even play RS very much...
[01:58] <Eis Herz> The only alternative I have is work. I choose bored doing rs over bored doing work.
[01:58] <Touhou FTW> :p
[01:58] <N8g15> :l
[01:59] <TyA> I manage to stay busy on wikis
[01:59] <N8g15> mmm. My wife is cooking something delicous smelling
[01:59] <Eis Herz> So glad they've changed the look of trees in most places now.
[01:59] <Eis Herz> Now feels like 2012.
[01:59] <Henneyj> what type of delicious smellinng?
[02:00] <Henneyj> :( 
[02:00] <Zahuna> Ty
[02:00] <Dtm142> That's your reaction to me entering the chat?
[02:00] <Dtm142> :( 
[02:00] <Dtm142> Some important questions:
[02:00] <Zahuna> When I first submitted my request to change my name I hadn't realized that it was taken x
[02:00] <Cook Me Plox> Yes, No, Yes, Yes.
[02:00] <Eis Herz> That was your mother's reaction when you were born. Why so surprised?
[02:01] <Dtm142> What?
[02:01] <Eis Herz> ":("
[02:01] <Dtm142> How do you know this?
[02:01] <Zahuna> Can I still change my name?
[02:01] <Cook Me Plox> If you haven't changed it once before, yes
[02:01] <Dtm142> Anyway, moving forward.
[02:01] <Zahuna> Okay, good.
[02:01] <Dtm142> Why is it impossible to catch a Pokemon after you knock it out?
[02:02] <TyA> Because that's "rude" 
[02:02] <Dtm142> And why do you automatically surrender half your money, "black out" (?), and wake up at a Pokemon centre when you lose a battle?
[02:02] <Dtm142> And why don't NPC trainers do this?
[02:02] <Slidpanther> How did you guys kill vanstrom
[02:03] <Slidpanther> hes giving me a harder time than nomad
[02:03] <Dtm142> TyA, sources?
[02:03] <Eis Herz> With ease.
[02:03] <Dtm142> Learn his attacks.
[02:03] <Dtm142> Drink a super set
[02:03] <Dtm142> Bring a familiar
[02:03] <Eis Herz> Nomad took me 35 attempts. Vanstrom took 2.
[02:03] <Dtm142> It's a lot more like the spirit beast than like Nomad.
[02:03] <Dtm142> ^
[02:03] <Slidpanther> Nomad took me 3 pq took 1 vanstrom 5
[02:03] <Dtm142> (except I lost track on Nomad. Might've been more, less)
[02:04] <Zahuna> Okay, so when I submit my request should I log out?
[02:04] <TyA> Dtm: My sources is my imagination. 
[02:04] <Eis Herz> It took me one try once I got the set-up correct.
[02:04] <Dtm142> Oh?
[02:04] <TyA> I confirmed it since I tend to get dejavu a lot
[02:04] <TyA> So it must be true
[02:04] <Henneyj> cant see you needing to zah
[02:05] <Dtm142> So it's not considered rude to reduce the Pokemon to like 1hp and put it asleep
[02:05] <Dtm142> And then capture it.
[02:05] <Dtm142> #logicfail
[02:05] <Henneyj> go pokeball!!
[02:05] <Henneyj> you caught a ratata carcuss!!
[02:06] <Dtm142>
[02:06] <Dtm142> The Pokemon evidently don't die though.
[02:06] <Dtm142> If your Pokemon faint, they can be healed.
[02:06] <Urbancowgurl777> Zahuna: no
[02:07] <Dtm142> So it would follow that you can catch a wild Pokemon after you KO it, then heal it.
[02:07] <Henneyj> wild pokemon have no trainer to throw in the towel in terms of taking damage
[02:07] <Fancy157> hey all
[02:08] <Gian1001> hi
[02:08] <Dtm142> ?
[02:08] <Dtm142> You use the same attacks on both.
[02:08] <Dtm142> One horn drill on a trainer's Pokemon -> can be healed.
[02:08] <Dtm142> Same attack on a wild Pokemon...?
[02:08] <Fancy157> pokemon on runescape chat
[02:09] <Dtm142> Problem?
[02:09] <Henneyj> the threshold on the lower limit for the hp is not necessarily the same in both situations
[02:09] <Fancy157> no my two favoirt thing in one
[02:09] <Dtm142>
[02:09] <Dtm142> Huh?
[02:09] <Fancy157> any one know what a other worldly being is
[02:10] <Dtm142>
[02:10] <Edmyg> They live in zanaris Fancy
[02:10] <Dtm142> [[otherworldly being]]
[02:10] <Henneyj> ie it may be possible theoretically to damage a trainers pokemon more but prevented by the rules of battle
[02:10] <Dtm142> Otherworldly beings are found in the south-west of Zanaris, south of the range.
[02:10] <Dtm142> 
[02:10] <Dtm142> They used to be popular monsters due to the chance of their dropping dragon helms and their proximity to a bank. However, this was back when the helms were very rare and above 1 million coins in price. Due to the frustrating and constant mini-random events in Zanaris, the Otherworldly beings are not commonly fought. They are located just South of the bank and cooking range in a separate room. Good gear is recommended for lower levels as they can frequently hit 60s and 70s, therefore it is recommended you have good food (such as lobsters, or swordfish).
[02:10] <Dtm142> 
[02:10] <Dtm142> Slayer masters give the following advice for this creature: "Otherworldly Beings are ethereal beings making them weak to magical attacks." 
[02:10] <Fancy157> thank you u two
[02:10] <Dtm142> What rules?
[02:10] <Dtm142> It's a street fight.
[02:11] <Eis Herz> You're all a bunch of nerds.
[02:11] <Dtm142> The attack has the same magnitude.
[02:11] <Henneyj> just because its a street fight doesnt mean youd kill their pokemon
[02:11] <Dtm142> Problem?
[02:11] <Dtm142> just because its wild doesnt mean youd kill the pokemon
[02:11] <Dtm142> [sic]
[02:11] <Zahuna> Dtm: might be est to keep the pictures appropriate.
[02:12] <Zahuna> Best*
[02:12] <Dtm142> Which picture was inappropriate?
[02:12] <Zahuna> Thrre could be younger children in here.
[02:12] <Zahuna> The exploding head ._.
[02:12] <Henneyj> yes but clearly a distinction exists
[02:12] <Dtm142> distinction without a difference
[02:12] <Dtm142> #logicfail
[02:13] <Eis Herz> The hell? A penguin in Zanaris.
[02:13] <Henneyj> lack of difference is an assumption on your part
[02:13] <Eis Herz> (one you spy on)
[02:13] <Dtm142> Should I just give a vivid description of my head exploding instead?
[02:13] <Dtm142> A reasonable assumption based on the context of the game.
[02:14] <Gian1001> does runescape is off ?
[02:14] <Urbancowgurl777> don't be a tool
[02:14] <Dtm142> (prima facie)
[02:14] <Gian1001> (ccake) 
[02:14] <Eis Herz> Cook?
[02:14] <Dtm142> "does runescape is off ?"
[02:14] <Dtm142> Come again?
[02:15] <Gian1001> ?
[02:15] <Zahuna> None of us really understood what you said, Gian.
[02:15] <Henneyj> is it offline?
[02:15] <Urbancowgurl777> not for me
[02:16] <Dtm142> lol
[02:16] <Zahuna> Looks like I scared him off.
[02:16] <Eis Herz> Why is Cook so antisocial today?
[02:16] <Dtm142> "Away"
[02:17] <Dtm142> (facepalm) 
[02:17] <Eis Herz> No shit. But he isn't often away so much.
[02:17] <TyA> We are having a loving conversation where we critize all of you because we love you <3
[02:18] <Henneyj> id say he usually only pops his head into places every so often
[02:18] <Edmyg> Cook tends to leave this open when he's sleeping
[02:18] <Eis Herz> EEEEvil.
[02:19] <Zahuna> Cook shouldn't be sleeping right now.
