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[11:02] <ZamorakO o> When I saw it on the RC
[11:02] <ZamorakO o> like... 30 seconds ago
[11:02] <Cook Me Plox> Ansela has an RfA?
[11:02] <ZamorakO o> i know :o
[11:02] <Eis Herz> [[RuneScape:Requests for adminship/AnselaJonla]]
[11:03] <ZamorakO o> 5 hours and only 50k bytes of conversation
[11:03] <ZamorakO o> We're pathetic. :/ 
[11:04] <Cook Me Plox> speaking of pathetic, 13kb rfa
[11:04] <Cook Me Plox> what kind of world is this
[11:06] <A Level 2 Cow> :( (
[11:06] <A Level 2 Cow> Everyones teasing my [[voting hat]]
[11:07] <Hairrazerrr> be back later
[11:09] <ZamorakO o> I wonder who has the smallest RfA of the active admins
[11:09] <Dtm142> Me.
[11:10] <Dtm142> RFAs didn't even get their own page in that era.
[11:10] <Coelacanth0794> of actual rfa pages
[11:10] <Dtm142> Oh.
[11:10] <Dtm142> So I'm not eligible?
[11:11] <ZamorakO o> Fight teh chompie
[11:13] <Urbancowgurl777> i have teh longest ^-^
[11:14] <Eis Herz> More proof?
[11:14] <Coelacanth0794> lmao
[11:14] <Coelacanth0794> If I could upvote that i would
[11:14] <Dtm142> ...
[11:15] <Atheist723> *Saves image*
[11:15] <Urbancowgurl777> *uncaring*
[11:16] <Smithing> How's it going?
[11:16] <Eis Herz> You sure hate me, Fergie. :-P 
[11:16] <A Level 2 Cow> Heya
[11:16] <Atheist723> Hi Smithing.
[11:16] <Dtm142> [[MediaWiki:Emoticons]]
[11:19] <Sum1 0 o> Today at school
[11:19] <ZamorakO o> Fergie, we love you.
[11:19] <Sum1 0 o> I learned
[11:19] <Sum1 0 o> That a truss is strong
[11:19] <ZamorakO o> *spreads fingers 3 inches apart* This much :D
[11:19] <Urbancowgurl777> Sum1, i'd appreciate if you didn't cause other wikis to come in here to complain about you
[11:20] <Sum1 0 o> what?
[11:20] <ZamorakO o> Really? >_>
[11:20] <Urbancowgurl777> yes
[11:20] <Urbancowgurl777> your disruptive attitude & spam is earning you a bad reputation
[11:20] <Sum1 0 o> :o
[11:21] <ZamorakO o> There is no excuse for that. If you're going to be rude, don't point yourself back here. 
[11:21] <Urbancowgurl777> you could be blocked globally if you keep it up. so stop.
[11:21] <Sum1 0 o> I haven't spammed there in like 2 days
[11:21] <Urbancowgurl777> so?
[11:21] <Sum1 0 o> and they're saying stop already
[11:21] <Eis Herz> As much as I'm a fool, spamming isn't funny to anyone.
[11:22] <Urbancowgurl777> no excuses please, just don't do it anymore (:
[11:22] <A Level 2 Cow> (caek) 
[11:24] <Atheist723> (Testing)
[11:25] <ZamorakO o>
[11:26] <Urbancowgurl777> fail
[11:28] <Edmyg> [[RuneScape:Requests for adminship/Urbancowgurl777|everyone thinks you're a girl Fergs]] :-P 
[11:28] <Urbancowgurl777> i wonder why <.<
[11:29] <ZamorakO o> Cuz she is a guy
[11:29] <ZamorakO o> She's very confused irl
[11:29] <Urbancowgurl777> lol
[11:29] <ZamorakO o> And that's why we love him <3
[11:29] <Urbancowgurl777> don't start referring to me as "him" now -.-
[11:29] <Edmyg> Is it not factually correct?
[11:29] <Eis Herz> Fergie is an awesome guy.
[11:30] <Edmyg> He does so much good work
[11:32] <Urbancowgurl777> what do you think
[11:32] <Edmyg> Dia has picture proof. Pictures never lie - except when you've photoshopped them ;) 
[11:33] <Eis Herz> This is a lovely song. Sort of...folk.
[11:33] <Eis Herz>
[11:33] <Urbancowgurl777> *points to facebook* then explain that
[11:33] <Eis Herz> I haven't been to facebook before.
[11:34] <Edmyg> You have facebook?
[11:35] <Urbancowgurl777> yes
[11:35] <Casting Fishes^^> ferige
[11:35] <Casting Fishes^^> fergie
[11:35] <Casting Fishes^^> whatchu want todai
[11:35] <Urbancowgurl777> salmon
[11:35] <Casting Fishes^^> mk
[11:35] <Eis Herz> :( no one clicks my links.
[11:36] <Edmyg> I draw the line at asking people for facebook details
[11:36] <Urbancowgurl777> Zam is my friend on fb
[11:36] <Urbancowgurl777> so he must know the truth right ;3=
[11:36] <Casting Fishes^^> dar is no zalmon 
[11:36] <Casting Fishes^^> salmon*
[11:37] <Urbancowgurl777> anything then (:
[11:37] <Casting Fishes^^> i send baconz
[11:38] <Urbancowgurl777> tya
[11:38] <Eis Herz> :( Got to log on English rs. Don't understand my slayer assignment.
[11:38] <Casting Fishes^^> once it loadz
[11:38] <Edmyg> Zam no here to verify
[11:38] <Casting Fishes^^> again cus it being nub
[11:38] <Eis Herz> Blutdämonen, apparently.
[11:38] <Urbancowgurl777> Fishes is too
[11:39] <Edmyg> ZamorakO o 
[11:39] <Edmyg> Cuz she is a guy
[11:39] <Edmyg> She's very confused irl
[11:39] <Casting Fishes^^> mk
[11:39] <Casting Fishes^^> send
[11:39] <Casting Fishes^^> wut
[11:39] <Eis Herz> Fergie could be transsexual.
[11:39] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ i sconfused
[11:39] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ wants goldfeesheizdsf
[11:43] <A Level 2 Cow> I gtg guys
[11:43] <Spineweilder> Im gonna try to orb the Ket-Zrk
[11:43] <A Level 2 Cow> Cya
[11:43] <A Level 2 Cow> (pce) 
[11:43] <A Level 2 Cow> Baaii
[11:43] <Spineweilder> Wish me luck.
[11:44] <Spineweilder> Brought enough supplies to at least orb a Ket Zek.
[11:44] <Spineweilder> no jad tho -.-
[11:44] <Spineweilder> no brews. too poor atm
[11:44] <Eis Herz> K or T caves?
[11:45] <Spineweilder> Fight Caves
[11:45] <Spineweilder> [[File:Ket-Zek.PNG]]
[11:45] <Spineweilder> Those two tags are a motivation enough
[11:45] <Eis Herz> I'm on RSC to take a replacement image, since the current one is grainy.
[11:46] <Urbancowgurl777> isn't RSC grainy within itself ;3=
[11:46] <Eis Herz> Noo.. Really crisp.
[11:46] <Eis Herz> (no sarcasm)
[11:47] <Eis Herz> I wish I could port my rares on RSC to rs2.
[11:48] <Dtm142> Rares?
[11:48] <Dtm142> You got a bl00 phat?
[11:48] <Eis Herz> Santa, and war ship.
[11:48] <Dtm142> Meh. War ship lol
[11:48] <Eis Herz> Gave away my phats.
[11:48] <Dtm142> Did you have a bl00 phat?
[11:48] <Eis Herz> Ja
[11:48] <Dtm142> :O
[11:48] <Eis Herz> I had a set.
[11:48] <Dtm142> O_O
[11:49] <Dtm142> And you gave it away (and not to me)?
[11:49] <Dtm142> #epicfail
[11:49] <Eis Herz> You have to remember that 1M got you a set in those days.
[11:49] <Dtm142> I'm well aware of that.
[11:49] <Dtm142> I got my Santa hats for phr33
[11:50] <Eis Herz> 1k coal certs for a set.
[11:50] <Dtm142> Others for like 60 - 400K.
[11:50] <Eis Herz> Took about 2 days.
[11:50] <Dtm142> :@
[11:59] <Spineweilder> brb
[12:01] <Spineweilder> and ossum trans Karlis
[12:04] <Eis Herz> Fergie?
[12:04] <Eis Herz> [[Greater demon%23Before graphical update|Greater demon#Before graphical update]]
[12:05] <BicycleCat> Coolnesse, why'd you add the No AA tag to the [[File:Mining helmet chatbox.png]] image? I thought I took that image with anti-aliasing on at the time...
[12:05] <Coolnesse> Rawr
[12:05] <Coolnesse> Did I do that?
[12:05] <Coolnesse> 
[12:05] <BicycleCat> Yep.
[12:05] <Coolnesse> meh
[12:06] <Eis Herz> [[Greater demon%23Before graphical update|Greater demon#Before graphical update]]
[12:06] <Casting Fishes^^> biek kitteh biek kitteh biek kitteh
[12:06] <Casting Fishes^^> biek [email protected]
[12:06] <BicycleCat> Hai Fishes.
[12:06] <Casting Fishes^^> Hai :D
[12:06] <Urbancowgurl777> *is doing homework*
[12:06] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ pets biek kitteh
[12:07] <BicycleCat> By the way, could someone please trans the images on the [[Mining helmet]] article?
[12:07] <Coolnesse> You can undo that Idria
[12:07] <BicycleCat> A'ight.
[12:09] <Karlis> Heya
[12:09] <BicycleCat> Hai Karl.
[12:09] <Karlis> sorry, was working on more trans
[12:09] <Karlis> How is everyone doing today?
[12:10] <BicycleCat> I was thinking of hunting for the [[w:c:dragonage:Commander%27s Plate Armor set|Commander's Plate Armor set]] on Dragon Age: Origins, but I realized that the Juggernaut armor is much easier to get and waaaay better than the Commander's armor.
[12:10] <BicycleCat> Oops, meant [[w:c:dragonage:Commander%27s Plate armor set|this]].
[12:11] <Karlis> Heh
[12:11] <Casting Fishes^^> biek kitteh is teh oldest member here? D:
[12:11] <Coolnesse>
[12:11] <Karlis> Yeah, I'm leveling my weaponsmithing in Aion >.>
[12:11] <Karlis> Embarassing lol
[12:11] <BicycleCat> Too bad my favorite armor (the Warden-Commander armor set from the Soldier's Peak DLC) doesn't import into Awakening.
[12:12] <BicycleCat> So I'm stuck with the Juggernaut armor for my current playthrough.
[12:13] <Karlis> Yeah Nov 2006, beats me here by a year and a half
[12:13] <BicycleCat> Lol, Cool.
[12:13] <BicycleCat> Isn't Cook older than me in terms of time on the Wiki?
[12:13] <Karlis> Cook came a while after I did
[12:14] <Coolnesse> I've been on the wiki since January 2009
[12:14] <BicycleCat> Well, to be fair, I didn't start regularly editing until a year and a half later, so...
[12:14] <Karlis> December 09
[12:14] <Karlis> I actually edited as an IP for about half a year before I made my account
[12:15] <BicycleCat> However, it's possible that I might have joined when [[User:Merovingian|this nub]] was still active... =P 
[12:15] <Karlis> Why is is snowing =(
[12:15] <Karlis> ?*
[12:15] <AnselaJonla> Because it's winter?
[12:16] <Coolnesse>
[12:16] <Coolnesse> This a brand-new wiki, with only 19,536 articles, so any help is greatly appreciated. 
[12:16] <BicycleCat> Those were the days...
[12:16] <BicycleCat> =\
[12:17] <Karlis> Yeah, old days are long gone =(
[12:17] <BicycleCat> By the way, I lol whenever people claim the "official" wiki is going to eventually surpass us in terms of information and accuracy...
[12:17] <Karlis> Heh
[12:18] <Coolnesse> Eventually?
[12:18] <Coolnesse> More like never.
[12:18] <BicycleCat> That's what the people who still insist on editing their wiki claim.
[12:18] <Karlis> Back to trans
[12:18] <Karlis> I'll check in from time to time
[12:18] <BicycleCat> Personally, I've witnessed one of their regular editors create an account here and start contributing.
[12:18] <BicycleCat> [[User:Real Ciel]].
[12:19] <Karlis> [[Category:Images needing transparency|This]] needs some serious love
[12:19] <Karlis> 636
[12:19] <Karlis> i remember when I used to keep this empty
[12:19] <BicycleCat> Karlis, could I somehow convince you to trans the images on the [[Mining helmet]] article?
[12:19] <Eis Herz> L
[12:20] <BicycleCat> Would you kindly bump them up on your list of things to trans?
[12:20] <BicycleCat> =P 
[12:20] <Karlis> Oh sure
[12:20] <AnselaJonla> Erm... yes... I happen to recognise some of the images in that category
[12:20] <Karlis> I'll do them next
[12:20] <Coolnesse> Karlis, half of the transparency team was cut when AA became standard
[12:20] <BicycleCat> I knew [[w:c:bioshock:Atlas]] had the right idea...
[12:20] <Karlis> Well, that half needs to get PS:CS5
[12:21] <AnselaJonla> Anyone fancy doing the chat heads for the player spoofs from [[The Elder Kiln]]?
[12:21] <Eis Herz> Spoofs are dead for me.
[12:22] <AnselaJonla> A few are still tagged as needing trans when it's already been done
[12:22] <Eis Herz> Virtus hood annoys me.
[12:22] <Karlis> This file has a flaw in the captured content and needs to be retaken in order to meet the RuneScape Wiki's quality standards.
[12:22] <Karlis> Reason: He's a bit bitty
[12:23] <Karlis> bit bitty, huh?
[12:23] <AnselaJonla> Does this really need trans? [[File:House options.png]]
[12:23] <Eis Herz> It needs retaking.
[12:23] <Eis Herz> Grainy.
[12:23] <AnselaJonla> But does it need trans though?
[12:23] <Eis Herz> Nein
[12:23] <AnselaJonla> It's a menu image
[12:23] <Eis Herz> Except for the corners.
[12:23] <Karlis> Can trans the edges
[12:23] <Eis Herz> ^
[12:24] <AnselaJonla> You say that after I untag it
[12:24] <Karlis> lol, i'll just do it quick
[12:24] <Eis Herz> Kitty gun rage.
[12:24] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[12:25] <AnselaJonla> [[Hati cloak]]
[12:26] <AnselaJonla> [[File:Hati cloak equipped.png]] - have fun, whoever tackles this
[12:26] <BicycleCat> * BicycleCat grabs a Crowbar and proceeds to go Gordon Freeman on the Chat due to it glitching up.
[12:27] <Casting Fishes^^> nou
[12:27] <Eis Herz> Jagex are doing it to troll fansites, Ansela.
[12:27] <BicycleCat> Be right back. Going to feed my dog and finish cleaning my shower.
[12:29] <Coelacanth0794> hold on wut
[12:29] <Coelacanth0794> "i think i'll stop cleaning my shower to fiddle with the internet" *leaves shower half cleaned*
[12:30] <BicycleCat> I was letting the bleach soak in.
[12:30] <BicycleCat> >.>
[12:30] <BicycleCat> Now I'm gone.
[12:31] <Coelacanth0794> kk
[12:34] <Eis Herz> 36k off 88slay and 86 herb.
[12:35] <Eis Herz> I hate slayer.
[12:35] <Coelacanth0794>
[12:37] <Eis Herz> The face on that card is adorable.
[12:39] <AnselaJonla> Are pms not working right now?
[12:40] <Parsonsda> Anyone alive
[12:40] <AnselaJonla> Hi Parsons
[12:40] <Parsonsda> Guys may i ask, whats better, here or irc?
[12:40] <Eis Herz> Pms are working for me.
[12:40] <BicycleCat> Hai Parsons.
[12:41] <BicycleCat> Karlis, are you still going to trans those images that I asked you to trans for me?
[12:41] <Parsonsda> Whould u say this chat better or irc is better?
[12:42] <BicycleCat> I like this Chat better than the IRC.
[12:42] <BicycleCat> That's my opinion though.
[12:42] <Parsonsda> i think so to
[12:42] <Parsonsda>
[12:43] <Parsonsda> that what they called me when i joined irc
[12:44] <Coelacanth0794>
[12:44] <BicycleCat> Ansela, are you using a template script when leaving messages on talk pages?
[12:44] <AnselaJonla> Which page you thinking of?
[12:45] <AnselaJonla> Most recent one I used was {{subst:warnfl}}
[12:45] <BicycleCat> Ah, okay, so you're not using Quarenon's script then.
[12:45] <AnselaJonla> Don't know what that is
[12:45] <BicycleCat> It definitely needs to be updated with the new message templates.
[12:45] <AnselaJonla> I usually use warnfl, RDT or v
[12:46] <BicycleCat> [[User:Quarenon/Scripts/Templates]]
[12:46] <BicycleCat> That's the script I'm referring to.
[12:46] <BicycleCat> It's kinda outdated since Quarenon disappeared a while back.
[12:47] <Karlis> yes bike cat
[12:47] <Karlis> working on them
[12:47] <Parsonsda> Guys
[12:47] <Parsonsda> whois christinev
[12:48] <Karlis> [[User:CLV309]]
[12:48] <Karlis> fine
[12:48] <Parsonsda> Ty
[12:48] <Karlis> [[User:clv309]]
[12:50] <Zeph Katana> i am the law
[12:50] <AnselaJonla> No you're not
[12:50] <Zeph Katana> okay 
[12:50] <AnselaJonla> Hi Katana
[12:50] <Zeph Katana> kthnxbai
[12:52] <Urbancowgurl777> *is on vocab term 70* ergh
[12:53] <Coelacanth0794> nub
[12:55] <Karlis> Where did BicycleCat go?
[12:55] <AnselaJonla> To finish cleaning his bathroom and feeding his dog?
[12:56] <AnselaJonla> Or was it feeding his bathroom and cleaning his dog?
[12:56] <Spineweilder> kback
[12:56] <Urbancowgurl777> the second one sounds disturbing
[12:57] <Eis Herz> He was using the dead dog as a sponge.
[12:57] <Eis Herz> ...To clean the bathroom
[12:59] <Mosyhero> umm
[12:59] <Eis Herz> Love this song. B) So many good things in one place B) 
[01:00] <Urbancowgurl777> how is "rice as cash crop" a vocab term
[01:00] <Urbancowgurl777> it defines itself <.<
[01:00] <Eis Herz> Easily.
[01:01] <AnselaJonla> Does anyone here know anything about smoke alarms?
[01:01] <Coelacanth0794>
[01:02] <Eis Herz> They go off when theres smoke.
[01:02] <Eis Herz> They also go off where there isnt. (:
[01:02] <AnselaJonla> Yeah, that's the problem
[01:02] <Karlis> Mine goes off with steam from my shower
[01:02] <AnselaJonla> We put the batteries in ours - they go off.
[01:02] <AnselaJonla> We take the batteries out - they beep every thirty seconds
[01:02] <Eis Herz> I had mine disconnected.
[01:02] <Karlis> You can purchase new ones
[01:02] <Karlis> At a home improvement store
[01:03] <AnselaJonla> I think they have to be fitted by a "home safety team" from the local fire station around here :( 
[01:03] <Parsonsda> Message sent
[01:03] <Parsonsda> Yay
[01:03] <Karlis> really?
[01:04] <Karlis> if it has a battery, then it isn't hardwired, and therefore you should be able to replace it by yourself
[01:04] <Drymer> hi
[01:04] <AnselaJonla> Karlis - I just said it's beeping when it doesn't have a battery in it. That means it has power.
[01:04] <AnselaJonla> Which means it's hardwired
[01:04] <Karlis> Yes, usually a little cell battery
[01:04] <Karlis> 2032, mine is anyways
[01:05] <Technology Wizard> hello all
[01:05] <AnselaJonla> I don't know much about what ours has. It was there when we moved in.
[01:05] <Mosyhero> is it me or is it me 0.0
[01:05] <AnselaJonla> Hello Aang
[01:05] <Technology Wizard> can someone explain to me how to use a bot that will log everything in chat?
[01:06] <Coelacanth0794>
[01:06] <Coelacanth0794> uhm. i think zamorako_O made the <span style="color:red;">rschatbot</span>
[01:06] <Spineweilder> k wave 30
[01:06] <Coelacanth0794> iirc
[01:06] <Spineweilder> preparing to orb now
[01:06] <Coelacanth0794> grz spine!
[01:06] <Spineweilder> :) 
[01:06] <Technology Wizard> ok ill ask him then, thanks!
[01:06] <Coelacanth0794> i assume this is kiln?
[01:06] <Spineweilder> i do what needs to be done
[01:06] <Spineweilder> nou
[01:06] <Spineweilder> fight caves
[01:06] <Coelacanth0794> oh alright
[01:07] <Spineweilder> k trapped him 
[01:07] <Parsonsda> Guys
[01:08] <Parsonsda> i like it here
[01:08] <Parsonsda> it better then irc
[01:08] <Parsonsda> I been here 10 min, and no abuse :) 
[01:08] <AnselaJonla> We follow RS:UTP in here
[01:09] <Spineweilder> damn failed
[01:09] <Karlis> IRC is a clique
[01:09] <Spineweilder> it wasnt trapped >.< almost died
[01:09] <Parsonsda> rsw cant handel the irc
[01:09] <Parsonsda> It to powerful for them
[01:09] <AnselaJonla> And RSW cc is full of idiots, at least at the time of day that I usually end up in there looking for admin help
[01:10] <Parsonsda> I love this place
[01:10] <AnselaJonla> I'm sure it's lovely at other times of the day, but you go in early afternoon GMT and no one there has a clue
[01:10] <Parsonsda> Im from runehq irc and clan
[01:12] <Parsonsda> Never anything wrong in runehq
[01:12] <Parsonsda> Never
[01:13] <Parsonsda> and never anything wrong on my wikis either
[01:13] <Eis Herz> Ansela?
