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23:53 <EpicPancakes> Uh
23:53 <Kq head> control and order
23:53 -!- Cutegleekylicious has joined Special:Chat
23:53 <Coelacanth0794> it's been overtaken byu trollmods from r/circlejerk 
23:53 <EpicPancakes> Why are there so many subreddits
23:53 <Coelacanth0794> amongst others
23:53 <Kq head> or did zaros take it over
23:54 <EpicPancakes> Or whatever they're called
23:54 <Coelacanth0794> so you can have specified content epic
23:54 <EpicPancakes> r/bananas
23:54 <EpicPancakes> All those funny banana jokes
23:54 <Kq head> because reddit is where people go to talk about shit nobody cares about, such as runescape :D
23:54 <EpicPancakes> all in one convenient section
23:54 <Coelacanth0794> fun fact, the names do not tend to be dead giveaways if they're sfw or nsfw
23:54 <EpicPancakes> r/definitelynotporn
23:55 <Coelacanth0794> such as r/historyporn is sfw
23:55 <EpicPancakes> That's weird
23:55 <Kq head> r/tableporn is not?
23:55 <EpicPancakes> But then again
23:55 <Coelacanth0794> i dont know
23:55 <EpicPancakes> Reddit isn't very normal
23:55 <Coelacanth0794> i dont browse the sfwporn subs
23:55 <Coelacanth0794> define 'normal'
23:55 <EpicPancakes> Let me rephrase
23:55 <EpicPancakes> Reddit is weird.
23:55 <Kq head> reddit is unusual and abnormal
23:55 <EpicPancakes> Anyways
23:55 <Kq head> is there an r/normal?
23:55 <EpicPancakes> Did you see what Samuel L Jackson did on Reddit
23:56 <Coelacanth0794> you're weird >:(
23:56 <Coelacanth0794> idk kq try it
23:56 <Kq head> put snakes on it and acted for a movie?
23:56 <EpicPancakes> I am weird.
23:56 <EpicPancakes> But reddit.
23:56 <EpicPancakes> It's like a baby 4chan
23:57 <Coelacanth0794> you're on r/4chan arent you
23:57 <EpicPancakes> What
23:57 <EpicPancakes> I've literally never been to reddit
23:57 <EpicPancakes> I went to 4chan once to see what it was
23:57 <Coelacanth0794> well how can you make these judgements then
23:57 <EpicPancakes> Because
23:57 <EpicPancakes> I believe things other people say
23:57 <Coelacanth0794> try this thread then
23:57 <EpicPancakes> cus im smrt
23:58 <Coelacanth0794> whatever you say, sister. :\
23:58 <EpicPancakes> SISTER
23:58 <EpicPancakes> I'm offensive and I find that male.
23:58 <EpicPancakes> Well butter my buns and call me a biscuit
23:58 <Kq head> reddit is like seeing stupid and smart people have a discussion. so, kinda like the internet
23:58 <EpicPancakes> I MUST EAT
23:58 <Coelacanth0794>
23:59 <EpicPancakes> Oh shit.
23:59 <EpicPancakes> I almost forgot about that.
23:59 <EpicPancakes>
23:59 <EpicPancakes> At least I have this.
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00:00 -!- EpicPancakes has joined Special:Chat
00:00 <EpicPancakes> Well gonna go get some noms
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00:02 <Kq head> nom pancake
00:06 <Kq head> thanks coel, i'll sleep well tonight reading that
00:06 <Coelacanth0794> (y)
00:06 <Kq head> "there is a bad man in my bedroom and he's scaring me, so the nice lady helps me take my bed out so im safe from him"
00:06 <Kq head> fuck that shit
00:06 <Coelacanth0794> you say it like that's not normal
00:07 <Coelacanth0794> (trollface)
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00:09 <EpicPancakes> well
00:09 <EpicPancakes> That fish tasted like butter and urine.
00:09 <TonyBest100> just got ghul lamp pot
00:10 <Coelacanth0794> grz
00:10 <TonyBest100> made the full ghul lamp
00:10 <Coelacanth0794> "decorative towels" what is this shit
00:10 <EpicPancakes> Okay, so I take back what I said about reddit being weird
00:11 <EpicPancakes> Because I somehow managed to get to a forum where an 11 year old is asking about the best ways to masturbate and I don't even know how I got here.
00:11 <Kq head> why do so many of these ghouls and demons watch people in their sleep?
00:11 <Kq head> what is fascinating about sleeping people
00:11 <EpicPancakes> Because they're not real.
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00:15 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
00:15 <Ciphrius Kane> When you're asleep your defences are lowered and your dreams can be entered
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00:16 <Kq head> [[Bandit (Wilderness)]] [[Bandit (Wilderness Bandit Camp)]] why do we have two?
00:16 <Kq head> im at the camp right now...
00:17 <Kq head> there's only one "bandit" variant
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00:21 <Moochmaker> quick question
00:21 <Moochmaker> are we sure power levelling is with 2 l's and not just one?
00:21 <Cook Me Plox> levelling
00:22 <Moochmaker> why the extra l?
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00:24 <EpicGuy5487> hi
00:25 <Cåm> [[Template:Navbox]]
00:25 <Cåm> hi
00:25 <EpicGuy5487> do u think rs should add the title of lt
00:26 <Moochmaker> It followed by name?
00:27 <EpicGuy5487> yes
00:27 <Moochmaker> short answer, no, i dont think so
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00:30 <EpicGuy5487> I think they should
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00:33 <Cook Me Plox> sifurs cain
00:34 -!- EpicGuy5487 has joined Special:Chat
00:35 <EpicGuy5487> is there a way to contact jagex?
00:35 <Cook Me Plox> Depends what it's about
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00:36 -!- Rich Farmbrough has joined Special:Chat
00:36 <Ciphrius Kane> Check the forums
00:37 -!- Rich Farmbrough has left Special:Chat.
00:38 <EpicGuy5487> on wat
00:39 <Ciphrius Kane> There should be an entire section about contacting Jagex
00:39 <Ciphrius Kane> What do you need to contact them about?
00:40 <EpicGuy5487> just asking if they could add a title 4 the caracther to the game
00:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Suggestions forum
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00:40 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
00:41 <Ciphrius Kane> Jagex only want you to contact them directly if you have issues that prevent you from playing or affect your account
00:41 <EpicGuy5487> onn wat? the rs website
00:41 <Ciphrius Kane> Yes, the suggestions forums on the RSOF
00:42 <EpicGuy5487> wat is it called
00:42 <Ciphrius Kane> Suggestions?
00:43 -!- EpicGuy5487 has left Special:Chat.
00:45 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh try general
00:45 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
00:48 <Cook Me Plox> Unless you're a cool fansite dude like me
00:48 <Cook Me Plox> In which case they still don't contact you. But still.
00:50 <Rift Cyra> Anyone got a Marid handle they want to trade for? >~>
00:50 <Coelacanth0794> that is what colour?
00:51 <Coelacanth0794> [[marid lamp handle]]
00:51 <Rift Cyra> Bleu
00:51 <Coelacanth0794> ah
00:51 <Ciphrius Kane> Anybody ever stolen a license plate?
00:56 <Ciphrius Kane> I won a bottle of red wine
00:57 <Ciphrius Kane> Didn't drink it though
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01:05 <Coelacanth0794> hm
01:13 <Cook Me Plox>
01:14 <Coelacanth0794> welp
01:16 <Ciphrius Kane> Wikia are fucking stupid
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01:26 <Coelacanth0794>
01:26 <Coelacanth0794>
01:27 <Ciphrius Kane> Ah yes the age old intelligent design argument
01:29 <Ciphrius Kane> Hate that argument, full of ignorance and assumptions
01:30 <Coelacanth0794> i admit i had fun with this
01:33 <Cook Me Plox> But Ciph
01:33 <Cook Me Plox> If evolution is true why don't babies crawl out of the sea?
01:34 <Ciphrius Kane> Cause that isn't how reproduction works
01:34 <Ciphrius Kane> You don't go from point A to point Z in one generation
01:35 <Cook Me Plox> But then why are bananas shaped exactly correct
01:35 <Coelacanth0794>  /s
01:35 <Ciphrius Kane> Through years of breeding for the bananas
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01:37 -!- Rwojy has joined Special:Chat
01:37 <Rwojy> i am lagging like a rock
01:37 <Rwojy> i b lamecook
01:37 <Cook Me Plox> you definitely are lamecook. a lamer version of cook.
01:38 <Ciphrius Kane> That's what you get when you clean Cook's sword
01:38 -!- Rift Cyra has joined Special:Chat
01:38 <Cook Me Plox> but Ciph
01:38 <Rwojy> but it's fun
01:38 <Cook Me Plox> I got you now. Life didn't just start
01:39 <Ciphrius Kane> I agree.  It started billions of years ago
01:39 <Rwojy> it started because god was stoned
01:39 <Ciphrius Kane> And humans, canives, felexites, Neanderthals and newwits all evolved from a shared ancestor
01:39 <Cook Me Plox> No
01:40 <Cook Me Plox> God created them all at the same time
01:40 <Cook Me Plox> Dumbass. Read the bible it helps.
01:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Also chimps/apes/gorillas/monkeys
01:40 <Coelacanth0794> ciph is doing an excellent job of being satirical
01:40 <Ciphrius Kane> I prefer the Qu'ran
01:40 <Cook Me Plox> what are you a plane crasher?
01:40 <Casting Fishes^^> who is rift cyra
01:40 <Rwojy> cook'
01:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Bike Cat I think
01:40 <Rift Cyra> Twiggles.
01:40 <Rwojy> you aren't a very good troll
01:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Or Twigy
01:41 <Rift Cyra> Bike is N7 Elite
01:41 <Rwojy> i remember twiggy
01:41 <Ciphrius Kane> So I reveal I'm a Muslim and you accuse me of terrorism?
01:41 <Coelacanth0794> "bike"?
01:41 <Cook Me Plox> yes
01:41 <Rwojy> i told you, cook is a terrible troll
01:41 <Ciphrius Kane> For shame cook
01:41 <Casting Fishes^^> wait
01:41 <Coelacanth0794> oh cat
01:41 <Casting Fishes^^> Vulpes Twiggy? or something
01:41 <Coelacanth0794> yes casting
01:41 <Ciphrius Kane> That's it
01:41 <Ciphrius Kane> Not all Muslims are terrorists
01:42 <Rift Cyra> Yup, I'm also attempting to do some herb right now and the pings are throwing me of my chi.
01:42 <Ciphrius Kane> Just like not all Christians go around invading other countries and killing those who don't believe as they do
01:42 <Coelacanth0794> and not all christians are murican
01:42 <Cook Me Plox> Jesus was an American patriot
01:42 <Ciphrius Kane> Wasn't a reference to America by the way
01:43 <Coelacanth0794> "uhh why are they white?"
01:43 <Ciphrius Kane> Did you know a lot of Americans wouldn't sit next to Jesus on a bus without some sort of divine sign?
01:43 <Rwojy> cook you are wrong
01:43 <Rwojy> jesus was murican
01:43 <Coelacanth0794> uhm
01:44 <Ciphrius Kane> They'd be more likely to ask where he'd stored his bomb than what teachings he had
01:44 <Ciphrius Kane> And did you know Jesus wasn't a Christian?
01:45 <Cook Me Plox> Jesus was a Christian
01:45 <Cook Me Plox> Jesus Christ
01:45 <Cook Me Plox> ian
01:46 <Ciphrius Kane> He was a Jew
01:46 <Cook Me Plox> Until he realized he could start his own religion.
01:47 <Ciphrius Kane> I believe he was a Jew up till his death
01:47 <Cook Me Plox> No, I'm right.
01:48 <Ciphrius Kane> This, kiddies, is why you don't argue with religious fanatics
01:49 <Coelacanth0794> it's actually believable from an outside view
01:49 <Coelacanth0794> @this whole convo
01:49 <Rift Cyra> How I feel about this conversation:
01:49 <Cook Me Plox> I feel sorry for you, Ciphrius Kane
01:49 <Ciphrius Kane> They simply cannot accept that their chosen saviour was not a pro life pro business white American but was rather a socialist Israelite
01:50 <Cook Me Plox> You are not accepting the love of Jesus
01:50 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh Ansela would kill him if he tried
01:50 <Casting Fishes^^> omgnowhatisgoingonwiththischat
01:50 <Ciphrius Kane> I already told him no, just clean the garden
01:50 <Cook Me Plox> I am offended by that
01:50 <Casting Fishes^^> inb4wegetontothetopicofpoliticsnext
01:50 <Rift Cyra> Fishes, I honestly have no clue.
01:50 <Cook Me Plox> I demand an apology
01:50 <Coelacanth0794> wat rift
01:51 <Ciphrius Kane> So we have a gardener called Jesus, it's a common name in Spain
01:51 <Rift Cyra> Coel, It's the Psycho reading a passage of Hamlet.
01:51 <Coelacanth0794> welp
01:51 <Coelacanth0794> @casting: it's satire
01:51 <Cook Me Plox> Ciphrius Kane I tried to help you
01:51 <Cook Me Plox> I really did.
01:51 <Ciphrius Kane> I don't need or want your help cook
01:52 <Ciphrius Kane> Not after last night's sexual harassment
01:52 <Cook Me Plox> Sexual harassment.
01:52 <Cook Me Plox> Okay :)
01:53 <Cook Me Plox> !updatelogs
01:53 <RSChatBot> Cook Me Plox: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 1 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
01:54 <Rwojy> cook
01:54 <Rwojy> why don't you sexually harass me?
01:54 <Casting Fishes^^> night guise
01:54 -!- Casting Fishes^^ has left Special:Chat.
01:54 <Cook Me Plox> I tried, rwojy, you just lie there
01:55 <Ciphrius Kane> Rwojy, do you have a partner?
01:56 <Rwojy> no
01:57 <Ciphrius Kane> Cook prefers partners who already have partners so he can abuse them and destroy their relationship
01:57 <Coelacanth0794>
01:57 <Cook Me Plox> Play the victim somewhere else
01:57 <Rwojy> lemon party eh
01:57 <Ciphrius Kane> I'm giving people fair warning actually
01:58 <Cook Me Plox> Seriously though, this is getting old
01:58 <Rift Cyra> > Finishes a Blue D'Hide Vamp challenge
01:58 <Rift Cyra> > Had made over 300
01:58 <Rift Cyra> > Remembers that has to give them up after.
01:58 <Rift Cyra> lulnu
01:59 <Coelacanth0794> you get stuff back of equal alue
01:59 <Coelacanth0794> value*
01:59 <Rwojy> i tgibk it's always slightly less value
01:59 <Rwojy> think*
01:59 <Rift Cyra> I sold them anyway!
01:59 <Cook Me Plox> It's the same ge value
01:59 <Coelacanth0794> lol gf challenge
01:59 <Rwojy> i always get stuff of slighly less than ge value cook
01:59 <Cook Me Plox> It's the same ge value
01:59 <Rwojy> i do price checker to see, then turn them in
01:59 <Rwojy> nope
01:59 <Cook Me Plox> wait, derp
01:59 <Cook Me Plox> didn't mean to c/p that
02:00 <Cook Me Plox> depends on the challenge, sometimes it bases the value on something weird
02:00 <Ciphrius Kane> Rwojy, do you account for money going directly into your money pouch?
02:00 <Rwojy> yes
02:00 <Coelacanth0794> ik fishing challenges it bases it off at least the fish you wouldve otherwise sold
02:02 <Coelacanth0794>
02:03 <EpicPancakes> Well
02:03 <EpicPancakes> That was less than stellar.
02:05 <Rwojy> that chick has enormous breasts
02:05 <EpicPancakes> I've seen that gif before...
02:05 <EpicPancakes> but where...
02:06 <EpicPancakes> Oh wait, no. I've seen that from the million times I've died in Spiderman 2
02:07 <Coelacanth0794>
02:08 <EpicPancakes> lol
02:08 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
02:08 <Dtm142> Cute picture of the day:
02:08 <Dtm142>
02:09 <Dtm142> ((H)
02:09 <Dtm142> (H)
02:09 <Dtm142> *
02:09 <Dtm142> @coel
02:09 <Coelacanth0794>
02:10 <EpicPancakes> HAHAHAHAHA
02:10 <EpicPancakes> OH MY GOD
02:10 <EpicPancakes> I just peed.
02:10 <EpicPancakes> PS4 all the way yaaaay
02:10 <Rwojy> arfarfarfarf
02:13 <Ciphrius Kane> /me throws a rubber bone
02:14 <EpicPancakes> I think I just stumbled upon a website where pedophiles go to find children.
02:14 <EpicPancakes> I think I'm done here.
02:14 -!- Mike111b has joined Special:Chat
02:15 <EpicPancakes> I'm really bad at finding interesting websites when I'm not on YouTube
02:17 <Ciphrius Kane> Henry VIII as a child
02:18 <EpicPancakes> lol
02:18 <EpicPancakes> Coel
02:19 <Coelacanth0794> ?
02:19 <EpicPancakes> In that gif, who was that
02:19 <EpicPancakes> I know it was a kinect, but who was flinging it
02:19 <Coelacanth0794> i dont recall his name but he was the guy who announced the box1
02:19 <Ciphrius Kane> Adam Ofronsomething?
02:28 <Coelacanth0794>
02:29 <Dtm142> No other way of reporting a scamming clan aside from posting about it on Reddit?
02:29 <Dtm142> Customer Support fail :@
02:31 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
02:32 <Jlun2> "scamming clan"? really?
02:33 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
02:33 <Coelacanth0794> and luring too!
02:34 <Jlun2>
02:34 <Jlun2> -5.8k/hr? >.>
02:36 <Mike111b> |Profit = {{GEP|Water orb|525}}-{{GEP|Unpowered orb|525}}-{{GEP|Cosmic rune|1575}}
02:37 <Mike111b> it is -5.8k lol
02:37 <Jlun2> negative profit awesome
02:37 <Jlun2> at least now i know what to do with 10k of these orbs =/
02:37 <Cook Me Plox> but it's only like -0.2 xp/gp
02:39 <Jlun2> Bear in mind that running through the Taverley dungeon places you in combat range of aggressive black dragons, black demons, and poison spiders. 
02:39 <Jlun2> black demons arent aggresive
02:39 <Jlun2> nor are black dragons
02:40 <Hairr>
02:40 <Jlun2> or at least last time i checked last week for slayer :P
02:41 <Ciphrius Kane> Or spiders
02:41 <Jlun2> haiir i know that place
02:41 <Ciphrius Kane> Well done, you found our hideout
02:41 <Jlun2>
02:42 <Ciphrius Kane> I am afraid I must kill you now
02:42 <Coelacanth0794>
02:43 <Ciphrius Kane> Either kill you or induct you, and I only have the power to kill you
02:43 <Ciphrius Kane> /me executes Hairr
02:43 <Cook Me Plox> Ciphrius Kane can i be a pmod
02:43 <Cook Me Plox> pls
02:43 <Jlun2> ^
02:43 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
02:43 <Cook Me Plox> Ciphrius Kane
02:43 <Cook Me Plox> pls
02:44 <Hairr> pmod is much better than vstf I hear
02:44 <Jlun2> give me silver crown pls
02:44 <Hairr> but two is better than one of course
02:44 <Jlun2> ok, black demon not aggressive
02:44 <Hairr> (*cough*doublecheckuser*cough*)
02:44 <Jlun2> posion spider safe
02:44 <Ciphrius Kane> /me executes the entire chat
02:44 <Cook Me Plox> pls Ciphrius Kane
02:44 <Cook Me Plox> I would be so good
02:44 <Jlun2> black dragons not aggressive
02:45 <Cook Me Plox> Hair, what about vstf, double checkuser, player moderator, Jagex moderator, wikistaff, president of united states, Jesus?
02:45 <Jlun2> hellhounds very aggressive
02:45 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
02:46 <Ciphrius Kane> 1. Jmod supercedes Pmod thus asking to be both at once makes Pmod defunct, 2. you want to be a minor prophet?
02:46 <Cook Me Plox> Jesus made major profit
02:47 -!- Coelacanth0794 has left Special:Chat.
02:47 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
02:47 <Ciphrius Kane> I have a special seat for you Cook
02:47 <Hairr> Cook: you can say you're jesus ofcourse
02:47 <Hairr> pls
02:47 <Hairr> just tell all your haters: "where is the proof saying I'm NOT jesus??"
02:47 <Hairr> That trick never gets old
02:48 <Cook Me Plox> That's what the real Jesus did, right?
02:49 <Ciphrius Kane> /me drags Jesus from the garden
02:49 <Ciphrius Kane> Here's the real Jesus
02:49 <Ciphrius Kane> And he's fed up of you lot thinking he's some sort of holy all powerful angel
02:49 <Ciphrius Kane> All he wants to do is clean my garden so I don't send him back to Spain for being in Scotland illegally
02:50 <Ciphrius Kane> Do you want him to go back to Spain?
02:51 <Rift Cyra> I have a tail naow.
02:51 <Jlun2> kane, jesus can shoot lasers, ya know|
02:51 <Jlun2>
02:51 <Ciphrius Kane> I just asked him.  He said he can't and please don't send him back to Spain
02:52 <Jlun2> That must be an imposter
02:53 <Jlun2> (qc) The Exchange price of 10000x [[fire orb]] is 16,360,000 coins (1636 coins each).
02:53 <Jlun2> yay
02:54 <Ciphrius Kane> No, this really is Jesus
02:54 <Ciphrius Kane> I have his passport to prove it
02:54 <Jlun2> ok, ask him to spawn phats pls
02:54 <Ciphrius Kane> He said he doesn't have magical powers and wishes you would stop saying he does
02:54 <EpicPancakes> Hmmm
02:54 <EpicPancakes> Haysoos
02:54 <EpicPancakes> Jesus
02:55 <EpicPancakes> I feel like that's racist, but I'm not entirely sure.
02:55 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
02:56 <Jlun2> there's an atheist! Jesus duck, kill him!
02:56 <Jlun2>
02:56 <EpicPancakes> ...
02:56 <EpicPancakes> I love cyriak
02:56 <EpicPancakes> And that is horrifyingly awesome.
02:56 <Ciphrius Kane> His name is Mal, not Jesus
02:57 <Jlun2> no, this is patrick
02:57 <EpicPancakes> Is this the Krusty Krab?
02:57 <Jlun2> no, this is patrick! 
02:57 <Jlun2> I'm not a krusty krab. =(
02:57 <EpicPancakes> This is madness.
02:58 <EpicPancakes> *cough*
02:58 <Jlun2> sorry,  making fire orbs
02:58 <EpicPancakes> I see.
02:59 <Ciphrius Kane> You want to see real madness?
02:59 <EpicPancakes> No, but go ahead anyways.
02:59 <Ciphrius Kane> /me forces EpicPancakes to sit through a day in my mind
02:59 <Jlun2> meh
02:59 <EpicPancakes> That isn't very specific.
02:59 <EpicPancakes> I mean...
02:59 <EpicPancakes> uh...
03:00 <Cook Me Plox> Cook sucks, Cook sucks, Cook sucks...
03:00 <EpicPancakes> ahhhh, its so terrible in here, ahhhhhh
03:00 <Cook Me Plox> So like that?
03:00 <EpicPancakes> The pain ahhhhh
03:00 <Jlun2>
03:00 <Jlun2> the banner is awesome
03:00 <EpicPancakes> *insert tea joke here*
03:00 <Ciphrius Kane> Cook, I do think of other things besides you
03:00 <EpicPancakes> What about me
03:00 <Ciphrius Kane> As does Mikhail
03:00 <EpicPancakes> I'm always somewhere in people's minds
03:01 <EpicPancakes> Oh, there I am now
03:01 <Ciphrius Kane> Did you not see what Mikhail visualised doing to that poor creature?
03:01 <Jlun2>
03:01 <Jlun2> i love this
03:02 <EpicPancakes> ...
03:02 <EpicPancakes> yay for nightmares
03:05 <Jlun2> "I think it's interesting how pastel colored cartoon miniature horses can enrage so many people that easily"
03:05 <Jlun2> that comment makes me think of mols for some reason
03:06 <Mike111b> lol it does
03:08 <Ciphrius Kane> Here we have the simulus studuntus, with his trusty bowl of mac and cheese
03:09 <Rift Cyra> Oi. 'tis a good show.