[02:19] <Eis Herz> I need to ask him something. Rageface.
[02:19] <Zahuna> Its 7:19
[02:19] <Urbancowgurl777> sleeping? he just woke up
[02:19] <Edmyg> but he's been logging into rs every now and then, so maybe he's plaing with his geepeez?
[02:19] <Edmyg> yep w32
[02:19] <Urbancowgurl777> he was doing some merchanting study last i heard x_x
[02:19] <Henneyj> im always most tired when ive just woken up :P
[02:19] <Edmyg> [[User:Cook Me Plox/Investment]]
[02:20] <Urbancowgurl777> this slayer task is going to put me to sleep
[02:20] <Urbancowgurl777> (except that i had like 2 naps today)
[02:20] <Dtm142> Is he saving up for full r00n or a bl00 phat?
[02:20] <Zahuna> Cook has made me 53k. *facepalm*
[02:21] <Edmyg> should have invested more :D
[02:21] <Eis Herz> Erm? Atheist gave cook 85M?
[02:21] <Eis Herz> Dafuq. He said he was poor.
[02:21] <Urbancowgurl777> language please
[02:21] <Urbancowgurl777> and.. maybe he sold his armor and stuff so he didn't realize his wealth
[02:21] <Dtm142> Oh, and who wins at the beginning?
[02:21] <Dtm142> Is it Nidorino or Gengar?
[02:21] <Dtm142> Or is that supposed to be Snorlax?
[02:22] <Dtm142> What about Jigglypuff vs. Gengar?
[02:22] <Vulpes Twigy> Just me luck.
[02:22] <Urbancowgurl777> *never played pokemon*
[02:22] <Edmyg> What?!
[02:22] <Vulpes Twigy> Touhoumon, First Touhou I find is a shiny Aya
[02:22] <Vulpes Twigy> Urgh.
[02:22] <Urbancowgurl777> don't be so shocked, i've said it in here before ;3=
[02:22] <Edmyg> Deprived child :/ 
[02:22] <Vulpes Twigy> Nothing to catch with.
[02:22] <Urbancowgurl777> i consider myself luckeh ^-^
[02:23] <Edmyg> *deprived
[02:23] <TyA> * TyA huggles Fergiebro <3
[02:23] <Edmyg> not luckeh
[02:23] <Urbancowgurl777> *huggle*
[02:23] <Zahuna> I think I'll take my money from Cook when I get the chance. I can make more with it on my own :P
[02:23] <Dtm142> You might be lucky.
[02:23] <Slidpanther> can kyatts work against him?
[02:23] <Urbancowgurl777> ..who?
[02:23] <Slidpanther> vanstrom
[02:23] <Slidpanther> during BoDM
[02:23] <Edmyg> nope
[02:23] <Eis Herz> No.
[02:24] <Edmyg> Why do you think everyone uses the polearm or stakes? Standard vampyre fighting rules
[02:24] <Zahuna> BoDM= Body of Dead Man?
[02:24] <Edmyg> [[BoD]]
[02:24] <Zahuna> :O
[02:24] <Urbancowgurl777> branches of darkmeyer <.<
[02:24] <Eis Herz> Branches of ^
[02:24] <Zahuna> Ohhh. :P
[02:24] <Zahuna> I don't quest much.
[02:24] <Dtm142> I had a level 100 Dugtrio in Pokemon Yellow when I was like 7. Trained it all the way (this was before I knew about the Cinnabar Island duplicating glitch)
[02:24] <Dtm142> And my game data got corrupted and I lost it :( 
[02:24] <Dtm142> Was never the same since.
[02:25] <Urbancowgurl777> lol
[02:25] <Dtm142> :@
[02:25] <Urbancowgurl777> so much for that
[02:25] <Edmyg> I thought they maxed at 99?
[02:25] <Dtm142> So yeah... Don't play it.
[02:25] <Eis Herz> I had a 78 Swampert that I played on the bus. Nowhere else.
[02:25] <Eis Herz> Well, trains too.
[02:25] <Henneyj> only one i trained to max was rapidash
[02:25] <Dtm142> 100 (or 255 in gen 1, under certain glitchy circumstances).
[02:26] <Zahuna> 0 people viewed your wiki today.
[02:26] <Zahuna> 38 edits were made.
[02:26] <Dtm142> Through the Cinnabar Island glitch, you can duplicate rare candies and catch Pokemon higher than level 100.
[02:26] <Edmyg> Wasn't there a wierd rhydon you could find on Cinnabar coast?
[02:26] <Zahuna> Is that possible?
[02:27] <Vulpes Twigy> Yea
[02:27] <Edmyg> Lost my yellow years ago. Silver doesn't have the same charm
[02:27] <Dtm142> Force feed them rare candies, and they can reach level 255 before starting over at 0 again.
[02:27] <Vulpes Twigy> I had a pokemon which was 255
[02:27] <TyA> Zahuna: Bug
[02:27] <Eis Herz> You're all a bunch of nerds. Except Fergie.
[02:27] <Zahuna> One silly bug. :P
[02:27] <Urbancowgurl777> <3
[02:27] <TyA> She's the King of Nerds
[02:27] <Dtm142> In Red/Blue, talk to that guy that wanted his coffee.
[02:27] <Vulpes Twigy> Meh.
[02:27] <Urbancowgurl777> what
[02:27] <Henneyj> everyone played it
[02:27] <Urbancowgurl777> how does that even make sense
[02:27] <Urbancowgurl777> that entire statement is wrong.
[02:27] <Vulpes Twigy> *goes back to Touhoumon*
[02:27] <Dtm142> He'll teach you how to catch a Weedle.
[02:28] <Henneyj> and i was 10
[02:28] <Dtm142> Watch him, then fly to Cinnabar Island.
[02:28] <Dtm142> Surf along the east coast.
[02:28] <Eis Herz> [[Troll queen]] is she a troll? No. 
[02:28] <Eis Herz> @ Ferg
[02:28] <Edmyg> Shocking how you remember this. Red/Blue came out over a decade ago
[02:28] <Dtm142> Encountering Missingno or 'M will give you 128 (?) extra of whatever you have in your seventh (?) spot.
[02:29] <Zahuna> Guysh guysh. Shomebody tradshe me a Meowth for my Pidgeotsh?
[02:29] <Dtm142> You can also find level 160 Magnemites.
[02:29] <Urbancowgurl777> *never heard of these words*
[02:30] <Vulpes Twigy> Magnemites?
[02:30] <Vulpes Twigy> I was getting Muks
[02:30] <Henneyj> i found a level 777 Urbancowgurl
[02:30] <Dtm142>
[02:30] <Urbancowgurl777> is it epic
[02:30] <Dtm142> This
[02:30] <TyA> is
[02:30] <TyA> sparta
[02:30] <Henneyj> but it was too feisty to catch
[02:30] <Zahuna> No it's not.
[02:30] <Zahuna> Its 2012z
[02:30] <Dtm142> Wtf?
[02:30] <Zahuna> ITS DOOMDAY D:
[02:30] <Dtm142> He's playing Blue
[02:31] <Dtm142> But it's not in monochrome...?
[02:31] <Dtm142> When I played Blue, all of the graphics were blue.
[02:31] <TyA> I know! 
[02:31] <TyA> It was awesome <3
[02:31] <Dtm142> Even on my Gameboy Color
[02:31] <Eis Herz> Thanks for that, Zahuna. Realised I was in the mood for some Atreyu.
[02:31] <Dtm142> hax
[02:31] <BLIPBLOBZ> Sup!
[02:32] <Vulpes Twigy> Dtm
[02:32] <Vulpes Twigy> You can change the colors with a trick
[02:32] <Dtm142> ?
[02:32] <Dtm142> Not like that you can't.
[02:32] <Dtm142> You can get other monochromes, or maybe pastels if you're really 1337
[02:33] <Dtm142> And how does he catch it at full health with only one standard Pokeball?