[01:13] <Coelacanth0794>
[01:13] <AnselaJonla> Yeah?
[01:13] <BicycleCat> Sweet... I managed to add new templates to Quarenon's template toolbar script.
[01:13] <BicycleCat> Go me! =D
[01:13] <Eis Herz> Can you request I get unbanned?
[01:14] <AnselaJonla> lol fail Coel
[01:14] <Parsonsda> where coel?
[01:14] <Eis Herz> I dont get it.
[01:14] <AnselaJonla> The dog's chewed a bottle of something that's meant to train him to stop chewing
[01:14] <Eis Herz> Oh. Right.
[01:15] <AnselaJonla> Remind me in the morning, Dia? There's no one online atm that can unban
[01:15] <Eis Herz> I love German Shepards.
[01:15] <BicycleCat> [[Mining helmet]]
[01:15] <BicycleCat> Thanks Karlis! =D
[01:16] <AnselaJonla> When Lady, our shepherd, was a pup she managed to get into the kitchen... and got the Sunday dinner joint off the worktop and ate it
[01:16] <BicycleCat> Apparently my character has taken over the [[Mining helmet]] article...
[01:17] <Eis Herz> My other dog, Ansela.
[01:17] <Eis Herz> Are you familiar with macadamia nuts?
[01:17] <AnselaJonla> Vaguely
[01:17] <Eis Herz> They're poisonous to dogs.
[01:17] <AnselaJonla> A lot of things are
[01:17] <Eis Herz> My dog has eaten them for 10 years, along with rat poison, and a whole bar of dark chocolate.
[01:17] <Kinge Death> hi
[01:17] <AnselaJonla> HI
[01:17] <BicycleCat> Hai.
[01:17] <Eis Herz> The dog has an iron stomach.
[01:18] <AnselaJonla> lol
[01:18] <Spineweilder> 
[01:18] <Kinge Death> What're you guys all training?
[01:18] <Spineweilder> This good?
[01:19] <Eis Herz> I don't like it.
[01:19] <Eis Herz> Can't tell where the tail ends.
[01:19] <Urbancowgurl777> can't get much better with an orb though
[01:19] <Coelacanth0794> nice spine
[01:19] <Spineweilder> yea
[01:19] <Kinge Death> It's okay. Always nice to see graphics improved
[01:20] <AnselaJonla> Is the health bar still attached to the bloody tail?
[01:20] <Spineweilder> he's extremely tall now >.>
[01:20] <BicycleCat> Smithing just became my guinea pig in regards to testing scripts. =P 
[01:20] <Spineweilder> nope
[01:20] <AnselaJonla> Good. That was annoying. Couldn't see it half the time
[01:20] <Spineweilder> so do i upload it?
[01:20] <Urbancowgurl777> trans it
[01:20] <AnselaJonla> [[Easy Way To Get A LOT of Cooking_XP|Easy Way To Get A LOT of Cooking XP]]
[01:20] <Urbancowgurl777> ;3=
[01:20] <Urbancowgurl777> that's a ket-zek?
[01:20] <Spineweilder> yea
[01:21] <Kinge Death> what's that about? o.O
[01:21] <Spineweilder> ill trans it and fergs particle trans it ;) 
[01:21] <Urbancowgurl777> so
[01:21] <Eis Herz> Scheiß liebe... Scheiß liebe..
[01:21] <AnselaJonla> That is a spam page, Kinge
[01:21] <Spineweilder> mmk i'll die now in caves
[01:21] <Urbancowgurl777> i spent an hour trans'ing the librarian thing last night
[01:21] <Urbancowgurl777> and i was all happy and proud of my work
[01:21] <Urbancowgurl777> then i was checking your contribs for the next image
[01:21] <AnselaJonla> Fergs... was a training article, not an mmg :P
[01:21] <Urbancowgurl777> ..there are like 7 of those that look almost exactly the same..
[01:22] <Spineweilder> yyyyepp
[01:22] <Urbancowgurl777> i dun wan D:
[01:22] <BicycleCat> *sigh* I need to overhaul my Inappropriate article template just a bit...
[01:23] <BicycleCat> At the moment, it's suffering from severe wordiness.
[01:23] <Eis Herz> 85k ott 91hp. 
[01:23] <Eis Herz> Why so slow?
[01:23] <AnselaJonla> 92 (crafting) !!!
[01:23] <Eis Herz> Congrats hun.
[01:23] <BicycleCat> Congrats Ansela.
[01:24] <Kinge Death> Congrats :) 
[01:24] <Parsonsda>
[01:25] <BicycleCat> Okay, Parsons, have you read the Chat rules before entering the Chat? Just checking since you've been gone for a while.
[01:25] <AnselaJonla> ty
[01:25] <Kinge Death> I haven't.... :/ 
[01:25] <Spineweilder> *Instant banhammer*
[01:25] <Spineweilder> :) 
[01:26] <AnselaJonla> [[RS:CHAT]]
[01:26] <Kinge Death> sorry :/ 
[01:26] <Urbancowgurl777> [[RS:CHATsdojgvsoidjgs
[01:26] <BicycleCat> Please read them at [[RS:CHAT]].
[01:26] <Kinge Death> Going to read it now
[01:27] <Kinge Death> Thank you. There's nothing out of the ordinary in those rules. 
[01:27] <Parsonsda> Urrrr
[01:27] <Parsonsda> tell u truth guys
[01:27] <Parsonsda> i cant...
[01:27] <Parsonsda> i never once read the rules
[01:27] <Parsonsda> I cant read or spell
[01:28] <BicycleCat> Do we have a template for speculation?
[01:28] <AnselaJonla> Not yet, I think
[01:29] <BicycleCat> I just used the [[Template:Trivia notice|Trivia notice template]] in place of a speculation template since I couldn't find one.
[01:30] <Parsonsda> So that why i dont listin
[01:30] <Parsonsda> i cant read or spell, i never read chat logs, i dont read forms
[01:30] <BicycleCat> Parsons, if you're going to hang out in the Chat, at least *try* to read the Chat rules.
[01:31] <Urbancowgurl777> you don't have to read them if you don't want to.
[01:31] <Parsonsda> i can read slowly
[01:31] <Urbancowgurl777> but if you break one, you'll get no chances. (:
[01:31] <BicycleCat> Exactly what I was gonna say, Fergs.
[01:31] <Parsonsda> i cant focus on lots of text
[01:32] <Urbancowgurl777> you don't have to come up with excuses
[01:32] <Parsonsda> Im reading u guys, as the text is nice and spaced apart
[01:32] <BicycleCat> By the way, how long will it take for Wikia to fix the missing Chat Mod star glitch?
[01:32] <Eis Herz>
[01:32] <Parsonsda> ill give it one try
[01:32] <Urbancowgurl777> that's a silly question Idria
[01:32] <Parsonsda> where the page
[01:32] <Liquidhelium> Dan the man
[01:32] <Eis Herz> Fergie?
[01:32] <BicycleCat> [[RS:CHAT]].
[01:32] <Liquidhelium> you were slow, dtm
[01:32] <Liquidhelium> I got Sacre to deal with wowbagger's sysop before you did :P
[01:33] <Eis Herz>
[01:33] <Dtm142> You didn't ask me :P
[01:33] <Dtm142> I checked his talk page. But I'm lazy,
[01:33] <BicycleCat> Meh, that image is so retro, it makes me want to break out my NES again.
[01:33] <Casting Fishes^^> cewkies
[01:34] <Liquidhelium> I did. Remember that day I said "sysop him tomorrow"?
[01:34] <Eis Herz> I took the image this morning.
[01:34] <Spineweilder> The Ket Zek trans was easier than i thought O_O
[01:34] <Dtm142> "Sysop him tomorrow if [conditions]".
[01:34] <BicycleCat> I wasn't talking about the image itself, Dia, but rather the content in the image.
[01:34] <Dtm142> Also, low priority.
[01:34] <BicycleCat> (facepalm) 
[01:34] <Eis Herz> Oh. Sorry.
[01:34] <Dtm142> Pretty sure that's how it went.
[01:34] <Spineweilder> [[File:Ket-Zek.PNG]]
[01:34] <Liquidhelium> I see
[01:35] <Liquidhelium> well, Sacre still beat you :P
[01:35] <Dtm142> I wasn't trying (H)
[01:35] <Liquidhelium> it's okay dan the man. We still (hp) you ^_^
[01:35] <Dtm142> See also: [[sandbagging]]
[01:35] <Spineweilder> Wb Pars
[01:35] <Eis Herz> [[File:RS Classic Greater Demon.jpg]]
[01:35] <Parsonsda> Done
[01:35] <Eis Herz> That was the old image
[01:35] <Dtm142> Not a great picture.
[01:35] <Dtm142> Though it still illustrates a glitch.
[01:36] <Liquidhelium> oh right there are rules to the chat that I should read >_>
[01:36] <Parsonsda> ask me, i can prove i read it :) 
[01:36] <Eis Herz> It for the Greater Demon page, not the glitches page.
[01:36] <Eis Herz> its*
[01:36] <Dtm142> Must be reallllly old. Knives were never wieldable when I played.
[01:36] <Eis Herz> It was a glitch back in 02.
[01:36] <Parsonsda> oh guys
[01:36] <Eis Herz> level 3s could hit as high as 100s.
[01:36] <Dtm142> Early 02 I presume.
[01:36] <Parsonsda> I got a glitch
[01:37] <Spineweilder> Pars:What's a guranteed instant ban?
[01:37] <Parsonsda> I got it on video
[01:37] <Parsonsda> The other day
[01:37] <Dtm142> Here we go...
[01:37] <Parsonsda> a new glitch
[01:37] <Eis Herz> [[File:Knifebug.png]]
[01:37] <BicycleCat> [[Knife glitch%23Knife Bug|Knife glitch#Knife Bug]].
[01:37] <Dtm142> Context?
[01:37] <Parsonsda> The baby troll has 1 life point :) 
[01:37] <Eis Herz> KEEEEL IT
[01:38] <Dtm142> What's with the "CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED"?
[01:38] <Liquidhelium> ?
[01:38] <Liquidhelium> I definitely should go read the rules
[01:38] <Liquidhelium> in case I need to actually moderate the chat >_>
[01:38] <Eis Herz> Message from Jagex when you abused the bug.
[01:38] <Parsonsda> Oh dam, low battery
[01:38] <Liquidhelium> "Users must follow the use common sense,"
[01:38] <Liquidhelium> what the....
[01:38] <Parsonsda> BYE BYE 
[01:38] <Liquidhelium> who's the idiot that wrote the rules -_-
[01:38] <Dtm142> Ahh.
[01:39] <BicycleCat> Parsons...?
[01:39] <Parsonsda> Yer?
[01:39] <BicycleCat> What's a guaranteed instant ban in this Chat?
[01:39] <Eis Herz> This guy just 1hit a greater demon.
[01:39] <Parsonsda> easy
[01:39] <Parsonsda> being abusive
[01:39] <Liquidhelium>
[01:39] <Liquidhelium> WHAT [email protected]@@@@
[01:39] <Dtm142> Linking to pr0n would be a safe bet.
[01:39] <Liquidhelium> that's the SECOND time I forgot something I did O_o
[01:40] <BicycleCat> Dtm is correct.
[01:40] <BicycleCat> Also, linking to scam/hack sites would also be a safe bet.
[01:40] <Parsonsda> if ur abusive, rasict or hacking it a ban
[01:41] <Dtm142> (H)
[01:41] <Eis Herz> Check out the video.
[01:41] <Parsonsda> did i do something bad when i posted that link?
[01:41] <AnselaJonla> Most of us don't appreciate being linked to fast flashing images either.
[01:41] <BicycleCat> Are there 482 tasks now?
[01:41] <Parsonsda> it was a link to a joke
[01:42] <BicycleCat> <--- This guy seems to think so in any case.
[01:42] <Parsonsda> It was my little pony 404 page
[01:42] <Eis Herz> Australia ftl.
[01:42] <BicycleCat> - You must be 13 or older to legally have an account on Wikia.
[01:43] <BicycleCat> Why is that message so funny to repeat randomly? >.>
[01:43] <Eis Herz> Why do you constantly say that, Bike?
[01:43] <Parsonsda> Btw wanna see a video of a glitch
[01:43] <BicycleCat> Because for some reason, it makes me giggle uncontrollably.
[01:43] <Eis Herz> I find it annoying.
[01:43] <BicycleCat> Meh, fine. I'll stick with /nc from now on.
[01:43] <BicycleCat> [[w:c:uncyclopedia:Nobody cares|Nobody cares]]
[01:44] <Karlis> wtf
[01:44] <Dtm142> /nc
[01:44] <Surbay> herrrrowww pplz
[01:44] <Karlis> Deal or No Deal
[01:44] <Eis Herz>
[01:44] <Karlis> they are shoving a really fat guy into a tiny compact electric car
[01:44] <Liquidhelium> No Deal
[01:44] <Liquidhelium> Karlis change your avatar (hp) 
[01:44] <Karlis> and making him close the door for $10k added to his deal
[01:44] <Liquidhelium> you can be >:)
[01:44] <BicycleCat> [[w:c:uncyclopedia:Nobody cares|Karlis.]]
[01:44] <BicycleCat> Oops.
[01:44] <BicycleCat> [[w:c:uncyclopedia:Nobody cares|Nobody cares]]
[01:44] <Liquidhelium> Sacre took : ), I took >:(, and Scoobs took -O
[01:44] <Liquidhelium> =O*
[01:44] <Liquidhelium> you should be >:)
[01:45] <Dtm142>
[01:45] <Liquidhelium> it'll cancel out Dtm's silly avatar at any rate >_>
[01:45] <BicycleCat> Though if it was a hawt model being shoved into a shopping cart, then we'd probably care very much.
[01:45] <Dtm142> Silly?
[01:45] <Dtm142> Before, you said it was ugly.
[01:45] <Karlis> But I like my no avatar
[01:45] <Parsonsda> <<< in my video when troll hits the fire he get hit 1lp
[01:45] <Dtm142> And that it sucked.
[01:45] <Dtm142> Which is it?
[01:45] <Liquidhelium> all 3 of course
[01:46] <Dtm142> It's more upbeat than your grouchy avatar.
[01:46] <Dtm142> (H)
[01:46] <Liquidhelium> >:(
[01:46] <Parsonsda> Also i been ramping up my media skills since i was ban
[01:46] <Liquidhelium> I drew inspiration for my avatar from your boss, Dan the man
[01:46] <Liquidhelium> so don't you go insulting this theme
[01:46] <Parsonsda> My videos on facebook capture ever detail
[01:47] <Dtm142> My boss?
[01:47] <Eis Herz> Eww... tarantula in this video.
[01:47] <Dtm142> Please elaborate.
[01:47] <Karlis> Yeah, I don't have a facebook
[01:47] <Liquidhelium> The one who gave you your bl00 partyhat of course
[01:47] <Parsonsda> U dont need facebook
[01:47] <Karlis> nor do I want one
[01:47] <Dtm142> I used to have a clandestine account solely for creeping people.
[01:47] <Parsonsda> U can watch it without login
[01:47] <Karlis> I don't really like people
[01:47] <Dtm142> No friends, likes, or photos.
[01:47] <Karlis> so why would i want to talk with them
[01:47] <BicycleCat> Parsons...
[01:47] <BicycleCat> [[w:c:uncyclopedia:Nobody cares|Nobody cares]]
[01:48] <Dtm142> But then they made that douchey update where you have to register your account with a mobile phone in order to use it.
[01:48] <Parsonsda> Im just trying to be friendly
[01:48] <Karlis> I have a twitter?
[01:48] <Dtm142> Be nice BicycleCat please.
[01:48] <Karlis> It's like, mass text messaging
[01:48] <AnselaJonla>
[01:48] <BicycleCat> Sorry, that command is so addictive.
[01:48] <Liquidhelium> Karlis, would you change your avatar if I made one with >:)?
[01:48] <Parsonsda> Not many people talk to me really, so i try and help
[01:48] <Karlis> No
[01:48] <Liquidhelium> >:(
[01:48] <BicycleCat> I'm gonna have to remove chat hax so I won't be using it in the future.
[01:49] <Parsonsda> oh btw
[01:49] <Parsonsda> i have got one thing
[01:49] <Dtm142> ?
[01:49] <Karlis> A pair of blue cow pajamas?
[01:49] <BicycleCat> On second thought, I'm just going to refrain from using that command.
[01:49] <Parsonsda> Remmber i went to runefest 2011
[01:49] <BicycleCat> Self-control is always a good thing.
[01:50] <AnselaJonla> You Brit Pars?
[01:50] <Parsonsda> i got some photos, that not avaible on any site
[01:50] <Dtm142> (H)
[01:50] <Parsonsda> i keep them all this time
[01:50] <Parsonsda> Ill get them
[01:50] <BicycleCat> Did you get a [[Golden scythe]] while you were there, Parsons?
[01:50] <Liquidhelium> Dan the man we have (hp) in this chat :o
[01:50] <Dtm142> So?
[01:50] <Parsonsda> Yer
[01:50] <Liquidhelium> why do you insist on using your silly (H)?
[01:50] <BicycleCat> (facepalm) 
[01:51] <Dtm142> Because I can use (H).
[01:51] <Liquidhelium> (hp) is only one more character. And it looks a LOT better :) 
[01:51] <Dtm142> (H)
[01:51] <Liquidhelium> >:(
[01:51] <Dtm142> Problem?
[01:51] <Liquidhelium> you know what instead of saying >:( every damn time
[01:51] <Liquidhelium> I should just do
[01:51] <Liquidhelium> <--------------
[01:51] <Dtm142> :@
[01:51] <Dtm142> Do :@
[01:51] <Dtm142> (H)
[01:51] <Liquidhelium> that looks more like :O to me
[01:51] <Liquidhelium> than an angry face >_>
[01:52] <Spineweilder> pars, u had a gold scythe and u never told me? D:
[01:52] <Dtm142> Your face is more grouchy than angry imo
[01:52] <Liquidhelium> >:(
[01:52] <Liquidhelium> er
[01:52] <Liquidhelium> <-----------
[01:52] <Dtm142> (H)
[01:52] <Eis Herz> You're all weird.
[01:52] <Liquidhelium> <-----------
[01:53] <Liquidhelium> Karlis Karlis Karlis
[01:53] <Karlis> wut
[01:53] <Liquidhelium> save us from Dan the man's madness D:
[01:53] <AnselaJonla> *watches RCH like a hawk*
[01:53] <Urbancowgurl777> *sigh*
[01:53] <Karlis> So
[01:53] <BicycleCat> Same, Ansela.
[01:53] <Karlis> we went from stars
[01:53] <Karlis> to broken image pics
[01:53] <Urbancowgurl777> it's annoying in here, bbl ^-^
[01:53] <AnselaJonla> Waiting for 68. to come back?
[01:53] <Karlis> to nothing?
[01:53] <BicycleCat> That's Wikia for you, Karlis.
[01:53] <Liquidhelium> no, only you went to nothing it seems :o
[01:54] <Liquidhelium> I see broken image icons for everyone else
[01:54] <Dtm142> They're all nothing for me.
[01:54] <Eis Herz> B) Music video this girl is torturing this guy for being mean. B) 
[01:54] <Parsonsda> Guys
[01:54] <Karlis> oh there we go
[01:54] <Dtm142> Who peed in her unicorn flakes?
[01:54] <Karlis> <--
[01:54] <Parsonsda> whats that website that stores images and has black background
[01:55] <Eis Herz> imgur?
[01:55] <BicycleCat> Is it possible to make RCH redirect to Suppa's Recent Changes Hybrid?
[01:55] <Parsonsda> igur or something
[01:55] <Parsonsda> ty
[01:55] <Karlis> Oh I'm sorry Parsons, you didn't answer in the form of a question.
[01:56] <Cook Me Plox>
[01:56] <Casting Fishes^^> gotta go guise
[01:56] <Casting Fishes^^> <^><3
[01:56] <Casting Fishes^^> <33
[01:56] <Casting Fishes^^> baibai goodnight
[01:56] <AnselaJonla> bai
[01:56] <Dtm142> Bye
[01:56] <BicycleCat> Cook, could you please make RCH redirect to the Recent Changes Hybrid?
[01:56] <Karlis> aww
[01:57] <Karlis> i try to get this RCH, and it doesn't wor
[01:57] <Karlis> k
[01:57] <Karlis> :( 
[01:57] <Parsonsda> Guys
[01:57] <Parsonsda> here something
[01:57] <Parsonsda> From runfest 2011
[01:57] <Parsonsda>
[01:57] <Eis Herz> Looks crap.
[01:58] <AnselaJonla> Oh, is that from the poll on what skill-based minigame will be added this year?
[01:58] <Karlis> kitty
[01:58] <Karlis> how i make this hybrid thing work?
[01:58] <Parsonsda> Yer
[01:58] <BicycleCat> Add the script to your wikia.js page.