03:09 <EpicPancakes> That is some anti gravity macaroni right there
03:09 <Jlun2> you cant trust trade lamp parts now lol
03:09 <Ciphrius Kane> He is believed to have evolved from simulus sapian and homo studuntus
03:17 <Mike111b>  
03:17 <Jlun2>,51,531,61479935,goto,14
03:17 <Jlun2> last post
03:17 <Jlun2> :)
03:18 <Jlun2>,51,531,61479935,goto,15
03:18 <Jlun2> and here, second last post
03:21 <Jlun2> my sneakerpeaker grows really fast =o
03:23 -!- Rift Cyra has left Special:Chat.
03:23 -!- EpicPancakes has left Special:Chat.
03:24 -!- EpicPancakes has joined Special:Chat
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03:25 -!- EpicPancakes has joined Special:Chat
03:26 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
03:26 <Suppa chuppa> !updatelogs
03:26 <RSChatBot> Suppa chuppa: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 69 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
03:27 <Cook Me Plox> hi thuppa
03:27 <Cook Me Plox> hi thuppa
03:28 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
03:28 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
03:30 <Ciphrius Kane> And still cook gets it wrong
03:31 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
03:34 <Demise36> nooba chuppa
03:37 -!- Mr YaoiCifer has joined Special:Chat
03:37 <Mike111b> /me is awesome
03:38 -!- Bluefire2 has joined Special:Chat
03:38 <EpicPancakes> I know that this really isn't the place to ask, but I can't find an answer anywhere else
03:38 <EpicPancakes> Does anyone here have Vine?
03:38 <Mike111b> Vine?
03:39 <EpicPancakes> It's like Instagram, but way better.
03:39 -!- Bluefire2 has left Special:Chat.
03:45 <Jlun2> fire orbs sell for ~1k in GE
03:45 <Jlun2> =o
03:47 <Mike111b>
03:47 <Mike111b> i think this guys post was good, and "illegible"?
03:48 <Jlun2> 507 xp?
03:48 <Jlun2>
03:49 <Mike111b> well its 507 total xp
03:49 <Mike111b> including hp xp
03:49 <Jlun2> I don't think constitution xp should count if the goal isnt to train hp
03:49 <Suppa chuppa> woooow spurs choked big time
03:49 <Mike111b> ya he wasnt right about that part but i still think it's a good idea
03:49 <Mike111b> i did hellhounds 97-99 str
03:49 <Mike111b> they are so easy
03:50 <Jlun2> why not use red spiders?
03:50 <Jlun2> I see alot of ppl doing that
03:50 <Jlun2>
03:51 <Jlun2> 419 xp =o
03:51 <Mike111b> combat xp or total xp?
03:51 <Jlun2> combat
03:51 <Jlun2> "Deadly red spiders have become arguably the most effective training method in the Evolution of Combat because of their moderately high experience, and are easy to kill for players with decent combat skills, giving around 100k experience per hour, with high combat P2P players getting over 200k experience per hour. "
03:52 <Jlun2> 0_o
03:52 <Mike111b> too bad they arent afk =/
03:53 <Jlun2> soul wars is best combat afk, i think
03:55 -!- Bluefire2 has joined Special:Chat
03:56 -!- Bluefire2 has left Special:Chat.
03:56 <Mike111b> is it 100k+?
03:57 <Jlun2> idk, but its bot infested
03:57 <Mike111b> hellhounds were about 120k an hour
03:58 <Mike111b> how did u 'become' a lady in rsc?
03:59 <Jlun2> CE
03:59 <Jlun2> was using it to find npc apparences in rsc
03:59 <Jlun2> strangly enough, this is one of the few things not server sided
03:59 <Mike111b> what do you mean?
04:00 <Jlun2> i believe the other was the ability to pickpocket the "unpickpockable" guards in fight arena
04:00 <Jlun2>
04:00 <Jlun2> after that event, most of the glitches were patched
04:01 <Jlun2> so if you changed a value ingame, logging out and back in will reset it back to its initial value\
04:01 <Mike111b> reset what back to value?
04:02 <Jlun2> check this post:
04:02 <Jlun2>
04:02 <Jlun2> Every time you log in, whatever you say, whatever you do, whatever you spend, whatever you buy, whatever you trade, whenever you die, whenever you take damage, whenever you give damage, it is ALL STORED in one place, and that is most likely a server based computer at the Jagex work place. This means you cannot simply edit your HP at all. The HP is constantly edited by itself when you take damage in game. For example: 
04:02 <Jlun2> You have 50 HP 
04:02 <Jlun2> A goblin does 49 Damage to you (noob ass) 
04:02 <Jlun2> This information is immediately saved to the outside computer via the internet, you cannot retrieve it. 
04:03 <Mike111b> ya i know that
04:03 <Mike111b> i understood that part
04:03 <Mike111b> but what is non-server sided?
04:03 <Mike111b> what were you saying
04:03 <Jlun2> And if RuneScape were CLIENT SIDED: 
04:03 <Jlun2> You could edit HP 
04:03 <Jlun2> You could edit anything 
04:03 <Jlun2> You could possibly edit damage 
04:03 <Jlun2> You could edit energy 
04:04 <Jlun2> in RSC, some things are still client sided
04:04 <Jlun2> i know of 2
04:04 <Mike111b> 1 is appearance?
04:04 <Jlun2> the beard lady and the guards in fight arena
04:04 -!- Mr YaoiCifer has left Special:Chat.
04:04 <Jlun2> are you near the fight arena in rsc? i can show you
04:05 <Mike111b> no im in fally, and u said u can pickpocket guards there
04:05 <Mike111b> right?
04:05 <Jlun2> the fight arena guards dont have a pickpocket option tho lol
04:05 <Mike111b> ya, u said that was the glitch
04:05 <Jlun2> but you can still pickpocket them with CE or something similar
04:06 <Mike111b> what is CE lol
04:06 <Mike111b> cheat engine
04:06 <Mike111b> wait
04:06 <Jlun2> gives same xp as normal guards
04:06 <Mike111b> the cheat engine....
04:06 <Mike111b> seriously you injected cheat engine into rsc?
04:06 <Mike111b> i didnt know that was possible
04:06 <Jlun2> no. just memory scanned
04:06 <Jlun2> i use it to play gamecube games on dolphin usually, since the mem scan there sucks
04:08 <Jlun2> this is what i do:
04:08 <Jlun2> 
04:08 <Mike111b> i used to use CE to hack myself infinite life in games like motherload
04:08 <Jlun2> I use it to moniter games mem 
04:09 <Mike111b> oh your emulating
04:09 <Mike111b> that was such a fun
04:09 <Mike111b> that zelda windwaker i think it was called
04:09 <Jlun2> ikr? superswim ftw
04:10 <Mike111b> superswim?
04:10 <Jlun2>
04:11 <Jlun2> since its normally not possible in real time, ppl use cheats to test it out
04:12 -!- Smithing has joined Special:Chat
04:12 <Jlun2> of course, its possible if you can somehow autofire up + down, but most ppl use Action replay since it allows you to get other items without actually going thru the game
04:13 <Mike111b> wtf is this lol
04:13 <Mike111b> he is swimming 1000mph to an island
04:13 <Jlun2> glitch by autofiring up + down
04:14 -!- Mr YaoiCifer has joined Special:Chat
04:14 <Mr YaoiCifer> Know how to have a partner for the new bosses?
04:15 -!- Bluefire2 has joined Special:Chat
04:15 <Jlun2> ??
04:15 <Mr YaoiCifer> Legio.  Do we both need a key?
04:15 <Jlun2> idk, dont have req lvls. sorry
04:15 -!- Bluefire2 has left Special:Chat.
04:17 <Mr YaoiCifer> Ok thank you.
04:18 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
04:22 -!- Mr YaoiCifer has left Special:Chat.
04:28 <Mike111b> Jlun2, how many skills in RSC? 20?
04:30 <Mike111b> it's 18
04:50 <Jlun2> sorry afk
04:51 <Jlun2> and yes, its 18
04:53 <Jlun2>
04:53 <Jlun2> :P
04:56 <Mike111b> lol nice bot outfit
04:56 <Mike111b> is the bottom one rsc?
04:57 <Jlun2> yes
04:57 <Jlun2> and the outfit was mostly free
04:59 -!- Sum1 0 o has left Special:Chat.
05:02 <Jlun2> my sneaks has evolved into a bigger sneaks!
05:02 <Rwojy> wat 
05:02 <Jlun2> [[sneaker peaker]]
05:03 <Jlun2>
05:03 <Mike111b> it has evolved :o
05:05 <Jlun2> "KnnnGGGGppwww CCCChhhhKKKKKnnn"
05:05 <Jlun2> I hope I got the letters right
05:05 <Mike111b> jlunn, dude how many clues have u done O.O
05:05 <Mike111b> your rewards are insane
05:06 <Mike111b> or is this just a list of all possible rewards? lol
05:06 <Jlun2> ?
05:06 <Mike111b> on your page
05:06 <Jlun2> oh, those are the one I still need
05:07 <Jlun2> I would have bought them, but they arent selling =/
05:07 <Jlun2> *buyign
05:07 <Jlun2> *buying
05:09 <Mike111b> on your magic wardrobe section
05:09 <Mike111b> Mobolizing armies Serjeant costume
05:09 <Mike111b> Mobolizing armies Commander costume
05:09 <Mike111b> Mobolizing armies War-chief costume
05:09 <Mike111b> Mobolizing armies Lord marshal costume
05:09 <Mike111b> those are spelled wrong
05:10 <Mike111b> if u care
05:10 <Suppa chuppa> mobilising?
05:10 <Jlun2> huh
05:10 <Mike111b> i think suppa is right but im not sure on spelling
05:10 <EpicPancakes> Did someone say my name
05:10 <Mike111b> pancakes
05:10 <Mike111b> now they did
05:10 <EpicPancakes> See
05:10 <Jlun2> thats what it said in the poh chest
05:10 <EpicPancakes> I predicted the future.
05:11 <EpicPancakes> Oh no, this is bad.
05:11 <EpicPancakes> My key fell off, and I've been using the rubber thing for months
05:11 <Jlun2> oh wait
05:11 <EpicPancakes> And now that's about to fall off. How will I use apostrophes now
05:11 <Jlun2> it is "Mobilising"
05:11 <Jlun2> oops.
05:11 <Jlun2> thx
05:11 <Mike111b> yw
05:11 <Mike111b> i think im going to go to bed
05:12 <Mike111b> night all =]
05:12 <Jlun2> bye
05:13 <EpicPancakes> night
05:14 <EpicPancakes> So
05:14 <EpicPancakes> Who's gonna see Monsters University
05:16 -!- Smithing has left Special:Chat.
05:16 -!- Smithing has joined Special:Chat
05:16 -!- Smithing has left Special:Chat.
05:16 -!- Smithing has joined Special:Chat
05:20 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
05:22 <EpicPancakes> I like how the Daily Show's into still says "with Jon Stewart"
05:22 <EpicPancakes> *intro
05:26 <Ilikewiki> ?
05:28 -!- Mike111b has left Special:Chat.
05:38 -!- IP83.101.44.209 has joined Special:Chat
05:39 <EpicPancakes> ...
05:39 <IP83.101.44.209> While I'm aware of [[RS:DDD]], can I remove this: ? (Like Mol removed this similarly: ). I have no use for such remark.
05:40 <Suppa chuppa> tes
05:40 <Suppa chuppa> yes*
05:40 <IP83.101.44.209> THanks.
05:40 <IP83.101.44.209> Thanks*
05:40 <Suppa chuppa> Pretty sure he was talking about me in that post >_>
05:40 <EpicPancakes> gasp
05:40 <EpicPancakes> That guy is mean.
05:41 <IP83.101.44.209> I'll have to start cleaning up my talk page again, I think. *sigh*
05:41 <Rwojy> mmk mama's boy, but I'm going to listen to advice given by my friend who's done 32k edits, not your 1k, so..
05:41 <Rwojy> wat
05:41 <EpicPancakes> yeah
05:41 <EpicPancakes> Edit count defines both intelligence and importance.
05:41 <Suppa chuppa> clearly
05:41 <EpicPancakes> Just look at my amazing
05:41 <EpicPancakes> What like, 5
05:41 <IP83.101.44.209> Wouldn't bots be the most important and intelligent things alive then?
05:41 <EpicPancakes> They are.
05:42 <EpicPancakes> And they're waiting to attack,
05:42 <IP83.101.44.209> (By some definition of 'alive' at least).
05:42 <EpicPancakes> Skynet is aware.
05:42 <Jlun2> doesnt cook have like 100k+ edits?
05:42 <EpicPancakes> Doesn't Cook have like 500t+
05:42 <EpicPancakes> t being trillion
05:42 <Suppa chuppa> yes, jlun
05:43 <EpicPancakes> I thought he had 200k
05:43 <Jlun2>
05:43 <Jlun2> wtf
05:43 <IP83.101.44.209> He's a bot? :P
05:43 <Jlun2> so.....he must be einstien, according to the guy's logic
05:43 <Suppa chuppa> a lot of those are
05:43 <EpicPancakes> lol
05:43 <EpicPancakes> He is.
05:43 <Suppa chuppa> but he maunally edited most
05:44 <EpicPancakes> It's funny because Cook has the most edits and he's the most intelligent
05:44 <EpicPancakes> Therefore, proof.
05:45 <EpicPancakes> I have the least edits and the lowest intelligence.
05:45 <EpicPancakes> It's like the world wants this to happen.
05:45 <Rwojy> argle
05:45 <EpicPancakes> werbul gerbl gerbul gerbul
05:45 <Rwojy> i do not remember how to use the snake charmer\
05:46 <EpicPancakes>
05:46 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
05:46 <IP83.101.44.209> Anyhow, thanks; and back off to work.
05:46 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
05:47 <EpicPancakes> What's the deal with airport food
05:47 <EpicPancakes> ba dum tsh
05:48 -!- IP83.101.44.209 has left Special:Chat.
05:49 <Jlun2> wtf
05:49 <Jlun2> Cook has the 5th most edits here
05:49 <Jlun2>
05:49 <Jlun2>
05:50 <EpicPancakes> well
05:50 <EpicPancakes> tybot
05:51 <Jlun2>
05:51 <Jlun2> 1,790,611 edits in all wikis
05:51 -!- Mr YaoiCifer has joined Special:Chat
05:51 <Ilikewiki> wtf
05:51 <EpicPancakes> wat
05:52 <EpicPancakes> I have a random question
05:52 <Ilikewiki> ?
05:52 <EpicPancakes> If someone came into the chat with the Exorcist or Jeff the killer as their avatar, would they be punished?
05:52 <Suppa chuppa> only vstf can change avatars
05:53 <Suppa chuppa> and we really only care if it's porn or something
05:53 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
05:53 <EpicPancakes> ...
05:53 <Jlun2> "vstf"?
05:53 <Suppa chuppa> vandalism/spam task force
05:53 <EpicPancakes> Are you sure?
05:53 <EpicPancakes> I mean...
05:53 <Suppa chuppa> well, vstf, helpers, and staff can
05:53 <EpicPancakes> Now I'm afraid
05:53 <Suppa chuppa> afraid of what? >_>
05:53 <EpicPancakes> Someone doing that.
05:53 <EpicPancakes> YouTube shows avatars next to comments now
05:53 <Jlun2> are you going to do something illegal?
05:53 <Suppa chuppa> "that" as in changing your avatar?
05:53 <Haidro> Hiya
05:54 <EpicPancakes> No
05:54 <EpicPancakes> I'm afraid of someone coming in here with something scary as their avatar because im a wuss
05:54 <Suppa chuppa> generally speaking, people rarely come in with "bad" avatars
05:54 <Suppa chuppa> lol
05:54 <EpicPancakes> Because it happens all the time on youtube and it's really annoying.
05:54 <Jlun2> :P
05:54 <EpicPancakes> Just trying to watch a normal video
05:54 <EpicPancakes> And the top comment has THAT next to it
05:55 <EpicPancakes> And then i wet myself and cry
05:55 <Ilikewiki> ...
05:55 <Jlun2> the avatars with ppl simply staring blankly are scary
05:55 <Ilikewiki> k dude
05:55 <Mr YaoiCifer> Are you referring to me Pankcakes? I'm sorry if so.
05:55 <Mr YaoiCifer> Lol.
05:55 <EpicPancakes> What
05:55 <EpicPancakes> Your picture isn't scary at all
05:55 <EpicPancakes> And yes, Jlun
05:55 <Mr YaoiCifer> Ok.
05:55 <EpicPancakes> Those kinds are the ones I'm talking about
05:56 <EpicPancakes> Actually
05:57 <EpicPancakes> The exorcist picture isn't scary anymore. It used to be, but it's been used so many times that it's dead
05:58 <Jlun2>
05:58 <EpicPancakes> ...
05:58 <Jlun2> its......uh........idk?
05:58 <Jlun2> sfw
05:58 <EpicPancakes> I don't think I can click ont hat
05:59 <EpicPancakes> Given what I was just talking about, I don't trust that link
05:59 <Jlun2> its just 2 ponies staring at you
05:59 <EpicPancakes> And it says nightmare fuel
05:59 <EpicPancakes> Define ponies
05:59 <Jlun2> em el pee
05:59 <EpicPancakes> oh
05:59 <EpicPancakes> OH MY GOD
06:00 <EpicPancakes> That was cool.
06:01 <EpicPancakes> It did look like something from the tim and eric show
06:01 <Jlun2>
06:01 <EpicPancakes> Ugh
06:01 <Jlun2> its......unnerving
06:01 <Jlun2> sfw btw
06:02 <EpicPancakes> Yes.
06:02 <EpicPancakes> I'm at work right now.
06:02 <EpicPancakes> I just got a raise for not doing any actual work.
06:03 <EpicPancakes> I don't get it.
06:03 <Jlun2> ?
06:05 <EpicPancakes> Why
06:05 <EpicPancakes> Why does saw have to be on tv when I turn it on
06:05 <EpicPancakes> The world hates me
06:05 <Jlun2> for the story, read the last paragrapgh
06:06 <Jlun2> understand it, then put the story in context to it
06:07 -!- Mr YaoiCifer has left Special:Chat.
06:08 <EpicPancakes> I don't understand...
06:09 <Jlun2> ....
06:09 <Jlun2> just read the fic's comments then
06:09 <EpicPancakes> wait
06:09 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
06:10 <EpicPancakes> Help I can't stop smiling and i want to scream
06:10 <Jlun2> "All this time I spend taking care of Pumpkin, all the time I miss out on with my friends, it’s all worth it. And I’m sure they understand. After all, they do come and visit, and they ask me things like “How’s Pumpkin?” and “Can Pinkie come out to play?”. Silly Rainbow Dash, you don’t have to say it like that. I’m right here, you can see that. Besides, I’ve got Pumpkin with me, so you already know I can’t leave."
06:10 <Jlun2> “Can Pinkie come out to play?”. Silly Rainbow Dash, you don’t have to say it like that. 
06:10 <Jlun2> Really, I’ll just settle for getting permission to open the windows. I miss birdsongs, clouds, the sun and the sky. I mean, all that stuff is beautiful and all, but so is Pumpkin! Maybe I just want a little more variety or something. I’m sure she’ll understand.
06:11 <Jlun2> All implying she's locked in with a demented foal
06:11 <EpicPancakes> Hmm
06:11 <EpicPancakes> How Everypony Loevs Pinkie
06:11 <EpicPancakes> Help
06:12 <Jlun2> ;)
06:12 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
06:12 <EpicPancakes> Well
06:12 <EpicPancakes> Wasn't that dark.
06:12 <EpicPancakes> I like more dark than that, but not "humans can lick too" dark.
06:13 <EpicPancakes> And don't look that up, it's terrifying.
06:13 <Jlun2> ....
06:13 <Jlun2> that was from a child's story I've read 0_o
06:13 <EpicPancakes> What was?
06:13 <Jlun2> what you said
06:13 <EpicPancakes> Humans can lick too?
06:13 <Jlun2> yes. its about a dog, right?
06:13 <Jlun2> and a girl 
06:13 <EpicPancakes> okay okay
06:13 <EpicPancakes> Yes and yes
06:14 <EpicPancakes> It's probably the scariest thing I've read, aside from a Stephen King novle.
06:14 <Jlun2> and I read that story from a book I bought in a book fair :P
06:14 <EpicPancakes> A story book.
06:14 <EpicPancakes> Yeah
06:14 <Jlun2> well, it was a part of it
06:14 <EpicPancakes> Real great story.
06:15 <EpicPancakes> That's like the only one I know that's actually a story.
06:15 <Jlun2>
06:15 <Jlun2> ;)
06:15 <EpicPancakes> Aside from the axe murderer one and the hook one that everyone and their mother has heard.
06:15 <Jlun2> :P
06:16 <EpicPancakes> "hehe hurr durr some teenagers were making out and a hook guy stabbed dem teh end"
06:17 <EpicPancakes> Well it's less scary when you put it that way.
06:17 <Jlun2> did you read everypony loves a snow day?
06:17 <EpicPancakes> Do I want to?
06:17 <Jlun2> also:
06:17 <Jlun2>
06:17 <EpicPancakes> They're so long.
06:18 <Jlun2> unreliable narrators ftw!
06:18 <EpicPancakes> I wish Morgan Freeman could just read it to m
06:18 <EpicPancakes> me
06:20 <Jlun2>
06:20 <Jlun2> oops
06:20 <Jlun2>
06:20 <EpicPancakes> Give me a minute
06:20 <EpicPancakes> I'm like 3 behind
06:23 <EpicPancakes> Reminds me of twilight zone
06:25 <Jlun2>
06:25 <Jlun2>
06:25 <Jlun2>
06:25 <Jlun2> the last one is my favourite of the three
06:25 <EpicPancakes> are these all mlp
06:25 <EpicPancakes> The writing on the wall sounds a bit too familiar...
06:26 <EpicPancakes> They're too long uuugghhhh
06:27 <Jlun2>
06:27 <Jlun2> AKA omg someone pls kill me help
06:27 <EpicPancakes> what
06:27 <EpicPancakes> Are these all mlp
06:28 <EpicPancakes> Because ponies completely destroy the possibility of it being scary, but if it's not ponies, I probably won't read it.
06:29 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
06:30 <Suppa chuppa> hi matt
06:30 <Jlun2>
06:30 <Matthew2602> ohey
06:30 <Jlun2> another unreliable narrator
06:30 <EpicPancakes> Can you answer my question
06:30 <Jlun2> ?
06:31 <EpicPancakes> Are all of those mlp
06:31 <Jlun2> yes. im bored
06:31 <EpicPancakes> I see.
06:31 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
06:33 <Jlun2> they're all mlp because i saved them all earlier when i was bored and had a readathon
06:33 <EpicPancakes> Urban legends are really fun to read.
06:34 <EpicPancakes> It's just too bad they prevent me from sleeping
06:34 <Jlun2> :P
06:34 <Jlun2> play a horror game
06:34 <EpicPancakes> I don't have any.
06:34 <EpicPancakes> And they don't scare me.
06:34 <Jlun2> google "Ao Oni"
06:34 <EpicPancakes> Seen it.
06:34 <EpicPancakes> Not scary.
06:34 <Jlun2> :P
06:35 <EpicPancakes> Is that the game with the nightmare levels or whatever
06:35 <Jlun2> no
06:35 <EpicPancakes> What is it, I might've seen it before.
06:35 <Jlun2> its about escaping a haunted house
06:35 <EpicPancakes> Wow
06:35 <EpicPancakes> Only 500 billion of those
06:35 <Jlun2> run away from a blue monster
06:35 <Jlun2> mostly puzzle based like resident evil
06:35 <Jlun2> no combat, just run and hide
06:36 <Jlun2> you die in one hit
06:36 <EpicPancakes> Sounds like clock tower
06:36 <EpicPancakes> Clock tower wasn't really scary either
06:37 <Jlun2> bye
06:38 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
06:38 <EpicPancakes> Uh...