[02:33] <Edmyg> Did you see the outake at the end?
[02:33] <Dtm142> ?
[02:34] <Dtm142> This one's h-core though.
[02:34] <Dtm142>
[02:35] <Dtm142> Really makes you wonder how on Earth someone thought of that.
[02:35] <Edmyg> The old man had a kabutops to catch instead of weedle
[02:35] <Edmyg> 'cept it was called missingno
[02:35] <Dtm142> timestamp?
[02:36] <Edmyg> 1:50
[02:36] <Dtm142> Right. And in Yellow, I accidentally gave my rival the same name as me.
[02:37] <Edmyg> Smooth
[02:37] <Dtm142> Wha...?
[02:38] <Henneyj> freudian slip i think
[02:39] <BLIPBLOBZ> -_-
[02:41] <Urbancowgurl777> *so tired*
[02:41] <Urbancowgurl777> stupid professor.. making me get up at 6am and drive through hell to get to class
[02:42] <Urbancowgurl777> then cancelling
[02:43] <Henneyj> lol hated that
[02:43] <BLIPBLOBZ> That'
[02:43] <Henneyj> theyd send us emaails like half an hour before
[02:43] <BLIPBLOBZ> ... is not good.
[02:43] <Urbancowgurl777> she didn't even email us or anything. she called her friend in the class next door to tell us. wth?
[02:43] <BLIPBLOBZ> What kind of person is THAT?
[02:43] <Urbancowgurl777> as i drive through the tornado and flash flood warnings
[02:43] <Urbancowgurl777> >.<
[02:44] <BLIPBLOBZ> eep.
[02:45] <Urbancowgurl777> bbiab ^-^
[02:45] <BLIPBLOBZ> Huh?
[02:45] <BLIPBLOBZ> nvm
[02:45] <BLIPBLOBZ> What are you guys doing right now on Runescape?
[02:49] <Vulpes Twigy> Not playing RS.
[02:50] <Slidpanther> Any of you guys Rp?
[02:50] <Slidpanther> I was just wondering if its good
[02:50] <BLIPBLOBZ> nope
[02:51] <BLIPBLOBZ> Hello?
[02:52] <Slidpanther> hi
[02:56] <Dtm142> lol
[02:56] <Dtm142>
[02:57] <BLIPBLOBZ> lol
[02:57] <BLIPBLOBZ> Obama's corrupt.
[02:58] <Dtm142> Danth's Law is my favourite.
[02:58] <BLIPBLOBZ> huh
[02:58] <TyA> If anyone sees Casting Fishes^^ joining chat, yell at her kay? 
[02:58] <Dtm142> If you declare victory in an online debate, it usually means you've lost.
[02:58] <TyA> She has homework to be doing
[02:58] <BLIPBLOBZ> kk
[02:58] <Dtm142> Badly.
[02:59] <BLIPBLOBZ> How do u know she has homework TyA?
[02:59] <Dtm142> How do you know "she" is female?
[02:59] <BLIPBLOBZ> We all know.
[02:59] <Dtm142> How?
[03:00] <BLIPBLOBZ> She told us :P.
[03:00] <BLIPBLOBZ> *:p
[03:00] <Dtm142> By default, everyone on the internet is male.
[03:00] <Eis Herz> Oi.
[03:00] <BLIPBLOBZ> pfft
[03:00] <Dtm142> If you aren't, the burden of proof is on you to show otherwise.
[03:00] <BLIPBLOBZ> Wow.
[03:00] <Eis Herz> Dtm, serious question, what about transsexuals?
[03:00] <BLIPBLOBZ> Please Dia...
[03:01] <BLIPBLOBZ> ... don't bring this up again.
[03:01] <Dtm142> (ok, not anymore0
[03:01] <Dtm142>
[03:01] <Dtm142> I stand corrected.
[03:01] <Dtm142> "An Internet trope that was originally true, then an attitude in general, and finally a meme with only lingering traces left."
[03:01] <BLIPBLOBZ> lol
[03:01] <Dtm142> Q.E.D.
[03:02] <TyA> She told me on Facebook Dtm
[03:04] <Slidpanther> vanstrom has offically been the only boss to make me stand up and say
[03:04] <Slidpanther> Im taking a break from this
[03:04] <Eis Herz> That doesn't really answer my question.
[03:04] <Dtm142> Someone told me I was an idiot on Facebook once.
[03:04] <Dtm142> Doesn't prove anything.
[03:04] <Dtm142> Eis, I conceded that it's no longer true.
[03:05] <Dtm142> Non-male can include transexuals.
[03:05] <BLIPBLOBZ> Imma go eat my dinner.
[03:05] <Dtm142> (some)
[03:10] <Livehardpvp> Hello
[03:10] <Dtm142> Hi
[03:11] <Livehardpvp> Do you have an rs acc?
[03:11] <BLIPBLOBZ> K im back from dinner.
[03:12] <BLIPBLOBZ> yum.
[03:12] <Livehardpvp> hi
[03:12] <BLIPBLOBZ> hey
[03:12] <Livehardpvp> how r u
[03:12] <BLIPBLOBZ> im fine thank you.
[03:14] <BLIPBLOBZ> I'm mining gold right now.
[03:14] <BLIPBLOBZ> Dia?
[03:15] <BLIPBLOBZ> Why does this chat always go dead?
[03:16] <Vulpes Twigy>
[03:16] <Vulpes Twigy> That's why
[03:17] <BLIPBLOBZ> wut
[03:18] <Dtm142> wtf?
[03:18] <Dtm142>
[03:19] <BLIPBLOBZ> XD
[03:19] <BLIPBLOBZ> 
[03:20] <BLIPBLOBZ> That's quite a mouthful of spam.
[03:21] <BLIPBLOBZ> Even though I'm also an Athiest.
[03:41] <TheBahamaLlama> bronies
[03:41] <TheBahamaLlama> bronies everywhere!
[03:41] <Dtm142> ?
[03:43] <Dtm142> Weirdo.
[03:47] <TyA> I don't see a problem with that
[03:47] <TyA> * TyA huggles Fergie
[03:47] <Urbancowgurl777> what to do with these polypore drops <.<
[03:48] <TyA> Give them to me? <3
[03:48] <Urbancowgurl777> hm they must be useful then
[03:48] <Urbancowgurl777> *keeps*
[03:49] <Dtm142> Navi deserves her own game imo.
[03:49] <Dtm142> She's like a one-hit wonder.
[03:49] <Dtm142> Think Haddaway.
[03:49] <Urbancowgurl777> lol
[03:49] <Dtm142>
[03:50] <Dtm142>
[03:50] <Dtm142>
[03:50] <Dtm142> Covers it all I think
[03:51] <Urbancowgurl777> mith dragons task
[03:51] <Urbancowgurl777> x_x
[03:51] <Dtm142> :( 
[03:53] <Urbancowgurl777> that whole task got me a 9 gp seed and mushrooms worth 3k
[03:53] <Urbancowgurl777> sigh
[03:56] <Unknown3311> hello
[03:56] <Urbancowgurl777> hi
[03:57] <Unknown3311> does anyone know the fastest way to level up
[03:58] <Unknown3311> and does anyone know where the mind altar is i cant seem to find it
[03:59] <Urbancowgurl777> we're a wiki, use the search feature
[03:59] <Urbancowgurl777> [[Mind altar]]
[03:59] <Unknown3311> ok
[03:59] <Dtm142> I used to know where it is.
[03:59] <Dtm142> But they probably moved it :@
[04:00] <Unknown3311> next to the goblin village :) just i wanted to know i have a mind talisman but i couldnt find the earth altar
[04:00] <Urbancowgurl777> <.<
[04:01] <Unknown3311> XD
[04:02] <Unknown3311> helloooooooo
[04:02] <Touhou FTW> hi
[04:02] <Urbancowgurl777> this guy's name is "Ru16qtpie"
[04:02] <Dtm142> o_O
[04:03] <Unknown3311> im on a adventure
[04:03] <Urbancowgurl777> that's just all sorts of disturbing
[04:04] <Unknown3311> im in the happy mood today
[04:05] <Unknown3311> :) 
[04:06] <Unknown3311> well ima gonna go seeya :) 
[04:06] <Touhou FTW> bye
[04:10] <Dtm142> Wth?