[01:58] <Parsonsda> they said all these updates will be in game at some time
[01:58] <Karlis> i did
[01:59] <Smithing> [[MediaWiki:Clearyourcache|Clear your cache]]?
[01:59] <AnselaJonla> Don't know if anyone here can access this:
[01:59] <Karlis> yar, did that too
[01:59] <Parsonsda> Here more
[01:59] <Parsonsda>
[01:59] <Parsonsda> ops broke
[02:00] <BicycleCat> Did you add that?
[02:00] <Karlis> ooh, i got it now
[02:00] <AnselaJonla> ^^some more images in that link I gave
[02:00] <Parsonsda>
[02:00] <BicycleCat> Epic fail, I couldn't copy-pasta the script I used.
[02:00] <BicycleCat> <nowiki>/* Recent Changes scripts */
[02:00] <BicycleCat> 
[02:00] <BicycleCat> importScript('User:Suppa_chuppa/hybrid.js');</nowiki>
[02:00] <BicycleCat> There, that did it.
[02:00] <BicycleCat> Did you add that?
[02:01] <Karlis> yup
[02:01] <Karlis> i got it
[02:01] <Parsonsda> im going bed guys
[02:01] <AnselaJonla> Night Pars
[02:01] <Karlis> just closed the window and re-opened it
[02:01] <Eis Herz> Oh dear.. Accidently sent someone the wrong message of "Heul doch, du Narr!"
[02:01] <Dtm142> Meh.
[02:01] <BicycleCat> Ah, okay.
[02:01] <Parsonsda> and tommrow, ill tell u about the update no one told u about
[02:01] <BicycleCat> Bai Parsons.
[02:02] <Eis Herz> "Heul Doch, du Narr" means "go cry, you fool". :/ 
[02:02] <BicycleCat> * BicycleCat looks forward to a night of partying whilst Parsons is gone for the night.
[02:02] <Dtm142> New room without increasing room limit (most realistic scenario given previous updates) = douchey
[02:02] <Dtm142> Though seed storage sounds neat.
[02:02] <Karlis> Back to trans I suppose
[02:02] <Parsonsda> ill give you a hint, it a big quest, and it invoves nomad, 
[02:02] <Parsonsda> Cya :) 
[02:02] <Eis Herz> Do you burn him?
[02:02] <BicycleCat> Any proof there, Parsons?
[02:02] <Parsonsda> yep
[02:03] <Parsonsda> ...oh wait....reading...
[02:03] <Dtm142> Big game hunting sounds stupid. Probably won't play it.
[02:03] <Parsonsda> this any a future update....this is a interview about nomad quest ..
[02:03] <Dtm142> Too many dailies/weeklys to keep track of.
[02:04] <Parsonsda> Fail...
[02:04] <Dtm142> You did not just say that...
[02:04] <Parsonsda> Big quest...nomad
[02:04] <Parsonsda> im dumb lol
[02:04] <Dtm142> I really do hope you're lying again. A new Nomad quest would be terrible.
[02:04] <Eis Herz> ^
[02:05] <BicycleCat> I really do hope you've learned your lesson about lying and stuff from last time, Parsons.
[02:05] <Parsonsda> One more link
[02:05] <Liquidhelium> ugh
[02:05] <Parsonsda> before my battry dies
[02:05] <Liquidhelium> I come back and see THIS?
[02:05] <Parsonsda>
[02:06] <BicycleCat> You do remember that you agreed that if you did anything else, you'd be perma-banned from the Wiki, right?
[02:06] <Liquidhelium> Parsons, I've dealt with you a lot in the ;ast
[02:06] <Liquidhelium> past*
[02:06] <Liquidhelium> you remember what happened last time, right? >_>
[02:06] <Dtm142> Greenhouse will probably be no-lifers only. I bet that's the catch.
[02:06] <Liquidhelium> try not to let that happen again....
[02:06] <BicycleCat> Agreed, Liquid.
[02:06] <Parsonsda> Im not liing
[02:06] <Dtm142> That, and they won't increase the room limit.
[02:06] <Parsonsda> These my pic
[02:06] <Liquidhelium> I want Jagex to increase the level limit >:(
[02:07] <Eis Herz> lying.. not liing.
[02:07] <Liquidhelium> I'd have 102 construction if it wasn't capped at 99
[02:07] <Dtm142> Nah. RS has enough level-grinding and macro incentives.
[02:07] <Parsonsda> anyway cya tommrow guya
[02:07] <BicycleCat> Bai.
[02:07] <Dtm142> Grind one of the other 24 skills if you want more levels.
[02:07] <Dtm142> Bye.
[02:07] <Parsonsda> And tommrow, ill tell u how to make real life gnome dti k
[02:07] <Parsonsda> Drink
[02:07] <Dtm142> (H)
[02:07] <BicycleCat> * BicycleCat thinks Dia would be Level 99 Sarcasm if there was such a skill.
[02:08] <Eis Herz> I'm faceious, not sarcastic.
[02:08] <Liquidhelium> (facepalm) 
[02:08] <Eis Herz> facetious*
[02:08] <Liquidhelium> PARSONS PLEAAAAAAAAASE don't start lying again >_<
[02:08] <Liquidhelium> I've had enough of parsons drama in this lifetime
[02:08] <BicycleCat> Ikr, Liquid?
[02:09] <Liquidhelium> Idria, to be completely honest...
[02:09] <Dtm142> Have you seen his golden scythe/runefest hood?
[02:09] <Liquidhelium> I never intended for the agreement I wrote up with him (the one concerning the 6 month block) to actually be used
[02:09] <BicycleCat> Dtm, does he really have one?
[02:09] <Liquidhelium> It was meant as a deterrent. I thought he learned his lesson >_>
[02:09] <Dtm142> You were hoping he'd just quit?
[02:09] <Dtm142> I don't know.
[02:09] <BicycleCat> Well, Fergs mentioned it and I agreed with her that if he does one more thing, he'd get perma-blocked.
[02:09] <Coelacanth0794> liquid is just overly judgmental
[02:09] <Dtm142> That's why I'm asking if you've seen it.
[02:10] <Liquidhelium> No, at the time I was naive and thought he'd changed
[02:10] <Liquidhelium> Idria, Gareth and I also generally agree on that point
[02:10] <Eis Herz> Liq still naive.
[02:10] <Dtm142> He's exactly the same lol, love or hate him.
[02:10] <BicycleCat> Dtm, I highly doubt he has one since the list that was compiled on the official Forums doesn't have him on it.
[02:10] <Dtm142> They made a list?
[02:10] <BicycleCat> Yep.
[02:10] <Dtm142> Cite?
[02:10] <Eis Herz> You have to agree to be on the list to be on it.
[02:10] <Coelacanth0794> parsons isn't always agreeable, but at least he has work ethic.
[02:10] <Dtm142> Oh.
[02:11] <BicycleCat> It was going to be added here, but we removed it for mentioning players.
[02:11] <Coelacanth0794> unlike a certain helmet.
[02:11] <Liquidhelium> Parsons won't decline to be the list
[02:11] <Liquidhelium> he's an attention buff :L
[02:11] <Dtm142> You can link to it in chat. But dia suggests it's unreliable.
[02:11] <Eis Herz> Innocent until proven guilty?
[02:11] <Coelacanth0794> everyone is an attention buff
[02:11] <Dtm142> So his name not being on it doesn't prove his guilt.
[02:11] <Eis Herz> I'm not.
[02:11] <Liquidhelium> okay the dining hall is about to close and I'll get kicked out
[02:11] <Liquidhelium> be back later
[02:12] <BicycleCat> It had all 25 players on it, Dtm.
[02:12] <BicycleCat> However, I can't find the thread it was on. >.>
[02:13] <Karlis> Night folks. I'll be on wiki, off chat. Talk page if you need to get ahold of me or request a trans before I hit it alphabetically
[02:13] <BicycleCat> Wait, I found the list.
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 1 Castle Wars
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 2 Two101
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 3 Stiyl Magnus
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 4 The Eggman
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 5 Estarayella
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 6 Zaox
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 7 Pirate Lady
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 8 Darkoli
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 9 hidden for the public
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 10 Sn Parsley
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 11 Rickadai
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 12 MadMarkX
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 13 Nebulon Mah
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 14 Vik Icarus
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 15 hidden until permission
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 16 Spamcan29
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 17 Mdv
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 18 Ravenesque/Arkayla
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 19 Jimmy Jumper
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 20 Hidden for the public.
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 21 Carpious
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 22 AKriminal
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 23 Vicki
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 24 Vers**us
[02:13] <BicycleCat> 25 Souls Tyrant 
[02:13] <BicycleCat> It was on the Talk page.
[02:14] <Eis Herz> What about 9?
[02:14] <BicycleCat> Fail, three people never got listed.
[02:14] <BicycleCat> But I seriously doubt Parsons would have one since he's been known to lie about all sorts of stuff in the past.
[02:14] <Eis Herz> I don't like him, but I think it's unfair to call him a liar.
[02:15] <Dtm142> Runefest hood would prove his innocence.
[02:15] <BicycleCat> Well then, try to get him to show you his golden scythe that he supposedly has.
[02:15] <Eis Herz> An idiot, sure. A liar, maybe not.
[02:15] <BicycleCat> Not necessarily, Dtm.
[02:15] <Dtm142> Ask him to produce it and his golden scythe ingame next chance you get.
[02:15] <BicycleCat> The hood was given out to ALL players that went to Runefest 2011.
[02:16] <BicycleCat> The scythe was only given out to the 25 fastest players during the scavenger hunt thingy there.
[02:16] <Dtm142> If he actually went, he may have some credibility.
[02:16] <BicycleCat> Meh, I can't comment on that, but I don't believe he has a golden scythe.
[02:16] <Eis Herz> Where is this damned penguin?
[02:18] <Eis Herz> [[User talk:Eis Herz]] Thoughts on image?
[02:18] <BicycleCat> On the Lesser demon image? Only that you seem to be obsessed with it tonight...
[02:18] <Eis Herz> Different image...
[02:19] <BicycleCat> Oh, I see...
[02:19] <Dtm142> Greater*
[02:19] <BicycleCat> Dtm, I knew it was one of the two.
[02:19] <Dtm142> Was Parsons banned from IRC?
[02:19] <BicycleCat> And I like it, Dia.
[02:19] <Liquidhelium> Yes, Dtm
[02:20] <Dtm142> Ahh.
[02:20] <Liquidhelium> 45 minutes after he was unbanned -.-
[02:20] <Liquidhelium> He was trolling Christine
[02:20] <BicycleCat> By the way, I've gotta take a shower now that I've gotten finished cleaning it, and once I get back, I'm planning to build my very own Throne room in my house.
[02:20] <Liquidhelium> You can imagine how well that went :L
[02:20] <Dtm142> That would be why we get to put up with him.
[02:20] <BicycleCat> Just need to hunt penguins for tonight so I can level up Construction one level. =D
[02:20] <Liquidhelium> She's really nice in real life though :o
[02:20] <Liquidhelium> I've had coffee with her twice.
[02:21] <BicycleCat> Be back later guise.
[02:21] <Liquidhelium> really enjoyed both times
[02:21] <Dtm142> You've met another wikian irl?
[02:21] <Dtm142> O_O
[02:21] <Liquidhelium> yes
[02:22] <Liquidhelium> Christine knows quite a few wikians apparently
[02:22] <Liquidhelium> she's got like 20 of them friended on facebook (albeit most of them are older wikians)
[02:22] <BicycleCat> * BicycleCat rides off into the sunset on the back of my trusty [[King Black Dragon|winged steed]].
[02:22] <Liquidhelium> apparently wowbagger spent a night with her once :o
[02:22] <Eis Herz> a night?
[02:22] <Dtm142> Oh God...
[02:22] <Dtm142> (facepalm) 
[02:22] <Liquidhelium> or multiple nights
[02:22] <Liquidhelium> she didn't say how many
[02:23] <Dtm142> ugh..........
[02:23] <Dtm142> Weird.
[02:23] <Horseseatpie> Hi everyone and Navi!
[02:23] <Dtm142> Hey
[02:23] <Horseseatpie> Would you guys mind answering a R.S. related question for me?
[02:23] <Eis Herz> Awesome track.
[02:23] <Liquidhelium> she showed me quite a few wikians' facebook pages O_o
[02:24] <Liquidhelium> /me was surprised at how many wikians are named "Andrew" -.-
[02:24] <Eis Herz> Whats the question?
[02:24] <Dtm142> Doesn't work in my country dear.
[02:24] <Horseseatpie> What are some good quests for my friend to do?
[02:24] <Dtm142> Hyenaste is Jeff
[02:24] <Eis Herz> All of them.
[02:24] <Dtm142> Merovingian is Ryan
[02:24] <Liquidhelium> you're Dan
[02:24] <Eis Herz> Who am I?
[02:24] <Dtm142> Gangster and Soldier are both Andrew (?)
[02:24] <Liquidhelium> Sacre's name is s00per sekrit so only Christine knows it apparently
[02:24] <Liquidhelium> Yes, Dtm
[02:24] <Dtm142> Helm is Kevin
[02:24] <Liquidhelium> as are Aburnett, Stinko
[02:24] <Liquidhelium> >:(
[02:24] <Horseseatpie> They are a non-questing folk (How can they live!) and need some help picking a decently short, yet useful one.
[02:24] <Dtm142> Does she know Tari :O?
[02:25] <Liquidhelium> not sure
[02:25] <Liquidhelium> I know Whiplash's full name but he wouldn't want me to give it out
[02:25] <Dtm142> Which ones has he done?
[02:25] <Eis Herz> Ghost ahoy?
[02:25] <Liquidhelium> she knows Vimescarrot's name
[02:25] <Dtm142> Fairy Tale 2/3.
[02:25] <Dtm142> Fairy rings <3
[02:25] <Horseseatpie> I doubt they have done number 1, and I don't even have stats for 2.
[02:25] <Horseseatpie> But I do have fairy rings unlocked =P 
[02:25] <Eis Herz> no stats for fairy rings.
[02:25] <Dtm142> Unlock them.
[02:25] <Liquidhelium> Karlis is Michael I think
[02:25] <Liquidhelium> Calebchiam is Caleb Chiam
[02:26] <Liquidhelium> Azaz's name I think I know
[02:26] <Liquidhelium> but he wouldn't want me to give it out
[02:26] <Liquidhelium> Oddlyoko is Jonathan Castello
[02:26] <Liquidhelium> Eucarya I have no idea
[02:26] <Eis Herz> What is mine?
[02:26] <Liquidhelium> Alice Liddell of course
[02:26] <Liquidhelium> :) 
[02:26] <Eis Herz> Nein
[02:26] <Liquidhelium> :P
[02:27] <Liquidhelium> Dan the man, what's your major in college?
[02:27] <Eis Herz> Why does no one click my links? :( 
[02:27] <Dtm142> Gender studies.
[02:28] <Liquidhelium> what
[02:28] <Liquidhelium> O_o
[02:28] <Coelacanth0794> because one does not simply click unknown links
[02:28] <Liquidhelium> *did not expect that*
[02:28] <Dtm142>
[02:28] <Liquidhelium> there was such a string going too :( 
[02:28] <Liquidhelium> of bureaucrats in science majors
[02:28] <Liquidhelium> Eucarya, Sacre Fi, Whiplash....
[02:28] <Dtm142> It's Math. Going for the Honours Degree.
[02:28] <Eis Herz> Any special interests going on with that major, Dtm?
[02:29] <Dtm142> I don't have interests anymore. University ruined my life :( 
[02:29] <Liquidhelium> There's also a lot of bureaucrats in north america ^_^
[02:29] <Eis Herz> I mean, the study, is it specialising in anything/
[02:29] <Dtm142> Does Math count as a science major?
[02:30] <Dtm142> Vimes is British iirc
[02:30] <Liquidhelium> eh
[02:30] <Liquidhelium> sure I guess
[02:30] <Liquidhelium> yes Vimes is British
[02:30] <Coelacanth0794> Math is the language the universe is written in
[02:30] <Dtm142> Not sure Eis.
[02:30] <Liquidhelium> Karlis is in Washington
[02:30] <Liquidhelium> Azaz is in Massachusetts
[02:30] <Liquidhelium> Whiplash is in Newfoundland
[02:30] <Dtm142> Might do pure, applied. Haven't decided yet.
[02:30] <Liquidhelium> Sacre is in California
[02:30] <Dtm142> Only I and Whiplash live in the Dominion.
[02:30] <Liquidhelium> Oddlyoko is in California
[02:31] <Liquidhelium> Dan the man is in the middle of nowhere
[02:31] <Dtm142> ^
[02:31] <Liquidhelium> that's six so far
[02:31] <Liquidhelium> Merovingian is in California
[02:31] <Liquidhelium> Alaska*
[02:31] <Liquidhelium> so seven/thirteen
[02:31] <Dtm142> Flyover region. If you're running for prime minister, you focus on the more populous provinces.
[02:31] <Callofduty4> Mathematics is a separate degree in the UK
[02:31] <Callofduty4> BMath and MMath
[02:31] <Dtm142> BSc here.
[02:32] <Callofduty4> still makes sense though
[02:32] <Callofduty4> to have it included in science degrees
[02:36] <Dtm142> Wtf?
[02:36] <Dtm142> This problem makes no sense.
[02:36] <Liquidhelium> Your avatar makes no sense.
[02:36] <Dtm142> "A mail-order house receives, on average, 8 “wrong number” telephone calls per 5-day work week."
[02:36] <Dtm142> "What is the probability that they receive exactly 6 “wrong number” calls this week (i.e. during the 5-day work week)?"
[02:37] <Dtm142> Not enough information...?
[02:37] <Liquidhelium> hmm
[02:37] <Liquidhelium> maybe they want you to assume a Gaussian distribution?
[02:37] <Dtm142> What?
[02:38] <Dtm142> (it's not in the index of my text, so I'd wager against it")
[02:38] <Liquidhelium> the standard normal curve <_<
[02:38] <Dtm142> Oh.
[02:38] <Liquidhelium> you know, given by 1/sqrt(2pi) e^-x^2
[02:38] <Liquidhelium> er, x^-2*
[02:38] <Liquidhelium> with some constants stuck on here and there to modify standard deviation/mean
[02:38] <Dtm142> Nope.
[02:39] <Dtm142> This is discrete rvs.
[02:39] <Dtm142> Not continuous.
[02:39] <Liquidhelium> hmm
[02:39] <Liquidhelium> no clue
[02:40] <Liquidhelium> [[RuneScape:Requests for adminship/Archive 6]]
[02:40] <Liquidhelium> That's getting quite long, Dan the man
[02:40] <Liquidhelium> next RfA you close you should create an Archive 7
[02:40] <Dtm142> Nah.
[02:40] <Dtm142> Too complicated.
[02:41] <Dtm142> It's complicated enough as it is. Crats don't always do it right.
[02:41] <Dtm142> Particularly when the same person runs more than once.
[02:41] <Liquidhelium> fine
[02:42] <Dtm142> Hmm
[02:42] <Dtm142> Canada is Americans' favourite foreign country, according to Gallup.
[02:43] <Dtm142> 96% favourability.
[02:43] <Coelacanth0794> (y) 
[02:43] <Coelacanth0794> as a canadian i approve
[02:43] <Dtm142> ^
[02:44] <Dtm142> Come again?
[02:45] <Liquidhelium> Canada is America's hat
[02:45] <Liquidhelium> we do need a hat.
[02:45] <Dtm142> :@
[02:45] <Dtm142> 1812
[02:46] <Dtm142> Burned your capital city to the ground.
[02:46] <Dtm142> We can do it again.
[02:46] <Liquidhelium> If you even dare to try we'll nuke the hell out of Ottawa
[02:46] <Dtm142> We got rid of our nukes.
[02:47] <Liquidhelium> And it's telling of your low standing that you can't cite something more recent than 1812 :) 
[02:47] <Dtm142> You haven't dared to try since.
[02:47] <Liquidhelium> Obama is an idiot for considering getting rid of the US nuclear arsenal
[02:47] <Dtm142> Because you're still butthurt over 1812.
[02:47] <Dtm142> Maybe.
[02:48] <Dtm142> But you probably wouldn't need them anyway if you didn't tick so many people off.
[02:48] <Liquidhelium> You Canadians do have an advantage, though.
[02:48] <Coelacanth0794> why would you possibly want nukes?
[02:48] <Liquidhelium> If we were to nuke Canada we'd have to deal with potential nuclear fallout over parts of the US
[02:48] <Dtm142> ^
[02:48] <Liquidhelium> especially if the target is a major city close to the border
[02:48] <Dtm142> Lol
[02:48] <Liquidhelium> that isn't a problem if we had to nuke, say, London.
[02:48] <Liquidhelium> The world is a dangerous place, nooby coel fish
[02:48] <Coelacanth0794> liquid likes fucking with other countries.
[02:49] <Liquidhelium> you can hold hands and say Kum Ba Yah but the world won't
[02:49] <Coelacanth0794> who is gonna nuke you liquid?
[02:49] <Liquidhelium> and so you have to demonstrate power to maintain security.
[02:49] <Liquidhelium> The next Soviet Union would.
[02:49] <Dtm142> Iran. Or North Korea.
[02:49] <Coelacanth0794> all nukes are banend now k
[02:50] <Dtm142> Anyone who has nukes can nuke anyone.