06:38 <EpicPancakes> lol "I have two dollars and eighty five cents, and I'm hungry"
06:39 <EpicPancakes> Oh 50's people, your money system was so crazy
06:40 -!- BennieBoy has joined Special:Chat
06:52 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
06:52 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
06:53 <Rwojy> wat
06:53 <Rwojy> you can make a meal for that much, but the price of the food items will be more because you can't buy 2 slices of bread and a single piece of meat
06:58 -!- BennieBoy has left Special:Chat.
06:59 <EpicPancakes> hmm
06:59 <EpicPancakes> The guy was at a diner
06:59 <EpicPancakes> The Twilight zone is actually really good
07:13 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
07:16 -!- Ilikewiki has left Special:Chat.
07:18 <Suppa chuppa> !updatelogs
07:19 <RSChatBot> Suppa chuppa: [[Project:Chat/Logs|Logs]] updated (Added 57 lines to log page). Next automatic log will be in 3600 seconds.
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07:21 <Battleben> Jamflex y u no The Secrets of Sliske
07:27 <EpicPancakes> well good night
07:27 -!- EpicPancakes has left Special:Chat.
07:43 -!- Sum1 0 o has left Special:Chat.
07:44 -!- Sum1 0 o has joined Special:Chat
07:44 -!- Battleben has left Special:Chat.
07:44 -!- Battleben has joined Special:Chat
07:44 -!- EpicPancakes has joined Special:Chat
07:45 <EpicPancakes> hmm
07:45 -!- Sum1 0 o has left Special:Chat.
07:47 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has joined Special:Chat
07:47 <MahjarratInfo101> Ben
07:48 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has left Special:Chat.
07:48 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has joined Special:Chat
07:48 <MahjarratInfo101> Ben where can i watch the secrets of sliske
07:49 <MahjarratInfo101> ????
07:49 <MahjarratInfo101> and where did you out about that quest, Missing, Presumed Dead
07:50 <MahjarratInfo101> ?
07:52 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has left Special:Chat.
07:52 -!- Battleben has left Special:Chat.
07:55 -!- Battleben has joined Special:Chat
07:55 <Battleben> It's presumed death.
07:55 <Battleben> It's from the secrets of sliske, btw, but Jagexh aven't uploaded it yet.
07:57 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
07:58 <Haidro> [[The Secrets of Sliske]]
07:58 <Haidro>,_Presumed_Death Ooh, where was this confirmed?
07:58 <Battleben> The Secrets of Sliske
07:58 <Battleben> I hope Death is in it.
07:58 -!- OmegaMkRS has joined Special:Chat
07:58 <Haidro> What is the Secrets of Sliske?
07:59 <Battleben> There was a reference but it pinted to a non-existent link
07:59 <Battleben> A above the lore podcast
07:59 <OmegaMkRS> can I get somebody to edit something I've confirmed?
08:00 -!- Battleben has left Special:Chat.
08:00 <Haidro> Can anyone see this...
08:00 <Haidro> OmegaMkRS: You can edit it yourself :)
08:00 <OmegaMkRS> I don't know how, I registered so that I could tell u guys to do it
08:00 <Haidro> I can teach you how :)
08:01 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has joined Special:Chat
08:01 <Haidro> First, what is the page you want to add info to
08:01 <OmegaMkRS> invigorate aura
08:01 -!- Battleben has joined Special:Chat
08:01 <Haidro> Okay, and what do you want to add
08:02 <OmegaMkRS> the page says that it's unfinished and unsure of whether it stacks with ring of vigour. I've just tested on my character so I could use it in the future and it does indeed stack
08:02 <Battleben> ..
08:02 <Battleben> What concept art
08:02 <MahjarratInfo101> Ben
08:02 <Haidro> Alright, so, OmegaMkRS: Do you see the edit button at the top of the page
08:02 <MahjarratInfo101> How do I watch the Secrets of Sliske
08:03 <Battleben> You can't.
08:03 <Battleben> 1. It's a podcast, you listen to it
08:03 <Battleben> 2. It isn't uploaded yet
08:03 <MahjarratInfo101> And ben, how did you find out about that new quest?
08:03 <OmegaMkRS> I clicked what I think was it and it looks like it's in edit mode
08:03 <Battleben> From people that watched it.
08:03 <MahjarratInfo101> k
08:03 <Haidro> OmegaMkRS: Okay, good
08:04 <Haidro> Now, near the top is there something that says Source | Visual
08:04 <Battleben> I dunno where this map is from but it has updated edgeville dungeon and varrock sewers
08:04 <Haidro> It's two tabs
08:04 <OmegaMkRS> I see
08:04 <Haidro> Click Source
08:04 <Haidro> Always use source mode when you edit :)
08:05 <OmegaMkRS> it looks more confusing than visual :/
08:05 <Haidro> Good
08:05 <Haidro> :)
08:05 <Haidro> Don't worry, you'll get used to it
08:05 <MahjarratInfo101> Haidro, not even visual if you're fixing a typo?
08:05 <Haidro> Later, you'l realise that it's 1000000x better than visual
08:05 <MahjarratInfo101> and yeah it is
08:05 <Haidro> Never use visual
08:05 <MahjarratInfo101> why is it even there
08:06 <Haidro> You can turn it off
08:06 <Haidro> ...Anyways
08:06 <Haidro> OmegaMkRS:
08:06 <EpicPancakes> It's for dumb people
08:06 <MahjarratInfo101> lol
08:06 <Haidro> Do you see the content which says:
08:06 <Haidro> "'''Invigorate''' are [[aura]]s that are available as... etc"
08:06 <OmegaMkRS> yeah
08:07 <Haidro> okay, you'llnotice there are 3 paragraphs there
08:07 <Haidro> Maybe add a fourth, which describes about your RoV experience
08:07 <OmegaMkRS> ok lemme trry
08:07 <MahjarratInfo101> This reminds me of when Haidro was helping me a lot when I first joined
08:07 <MahjarratInfo101> lol
08:08 <OmegaMkRS> lol
08:09 <Haidro> When you're done, there's a button on the right which says "Save Page"
08:09 <OmegaMkRS> call me a rebel, but I liked looking on the visual side better to make the sentence
08:09 <MahjarratInfo101> While i was editing [[User:MahjarratInfo101/Sandbox 1|this page]]
08:10 <Haidro> OmegaMkRS: The only problem with the visual editor is it can do stuff like this:
08:10 <OmegaMkRS> ok how do we get rid of the (unf) on top?
08:10 <Haidro> Notice how there is all the <span style="color:rgb(0,0,0);">
08:10 <Haidro> What do you mean the (unf)
08:10 <OmegaMkRS> at the top of the page it says its incomplete
08:10 <Haidro> Ooh, okay
08:11 <OmegaMkRS> and I've added the info it says was missing
08:11 <Haidro> Edit the page again
08:11 <MahjarratInfo101> Just backspace it, it should be at the top of the source page
08:11 <Haidro> And you'll notice that some stuff is in between braces {{ }}
08:11 <OmegaMkRS> i see, just a sec
08:11 <Haidro> The stuff in between those braces are called templates
08:11 <OmegaMkRS> ok there we go
08:11 <Haidro> {{Template:Incomplete}} Is the template which places the message on the top
08:11 <OmegaMkRS> hopefully that will help some bossers
08:11 <Haidro> You'll see it at the top of the source
08:12 <Haidro> Yup, good job
08:12 <MahjarratInfo101> Yeah Templates are tables, or anything that is pre-made for someone to use
08:12 <OmegaMkRS> yay
08:12 <OmegaMkRS> ...well
08:13 <OmegaMkRS> originally planning to fix just that
08:13 <OmegaMkRS> but
08:13 <MahjarratInfo101> After you finish an edit, you can optionally write a summary at the top right, as to why you edited it
08:13 <OmegaMkRS> I dunno I kinda like this
08:13 <MahjarratInfo101> like what?
08:14 <OmegaMkRS> having the option to fix some odds and ends on the info page for most runescapers
08:14 <MahjarratInfo101> Yeah editing is fun huh
08:14 <OmegaMkRS> so uhhh... how do I get an avatar?
08:15 <MahjarratInfo101> Go on your profile page
08:15 <Haidro> [[Help:Avatars]]
08:15 <Haidro> ^There's a useful guide
08:15 <MahjarratInfo101> hover over the empty avatar, and it says, edit avatar. click that
08:15 <MahjarratInfo101> or just read that
08:17 <Haidro> Cåm: Poke
08:17 -!- OmegaMkRS has left Special:Chat.
08:17 -!- OmegaMkRS has joined Special:Chat
08:17 <OmegaMkRS> think it worked
08:17 <MahjarratInfo101> GOOD
08:17 <MahjarratInfo101> good*
08:17 <MahjarratInfo101> sorry didnt know it was caps lock lol
08:17 <OmegaMkRS> thought u were screaming for a sec lol
08:18 <MahjarratInfo101> nah sorry it was accident
08:18 <EpicPancakes> Adult swim has the weirdest shows
08:18 <OmegaMkRS> anyway most likely I won't be here very often at all, but I might come around every now and then for stuff
08:18 <OmegaMkRS> so thx for the help
08:18 <MahjarratInfo101> Omega, you remind me of me
08:19 <OmegaMkRS> ?
08:19 <Haidro> Omega isn't a noob
08:19 <MahjarratInfo101> :(
08:19 <OmegaMkRS> lol
08:19 <MahjarratInfo101> Haidro always bullies me
08:19 <MahjarratInfo101> nvm him
08:19 <OmegaMkRS> anyway, seeya guys
08:19 <MahjarratInfo101> cya
08:19 <Haidro> bye
08:20 <MahjarratInfo101> Haidro the  bully
08:20 <MahjarratInfo101> cyber bully
08:20 -!- OmegaMkRS has left Special:Chat.
08:22 <EpicPancakes> Haidro braekd utp
08:22 <EpicPancakes> Haidro, ban him.
08:22 <MahjarratInfo101> Ban who?
08:22 <EpicPancakes> Ban Haidro
08:22 <MahjarratInfo101> why
08:22 <Haidro> Hmm, I used to be able to kick myself from chat
08:22 <EpicPancakes> Because hes a bully
08:23 <MahjarratInfo101> Yeah Haidro is the RS Wiki's Bully
08:23 <MahjarratInfo101> imma open up a thread to block him
08:23 <Haidro> mkay
08:23 <MahjarratInfo101> So guys, if you dont mind, plz support me :)
08:23 <Haidro> mkay
08:23 <MahjarratInfo101> [[Forum:Block Haidro for 2 weeks]]
08:24 <EpicPancakes> Who's Haidro
08:24 <MahjarratInfo101> idk just some guy who bullies people
08:24 <EpicPancakes> Oh
08:24 <EpicPancakes> ...
08:25 <Battleben> [[Forum:Problems with Haidro]]
08:25 <Battleben> We'll ban him for gross UTP violations.
08:25 <MahjarratInfo101> yep
08:26 <MahjarratInfo101> ty ben for supporting me
08:26 <MahjarratInfo101> anyone else with me?
08:26 <Haidro> yea me
08:26 <EpicPancakes> Case closed
08:26 <EpicPancakes> Permaban
08:26 <MahjarratInfo101> Now we just need a Beurecrat
08:26 <MahjarratInfo101> to ban him
08:26 <EpicPancakes> I got it covered
08:26 <EpicPancakes> I know a guy.
08:26 <MahjarratInfo101> good
08:27 <Haidro> What guy
08:27 <Cåm> [[Template:Gods]]
08:28 <EpicPancakes> a guy
08:28 <EpicPancakes> And that guy knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy
08:28 <MahjarratInfo101> I'm surprised no one has deleted my Sliske and Ful religion userboxesyet
08:28 <EpicPancakes> Who knows a bearcat
08:28 <MahjarratInfo101> bearcat
08:28 <MahjarratInfo101> lol
08:28 <EpicPancakes> Yes, that was on purpose
08:28 <Haidro> Ah, Cam, you there
08:28 <EpicPancakes> Because it's easier than spelling the word
08:28 <Haidro> "And that guy knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy" Haha, I get the reference
08:29 <EpicPancakes> ...
08:29 <EpicPancakes> What reference
08:29 <EpicPancakes> JUST KISSING
08:29 <EpicPancakes> (fp) kidding
08:29 <MahjarratInfo101> yeah just kssing
08:29 <MahjarratInfo101> nice
08:29 <EpicPancakes> Just kissing.
08:29 <EpicPancakes> /me kisses Haidro
08:29 <Haidro>
08:30 <MahjarratInfo101> I love this video
08:30 <MahjarratInfo101>
08:31 <Cåm> hi haidro
08:31 <Haidro> When I first saw the movie I never noticed this
08:31 <EpicPancakes> The second top comment
08:31 <EpicPancakes> It makes the video
08:31 <Haidro> Cam, is it possible so that when I go on the wiki on my phone
08:31 <Haidro> It's always on oasis
08:31 <Haidro> and not the mobile site version thing?
08:32 <Cåm> ...yes, but not in a way I'm willing to do
08:32 <Haidro> Okay
08:32 <Cåm> I'd have to add a hack for js to redirect you to Oasis
08:32 <Haidro> O
08:32 <Cåm> and I don't really want to import any js when wikiamobile is meant to be lightweight
08:32 <Haidro> oekydokey
08:33 <Cåm> I know rc sux in wikiamobile ;)
08:33 <Haidro> Actually I was going to say YG and your discussions page
08:33 <Cåm> discussions works fine in wikiamobile last I looked
08:33 <Cåm> what's wrong with it for you?
08:33 <Haidro> yea, but I prefer oasis (:
08:34 <Haidro> They are just the sites I mainly use on my phone
08:35 <Haidro> Es[ecially when scrolling down massive threads
08:35 <Haidro> You can't zoom out in wikiamobile'
08:39 <Cåm> yeah scrolling suck on wikiamobile
08:39 <Cåm> if you're using chrome for android anything wider than the screen stops you scrolling down
08:40 <Cåm> is fun
08:41 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has left Special:Chat.
08:51 -!- Smithing has left Special:Chat.
08:57 <Battleben> it's out
08:58 <Haidro> How long are these normally?
09:01 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
09:01 <Haidro> hai
09:01 <Matthew2602> hai
09:03 <Matthew2602> "Also i would love to thank's Cook Me Plox for being the first admin who banned me from wikia " lul
09:04 <Haidro> LOL
09:05 -!- Kingjohnrocks has joined Special:Chat
09:05 <Kingjohnrocks> Where can I check my loyalty points?
09:06 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
09:06 <Haidro> [[Xuan]]
09:06 <Haidro> Or in Quick Chat
09:06 <Haidro> "I have ... Loyalty Points"
09:09 <Kingjohnrocks> Besides Loyalty programme, where can I get elf-like clothes?
09:09 <Haidro> Solomon, probably
09:09 <Haidro> xD
09:11 <Alchez>
09:11 <Alchez> Delete or tell the user to host it from an image site?
09:12 -!- Kingjohnrocks has left Special:Chat.
09:13 <Haidro> both
09:13 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
09:14 <Alchez> Hm, so you'll do it?
09:14 <Haidro> already doin
09:14 <Alchez> Okay, thanks.
09:15 <Haidro> Done
09:17 -!- Kingjohnrocks has joined Special:Chat
09:17 <Kingjohnrocks> What clothes would a sorceress wear?
09:17 <Haidro> Purple robes
09:17 <Haidro> Batwing
09:23 <Kingjohnrocks> What are some Elf-like clothes outside of the loyalty programme?
09:23 <Haidro> Dunno
09:24 <Haidro> Battleben: Did you solve the riddle thing at the end of the podcast
09:26 <Battleben> no
09:27 <Haidro> have you tried :3?
09:32 -!- Kingjohnrocks has left Special:Chat.
09:35 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
09:35 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
09:41 -!- Rwojy has left Special:Chat.
09:42 <Battleben> Something to do with the signature heroes
09:42 <Haidro> Hmm, that would make sense
09:44 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
09:47 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
09:51 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
09:51 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
09:52 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
10:02 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
10:02 <Alchez> 'dro.
10:02 <Alchez> RC. Peterkaz.
10:02 <Haidro> hai
10:03 <Haidro> Deleting both
10:03 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
10:03 <Alchez> Also an image.
10:03 <Haidro> link
10:03 <Kq head> "one of the most powerful wizards and runnecrafters"...
10:03 <Kq head> runne
10:03 <Haidro> nvm
10:03 <Alchez> [[File:Peterkaz.png]]
10:04 <Haidro> warned
10:04 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
10:04 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
10:04 <Alchez> Okay.
10:04 <Kq head> Sounds like he better runne
10:08 <Kq head> lol i love how fb posts always have butthurt posters like this guy who says "As for Old School, I want the 508 - 600 graphics WITHOUT the stupid WoW style and ZERO EOC, and full free trade, no GE."
10:09 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
10:09 <Alchez> He's back.
10:10 <Kq head> i am tempted to quickly vandalise all of his pages before they get deleted or something
10:11 <Kq head> i.e. "He has made a fortune on [[botting]]. Approx. every minute he earns 2k on [[Grotworms]].
10:12 <Kq head> "He has achieved level 10 in [[firemaking]], [[cooking]] and [[fletching]]. Gaining him the [[noob]] title."
10:14 <Kq head> lul
10:14 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
10:15 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
10:16 <Battleben> I'll go vandalize it.
10:17 <Kq head> is it totally ok to vandalise player pages while admins or whoever can delete it are away? lol
10:17 <Kq head> lol botany bay
10:17 <Battleben> Probably not. Meh. Might as well have some fun.
10:18 <Kq head> the worst it does is add 1 to your edit count i suppose =p
10:20 <Battleben> Yo dawg, I herd u like vandalsm, so I vandalised your vandalism so you can vandalise while you vandalise
10:21 -!- Thejman12 has joined Special:Chat
10:21 <Thejman12> So sliske's quest is gonna be called "Missing Presumed Death"
10:21 <Thejman12> If i heard it right @ the latest podcast =p
10:21 <Battleben> Yep.
10:21 <Battleben> [[Missing, Presumed Death]]
10:22 <Thejman12> ah ye
10:22 <Kq head> Sounds like it will involve [[Harold]]
10:22 <Kq head> Sliske kidnapped him?
10:23 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
10:23 <Battleben> WEll, death is referring to Icthlarin
10:23 <Battleben> But Death may be involved too.
10:24 <Kq head> Sliske kidnapped Icthlarin too?! Oh, the humanity!
10:25 <Battleben> Who is Cccccccccooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww
10:25 <Battleben> what happened
10:25 <Kq head> idk but its funny
10:25 -!- Sgt D Grif has joined Special:Chat
10:26 -!- Sgt D Grif has left Special:Chat.
10:26 <Kq head> "Archmage Peterkaz" "also known as Peterkaz the Grey"
10:26 <Kq head> haxx two titles
10:28 <Thejman12> [[User:Cccccccccooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww]] that's one large freaking cow
10:30 <Battleben> Yeah, I probably shouldn't have vandalized that guys page.
10:30 <Thejman12> =p
10:30 <Battleben> now he's vandalising
10:31 <Battleben> I made a booboo
10:31 <Kq head> At least he's only vandalising a cow
10:31 <Thejman12> lol
10:31 <Thejman12> poor cooooow
10:32 <Kq head> Probably spray painting it so it matches his title of [[noob]]
10:33 <Battleben> At At any rate iit still needs deleting.
10:33 <Kq head> Does Suppa haz pings
10:34 <Battleben> Plus He isn't even User:Cccccccccooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww 
10:34 <Battleben> But I don't think there is a user :Cccccccccooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww 
10:34 <Thejman12> might as well delete it =/ or move the info to peterkaz
10:35 <Kq head> "Using spells that freeze (aka farcasting): "Fc noob" "Farcast nerd" "Fight properly noob"
10:35 <Kq head> ikr stop cheating noob
10:36 <Battleben> I feel responsible.
10:37 <Kq head> it was my suggestion
10:39 <Battleben> Still. Where's an admin when you need one
10:39 -!- Rwojy has joined Special:Chat
10:39 <Kq head> SUPPPPPAAAAAAA
10:39 <Rwojy> what
10:39 <Rwojy> what happened
10:39 <Battleben> Oh not much
10:39 <Kq head> just some fun things and a dude vandalising a large cow
10:39 <Battleben> If oyu would be so kind as to delete [[Archmage_Peterkaz]] that would be nice
10:39 <Kq head> claiming to be an archmage
10:40 <Rwojy> this guy recreated the page after it being deleted already?
10:41 <Battleben> Yes
10:42 <Battleben> And moved it to U[serCccccccccooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww]]
10:42 <Battleben> Sorry, [[User;Cccccccccooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww]]
10:42 <Rwojy>
10:42 <Rwojy> hm
10:42 <Battleben> I don't think is a Cccccccccooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww 
10:43 <Battleben> He's made decent edits in the past so I'd give a short block and a warning
10:43 <Battleben> BUt that's just me :P
10:43 <Rwojy> that's what i'm confused about
10:43 <Rwojy> why make a good edit then go nuts
10:44 <Battleben> Probably my fault. After his player article was deleted and he recreated it second time Kq head suggested I vandalise it before it got deleted so I did :P
10:44 <Battleben> So yeah, my fault ;-;
10:44 <Kq head> It was worth it though
10:44 <Battleben> Still, after having it deleted once, you'd think he'd get the mssage
10:46 <Rwojy> dammit cam
10:46 <Rwojy> i was writing a little message
10:46 <Rwojy> oh well
10:47 <Battleben> Speak of the devil
10:47 <Cåm> cblair pointed it out to me on skype
10:48 <Cåm> I sat there for a full 3 mins trying to figure out what I was seeing
10:49 <Kq head> [[Mystery figure]] hey! how did the werewolf cross the river?
10:49 <Battleben> Cccccccccooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww 
10:49 <Kq head> Archmage noobcake
10:50 <Battleben> Probably the same way as
10:50 <Battleben> um
10:50 <Battleben> [[Shadowy figure]]
10:50 <Kq head> jagex consistenceh
10:50 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
10:50 <Battleben> and umm
10:51 <Battleben> [[Larsa]]
10:51 <Battleben> And umm
10:51 <Battleben> [[Scrambles]]
10:52 <Cåm> anyone know of a big infobox? like with loads of stuff in
10:52 <Rwojy> erm
10:52 <Rwojy> item?
10:53 <Rwojy> or monster?
10:54 <Cåm> don't care, just need it to test
10:55 <Cåm> I'm redoing the navbox collapse script to work for mw-collapsible instead of the script we nicked from wikipedia
11:05 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
11:06 <Matthew2602> hi?
11:07 -!- Haidro has joined Special:Chat
11:07 <Matthew2602> dro
11:07 <Haidro> hi
11:07 <Battleben> I like bullet billrs
11:07 <Battleben> bills*
11:07 <Battleben> or as I call them
11:07 <Battleben> 1-up machines
11:08 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
11:21 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
11:22 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
11:22 <Thejman12> @ cam, the sof infobox?
11:24 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
11:27 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
11:34 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
11:37 <TyA> ~status
11:37 <TyBot> The GE Updater is running, on item 548 / 3573
11:37 <TyA> ugh
11:38 <TyA> ~die
11:38 -!- TyBot has left Special:Chat.
11:38 <Haidro> rest tybot rest!
11:49 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
11:49 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
11:51 -!- Rwojy has left Special:Chat.
11:53 -!- Thejman12 has left Special:Chat.
11:54 -!- Dust651 has joined Special:Chat
11:54 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
11:54 <Dust651> Do you know if there has been made new wiki account named "Ilnez"?
11:55 <Dust651> and hello, wikians :)
11:55 <Haidro> hai dust
11:55 <Haidro> I'll check
11:55 <Dust651> Good day, Haidro
11:55 <Dust651> I couldn't find it
11:56 <Haidro>
11:56 <Haidro> Yep, 03:26 21 June 2013
11:56 <Haidro>
11:57 <Dust651> Thank you, Haidro
11:58 <Haidro> yw dust devil
12:00 -!- Dust651 has left Special:Chat.