[04:10] <Urbancowgurl777> ?
[04:11] <Dtm142> In oasis skin, it says "My favourite wikis".
[04:11] <Dtm142> Spelled like that.
[04:11] <Dtm142> With British spelling.
[04:11] <Urbancowgurl777> maybe someone changed the css here
[04:11] <Urbancowgurl777> ..or something
[04:12] <Dtm142> .
[04:15] <Urbancowgurl777> 84 smithing :3=
[04:18] <Eis Herz> Oh cool. I typed in a german word in the wiki, it redirected.
[04:18] <Dtm142> :) 
[04:18] <Eis Herz> Air orb 
[04:18] <Eis Herz> Redirected from Luft-Kugel
[04:18] <TyA> Cook made a lot of redirects
[04:18] <Dtm142> ^
[04:18] <Dtm142> This.
[04:25] <BLIPBLOBZ> Is it Guten Tag or Guten Teg?
[04:26] <Touhou FTW> Tag
[04:26] <BLIPBLOBZ> ok thnx
[04:27] <BLIPBLOBZ> *Mutters to self*... damn stupid skunkwork piece of shit knowledge.
[04:27] <Eis Herz> Guten tag, in that context it doesn't capitalise.
[04:27] <BLIPBLOBZ> Got it.
[04:27] <TyA> Eis: Can you teach us german one day? 
[04:28] <BLIPBLOBZ> I'd rather learn Russian.
[04:28] <Eis Herz> :/ If you're good.
[04:29] <BLIPBLOBZ> Who ever fught a hellhound and won?
[04:30] <BLIPBLOBZ> *fought
[04:40] <BLIPBLOBZ> O.O
[04:40] <BLIPBLOBZ> I'll guess I'll just talk to myself then.
[04:41] <BLIPBLOBZ> Blip: Hi Blob!
[04:41] <BLIPBLOBZ> Blob: Hi Blip!
[04:41] <BLIPBLOBZ> Blip: mah boi.
[04:41] <BLIPBLOBZ> Blob: mah boiiiii
[04:43] <BLIPBLOBZ> Great now I'm as isolated as North Korea!
[04:44] <BLIPBLOBZ> :'( 
[04:44] <Eis Herz> Cry more.
[04:44] <BLIPBLOBZ> lol
[04:44] <BLIPBLOBZ> *Sleeps*
[04:45] <Eis Herz> *prod*
[04:45] <BLIPBLOBZ> *Blows up*
[04:46] <BLIPBLOBZ> *Loop of intestine falls on Dia's head*
[04:46] <BLIPBLOBZ> eww
[04:47] <Eis Herz> ♫...I'll slice you open, and steal back my love, from you..This love you breathe♫
[04:48] <BLIPBLOBZ> wut
[04:48] <Eis Herz> Song.
[04:48] <BLIPBLOBZ> Did you just swear at me- oh.
[04:48] <BLIPBLOBZ> huh.
[04:51] <BLIPBLOBZ> *Stretches*
[04:51] <BLIPBLOBZ> I'd be damned.
[04:52] <BLIPBLOBZ> *Sleeps*
[04:54] <BLIPBLOBZ> *Walks down a corridor*
[04:55] <BLIPBLOBZ> *Raises rifle while walking*
[04:55] <BLIPBLOBZ> "It's quiet..."
[04:55] <Dtm142> For some reason, that reminds me of that Goldeneye 007 game for N64
[04:55] <BLIPBLOBZ> "Too quiet."
[04:55] <BLIPBLOBZ> lol rly?
[04:55] <Dtm142> I was never any good at it.
[04:55] <BLIPBLOBZ> meh
[04:55] <BLIPBLOBZ> anyway...
[04:55] <Dtm142> My friends would hoard the golden gun and I'd never have a chance.
[04:56] <Dtm142> Golden gun mode. Stupid.
[04:56] <BLIPBLOBZ> "Kilo-31, do you read me, over?"
[04:56] <BLIPBLOBZ> U got wussie friends
[04:56] <Dtm142> Apparently you play a lot better with the rumble pak.
[04:56] <Mazanaka> Hello.
[04:56] <Dtm142> So they let me try it once.
[04:56] <Dtm142> I won. But then they never let me use it again.
[04:56] <BLIPBLOBZ> "Barbarossa-77, we hear you. Anything unusual? Over."
[04:57] <Dtm142> Greetings.
[04:57] <BLIPBLOBZ> wow
[04:57] <BLIPBLOBZ> sup
[04:57] <Eis Herz> If I remember correctly they re-did GoldenEye for the wii.
[04:57] <Dtm142> They redid it a few times.
[04:57] <Dtm142> One for Xbox or 360 as well iirc
[04:58] <BLIPBLOBZ> "Kilo-31, looks like nothing in here- wait what was that- ohshitohshitohshit *Fires Rifle*
[04:58] <BLIPBLOBZ> "Kilo-31! I'm surrounded by two hostiles!"
[04:59] <BLIPBLOBZ> "Codenames are: Enemy number one: Eis Herz.
[04:59] <BLIPBLOBZ> Enemy number two: Dtm142!"
[04:59] <BLIPBLOBZ> 
[04:59] <Dtm142> Goldenaxe is a better game imo
[05:00] <Dtm142>
[05:00] <Dtm142> Epic level 1 music
[05:00] <BLIPBLOBZ> Oh I have that game!
[05:00] <BLIPBLOBZ> It's fun.
[05:00] <BLIPBLOBZ> But the Death Adder is HARD.
[05:00] <Dtm142> Then at the end, two 8'03'' guys with sledgehammers attack you.
[05:00] <BLIPBLOBZ> yep
[05:01] <Dtm142> I played it at my friend's house a few times.
[05:01] <Dtm142> I might download it for virtual console.
[05:01] <BLIPBLOBZ> One time I rescued the king and queen, but then I died in the castle lol.
[05:01] <BLIPBLOBZ> Damn huge hole.
[05:01] <Matthew2602> amg
[05:01] <Matthew2602> it's dtm
[05:02] <Dtm142> Where?
[05:02] <Matthew2602> Over there
[05:02] <Matthew2602> * Matthew2602 points to the flying mass of light
[05:02] <Dtm142> (H)
[05:03] <BLIPBLOBZ> :D
[05:09] <Vulpes Twigy> Maaaaaaaaattt
[05:09] <Vulpes Twigy> You are laggin
[05:36] <Justinshere> ok
[05:36] <Justinshere> so
[05:36] <Justinshere> hey guys
[05:57] <Jamie O'Brien> Hey all, does anyone know a fist of guthix clan to get fast tokens?
[05:57] <Touhou FTW> No sir
[05:57] <Jamie O'Brien> fuck
[05:57] <Touhou FTW> Try looking on the forums
[05:57] <Eis Herz> Language.
[05:57] <Eis Herz> Scheiße trottel.
[06:03] <Vulpes Twigy> Assault Rifle training...
[06:03] <Vulpes Twigy> Or Shotgun..
[06:03] <Vulpes Twigy> Or just get the Widow again.
[06:04] <Touhou FTW> wat
[06:04] <Vulpes Twigy> For ME2
[06:04] <Touhou FTW> o
[06:05] <Vulpes Twigy> Thinking Assault for med range so I don't always have to use my pistol.
[06:05] <Vulpes Twigy> Though, The Widow is the best Sniper there is...
[06:05] <Vulpes Twigy> Shotguns would work wonders with the Tact cloak.
[06:05] <Vulpes Twigy> Might get the Shotgun.