[02:50] <Mosyhero> i has nuke
[02:50] <Coelacanth0794> i has cheezburger
[02:50] <ZamorakO o> Hai
[02:51] <Coelacanth0794> ello
[02:51] <Liquidhelium> Coelacanth0794
[02:51] <Liquidhelium> all nukes are banend now k
[02:51] <Liquidhelium> NEVER
[02:51] <Coelacanth0794> nope, they must be banned and dismantled
[02:51] <Liquidhelium> no they don't
[02:51] <Coelacanth0794> that includes everyone
[02:51] <Liquidhelium> if we ever need to get into a war again we'd need the nuclear weapons.
[02:51] <Coelacanth0794> i think you like war too much.
[02:51] <Liquidhelium> And it's a powerful deterrent for other countries not to provoke a war with us
[02:52] <Dtm142> lol
[02:52] <Mosyhero> its powerful deterrent to get the stains off the world ;) 
[02:52] <Dtm142> You guys start a new war every year.
[02:52] <Coelacanth0794> Yeah, liquid! Scare them off while we work on making iPods smaller
[02:52] <Eis Herz> 'we'? Are you chinese?
[02:52] <Dtm142> You haven't not been in a war since 2001, probably even earlier.
[02:52] <Coelacanth0794> no
[02:53] <Liquidhelium> Well, I'm Chinese by ethnicity
[02:53] <Coelacanth0794> I'm the whitest white guy i know
[02:53] <Liquidhelium> The last war we were involved in ended in 1945.
[02:53] <Dtm142> lol
[02:53] <Dtm142> [[Korean War]]
[02:53] <Liquidhelium> that's not a war
[02:53] <Dtm142> War on Terror
[02:53] <Dtm142> Iraq War
[02:53] <Liquidhelium> that's not a war either.
[02:53] <Coelacanth0794> it says war in the title
[02:53] <Dtm142> Libya
[02:53] <Liquidhelium> That doesn't mean it's a war.
[02:53] <Dtm142> etc etc etc.
[02:53] <Coelacanth0794> what would you classify as a war?
[02:54] <Liquidhelium> A conflict only counts as a war if Congress declares war.
[02:54] <Dtm142> 6
[02:54] <Liquidhelium> And the last time that happened was on 12/8/1941
[02:54] <Liquidhelium> the day after Pearl Harbor
[02:54] <Coelacanth0794> and you have this date memorised why?
[02:54] <Liquidhelium> I know Pearl Harbor is on 12/7
[02:54] <Dtm142> American history.
[02:54] <Liquidhelium> so I just added a day
[02:54] <Liquidhelium> (hp) American history
[02:54] <Dtm142> Drilled into your head.
[02:54] <Coelacanth0794> bah1
[02:54] <Dtm142> You have to memorize every state, location, capital, etc.
[02:55] <Dtm142> But you evidently don't need to be able to find the U.S.A on a map.
[02:55] <Coelacanth0794> <yao ming face>
[02:55] <Liquidhelium> Of course you do, Dan the man
[02:55] <Dtm142> Or know which testament of the Bible was written first.
[02:55] <Liquidhelium> a lot of people can't because they haven't taken US history
[02:55] <Coelacanth0794> aka,
[02:55] <Liquidhelium> Genesis?
[02:55] <Dtm142> ...
[02:56] <Dtm142> I'll pretend you didn't say that.
[02:56] <Liquidhelium> oh testament
[02:56] <Liquidhelium> >_>
[02:56] <Dtm142> (H)
[02:56] <Liquidhelium> Old testament
[02:56] <ZamorakO o> lolol
[02:56] <Hairrazerrr> Hello
[02:56] <Liquidhelium> I really like the AP US History cirriculum, though
[02:57] <Liquidhelium> curriculum* 
[02:57] <Liquidhelium> >_<
[02:57] <Liquidhelium> I took it in 9th grade... first AP I took :) 
[02:57] <Liquidhelium> and I had an awesome teacher.
[02:57] <Coelacanth0794> there nooby liquid helmet
[02:57] <Coelacanth0794> maxed citadel
[02:57] <Liquidhelium> Thank you nooby coel fish
[02:57] <Coelacanth0794> np helmet
[02:57] <Hairrazerrr> Coel, please. Can you log in for this one pic?
[02:58] <Coelacanth0794> i am logged in
[02:58] <Hairrazerrr> It has gone through a lot
[02:58] <Hairrazerrr> Oh
[02:58] <Hairrazerrr> [[File:Bernald.png]]
[02:58] <Coelacanth0794> k ill get right to it
[02:58] <Coelacanth0794> *is wearing ooo as costume item*
[02:58] <Coelacanth0794> i can literally do it right now
[02:59] <Hairrazerrr> What happened to Taverly? D:
[03:00] <Coelacanth0794> it got practically merged with burthorpe
[03:01] <Dtm142> Ahh.
[03:01] <Dtm142> I bet it's Poisson distribution.
[03:01] <Dtm142> Only discrete distribution type that hasn't been used in this assignment.
[03:01] <Dtm142> And it seems to ask similar questions.
[03:02] <Coelacanth0794> got it hair
[03:02] <Coelacanth0794> gonna trans
[03:03] <Liquidhelium> Poisson?
[03:03] <Liquidhelium> isn't that (fishing) in French?
[03:04] <Sum1 0 o> poison fish?
[03:04] <Hairrazerrr> THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Coel
[03:04] <Sum1 0 o> :O
[03:04] <Sum1 0 o> A poisonous fish
[03:05] <Dtm142> I think that might be where it comes from.
[03:05] <Sum1 0 o> [[User:A poisonous fish]] see
[03:05] <Sum1 0 o> aww
[03:06] <Dtm142> Something to do with average number of creatures caught in a trap,
[03:06] <Dtm142> Nvm
[03:06] <Dtm142> Name of the guy that discovered it.
[03:06] <Dtm142>
[03:07] <Liquidhelium> Hey Dan the man
[03:07] <Liquidhelium> remember what our good friend Chia put on your RfA?
[03:07] <Liquidhelium> "I Oppose because you can't nominate youself. Chiafriend12 04:41, 5 May 2007 (UTC)"
[03:07] <Liquidhelium> /me still gets a kick out of reading that :) 
[03:07] <Dtm142> (H)
[03:07] <Liquidhelium> especially with "You nominated yourself Chia. o_O Christine 11:40, 5 May 2007 (UTC)"
[03:08] <Liquidhelium> "Hehehe! I'm the only one who is opposing...Chiafriend12 20:05, 12 May 2007 (UTC)
[03:08] <Liquidhelium> w00t?... Dtm142 20:11, 12 May 2007 (UTC)"
[03:08] <Dtm142> He's said more colourful stuff.
[03:08] <Liquidhelium> lolololol
[03:08] <Dtm142> Nub = nob = renob = boner = "LOL, YOU'RE ERECT!"
[03:08] <Dtm142> Therefore, if someone calls you a nub it means they're really calling you erect.
[03:09] <Dtm142> I promise I'm not making this up.
[03:12] <Coelacanth0794> there hair
[03:13] <ZamorakO o> Sounds like the Chia I know
[03:13] <Hairrazerrr> Coel, you are an angel.
[03:14] <Coelacanth0794> wel i'm actually a coel fish
[03:14] <Coelacanth0794> but np
[03:15] <Coelacanth0794> well about time i got going.
[03:15] <Coelacanth0794> gnight
[03:20] <Eis Herz> If any of you see Moshyhero come on, tell him I decided to help her.
[03:21] <Hairrazerrr> Hey Haveno
[03:21] <Havenomercy3> Hey
[03:23] <Eis Herz> I need a haircut.
[03:23] <Eis Herz> Fringe goes past my chin.
[03:26] <ZamorakO o> My bangs go past my shoulders :P
[03:26] <ZamorakO o> ... But so does the rest of my hair
[03:26] <Eis Herz> Let me guess, your name is Craig Mabbitt?
[03:26] <ZamorakO o> Nope :D
[03:27] <Hairrazerrr> Oh my...
[03:27] <Hairrazerrr> 2 crats at [email protected]@
[03:27] <Karlis> We were both here earlier too
[03:27] <Hairrazerrr> But now Hair is here too.
[03:29] <Karlis> Anyone know if fergie is in game?
[03:29] <Eis Herz> Not atm
[03:30] <Karlis> Damn
[03:31] <Cook Me Plox> [[File:Tztok jad-14152849.gif]] can anyone get a better pic of this, lol
[03:31] <Eis Herz> Next slay task.
[03:32] <Hairrazerrr> Karlis, Fergie is here.
[03:32] <Eis Herz> WOOOOOT 88 (slay) 
[03:32] <ZamorakO o> Grats Dia
[03:32] <ZamorakO o> Blasted Netflix, y u no work
[03:32] <ZamorakO o> I put in my 3 month xbl card for you </3
[03:33] <ZamorakO o> I've saved it for nearly 2 months now. :P
[03:33] <Urbancowgurl777> am not
[03:33] <Eis Herz> Time to do an elite task.
[03:33] <ZamorakO o> Fergie, we love you.
[03:33] <Eis Herz> Final one for this set.
[03:33] <ZamorakO o> Even if you're both male and female. <3
[03:34] <Eis Herz> Logically impossible to be bigendered.
[03:35] <Eis Herz> :| 
[03:35] <ZamorakO o> It's the Internet. A place where no one knows you're really a cat.
[03:37] <Eis Herz> .... Went maging, on lunars.
[03:41] <Liquidhelium> /me has fergs added on facebook
[03:42] <Liquidhelium> she's female >_>
[03:42] <Eis Herz> No proof.
[03:42] <Eis Herz>
[03:42] <Liquidhelium> yeah you have her added too Ty
[03:42] <Liquidhelium> you should have known that
[03:44] <Urbancowgurl777> *stares at study guide*
[03:44] <Urbancowgurl777> this teacher is insane
[03:44] <Dtm142> Liquid, is this guy serioius
[03:44] <Dtm142> [[User talk:Liquidhelium/Archive 19%23Re: your stupid question about something_stupid|User talk:Liquidhelium/Archive 19#Re: your stupid question about something stupid]]
[03:45] <Dtm142> Gay marriage saves lives because masturbation reduces your cancer risk.
[03:45] <Dtm142> That's his argument.
[03:45] <Urbancowgurl777> ..can we not talk about that in here <.<
[03:45] <Dtm142> (facepalm) 
[03:45] <Dtm142> Sorry.
[03:46] <Dtm142> Seems racially charged too.
[03:46] <Dtm142> "attacked in an alley by a gang of Karl Roves"
[03:47] <Eis Herz> Gay marriage is a good thing.
[03:47] <Dtm142> I support it. But that's a stupid "argument".
[03:48] <Eis Herz> 1) it pisses off the heterosexual extremists
[03:48] <Eis Herz> 2) reduces the growing population number
[03:48] <Hairrazerrr> Go somewhere else to have that conversation, not here. 
[03:49] <Dtm142> Those are better. Infintessimally.
[03:49] <Dtm142> (facepalm) 
[03:50] <Eis Herz> 1890 - 1 billion people
[03:50] <Eis Herz> 2 world wars later
[03:50] <Eis Herz> 2010 - 7 billion
[03:50] <Dtm142> Except the population in developed countries is rapidly aging.
[03:51] <Dtm142> TFR < 2
[03:51] <Eis Herz> My family has 5 generations alive atm.
[03:51] <Dtm142> + people are living longer.
[03:52] <Dtm142> Again, not exactly good if each worker has two parents and four grandparents to support through social insurance.
[03:52] <Dtm142> It's expected to cap globally at around 9 billion based on current trends, by 2050.
[03:52] <Dtm142> Sooner for developed countries.
[03:54] <Dtm142> Ohh
[03:54] <Dtm142>
[03:54] <Dtm142> THAT'S what that song's called.
[03:54] <Eis Herz> Germany is dropping in population.
[03:55] <Dtm142> It is now, huh.
[03:55] <Dtm142> Not yet for Canada.
[03:55] <Eis Herz> Yay Deutschland.
[03:55] <ZamorakO o> amg
[03:55] <Dtm142> Ireland is over 2 but below the safety margin of 2.1. It should do alright.
[03:56] <Dtm142> ?
[03:56] <Eis Herz> The reason is because no one understands Irish.
[03:56] <Dtm142> What?
[03:58] <Eis Herz> Time to get my fremennik boots 4.
[04:03] <Liquidhelium> Dan the man
[04:03] <Liquidhelium> you just asked me if Psycho Robot was serious
[04:03] <Liquidhelium> /me slaps Dan the man around a bit with a large (fishing) 
[04:03] <Eis Herz> herring?
[04:04] <Dtm142> Was he?
[04:04] <Dtm142> Or just trolling.
[04:05] <Dtm142> No Dia. I used to think the same way. But apparently, it's an inside joke.
[04:05] <Dtm142> It's a large trout, not a red herring.
[04:05] <Dtm142> Go figure.
[04:05] <Dtm142> (IRC command I think?)
[04:05] <Dtm142> /slap?
[04:05] <Liquidhelium> he was just trolling
[04:05] <Liquidhelium> duh
[04:05] <Dtm142> Ok.
[04:06] <Dtm142> Thought so.
[04:06] <Dtm142> Wasn't sure though.
[04:08] <Dtm142> J/Qing :@
[04:09] <Hairrazerrr> Me? Pshh... no
[04:09] <Eis Herz> Hairrazerrr has left the chat. 
[04:09] <Eis Herz> Hairrazerrr has joined the chat. 
[04:09] <Eis Herz> Hairrazerrr has left the chat. 
[04:09] <Eis Herz> Hairrazerrr has joined the chat. 
[04:09] <Eis Herz> Hairrazerrr has left the chat. 
[04:09] <Eis Herz> Hairrazerrr has joined the chat. 
[04:09] <Dtm142> ^
[04:10] <ZamorakO o> We should've just banned him
[04:10] <ZamorakO o> Just to say we did.
[04:10] <Eis Herz> Anyone able to take an OoO image for me?
[04:12] <The rune escape master> hey
[04:13] <Dtm142> Hi
[04:13] <The rune escape master> sooooooo
[04:13] <The rune escape master> hows it going
[04:13] <Eis Herz> Fine. Just finished an elite diary
[04:13] <The rune escape master> nice
[04:13] <The rune escape master> omg
[04:13] <Dtm142> ?
[04:13] <The rune escape master> i have to get off
[04:14] <The rune escape master> see ya
[04:14] <ZamorakO o> bai
[04:14] <FreeJuice> Hi
[04:14] <Dtm142> Hi
[04:15] <FreeJuice> everybody's away :L
[04:15] <FreeJuice> kbai
[04:15] <Eis Herz> I'm not.
[04:16] <Dtm142> ...
[04:18] <Eis Herz> I quite like my new boots.
[04:18] <Hairrazerrr> test
[04:18] <Hairrazerrr> Zammy, I think I got it working
[04:18] <Urbancowgurl777> this guy wants to delete numerous images that are on 90+ pages
[04:18] <Urbancowgurl777> *ignores*
[04:19] <Urbancowgurl777> what, he already nominated these once, but we keep them for historical purposes
[04:19] <Urbancowgurl777> -.-
[04:20] <Dtm142> Template him.
[04:20] <Dtm142> Being templated is terrifying to noobs.
[04:20] <Hairrazerrr> It wasn't terrifying for me. I just got mad. >.>
[04:24] <Hairrazerrr> *pokes Zammy*
[04:24] <ZamorakO o> o.O
[04:24] <ZamorakO o> got what working
[04:25] <Hairrazerrr> I think I got the {{User:<span style="color:red;">RSChatBot</span>/Tasks}} set up too. Can I implement it? :o
[04:25] <ZamorakO o> o.O
[04:25] <ZamorakO o> I guess
[04:28] <Hairrazerrr> *hopes this doesn't kill bot*
[04:28] <Liquidhelium> okay, I'm done with chat for tonight
[04:29] <Liquidhelium> back to the IRC I go
[04:29] <Hairrazerrr> Bye bye...
[04:29] <Liquidhelium> and Dan, US>Canada ;) 
[04:29] <Sum1 0 o> BOO!!!
[04:29] <Sum1 0 o> You got scared!
[04:29] <Eis Herz> (hp) Germany (hp) 
[04:29] <Sum1 0 o> you were like getting the hebejebes
[04:32] <Eis Herz> How much are people selling flasks for?
[04:44] <Smithing> Hey
[04:45] <Hairrazerrr> Hai Smith
[04:45] <ZamorakO o> Hi Smith-keep
[04:46] <Smithing> Smith-keep? =S 
[04:47] <Hairrazerrr> Zammy, before you delete those files in the speedy deletion candidates, let me replace them on the mainspace
[04:47] <Hairrazerrr> Hey... random letters
[04:47] <Skdhjf> Ello..
[04:47] <Skdhjf> Just stopping by from brickipedia..
[04:47] <Smithing> [[MediaWiki talk:Emoticons%23Chocolate Cake|MediaWiki talk:Emoticons#Chocolate Cake]] Can an admin check this out as well?
[04:47] <Smithing> Hey
[04:47] <Smithing> sup?
[04:47] <Skdhjf> Saw your guys' chat bot :3
[04:48] <Skdhjf> Ajraddatz showed it to us.
[04:48] <Skdhjf> Heh.
[04:48] <Smithing> Yea, it's pretty cool
[04:48] <Hairrazerrr> It is also evil.
[04:48] <Skdhjf> I have been manually logging chat
[04:48] <ZamorakO o> Ah Mister Raddatz
[04:48] <Smithing> Mostly cool lol
[04:48] <Skdhjf> We have lots of issues going on at our chat
[04:48] <ZamorakO o> Aww :/ 
[04:49] <Skdhjf> Hey ZamorakO o
[04:49] <ZamorakO o> Hi Skdhjf
[04:49] <Skdhjf> yeah, it's an everyday thing
[04:49] <Smithing> That sucks. Barely any here at all.
[04:49] <ZamorakO o> .... Your name looks familiar, do I know you? :P
[04:49] <Skdhjf> Apps Wiki.
[04:49] <Skdhjf> :D
[04:49] <ZamorakO o> Oh ya! :D
[04:49] <ZamorakO o> How is it doing atm? =o
[04:49] <Skdhjf> not so good..
[04:49] <ZamorakO o> Aww :/ 
[04:49] <Skdhjf> I sort of gave up on it
[04:50] <ZamorakO o> I've been doing other things 
[04:50] <Skdhjf> I am pursuing my iOS apps and other websites.
[04:50] <Skdhjf> My apps are doing good though...
[04:50] <ZamorakO o> [[w:c:kappamikey:]] is my current project :P
[04:50] <ZamorakO o> That's good to hear :3
[04:51] <Skdhjf> nice wiki
[04:51] <ZamorakO o> It's far from complete. :P
[04:53] <Skdhjf> Safari is killing me.
[04:53] <Smithing> I'm reading a Wikipedia essay for homework help lol
[04:53] <ZamorakO o> lol, nice Smithy
[04:53] <Smithing> Can't believe it came down to this
[04:53] <Skdhjf> I just typed an essay..which was due tomorrow. :3
[04:54] <Skdhjf> I cut it close all the time. O_o
[04:55] <Hairrazerrr> Is it still possible to use RSW image renamer?
[04:56] <Ajraddatz> zammy, you sir are a genious
[04:56] <Ajraddatz> genius*
[04:56] <Ajraddatz> also
[04:56] <Ajraddatz> skd!
[04:56] <Skdhjf> hai
[04:56] <Hairrazerrr> It looks like Skdhjr is stealing the chatlogger
[04:56] <Hairrazerrr> ;) 
[04:56] <Ajraddatz> he wants to run it?
[04:56] <Skdhjf> i am not a code thief :3
[04:57] <Skdhjf> I know *cough* code. :S
[04:57] <Hairrazerrr>
[04:57] <Smithing> Hey Ajr
[04:57] <Ajraddatz> hi
[04:57] <ZamorakO o> You could just import it
[04:57] <Skdhjf> yeah, I fail with the bot stuff
[04:57] <Skdhjf> That's why I have never had a bot in my life :( 
[04:57] <Skdhjf> I try..
[04:57] <Skdhjf> I fail..
[04:57] <ZamorakO o> importScriptPage('User:Joeytje50/ChatLogger.js','runescape');
[04:57] <Ajraddatz> it needs to be customized for brickipedia though
[04:58] <Skdhjf> I hope I can log chat overnight
[04:58] <Skdhjf> on brickipedia
[04:58] <Skdhjf> leaving the window open 
[04:58] <ZamorakO o> AND importScriptPage('User:Monchoman45/ChatHacks.js','w');
[04:58] <Skdhjf> ohhhh.
[04:58] <Skdhjf> no wonder it wasnt working
[04:58] <ZamorakO o> Ajr, what needs to be changed on it? =o
[04:58] <Skdhjf> I am acting like a n00b coder
[04:58] <Ajraddatz> I dunno, stuff :3
[04:58] <Ajraddatz> destination page
[04:58] <Ajraddatz> bot username
[04:58] <Ajraddatz> etc
[04:58] <ZamorakO o> It uses variables for that
[04:59] <Ajraddatz> fff-
[04:59] <ZamorakO o> wgUserName and Project:Chat/Logs
[04:59] <Ajraddatz> well uh because I said so :D?
[04:59] <ZamorakO o> lol
[04:59] <Hairrazerrr> "Is it still possible to use RSW image renamer?" - Hair's unanswered question.