12:05 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
12:08 <Cåm> [[Special:Contact/bug]]
12:21 <Battleben> ROFL
12:21 <Battleben> ROFL
12:21 <Battleben> ROFL
12:21 <Battleben> Next week's update = New lodestones
12:21 <Battleben> Elf lands lodestone
12:21 <Battleben> Oo'glog lodestone
12:21 <Battleben> Piscatoris lodestone
12:22 <Haidro> How helpful
12:22 <Battleben> So much for that awesome content Mod Mark promised us..
12:22 <Haidro> Wait
12:22 <Haidro> the last one isn't piscatoris?
12:23 <Battleben> The last one is piscatoris, yes.
12:23 <Battleben> Well, eagles peak
12:23 <Haidro> Ah
12:23 <Cåm> where is the elf one?
12:24 <Battleben> Looks like elf camp or something
12:24 <Haidro> Yea, the north side
12:24 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
12:24 <Haidro> So was this on facebook or something
12:24 <Cåm> look at the url hairdo
12:24 <Cåm> runezone
12:24 <Battleben> fansite teasers
12:24 <Battleben> do we get those anymore?
12:24 <Haidro> o
12:24 <Cåm> ryan gets them iirc
12:25 <Kq head> Don't talk smack about that awesome content, punk!
12:25 <Kq head> -Mod Mark talking to political prisoners in his dungeon
12:25 <Cåm> would be easier if we had them sent to an email all fansite sysops had access to
12:27 <Battleben> I have the feeling jagex made these two updates just to be filler
12:27 <Battleben> so they don't have no update weeks.
12:27 <Haidro> Divination this month
12:27 <Kq head> why does [[Korasi's sword]] need 78 atk and str, yet it's not equivalent to a lvl 78 weapon?
12:27 <Haidro> #jagex
12:28 <Kq head> all it has is 1% crit
12:28 <Cåm> because quests
12:28 <Kq head> they could at least put its accuracy up by 250 or so
12:28 <Cåm> it suffered from eoc I think
12:29 <Kq head> [[Bronze hasta]] weaker than [[Bronze dagger]] lol
12:32 -!- Jokhar has joined Special:Chat
12:34 <Jokhar> Hey! Can anyone help me? It's the elite Varrock task: Red, red Pies of Summer" Do i need to farm the watermelon and strawberry myself or can i buy them? If i have to farm them, can i buy the seeds?
12:34 <Haidro> [[Varrock Tasks]]
12:34 <Jokhar> I know. I already checked.
12:34 <Jokhar> It dosen't say anything about the strawberry or watermelon, just (NOT IN GUILD)
12:34 <Kq head> if it says from scratch then you need to farm and yes you can buy the seeds
12:34 <Haidro> No
12:34 <Haidro> Just buy the strawbery, watermelon frmo GE
12:35 <Haidro> Then get apple from guild
12:35 <Haidro> But make sure you do all the steps in the guild
12:35 <Kq head> oh
12:35 <Jokhar> Thanks
12:35 <Haidro> I think what it means by NOT in guild is that you can't obtain it in the guild
12:37 <Jokhar> It worked :) 2 tasks to go :P
12:37 <Jokhar> Thanks
12:37 <Haidro> Yay
12:37 <Haidro> No problem
12:38 <Kq head> is it better on weapon pages to have the main hand and off hand in separate tables?
12:38 <Kq head> [[Scimitar]] compared to [[Dart]]
12:39 -!- Jokhar has left Special:Chat.
12:42 <Haidro> Separate
12:42 <Haidro> Like scimitar
12:43 -!- Jokhar has joined Special:Chat
12:43 <Jokhar> Can i use Wicked Hood for the 100 earth runes?
12:43 <Kq head> i think you have to make them in one craft
12:43 <Jokhar> oh
12:44 <Jokhar> Can i do it with 99?
12:44 <Jokhar> rc
12:44 <Kq head> you need at least 78 but i think boosts can be used
12:44 <Jokhar> Can i use Wicked Hood to teleport there?
12:44 <Kq head> yes
12:45 <Jokhar> nice
12:46 <Jokhar> All varrock elite done :D
12:46 <Kq head> awesome
13:03 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
13:05 -!- Jokhar has left Special:Chat.
13:09 <Haidro> So... should I close this?
13:09 <Haidro> nom withdrawal?
13:10 -!- Atheist723 has joined Special:Chat
13:10 -!- XAsmir has joined Special:Chat
13:10 <Haidro> Ohi XAsmir
13:11 <XAsmir> nah leave it for few days
13:11 <XAsmir> so others can read
13:11 <Haidro> Ah alright
13:11 <XAsmir> i got question
13:11 <Haidro> Ask :)
13:11 <XAsmir> how can i make good signature
13:12 <XAsmir> custom one
13:12 <Cåm> with imagination and CSS
13:12 <Haidro> I can make you one if you wish
13:12 <XAsmir> can you make one that looks like quest cape
13:12 <XAsmir> and my name on it ?
13:12 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
13:12 <Haidro> Sure, give me 5 minutes or so
13:12 <XAsmir> it shoudnt be much work 
13:13 <XAsmir> ty so much
13:13 <Cåm> "looks like a quest cape"
13:13 <Cåm> /me wonders what hairdo will come up with
13:13 <Jlun2> uh......hello, but my guthix bird seems to have kinda.....disappeared and the pet store owner doesnt seem to have it
13:14 <XAsmir> white strip, quest icon and my name
13:14 <XAsmir> doesnt sound like problem to me
13:14 <XAsmir> got problem with that cam ?
13:14 <Cåm> I'm interested to see how cape-like it'll be
13:15 <Haidro> [[Template:Signatures/XAsmir]]
13:15 <Haidro> TFM is so addicting
13:15 <Jlun2> the owner only has sparkles and mackers as "lost pets"
13:15 <Jlun2> =o
13:15 <Cåm> [[Special:Random]] lets see if navboxes have broken yet
13:16 <Haidro> [[quest cape]]
13:16 <Haidro> XAsmir: What colour do you want the background
13:17 <XAsmir> quest cape is white right
13:17 <Jlun2> yes
13:17 <XAsmir> i have it on right now :)
13:17 <Cåm> our survey says...: yesy
13:17 <XAsmir> its my fav cape of them all
13:18 <Haidro> Okay so you want the background of the sig white. What about the border colour?
13:19 <XAsmir> border should be more white than cape
13:19 <XAsmir> its how it is
13:19 <Haidro> I'll see what I can do
13:20 <XAsmir> white and more white :)
13:20 <XAsmir> idk what im talking...
13:20 <XAsmir> just make it look good :D
13:20 <Haidro> Lol
13:21 <Haidro> And finally
13:21 <Haidro> what colour do you want your name to be
13:22 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
13:23 <Haidro> hi matt
13:23 <Matthew2602> hi ih
13:24 <Haidro> XAsmir: You there :)?
13:26 <XAsmir> yea srry
13:26 <XAsmir> blue
13:26 <XAsmir> same color as star of quest cape
13:26 <Haidro> Okay, all done
13:26 <XAsmir> im afking smithing and watching movie
13:26 <Haidro> now one more thing you have to do
13:26 <Haidro> Lol
13:26 <Haidro> Go [[Special:Preferences|here]]
13:26 <XAsmir> omg u hacked me
13:26 <XAsmir> :D
13:26 <Haidro> ?
13:26 <XAsmir> joke
13:27 <XAsmir> what now ?
13:27 <Haidro> Lol okay
13:27 <Haidro> Anyways
13:27 <Haidro> in your preferences see the middle the section about Signature?
13:27 <XAsmir> yea
13:27 <XAsmir> exisiting and custom
13:27 <Haidro> Replace the custom with:
13:27 <Haidro> {{subst:#ifexist:Template:Signatures/XAsmir|{{subst:Nosubst|Template:Signatures/XAsmir}}|— [[User:XAsmir|XAsmir]] <sup> ([[User XAsmir|talk]]) </sup>}}
13:27 <Haidro> err, hold on
13:27 <Haidro> This
13:29 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
13:29 <XAsmir> its same
13:29 <XAsmir> isnt it
13:29 <Haidro> O, that's what you have currently?
13:29 <XAsmir> so what now ?
13:29 <Haidro> " I want to use wikitext in my signature"
13:29 <Haidro> Tick that
13:29 <XAsmir> no i copyed what u gave me
13:29 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
13:29 <Haidro> Then click save on the bottom
13:29 <XAsmir> ticked
13:29 <Haidro> No, it's not the same what I posted in chat
13:30 <XAsmir> hehe i like it :)
13:30 <XAsmir> u crazy fucker....
13:30 <XAsmir> :D
13:30 <XAsmir> but u did 1 small thing wrong
13:30 <XAsmir> small xAsmir
13:30 <XAsmir> i cant change here
13:30 <XAsmir> :)
13:31 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
13:31 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
13:31 <Haidro> Yup I'll do it
13:32 <XAsmir> {{subst:#ifexist:Template:Signatures/XAsmir|{{subst:Nosubst|Template:Signatures/XAsmir}}|— [[User:XAsmir|XAsmir]] <sup> ([[User XAsmir|talk]]) </sup>}}
13:32 <Haidro> Done. Now when you do ~~~~ that will appear
13:32 <Haidro> Yes
13:32 <XAsmir> so i just change first xAsmir ?
13:32 <XAsmir> signature/xAsmir and than rest of code ?
13:32 <XAsmir> will it work ?
13:32 <XAsmir> or you have to change code ?
13:33 <XAsmir> yep
13:33 <XAsmir> just tried
13:33 <XAsmir> ty bro :)
13:34 <Haidro> np
13:34 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
13:34 <XAsmir>
13:34 <Kq head> when did they fix axes and picks being sheathed and used at the same time?
13:35 -!- Cook Me Plox has left Special:Chat.
13:37 <XAsmir> cya guys later i got to kill demon /afk
13:37 <Haidro> bye
13:38 -!- Cook Me Plox has joined Special:Chat
13:38 <Cook Me Plox> hi
13:38 <Haidro> hai
13:40 <XAsmir> can someone fix this
13:40 <XAsmir>
13:40 <XAsmir> i cant see map
13:40 <Cook Me Plox> lol
13:40 <Kq head> [[13 May]]
13:41 <Haidro> Oh Cook, there's a forum blog about you
13:42 <Cook Me Plox> Wath?
13:42 <XAsmir> found evil simbol
13:42 <XAsmir> but there is no demon here
13:43 <Haidro> XAsmir: Wait a bit
13:43 <XAsmir> hm ok :)
13:43 <Haidro> Cook Me Plox: Blog about someone quitting wikia and they mentioned you
13:43 <Haidro> I'll try find the link
13:43 <Cook Me Plox> Oh, Jacob Mason?
13:43 <Haidro> ...Don't remember
13:44 <Haidro> I can't tell you how they mentioned you though, it will spoil it ;)
13:44 <Haidro>
13:45 <Cook Me Plox> LOL
13:49 <XAsmir> i its corupting demon
13:49 <XAsmir> so do i need to bring antipoison ?
13:49 <XAsmir> or do i use that poison healing aura ?
13:50 <Haidro> I don't think it poisons
13:50 <XAsmir> rune wiki says its poison area effect
13:50 <XAsmir>
13:50 <XAsmir> same as pestilents poison
13:50 <XAsmir> i have no idea what that means
13:51 <XAsmir> nvm there is already 10 people here
13:51 <XAsmir> and i was hoping to solo it
13:51 <Kq head> yes they do poison
13:51 <Haidro> Apparently demon flash mobs are really hard now
13:51 <Kq head> you cant solo them anymore unless you want to waste time
13:51 <Kq head> i miss most of my attacks with chaotics
13:52 <Kq head> i saw a guy with drygores complaining >_<
13:52 <Battleben> New lodestones best update ever
13:52 <Battleben> Ah, cook.
13:53 <Haidro> Ben: It actually is a pretty good update
13:53 <Kq head> it literally takes around 10 hits to get the message saying i can get a drop...
13:53 <Battleben> Can you link me to the dungeon map? The one that has dungeons in the "correct" places?
13:53 <Cook Me Plox> just the dungeon part?
13:55 <XAsmir> got 20k and 3 blue charms from demon
13:55 <XAsmir> didnt use any food :)
13:55 <Cook Me Plox> not perfect, I couldn't find a newer version though
13:56 <Haidro> Lol
13:57 <Haidro> The one north west of Wizard's Tower basement
13:57 <Haidro> Could thatbe Tutorial Island?
13:57 <Cook Me Plox> Artisan's Workshop
13:57 <Cook Me Plox> Citharede Basement, Kalphite Nursery
13:58 <Haidro> Oh, so you know them
13:58 <Cook Me Plox> Yeah
13:58 <Cook Me Plox> Then the one next to MTA is a weird version of the perfect ore dungeon
13:59 <Battleben> Well..
13:59 <Battleben> Did you see the updated varrock sewers?
13:59 <Battleben> And edgevile dungeon?
14:00 <Cook Me Plox> Where?
14:00 <Battleben> On the map.
14:00 -!- Venganze11 has left Special:Chat.
14:00 <Battleben> Where varrock sewers and edgeville dungeon usualyl are.
14:01 <Battleben> What are the things circled in green?
14:01 <Cook Me Plox> Things fergie couldn't identify
14:01 <Cook Me Plox> We identified them later but I never mapped it
14:02 <Battleben> What's the thing by heroe's dungeon
14:02 <Battleben> Anyway, the map has updated varrock sewers and edgeville dungeon
14:02 <Battleben> Why was I not informed of this.
14:02 <Cåm> because only kool kids get to see the map
14:03 <Cåm> #cabalsekrits
14:03 <Battleben> I knew of the map. I'd seen it before, in fact.
14:04 <Haidro> Holy crap it's 12am
14:04 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
14:04 <Coelacanth0794> hi
14:04 <Haidro> hai
14:04 <Cook Me Plox> oh, goblin cook
14:04 <Cook Me Plox> Ben
14:05 <Battleben> Ah, right.
14:05 <Battleben> Yeah?
14:05 <Cook Me Plox> Nothing
14:07 <Haidro> Countervandalism at central ftw
14:07 <Cook Me Plox> I still want to figure out what that thing at the top of the other map is
14:07 <Haidro> link me plo
14:08 <Haidro> nv,
14:09 <Haidro> I'm going to sleep now. Night everyone
14:09 <Cook Me Plox> boiy
14:09 -!- Haidro has left Special:Chat.
14:09 <Coelacanth0794> boiii
14:10 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
14:11 <Battleben> this guy is still creepy
14:13 <Kq head> Sawadomin?
14:15 -!- XAsmir has left Special:Chat.
14:18 -!- Andriod09 has joined Special:Chat
14:18 <Andriod09> okay guys, I have a question
14:19 <Andriod09> The chaos dwarves at taverly
14:19 <Andriod09> do they drop the infamous dragon pickaxe?
14:19 <Coelacanth0794> no
14:19 <Battleben> No
14:19 <Andriod09> :O
14:19 <Coelacanth0794> only those in the chaos dwarf battlefield
14:19 <Andriod09> ffs
14:20 <Andriod09> meaning i have to do quests. right?
14:20 <Coelacanth0794> the other way of finding a dpick is through a triskellion treasure
14:20 <Coelacanth0794> that is correct for monster drops
14:20 -!- Andriod09 has left Special:Chat.
14:20 <Kq head> jlun the pickaxe master
14:21 <Kq head> what kind of madman says "ffs" before "i have to do quests"?
14:21 <Kq head> it would be terrible if things like ancients and curses were totally free...
14:22 <Coelacanth0794> not quests! anything but that!
14:22 <Kq head> Ok then, livid farm-style minigame
14:22 <Coelacanth0794> i should eventually get all those spells
14:23 <Coelacanth0794> it's just it requires a huge amount of time that requires a large amount of paying attention
14:23 <Coelacanth0794> i'm ok with those things that require big time without attention
14:23 <Kq head> I like how iron pickaxe says +2% base success chance in mining skill guide
14:23 <Coelacanth0794> like court cases or strange rocks
14:23 <Kq head> but bronze pickaxe says... nothing.
14:24 <Coelacanth0794> +2% over bronze
14:24 <Coelacanth0794> it's like bronze on iron is 10/100, iron pick makes it 12/100
14:24 <Coelacanth0794> not actual drop rates^
14:24 <Kq head> dwarven army axe is as good as steel but can be used 5 levels earlier
14:25 <Kq head> tutorial should give you tools to add to your toolbelt instead of having them automatically...
14:25 <Coelacanth0794> gives extra xp in beginner things except cooking
14:25 <Coelacanth0794> which gives xp ion every cooking thing
14:26 <Kq head> like "Here, take this bronze pickaxe. It would be a good idea to put it on your toolbelt so you don't lose it!" instead of, well, nothing.
14:26 <Jlun2> sorry afk
14:27 <Kq head> you need level 5 smithing to make a bronze pickaxe... what for? It's on your toolbelt, after all
14:27 <Jlun2> its jagex, dont question it
14:27 <Kq head> i guess it got demoted to bronze wire
14:27 <Kq head> a.k.a. useless
14:27 <Jlun2> [[bronze wire]]
14:27 <Coelacanth0794> wire is just quest stuff
14:27 <Coelacanth0794> and seaweed nets
14:28 <Jlun2> bronze pick is less useful than wire
14:28 <Kq head> Yeah i don't see a quest that needs a bronze pick
14:28 <Kq head> damn, poor pickaxe
14:29 -!- Alchez has joined Special:Chat
14:30 <Alchez> Whether you need it doesn't decide how much skill you require to make it, I guess.
14:31 <Jlun2> bronze picks respawn in lumby anywAY
14:31 <Jlun2> also, screw bronze use iron
14:32 <Kq head> you won't even need it for mining, though
14:32 <Kq head> you have a toolbelt
14:32 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
14:32 <Alchez> Iron pick is also level 1?
14:32 <Jlun2> yes
14:32 <Jlun2> steel is level 6
14:32 <Kq head> "Following an update on 13 March 2012, all non-quest items are automatically added to a players tool belt."
14:32 <Kq head> because players found it too hard to right-click items
14:33 <Jlun2> right click is xp waste
14:33 <Kq head> not if it's the start of your xp adventure
14:34 <Jlun2> nah, the start of your xp adventure is the small lamp from daily spins
14:34 <Kq head> if you add a dragon hatchet but can't use it, does a lower level hatchet appear when you cut a tree?
14:34 <Jlun2> yes
14:34 <Kq head> so why don't they make you add all of the hatchets...?
14:34 <Kq head> d hatchet magically changes into rune for now
14:34 <Kq head> ok
14:34 <Jlun2> they took this mechanic from dung
14:34 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
14:35 <Kq head> it makes sense in dung because otherwise you lose the primal or w/e because you can't smith promethium
14:35 <Jlun2> you can smith prom, not primal tho
14:35 <Kq head> if you don't have the level
14:35 <Kq head> and there's no 'roided zombies on the floor
14:35 <Jlun2> dung smith fc
14:35 <Kq head> yea good luck taking your primal into another dungeon without binding it
14:36 <Jlun2> :P
14:36 <Jlun2> why are we argueing on something that isnt even possible since there's toolbelt now
14:37 <Kq head> it could've been made to look better aesthetically instead of absurdly convenient convenience
14:37 <Kq head> you know, like your d hatchet turning into steel because you're not a lumberjack yet
14:38 <Jlun2> its easier to copy code instead of recoding everything from scratch
14:38 <Alchez> You're questioning logic in a game where magic exists?
14:38 <Kq head> Well, why don't they refer to it as a magic toolbelt and clear it all up
14:39 <Jlun2> nah, that's the story writer's problem, not ours
14:39 <Kq head> of course it's not our problem
14:39 <Kq head> it's jegex
14:40 <Jlun2> btw
14:40 <Jlun2>
14:40 <Jlun2> look at the revisions
14:40 <Jlun2> now compare it to this one:
14:40 <Jlun2>
14:40 <Jlun2> why you ppl hate lucien?>
14:41 <Kq head> because it's easier to kill lucien than 3 armadyl guys
14:41 <Jlun2> they die in 1 hit now
14:41 <Jlun2> I'm serious
14:41 <Kq head> lol eoc
14:42 <Jlun2> i didnt even use abilities
14:42 <Jlun2> my first hit kills them
14:42 <Jlun2> wearing nothing but dragonfire shield and whip
14:43 -!- Thejman12 has joined Special:Chat
14:43 <Thejman12>
14:43 <Thejman12> more lodestones?
14:43 <Thejman12> Seems like one at tyras camp, one near oo glog and one south of piscatoris hunter area
14:43 <Kq head> do we need more *****ing lodestones jamflex
14:43 <Jlun2> i want gatestones instead
14:43 <Kq head> i dont mind paying 1.6k to get to tyras camp, honest!
14:43 <TonyBest100> Interesting
14:44 <Thejman12> =]
14:44 <TonyBest100> shame we cannot use those images for use under [[Update hints]]
14:44 <Kq head> there's convenience, and then there's... lodestones.
14:44 <Jlun2> use them for [[leaks]]?
14:44 <Thejman12> i know tony =/
14:44 <TonyBest100> cant use them as leaks either jlun
14:44 <Kq head> they should really be a reward and not some magical beginner's help which the game has far too many of
14:44 <TonyBest100> fansite image
14:45 <TonyBest100> HOWEVER, we can use this since its from jagex's official page
14:45 <Jlun2> "It was rather obvious the ''awesome'' content was not an objective view, but a marketing view. The same way they hype every updates with nice text, euphemisms or excessive exclamation marks... That's how Jagex rolls these days."
14:46 <TonyBest100> Oh shit, theres even a lodestone for the wilderness
14:46 <TonyBest100>
14:46 <Jlun2> agreed
14:46 <Thejman12> oo fremennik lodestone too
14:46 <Thejman12> so that makes at least 4 new ones
14:46 <Coelacanth0794> ther fremmy would never allow magic lodestones
14:46 <Jlun2> screw lore we have jmods
14:46 <Kq head> cool, now my reward from love story (cracked tablets) is nearly useless
14:46 <Thejman12> wtf wildy too... jagex =/
14:47 <Kq head> wildy is crossing the line (wall)
14:47 <TonyBest100> Should make it easier to get to warbands :P
14:47 <Jlun2> easier for luring
14:48 <Thejman12> lol kq
14:48 <Coelacanth0794> flying snakes
14:48 <Battleben> LOL Wilderness Lodestone
14:48 <Battleben> And Rellekka
14:48 <Battleben> GF lyre
14:48 <TonyBest100> I'm sure they'll put a warning in place so you don't ACCIDENTLY teleport there
14:48 <Jlun2> "^
14:48 <Jlun2> Who worked for an Mobilising Army Teleport? 
14:48 <Jlun2> No one did to be honest."
14:48 <Jlun2> what kind of logic is this?
14:48 <Thejman12> yea, oo glog, tyras camp and pisc too ben
14:48 <Kq head> i didn't use the lyre, i used home tablets
14:48 <Coelacanth0794> so where'd you get those?
14:48 <Thejman12> Same kq
14:48 <Kq head> which i ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING FOR.