[06:06] <Touhou FTW> Don't shotguns suck in that?
[06:06] <Touhou FTW> I'm not sure, I only used pistols in that game
[06:06] <Vulpes Twigy> Infiltrators are the CQB Gods.
[06:07] <Touhou FTW> o
[06:07] <Touhou FTW> I was always infiltrator
[06:10] <Vulpes Twigy> Shotguns with Tungsten rounds are rape.
[06:14] <Touhou FTW> o
[06:14] <Touhou FTW> I always used pistols with warp ammo cept for shields where i switched to the disruptor round things
[06:24] <Touhou FTW> Vulpes, you're q/j massively
[06:24] <Vulpes Twigy> Bloody laptop...
[06:24] <Vulpes Twigy> My connection has gone to shite as of late.
[06:24] <Touhou FTW> oh
[06:25] <Vulpes Twigy> If I start Q/J again.
[06:25] <Vulpes Twigy> Just ping me
[06:25] <Vulpes Twigy> Full name.
[06:25] <Touhou FTW> mk
[06:31] <Touhou FTW> hey Hydro
[06:31] <Hydro1> Hi
[06:34] <Dogfoger> Guys guys guys
[06:34] <Touhou FTW> wat
[06:34] <Hydro1> Yes yes yes :D
[06:34] <Dogfoger> I just saw a level 3 with 99 hp
[06:35] <Vulpes Twigy> IMPOSSIBRU
[06:35] <Dogfoger> can u believe that?
[06:35] <Dogfoger> Nope
[06:35] <Touhou FTW> what vulpes said
[06:35] <Touhou FTW> Hp levels you up
[06:35] <Dogfoger> Damn glitches
[06:35] <Dogfoger> So I suppose the level 3 with d claws was also fake?
[06:36] <Hydro1> It's not a reset either, you need 99 in the skill to actually wear the cape
[06:36] <Hydro1> and probably
[06:36] <Hydro1> you could get like a lvl 10 with claws...
[06:36] <Dogfoger> Saw that aswell
[06:36] <Touhou FTW> mfw
[06:36] <Dogfoger> What I did see once
[06:36] <Touhou FTW>
[06:36] <Dogfoger> Made me go
[06:37] <Dogfoger> *kapow* *thump* to myself
[06:37] <Dogfoger> A level 5 with a fire cape. RWT much?
[06:37] <Dogfoger> oh wait
[06:37] <Dogfoger> no that was mod mark
[06:37] <Dogfoger> My bad
[06:39] <Hydro1> [[Floor 62]]
[06:39] <Dogfoger>
[06:39] <Hydro1> e don't have an article?
[06:40] <Touhou FTW> about what
[06:40] <Touhou FTW> what's Floor 62?
[06:41] <Dogfoger> Yay
[06:41] <Dogfoger> 104 cb with 79 def :o
[06:41] <Hydro1> Floor 62 is going to be released this year in daemonheim
[06:41] <Hydro1> currently floors only go up to 61, the last floor requuiring 119
[06:41] <Hydro1> dung
[06:41] <Touhou FTW> shouldn't that go under the dungeoneering floors subarticle then?
[06:42] <Hydro1> Should be redirected i reckon
[06:42] <Hydro1> it was confirmed in runefest though
[06:42] <Touhou FTW> yeah
[06:42] <Hydro1> YG really needs a cleanout
[06:43] <Touhou FTW> I can't say I disagree
[06:46] <Dogfoger> Question!
[06:47] <Touhou FTW> Response
[06:47] <Hydro1> Ask dog 
[06:47] <Dogfoger> What reward from the [[Task Sytem]] gives u legs?
[06:47] <Hydro1> The new one coming out this month
[06:47] <Hydro1> [[Mortaynia Tasks]] i think i spelled that right
[06:47] <Touhou FTW> Morytania
[06:48] <Dogfoger> Oh
[06:48] <Dogfoger> So uh
[06:48] <Dogfoger> What they do?
[06:48] <Dogfoger> 
[06:48] <Dogfoger> ^^
[06:48] <Hydro1> It's in [[BtS]]
[06:48] <Touhou FTW> [[Behind the Scenes]]
[06:49] <Dogfoger> So they havent been released?
[06:49] <Dogfoger> 
[06:49] <Touhou FTW> no
[06:49] <Touhou FTW> they are the last March update
[06:49] <Dogfoger> Oh awesome
[06:49] <Hydro1> next week
[06:50] <Dogfoger> -.-
[06:51] <Dogfoger> Holy sh1t
[06:51] <Dogfoger> Halving prayer drain in Barrows
[06:51] <Dogfoger> Hardcore
[06:51] <Touhou FTW> eh
[06:51] <Dogfoger> Heere we go
[06:52] <DrSnowflake> quick question, why is it that in Wanted, it tells you to go to taverly dungeon, yet it points you to edgville to the wilderness..? im getting so mixed up any help? =/
[06:52] <Hydro1> Where abouts in the article?
[06:52] <Dogfoger> One of them mystery's im afraid
[06:53] <Touhou FTW> Dog, you're not helping, stay out of it please
[06:53] <Dogfoger> Yes ma'am
[06:54] <Touhou FTW> Snowflake, what is telling you what? Are you following a guide or the interface for quests?
[06:54] <Hydro1> Oh i think I know what he is talking about
[06:54] <DrSnowflake> down in the dungeon. [[Wanted]]. My guide on rs is telling me to go to edgville to the wilderness, and it has that annoying little arrow pointing me there, yet guide on wiki says go to taverly dungeon?
[06:54] <Hydro1> Snowflake, you have to do both. There is a section on going to taverly and going to edgeville
[06:55] <DrSnowflake> ahh so edg is just said first then>
[06:56] <DrSnowflake> thanks :) 
[06:56] <Hydro1> Np
[06:58] <Hydro1> Be right back 5 mins
[07:16] <Dogfoger> No!!
[07:16] <Touhou FTW> what
[07:16] <Hydro1> What
[07:17] <Dogfoger> My Sim just got hit by a meteor
[07:17] <Vulpes Twigy> Que?
[07:17] <Dogfoger> -.-
[07:17] <Touhou FTW> Keikaku Doori
[07:17] <Vulpes Twigy> *pokerface*
[07:17] <Dogfoger> Damn you reality
[07:17] <Vulpes Twigy> I just shot out a meteor just before...
[07:17] <Dogfoger> Pokehisface*
[07:17] <Vulpes Twigy> Was it a headshot?
[07:17] <Dogfoger> No
[07:17] <Dogfoger> It was a wholeshot
[07:17] <Dogfoger> One minute I just saw this huge shadow
[07:17] <Dogfoger> the next
[07:18] <Dogfoger> SPLAT!
[07:18] <Dogfoger> Dead Sim
[07:18] <Dogfoger> He was so young
[07:18] <Touhou FTW> At least your Sims aren't complete half-wits
[07:18] <Vulpes Twigy> WHOO!
[07:18] <Dogfoger> He was only a toddler
[07:18] <Touhou FTW> what
[07:18] <Touhou FTW> well
[07:18] <Vulpes Twigy> I got a intergalactic shot then!
[07:18] <Dogfoger> At least I have a fireproof homestead lol
[07:18] <Touhou FTW> My smallest bathroom caught on fire and they all rushed in, wouldn't go out and all but 1 burned to death.
[07:18] <Dogfoger> I'd cry if my house caught alight
[07:19] <Dogfoger> Lol
[07:19] <Dogfoger> Sims are idiots right?