[04:59] <Skdhjf> I built a twitter widget long before we even had one. O_O
[04:59] <ZamorakO o> Ask Proof Hair
[04:59] <ZamorakO o> He's on IRC
[04:59] <Hairrazerrr> I though Proof was female :o
[05:00] <Skdhjf> Ajr, do you play runescape?
[05:00] <Skdhjf> :3
[05:00] <Ajraddatz> used to
[05:00] <ZamorakO o> Nope, male
[05:00] <Skdhjf> The only online game I would play is Minecraft.
[05:00] <Ajraddatz> ewwwwwww :P
[05:00] <ZamorakO o> I don't play minecraft online because I'd have to take off my pirate hat.
[05:00] <Skdhjf> Minecraft is ePiC.
[05:01] <Ajraddatz> bad
[05:01] <Ajraddatz> :D?
[05:01] <Skdhjf> Everyone I know has Minecraft..
[05:01] <ZamorakO o> I play it on a local server
[05:01] <ZamorakO o> I made a nyan cat airbase
[05:01] <Ajraddatz> zammy,
[05:01] <ZamorakO o>
[05:01] <ZamorakO o> da front
[05:01] <Ajraddatz> lol
[05:02] <ZamorakO o> Ajr, there is much better quality videos of that.
[05:02] <Ajraddatz> yea
[05:02] <Ajraddatz> but it was first on list
[05:02] <Ajraddatz> :P
[05:02] <ZamorakO o> Yar har fiddely dee
[05:02] <Skdhjf> I am going on a second attempt for the chat logger
[05:02] <ZamorakO o> If you love the seven seas, you are a pirate
[05:02] <ZamorakO o> Skdhjf, I can run it for you if you'd like
[05:03] <Ajraddatz> :D
[05:03] <Ajraddatz> bbl
[05:03] <ZamorakO o> bye love <3
[05:03] <Ajraddatz> <3
[05:03] <Skdhjf> bye
[05:04] <Smithing> Zam, can you think of any good place for a background pic for the rs players wiki?
[05:05] <ZamorakO o> Hmm..... Probably somewhere with a lot of people
[05:05] <ZamorakO o> /me is bad with design/artsy stuff though
[05:05] <Eis Herz> Enchanted forest?
[05:05] <Smithing> [[Enchanted forest]] Let's see
[05:06] <Hairrazerrr> Zammy, are you going to delete [[CG:SDC]]? If so, don't yet because I need to add it onto the Requests page for the correct file name
[05:06] <ZamorakO o> I wasn't planning on it :P
[05:05] <Smithing> [[Enchanted forest]] Let's see
[05:06] <Hairrazerrr> Zammy, are you going to delete [[CG:SDC]]? If so, don't yet because I need to add it onto the Requests page for the correct file name
[05:06] <ZamorakO o> I wasn't planning on it :P
[05:07] <ZamorakO o> Did you mean the Enchanted Valley?
[05:07] <Hairrazerrr> wut
[05:07] <Smithing> I'd prefer it if it had a lot of people
[05:07] <Hairrazerrr> *throws party without a logger*
[05:07] <ZamorakO o> what
[05:07] <Skdhjf> logger just left
[05:08] <Skdhjf> the bot quit the jo
[05:08] <Skdhjf> *job
[05:08] <Smithing> Hey Hydro
[05:08] <Hairrazerrr> Hey Hydro
[05:08] <ZamorakO o> It autorejoins Skdh
[05:08] <Smithing> I'm thinking GE
[05:08] <Hydro1> aah karlis why u revert b4 me
[05:08] <Hydro1> and hai
[05:09] <Skdhjf> yeah, my bot isn't functioning right
[05:09] <Skdhjf> guess I will just manually log -___-
[05:10] <Skdhjf> 'later!
[05:10] <Hairrazerrr> Is it in your wikia.js?
[05:10] <Skdhjf> nope
[05:10] <Hairrazerrr> ... Maybe you shouldn't host a bot then...
[05:10] <Skdhjf> Possibly.
[05:10] <Hairrazerrr> import the script into the wikia.js
[05:10] <Skdhjf> chatlogger.js right?
[05:11] <Hairrazerrr> importScript('User:Joeytje50/ChatLogger', 'runescape')
[05:11] <ZamorakO o> Put 
[05:11] <ZamorakO o> importScriptPage('User:Joeytje50/ChatLogger.js','runescape');
[05:11] <ZamorakO o> importScriptPage('User:Monchoman45/ChatHacks.js','community');
[05:12] <Hydro1> Correct spaces too
[05:12] <Hydro1> that affects it
[05:12] <Skdhjf> ok
[05:12] <Skdhjf> let's wait five minutes I guess
[05:14] <Smithing> You can just clear your cache, you don't have to wait after adding it
[05:15] <Skdhjf> I'll probably fix it tomorrow..
[05:15] <Skdhjf> Thanks again..
[05:15] <Sum1 0 o> wait wait
[05:15] <Skdhjf> Yes, sir?
[05:15] <Hydro1> is there a link that goes to any randompage or file? in one
[05:15] <Sum1 0 o> Do the edits for rollback rights have to be mainspace edits?
[05:16] <Hairrazerrr> Mhm
[05:16] <Hairrazerrr> iirc
[05:16] <Smithing> Yes
[05:16] <Smithing> Hydro, don't believe so
[05:16] <Hydro1> okay
[05:16] <Smithing> I can check though
[05:16] <Hairrazerrr> Actually no Sum1
[05:16] <Sum1 0 o> It says not User or User talk
[05:17] <Sum1 0 o> Anything else except those?
[05:17] <Smithing> Wait, when did it change?
[05:17] <Hydro1> Go ahead then
[05:17] <Smithing> Hey Riley
[05:17] <Riley Huntley> Hello
[05:17] <Smithing> Sup?
[05:17] <Hydro1> Smithing
[05:17] <Hydro1> Wait sum1
[05:17] <Hydro1> dont do it yet
[05:18] <Hydro1>
[05:18] <Sum1 0 o> Oops
[05:18] <Riley Huntley> Would you guys have a problem with me ''trying'' to copy the display clock
[05:18] <Sum1 0 o> Already did it
[05:18] <Hydro1> its ko
[05:18] <Hydro1> ok*
[05:18] <Smithing> Ah, I see Hydro
[05:18] <Hydro1> let the admins decide
[05:18] <Hydro1> What display clock, riley
[05:19] <Hairrazerrr> No Riley
[05:19] <Hairrazerrr> we wouldn't ;) 
[05:19] <Riley Huntley> [[MediaWiki:Common.js/displayTimer.js]]
[05:19] <Hairrazerrr> Hydro, the clock that shows the current time
[05:19] <Hairrazerrr> ^^ that
[05:19] <Riley Huntley> Do you guys insert it on pages like a template?
[05:19] <Hydro1> The one on the top?
[05:20] <Hairrazerrr> Riley, it is part of the mediawiki:common.js
[05:20] <Hydro1> That's a wikia thing
[05:20] <Hydro1> not us
[05:20] <Hairrazerrr> Hydro, it is us
[05:20] <Riley Huntley> ...
[05:20] <Hairrazerrr> go to any other wikia
[05:20] <Hydro1> Ya but doesnt every wiki have it?
[05:20] <Hairrazerrr> No
[05:20] <Hydro1> Wait
[05:20] <Hydro1> which clock again?
[05:20] <Hydro1> The one on the top?
[05:20] <Hairrazerrr> Yes
[05:20] <Hydro1> Whatever...
[05:20] <Hydro1> im off now anyway
[05:20] <Hydro1> 
[05:20] <Hydro1> bai
[05:21] <Hairrazerrr> wait
[05:21] <Hairrazerrr> [[w:]]
[05:21] <Hairrazerrr> look
[05:21] <Hairrazerrr> NOUU
[05:21] <ZamorakO o> Hi Riley
[05:21] <Riley Huntley> Hello Zam
[05:21] <Riley Huntley> Err which part of the .css is for the clock...
[05:21] <Hairrazerrr> it is .js
[05:22] <Riley Huntley> That is what i meant :p getting my projects mixed up
[05:22] <Hairrazerrr> go to your wiki's [[MediaWiki:Common.js]] and add importScript('MediaWiki:Common.js/displayTimer.js', 'runescape')
[05:22] <Sum1 0 o> :D
[05:22] <Sum1 0 o> I got rollback rights
[05:23] <Hairrazerrr> Cool
[05:23] <ZamorakO o> Neat
[05:23] <Riley Huntley> Thank you, i didnt add the runescape part, do you want me to 
[05:23] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o tests it out in my sandbox
[05:23] <Hairrazerrr> You have to
[05:23] <Hairrazerrr> Sum1, it doesn't work like that
[05:23] <ZamorakO o> You need it if you want to use it on another wiki
[05:23] <ZamorakO o> It can Hair
[05:24] <ZamorakO o> If he has edits, it'll work
[05:24] <Riley Huntley> It doesnt need it to work, Or is this the copyright part
[05:24] <Sum1 0 o> What I can't use it in my sandbox?
[05:24] <Sum1 0 o> [[]]:/
[05:24] <ZamorakO o> If it's not going to work, why use it? 
[05:24] <Hairrazerrr> Whenever I wanted to undo an edit with the rollback button, it says that I was the only contributer
[05:25] <Hairrazerrr> and I can't use the rollback button to undo the edit
[05:25] <Sum1 0 o> Hair edit my sandbox [[User%253ASum1 0 o%252F54nd80x|User:Sum1 0 o/54nd80x]]
[05:25] <Hairrazerrr> Uhh...
[05:26] <Hairrazerrr> I'm kinda working on something...
[05:26] <Smithing> Bad title Sum1
[05:26] <ZamorakO o> I edited it
[05:26] <ZamorakO o> Wikia chat linker is fail
[05:26] <Smithing> I know :( 
[05:27] <Sum1 0 o> Reverted
[05:29] <Hairrazerrr> Neat.
[05:29] <Sum1 0 o> It said something about deleting revisions in the policies
[05:29] <ZamorakO o> Ya, you can't do that.
[05:30] <Sum1 0 o> [[]]:/
[05:30] <ZamorakO o> That's for admins
[05:30] <ZamorakO o> Since non-admins do not have the ability to delete
[05:31] <Riley Huntley> Nice talkin to you guys
[05:34] <Smithing> I think the chat log is pasting conversations from previous days
[05:36] <Riley Huntley> Is that auto o.O?
[05:36] <Hairrazerrr> Yeah
[05:36] <Riley Huntley> I need that on my wiki!!! Could i borrow?
[05:36] <Hairrazerrr> Sure, why not
[05:36] <Riley Huntley> Which wiki media page is it on
[05:37] <Smithing> Put that code on wikia.js
[05:37] <Smithing> your wikia.js
[05:37] <Riley Huntley> Thank you
[05:37] <Smithing> No problemo
[05:38] <Hairrazerrr> Finally, added those to the requests page
[05:40] <Smithing> Did you read the warning on the top of the page lol?
[05:40] <Hairrazerrr> I went into IRC and asked the creator nub
[05:40] <Smithing> Ah, k
[05:42] <Smithing> Can I fix some small errors with your welcome template Hair?
[05:44] <Hairrazerrr> Hmmm.... sure
[05:44] <Smithing> Okay
[05:45] <Hairrazerrr> Zammy, can you take these two revisions off this file history
[05:45] <Hairrazerrr> [[File:Armadyl Godsword Detail.png]]
[05:45] <Hairrazerrr> The most recent two
[05:46] <Hairrazerrr> It looks like as if they are just comments on the quest
[05:46] <Sum1 0 o> How do you put youtube videos on a wiki
[05:47] <Riley Huntley> <youtube> </youtube>
[05:47] <Hairrazerrr> Don't put it on a page ofcourse
[05:48] <Riley Huntley> In between the two tags add in the numbers on the youtube link 
[05:50] <Sum1 0 o> Which numbers
[05:51] <Riley Huntley>
[05:51] <Hairrazerrr> If the URL was then the numbers/letters would be FavUpD_IjVY
[05:51] <Riley Huntley> ^
[05:51] <Riley Huntley> Just gonna say that
[05:51] <Smithing> Mind if I fix the unnecessary capitalization too Hair?
[05:51] <Hairrazerrr> Go ahead.
[05:51] <Sum1 0 o> How do you make them auto-play
[05:52] <Hairrazerrr> You can't
[05:52] <Sum1 0 o> [[]]:/
[05:56] <Smithing> Also, did you mean "Welcome you RuneScape ghoul!" Hair?
[05:57] <Smithing> I've never heard of a ghoal
[05:59] <Hairrazerrr> Probably >.>
[05:59] <Smithing> Lol
[06:00] <Smithing> K
[06:00] <Smithing> [[User:Hairrazerrr/Welcome|Your new and improved welcome template]]!
[06:02] <Hairrazerrr> what did you do :O
[06:02] <Hairrazerrr> just kidding ;) 
[06:02] <Hairrazerrr> Thanks
[06:02] <Sum1 0 o> [[w:c:Sum10o:RICK ROLL%27D %28CLICK IT%29|So, what's going on everyone?]]
[06:02] <Sum1 0 o> ...
[06:02] <Smithing>
[06:03] <Karlis> ugh, break time
[06:03] <Smithing> Hey Karlis
[06:03] <Karlis> Hi
[06:03] <ZamorakO o> Amg, it's Karlis <3
[06:03] <Karlis> I'm only through the "B's"
[06:03] <Karlis> going crosseyed
[06:04] <Karlis> And hi
[06:04] <Sum1 0 o> [[w:c:Sum10otest:RICK ROLL%27D %28CLICK IT%29|Free cookies if you click this]]
[06:05] <Karlis> your rick roll?
[06:05] <Karlis> I actually liked that song before rick rolling was big >.>
[06:05] <ZamorakO o> AWBing Karlis? 
[06:05] <Karlis> No
[06:05] <Karlis> Transparency
[06:05] <ZamorakO o> Oh, neat :3
[06:05] <Karlis> [[Special:Contributions/Karlis]]
[06:05] <ZamorakO o> If you get all the way through the category, I'll say I love you.
[06:05] <Karlis> Some I can't really do comfortably
[06:06] <Karlis> Like translucency of the balloon animals
[06:06] <Karlis> not really sure how to do that
[06:06] <Sum1 0 o> Zammies got a gurlfriend!
[06:06] <ZamorakO o> Nope.
[06:06] <Sum1 0 o> crush*
[06:07] <ZamorakO o> Okay, that one's true.
[06:07] <Sum1 0 o> ...
[06:07] <Sum1 0 o> *awkward moment*
[06:07] <Sum1 0 o> * Sum1 0 o solves it with cake (cake) 
[06:07] <ZamorakO o> But it's no one you know :P
[06:08] <ZamorakO o> (chocolate cake) 
[06:08] <Cook Me Plox> chocolate caek is too small
[06:08] <Hairrazerrr> why doesn't that cake have AA
[06:08] <Sum1 0 o> ...
[06:08] <Sum1 0 o> (choc caek) 
[06:09] <Sum1 0 o> It's 19x19
[06:09] <Hairrazerrr> It can still be small O.o
[06:09] <Sum1 0 o> (ccaek) 
[06:09] <Sum1 0 o> The cake has AA...
[06:10] <Hairrazerrr> Well, it wasn't well transed then :/ 
[06:10] <Smithing> (choc cake) test
[06:10] <Sum1 0 o> Whats wrong with it?
[06:11] <Karlis> it looks fine to me
[06:11] <Hairrazerrr> idk then
[06:11] <Hairrazerrr> (qc) I am leaving now.
[06:11] <Sum1 0 o> I resized it
[06:11] <Riley Huntley> Seeya
[06:11] <Riley Huntley> Thanks for the help
[06:11] <Karlis> These new tzhaar npc pics
[06:11] <Sum1 0 o> (ccaek) 
[06:12] <Karlis> are Jagex trolling
[06:12] <Sum1 0 o> It should be bigger...
[06:12] <Sum1 0 o> (ccaek) 
[06:12] <Karlis> And one by one
[06:13] <Karlis> the broken star images are disappearing
[06:13] <Karlis> Only Smithings' is left
[06:13] <Sum1 0 o> (ccaek) 
[06:13] <Sum1 0 o> (ccaek) 
[06:13] <Sum1 0 o> idk
[06:13] <Sum1 0 o> but bye
[06:13] <Sum1 0 o> I'm going now
[06:13] <Karlis> ciao
[06:14] <Smithing> Maybe that will work
[06:14] <Cook Me Plox> No chance.
[06:17] <Karlis> Why is the updated Jad image a gif?
[06:18] <Cook Me Plox> because some guy copied it from the game guide.
[06:18] <Karlis> ;( 
[06:19] <Cook Me Plox> God, dammit!
[06:19] <Cook Me Plox>
[06:19] <Karlis> ?
[06:20] <Cook Me Plox> 5 day unreverted vandalism
[06:21] <Karlis> removing spacing?
[06:21] <Cook Me Plox> read it.
[06:22] <Karlis> haha
[06:22] <Karlis> clever
[06:22] <Karlis> totally missed it twice
[06:23] <ZamorakO o> Still don't see it ;-;
[06:23] <ZamorakO o> Pj
[06:23] <ZamorakO o> *Oh
[06:23] <ZamorakO o> /me had to look at the revert of it
[06:24] <Cook Me Plox> /me resolves to review every ip mainspace edit from now on
[06:25] <ZamorakO o> /me resolves that he is rather dull and not very bright
[06:25] <Cook Me Plox> to dark, noob
[06:28] <ZamorakO o> As I said.
[06:32] <Karlis> Ugh, I'm done transparencying things for the night
[06:32] <Liquidhelium> /me yawns
[06:32] <Karlis> Helm
[06:33] <Liquidhelium> is there a way to change the chat's theme? >_>
[06:33] <Liquidhelium> KARLIS D:
[06:33] <Karlis> go make some things transparent
[06:33] <Liquidhelium> since when did you join that liquid helm nonsense bandwagon?
[06:33] <Liquidhelium> I can't I suck at imagework >_>
[06:33] <ZamorakO o> Liquid, by changing the site's theme
[06:33] <Karlis> brb changing site's theme
[06:33] <Cook Me Plox> wut is dis
[06:33] <Karlis> Karliscape Wiki
[06:34] <Liquidhelium> >_>
[06:34] <Liquidhelium> not for everyone of course
[06:34] <Karlis> Black and Green
[06:34] <Liquidhelium> just for me
[06:34] <Liquidhelium> this ugly brown theme doesn't go with Oasis very much
[06:34] <Cook Me Plox> yay
[06:34] <Karlis> wow I forgot about Oasis
[06:34] <Cook Me Plox> Wikia has new advertising options for us
[06:35] <Cook Me Plox> Hopefully that's not a bad thing
[06:35] <ZamorakO o> :o
[06:35] <ZamorakO o> I was about to ask if it was
[06:35] <Cook Me Plox> I was told there wouldn't be an increase in ad spaces
[06:35] <ZamorakO o> Well that's a plus
[06:36] <ZamorakO o> Well, not a negative.
[06:36] <Cook Me Plox> Supposedly it means consistency in our adverts (all from the same company), and some community giveaways
[06:36] <ZamorakO o> That does sound like a positive. 
[06:37] <Liquidhelium> Provided the company is amenable
[06:37] <Liquidhelium> if it's WoW's parent company I don't think that'd be a plus >_>
[06:37] <Cook Me Plox> Well, it actually would be
[06:37] <Cook Me Plox> we wouldn't have to worry about RWT ads
[06:37] <Cook Me Plox> And at least we'd know what we're getting...the only reason WoW ads are bad is because Jagex says they are
[06:38] <Karlis> People who are playing RS are likely not very interested in WoW
[06:38] <ZamorakO o> I tried WoW, I didn't like it. :P
[06:39] <Cook Me Plox> Anyway, she said it would more likely be computer companies
[06:39] <Karlis> As in HP & Dell?
[06:39] <Karlis> Manufacturers?
[06:39] <Cook Me Plox> Yeah, or possibly software companies
[06:40] <Karlis> Hmm
[06:40] <Karlis> That seems acceptable I guess
[06:41] <Cook Me Plox> Even if it's something less than perfect, I still think it's better than what we have currently
[06:41] <Karlis> Though I don't really have an issue with game companies. People aren't here browsing for another game
[06:41] <Cook Me Plox> ^
[06:42] <Cook Me Plox> Plus she said the sponsoring companies would give our community special offers...that might mean we get to do a laptop giveaway once a month, or something else
[06:42] <Karlis> Oh nice
[06:42] <Karlis> [ Lot of flesh crawlers]
[06:42] <Karlis> well
[06:42] <Karlis> you get the point
[06:43] <ZamorakO o> Only internal link syntax works Karlis :P
[06:43] <Karlis> Yeah yeah
[06:43] <ZamorakO o> We love you anyway <3
[06:43] <Karlis> <3
[06:43] <Karlis> ugh
[06:43] <Karlis> i need to get dressed
[06:43] <Karlis> and get ready to go out
[06:44] <Karlis> :/ 
[06:45] <Karlis> Once I clear this category
[06:45] <Karlis> Next august
[06:45] <Karlis> I'm taking a vacation
[06:50] <Karlis> Goodnight Gentlemen
[06:50] <Smithing> Night
[07:14] <Smithing> Hey
[07:14] <Vulpes Twigy> Argh... My back has been killing me all day...