14:49 <Battleben> Why are you quoting Rubic
14:49 <Jlun2> the logic about "who worked for an mob army tele" is the same as saying "who worked for a fally tele or varr tele anyway"
14:49 <Kq head> i'd say it seems like they're babysitting players with this, but they do that with a lot of updates
14:50 <Kq head> to be fair, level 10 mage isnt hard at all
14:50 <Coelacanth0794> anyone else experiencing some exquisite lag
14:50 <Kq head> still not an excuse though
14:50 <Jlun2> it doesnt matter, the fact that it makes the other useless without any way to balance it is the problem
14:50 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
14:51 <Jlun2> this just adds up to the list of dead content
14:51 <Kq head> so if you pay money to travel across the entire map on a boat when you can just use your innate magical power that you were born with to teleport onto a stone that is conveniently there (idk, maybe someone built it?), you are clearly stupid
14:51 <Kq head> can they add crandor lodestone for help with clues pl0x
14:52 <Thejman12> lol
14:52 <Kq head> and to skip d slayer kthnxjagex
14:52 <Thejman12> make d slay a req for the lodestone 
14:52 <Jlun2> no thats too hard
14:52 <Kq head> jman who's side are you on? everyone knows players are too stupid to do anything
14:52 <Jlun2> like how
14:53 <Kq head> what makes you think they can kill a dragon? far too dangerous
14:53 <Jlun2> This quest contains many plot holes. One of which is that Captain Marlin is controlled by sea slugs, but no reference to that is made during the quest. In addition, if one was to complete Salt in the Wound before Hunt for the Red Raktuber, then there would be no explanation for why Captain Marlin is controlled by sea slugs, despite them becoming harmless after Salt in the Wound is complete. Another is that, while Kennith grows older and the sea slugs are gone at the end of the quest, Kimberly and her family remain in the mines, unchanged, and your character does not make any mention of slaying the slugs. If the player speaks to Kimberly in the mines, a dialogue will occur, in which Kimberly raises the question: "Maybe the sea slugs will go away soon?" The player will reply, "Perhaps they're already gone." Plot holes such as these drew some negative criticism from questers and former Jagex moderators who developed the previous quests.
14:53 <Jlun2> see?
14:53 <Kq head> jagex thought that penguin quest was too hard?
14:53 <Kq head> i did it without a guide.
14:53 <Kq head> if you can do it without a guide, its easy
14:54 <Kq head> by default
14:54 <Kq head> this isnt MEP2 style shit
14:55 <TonyBest100>
14:55 <Jlun2> blame mod trick
14:55 <Jlun2> although tbh, he wasnt a writer the first place
14:56 <TonyBest100> won't be long til BTS vid of this helpful update comes
14:56 <Jlun2> so this was more of an example of Jagex getting ppl to do something they arent good at
14:57 <Kq head> this is an example of jagex babysitting
14:57 <Jlun2> that too
14:57 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
14:57 <Jlun2> btw, even other jmods hate it
14:57 <Jlun2> After the quest's release, jokes about pillars falling and crushing various things ran rampant throughout the forums. This was due in large part to the quest's ending and players who were disappointed in the lack of a boss fight and the implausibility of a pillar conveniently placed behind Mother Mallum that was somehow weak enough to be broken by a single swipe of a sword without letting the entire cavern room collapsing. During Thok Your Block Off, Bone Face says "That's ridiculous! Who ever heard of a boss being killed with a pillar?" in reply to Thok threatening to use a pillar to kill him, which is a reference to the quest. In an unknown update the pillar was later renamed 'statue'.
14:57 <Kq head> at least if you add dragon to your toolbelt, it's gone for good meaning you'll need money to afford to do that...
14:57 <Jlun2> lol
14:57 <Jlun2> "That's ridiculous! Who ever heard of a boss being killed with a pillar?"
14:57 <Battleben> The pillar was always named that
14:58 <Battleben> Just referred to as pillar in dialogue
14:58 <The Mol Man> coel
14:58 <Jlun2> thats not my edit
14:58 <Kq head> What do I put into this unexplained conveniently-placed teleportation lodestone? Friendship, honesty and all the good feels?
14:58 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
14:58 <Jlun2> No.
14:58 <Jlun2> money
14:59 <Kq head> Invisible money, obviously.
14:59 <Jlun2> "It was rather obvious the ''awesome'' content was not an objective view, but a marketing view. The same way they hype every updates with nice text, euphemisms or excessive exclamation marks... That's how Jagex rolls these days."
14:59 <Kq head> what if lodestones had a fee depending on where they were placed? perfect mini-gold sink right there
14:59 <Jlun2> trying to attract new mems no matter how small the update is
15:00 <Kq head> so teleporting to lumbridge eats 10gp
15:00 <Kq head> considering the free sof money, that's peanuts
15:00 <Jlun2> omg 10 gp jagex fix pls im too poor i only have 10 phats =/
15:01 <Kq head> and teleporting to lunar isle eats 10k, because it's actually quite convenient if you're not on lunar spells
15:02 <Kq head> if they bitch about losing 10k, why don't they just walk there and take the boat if not on lunars, which you -always used to have to do-
15:02 <Jlun2> 10k!!!!111 are you high jagex?? now i cant afford to give away santas every week. =/
15:02 -!- Thejman12 has left Special:Chat.
15:02 <Coelacanth0794> ping me when done mol
15:02 <Kq head> you mean now i can only afford to give away santas every other day
15:03 <Cåm> coel ping ping ping
15:03 <Coelacanth0794> /me bans camel
15:03 <Jlun2> no, i can only give xmas tree hats every week instead now =/
15:04 <Kq head> what's actually difficult in this game now besides something crazy like nex solo
15:04 <Jlun2> quitting is difficult
15:05 <Coelacanth0794> withOUT drygores?
15:05 <Kq head> maybe i will attempt kalphite queen in full rune
15:05 <Kq head> jk lol you dont need armour
15:05 <Kq head> 100% hit ftw
15:05 <Jlun2> i gave away rares, and i still came back =/
15:05 <The Mol Man> coel
15:05 <Kq head> but maybe i will attempt kalphite queen with what a 50 def would wear (it drops lvl 60, so it MUST be intended for that, right?)
15:06 <Jlun2> yes
15:06 <Jlun2> use bot gear
15:06 <Kq head> bot gear is 60 for d legs and 70 atk for whip, nooblet =p
15:06 <Jlun2> use the other bot gear
15:06 <Kq head> lol did i just say nooblet? i am sorry jlun
15:06 <Kq head> you are more experienced than i am, i bet
15:07 <Jlun2> full r00ne and whip
15:07 <Kq head> has to be rune scimmy
15:07 <Jlun2> yes
15:07 <Jlun2> thanks for correcting me
15:07 <Kq head> so... there's no reason to use d scim over dagger other than the weakness, right?
15:07 <Kq head> virtually identical weapons... 30k vs 100k
15:08 <Jlun2> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[dragon scimitar]] is 59,507 coins.
15:08 <Atheist723> Yeah...they totally messed everything up with their equalist evolution.
15:08 <Jlun2> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[dragon dagger]] is 17,180 coins.
15:08 <Jlun2> wow?
15:08 <Kq head> the only logical explanation is a dagger is just smaller
15:08 <Kq head> not only requiring less materials
15:08 <Jlun2> 60k for scimmy now lol
15:08 <The Mol Man> coel
15:08 <Kq head> but people don't wanna use tiny weapons
15:08 <Jlun2> and the monkey quest is harder by comparison than lost city
15:09 <Kq head> who even needs a d dagger, [[Toktz-xil-ek]]
15:09 <Jlun2> =o
15:09 <Jlun2> i forgot about those obsidian weps
15:09 <Kq head> the only reason to do lost city is off-hands, because there's equivalents that are just as good with no quests needed
15:10 <Jlun2> i did lost city for well, the city
15:10 <Kq head> they should also give scimmies a small advantage over claws somehow
15:10 <Jlun2> noooooo d claws must be bestest
15:10 <Jlun2> ~jagex
15:10 <Kq head> not chaotic claws though, there's no chaotic scimmy
15:11 <Kq head> ok enough ranting
15:12 <Jlun2> why must dragon metal be so overrated by jagex?
15:13 -!- Coelacanth0794 has left Special:Chat.
15:13 <Jlun2> 60 attack isnt hard at all. hell, it has one of the most 99's in the skill
15:13 <Jlun2> next to mage and cook
15:15 -!- Coelacanth0794 has joined Special:Chat
15:15 <Coelacanth0794> it isnt speciual anymore
15:15 <Coelacanth0794> welp rs crashed
15:17 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
15:17 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
15:18 -!- Spineweilder has joined Special:Chat
15:18 <Spineweilder> hmm
15:18 <The Mol Man> Hi spine :ɔ
15:18 <The Mol Man> Do you like my cute lil smily face?
15:19 <Spineweilder> I can't help but notice we don't have synopses for the trio voyages in ports 
15:19 <The Mol Man> I thought you were a synopsis though? I've been asking you to delete stuff
15:20 <Spineweilder> ...I believe you are well aware of what a synopsis is.
15:20 <Coelacanth0794> hm?
15:20 <Coelacanth0794> as in what happens?
15:20 <Spineweilder> yeah
15:20 <Coelacanth0794> well i dont have any adventure rerolls 
15:20 <The Mol Man> way to play along, spine >:ɔ
15:20 <Coelacanth0794> so i am afraid i cant do that right now as they're already out
15:20 <Spineweilder> I only know the "Meet the Partner - Again" and "Hull Down on the Horizon"
15:20 <Coelacanth0794> uhh, iirc
15:20 <Spineweilder> Don't spoil brah
15:20 <Jlun2> ok. from an old pic of my acc with 85 dung, i had
15:20 <Jlun2> 75 attack
15:20 <Jlun2> 76 strength
15:20 <Jlun2> 70 defence
15:20 <Jlun2> 60 range
15:21 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
15:21 <Coelacanth0794> whaler is made to get shuma to ram down the Paradise wall
15:21 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
15:21 <Coelacanth0794> i forget what assassin does
15:21 <Kq head> Ports update: The captain of ___ is sober today.
15:21 <Kq head> Somehow I'm surprised...
15:21 <Coelacanth0794> and occultist waltez through the trap-littered halls to quin who she then stabs and kills
15:21 <Spineweilder> There is one person here who probably knows all the details
15:21 <The Mol Man> I'd know em all if I did em
15:21 <Coelacanth0794> i have all stories done
15:22 <Jlun2> at 99 dung i have
15:22 <Jlun2> 82 attack
15:22 <Jlun2> 86 stength
15:22 <Jlun2> 83 defence
15:22 <Jlun2> 63 range
15:22 <Spineweilder> But do you know the whole dialogue, Coel
15:22 <Coelacanth0794> if i had an adventurer in the bar, i could redo the cutscenes.
15:22 <Kq head> btw [[Bandit (Wilderness)]] and [[Bandit (Wilderness Bandit Camp)]]... can somebody delete the latter?
15:23 <Kq head> i updated the former
15:23 <Kq head> they're identical, otherwise
15:24 <Coelacanth0794> orrrrrrrrrrrr
15:24 -!- EpicPancakes has left Special:Chat.
15:24 -!- EpicPancakes has joined Special:Chat
15:24 <Coelacanth0794> and which image would be best?
15:24 -!- Alchez has left Special:Chat.
15:25 <Kq head> only [[Guard Bandit]]s have shields
15:25 <The Mol Man> just redirect
15:25 <Coelacanth0794> very well
15:25 <The Mol Man> no coel
15:25 <Coelacanth0794> @mol beat ya to it
15:25 <The Mol Man> undelete
15:25 <Coelacanth0794> hm?
15:25 <The Mol Man> o
15:26 <The Mol Man> unredirect and make him do it
15:26 <Coelacanth0794> undelete what?
15:26 <Spineweilder> If someone was to put a synopsis of the Quin storyline, it would be on the [[Quin]] article, would it
15:26 <Coelacanth0794> you are confusing.
15:26 <The Mol Man> "@mol beat ya to it" I never planned to redirect it myself
15:26 <Cook Me Plox> making cockatrice eggs is currently about 5m an hour
15:26 <The Mol Man> damn
15:26 <The Mol Man> do they actually sell?
15:27 <The Mol Man> don't share the methods... cockbreath
15:27 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
15:27 <Cook Me Plox> huehuehue
15:27 <Cook Me Plox> yes, they sell for 3300 each
15:27 <Cook Me Plox> which is more than twice the ge price
15:27 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
15:27 <Cook Me Plox> using ge prices it's only about 1.5m
15:27 <The Mol Man> Do people really want them that badly?
15:27 <Coelacanth0794> i kinda dont wanna do slayer with this PAUSE type lag
15:28 <Coelacanth0794> "just redirect"
15:28 <Coelacanth0794> i redirected before you said that
15:28 <The Mol Man> i bet the irony is people want them to sell the pouches, and people only buy the pouches to make the eggs
15:28 -!- Oli4burggraa has joined Special:Chat
15:28 <The Mol Man> a self sustaining circle of $$$
15:28 <Cook Me Plox> I'm not really sure what's going on Mol
15:28 <Oli4burggraa> Hey could someone come and close [[RuneScape:Clan_Chat/Requests_for_CC_Rank/xAsmir]] please?
15:28 <Oli4burggraa> He withdrew
15:28 <The Mol Man> i still love you coel
15:28 <Cook Me Plox> k
15:29 <Coelacanth0794>
15:29 <Jlun2> i got an old pic of combat acadamy =o
15:30 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
15:30 <Oli4burggraa> wasn't there gonna be a funorb game about that coel?
15:30 <The Mol Man> lol
15:30 <The Mol Man> funorb
15:30 <Oli4burggraa> I'm still surprised they gave up on that so easily
15:30 <Oli4burggraa> just from one day to another, bam dev team is gone
15:30 <Coelacanth0794> huh?
15:30 <The Mol Man> It must have been me in charge
15:30 <Coelacanth0794> i dont know oli
15:30 <Oli4burggraa> Even more reason for me to hate you mol :o
15:31 <Oli4burggraa> jk jk
15:31 <Oli4burggraa> I miss funorb though
15:31 <The Mol Man> I give up when I'm bored
15:31 <The Mol Man> which is an anagram for orbed
15:31 <Oli4burggraa> only community where people felt more entitled than the RS community
15:31 <The Mol Man> the best community is CoD
15:32 <The Mol Man> even better than your mom
15:32 <Oli4burggraa> my mom is not a community
15:32 <The Mol Man> shut up ill headshot you
15:32 <Oli4burggraa> come at me bro
15:32 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
15:33 <The Mol Man> once i kill u, imma crouch and uncrouch on your face
15:33 <The Mol Man> and it will resemble me placing my nuts upon your head
15:33 <The Mol Man> in a disrespectful manner
15:33 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
15:33 <The Mol Man> you won't like that too much if you watch your killcam
15:34 <Oli4burggraa> relevant
15:34 <Jlun2>
15:34 <Jlun2> this needs better formatting tho
15:34 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
15:35 <Oli4burggraa> put it on the side
15:35 <Kq head> you need better formatting upon your face, brother!
15:35 <The Mol Man> burrrrn
15:36 <The Mol Man> jlun's face must have class="ugly"
15:36 <Kq head> I bite my thumb at thee
15:37 <The Mol Man> D:
15:37 <Kq head> did you just bite your thumb at me?
15:37 <The Mol Man> well I
15:37 <The Mol Man> I never
15:38 -!- Fswe1 has joined Special:Chat
15:38 <Jlun2>
15:38 <Jlun2> can anyone replace the animations with the previews in the costumization interface?
15:39 -!- Oli4burggraa has left Special:Chat.
15:40 -!- Slender-eye X has joined Special:Chat
15:40 <Coelacanth0794> erm?
15:40 -!- Fswe1 has left Special:Chat.
15:40 <Coelacanth0794> i cant make a gif sorry
15:40 <Coelacanth0794> random pickpocket of gnome, red genie pot
15:40 <Coelacanth0794> not bad
15:41 <Spineweilder> Coel
15:41 <Coelacanth0794> wat
15:41 <Spineweilder> you busy aym
15:41 <Spineweilder> atm
15:41 <Coelacanth0794> depends, i dont have to be
15:42 <The Mol Man> Cam
15:42 <Spineweilder> can you orb me in [[Slayer gloves]]
15:42 <Spineweilder>
15:42 <Coelacanth0794>
15:42 <Coelacanth0794> i suppose, where'd you like to meet
15:43 <Spineweilder> spirit tree ge
15:43 <The Mol Man> spine
15:43 <The Mol Man> you're pointless updating an image that is absolutely perfect
15:43 <Spineweilder> I know
15:43 <Spineweilder> It's sooooo perfect
15:43 <Spineweilder> it has to be updated
15:44 <The Mol Man> I think you just want credit
15:44 <The Mol Man> there's no raisin to update the slayer gloves
15:44 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
15:44 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
15:45 -!- XwvwX has joined Special:Chat
15:47 -!- Joeytje50 has joined Special:Chat
15:47 <The Mol Man> juey :ɔ
15:47 <The Mol Man> can someone link me the official update?
15:48 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
15:48 <Joeytje50>
15:48 <Joeytje50> hai r
15:49 <The Mol Man> ya no, see?
15:49 <The Mol Man> OMFG HAIRR :ɔ
15:49 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
15:49 <Joeytje50>
15:49 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
15:49 <Joeytje50> wtf url
15:49 <Joeytje50> makes no sense
15:50 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
15:50 <Slender-eye X> lol
15:51 <Slender-eye X> i'm reading chat logs
15:51 <Atheist723> Since when does SoF make sense in any way?
15:51 <Slender-eye X> this light matter is crazy
15:51 <Slender-eye X> but sad :(
15:51 -!- Slender-eye X has left Special:Chat.
15:58 <The Mol Man> ...
15:58 -!- Slender-eye X has joined Special:Chat
15:58 -!- Slender-eye X has left Special:Chat.
15:59 <Ilikewiki> hey mol
15:59 <Ilikewiki> u there
15:59 <The Mol Man> ummm why?
15:59 <Ilikewiki> asked my sis about that thing u asked
15:59 <Ilikewiki> she said no1 would use it
15:59 <Ilikewiki> so it was stupid
15:59 <The Mol Man> she's stupid
15:59 <The Mol Man> >:c
15:59 <Ilikewiki> lol you tell her that
15:59 <Ilikewiki> anywya im out
15:59 <Ilikewiki> cya
16:00 <The Mol Man> awwwww
16:01 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
16:03 -!- Spineweilder has left Special:Chat.
16:08 <TonyBest100> Mod Jacmob on recent bans
16:09 <TonyBest100> Also wtf cook on ur  inspiration for this :P
16:10 <Cook Me Plox> Those three are insane.
16:11 <Coelacanth0794> wat
16:12 <The Mol Man>
16:17 <Jlun2> wtf
16:18 -!- Spineweilder has joined Special:Chat
16:18 <Jlun2>
16:19 <Coelacanth0794> lol
16:22 <Spineweilder> [[Kindling]]
16:24 <Battleben> Impossible to make minimap imagesss now
16:25 <Jlun2> why
16:25 <Cook Me Plox> not lining up?
16:26 <Jlun2> [[boss]]
16:27 <Battleben> yeah
16:28 <Battleben> meh when HTMl5 and NIS become one it will be easy
16:28 <Suppa chuppa> cook
16:28 <Suppa chuppa> did you see that post
16:28 <Suppa chuppa> about barrows data?
16:28 <Spineweilder> Ben, you finished ports yeah
16:29 <Spineweilder> You know the synopsis of the trio storyline?
16:29 <Spineweilder> s
16:29 <Ciphrius Kane> I can give you a rough overview
16:29 <Spineweilder> put it on the articles
16:30 <Ciphrius Kane> For the convict/missionary/biologist one, the three have all heard reports of attacks by different parties on the sea orphans, and none believes the other is right, so Marcus is sent to a meeting of the khans to establish the truth
16:31 <Spineweilder> and then Convict finds out all three will attac
16:31 <Spineweilder> pirates raid the island, purists kill the orphans, soothsayers get the organs
16:31 <Spineweilder> something like that
16:31 <Spineweilder> I've yet to receive A Concerted Effort
16:31 <Ciphrius Kane> Turns out, the three groups are working together to crush the sea orphans due to the interfering of the convict/missionary/biologist with the individual groups regarding the sea orphans, so they stock up for a fight, with the biologist going to collect supplies to make explosives
16:31 <Ciphrius Kane> And that's as far as I've gotten
16:32 <Ciphrius Kane> Well I completed that so she has all the supplies she needs
16:33 <The Mol Man>
16:33 -!- Atheist723 has left Special:Chat.
16:33 <Jlun2> lolwut
16:33 <Spineweilder> And then for Quin storyline, the Partner looks through his journal and keeps record of the whaler/occultist/assassin, saying that their backgrounds all connect to the attempt on Quin's life
16:33 <Spineweilder> and then they agree to kill quin and i send the whaler to find shuma to take part in the plan
16:33 <Spineweilder> and that's as far as i got
16:33 <Ciphrius Kane> And in the other storyline, John Strum has called the whaler, the assassin and the occulist together as he has realised that they all have a shared enemy: Quin.  Strum has a plan but in order for it to work he needs the aid of Shuma to carry out the plan so the Whaler goes to try and convince it, and he does
16:34 <Ciphrius Kane> Turns out Shuma is just as eager as the rest to take Quin on
16:34 <Spineweilder> yeah that's as far as i got
16:34 <Kq head> @jlun's fist of guthix
16:34 <Kq head> Waaaht...?
16:34 <Spineweilder> the trio voyages are elusive for me
16:34 <Jlun2> *cook's
16:34 <Spineweilder> after i completed the individual storylines it took over a month to finally receive one trio voyafe
16:36 <Spineweilder> hmm
16:36 <Suppa chuppa> Jlun2: Cook didn't make that
16:36 <Cook Me Plox> >.>
16:37 <Jlun2> =O
16:37 <Kq head> "In the God letters, Zamorak mentions his favourite weapon is his bloodied battleaxe and he likes the sight of it embedded in someone's skull."
16:37 <Suppa chuppa> keyword, I believe, is "inspired"
16:37 <Jlun2> so theres a cult of cook
16:37 <Jlun2> thanks guys
16:37 <Cook Me Plox> yup
16:37 <Kq head> so the fist of guthix is inspired by this man^?
16:37 <Cook Me Plox> I've got a bit of a cult of personality going.
16:37 <Suppa chuppa> >_>
16:38 <Jlun2> i need a starfish cul....clan
16:38 <Ciphrius Kane> What I'd like to see for PoP is another set of adventurers who after completing their own storyline arc team up with the other 2 teams for some reason
16:38 <Kq head> I need a... hmm.
16:38 <Ciphrius Kane> Maybe it turns out Quin was working for somebody to take out the sea orphans for some nefarious purpose
16:38 -!- Smithing has joined Special:Chat
16:39 <Jlun2> it goes higher and higher
16:39 <Jlun2> "then it turned out Quin's employer was working with another gang!"
16:39 <Jlun2> and Ad infinitum 
16:40 <Kq head> "It turns out the real enemy had been us all along..."
16:41 <Kq head> its funny seeing a group of players all standing and heavily breathing, as opposed to the fidgety movements of old... somehow.
16:41 <Jlun2> and the real us are somewhere imprisoned in dark castle of the evil overlord cpadolf stalin
16:41 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh yes!  Imagine if Quin had been working for Duncan all along to exterminate the sea orphans so he could get the land for himself and unlock the power there
16:42 <Jlun2> and duncan was actually controlled by a sea slug!
16:42 <Ciphrius Kane> At that point you'd be locked out of the actual port until you defeated Duncan
16:42 <Kq head> and then it turns out the sea orphans were the real monsters. There had been a misunderstanding - they were actually trying to stop the world-devouring shapeshifters that came to our plane disguised as the race known as sea oprhans!
16:42 <Jlun2> and the sea slug was controlled by a pillar of ultimate power!
16:42 <Ciphrius Kane> Now I remember why I keep my ideas to myself
16:42 <Ciphrius Kane> Bleeding fanfic writers
16:43 <Jlun2> feel free to plagerize my ideas guys
16:43 <Kq head> Original characters do not steal
16:43 <Jlun2> more food for my bloodthirsty lawyers, after all
16:43 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh it helps if you don't reveal your original characters at all
16:44 <Kq head> Inspired by Jlun - Dragon Pick Axe
16:44 <Jlun2> the best way to do that is to not have one
16:44 <Ciphrius Kane> No, just don't talk about them
16:44 <Jlun2> cant reveal what doesnt exist, right?
16:44 <Ciphrius Kane> After all you know nothing of my original characters
16:44 <Jlun2> is he called steve
16:44 <Ciphrius Kane> You cannae kill of Dr Dennel if you don't know about him
16:44 <Kq head> i'd like to see a fanfic where the character doesn't actually have a name or description, basically averting any chance of them being a Sue recolour
16:45 <Jlun2> bob
16:45 <Jlun2> :D
16:45 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
16:45 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
16:45 -!- XwvwX has left Special:Chat.
16:45 -!- Joeytje50 has left Special:Chat.