[07:19] <Touhou FTW> Usually
[07:19] <Dogfoger> I usually just use testingcheatsenabled true
[07:19] <Touhou FTW> I still leave them to act of their own accord mostly
[07:19] <Dogfoger> and delete the room thats on fire
[07:19] <Touhou FTW> Meh
[07:19] <Dogfoger> lol
[07:19] <Touhou FTW> Sims to me is a console game
[07:19] <Touhou FTW> minus Sim City
[07:20] <Dogfoger> God I hate that game
[07:20] <Dogfoger> That reminds me
[07:20] <Dogfoger> I need the cheats for it
[07:20] <Hydro1> [[Infobox scenery]]
[07:20] <Dogfoger> [[Random%2C Hydro1|Random, Hydro1]]
[07:20] <Dogfoger> 
[07:20] <Touhou FTW> Idc for it
[07:20] <Dogfoger> [[Completely off the topic]]
[07:20] <Dogfoger> I don't like it
[07:20] <Touhou FTW> Our teachers made us play it in 5th grade though
[07:20] <Hydro1> Sorry was linking myself
[07:20] <Touhou FTW> so I had no choice
[07:20] <Dogfoger> It's too hard
[07:20] <Hydro1> the infobox is broken
[07:20] <Touhou FTW> I find it boring
[07:21] <Dogfoger> U build just 1 monument and bam
[07:21] <Dogfoger> there goes all ur money
[07:21] <Dogfoger> Matchew!
[07:21] <Touhou FTW> That's why you save up money...
[07:21] <Dogfoger> Oh sorry I sneezed
[07:21] <Dogfoger> Matthew!
[07:21] <Dogfoger> I know but even like
[07:21] <Dogfoger> A residential spot
[07:21] <Dogfoger> Will make u bankrupt lol
[07:22] <Touhou FTW> Well don't spend more than you can make
[07:22] <Matthew2602> (pce) 
[07:22] <Touhou FTW> Always have enough money left over just in case
[07:22] <Dogfoger> Is RSChatBot really a bot? (dont (facepalm) me plz)
[07:22] <Hydro1> Who is good at coding
[07:22] <Hydro1> yes its a bot
[07:22] <Touhou FTW> Not I
[07:22] <Touhou FTW> And yes Dog
[07:23] <Dogfoger> But I saw it talk earlier :/ 
[07:23] <Matthew2602> What do you need, your newly implemented chatmodness? ;) 
[07:23] <Touhou FTW> Oh didn't see you replied Hydro
[07:23] <Touhou FTW> my bad
[07:23] <Hydro1> Probably zam was on it
[07:23] <Matthew2602> (that's you hydro :P)
[07:23] <Hydro1> [[Template:Infobox scenery]] Lol so i see matt :/ 
[07:23] <Dogfoger> Anyway!
[07:23] <Dogfoger> 
[07:23] <Dogfoger> Back to the topic at hand
[07:23] <Touhou FTW> Vulpes
[07:23] <Hydro1> Twigy*
[07:23] <Dogfoger> I need to restart my game
[07:23] <Touhou FTW> When you get a moment I would like a word with you
[07:23] <Matthew2602> what did you do to that infobox O_O
[07:23] <Hydro1> Nothing
[07:23] <Dogfoger> So my stoopid some doesn't get hit by a meteor
[07:23] <Hydro1> I found it like that
[07:23] <Matthew2602> oh
[07:23] <Hydro1> Btw matt
[07:23] <Dogfoger> Lol
[07:24] <Dogfoger> Suuuure
[07:24] <Hydro1> i found the funniest discussion ecvar
[07:24] <Matthew2602> excuse me while I google the meaning of ecvar
[07:24] <Dogfoger> Lol
[07:24] <Dogfoger> Ikr
[07:24] <Vulpes Twigy> I got a moment now, Only looking up Touhoumon right now anyway.
[07:24] <Hydro1> [[User talk:Matthew2602%23Don.27t delete discussions|User talk:Matthew2602#Don.27t delete discussions]]
[07:24] <Hydro1> I love when ciph said: "User does not have the necessary 15k comments needed to comment on his own desysop thread"
[07:25] <Matthew2602> -_-
[07:25] <Matthew2602> Yeah, that discussion was so much fun...
[07:25] <Matthew2602> >_>
[07:25] <Dogfoger> Ah!
[07:25] <Dogfoger> My computer just moo'd at me
[07:25] <Dogfoger> Like a cow :/ 
[07:25] <Matthew2602> :o
[07:25] <Hydro1> Why u delete discussion anyawy
[07:25] <Dogfoger> Lol
[07:26] <Dogfoger> All I did was put in a new disc
[07:26] <Matthew2602> I didn't. I was on my ipod and it derped on me
[07:26] <Dogfoger> And then
[07:26] <Dogfoger> Mooooooo!
[07:26] <Hydro1> LOL
[07:26] <Dogfoger> Shut up already
[07:26] <Dogfoger> Stupud fan :/ 
[07:26] <Matthew2602> You should probably get that checked out by a animal specialist, Sean
[07:26] <Dogfoger> Oh sowwy my dose i blocked
[07:26] <Matthew2602> Your computer could be some weird cow machine hybrid
[07:27] <Dogfoger> :o
[07:27] <Dogfoger> Yeaahhh!
[07:27] <Matthew2602> THIS IS A SERIOUS [email protected]
[07:27] <Hydro1> Is there a way for my chat.css to stop working, but not delete the page
[07:27] <Dogfoger> Mooo! Kachunk kachunk! Moo!
[07:27] <Hydro1> [[User:Hydro1/chat.css]]
[07:27] <Matthew2602> THE FATE OF HUMANITY IS AT STAKE
[07:27] <Dogfoger> Oily milk
[07:27] <Dogfoger> ew...
[07:27] <Matthew2602> OR SOMETHING
[07:27] <Matthew2602> uhm
[07:28] <Matthew2602> put /* and */ around it
[07:28] <Hydro1> Ty
[07:28] <Matthew2602> and just remove them when you want it to work again
[07:28] <Matthew2602> uhm, no
[07:28] <Hydro1> k lemme restart chat
[07:28] <Matthew2602> if cow machine hybrids exist
[07:28] <Matthew2602> that means that the animals are planning robot siege against the human race
[07:28] <Matthew2602> Obviously
[07:29] <Dogfoger> But ofcourse
[07:29] <Dogfoger> It all makes sense my dear chop
[07:29] <Matthew2602> hey hydro
[07:29] <Dogfoger> //chap
[07:29] <Dogfoger> Lol
[07:30] <Matthew2602> you know that infobox you linked me to?
[07:30] <Hydro1> I'm still a caek
[07:30] <Hydro1> and yes
[07:30] <Matthew2602> Look at the very first line of the code
[07:30] <Matthew2602> * Matthew2602 waits until Hydro sees it
[07:31] <Dogfoger> Lol
[07:31] <Dogfoger> Now my computer is mooing verrrry faintly
[07:31] <Dogfoger> Cuz i hit it
[07:31] <Dogfoger> Have u guys noticed how hitting something nearly always works?
[07:31] <Matthew2602> Wouldn't that make it moo louder?
[07:31] <Hydro1> I see what someone did thar
[07:31] <Matthew2602> Last time I checked cows don't be quiet when you hit them
[07:31] <Matthew2602> They squeal and stuff
[07:31] <Hydro1> Not only that though matt
[07:32] <Dogfoger> Why wuld u hit a cow
[07:32] <Hydro1> The examine is above stuff
[07:32] <Dogfoger> Oh my gawd
[07:32] <Matthew2602> You hit a cow :o
[07:32] <Dogfoger> Now its meowing at me
[07:32] <Hydro1> i fixed the width though
[07:32] <Dogfoger> Its like a freakin managerie
[07:32] <Hydro1> [[RS:C/B]]
[07:33] <Matthew2602> There's only one solution when you encounter something you don't understand
[07:33] <Hydro1> Haven't banned someone yet...
[07:33] <Matthew2602> You shoot it
[07:33] <Hydro1> Get Cook!
[07:33] <Hydro1> O
[07:33] <Dogfoger> Now its a mix between a cow and a cat
[07:33] <Matthew2602> </sterotypicalamericanmentaility>
[07:33] <Dogfoger> a caw
[07:33] <Hydro1> cow + cat = cat
[07:33] <Hydro1> Cookie
[07:33] <Dogfoger> lol!