[07:20] <Dragonfly1> runescape
[07:20] <Vulpes Twigy> Yup
[07:20] <Dragonfly1> hi guys
[07:20] <Dragonfly1> :) 
[07:20] <Vulpes Twigy> Kia ora
[07:20] <Dragonfly1> anyone here know about rs2006? :0
[07:20] <Cook Me Plox> rs2006?
[07:20] <Dragonfly1>
[07:21] <Cook Me Plox> Is it a private server?
[07:21] <Dragonfly1> its a remake of rs before may 15 2006
[07:21] <Vulpes Twigy> It's a site which is basically RS 2006
[07:21] <Dragonfly1> has over 70k users o.o
[07:21] <Cook Me Plox> but a private server?
[07:21] <Dragonfly1> yes
[07:21] <Dragonfly1> but it has quests and everything
[07:21] <Dragonfly1> :0
[07:21] <Cook Me Plox> Can we please not talk about anything that breaks laws/game rules
[07:21] <Dragonfly1> its intense stuff
[07:22] <Dragonfly1> huh?
[07:22] <Dragonfly1> breaking wut rules? o.o
[07:22] <Cook Me Plox> Private servers are illegal.
[07:22] <Dragonfly1> oh lol
[07:22] <Dragonfly1> why dont they sue the really advanced servers then
[07:22] <Dragonfly1> theres servers that are EXACTLY like rs
[07:22] <Cook Me Plox> I believe they have.
[07:23] <Dragonfly1> mod paul is actually signed up for rs2006
[07:23] <Dragonfly1> ^-^
[07:23] <Cook Me Plox> I find that, uh, hard to believe
[07:23] <Dragonfly1> so i think its allowed :0
[07:23] <Dragonfly1> im serious bro
[07:24] <Cook Me Plox> It's not allowed, I guarantee it
[07:24] <Dragonfly1> :| 
[07:24] <Dragonfly1> mmkay m8
[07:24] <Cook Me Plox> if you care to read more
[07:30] <Dragonfly1> mopar won the argument lol
[07:30] <Dragonfly1> #nuffsaid
[07:30] <Dragonfly1> :) 
[07:30] <Cook Me Plox> it's still illegal, and I would ask you stop talking about it
[07:30] <Dragonfly1> ;( 
[07:30] <Dragonfly1> well its only me and u here :| 
[07:31] <Vulpes Twigy> I'm here.
[07:31] <Vulpes Twigy> Just playing BF3
[07:32] <Dragonfly1> :0
[07:33] <Dragonfly1> anyone here like dubstep?
[07:33] <Vulpes Twigy> It's okay.
[07:33] <Dragonfly1> :0
[07:40] <Ian Stinson> hello
[07:41] <Vulpes Twigy> Kia ora
[07:41] <Ian Stinson> how can i make money on rs?
[07:41] <Vulpes Twigy> [[Money Making Guide]]
[07:41] <Ian Stinson> which one?
[07:42] <Vulpes Twigy> Just read and find one of your picking.
[07:42] <Vulpes Twigy> Brb
[07:44] <Kaittaja> morning
[07:45] <Smithing> Morning
[07:53] <Kaittaja> how people are today?
[07:54] <Vulpes Twigy> Okay back
[07:54] <Smithing> Bored at the moment
[07:54] <Smithing> Wb
[07:55] <Smithing> Don't have much to do
[07:55] <Vulpes Twigy> Only another 9 Carbine ribbons until the medal
[08:08] <Vulpes Twigy> Ohai
[08:08] <AnselaJonla> Hai
[08:08] <Sentra246> hey
[08:11] <Hydro1> [[Forum:Drops submissions script|please close this would benefit the wiki so much]]
[08:13] <Vulpes Twigy> It is covered under [[RS:SNOW]] in our timezones Glenn...
[08:14] <Sentra246> wut?
[08:16] <Vulpes Twigy> The YG thing that Hydro posted.
[08:17] <Hydro1> How is that thread RS:SNOW?
[08:17] <Vulpes Twigy> Wait.
[08:17] <Vulpes Twigy> Argh, I keep failing using SNOW...
[08:18] <Vulpes Twigy> I personally use SNOW both ways
[08:18] <Hydro1> Lol same
[08:18] <Hydro1> i wish it was the opposite D:
[08:19] <Eis Herz> Me needs a life.
[08:19] <Hydro1> Hai dia
[08:19] <Vulpes Twigy> Life is overrated.
[08:19] <Eis Herz> Been listening to a song about hating people. =)
[08:21] <Eis Herz> Got 88 (slay) earlier. :) 
[08:21] <Vulpes Twigy> Naice
[08:21] <Hydro1> gratz
[08:21] <Vulpes Twigy> I got my 3rd G53 Service Star on BF3
[08:21] <Smithing> Gratz Dia
[08:22] <Eis Herz> 88 (slay) = Fremennik diary elite finished
[08:23] <Hydro1> :o
[08:25] <Vulpes Twigy> *realizes that is only mod on CoD Chat right now*
[08:25] <Eis Herz> Is Ansela here?
[08:26] <AnselaJonla> Yes
[08:26] <Eis Herz> Can you pop on rs?
[08:26] <AnselaJonla> Let me finish this day on Swords and Potions (shop keeping game)
[08:27] <Kaittaja> oh damn... what ya guys doing?
[08:29] <Cook Me Plox> Mathieu, hai
[08:29] <Matthew2602> Mathieu,,,
[08:29] <Matthew2602> I like that name ^_^
[08:30] <Vulpes Twigy> Ohai Matt
[08:32] <AnselaJonla> Oh, Cook, Nouish has explained why they keep reverting TokHaar-Kal ([[Talk:TokHaar-Kal]])
[08:32] <Cook Me Plox> doesn't...make much sense
[08:33] <AnselaJonla> I see the cape, in both images
[08:38] <Eis Herz> Fremennik boots 4 are kinda disappointing.
[08:40] <Smithing> [[File:Abt-ices-tokhaar-kal.png]] Delete - Easily explained by text
[08:41] <Eis Herz> Nein
[08:41] <Eis Herz> Keep it.
[08:42] <Smithing>,16,426,63573331
[08:43] <Eis Herz> Your point? Threads fall off.
[08:43] <Smithing> More reliable than using a picture
[08:46] <Seil> The new quest greatly disappointed me =/
[09:04] <Smithing> [[File:RS Classic Greater Demon.jpg]] Delete - replaced by [[File:GreaterdemonRSC.png]]
[09:08] <Smithing> [[File:CarolinesHouse.png]] Delete - replaced by [[File:Caroline-location.png]]
[09:14] <Smithing> [[File:Cabin Fever Reward.png]] Replaced by [[File:Cabin Fever Rewards.jpg]]
[09:15] <Smithing> Also, does anyone know what [[File:Elite clue jatiznatz lastisland nwdung.png|this image]] is, so we can clear Special:UnusedFiles?
[09:15] <AnselaJonla> I don't know
[09:15] <AnselaJonla> It's either a scan or a compass clue
[09:16] <Matthew2602> I think it would be best to wait until a png version comes around so we could merge them
[09:16] <AnselaJonla> Scan
[09:16] <AnselaJonla> ^^ That's what I was waiting for on the rewards Matt
[09:16] <Matthew2602> I wouldn't want to get rid of the history :/ 
[09:17] <Smithing> There's is always undeletion
[09:17] <Smithing> *There is
[09:21] <Smithing> Seems rather unnecessary to keep a copyrighted image like that
[09:21] <AnselaJonla> ?
[09:21] <AnselaJonla> ARGH!
[09:21] <Smithing> Rs images are copyright Rs
[09:22] <Smithing> *Rs ingame images
[09:23] <Matthew2602> almost all of our images are taken in-game
[09:23] <AnselaJonla> My mum wants to take the dog to the doctor's with her again... which means I have to go as well coz he doesn't like being left alone outside of places. Only her appointment is at 10 o'clock and I have to be in the city centre, which is not where the surgery is, for 10:30. Her answer to that? "You can catch the 38 from outside the doctor's." NOT THE POINT!
[09:23] <Matthew2602> what's your point? :o
[09:24] <Matthew2602> *empathises Ansela*
[09:24] <Matthew2602> Why not just leave the dog at home? >.>
[09:24] <AnselaJonla> If I go with her... the doctors are never running on time, and it takes half an hour for the bus to get into town from there because that's the turn around point on both routes.
[09:24] <AnselaJonla> Because she thinks he needs to lose weight
[09:25] <Matthew2602> then take him for a walk another time :P
[09:25] <Smithing> Copyright image - not being used for a purpose. Any connection?
[09:25] <AnselaJonla> I think she has left him. Which is good. He howls if I go into a small shop and go out of his sight, and that's just a couple of minutes.
[09:27] <AnselaJonla> Morning Athe
[09:27] <Matthew2602> Also Smithing
[09:27] <Matthew2602> I really don't want to delete a png for a jpg
[09:27] <Atheist723> Hi everyone.
[09:27] <Matthew2602> hi athe
[09:28] <Smithing> In this case, the jpg is not obselete, whereas the png version is, so I would have to say the jpg version is better.
[09:29] <Matthew2602> And I don't think applying the "copy-righted image" logic is very productive in this case - every image we have is copyrighted
[09:29] <Smithing> Plus if there were any compression artefacts in the jpg version, they would be unnoticeable to me
[09:29] <Matthew2602> then re-upload it as a png or something
[09:29] <Smithing> But those images are being used for a purpose, are they not?
[09:31] <Smithing> Using images for a purpose can qualify as fair use
[09:32] <Matthew2602> My opinion is that we shouldn't delete an unused image solely because of the fact that jagex owns the copyright
[09:33] <Matthew2602> because jagex owns the copyright to everything, and if we get so self-conscious like that then content's going to suffer
[09:37] <Atheist723> ...Yew bows are P2P?
[09:38] <Cook Me Plox> si
[09:40] <Atheist723> Hmm. I was misinformed.
[09:41] <Atheist723> I was told that they are F2P when I just started, and I never thought to check.
[09:43] <Eis Herz> Friend showed me his TokHaar-Kal. Seriously, the thing is absolutely hideous.
[09:43] <Eis Herz> Though, on second thoughts, it could be him.
[09:43] <Atheist723> Hi Eis Herz.
[09:44] <Eis Herz> Please call me Dia, Ath.
[09:44] <Matthew2602> Oh hi dia
[09:44] <Eis Herz> (waves)
[09:44] <Matthew2602> :D
[09:44] <Atheist723> Do you really need a new account for a new start?
[09:45] <Eis Herz> Anyone available to take an OoO image of an item?
[09:45] <Atheist723> And I think TokHaar-Kal looks cool.
[09:45] <Eis Herz> To each her own. :) 
[09:47] <Atheist723> ...What do you mean?
[09:47] <Matthew2602> testing
[09:47] <Eis Herz> Me, or the edit?
[09:47] <Atheist723> The edit.
[09:47] <Atheist723> ...And what you said, actually.
[09:48] <Eis Herz> Thought you said him/her was the same word in Chinese.
[09:48] <Matthew2602> testing
[09:49] <Atheist723> In spoken form only, Dia.
[09:50] <Eis Herz> My mistake.
[09:51] <Smithing> Bye guys
[09:51] <Cook Me Plox> Bye Smeeth
[09:51] <Atheist723> Bye Smithing.
[09:52] <AnselaJonla> 男 is man and 女 is woman?
[09:52] <Eis Herz> Lokks like a box on a sled, and an ironing board.
[09:52] <Eis Herz> looks*
[09:52] <Atheist723> Yes, Ansela.
[09:53] <Atheist723> 男 is a combination of the Chinese characters for "Field" and "Strength", not sure about 女.
[09:53] <Atheist723> Not much of an expert really. I fail Chinese every exam.
[09:54] <AnselaJonla> Wow...
[09:56] <Atheist723> Someone should really check the list on here: [[Summoning Obelisks%23Small Obelisks|Summoning Obelisks#Small Obelisks]]
[09:56] <Atheist723> I am pretty sure they added new small obelisks since 7 September 2009.
[09:56] <AnselaJonla> Bus driver is gonna hate me
[09:57] <Atheist723> Why?
[09:57] <AnselaJonla> I've got 80p in 5p pieces as part of my bus fare
[09:58] <Atheist723> 20 coins? That doesn't sound good.
[09:58] <Atheist723> *16
[09:59] <AnselaJonla> 80p in 5p, 80p in 20p, 40p in 10p and £2 in £1
[10:00] <Atheist723> That's...26 coins?
[10:00] <AnselaJonla> Yeah
[10:03] <Sentra246> i can see why they'll hate you...
[10:04] <Cook Me Plox> hmm
[10:04] <Cook Me Plox> do we do separate pages on har-aken's tentacles?
[10:04] <A Level 2 Cow> Heeya guys
[10:05] <Atheist723> [[Swamp creature]]
[10:05] <Atheist723> Would that be an example, Cook Me Plox?
[10:05] <Atheist723> Hi A Level 2 Cow.
[10:06] <Atheist723> I would say that fighting Har-Aken is a lot more complicated though.
[10:07] <Cook Me Plox> uhh, not exactly
[10:07] <Cook Me Plox> actually, yes.
[10:09] <Atheist723> What are you going to do with it then?
[10:10] <Eis Herz> Cook, do you like rock?
[10:10] <Cook Me Plox> the music?
[10:10] <Eis Herz> Ja
[10:10] <Cook Me Plox> Sure
[10:10] <Eis Herz> Any language preferable?
[10:10] <Cook Me Plox> Mostly used to English, I'd say ;) 
[10:11] <Eis Herz> Oh. *deletes link*
[10:11] <Cook Me Plox> Whatisit
[10:12] <Atheist723> My money is on that it is German.
[10:12] <Eis Herz>
[10:12] <Eis Herz> *hands a few gp to Atheist*
[10:13] <Cook Me Plox> "This look the right size to form the basis of the dummy"
[10:14] <Atheist723> Problem?
[10:15] <Cook Me Plox> Verb and subject don't really agree, is that a transcription error or Jagex's fault?
[10:16] <Atheist723> What would the grammatically correct sentence be?
[10:16] <Sentra246> "This looks the right size to form the basis of the dummy"
[10:16] <Eis Herz> "The image to the right should form the basis of the dummy"
[10:16] <Sentra246> wait
[10:17] <Cook Me Plox> Well, is that exactly what it says?
[10:17] <Atheist723> It is likely a transcription error.
[10:17] <Atheist723> Let me check...
[10:21] <Hydro1> Lalalalalalalalaaaa
[10:22] <Eis Herz> Hi hun
[10:22] <Hydro1> Hai dia
[10:23] <A Level 2 Cow> yall mean :( 
[10:23] <Atheist723> Stupid computer...
[10:23] <Atheist723> Hi Hydro.
[10:23] <Atheist723> What do you mean, A Level 2 Cow?
[10:23] <Hydro1> Hai cow and void 
[10:24] <A Level 2 Cow> no ones say hi to mees :( 
[10:24] <A Level 2 Cow> except hydro
[10:24] <A Level 2 Cow> :DD
[10:24] <Hydro1> Ya we all very mean
[10:24] <Hydro1> Especially beRcats
[10:24] <Hydro1> Bearcats*
[10:25] <Atheist723> I did, A Level 2 Cow.
[10:25] <Atheist723> Hi Accuratez.
[10:25] <Hydro1> Hmm... I just thought... What if you type </code> in chat?
[10:25] <Accuratez> Hi Athiest
[10:25] <Hydro1> hi acc
[10:26] <Eis Herz> Oh dear. :/ I am in an uncomfortable position.
[10:26] <Hydro1> Wait nevermind the bot uses something else to type the los
[10:26] <Hydro1> Logs*
[10:27] <Atheist723> What's wrong, Dia?
[10:27] <Atheist723> Ah, <span style="color:red;">RSChatBot</span> is finally back.
[10:27] <Eis Herz> Friend asking for advice for contraception. :| 
[10:27] <Atheist723> Wikipedia is your friend.
[10:28] <Atheist723> But I'll assume you know all you need...
[10:28] <Eis Herz> I know about contraceptives, contrary to the fact I have grandchildren. :-P 
[10:30] <Hydro1> I better get pff
[10:30] <Hydro1> Off
[10:30] <Eis Herz> :( 
[10:30] <Atheist723> Bye Hydro.
[10:30] <Hydro1> I'm j/q spamming a lot
[10:30] <Hydro1> Bai bai
[11:06] <A Level 2 Cow> Ill burst yeee if u keep leave join spammin!!
[11:08] <Sentra246> who's yee?
[11:09] <Vulpes Twigy> *asleep on the ground*
[11:12] <A Level 2 Cow> lool
[11:13] <A Level 2 Cow> why did it clone
[11:13] <A Level 2 Cow> hmm
[11:14] <A Level 2 Cow> ill burst yeeee
[11:24] <A Level 2 Cow> Cya guys
[11:24] <A Level 2 Cow> (pce) 
[11:24] <A Level 2 Cow> Cya
[11:24] <A Level 2 Cow> Byeee
[11:24] <A Level 2 Cow> :DDD
[11:26] <W31 Stars> /away
[11:27] <Accuratez> lolwut
[11:32] <Atheist723> (Testing)
[11:44] <Atheist723> Sentra?
[11:46] <Sentra246> ?
[11:47] <Atheist723> [[Category:Standard spells]]
[11:48] <Atheist723> "This category lists all Standard spells."
[11:48] <Atheist723> But [[Alchemy]] is in there.
[11:48] <Atheist723> Should I add [[Fire spells]] and such?
[11:48] <Sentra246> all the ones in the standard spell book
[11:49] <Atheist723> [[Fire spells]] is technically not a spell...
[11:50] <Sentra246> oh, i see what you mean
[11:51] <Sentra246> well alchemy is actually a page, while fire spells is just a disambig
[11:55] <Atheist723> It's kind of an odd one out...
[11:59] <Atheist723> Examine text of different tiers of [[Poison purge]]:
[11:59] <Atheist723> Tier 1: Causes poison to heal instead of damage you.
[11:59] <Atheist723> Tier 2: Poison damage heals you with this aura.
[11:59] <Atheist723> Tier 3: Poison heals you instead of damaging you.
[12:18] <Vulpes Twigy> Tzhaar looks amazing...
[12:19] <Atheist723> Hi Twigy, and agreed.
[12:21] <Sentra246> go to bed [email protected]@@
[12:22] <Atheist723> Go to bed both of you...
[12:22] <Vulpes Twigy> I got my laptop and a lot more illicit
[12:23] <Vulpes Twigy> This time...
[12:23] <Vulpes Twigy> Not just ponies
[12:23] <Vulpes Twigy> I got Touhou as well
[12:23] <Bluefire2> good morning america
[12:24] <Atheist723> Hi Bluefire2.
[12:24] <Atheist723> Ironically, I don't think anyone here currently is American.
[12:28] <Bluefire2> meh
[12:29] <N7> IM IN UR CHAT
[12:30] <N7> CHATTING
[12:30] <N7> ew sentra
[12:30] <Atheist723> Hi N7.
[12:30] <N7> hi sxc
[12:30] <Atheist723> What's the problem with Sentra?
[12:30] <Atheist723> What?
[12:31] <Sentra246> eww, N7
[12:31] <Vulpes Twigy> Dah hell
[12:31] <Sentra246> y we got so many cod nubs?
[12:31] <Vulpes Twigy> Shoo! Shoo Nub!
[12:31] <Vulpes Twigy> *shoos off Nub7*
[12:31] <Vulpes Twigy> They like to follow me.
[12:31] <N7> sentra is my bro
[12:32] <Sentra246> n7 is my nub
[12:33] <Bluefire2> =============Public and urgent announcement============
[12:33] <Bluefire2> Caek
[12:33] <Vulpes Twigy> (caek) ?
[12:34] <Bluefire2> (cake) .
[12:34] <Bluefire2> (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) ?
[12:34] <Bluefire2> (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) .
[12:36] <N7> (cake) 
[12:36] <N7> omgogmj
[12:37] <Bluefire2> caek
[12:38] <Bluefire2> vulpes I thought you had teh shiny star
[12:38] <Vulpes Twigy> It's Twigy and...
[12:38] <Vulpes Twigy> And I do
[12:38] <Vulpes Twigy> Just that there is a wiki wide glitch
[12:40] <Atheist723> Red/brown link glitch?
[12:40] <Vulpes Twigy> Na, Corrupted image stars on the chat
[12:41] <Atheist723> Oh, that.
[12:41] <Bluefire2> omg if sumona gives me fungal mages again i will have no choice but to kill myself
[12:41] <Bluefire2> Phew
[12:42] <Bluefire2> 123 [[greater demons]]
[12:43] <Atheist723> Greater demons are good.
[12:43] <Atheist723> Fungal mages not that difficult either...
[12:43] <Atheist723> Hi Cam.
[12:51] <Sentra246> g'night
[12:51] <Sentra246> go to bed twigy :P
[12:54] <Edmyg> RS Q&A tonight :) 
[12:54] <Edmyg> In like 7 hours
[12:56] <Edmyg> Should be able to archive the Game FAQ now
[12:56] <Edmyg> [[User:Edmyg/Game Update FAQs]]
[12:59] <Atheist723> Hi Spineweilder.
[01:01] <Spineweilder> Hey
[01:03] <Atheist723>
[01:38] <Wales Thug 1> [[Completionist cape]]
[01:38] <Wales Thug 1> TokHaar-Kal: Completing the Fight Kiln makes the Completionist cape get +8 strength bonus instead of +4 
[01:39] <Barnit> hey guys :D
[01:39] <Barnit> no
[01:39] <Wales Thug 1> that is in the abilities bit , but isnt completing the Fight Kiln a requirement ? so that is irrelevent because you can only wear it once you have done the Fight Kiln ?