16:45 -!- Cblair91 has joined Special:Chat
16:45 <Kq head> So you don't say "beautiful flowing hair" or "the power to breathe fire and fly and shit ice", you just say "I"
16:45 <Cblair91> !reload
16:45 <RSChatBot> reloaded, no syntax errors detected.
16:45 <Cblair91> !version
16:45 <RSChatBot> Cblair91: Currently running: git:master/ec25cb526e6e35ac867f884ecfbd26f7cf205e4f accross all files.
16:45 <Cblair91> (facedesk)
16:45 <Jlun2> btw, kq. "nameless entity" already cliche 
16:45 <Kq head> No, not nameless entity
16:46 <Cblair91> !status
16:46 <RSChatBot> I have been running for 377641 total seconds, and I have reconnected 3 times. It has been 109249 seconds since my last reconnect.
16:46 <Kq head> No name.
16:46 <Jlun2> that exist too
16:46 <Kq head> There's no hint of entity
16:46 <Cblair91> Hey Ciph
16:46 <Kq head> leave it entirely up to interpretation
16:46 <Jlun2>
16:47 <Jlun2> First, we have Zamorak, the Mahjarrat god who wielded the staff to gain power and fight the 'Nameless One' (whose name is Zaros: doesn't everyone know this already?). Now, we have Lucien who aspires to the same and I am wondering why it hasn't happened already?
16:47 <Kq head> He had a canon name all along
16:47 <Ciphrius Kane> Lucien is dead
16:48 <The Mol Man> "It is a fibroid tumor. It is not cancerous. It is 10 cm wide, about the size of a large grapefruit. We named it Snookie. Snookie was surgically removed and fertility was preserved. My girlfriend is home and resting comfortably and we both thank you all for the kind wishes."
16:48 <Jlun2> also, lord volde...i mean [[Lord Handelmort|Handelmort]]
16:48 <Jlun2> @mol
16:48 <Jlun2> gratitude cures all
16:49 <Kq head> They named it Snookie...?
16:49 <The Mol Man> ya, wanna see it?
16:50 <Kq head> I'd rather not ;/
16:50 <Jlun2>
16:50 <Battleben> I'm assuming the "tumor" is referring to a baby?
16:51 <The Mol Man> no
16:51 <The Mol Man> it was actually a tumor
16:52 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
16:52 <Jlun2>
16:52 <Jlun2> cancer cells are a new species now, ben
16:52 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
16:52 <Kq head> I wonder if jagex considers and/or evaluates the possible dead content with their updates
16:52 <Kq head> jk lol
16:52 <Kq head> no chance
16:52 <Spineweilder> hmm
16:53 <Ciphrius Kane> They're always looking at the possibility of reviving dead content if they can
16:53 <Spineweilder> hmm
16:53 <Spineweilder> shield left half from desert strikewyrms
16:54 <Jlun2> Snookie is a pet Helacyton gartleri. 
16:54 <Kq head> well jagex is about to kill off some transport methods yet again
16:54 <Jlun2> @kane
16:54 <Jlun2> fix smithing and ill trust them
16:55 <Kq head> it might take 10 seconds to cast, but it takes just as long to run to the bank and withdraw runes
16:55 <Kq head> not worth it for measly xp
16:55 <Jlun2> @mol
16:55 <Jlun2> thx for the pic. remember to take good care of lil snooks
16:55 <Kq head> "Hands = Fist. Fist + Power = Guthix = Fist Guthix... Fist of Guthix? Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish!"
16:55 <Kq head> -Fist Guthix
16:56 <Cblair91> You like fisting Guthix?
16:56 <Cblair91> Eww
16:56 <Kq head> No, Movario thought of it apparently
16:56 <Jlun2> (qc) This is not a dating site.
16:56 <Kq head> before his fist of guthix epiphany
16:56 <Kq head> before dismissing it as rubbish x3
16:57 <Jlun2> it is rubbish
16:57 <Jlun2> guthix is dead
16:57 <Jlun2> so therefore, the fist didnt help him 
16:57 <Jlun2> he should probably get a refund
16:57 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
16:58 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
16:59 <Jlun2> [[the elder kiln]]
16:59 <Suppa chuppa> HOLY CRAP
16:59 <Suppa chuppa> WIKIABOT
17:00 <Suppa chuppa> GO AWAY
17:00 <Kq head> wikiabutt
17:00 <Jlun2>
17:00 <Jlun2> tell users not to post youtube vids then
17:01 <Ciphrius Kane> Or to put them as text links instead of image links
17:01 <Suppa chuppa> they can
17:01 <Suppa chuppa> with {{youtube|code}}
17:01 <Suppa chuppa> but the thing is
17:01 <Suppa chuppa> there's actually a script in place to autoconvert
17:02 <Suppa chuppa> from <youtube> to the template
17:02 <Suppa chuppa> doesn't seem to work for specified widths though
17:02 <The Mol Man> suppa
17:02 <Jlun2>
17:02 <Suppa chuppa> what
17:02 <Jlun2> make it a bannable offence
17:02 <Suppa chuppa> lol
17:02 <The Mol Man> I'm just gonna do a hardcore search every userpage for any and all youtube tags
17:02 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
17:02 <Suppa chuppa> okay
17:03 <Jlun2>
17:03 <Jlun2> just ban him/her. the users inactive anyway
17:03 <Suppa chuppa> no
17:03 <Cook Me Plox> you suck
17:03 <Suppa chuppa> nou
17:03 <Cook Me Plox> WikiaBot is basically "our site fucking sucks, we'll have a bot fix it"
17:03 <Cook Me Plox>
17:03 <The Mol Man> you could help too, suppa
17:04 <Suppa chuppa> i'm diong something else
17:04 <Suppa chuppa> hang on
17:04 <Cook Me Plox> WikiaBot gets 46x checkuser
17:04 <Jlun2> is there a way to report this to wikia?
17:04 <Suppa chuppa> they know
17:04 <Jlun2> and they dont care, right?
17:05 -!- Spineweilder has left Special:Chat.
17:05 <Cook Me Plox> sort of?
17:06 <TonyBest100> Lodestone BTS
17:06 <Kq head> "What does Jagex actually have agianst the law rune again?" - Some forum poster on lodestones
17:06 <Kq head> lol, Lobestones
17:07 <Kq head> lmfao they actually made a title in the vid name
17:07 <TonyBest100> Gunne be 7 new lodestones
17:07 <Kq head> i'm "starting" to doubt their competence now
17:07 <The Mol Man> Cook, wanna help remove the tag by looking at talkpages?
17:07 <Kq head> a typo in the vid name*
17:07 <Battleben> bts out
17:07 <Battleben>
17:07 <Battleben> Crap updateee
17:07 <Kq head> Yay more LOBEstones
17:07 <Battleben> Oh I'm late
17:07 <Kq head> do these go in your ears
17:07 <Kq head> do you put stones in your ears to teleport
17:09 <Jlun2> really jagex? a btw for lodestones?
17:09 <Jlun2> *bts
17:09 <TonyBest100> Hmm, giant rocky boss called Vorago...
17:09 <TonyBest100> sounds good
17:09 <Kq head> "and if they can think of anywhere else to add to the network please just let us know on the forums."
17:09 <Kq head> lmfao
17:09 <Kq head> as if there's anywhere else
17:10 <Kq head> add 1 to dragontooth island so i can spy penguins and add 1 to phasmatys so i dont have to get ectophial out of the bank
17:10 <Jlun2> Wow! Next update for MEMS ONLY! MORE LODESTONES! oh and buys spins pls thx. ~Jagex
17:11 <Kq head> oh and add 1 to digsite, on the exact spot where the digsite pendant lands you
17:11 <TonyBest100> Damn, concept art of vorago isnt showing the full thing from the bts video
17:11 <Jlun2> @kq
17:11 <Jlun2> yes pls
17:11 <Cblair91> more lodestones :O
17:11 <Cblair91> wildy lodestones pl0x 
17:11 <Jlun2> i want a dung floor 61 lodestone pls
17:11 <Kq head> am i the only one who has hated lodestones since day 1?
17:11 <Jlun2> yes
17:12 <TonyBest100> cblair, there will be 1 in the wildy
17:12 <Cblair91> YEY
17:12 <Kq head> I remember people praising jagex for allowing pures some easy transport method - don't they restrict themselves on purpose?
17:12 <Cblair91> where else was it i wanted one o.O
17:12 <Cblair91> Probably fedip hills
17:12 <Jlun2> i want one on monkey island
17:12 <Jlun2> monkey madness ruins my pures
17:12 <Jlun2> and quest is too hard jagex
17:13 <Cblair91> well monkey madness lodestone wont be unlocked unless you do it :P
17:13 <Kq head> give me lodestone to instanced drygore item spawn room plz
17:13 <Cblair91> kinda like the bandit camp with that quest
17:13 <TonyBest100>
17:13 <Jlun2> give me lodestone to my friend's poh pls
17:13 <The Mol Man> tony y u ignore my pm
17:13 <Kq head> that doesn't add any dead content, jlun
17:13 <Jlun2> i want to break in to his poh to use altars
17:14 <TonyBest100> Havent ignored it mol, I looked at it
17:14 <Jlun2> house portals are xp waste
17:14 <Kq head> you have to make it as hyperbolic as possible
17:14 <Kq head> and pile up the potential dead content
17:14 <The Mol Man> so you understand?
17:14 <TonyBest100> yeh
17:15 <Jlun2> ok. home tele to zanaris pls. fariy rung is too hard to click
17:15 <Kq head> "The first batch of lodestones were all pretty much in free to play areas."
17:15 <Kq head> No. 6 of them are p2p, not including taverley and burthorpe which were originally p2p
17:15 <Kq head> jmod doesnt even know his own bloody bts
17:15 <Jlun2> ^
17:16 <Ciphrius Kane> Only place I'd add a lodestone to is Canifis with the requirement of having Desert Treasure completed
17:16 <The Mol Man> oh cool, I get to edit coel's userpage
17:16 <Kq head> 6 vs 9, originally 8 vs 7 on p2p vs f2p lodestones...
17:16 <Coelacanth0794> y u no?
17:16 <Jlun2> yanille, ardy, seer's, catherby, bandit, lunars
17:16 <Kq head> so originally there were more p2p lodestones lmao
17:16 <Jlun2> all f2p?
17:16 <Jlun2> yes pls
17:17 <Kq head> all lodestones except lummy should have a quest or something, really
17:17 <Kq head> al kharid = stolen hearts
17:18 <Ciphrius Kane> If their respective teleport spell has a quest requirement so should the lodestone
17:18 <Kq head> you know it won't happen, kane :P
17:18 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
17:18 <Kq head> who pointed out that fremmeniks hate magic?
17:18 <Ciphrius Kane> And the lodestone should remain locked until it's unlocked after quest completion
17:18 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
17:18 <Jlun2> lol. look at the combat req for the elder kiln in notice board
17:18 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
17:19 <Ciphrius Kane> Not all Fremenniks hate magic though
17:19 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
17:19 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
17:19 <Dtm142> So Djinn lamp = med lamp * 1.25
17:20 <Dtm142> :|
17:20 <Jlun2> guys look at the combat req
17:20 <Jlun2>
17:20 <Kq head> lol lvl 300s
17:20 <EpicPancakes> Oh hi I just woke up
17:21 <Jlun2> lets do it go!
17:21 <Kq head> It's funny that jagex thinks "pretty much all" = a little over half
17:21 <Coelacanth0794> fuuuck
17:21 <Coelacanth0794> 300+
17:22 <Ciphrius Kane> It's called marketing
17:22 <Jlun2> @coel
17:22 <Jlun2> I'm doing it now wish me luck k
17:22 <Coelacanth0794> gl
17:22 <Ciphrius Kane> You fuck up the figures so that they're true but exaggerated then release it
17:22 <Ciphrius Kane> Every company does it
17:23 <Jlun2> @kane
17:23 <Jlun2> "exaggerate"? more like making up bs
17:23 <Dtm142> New lodestones:
17:23 <Dtm142> (just so I can refer to them and provide commentary)
17:23 <Dtm142> Canifis
17:24 <Dtm142> Eagles' Peak
17:24 <Dtm142> Fremennik Province
17:24 <Dtm142> Karamja (looks like by Brimhaven)
17:24 <Dtm142> Ogress city
17:24 <Dtm142> The wilderness?!!?!?!
17:24 <Dtm142> :o
17:25 <Dtm142> Tirranwyn
17:25 <Dtm142> Giant rocky boss coming out sometime too.
17:25 <Ciphrius Kane> Fremennik already has lunar, maybe one near Shilo village, Oo'glog I'd say no, same with Eagles' Peak and Tirrawyn
17:26 <Dtm142> Lunar = 2 boat rides and a walk away from Fremennik
17:26 <Dtm142> (N)
17:26 <Dtm142> Shilo Village: Cart + gloves
17:26 <Dtm142> Source:
17:26 <Dtm142>
17:27 <Ciphrius Kane> Like I said, near, not in
17:28 <Battleben> best update ever
17:28 <Jlun2> lodestone in pls
17:28 <Ciphrius Kane> Why there?
17:29 <Battleben> This month has been awesome
17:29 <Jlun2> games necklace is too expensive for my max cash pile
17:29 <Battleben> One actual update + 1 small content update + In Other News 2x + Patch Notes
17:29 <TonyBest100> better than seeing several no update weeks
17:30 <Battleben> But Jagex promised us awesome updates
17:30 <Jlun2> yes jagex. lower our expectations so we can always say "at least theres an update"
17:30 <TonyBest100> Is the big boss Vorago not enough to be called an awesome update?
17:30 <Battleben> That's probably next month
17:30 <Battleben> unless it's on monday
17:30 -!- Hairr has joined Special:Chat
17:30 <TonyBest100> it is gunna be next month :P
17:30 <Dtm142> Do Branches of Darkmeyer for burgh de rotte phr33 tele
17:30 <Ciphrius Kane> Not to these people Tony
17:31 <Jlun2> @dtm
17:31 <Jlun2> but i want more dead content =/
17:31 <Dtm142> And yes.  They never release much content when I actually have time to play it.
17:31 <Kq head> new boss probably drops whatever as it is, causing another imbalance across the styles and leaving ranged in the dark with their crossbows
17:31 <Dtm142> ie no quest, music track in 3 months.
17:32 <Ciphrius Kane> You have the Ascension crossbow, that should have done something to sort the imbalance
17:33 <Coelacanth0794> what the hell is vorago
17:33 <Kq head> drygore weapon 1/40
17:33 <Kq head> ascension signet 1/64
17:33 <Kq head> cost of kk fight: bossing supplies
17:33 <Kq head> cost of 1 legio: keystone
17:36 <Jlun2> hatched the egg
17:36 <Kq head> Who you callin' egghead, eggface?
17:37 <Jlun2> hey, the thing is born handicapped. send him to the pkers!
17:37 <Jlun2> wtf?
17:38 <Jlun2> eugenics ftw?
17:38 <Kq head> Indeed, what seems controversial to us is a mere afterthought to the tzhaar
17:40 <Kq head> does the woman in dragon still hit loads with her mighty feet, jlun?
17:40 <Ciphrius Kane> It's the way of the Tzhaar - society cannot function unless everybody knows their place
17:40 <The Mol Man> hairr
17:41 <Hairr> hi
17:41 <Kq head> they should have a player spoof boss who uses typical tactics such as claw rushing lol
17:41 <Ciphrius Kane> The Ga'al do not know their place so they must be removed
17:41 <Jlun2> really kq? let me check it lol
17:41 <Kq head> A society that worries about individuality is worrying in itself
17:41 <Jlun2>
17:41 <Jlun2> 330 max hit
17:41 <Jlun2> :P
17:41 <Kq head> be glad somebody borrowed her claws
17:42 <Kq head> "Cow1337killer calling NoRemorse77 a male may be a reference to people playing as characters the opposite gender to themselves."
17:42 <Kq head> or maybe just another jagblunder
17:42 <Jlun2> too easy lol
17:43 <Ciphrius Kane> Or it could be a reference to the assumption that everybody online is assumed to be male
17:43 <Jlun2> she punches for 300 dmg lol
17:44 <Kq head> yeah, but there's still the possibility of yet another jagex blunder
17:44 <Jlun2> done
17:44 <Kq head> Timmy and Lemmy, and such
17:44 <Jlun2> no level 300's =o
17:45 <Jlun2> level 150 guy died in 1 asphyxiate
17:45 <Kq head> Just like a real player! Amazing!
17:46 <Jlun2> no not the players
17:46 <Jlun2>
17:46 <Jlun2> this
17:46 <Kq head> Just like an ordinary NPC! Amazing!
17:46 <Jlun2> i just wasted 10 sharks for nothing. didnt even need to heal
17:47 <Kq head> lol eoc food
17:47 <The Mol Man> yay I get to edit juey's pages
17:47 <Kq head> why r juey pges good?
17:48 <The Mol Man> cause i get to edit them
17:48 <Suppa chuppa> k
17:48 <Suppa chuppa> didn't find anythign
17:48 <Suppa chuppa> mol
17:48 <The Mol Man> all done? completely?
17:48 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
17:48 <The Mol Man> you can do the Update namespace then
17:48 <Suppa chuppa> later, gonna go eat
17:49 <Hairr> have fun suppa~
17:49 <Suppa chuppa> lol thanks
17:50 <The Mol Man> i hope he doesn't have fun
17:50 <The Mol Man> because then he'll have a reason to come back here :D
17:52 <Jlun2> pickaxe sucks
17:53 -!- XwvwX has joined Special:Chat
17:53 <Hairr> Hi Xwv
17:54 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
17:54 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
17:56 <XwvwX> Hello
17:56 -!- XwvwX has left Special:Chat.
17:58 <Jlun2> the npc does no damge to my foes
17:59 <Jlun2> and why is the dill thing weak to water spells>?
18:02 <Jlun2> 5 + 1 5 - 2 - 4
18:02 <Jlun2> 14?
18:02 <Jlun2> wrong
18:03 <The Mol Man> awww fuck
18:04 <The Mol Man> coel or someone wanna delete those vids >.>
18:04 <Coelacanth0794> the ones you uploaded/
18:04 <Jlun2> 5 + 17? - 2 - 4
18:05 <Hairr> Coel: It is WikiaBot
18:05 <The Mol Man> ya, i missed some tags it seems
18:05 <The Mol Man> just delete them
18:05 <Coelacanth0794> cook seems to have ninjad me
18:05 <Jlun2> 16 lets go
18:05 <Jlun2> yes
18:06 -!- Cblair91 has left Special:Chat.
18:06 <The Mol Man> reminder to self: some users are noobs and use a lot of white space
18:06 <The Mol Man> don't forget to control+g
18:06 <Jlun2> 7 - 3 + 4 + 7
18:06 -!- Cblair91 has joined Special:Chat
18:06 <Jlun2> 15 go
18:07 <Cook Me Plox> this is pretty cool
18:07 <Cook Me Plox> you can die in f2p and still keep your familiar
18:07 <The Mol Man> lol
18:07 <Jlun2> inb4fix
18:09 <The Mol Man> Interested in learning more about online privacy laws & how they affect your wiki? Then join us next week for a webinar. Register here.
18:09 -!- Suppa chuppa has left Special:Chat.
18:10 <Cook Me Plox> Interested in why your wiki doesn't allow unregistered editors? Join our stupid webinar!
18:13 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
18:17 <Jlun2> beat 7 waves with only 1 shark used
18:21 <Battleben> Do we allow unregistered editors?
18:22 <Jlun2> no. the anons are a collective race
18:22 -!- Flaysian has joined Special:Chat
18:22 <Hairr> Hello Sir
18:23 <Cook Me Plox> FLAYCIAN
18:23 <Cook Me Plox> Why are you breaking my balls?
18:23 <Jlun2> (qc) This is not a dating site.
18:24 <Jlun2> After he does, he will explain that being turned into TokKul is torture and will plead that more Ga'al shouldn't be infused with memories.
18:24 <Jlun2> mmmm.....nice, delicious pain. :D
18:25 -!- XwvwX has joined Special:Chat
18:29 <Ciphrius Kane> Looking for sila handle and ifrit/ghul pots, anybody got?
18:30 <Coelacanth0794> i have an ifrit pot
18:30 <The Mol Man>
18:30 <The Mol Man> lol
18:31 <Ciphrius Kane> I can offer a marid handle for it
18:31 <Coelacanth0794> i have all marid
18:31 <Cook Me Plox> I have a sila handle and ghul [email protected]
18:31 <Ciphrius Kane> Vetal handle?
18:31 <Ciphrius Kane> I've got 2 marid and 1 vetal handle to spare
18:32 <Coelacanth0794> vetal handle is only vetal i have
18:32 <Cook Me Plox> I don't need any of them
18:32 <Coelacanth0794> i'm fletching in an attemot to find more parts
18:32 -!- Flaysian has left Special:Chat.
18:35 <Kq head> ew fletch
18:35 <The Mol Man> cool, I get to edit tya's userpage
18:35 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
18:36 <Coelacanth0794> why are they so annoyingly hard to get on sof
18:36 <Coelacanth0794> the lamp parts
18:36 <The Mol Man> shoulda been common
18:36 <The Mol Man> then people would pay $$$$$$$
18:36 <Coelacanth0794> they are but i dont have any off sof
18:36 <Kq head> Jagex fact #398
18:36 <Kq head> One jmod seems to think "pretty much all" is 9 out of 15, OR 7 out of 15, depending on which point in time you're looking at it from.
18:36 <Coelacanth0794> since there's 2, 1, or none per spin
18:37 <Coelacanth0794> arent 5 like when exquisites came out
18:38 <Jlun2> jmods are a strange race, ya?
18:39 <Kq head> It's quite an interesting quote, actually
18:39 <Kq head> you can interpret it as barely minority (meaning false statement) or barely majority (meaning hyperbolic statement)
18:40 <Kq head> Which one does Jagex do more of?
18:40 <Jlun2> depends on which benefits them at that time
18:40 <Kq head> jagex bashing heehee
18:40 <Jlun2> and there were no lvl 300's in that quest =o
18:40 <Battleben> We still allow anons right?
18:40 <Jlun2>
18:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Aye
18:40 <Kq head> No, all anons must be exterminated
18:41 <Jlun2> wheres my lvl 300 tzhaar jagex
18:41 <Kq head> Through stern words and a mean glare
18:41 <Coelacanth0794> silence kq
18:41 <TonyBest100> not all anons are bad editors
18:41 <Cook Me Plox> All anons are bad editors
18:41 <Kq head> Sorry tony, cook's word is law
18:42 <Jlun2> if cook says that his words arent law, should we listen to it as law?
18:42 <Battleben> Oh, did you notice the level 300+ hardened tzhaar too?
18:42 <Battleben> Pest Queen is briefly level 500+ in her death animation
18:42 <Jlun2> i meant killable ones
18:42 <Coelacanth0794> DID SOMEONE SAY DOGGIES
18:42 <Coelacanth0794> no? oh well
18:42 <Kq head> No, they said anons
18:43 <Kq head> why is one dog absolutely huge and like... the other ones are tiny
18:43 <Dtm142> Still lots of gameplay-storyline separation in the TzHaar area.
18:43 <Cook Me Plox> Guys, how many bytes of money making guides do you think we has?
18:43 <Dtm142> "we're not going to use TokKul anymore because it tortures our dead ancestors"
18:43 <Jlun2> dtm, what?
18:43 <Kq head> gameplay-storyline separation is lodestones and fremmenik magic-bashing
18:43 <The Mol Man> I can kinda get that number easily
18:43 <Hairr> Cook: Probably 1/2 GB
18:44 <Cook Me Plox> So can I Mol
18:44 <Cook Me Plox> I'm asking you to guess
18:44 <The Mol Man> 500
18:44 <Battleben> Ga'al that requires random obsidian shards to find
18:44 <Dtm142> -> Uses only TokKul in all of the stores, and hands it out as a reward for every minigame.