[07:33] <Dogfoger> Just talking about it
[07:33] <Hydro1> [[Template:Infobox scenery]]
[07:33] <Dogfoger> Cook
[07:33] <Matthew2602> wait hydro
[07:34] <Hydro1> Ya
[07:34] <Dogfoger> What do I do if I have a computer that is mooing at me?
[07:34] <Dogfoger> 
[07:34] <Matthew2602> You know how wikitables work
[07:34] <Matthew2602> Right?
[07:34] <Hydro1> Nope
[07:34] <Matthew2602> >_>
[07:34] <Matthew2602> Fine, I'll fix it then...
[07:34] <Hydro1> I barely know anything
[07:34] <Hydro1> Noo
[07:34] <Cook Me Plox> hmm
[07:34] <Hydro1> let cookie
[07:34] <Hydro1> Btw gratz on 200k edits cook
[07:34] <Cook Me Plox> I still prefer one column per parameter
[07:34] <Cook Me Plox> lolwut
[07:34] <Matthew2602> It's not hard
[07:34] <Cook Me Plox> omg
[07:34] <Hydro1> You didn't know?
[07:34] <Matthew2602> You forgot to put the examine cell on a different line
[07:34] <Hydro1> While u were redirecting with french words u hit the milestone
[07:34] <Matthew2602> and by you
[07:34] <Dogfoger> 202k*
[07:35] <Matthew2602> i don't mean you, btw
[07:35] <Hydro1> Wait
[07:35] <Hydro1> i think i can fix it
[07:35] <Dogfoger> There are only 2 non mods here
[07:35] <Dogfoger> Me and the rs chat bot
[07:35] <Matthew2602> The people who are on the most are the ones who become mods ;) 
[07:35] <Matthew2602> amg a wild new message appeared
[07:36] <Cook Me Plox> [[Template:Infobox scenery/alt]]
[07:36] <Cook Me Plox> I like this better
[07:36] <Vulpes Twigy> Dog
[07:36] <Vulpes Twigy> There are Three mods
[07:36] <Vulpes Twigy> Three admins
[07:36] <Dogfoger> Lol ty is the controller of it
[07:36] <Vulpes Twigy> :P
[07:36] <Dogfoger> Ahhh!!!!
[07:36] <Hydro1> Sre
[07:36] <Hydro1> sure
[07:36] <Hydro1> merge it
[07:36] <Dogfoger> Stop making animal sounds at me!
[07:36] <Dogfoger> 
[07:36] <Dogfoger> No kidding matchew its barking at me
[07:36] <Matthew2602> mods = admins
[07:36] <Hydro1> 5 cms vs 2 non-cms
[07:36] <Hydro1> all in favour of de-cratting sacre? he is a nub
[07:37] <Vulpes Twigy> *poni shrug*
[07:37] <Hydro1> like <s> sentra</s> matt
[07:37] <Hydro1> owait doesnt work here
[07:37] <Dogfoger> lol
[07:37] <Dogfoger> PWNED
[07:37] <Matthew2602> <s> is deprecated
[07:37] <Dogfoger> [[PWNED]]*
[07:37] <Hydro1> </sarcasm>
[07:37] <Matthew2602> yuno use style="text-decoration:strike;" ?
[07:37] <Dogfoger> Everyone right click the chat and say inspect element
[07:37] <Hydro1> Lol
[07:37] <Dogfoger> Looks weird
[07:37] <Hydro1> Matt
[07:37] <Dogfoger> Gah sims wont load
[07:38] <Hydro1> that big green thing on RS:C/B
[07:38] <Hydro1> does that only load for CMs?
[07:38] <Hydro1> 
[07:38] <Matthew2602> I can tell you aren't familar with web development, sean ;) 
[07:38] <Matthew2602> Uhm, idk, log out and see ;) 
[07:38] <Hydro1> Too long to do
[07:38] <Hydro1> Finneee
[07:38] <Matthew2602> wait
[07:38] <Matthew2602> i was wrong
[07:39] <Matthew2602> it's not text-decoration:strike
[07:39] <Hydro1> Nope ur right
[07:39] <Hydro1> oh about that
[07:39] <Matthew2602> it's text-decoration:line-through
[07:39] <Matthew2602> silly me ;) 
[07:39] <Hydro1> * Hydro1 wants to kb someone
[07:40] <Dogfoger> No I isnt
[07:40] <Matthew2602> I can bring my awb bot in if you want :o
[07:40] <Dogfoger> * Dofoger doesnt know what kb is
[07:40] <Hydro1> kb = kick ban
[07:40] <Matthew2602> Kickban
[07:40] <Dogfoger> lol
[07:40] <Hydro1> I wonder if
[07:40] <Hydro1> Someone can bring in a test account
[07:40] <Matthew2602> wait
[07:40] <Hydro1> and i can test the actions on it
[07:40] <Matthew2602> you can't kb my bot
[07:41] <Matthew2602> it's an admin too >.>
[07:41] <Hydro1> make another acc matt
[07:41] <Dogfoger> Ill do it
[07:41] <Matthew2602> What do you want to test...?
[07:41] <Matthew2602> O_O
[07:41] <Hydro1> I want to see how the kb works
[07:41] <Dogfoger> Ill do it
[07:41] <Matthew2602> Ohhhh
[07:41] <Dogfoger> Sec
[07:41] <Hydro1> I wont add it to archives though
[07:41] <Matthew2602> Come to my wiki :P
[07:41] <Hydro1> Hmm thats a good idea
[07:41] <Matthew2602> [[w:c:matthew2602]]
[07:41] <Hydro1> am i cm
[07:41] <Matthew2602> no, but i can make you cm ;) 
[07:42] <Hydro1> quickly though
[07:42] <Matthew2602> hang on, have to reply to twigy
[07:42] <Hydro1> Cow :D!
[07:42] <A Level 2 Cow> Haayoooo peplz :DDDD
[07:42] <Touhou FTW> Hi
[07:43] <A Level 2 Cow> :D
[07:43] <A Level 2 Cow> Gratz on admin hydro :D
[07:43] <Hydro1> Lol i wish
[07:43] <Hydro1> well, not really
[07:43] <Matthew2602> He's just a chat mod ;) 
[07:43] <A Level 2 Cow> Well that was what i meant
[07:43] <Matthew2602> speaking of admins
[07:43] <A Level 2 Cow> What do the other mods do anyways
[07:43] <Hydro1> If i ever become a sysop ill prob only just close threads
[07:44] <Hydro1> I have to go
[07:44] <Hydro1> matt, another day
[07:44] <Touhou FTW> Bye
[07:44] <Hydro1> c ya
[07:44] <Matthew2602> if you become an admin hydro, and you join the cabal, don't join the rogue committee ;) 
[07:44] <Matthew2602> obai
[07:44] <Hydro1> Sysop in 1111111111hours
[07:44] <Hydro1> thats leik
[07:44] <Hydro1> idk
[07:44] <Hydro1> bye
[07:44] <A Level 2 Cow> Bye
[07:46] <Dogfoger> Well
[07:46] <Dogfoger> That was weird
[07:46] <Dogfoger> Dogfoger3 is banned
[07:46] <Dogfoger> Yet I haven't used him in like
[07:46] <Dogfoger> Idk how long lol
[07:46] <Matthew2602> on the wiki?
[07:46] <Dogfoger> ye
[07:47] <Matthew2602> well you probably were a naughty boy ;) 
[07:47] <Dogfoger> Nu lol
[07:47] <Dogfoger> Check the archives pl0x
[07:47] <Matthew2602> Hmmm. ban evasion
[07:48] <Matthew2602> iirc you have ban evaded before, though i might be wrong
[07:48] <Dogfoger> Yeah I have
[07:49] <Dogfoger> That reminds me
[07:49] <Dogfoger> Wheres Athe?