[01:39] <Barnit> comp cape has +8
[01:39] <Barnit> kiln is req for cape...
[01:39] <Barnit> yea
[01:39] <Wales Thug 1> thought so
[01:39] <Wales Thug 1> so should i delete that bit or what ?
[01:39] <Barnit> idk
[01:39] <Barnit> perhaps u have to use tokhaar kal on it
[01:40] <Barnit> to give str bonus
[01:40] <Wales Thug 1> but if you cant wear it without then the +4 bonus doesnt exist ( sort of )
[01:40] <Barnit> yea
[01:41] <Barnit> but for the other capes u have to physically use the cape on the comp cape...
[01:41] <Wales Thug 1> oh , i didnt know that , i think ill come back later and ask about it later when more people are online and maybe they can sort it out
[02:08] <RSFancy> Hi, is anyone there?
[02:09] <Accuratez> yes
[02:11] <Atheist723> Hi.
[02:13] <Barnit> lol
[02:19] <Atheist723> Hi Ansela.
[02:20] <AnselaJonla> Hi Athe, Hi Fergs
[02:20] <Atheist723> Hi Fergie.
[02:20] <AnselaJonla> Don't we already have [[File:Yt-HurKot Re-sculpting.png]]?
[02:21] <AnselaJonla> Hi Ty
[02:21] <Urbancowgurl777> we have like 2 of those x_x
[02:21] <Atheist723> Hi Zamorak.
[02:21] <ZamorakO o> Hi
[02:21] <AnselaJonla> Well that one was uploaded today
[02:21] <Urbancowgurl777> [[File:TzHaar - Thz Yt-hurkot.png]]
[02:21] <Atheist723> ...Three active users just dropped in the chat in the span of 2 minutes?
[02:21] <AnselaJonla> I just got home
[02:22] <Atheist723> Chat was half-dead for around 1.5 hours.
[02:22] <ZamorakO o> I'm going to be doing 3 weeks of homework
[02:22] <AnselaJonla> Been putting it off?
[02:22] <Urbancowgurl777> i was just checking in before school, just woke up
[02:22] <Atheist723> I'm going to be doing 3 years of Chinese homework.
[02:22] <ZamorakO o> Ansela, the test and one of the chapters is due today
[02:22] <ZamorakO o> The other one was due a week ago, but this is the last day to turn it in :P
[02:22] <Urbancowgurl777> [[File:Apothecary head.png]] totally necessary image replacement
[02:22] <AnselaJonla> lol you sound like me
[02:23] <AnselaJonla> I just had to do a maths test :( 
[02:23] <Urbancowgurl777> gl Zam <.<
[02:23] <ZamorakO o> It's Java, so it should be easy <3
[02:23] <ZamorakO o> The assignments are follow the in-book instructions
[02:23] <ZamorakO o> I'm more concerned about the test :P
[02:23] <Atheist723> [[File:Apothecary head.png]]
[02:23] <Atheist723> ...Is cropping that difficult?
[02:23] <AnselaJonla> Ya, someone came in here last night asking about how to make a chatbot of their own, Zammeh
[02:24] <ZamorakO o> I saw :P
[02:24] <Urbancowgurl777> apparently VK
[02:24] <Urbancowgurl777> apparently adding transparency to chatheads is too
[02:24] <Atheist723> And why is it crashing now and then, Zamorak?
[02:24] <AnselaJonla> Karlis was working through trans last night
[02:24] <Urbancowgurl777> i have a computers class test today, and a history test
[02:24] <Urbancowgurl777> hopefully computers one will be okay.. history i'm worried about
[02:24] <Urbancowgurl777> so much information covered x_x
[02:25] <Urbancowgurl777> lol, i had to teach Karlis how to do particle transparency last night
[02:25] <Urbancowgurl777> after i told him he was like x_x'
[02:25] <ZamorakO o> yay :D
[02:25] <AnselaJonla> - I think someone is applying a very broad definition of "playable character"
[02:26] <Atheist723> No comment.
[02:26] <Urbancowgurl777> well, they are right lol
[02:26] <Urbancowgurl777> in a way ;3=
[02:26] <ZamorakO o> You can play as them :P
[02:26] <ZamorakO o> It never says playable human characters
[02:27] <Urbancowgurl777> i didn't know that page even existed
[02:27] <ZamorakO o> But you're supposed to be the smart one bro D:
[02:27] <Urbancowgurl777> that doesn't make me [email protected]#$
[02:28] <Atheist723> Orphan pages aren't well known...
[02:28] <Urbancowgurl777> am i right in thinking Fswe is the only one having the upload bug? they all appear fine for me
[02:28] <AnselaJonla> Yeah, but that page is for NPCs that you directly control at some point. Your avatar is in the boats, the rabbit, imp and sheep are just your avatar transformed and you don't directly control the robot, it's just following commands you tell your avatar to give it
[02:28] <Atheist723> It'd already be more well known than some obscure character like [[Samael Leynes]].
[02:28] <Parsonsda> guys
[02:28] <Atheist723> Hi Parsonsda.
[02:29] <Parsonsda> is there something wrong with the sptites?
[02:29] <Atheist723> "Sptites"?
[02:29] <AnselaJonla> sprites
[02:29] <Urbancowgurl777> which? be specific
[02:29] <Atheist723> Star sprites?
[02:30] <Parsonsda> not only that
[02:30] <Parsonsda> the sprites for the userpage 
[02:30] <Atheist723> No idea.
[02:30] <AnselaJonla> link us to an example Parson?
[02:31] <Parsonsda>
[02:31] <Parsonsda> in the top
[02:31] <Parsonsda> My Twitter My Website
[02:32] <ZamorakO o> I'm just going to assume they're a little off the ball, because you get a 404 for the chat-mod and wikia-staff logos in chat
[02:32] <Parsonsda> yep
[02:33] <RSFancy> Does anyone know if you need stats to equip Castle Wars halos?
[02:33] <AnselaJonla> [[Saradomin halo]]
[02:33] <Atheist723> The brilliance of this wiki.
[02:33] <AnselaJonla> Doesn't say that you do
[02:33] <Atheist723> Fergie? Zamorak?
[02:34] <RSFancy> Yeah Ansela, I know. I wanted to double check because of that.
[02:35] <ZamorakO o> Yes Void? 
[02:35] <Atheist723> What do you think about this format? [[A Return To Stone]]
[02:36] <ZamorakO o> Erm, it's okay I guess. :P
[02:37] <Parsonsda> guys
[02:37] <Parsonsda> i have got back up sprites
[02:39] <Atheist723> What makes the "erm"?
[02:40] <Parsonsda> no i store them
[02:40] <Parsonsda> crap, i checked
[02:40] <Parsonsda> i only got the site sprites back up
[02:41] <Atheist723> Zamorak? Anything you wish to suggest to improve the format?
[02:41] <ZamorakO o> I dunno what to really think of it. :P
[02:41] <ZamorakO o> I'd suggest asking some of the smarter people on IRC
[02:41] <Atheist723> I don't go to that place.
[02:42] <Parsonsda> i checked all my wikis
[02:42] <Parsonsda> they all the same =/
[02:42] <ZamorakO o> I noticed that yesterday :P
[02:42] <Parsonsda> i own 4 diffrent wikis :) 
[02:43] <Atheist723> Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Wikia owns all wikis...
[02:44] <Parsonsda> i mean
[02:44] <Parsonsda> i care for
[02:44] <Parsonsda> i just say own as i find it easyier to say
[02:44] <Parsonsda> i also made the background, and the logo for other wikis
[02:44] <Parsonsda>
[02:45] <Parsonsda> how to train ur dragon wiki is the one i help on
[02:45] <Parsonsda> and i own...
[02:45] <Atheist723> Every time I see that film name, the first thing that pop up in my head is a [[Mithril dragon]].
[02:45] <Parsonsda> <<< created
[02:45] <Atheist723> Thanks to [[How to maim your dragon]].
[02:45] <Atheist723> Gah.
[02:45] <Parsonsda> <<< created
[02:45] <Parsonsda> and my biggest work
[02:46] <Atheist723> [[How To Maim Your Dragon%23Hard Tasks|How To Maim Your Dragon#Hard Tasks]]
[02:46] <Parsonsda> <<< my biggest work ever! this was adopted
[02:46] <Parsonsda> <<< created 
[02:47] <Parsonsda> i just love style
[02:47] <Atheist723> And showing off, it seems. No offence.
[02:48] <Parsonsda> sorry
[02:48] <Parsonsda> i just really love media prenation
[02:48] <Parsonsda> when u enter a wiki
[02:48] <Parsonsda> the main this is
[02:48] <Parsonsda> how it looks
[02:48] <Parsonsda> that 1# focus on making a wiki
[02:49] <ZamorakO o> The #1 focus in making a wiki is getting content
[02:49] <ZamorakO o> You can make it pretty later :P
[02:49] <Parsonsda> well if you want to get users
[02:49] <Parsonsda> style makes them come
[02:49] <Parsonsda> i dont like wikis
[02:50] <Parsonsda> with just horrible backgrounds
[02:50] <Atheist723> I couldn't care less as long as they help me.
[02:50] <Atheist723> Actually, the less fancy the better.
[02:51] <Parsonsda> i style everything
[02:51] <Parsonsda> << my facebook style
[02:54] <Parsonsda> here what my css looks like:
[02:54] <Parsonsda> i made is so i can view runescape wiki, with no adverts, no links in banner, full page width and easy to use
[02:55] <ZamorakO o> Erm, you're logged in so you don't see ads anyway
[02:55] <ZamorakO o> Well, except for the mainpage
[02:55] <Parsonsda> i removed them
[02:55] <ZamorakO o> But I doubt you look at it
[02:55] <Parsonsda> i got no ads at all
[02:58] <Atheist723> Is there any way I could know when they add a piece of lore on the RuneScape site?
[02:58] <Parsonsda> huh?
[02:59] <Atheist723> [[Lores and Histories]]
[02:59] <Atheist723>
[02:59] <Atheist723> Oh, do you know that there is now an evil clone of us?
[03:03] <Atheist723> (Testing)
[03:04] <Parsonsda> so anyway guys
[03:04] <Parsonsda> yesterday i said i tell u how to make
[03:04] <Parsonsda> a real life gnome drink :) 
[03:04] <Parsonsda> wanna know how
[03:04] <Parsonsda> it non-acholic and easy to make :) 
[03:11] <AnselaJonla> [[Flippa]] [[Tilt]]
[03:13] <Atheist723> Had a long day, going to bed.
[03:13] <Atheist723> Bye, see you all later.
[03:14] <AnselaJonla> Cya
[03:26] <AnselaJonla> [[Pest Control]]
[03:35] <Accuratez> 84 k hard clue : /
[03:36] <AnselaJonla> :( 
[03:39] <AnselaJonla> Hi Jonah
[03:39] <Jonahgandy> Hi
[03:39] <Dogfoger> Hai all
[03:39] <Jonahgandy> Hia to you ?
[03:39] <Jonahgandy> :D
[03:40] <Ruft Ruft> Hello
[03:40] <Dogfoger> (QP) _ (QP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[03:40] <Ruft Ruft> ;o
[03:40] <Dogfoger> Ansela isnt a mod?!?!
[03:40] <Dogfoger> 
[03:40] <Jonahgandy> How did you do that symbol
[03:40] <Dogfoger> Like amg...
[03:40] <Ruft Ruft> (cake) 
[03:40] <AnselaJonla> The chatmod stars are broken
[03:40] <Dogfoger> [[Mediawiki: Emoticons]]
[03:40] <Dogfoger> Oh
[03:40] <Jonahgandy> :o howz you doing that?
[03:40] <AnselaJonla> Coz Zammeh's not got one either
[03:40] <Ruft Ruft> Can i spam cakes now? :3
[03:40] <Dogfoger> Ha ha ha
[03:40] <Dogfoger> Yeah sure
[03:40] <Dogfoger> see if she bans u
[03:40] <Ruft Ruft> :o
[03:41] <Jonahgandy> Wait tell me how to do a cake pl0x
[03:41] <Ruft Ruft> ( cake )
[03:41] <Accuratez> caek
[03:41] <Parsonsda> wish we had more of them
[03:41] <Dogfoger> ( caek)
[03:41] <AnselaJonla> put cake in brackets
[03:41] <Ruft Ruft> without the spaces
[03:41] <AnselaJonla> (cake) 
[03:41] <Parsonsda> (RSW) 
[03:41] <Dogfoger> (caek) 
[03:41] <Ruft Ruft> (wc) 
[03:41] <Jonahgandy> (cake) 
[03:41] <Dogfoger> Oi
[03:41] <AnselaJonla> But no spamming please
[03:41] <Dogfoger> Jona
[03:41] <Jonahgandy> (cake) 
[03:41] <AnselaJonla> I'm sure Dog remembers what happens to spammers
[03:41] <Dogfoger> [[Mediawiki: Emoticons]] click on that
[03:41] <Jonahgandy> (tree)
[03:41] <Dogfoger> Ohhh yeah i do
[03:41] <Jonahgandy> (sword)
[03:41] <Dogfoger> I dont think ill ever forget
[03:41] <Ruft Ruft> ( attack )
[03:42] <Ruft Ruft> (attack) 
[03:42] <AnselaJonla> wc for tree, attack for sword
[03:42] <AnselaJonla> The ones that look like skill icons are
[03:42] <Dogfoger> Wow
[03:42] <Jonahgandy> (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) (cake) 
[03:42] <Dogfoger> Jonah knows nufink about rs wiki yet he joined same time as me
[03:42] <Dogfoger> Ouch.
[03:42] <Dogfoger> Jonah
[03:42] <Dogfoger> I wouldnt do that
[03:43] <AnselaJonla> Jonah... last warning. Spam again and I kick you.
[03:43] <Jonahgandy> Yea?
[03:43] <Jonahgandy> why not ?
[03:43] <Accuratez> inb4banhammer
[03:43] <Jonahgandy> (attack) 
[03:43] <Dogfoger> Its against the rules
[03:43] <AnselaJonla> ^^
[03:43] <Jonahgandy> (cake) 
[03:43] <Dogfoger> Ansela
[03:43] <Dogfoger> Create chat rules link
[03:43] <Jonahgandy> Sorry
[03:43] <AnselaJonla> [[RS:CHAT]]
[03:43] <Dogfoger> Click on that jonah
[03:43] <Jonahgandy> I am not new... Just new to the symbols... 
[03:43] <Dogfoger> I know
[03:43] <Dogfoger> weve all been there
[03:43] <Dogfoger> The mods arent all that bad
[03:43] <Dogfoger> Their usually very resonable
[03:44] <Jonahgandy> Lloud
[03:44] <Dogfoger> Just dont irriatate them
[03:44] <Dogfoger> Especially Ansela and Ciph
[03:44] <AnselaJonla> Oi
[03:44] <Jonahgandy> (cake) (attack) (wc) (qp) 
[03:44] <Jonahgandy> Ooh
[03:44] <Dogfoger> I leanrt that lessont he hard way, didnt I ansela
[03:44] <Dogfoger> Jonah
[03:44] <Jonahgandy> Yah?
[03:44] <Dogfoger> Stop
[03:44] <AnselaJonla> Yep, you did
[03:44] <Dogfoger> For your own good
[03:45] <Jonahgandy> how is that spamming though
[03:45] <Dogfoger> Because its excessive useless typing
[03:45] <Dogfoger> Spam doesnt have to be letters
[03:45] <Jonahgandy> Ok
[03:45] <Ruft Ruft> I'ma firin' mah lazor!
[03:45] <Dogfoger> Ansela is being very leanient by the looks of it
[03:46] <AnselaJonla> Yeah, I'm in a good mood
[03:46] <Dogfoger> But I bet her trigger fingers gettin itchy
[03:46] <Dogfoger> If ya know what I mean
[03:46] <Jonahgandy> I like (cake) and big (attack) and bigger (strength) and amazing (defense) 
[03:46] <Jonahgandy> Ok I'm done now
[03:46] <Ruft Ruft> defence
[03:46] <Dogfoger> Defence*
[03:46] <AnselaJonla> defence :P
[03:46] <Dogfoger> (defence) 
[03:46] <Jonahgandy> (defence) 
[03:46] <Jonahgandy> :) 
[03:47] <Jonahgandy> What is you level in (defence?
[03:47] <Dogfoger> -.-
[03:47] <Parsonsda> guys
[03:47] <Parsonsda> i got a problem
[03:47] <Dogfoger> Ur pushing it Jonah
[03:47] <Jonahgandy> Yeh
[03:47] <Parsonsda> my crap 
[03:47] <FiendOfLight> what problem?
[03:47] <Dogfoger> Parson, ur beyond help
[03:47] <Jonahgandy> Lo
[03:47] <FiendOfLight> oh :p
[03:47] <Jonahgandy> What armor?
[03:47] <Dogfoger> Like omg
[03:47] <Parsonsda> it prayer armour
[03:47] <Dogfoger> The end of the world is nigh
[03:47] <Ruft Ruft> Initiate?
[03:47] <Parsonsda> i want new armour, to be more powerful
[03:47] <Parsonsda> but
[03:47] <Jonahgandy> Initiatie or protesltyle
[03:48] <Parsonsda> so many to choose from
[03:48] <Parsonsda> yer it that
[03:48] <Parsonsda> so many to choose from
[03:48] <Dogfoger> Parson
[03:48] <Parsonsda> i can't work out what one
[03:48] <FiendOfLight> what armor do you have and what is your defence level?
[03:48] <Dogfoger> Cash pile?
[03:48] <Dogfoger> 
[03:48] <Ruft Ruft> Bandos is a good choice
[03:48] <Jonahgandy> Ok, get 70 defence and get barrows armir
[03:48] <Parsonsda> im poor arm, im mining runite
[03:48] <Jonahgandy> Well to me bandos is over rated for low levels
[03:48] <Ruft Ruft> how many cash?
[03:48] <Parsonsda> *** [ GABUMON ]: Overall 2,008 | Att 93 | Def 92 | Str 91 | Cns 92 | Range 77 | Pray 72 | Mage 81 | Cook 99 | WC 99 | Fletch 99 | Fish 79 | FM 99 | Craft 76 | Smith 74 | Mine 87 | Herb 63 | Agil 78 | Thief 75 | Slay 78 | Farm 63 | RC 58 | Hunt 67 | Con 70 | Sum 66 | Dungeon 80
[03:48] <Parsonsda> 
[03:49] <Dogfoger> U didnt need to do that
[03:49] <Ruft Ruft> and cashN
[03:49] <Jonahgandy> How did he do that?
[03:49] <Ruft Ruft> ?
[03:49] <Dogfoger> Culdve just linked ur page
[03:49] <Jonahgandy> how did you do that pars?
[03:49] <Parsonsda> ir from runescript
[03:49] <Parsonsda> hmmm
[03:49] <Jonahgandy> o
[03:49] <Parsonsda> is there a bot in here
[03:49] <Dogfoger> Pars
[03:49] <FiendOfLight> lol with those stats you should buy bandos or, if you can't afford it (like me :p) barrows armor
[03:50] <Ruft Ruft> Parsonsda, how many cash do you have
[03:50] <Ruft Ruft> ?
[03:50] <Jonahgandy> Yweah
[03:50] <Dogfoger> [[User: Parsonsda]]
[03:50] <Parsonsda> hmmm
[03:50] <Parsonsda> urrr
[03:50] <Parsonsda> im down to
[03:50] <Jonahgandy> Get this armor ((bandos))
[03:50] <Parsonsda> ...
[03:50] <Parsonsda> 300k
[03:50] <Jonahgandy> Ughh... 
[03:50] <Ruft Ruft> [[Bandos]]
[03:50] <Accuratez> fighter torso
[03:50] <Jonahgandy> Ha I have a 34m bank at 104 cb
[03:50] <Parsonsda> how much whould that cost
[03:50] <Ruft Ruft> 300k? Rune for you Xd
[03:50] <Jonahgandy> Fighter torso is free?
[03:51] <Parsonsda> i need pro looking armour
[03:51] <Accuratez> you have to play a minigame for it
[03:51] <Ruft Ruft> Bandos ;p
[03:51] <Dogfoger> [[Armour]]
[03:51] <Accuratez> torva
[03:51] <Jonahgandy> (range) range is my favorite skill right no
[03:51] <Ruft Ruft> [[Torva]][
[03:51] <FiendOfLight> I got a 50m bank at 107 cb lol
[03:51] <Parsonsda> ok bandos it is, is bandos good for fight caves?
[03:51] <Jonahgandy> Nah... Get torva
[03:51] <FiendOfLight> no
[03:51] <Accuratez> or any hybrid set will make you look pro
[03:51] <Accuratez> use gano for fight caves
[03:51] <Ruft Ruft> [[Torva]] is extremely expensive...
[03:51] <Accuratez> you can tank jad with it
[03:52] <Parsonsda> i aint got gano
[03:52] <Parsonsda> i got the one below it
[03:52] <FiendOfLight> I need to get my 80 attack lol
[03:52] <Ruft Ruft> I'd say just save up for [[Bandos]]
[03:52] <Ruft Ruft> But not the bandos boots though
[03:52] <FiendOfLight> ^^ what I'm doing :) 
[03:52] <Accuratez> you won't be meleeing jad
[03:52] <AnselaJonla> back later
[03:52] <FiendOfLight> cause I got 200k tokens and then found I couldn't get my rapier
[03:52] <Parsonsda> i got Grifolic armour
[03:52] <Accuratez> gano ftw
[03:52] <FiendOfLight> I was so pissed lol
[03:52] <Accuratez> why?