18:44 <Jlun2> oh. lol
18:44 <Kq head> and they don't allow you to sell things for tokkul
18:44 <Cook Me Plox> it's about 325 kb right now
18:44 <Cook Me Plox> Slightly more than
18:44 <Cook Me Plox> we should encode money making guides in a png image
18:44 <Dtm142> And no.  A lodestone in the Fremennik province isn't something the Fremennik could do anything about.
18:44 <Kq head> so dtm, if you buy stuff with tokkul, those tortured trapped souls are gone for good
18:45 <Dtm142> No they're not.
18:45 <The Mol Man> svg all the way
18:45 <Jlun2> jpg are smaller
18:45 <Kq head> you can't buy them back with obby items
18:45 <Battleben> Fremennik aren't against magic.
18:45 <Battleben> They're against runes.
18:45 <Battleben> The Mountain CLan are against magic altogether.
18:45 <Dtm142> They still give it out in the minigames though.
18:45 <Kq head> oh so jagex retconned it just in time?
18:45 <Jlun2> so lets use polypore instead, ben
18:45 <Battleben> No, it's been like that for years.
18:46 <Kq head> They've been planning it for years... gosh. Long-term retconning.
18:46 <Jlun2> no runes? use polypore! :D
18:46 <Dtm142> Against r00ns means you'd be indifferent to or even supportive of lodestones.
18:46 <Kq head> doesn't somebody say magic needs runes or something
18:46 <Dtm142> And yeah.  iirc they just use the runes the gods gave them.
18:46 <Kq head> in fact don't you say it to ga'al explorer guy
18:46 <Dtm142> Rather than making more and more out of essence.
18:46 <Jlun2> gods = monster drops?
18:46 <Dtm142> So in other words, RuneScape Classic system.
18:47 <Dtm142> yes
18:47 -!- EpicPancakes has left Special:Chat.
18:47 <Jlun2> RuneScape Classic runes were from drops and thieve mostly
18:47 <Dtm142> Clue scrolls are considered gifts from the gods
18:47 <Dtm142> <3
18:47 <Jlun2> except soul runes. 
18:47 <Dtm142> Soul runes you buy from the magic guild.
18:47 <Jlun2> [[bandit's brew]]
18:47 <Dtm142> That was the main draw of the guild
18:47 <Dtm142> (lol)
18:48 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
18:48 <Kq head> "Runestones contain the elemental essence of magic. We need runes to cast spells. That's how magic works. You have to use runes."
18:48 <Kq head> -post-EoC quote
18:48 <Kq head> your player says this.
18:48 <Jlun2> screw that. eoc 4evar!!!!11111
18:48 <Kq head> home teleport -spell-?
18:49 <Dtm142> Not really a spell.
18:49 <Jlun2> forget lore we need esayscape
18:49 <Dtm142> You call for your helicopter or your horse
18:49 <Jlun2> not horse
18:49 <Jlun2> horse are myth
18:49 <Dtm142> Or demon or whatever
18:49 <Dtm142> [[pegasus homeport]]
18:49 <Kq head> your semi-transparent and probably conjured horse
18:49 <Jlun2> yes
18:49 <Dtm142> Maybe that's why they added SGS
18:49 <Dtm142> Retconning
18:49 <Dtm142> (H)
18:50 <Jlun2> now wheres my twilicorn. i need to go to edgeville
18:50 <Kq head> hovering over it, it still says spell
18:50 <Dtm142> ...
18:50 <Jlun2> kq, never question the almighty jagex
18:50 <Dtm142> derp]
18:50 <Kq head> Fiiiiiiiii-iiiiiiiine.
18:50 <Jlun2> they are always right, even if they say that they arent
18:51 <Kq head> Even if they think they are* but actually aren't*
18:51 -!- XwvwX has left Special:Chat.
18:51 <Jlun2> JMod: "This statement is false."
18:51 <Jlun2> He is still right.
18:51 <Kq head> That statement is not false, it's a lie.
18:51 <Jlun2> jagex never lies
18:51 <Kq head> free trade and wildy
18:52 <Jlun2> always right, always good, always truth
18:52 <Jlun2> Mark is the new messiah
18:52 <Jlun2> MMG is our lord
18:52 <Kq head> esayscape? essayscape?! NOOOOO
18:52 <Kq head> New skill essay-writing
18:53 <Jlun2> yes. new writing skill. You need level 99 to make a "Salt in the Wound" quality quest
18:53 <Kq head> no you need lvl 10 for that... lvl 99 is for cook's assistant
18:53 <Jlun2> and level 120 to make a retcon of said quest
18:54 <Kq head> cook's assistant was short, simple, and an excellent educational quest for learning the joys of caek, which despite popular belief, is not actually innate... no matter how much juey says so
18:55 <Jlun2>
18:56 <Cook Me Plox> I still need an assistant.
18:56 <Jlun2> This method is probably the longest path to obtain the scroll, as the imps are higher level (although still only level 7), and spawn relatively far from each other.
18:56 <Jlun2> How is that higher level?
18:56 <Jlun2>
18:56 <Jlun2> the normal ones are level 8!
18:56 <Kq head> they're all 8, outdated
18:56 <Jlun2> Am I dreaming now
18:56 <Jlun2> 7 > 8
18:56 <Jlun2> ok
18:56 <Dtm142> #eoc
18:56 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
18:56 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
18:57 <Kq head> [[Crocodile]]s used to be level 63 and 89...
18:57 <Kq head> now they're all 58, it's just eoc aftershock
18:58 <Dtm142> Do monsters in dungeoneering count for slayer?
18:58 <Jlun2> yes
18:58 <Dtm142> And why no blue dragons in dg?
18:58 <Jlun2> and I'm going to kill those imps. They made me think 7 > 8 for years! =o
18:58 <Coelacanth0794> Mega-Corporations From Liability
18:59 <Jlun2> What we really need is to also look to alternatives to capitalism. This entire system is set up to benefit the 1% and screw over everyone else. If things keep going the way they are, the top 1% will live in their gated mansions while the rest of us toil essentially as indentured servants.
18:59 <Jlun2> yes. support north korea now pls
18:59 -!- Suppa chuppa has joined Special:Chat
18:59 <Kq head> "What we really need is to also look to alternatives to capitalism. This entire system is se-
18:59 <Kq head> COMMIE
19:00 <Dtm142> lolol think progress
19:00 <Jlun2> shut up capitalist dog
19:00 -!- Hairr has left Special:Chat.
19:00 <Jlun2> the ussr lives!!!!1
19:01 <Kq head> "then the 2nd Amendment really will be what stands between us and tyranny."
19:01 <Kq head> do tyrants always use tanks? Hmm, you never know...
19:01 <Jlun2> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[regen bracelet]] is 122,317 coins.
19:01 <Jlun2> thx for the free 122k guys
19:02 <Dtm142> If the some sociopath wants to use the US army to wipe you out, sorry dearie, an AK47 ain't gonna save ya.
19:02 <Jlun2> guns > tanks
19:02 <Jlun2> actually
19:02 <Jlun2> guns > wrath of god
19:04 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
19:04 <Kq head> "It's much like the Soviets saying "this isn't communism!" Maybe it's not but it's what you get when you try to have communism."
19:04 <Kq head> ???
19:04 <Jlun2> got a dragon 2h. lets go kill imps!
19:05 <Kq head> dragon hally > 2h
19:05 <Kq head> omg u can kill from 1 extra squaer :D
19:05 <Jlun2> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[Dragon 2h sword]] is 1,289,638 coins.
19:05 <Jlun2> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[dragon halberd]] is 196,664 coins.
19:05 <Jlun2> =o
19:06 <Kq head> the reason for that is the hally can be bought for around 300k from a shop
19:06 <Kq head> and it needs a quest, which nobody likes
19:06 <Jlun2>
19:06 <Jlun2> coel, are you available?
19:06 <Coelacanth0794> i am coel
19:07 <Jlun2> i just bought one for imps (dont question it)
19:07 <Coelacanth0794> imps?
19:07 <Coelacanth0794> why not dhally?
19:07 <Coelacanth0794> same stats and style
19:07 <Coelacanth0794> but ok
19:07 <Coelacanth0794> world?
19:08 <Jlun2> 84
19:08 <Jlun2> ill meet you at traverly poh portal
19:08 <Coelacanth0794> ok
19:15 <Kq head> what do you need coel for
19:15 <Jlun2>
19:15 <Jlun2> i have this one atm
19:16 <Kq head> oh
19:16 <Coelacanth0794> but then i gotta do both genders ._.
19:16 <Kq head> damn that ugly old image
19:16 <Coelacanth0794> welp
19:16 <Kq head> yep, better hurry up to the makeover mage!
19:16 <Coelacanth0794> maaaan
19:16 <Coelacanth0794> well ok
19:16 <Kq head> Why are you complaining? It's not 3k anymore...
19:16 <Kq head> -deliberately missing the point-
19:18 <Jlun2>
19:18 <Kq head> is lucien's pendant like one of those rings that changes colour depending on mood except it works for gender instead?
19:21 <Kq head> [[Lathas' amulet]] the article hints at this still existing, but the thing at the top says it was removed from the game (not just discontinued)
19:21 <Jlun2> it still changes color lol
19:21 <The Mol Man> CAM STOP THE FUCKIN JQ
19:22 <Suppa chuppa> ooh, get to ban cam again
19:23 <Kq head> why is he JQing
19:23 <The Mol Man> :[[]]( i wanna do it
19:23 -!- Cåm was banned from Special:Chat by Suppa chuppa for 3600 seconds.
19:23 -!- Jr Mime has joined Special:Chat
19:23 <Jlun2>
19:23 <Jlun2> ew
19:23 <The Mol Man> lol, the ban summary
19:24 <Suppa chuppa> lol
19:24 -!- Cåm was banned from Special:Chat by Suppa chuppa for 0 seconds.
19:24 <Battleben> [[Baby Troll]]
19:25 <Coelacanth0794> that it jlun
19:25 <Suppa chuppa> omg cam
19:25 <Jlun2> my face omg
19:26 <Cook Me Plox> god, summoning familiar models are so terrible
19:26 <Suppa chuppa> hm?
19:27 <Kq head> "This is not recommended as if you have one in your inventory, bank cannot take any out of the menagerie and they are stuck in there as there is no destroy option to get rid of a Corgi." - [[Corgi]]
19:27 <Kq head> did this guy not realise a corgi is a pet and needs to be dismissed? lol
19:28 <Suppa chuppa> lol
19:28 <Kq head> in fact, a lot of that trivia is genuinely horrifying... i'ma edit
19:29 <The Mol Man> kq
19:29 <The Mol Man> go to the callofduty wiki
19:29 <The Mol Man> they have some of the worst fucking trivia
19:29 <Kq head> gimmie a sample and i might
19:29 <Jlun2>
19:29 <Jlun2> lolwut
19:30 <Kq head> Already found that
19:30 <Kq head>
19:31 <Cook Me Plox> oi
19:31 <Cook Me Plox> any of you ever catch grenwall>
19:31 <Suppa chuppa> no
19:31 <Cook Me Plox> stfu
19:31 <Suppa chuppa> lol
19:31 -!- Cåm was banned from Special:Chat by Suppa chuppa for 3600 seconds.
19:31 <Jlun2> mod abuse ftw
19:32 <Suppa chuppa> mwahaha
19:32 <The Mol Man>
19:32 <The Mol Man> ohhh I have, cook
19:33 <Suppa chuppa> 3k left, none found
19:33 <Suppa chuppa> ugh
19:33 <The Mol Man> used to freaking no life grenwalls
19:33 <Suppa chuppa> oh
19:33 <Suppa chuppa> found one
19:33 <The Mol Man> that's why I made you do the ips >.>
19:33 <Cook Me Plox> you're helpful then
19:33 <The Mol Man> lol really?
19:33 <Suppa chuppa>
19:33 <Suppa chuppa> wtf
19:33 <Kq head> old jpeg image, but... minnie coop glitch affected all followers, not just corgis
19:33 <Cook Me Plox> if you fail to catch a grenwall does it still use up the pawya meat?
19:34 <The Mol Man> yes, I've never had it salvaged
19:34 <The Mol Man> I assume you know you can occasionally get it back from a success
19:34 <Cook Me Plox> no
19:34 <The Mol Man> same thing with pawyas and papaya btw
19:34 <Cook Me Plox> I don't know shit about grenwalls
19:34 <Cook Me Plox> How many spikes per hour
19:34 <The Mol Man> there's a small chance that with a successful capture, you keep the bait
19:34 <The Mol Man> omg I can't even remember
19:35 <The Mol Man> best I can guess is like 500-700 maybe
19:35 <The Mol Man> It's been too long
19:35 <The Mol Man> put bonecrusher on the list of items
19:35 <The Mol Man> and maybe even a jar generator
19:35 <Suppa chuppa> wtf is a jar generator
19:35 <Cook Me Plox> you should write it
19:35 <The Mol Man> there's an impling spawn near by, so you can just barehand the bad ones
19:35 <Cook Me Plox> because I don't have a damn clue
19:35 -!- Joeytje50 has joined Special:Chat
19:36 <Kq head> Why isn't it possible to just step on the pawya to kill them :/
19:36 <Cook Me Plox> and I don't really want to learn
19:36 <The Mol Man> I guess, after I finish searching
19:36 <Cook Me Plox> if it's only 500-700 then catching pawya meat will be better
19:36 <Cook Me Plox> >_>
19:36 <The Mol Man> for now maybe
19:37 <Coelacanth0794> catching pawya meat
19:37 <The Mol Man> did you plan to "write" it with fruitbats in mind?
19:37 <Coelacanth0794> IT'S JUST FALLING FROM THE SKY
19:37 <Cook Me Plox> whatever works best
19:37 <Cook Me Plox> I'm assuming doing fruit bat + pawya + grenwall is better than just buying pawya meat
19:38 <The Mol Man> I think buying pawya meat only comes close if you have a pack yak
19:38 <Suppa chuppa> lol
19:38 <Suppa chuppa> remember blankthe3rd, cook?
19:38 <Cook Me Plox> not actually remember, but yeah
19:38 <The Mol Man> blanko*
19:38 <Suppa chuppa> blanko*
19:38 <Cook Me Plox> he had the choose your own adventure thing, right?
19:38 <Suppa chuppa> that was his IP talk page
19:38 <Suppa chuppa> that i deleted
19:38 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
19:38 <Kq head> why is there a hyphen in "Great-Britain"... >_<
19:38 <The Mol Man> cook, grenwall spikes aren't very stable are they?
19:38 <Cook Me Plox> lol
19:38 <Kq head> it doesn't have a friggin hyphen!!
19:38 <Cook Me Plox> not particularly, no
19:38 <Suppa chuppa> also, totally misread the troll runt page that ben made
19:39 <The Mol Man> we could probably write a guide for them as well as pawya meat
19:39 <Suppa chuppa> we have a pawya one
19:39 <The Mol Man> we do?
19:39 <Cook Me Plox>
19:39 <Kq head> "There's a different conversation between market Corgi and player owned Corgi."
19:39 <Kq head> Anyone confirm this? not on dialogue page...
19:39 <The Mol Man> ya, we could have both
19:40 <The Mol Man> it might be worth a mention on both guides that there's an impling spawn
19:40 <Cook Me Plox> So wilderness, canifis, ooglog, rellekka, karamja, isafdar lodestones
19:40 <Cook Me Plox> Don't know how I feel about this
19:40 <The Mol Man> i've seen a few kinglies and dragons in my days spent there
19:40 <Kq head> I think it's too much and too easy transportation
19:41 <The Mol Man> okay, that map given sucks tbh
19:41 <Battleben> This is awesome content and not overpowered at all
19:41 <Cook Me Plox> Mol 
19:41 <Cook Me Plox> Fuck you
19:42 <Joeytje50> caek you
19:42 <The Mol Man> you should use the spot right south of the camp
19:42 <The Mol Man> especially if you're just doing pawya meat and have done deadliest catch
19:42 <Suppa chuppa> wanna rewrite?
19:42 <Cook Me Plox> ^
19:43 <The Mol Man> I'm rewriting it a tad atm
19:43 <Cook Me Plox> grenwalls are one of the last goodish non-combat ones we have to do
19:44 <The Mol Man> can one of you just circle that other hunter spot?
19:50 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
19:50 <The Mol Man> revamp
19:50 <The Mol Man> 'd
19:51 <The Mol Man> >.> dafuq happn'd
19:51 <Cook Me Plox> God 
19:51 <Cook Me Plox> Who is fucking with the monsterdropsline template
19:51 <The Mol Man> omfg i bet it's the |
19:52 <Cook Me Plox> It is
19:52 <Cook Me Plox> But jman screwed with the template two days ago
19:52 <Suppa chuppa> lol
19:52 <Cook Me Plox> And that mess that Dusk posted worked for the OLD version of the template
19:52 <Cook Me Plox> So now I have to wade through the shit
19:54 <Cook Me Plox> god
19:56 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
19:56 <Dtm142> Wait
19:56 <Dtm142> So there's actually 15 parts + genie for the djinn lamp?
19:56 <Dtm142> Not 12?
19:56 <Dtm142> :@
20:00 <Battleben> He has a secret you know.
20:00 <Battleben> And it is revealed.
20:00 <Battleben> What is your name?
20:00 <Battleben> Bob: My name is Robert.
20:01 <Battleben> Bye
20:01 -!- Battleben has left Special:Chat.
20:04 -!- Smithing has left Special:Chat.
20:05 <TonyBest100> Yes theres 15 + the genie
20:05 -!- Hallowland has joined Special:Chat
20:06 -!- Jlun2 has joined Special:Chat
20:06 <Hallowland> test
20:06 <Hallowland> hai
20:06 <The Mol Man> ♥
20:06 <Jlun2> (qc) Hello!
20:06 <Hallowland> (hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)(hp) (hp)
20:06 <Coelacanth0794> uh
20:07 <Jlun2> its not hp anymore
20:07 <Hallowland> I missed you /-/
20:07 <Hallowland> and keyboard broken ono
20:07 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
20:07 <Jlun2> it's constitution. And prayer is now divination
20:07 <Hallowland> omg really
20:07 <Jlun2> firemaking = Combustion
20:07 <Hallowland> im so outdated
20:07 <The Mol Man> and dg is now archaeology 
20:07 <Hallowland> shhh dont spoil lol
20:08 <Hallowland> sec checking news
20:08 <The Mol Man> and sliske came out of the closet
20:08 <Hallowland> wat
20:08 <Hallowland> now you can spoil
20:08 <Hallowland> i didnt read but ok lol
20:09 <Jlun2> no.
20:09 <Jlun2> Dungeoneering = Adventuring
20:09 <Jlun2> no wait. that's not "ion"
20:09 <Jlun2> how about "Orientation"?
20:09 <Jlun2>
20:10 -!- XwvwX has joined Special:Chat
20:10 <The Mol Man> dg is spelunking 
20:11 <Jlun2> no, that would be the underwater version of it released later in 2015
20:11 <Jlun2> btw:
20:11 <Jlun2> huh
20:11 -!- Hallowland has left Special:Chat.
20:11 <The Mol Man> you're 40 floors underground
20:12 <The Mol Man> tell me that isn't *technically* underwater
20:12 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
20:12 -!- Spineweilder has joined Special:Chat
20:12 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
20:12 -!- Hallowland has joined Special:Chat
20:12 <Hallowland> woops
20:12 <The Mol Man> also, why underwater?
20:13 <Cook Me Plox> you're technically in an unused space on the same plane as the rest of gielinor made up of individual square located far to the north and northwest of everything else
20:13 -!- Hallowland has left Special:Chat.
20:13 <The Mol Man> so above water?
20:14 <Jlun2> cave diving is 2 words
20:14 <Jlun2>
20:14 <Jlun2> so I had to use spelunking to make it into 1
20:14 <The Mol Man> spelunking just means going into a cave
20:14 <Cook Me Plox> Why does Fist of Guthix have 63 upvotes
20:15 <Jlun2> well, yes. but given how smith mostly revolves around smelting these days, why not?
20:15 <The Mol Man> for what? lol
20:15 <Suppa chuppa> lol cook
20:15 <The Mol Man> damn you jlun
20:15 <Suppa chuppa> cuz it's guthix fisting
20:15 <Suppa chuppa> >_>
20:15 <The Mol Man> and your logical use of bad logic
20:15 <Cook Me Plox> seriously though
20:15 <Cook Me Plox> what the fuck
20:15 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
20:15 <The Mol Man> oh, that fist of guthix
20:16 <Suppa chuppa> you never responded to me when i sent you that link last night
20:16 -!- Hallowland has joined Special:Chat
20:16 <Hallowland> how do i fix broken keyboard stuff
20:16 <Suppa chuppa> get a new one
20:16 <The Mol Man> i got joey 120 odd upvotes by having him post a duckface
20:16 <Joeytje50> lol
20:16 <Jlun2> logic in rs
20:16 <Jlun2>
20:16 <Jlun2> nah
20:17 <Jlun2> @mol
20:17 <Jlun2> the things ppl will do for internet fame...
20:17 <The Mol Man> it was an rs duckface
20:17 <Kq head> love hearts look like a butt.
20:17 <The Mol Man> they're meant to be butts
20:17 <Jlun2> the things ppl will do for RS fame...
20:17 <Hallowland> omg dragonstone body is 20m
20:17 <Hallowland> i expected like 20k
20:17 <Jlun2> congrats
20:17 <Hallowland> i didnt get it lol
20:17 <The Mol Man> how rare are the key pieces?
20:17 <Jlun2> i simply sold my keys for 75k in ge
20:17 <Kq head> go find one and tell me it should be worth 20k
20:18 <Hallowland> well the body has horrible stats
20:18 <The Mol Man> omfg
20:18 <The Mol Man> done eradicating the youtube tag ;-;
20:18 <Hallowland> and wohoo my steadfast boots crashed 15m >.>
20:18 <The Mol Man> i hope
20:19 <Jlun2>
20:19 <Jlun2> nice. level 50 gear for 20m
20:19 <Jlun2> awesome. new age dragon ftw
20:19 <Hallowland> they should have made that dragon rider and not dragonstone
20:20 <Kq head> it's hybrid f2p
20:20 <Jlun2> soon, it shall be retconned that Dragonstone aromour is taboo in smithing, and they shall let us smith dragon metal
20:20 <Hallowland> i know
20:20 <The Mol Man> crystal chest article sure is... ummm
20:20 <Kq head> you think f2p ever get nice things?
20:20 <Hallowland> i meant just rename it lol
20:20 <Jlun2> yes.
20:20 <Jlun2> [[Solomon's]]
20:20 <Hallowland> a gem armour is so 
20:20 <Kq head> can't you just make black equipment by brushing some coal on steel?
20:20 <Jlun2> it's "f2p"
20:20 <Hallowland> lol
20:20 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
20:20 <The Mol Man> so how common is the armor?
20:20 <Jlun2> you dont need to buy mem! Just buy runecoins!
20:21 <Kq head> err mol, we'd know if somebody could actually find it >_<
20:21 <Ciphrius Kane> Looking for an ifrit pot!  I have a marid handle to offer!
20:21 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
20:21 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
20:22 <Jlun2> i cant buy any more infernal urns wtf
20:22 <Kq head> Like trying to find a bunny crafted from giraffe fecal matter in a haystack
20:22 <Jlun2> [[clay]]
20:23 <Kq head> why can't dwarves use magic?
20:23 <Jlun2> they can
20:23 <Kq head> their dialogue begs to differ
20:23 <Jlun2>
20:24 <Jlun2>
20:24 <Jlun2> see?
20:24 <Ciphrius Kane> Dwarves can use super smelt I think
20:24 <Kq head> Colonel Grenda: "Dwarves can't use magic, but ogres can."
20:24 <Ciphrius Kane> Superheat item that's it
20:24 <Jlun2> he went into full-blown terrorist mode :P
20:24 <Kq head> Ogres can use magic? lol wtf
20:24 <Ciphrius Kane> It's a fallacy that dwarves cannot use magic
20:24 <Kq head> how do dimwitted potbellied giants use magic
20:24 <Kq head> but smart stout people not
20:25 <Ciphrius Kane> They can but it is very difficult
20:25 <Kq head> smart, short and stout*
20:25 <Jlun2>
20:25 <Jlun2> lol
20:25 <Ciphrius Kane> How can dwarves see better in the dark than humans?