[07:49] <Matthew2602> did you use that account to ban evade?
[07:49] <Dogfoger> Nope
[07:49] <Dogfoger> Used ImTehMan
[07:49] <Dogfoger> I think
[07:49] <Matthew2602> athe is in australia
[07:49] <Dogfoger> Thought she was chinese
[07:50] <Matthew2602> he, and idk, if you have the same timezone as i do, you're australian ;P
[07:50] <Matthew2602> </sarcasm>
[07:52] <Vulpes Twigy> ATHEIST IS A STALKER
[07:52] <Vulpes Twigy> And I'm the Stalkee.
[07:53] <Matthew2602> amg
[07:53] <Matthew2602> [email protected]
[07:53] <Matthew2602> whar
[07:53] <Touhou FTW> Toodles
[07:53] <Matthew2602> bye touhou <3
[07:59] <A Level 2 Cow> Crafting is soo boring -.-
[08:00] <Matthew2602> Was crafting not always boring?
[08:02] <A Level 2 Cow> Well im making emerald rings
[08:06] <DrSnowflake> you know how they changed up burthrope and what not.. i can't find where the rune essence mine is, do you guys have a clue?
[08:39] <A Level 2 Cow> Dead chat
[08:52] <A Level 2 Cow> Gtg cya
[08:52] <A Level 2 Cow> (pce) 
[08:52] <A Level 2 Cow> Byeee
[08:53] <A Level 2 Cow> Cyaaa
[08:57] <Dogfoger> Matchew!
[08:57] <Dogfoger> Oh sorry I sneezed again
[08:58] <Dogfoger> Matchew?
[08:58] <Dogfoger> Godamnit
[08:58] <Dogfoger> My computer has turned into a menagerie
[08:59] <Matthew2602> hai
[08:59] <Dogfoger> Mooing
[08:59] <Dogfoger> Meowing
[08:59] <Dogfoger> Barking
[09:00] <Dogfoger> Now its doing all three
[09:09] <Dogfoger> wb
[09:11] <Dogfoger> Matchew?
[09:12] <Matthew2602> hi
[09:13] <Ecountryhenz> hi
[09:13] <Matthew2602> hey
[09:13] <Ecountryhenz> how r u?
[09:14] <Matthew2602> fine thanks :) 
[09:14] <Dogfoger> Wolololololololololololol
[09:14] <Ecountryhenz> yw
[09:14] <Dogfoger> Oh don't mind me
[09:14] <Dogfoger> I'm nuts.
[09:14] <Ecountryhenz> so u guys play rs?
[09:14] <Dogfoger> Everyone can agree with that
[09:15] <Ecountryhenz> okay.
[09:15] <Matthew2602> I used to
[09:15] <Ecountryhenz> cb lvls?
[09:15] <Matthew2602> I don't really anymore
[09:15] <Dogfoger> Agree with me or I'll cut off ur [email protected] with a rusty knife
[09:15] <Dogfoger> ^
[09:15] <Matthew2602> Sean... >_>
[09:15] <Dogfoger> Lol
[09:16] <Dogfoger> Just reinforcing my statement
[09:16] <Ecountryhenz> foger u funny
[09:16] <Dogfoger> Why thank you
[09:16] <Dogfoger> I'm also very annoying
[09:16] <Ecountryhenz> i dont think so
[09:16] <Dogfoger> Rs update in approx 30mins
[09:16] <Dogfoger> Not yet my friend, not yet
[09:16] <Dogfoger> In due time though
[09:16] <Dogfoger> HOLY F*CK!
[09:17] <Ecountryhenz> hate updates
[09:17] <Dogfoger> Mega lag made me hit a abby spectre with like
[09:17] <Dogfoger> 60 shots
[09:17] <Dogfoger> and it was like
[09:17] <Ecountryhenz> so anyone wanna friend?
[09:17] <Dogfoger> Bluagh! Bluagh! Bluagh! Bluagh! Bluagh! 
[09:18] <Dogfoger> and i was like
[09:18] <Dogfoger> Chikow! Chikow!Chikow!Chikow!Chikow!Chikow!Chikow!
[09:18] <Ecountryhenz> lol
[09:19] <Ecountryhenz> foger whats ur cb?
[09:19] <Dogfoger> Ehhh
[09:19] <Dogfoger> 104
[09:19] <Dogfoger> Ruh roh
[09:19] <Dogfoger> Sentry is here
[09:19] <Ecountryhenz> nice btw
[09:22] <Ecountryhenz> foger wanna be my friend?
[09:24] <Ecountryhenz> anyone there?
[09:25] <Matthew2602> Hello
[09:25] <Ecountryhenz> where did foger go?
[09:25] <Matthew2602> * Matthew2602 shrugs
[09:25] <Matthew2602> :-P 
[09:26] <Ecountryhenz> matt
[09:27] <Matthew2602> Hello
[09:28] <Ecountryhenz> so u dont play runescape anymore?
[09:31] <Matthew2602> Not really
[09:31] <Ecountryhenz> can u help me?
[09:31] <Matthew2602> What with? :o
[09:31] <Ecountryhenz> how do i put my adven log on site?
[09:32] <Matthew2602> on the wiki?
[09:32] <Ecountryhenz> yup
[09:33] <Matthew2602> [[Template:Advlog autoupdate]] that should help
[09:33] <Matthew2602> I have to go
[09:33] <Ecountryhenz> bye
[09:38] <Dogfoger> Update in T minus 9 minutes
[09:45] <Dogfoger> DeAd ChAt :( 
[09:45] <Dogfoger> 
[09:46] <Dogfoger> Ecountryhenz has left the chat. 
[09:48] <Dogfoger> Update has begun
[09:50] <Dogfoger> Sentry?
[09:50] <Dogfoger> 
[09:52] <Cook Me Plox>
[09:52] <Dogfoger> Cook
[09:53] <Cook Me Plox> si
[09:53] <Dogfoger> Any ideas on what the update is?
[09:53] <Dogfoger> 
[10:23] <Dogfoger> :/ 
[10:36] <Dogfoger> Wow this chat is really dead atm
[10:37] <Eis Herz> Cook?
[11:08] <Dogfoger> Ansela!
[11:08] <AnselaJonla> Hi
[11:20] <Cheerileee> i only joined since i sawa pont
[11:20] <Cheerileee> pony
[11:21] <Dogfoger> Ur gnna see alot more ponys
[11:21] <Cheerileee> good
[11:21] <Cheerileee> xD
[11:39] <Deamon5545> hello?
[11:40] <Deamon5545> omg is any1 there?
[11:43] <AnselaJonla> Hi
[11:43] <Deamon5545> hi
[11:43] <Deamon5545> ansela
[11:43] <AnselaJonla> yes?
[11:43] <Deamon5545> umm shit
[11:43] <Deamon5545> oh
[11:44] <Deamon5545> can u tell me some items i can merch/flip and or high alch
[11:44] <AnselaJonla> Nope
[11:45] <Deamon5545> damnet
[11:45] <AnselaJonla> I don't do any of those so I don't know what's good
[12:12] <AnselaJonla> Hey Fol
[12:12] <FiendOfLight> hey
[12:13] <FiendOfLight> Finally finished [[While Guthix Sleeps]], so I decided to solo some tds :P
[12:13] <AnselaJonla> Gratz on finishing
[12:13] <FiendOfLight> ty
[12:14] <FiendOfLight> I had killed 2 of them and was on my 3rd when I misclicked in the center of the Ancient Guthix Temple D:
[12:14] <FiendOfLight> Then they all turned and looked at me :p
[12:14] <FiendOfLight> Spam-clicked my house teletab, and died when I got there lol
[12:15] <AnselaJonla> lol
[12:15] <AnselaJonla> At least you didn't lose anything then
[12:22] <FiendOfLight> yeah :P
[12:32] <FiendOfLight> I should probably get the [[Magic longbow (sighted)]] to use against them