20:25 <Jlun2> they use reflection bot
20:25 <Jlun2> we dont
20:26 <Jlun2> the dwarves see in "ID's". we see in color.
20:26 <Ciphrius Kane> No, the dwarves see in colour too
20:27 <Ciphrius Kane> So does anybody have an ifrit pot they'd be willing to part with?
20:27 <Jlun2> nope. need to ask yelps
20:27 -!- Habblet has joined Special:Chat
20:28 <Jlun2> He said I needed to buy more spins. Sorry kane, I tried. =/
20:30 <Ciphrius Kane> Looks like xAsmir is continuing his campaign to become an avatar warden
20:31 <Suppa chuppa> yeah >_>
20:34 <Ciphrius Kane> So nobody has an ifrit pot? (serious offers please, none of that "Ask Yelps" rubbish)
20:34 <Demise36> Ask yelps
20:34 <Demise36> :)
20:35 <The Mol Man> Kane, you of all people should know this is a terrible place to dicker
20:35 <Coelacanth0794> well i do have one but what do you want to trade for it
20:35 <Coelacanth0794> ifrit is red right
20:35 <Ciphrius Kane> Marid handle
20:35 <Spineweilder> hmm
20:35 <Spineweilder> thats the blue one ya
20:36 <Spineweilder> yep
20:36 <Coelacanth0794> i have all marid so i dont want more of those
20:36 <Spineweilder> kane
20:36 -!- XwvwX has left Special:Chat.
20:36 <Spineweilder> try Lampswap fc
20:36 -!- Bluefire2 has joined Special:Chat
20:37 -!- Hallowland has left Special:Chat.
20:38 -!- Bluefire2 has left Special:Chat.
20:39 -!- Jlun2 has left Special:Chat.
20:39 -!- Habblet has left Special:Chat.
20:43 -!- XwvwX has joined Special:Chat
20:46 <Spineweilder> hmm
20:48 <Jr Mime> hmm
20:50 <Coelacanth0794> first time i got poisoned in a while
20:51 -!- Jr Mime has left Special:Chat.
20:53 <Ciphrius Kane> [[off-hand black sword]]
20:53 <Ciphrius Kane> I be modelling that as soon as this task is over
20:56 <Coelacanth0794> im surprised spine didnt already flip the image
20:57 <Suppa chuppa> lol
20:57 <Spineweilder> flip what
20:57 <Spineweilder> egad
20:58 <Ciphrius Kane> Off hand black weaponry
21:00 <Ciphrius Kane> How the hell did I get a Honda license plate?
21:01 <Spineweilder> there coel
21:01 <Coelacanth0794> ?
21:01 <Spineweilder>
21:01 <Ciphrius Kane> But I have an actual off hand black sword!
21:01 <Spineweilder> shh >.>
21:02 <Coelacanth0794> spine is a cheaterrrrrrr
21:02 <Suppa chuppa> yeah, stop cheating spine
21:02 <Coelacanth0794> a big fat PHONY
21:02 <Suppa chuppa> all those offhand drygore images
21:02 <Spineweilder> -.-
21:02 -!- Spineweilder has left Special:Chat.
21:04 <Ciphrius Kane> So we replacing that image or what?
21:11 <Kq head> I won't lie here. I read phony as pony. fml
21:12 <Kq head> I have an actual off-hand black scimitar :[
21:13 <Suppa chuppa> ciph, does it look any different?
21:13 <Suppa chuppa> I would prefer a real image
21:14 <Kq head> off-hands always seem to be angled slightly lower
21:14 <Kq head> barely noticeable
21:20 <Cook Me Plox> moly
21:20 <Cook Me Plox> go do grenwalls
21:20 <The Mol Man> as in write the thing?
21:21 <Kq head> what would happen if jag added a small requirement to lodestones...
21:21 <Kq head> would the forums explode in rage?
21:21 <Kq head> I wanna see it happen :O
21:21 <Cook Me Plox> ya
21:22 <The Mol Man> I'll hafta kinda bs the output
21:22 <Kq head> "They have done it in a way that it doesn't make other content obsolete i know that because i still use other content and will continue to do so even after this update."
21:22 <Kq head> ok so 1 guy using content = not dead content
21:22 <Kq head> I sometimes visit trouble brewing and try to join it but nothing happens - it can't be dead, right?
21:23 <Cook Me Plox> say 1000 spikes
21:23 <Kq head> "I find it rather amusing that a lot of players try to find faults with every update without acknowledging the benefits they bring to the game."
21:23 <Kq head> this guy lost all his credibility... Ouch.
21:23 <Kq head> As much as I agree. It's fucking lodestones, man...
21:24 <Coelacanth0794> kq, minigames can be dead
21:24 <Coelacanth0794> teleports not as much if even 1 guy uses them
21:25 <Kq head> well, I hope they expand the map so I have a reason to lodestone everywhere (because it takes too damn long to travel)
21:26 <Kq head> also with the canifis lodestone, they've officially made portal chambers obsolete :[
21:26 <Kq head> Now I can replace them with other rooms at least
21:27 <Ciphrius Kane> So Canifis is getting a lodestone?
21:27 -!- Flaysian has joined Special:Chat
21:28 <Kq head> yep
21:28 <Ciphrius Kane> Where else?
21:28 <Kq head> Guess that's one more fairy ring I'll never use too
21:28 <Ciphrius Kane> I doubt it
21:28 <Ciphrius Kane> Well I'll keep using it
21:29 <Kq head> Eagles' peak, rellekka, brimhaven, oo'glog, wildy (?) and tirranwn
21:29 <Ciphrius Kane> Rellekka already has a lodestone though
21:29 <Kq head> "Shame on you for only acknowledging updates you think are good."
21:29 <Kq head> ikr, spin to win all day lol
21:30 <Kq head> it doesn't ciph
21:30 <Coelacanth0794> [[grifolic equipment]]
21:30 <Kq head> it's getting one in the update
21:30 <Ciphrius Kane> It does
21:30 <Ciphrius Kane> It's based on Lunar Isle
21:30 <Kq head> that's not rellekka specifically though
21:30 <Kq head> that might be within fremmenik province
21:31 <Kq head> anyway, good job, you just found another reason why we shouldn't have that lodestone
21:32 <Ciphrius Kane> And Eagles Peak should be located at Piscatoris
21:32 <Kq head> that's probably the only good lodestone because it's in the middle of nowhere, near a transport system nobody uses
21:32 <Coelacanth0794> lol there's gonna be so much pking and pjing at the wildy lodestone
21:32 <Coelacanth0794> just for the masses to unlock it
21:33 <Ciphrius Kane> I'd hope they'd have that one auto unlocked
21:34 <Coelacanth0794> i have my doubts
21:34 <Kq head> it's not hard... anticipation + keep an eye on what style wildy the majority of them have
21:34 <Coelacanth0794> all these wizards working in secret to construct it RIGHT NAO
21:34 <Kq head> chances are you'll run straight into it and activate it while dying
21:34 <Kq head> it's kinda sad though... they only want kills to falsely inflate their kill count for their hood
21:34 <Coelacanth0794> who would actualyl teleport there
21:34 <Coelacanth0794> honestly
21:34 <Kq head> they aren't real pkers
21:35 <Kq head> those are extinct
21:35 <Kq head> it will end up being as dead as the deserted keep anyway
21:36 -!- Rosendal has joined Special:Chat
21:36 <Kq head> somebody wants a lodestone in shilo village, even though it's a 10gp fee on a cart from brimhaven, which is probably right next to the lodestone... LAZYYY
21:36 <Cook Me Plox> not very logical argument
21:37 <Ciphrius Kane> I'd put it at Cairn Island personally
21:37 <Ciphrius Kane> Instead of Brimhaven
21:37 <Kq head> to inconvenience those who use it?
21:39 <Rosendal> bye rs :)
21:40 <Coelacanth0794> good night my sweet prince
21:40 -!- Rwojy has joined Special:Chat
21:40 <Cook Me Plox> hi rwojy hi rwojy
21:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Also put one outside the entrance to Keldagrim
21:40 <Rwojy> hi coplomeoox
21:41 <Rosendal> getting a life now :P
21:41 <Coelacanth0794> then logout
21:41 <Kq head> lol ciph, lodestone to taverley and take minecart
21:41 <Rosendal> dont have an account anymore
21:41 -!- Rosendal was kicked from Special:Chat by Coelacanth0794
21:41 -!- Rosendal has left Special:Chat.
21:41 <Coelacanth0794> cya then
21:41 -!- Rosendal has joined Special:Chat
21:42 <Rosendal> lol why u kicked me?
21:42 <Ciphrius Kane> Kq, you said we needed convenient lodestones
21:42 <Ciphrius Kane> And Keldagrim is a major city
21:42 <Kq head> i said we didn't need lodestones at all
21:43 <Kq head> unless they have requirements
21:43 <Ciphrius Kane> So having a lodestone that has no quest requirements is better than having one that does?
21:44 <Ciphrius Kane> Make up your mind
21:44 <Coelacanth0794> the elven one does have reqs
21:44 <Coelacanth0794> you need to get to it first, after all
21:45 <Kq head> ciph, where did you get that idea O_o
21:45 <Kq head> no lodestones unless they -all- have requirements
21:45 <Kq head> there's no requirement-less lodestone in that
21:45 <Ciphrius Kane> Kq headlol ciph, lodestone to taverley and take minecart
21:45 <Kq head> you wanted a redundant lodestone
21:45 <Ciphrius Kane> I wouldn't say it was redundant though
21:46 <Kq head> did they remove the giant dwarf requirement on keldagrim?
21:46 <Kq head> [[Giant dwarf]]
21:46 <Ciphrius Kane> You still need it
21:47 -!- XwvwX has left Special:Chat.
21:48 <TonyBest100> Once you visit keldagrim once via the boatman itll automatically start the giant dwarf quest
21:48 <Ciphrius Kane> I'd also put one somewhere in Dorgesh-Kaan
21:49 <Ciphrius Kane> And possibly Ape Atoll
21:49 <Kq head> lodestone to lumbridge, go in the cellar and talk to the goblin
21:50 <Ciphrius Kane> Or maybe use a lodestone to get to Dorgesh-Kaan
21:50 <Kq head> "have a free tele for nothing
21:50 <Kq head> done a quest? got a level? have a more inconvenient, expensive form of travel that uses bank and inventory space. well done."
21:50 <Kq head> I like how this guy puts it
21:52 <The Mol Man> thar cook
21:53 <Cook Me Plox> what is your catch success rate
21:53 <Cook Me Plox> like how many grenwalls per pawya
21:54 <The Mol Man> probably like 4:3
21:54 <Cook Me Plox> what?
21:54 <The Mol Man> but that's a terrible guess, haven't hunted them in forever
21:54 <Coelacanth0794>
21:54 <The Mol Man> 4 pawyas = 3 grenwall
21:54 <Cook Me Plox> like, if you had 100 pawya meat, you would end up with 75 grenwalls?
21:54 <Cook Me Plox> ish
21:54 <The Mol Man> more or less with raw numbers
21:55 <Cblair91> Can I have 81 grenwalls please
21:55 <The Mol Man> but there's also salvaged meat
21:55 <TonyBest100> Spot the odd one out
21:55 <Cook Me Plox> so for 1000 spikes you'd need to catch about 50 grennies
21:55 <The Mol Man> yes
21:55 <Cook Me Plox> which means 66 meat
21:55 <Cblair91> nanannana batmannnn
21:55 <Cook Me Plox> which means about 133 fruitfall scrolls
21:56 <The Mol Man> it really could use a handson fact check, but that sounds more or less right
21:56 <Kq head> "Its like saying the tiny crystals were making the charter ships obselete."
21:56 <Kq head> Not like they're on opposite sides of Isafdar or anything...
21:56 <Coelacanth0794>
21:56 <Ciphrius Kane> Tony, is it the one at the back trying to have butt sex with the doll in front?
21:57 <Cblair91> Ciph knows all about butt sex with his twin huh?
21:58 <Ciphrius Kane> I have a twin?
21:58 <Cblair91> cookie :O
21:58 <Cblair91> remember
21:58 <Ciphrius Kane> Like I said: I have a twin?
21:58 <Cblair91> Oh sorry, you disowned that family
21:58 <TonyBest100> No Kane, it's batman in the back row :P
21:59 <Ciphrius Kane> Spoilsport
22:00 -!- Kq head has left Special:Chat.
22:02 -!- Kq head has joined Special:Chat
22:05 <The Mol Man> juey
22:06 <Suppa chuppa> you mean jjjjjjj
22:06 <Joeytje50> cAEK
22:06 <Suppa chuppa> joey when are you going to make j{2,} ping you?
22:06 <Cblair91> Cæk 
22:06 <Joeytje50> um
22:06 <Joeytje50> why would I
22:06 <The Mol Man> j*
22:06 <The Mol Man> make j* a ping
22:06 <Suppa chuppa> lol
22:06 <Suppa chuppa> so i can go like 
22:07 <Suppa chuppa> jjjjjj
22:07 <Suppa chuppa> and ping you
22:07 <Cblair91> jip
22:07 <Cblair91> jap
22:07 <Cblair91> jop
22:07 <Joeytje50> u so lazeh suppa
22:07 <Cblair91> I could just use your name juey ;)
22:07 <Cblair91> Add dat to your pings
22:07 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
22:07 <Cblair91> Pimpledinkle
22:09 -!- Hallowland has joined Special:Chat
22:09 <Joeytje50> ohi
22:09 <Cblair91> hows you pimpledinkle ;3
22:09 <Suppa chuppa> typing your whole name is too time consuming
22:09 <Suppa chuppa> and j<tab> is too hard
22:09 <Joeytje50> <_>
22:09 <Joeytje50> ok I'
22:09 <Joeytje50> I'll do that
22:09 <Cblair91> add a ping for "jj"
22:10 -!- Rosendal has left Special:Chat.
22:10 <Cblair91> shouldn't be too fucking hard for suppa lol
22:10 <Joeytje50> if you add as{3,} to your pings
22:10 <Suppa chuppa> why would asasas ping me
22:10 <Joeytje50> asssssssssssuppa chuppa
22:10 <Suppa chuppa> oh
22:10 <Suppa chuppa> no parenthesis
22:10 <Cblair91> as{4,0} yo mean
22:10 <Joeytje50> ya
22:10 <Cblair91> asshole
22:10 <Suppa chuppa> lol
22:10 <Joeytje50> {0,4} you mean
22:10 <Cblair91> wait that.s {5,}
22:10 <Joeytje50> no Cblair91
22:11 <Joeytje50> as{2,} matches ass
22:11 <Cblair91> mehhh
22:11 <Joeytje50> as{3,} matches ass
22:11 <Joeytje50> s
22:11 <Joeytje50> asss I mean
22:11 <Cook Me Plox> ass
22:11 <Joeytje50> yes
22:11 <Cook Me Plox> LOL
22:11 <Cook Me Plox> ass.
22:11 <Joeytje50> lol ass
22:11 <Joeytje50> so funy
22:11 <Cook Me Plox> knock knock
22:11 <Joeytje50> who's there
22:11 <Cook Me Plox> ass
22:11 <Ciphrius Kane> Did I ever tell you I think you're an ass?
22:11 <Joeytje50> ass who
22:11 <Cook Me Plox> Ciphrius Kane
22:12 <Cblair91> ^(asshole|ass)[^cock]$
22:12 <Flaysian> ok
22:12 <Cblair91> I've no idea what that will match LOL
22:13 <Cblair91> Ohai Flay
22:13 <Cook Me Plox> Flaysian
22:13 <Suppa chuppa> pretty sure [^cock] would match an o or a k
22:13 <Suppa chuppa> >_>
22:13 <Cblair91> no
22:13 <Cblair91> ^ means not match
22:13 <Suppa chuppa> i know
22:13 <Flaysian> 'lo Kris
22:13 <Joeytje50> guys
22:13 <Cook Me Plox> Flaysian.
22:13 <Joeytje50> you all so silly
22:13 <Joeytje50> ^(asshole|ass)[^cock]$
22:13 <Cook Me Plox> FLAYSIAN
22:13 <Joeytje50> does match "asshole cock"
22:14 <Joeytje50> it doesn't match "asscaek"
22:14 <Cblair91> exactly
22:14 <Cblair91> :O
22:14 <Flaysian> you are very profound Joey
22:14 <Cook Me Plox> FLAYSIAN
22:14 <Joeytje50> but [^cock] is really bad
22:14 <Joeytje50> cus c is in there twice
22:14 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
22:14 <Joeytje50> it basically means NOT (c|o|c|k)
22:14 <Cblair91> no but the asshole will match you juey
22:15 <Joeytje50> c OR o OR c OR k
22:15 <Joeytje50> <_<
22:15 <Cblair91> cork?
22:15 <Cblair91> worst town in ireland
22:15 <Cblair91> :D
22:15 <Cook Me Plox> FLAYSIAN
22:18 <Flaysian> Cork isn't too bad
22:18 <Joeytje50> caek is gud
22:18 <Cblair91> yes it is lol
22:18 -!- Sum1 0 o has joined Special:Chat
22:18 <Flaysian> The only problem is the dumpster baby people that live there
22:18 <Cblair91> flay you irish drunk
22:19 <Flaysian> ._.
22:20 <Hallowland> was afk sicne i came
22:20 <Hallowland> hai
22:20 <Cblair91> herro
22:21 <Cblair91> will south park end so i can smoke my cig lol
22:21 -!- XwvwX has joined Special:Chat
22:22 <Flaysian> no.
22:22 <Cblair91> should have gone out on a piss up tonight D:
22:22 -!- XwvwX has left Special:Chat.
22:22 <Flaysian> ok
22:23 <Cblair91> now it ends
22:23 <Kq head> so who here is vehemently against lodestones?
22:23 <Cblair91> /me runs to front door
22:27 <Ciphrius Kane> Suppa are you any good at adding things to filters?
22:27 <Joeytje50> sup
22:27 <Joeytje50> if he can't, I might
22:28 <Joeytje50> so either way, what needz adding?
22:28 <Ciphrius Kane> That link that suppa just revdeled, not the first time it's been seen today
22:28 <Suppa chuppa> Yeah, I'm going to add it
22:28 <Suppa chuppa> I saw that you revdel'd the link earlier
22:28 <Suppa chuppa> but didn't think about adding it to the filter
22:29 -!- Hallowland has left Special:Chat.
22:29 <Suppa chuppa> that particular link should be blocked now
22:31 <Rwojy> what link?
22:32 <Suppa chuppa> frostiescape, link to an rsps
22:32 <Rwojy> k'
22:33 <Ciphrius Kane> I'd have just told Rwojy to go check the deletion log himself
22:33 <Suppa chuppa> oh
22:33 <Suppa chuppa> good point
22:39 -!- MahjarratInfo101 has joined Special:Chat
22:39 <MahjarratInfo101> [[lol]]
22:45 <MahjarratInfo101> ~test
22:45 <TyBot> MahjarratInfo101: I love you. <3
22:46 <Kq head> TyBot I hate you
22:46 <Kq head> ~test
22:46 <Kq head> yay it hates me
22:48 -!- Matthew2602 has joined Special:Chat
22:49 -!- Matthew2602 has left Special:Chat.
22:53 <Cblair91> ~test
22:53 <TyBot> Ohai Kris.
22:53 -!- Joeytje50 has left Special:Chat.
22:54 <MahjarratInfo101> Wow more loadstones next week
22:55 <MahjarratInfo101> Canidis, Karamja, Fremennik Province, Elf lands, eagles peak, and ooglog i think
22:55 <MahjarratInfo101> canifis*
22:55 <MahjarratInfo101> oh and wilderness
22:57 <Ciphrius Kane> Why no Keldagrim or Dorgesh-Kaan?
22:57 <Suppa chuppa> Both of those places need massive updates
22:58 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
22:59 <Cook Me Plox> Entrana needs an update
22:59 <Cook Me Plox> What is the last piece of content that has required you to actually go to Entrana
22:59 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
22:59 <Cook Me Plox> Enlightened Journey?
22:59 <Cblair91> law alter :P
22:59 <Cook Me Plox> 2004
22:59 <Cblair91> still in use
23:00 <Cook Me Plox> Anyone who uses the law "alter" does it via the abyss
23:00 <Suppa chuppa> LOL
23:00 <Cblair91> still needs you to go there kinda
23:00 <Cook Me Plox> kinda not
23:01 <Cblair91> kinda, stop ruining the game
23:03 <Ciphrius Kane> Heroes Quest?
23:04 <Ciphrius Kane> Lost City?  Devious Minds?
23:04 <Cook Me Plox> two of those came out in 2002, other came out in 2005
23:04 <Ciphrius Kane> So I come across a collection of jeeps on Imgur
23:05 <Ciphrius Kane> First though: show a particular person the link
23:06 <Cblair91> i has a jeep
23:07 <Ciphrius Kane> Would have been pointless showing it to the particular person though
23:08 <Cblair91> india flooded lol
23:10 <Cook Me Plox> Ciph: what particular person?
23:10 <Ciphrius Kane> You really have to ask that cook?
23:10 <Cook Me Plox> I don't understand what jeeps have to do with anything
23:10 <Cook Me Plox> And it seemed like you were implying something
23:10 <Ciphrius Kane> Can you think of nobody that we know who is obsessed with jeeps?
23:11 <Cook Me Plox> my dad?
23:11 <Flaysian> I knew you'd be thinking of me
23:11 <Flaysian> you may show me the pictures whenever suits
23:11 <Ciphrius Kane> Not you frog
23:11 <Cook Me Plox> tim?
23:12 <Ciphrius Kane> ...
23:12 <Ciphrius Kane>
23:12 <Ciphrius Kane> Can you guess who now?
23:13 <Suppa chuppa> those wheels look disproportionately small
23:13 <Cook Me Plox> my money would still be on tim, I guess
23:13 <Ciphrius Kane> Sheesh I give you a huge clue and you still miss it
23:14 <Cook Me Plox> Samuel L Jackson?
23:14 <Cook Me Plox> that wasn't a very good clue.
23:15 <Ciphrius Kane> You suck at clue interpretation
23:15 <Cook Me Plox> Wait can we play clue
23:15 <Flaysian> stop being stupid Cook Me Plox
23:15 <Flaysian> I could tell it was me from the start
23:15 <MahjarratInfo101> Let's all be friends
23:16 <Suppa chuppa> MahjarratInfo101: Why do you think I'm a girl?
23:16 -!- Sum1 0 o has left Special:Chat.
23:16 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
23:16 -!- Sum1 0 o has joined Special:Chat
23:16 <MahjarratInfo101> Err...
23:17 <MahjarratInfo101> umm... Not sure actually
23:17 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
23:17 <Suppa chuppa> lol
23:17 <Suppa chuppa> Just letting you know, I'm a guy
23:17 <Flaysian> at least, he is now.
23:17 <MahjarratInfo101> oh lol right
23:17 <MahjarratInfo101> I always thought you were female
23:17 <MahjarratInfo101> sorry
23:17 <Suppa chuppa> lol, it's fine
23:17 <Cook Me Plox> MahjarratInfo101, don't listen to her
23:17 <MahjarratInfo101> and how'd you know i thought that
23:17 <Suppa chuppa> 07:48 <MahjarratInfo101> Suppa what time is it where you live
23:17 <Suppa chuppa> 07:48 <MahjarratInfo101> shes gone
23:17 <MahjarratInfo101> lol
23:18 <MahjarratInfo101> Is there any way I can change my username on RS Wiki?
23:18 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
23:18 <Ciphrius Kane> Wait suppa's a guy?  I thought she was female!
23:18 <MahjarratInfo101> How
23:18 <Suppa chuppa> [[Special:Contact]]
23:19 <Suppa chuppa>
23:19 <MahjarratInfo101> Only once??
23:19 <Suppa chuppa> yeah
23:19 <Cook Me Plox> we have 144 mmgs now
23:19 <MahjarratInfo101> whyyy
23:19 <Cook Me Plox> suppa do you remember what my original number goal was
23:19 <Suppa chuppa> 150
23:20 <Cook Me Plox> yup