[03:52] <Ruft Ruft> Jad? Armadyl/Karil's with Verac helm
[03:52] <FiendOfLight> I need 85 def for gano
[03:53] <Jonahgandy> Omfg omfg omfg omfg omfg omfog, guys guess what !!?!?!?!?!L!.
[03:53] <Jonahgandy> Omg guess whT
[03:53] <FiendOfLight> I was pissed because I got 200k tokens then couldn't get the rapier cause I had only 79 attack
[03:53] <Accuratez> lolz
[03:53] <Jonahgandy> Guys?
[03:53] <Jonahgandy> chins are dropping w000t
[03:54] <Accuratez> hm?
[03:54] <Ruft Ruft> Equipment for [[TzTok-Jad]]: Full [[Armadyl armour]] or [[Karil%27s|Karil's]] with [[Verac%27s helm|Verac's helm]]
[03:54] <Accuratez> gano is for lazy nub :p
[03:54] <Jonahgandy> Lol I can do it with void easy
[03:55] <Jonahgandy> No, storm of arma is for lazy nub
[03:55] <Parsonsda> im gonna compare some items
[03:55] <Accuratez> I meant at jad
[03:55] <FiendOfLight> I got 1-hit by jad in black d'hides lol
[03:55] <Accuratez> you don't have to prayer switch with gano
[03:55] <FiendOfLight> yeah, just pray range =)
[03:56] <Parsonsda> i got stylish armour thoe :) 
[03:56] <Parsonsda>
[03:56] <FiendOfLight> do you still range or do you use polypore staff with gano?
[03:56] <Accuratez> polypore
[03:56] <FiendOfLight> stylish armor sucks - get functional armor
[03:57] <FiendOfLight> like fury / barrows / dfs / d def / bandos / armadyl =)
[03:57] <ZamorakO o> yay, finished my test
[03:57] <ZamorakO o> \o/
[03:57] <Accuratez> dfs > >
[03:57] <FiendOfLight> gz
[03:57] <Accuratez> and then you died when the results came out 
[03:57] <Accuratez> *die
[03:57] <FiendOfLight> dfs is pretty decent--just got it to go with my chaotic rapier when I go to gwd
[03:58] <Parsonsda> im gonna make a shoping list
[03:58] <Parsonsda> for stuff i need
[03:58] <Accuratez> Y U NO use d def?
[03:58] <Parsonsda> huh?
[03:59] <FiendOfLight> I do use d def for slayer
[03:59] <FiendOfLight> I just don't know whether dfs or d def would be better for zammy gwd
[04:00] <FiendOfLight> I hate the new effigy drop rules
[04:00] <Parsonsda> i got a d def
[04:00] <FiendOfLight> which would be better for zammy gwd?
[04:01] <Accuratez> you're soloing him?
[04:02] <FiendOfLight> nah, trioing
[04:02] <FiendOfLight> only guy with a chaotic tho
[04:03] <Accuratez> I say dfs
[04:03] <Accuratez> I think you will be tanking a lot of hits
[04:03] <Accuratez> wait....
[04:03] <FiendOfLight> that's kinda what I thought =)
[04:03] <Accuratez> you're praying melee so use d def
[04:03] <FiendOfLight> ooh yeah lol
[04:06] <Parsonsda> guys
[04:06] <Parsonsda> whats better 
[04:06] <Parsonsda> Armadyl or Karil's for range armour?
[04:07] <Hairrazerrr> Heyy
[04:08] <Accuratez> Haiirrrrr
[04:09] <Accuratez> get armadyl
[04:12] <Parsonsda> u sure?
[04:13] <Accuratez> well, if you can afford it that is
[04:14] <Accuratez> more ranged bonus and magic defence never hurts
[04:16] <Parsonsda> im looking at the two helms
[04:16] <Hairrazerrr> Hai Mr.Zam
[04:16] <Parsonsda> Armadyl helmet it is!
[04:19] <Accuratez> [[Saradomin coif]] is also an alternative
[04:19] <Accuratez> blue dragon task *drools*
[04:20] <Ruft Ruft> or [[Pernix cowl]] :) 
[04:21] <Parsonsda> im comparing every item
[04:21] <Parsonsda> to get best buy
[04:21] <Parsonsda> <<< god armour again
[04:21] <Ruft Ruft> [[Pernix body]] :) 
[04:23] <Ruft Ruft> Full [[Pernix]] + [[Chaotic crossbow]] + [[Divine spirit shield]] ;p
[04:25] <Parsonsda> <<<< god wars again
[04:25] <Ruft Ruft> [[God wars]] :o
[04:25] <Parsonsda> Pernix is for people like jmods
[04:25] <Parsonsda> im compareing them slowly
[04:25] <Parsonsda> as last time
[04:25] <Parsonsda> i lost 20M
[04:25] <Parsonsda> so im being careful
[04:26] <Ruft Ruft> Okay
[04:27] <Accuratez> get a void ranged set
[04:28] <Accuratez> if you want a ranged armor you can use for a long time
[04:28] <Ruft Ruft> [[Armadyl]] doesn't degrade :o
[04:29] <Ruft Ruft> [[Armadyl armour]]*
[04:31] <Accuratez> [[Void Knight equipment]] 
[04:34] <Parsonsda> my shopping list is done
[04:35] <Parsonsda> [[User:Parsonsda/Goals]] <<< dose that look ok?
[04:35] <Accuratez> you should get void :) 
[04:37] <Parsonsda> i want "good" armour
[04:38] <Hairrazerrr> Okay, I think I got some good images of TzHaar :D
[04:38] <Hairrazerrr> brb
[04:39] <Accuratez> void is one of the best set in game : (
[04:43] <Parsonsda> i dont see many wearing it
[04:44] <AnselaJonla> It's a pain in the backside to get
[04:46] <Hairrazerrr> Oh hai ansela
[04:46] <Parsonsda> im gonna fix the Mercenary ranger image
[04:51] <Parsonsda> now where did i put my particle pack...
[04:51] <AnselaJonla> Hi Hairy
[04:53] <Hairrazerrr> Did I just do ALOT of join/quit spam?
[04:53] <AnselaJonla> [[File:XP Counter total level.png]] - personal image and a duplicate... wow
[04:53] <AnselaJonla> Once
[04:53] <Hairrazerrr> Okay, it showed me join/quitting a lot for me...
[04:53] <Dogfoger> Wow
[04:53] <Dogfoger> I made my clans citadel battlefield absolute CARNAGE!!
[04:54] <Dogfoger> Everywhere u go theres spikes that deal 500 damge, lvl 50 magers/rangers/meleers, ice, etc
[04:54] <Hairrazerrr> *looks for an admin*
[04:54] <Hairrazerrr> Ansela, become an admin already
[04:54] <Hairrazerrr> now I have to go find one
[04:55] <AnselaJonla> *makes it be next Friday already*
[04:56] <Hairrazerrr> [[yg]]
[04:59] <Hairrazerrr> ansela, did you get meh pee em
[05:00] <AnselaJonla> My browser froze coz I tried to open them all at once
[05:00] <Hairrazerrr> lol
[05:04] <Parsonsda> few
[05:04] <Parsonsda> all fixed
[05:06] <Parsonsda> [[File:Mercenary ranger.png]] <<< hows that guys?
[05:07] <Hairrazerrr> Uhhh...
[05:08] <Hairrazerrr> It's good
[05:09] <Parsonsda> particle trans is hardest :) 
[05:10] <Barnit> errrm guys i just helped some guy with dt and fareed cb is 227 now not 167 maybe the other dt bosses cb lvls have been updated also?
[05:10] <AnselaJonla> Erm... maybe
[05:11] <AnselaJonla> A load of monsters got their levels changed a few weeks back
[05:12] <Hairrazerrr> I see a ciph
[05:12] <Barnit> yea
[05:13] <Barnit> first monster ive seen with updated cb :P
[05:14] <Barnit> its probs jjust the older quest bosses
[05:14] <AnselaJonla> Ape Atoll scorps, 103 mummies are now 138...
[05:15] <Barnit> 120 mummies u mean? i swear that was cb of 1s in pyramid? :o
[05:15] <AnselaJonla> Nope, everyone says 103
[05:15] <Barnit> :O
[05:16] <AnselaJonla> I don't kill them myself, so I don't really know
[05:16] <AnselaJonla> Mummies are just an annoyance on my way to dusties
[05:16] <Barnit> lol
[05:17] <Barnit> apparently they were good for effigy farming lol
[05:18] <Karlis> /yawn
[05:18] <Barnit> hi
[05:18] <Karlis> Morning
[05:18] <AnselaJonla> Not any more
[05:18] <AnselaJonla> Hi Karlis
[05:18] <Karlis> 0918 here lol
[05:18] <Karlis> Morning Ansela =)
[05:19] <Hairrazerrr> Karlis, Hello.
[05:19] <Karlis> [[RS:AWBR]]
[05:19] <Karlis> [[RS:BR]]
[05:19] <Karlis> [[RS:CVU]]
[05:19] <AnselaJonla> 17:19 here, and the not any more was at Barnit
[05:19] <Barnit> yea every1s raging about that update especially as jagex's reasoning was they asked maxed ppl what they thought when they dont need effigies :L
[05:20] <Karlis> Which update?
[05:20] <Hairrazerrr> Can you close the [[Forum:Drop submission script]] or what ever that is Karlis?
[05:20] <Hairrazerrr> pwease? ^.^
[05:20] <Barnit> the effigy nerf
[05:21] <Barnit> i only ever had 2 anyway :L
[05:21] <AnselaJonla> Hah! Of course Maxholes would be happy with a limit on effigies. It's not like they need help to open them or anything.
[05:21] <Karlis> they nerfed effigies?
[05:22] <Karlis> what did they do? I still have like 60 in my bank >.>
[05:22] <Barnit> yea theres a limit of 5
[05:22] <Ciphrius Kane> Limited it to 5 per person
[05:22] <Barnit> they lowered drop rates
[05:22] <Joeytje50> hi
[05:22] <AnselaJonla> Can't get any more if you have 5 or more already
[05:22] <Ciphrius Kane> You got any crafting ones you want dealt with?
[05:22] <AnselaJonla> And each successive one you get lowers the drop rate
[05:22] <Hairrazerrr> Joey, make an admin close it. ^.^
[05:27] <FiendOfLight> I have to get rid of 11
[05:27] <FiendOfLight> I had been saving them until I got summoning high enough that I could put the lamps into them
[05:27] <Joeytje50> [[RuneScape:Administrator requests%23Fix for signatures|RuneScape:Administrator requests#Fix for signatures]] could someone add that please?
[05:28] <AnselaJonla> what's your summoning now?
[05:28] <FiendOfLight> 55
[05:28] <AnselaJonla> What do you need?
[05:28] <FiendOfLight> lamps won't give me much at this level
[05:28] <FiendOfLight> I was gonna wait until like 77 or 80 summoning
[05:28] <FiendOfLight> I have crims for 66 summoning banked
[05:28] <FiendOfLight> and around 500 golds
[05:29] <FiendOfLight> Does anyone know *WHY* Jagex nerfed effigies?
[05:30] <AnselaJonla> Because people were camping and gathering dozens of them
[05:30] <Ciphrius Kane> Cause the maxed elite didn't want them
[05:31] <FiendOfLight> I liked the occasional little bonus to training slayer =(
[05:31] <FiendOfLight> @Ciphrius: That makes sense...make it that much harder for every1 else to get 99s
[05:32] <Parsonsda> i missed working on my css
[05:33] <Hairrazerrr> brb
[05:33] <Joeytje50> gtg now
[05:33] <Joeytje50> bye
[05:33] <FiendOfLight> cya
[05:34] <Ciphrius Kane> Karlis, mind deleting [[File:XP Counter total level.png]] as a duplicate of [[File:Statistics.png]]?
[05:36] <Hairrazerrr> wat
[05:36] <Hairrazerrr> I did not notice that (facepalm) 
[05:37] <Karlis> fin
[05:37] <Ciphrius Kane> Ta
[05:39] <Karlis> De rien
[05:41] <Hairrazerrr> Hello Zammy
[05:41] <Barnit> hi
[05:41] <Ciphrius Kane> Ello Zam
[05:41] <ZamorakO o> Hi
[05:41] <ZamorakO o> /me is working on cracking some password hashes
[05:42] <Karlis> i've always been interested in learning how to do that
[05:44] <ZamorakO o> Well, my younger brother got a new desktop, and he was at school so I was going to crack his password and change his boot logo to my little pony
[05:44] <Barnit> lol
[05:44] <ZamorakO o> However, I slept in so I'm working on borrowed time. :P
[05:46] <Karlis> you know
[05:46] <Karlis> there is free software you can download and burn to a bootable CD to reset passwords
[05:46] <Karlis> for W7
[05:47] <Parsonsda> almost got perfect css
[05:47] <Accuratez> css?
[05:47] <Ciphrius Kane> cascading style sheet
[05:48] <Karlis> [[Special:Mypage/wikia.css]]
[05:48] <ZamorakO o> Karlis, always having to do things the hard way
[05:48] <Karlis> lol
[05:48] <Karlis> just download it 
[05:48] <Karlis> it's fast
[05:49] <Karlis> and you can reuse it
[05:49] <Karlis> every time he changes his password
[05:50] <Karlis> Iiiii
[05:50] <Karlis> need to get 260 weaponsmitihg by the time Katy wakes up, else she's going to kill me
[05:51] <Ciphrius Kane> Which game is this?
[05:51] <Karlis> Aion
[05:51] <Parsonsda> ...
[05:51] <Parsonsda> ive done it
[05:51] <Parsonsda> my css
[05:51] <Parsonsda> is 100% perfect
[05:51] <Karlis> Mine isn't
[05:51] <Karlis> I have 2 of those navigation bars
[05:51] <Karlis> so used to it now
[05:51] <Karlis> i don't even notice it anymore
[05:52] <Hairrazerrr> wut
[05:52] <Hairrazerrr> I want to see
[05:52] <ZamorakO o> Karlis, but I think it's more fun to crack the password rather than just change it
[05:52] <Karlis> well, you can crack it
[05:52] <Karlis> with this
[05:52] <Parsonsda> u cant see it
[05:52] <Karlis> you can just also change it
[05:52] <Parsonsda> but i can show u what it lok like
[05:52] <Hairrazerrr> Yes. ^.^
[05:52] <Parsonsda> i been making this css since wiki made the new skin
[05:52] <Karlis> Someone should fix my css
[05:52] <Karlis> because I really have no clue about it
[05:53] <Hairrazerrr> I just use mine for hilites >.>
[05:53] <Karlis> i don't know what mine is for
[05:53] <Karlis> i just cop/paste things people tell me to do
[05:53] <Karlis> copy*
[05:53] <Parsonsda>
[05:54] <Parsonsda> that what it look like on user page
[05:54] <Parsonsda> <<< this is how the rest of pages look
[05:54] <Parsonsda> no adverts, no side bar
[05:54] <Parsonsda> full width
[05:55] <Hairrazerrr> *copies all of parson's css*
[05:55] <Karlis> lol
[05:55] <Karlis> I enjoy mine being fullscreen
[05:55] <Karlis> Hey Parsons
[05:55] <Parsonsda> go ahead copy it, as that why it there
[05:56] <Parsonsda> not only have i made one
[05:56] <Parsonsda> i also made
[05:56] <Parsonsda> monoaco
[05:56] <Parsonsda> for monobook
[05:56] <Karlis> Could you figure out what I have in my css that is causing me to have two of the top nav bars?
[05:57] <Hairrazerrr> [[User:Karlis/wikia.css]]
[05:57] <Parsonsda> i cant decode css soz =/
[05:57] <Karlis> Well I know, but all that is greek to me
[05:57] <Karlis> hmm
[05:57] <Karlis> damn
[05:57] <Parsonsda> soz
[05:57] <Karlis> s'ok
[05:57] <Parsonsda> i only code, u can copy mine if u like
[05:57] <Hairrazerrr> I can figure it out, I just can write it >.>
[05:58] <Parsonsda> hmmm
[05:58] <Parsonsda> that border
[05:58] <Parsonsda> on upload image button
[05:58] <Parsonsda> really ruins it
[05:58] <Parsonsda> better fix it
[06:00] <Hairrazerrr> Hey Jonah
[06:00] <Jonahgandy> Sup
[06:01] <Jonahgandy> Should I spend 30m on getting 99 range?
[06:01] <Barnit> no
[06:01] <Barnit> chins are crashing
[06:01] <Barnit> wait
[06:01] <Barnit> :P
[06:01] <Jonahgandy> :p
[06:01] <Jonahgandy> Ok
[06:01] <Barnit> and u could get on bxpw
[06:01] <Barnit> :D
[06:02] <Jonahgandy> Tats why I considered it.. Chins crashed
[06:02] <Barnit> yea
[06:02] <Parsonsda> btw guys
[06:02] <Parsonsda> if u wanna do css codes
[06:02] <Parsonsda> use google chrome
[06:02] <Jonahgandy> Well chins go up on bxpw....
[06:02] <Barnit> wats a css? :S
[06:02] <Parsonsda> u can see what ur doing, and get the css
[06:02] <Hairrazerrr> Why?
[06:02] <Hairrazerrr> oh
[06:02] <Jonahgandy> (range) 
[06:02] <Barnit> theres ages till bxpw
[06:03] <Barnit> and chins are still crashing ;) 
[06:03] <Jonahgandy> Ok I want chins to go down to 600 gp ea
[06:03] <Barnit> same
[06:03] <Ciphrius Kane> Roughly a month
[06:03] <Barnit> >:D
[06:03] <Parsonsda>
[06:03] <Jonahgandy> Ueah
[06:03] <Barnit> yea
[06:03] <Parsonsda> that how i edit my css
[06:03] <Barnit> its the 12th of march
[06:03] <Parsonsda> using chrome i see what im doing, and copy the codes
[06:03] <Jonahgandy> Oh
[06:03] <Jonahgandy> ?
[06:03] <Barnit> wats a css?
[06:03] <Barnit> :L
[06:05] <Jonahgandy> I should buy like 30k chins and merch thm
[06:05] <Jonahgandy> So when they go up to 2k ea on bxpw
[06:06] <Barnit> tbh they may go back up but if bots are returning then well see 400 ea first
[06:07] <Accuratez> ^
[06:07] <Karlis> lolol bots are returning?
[06:07] <Barnit> supposedly
[06:07] <Karlis> gg Jamflex
[06:08] <Accuratez> they are already back in full force >.>
[06:08] <Barnit> they have suddenly incresed in nubers lol
[06:08] <Accuratez> I'm surprised that you didn't know
[06:08] <Barnit> SG bots dont count ;) 
[06:08] <Karlis> I don't play
[06:08] <Accuratez> also nats bots 
[06:08] <Karlis> How funny
[06:08] <Accuratez> green and blue drag
[06:08] <Barnit> lol
[06:09] <Karlis> they talk so much trash about banning bots forever and making a day in history
[06:09] <Karlis> and 3 months later their failure to understand their own game is revealed
[06:09] <Parsonsda> guys
[06:09] <Parsonsda> <<< hows that?
[06:09] <Barnit> well they did say the nuke rendered 98% useless
[06:10] <Barnit> seems like the other 2% have been improved
[06:10] <Karlis> you'll never stop hackers
[06:10] <Karlis> they're always 1 step ahead of game companies
[06:10] <Accuratez> at least they seem to care about the issue
[06:10] <Parsonsda> i believe my css is now 99.9% done 
[06:10] <Karlis> they don't work off the corporate dollar
[06:10] <Ciphrius Kane> From what I understand what they've done is basically made it more difficult for bots and shut down a couple of bot companies
[06:10] <Karlis> they aren't on 9-5 shifts
[06:11] <Karlis> there are more of them, they are faster, smarter, and more determined.
[06:11] <Accuratez> you aren't a big fan of jagex aren't you?
[06:11] <Karlis> I love Jagex, they have made a wonderful game
[06:11] <Karlis> But all companies are this way
[06:12] <Ciphrius Kane> Jagex weren't until they were bought out
[06:12] <Karlis> When it comes down to it
[06:12] <Karlis> money is money
[06:13] <AnselaJonla> Heh, you do the same thing as I do sometimes Karlis - welcome template and warning template in the same edit
[06:13] <Karlis> a 100% bot-free game is a broken economy
[06:13] <Karlis> lol
[06:13] <Karlis> i love it
[06:13] <Ciphrius Kane> Paul and Andrew Gower swore never to bring back the old wildy. They left the board, IVP came in and then there was that sham of a vote
[06:13] <Karlis> Because it was a good business move
[06:14] <Karlis> The reason Jagex is so successful 
[06:14] <Karlis> is because they listen to their fans and alter their product based on the masses
[06:16] <Ciphrius Kane> Seems that drops script has been causing a bit of trouble
[06:16] <Karlis> dropadd?
[06:16] <Ciphrius Kane>
[06:17] <AnselaJonla> It would be nice if there just a few non-PvP wildy worlds. They can have revs, but just no PvP.
[06:17] <Hairrazerrr> Every thing has bugs in the beginning
[06:17] <AnselaJonla> Revs never hung around waiting for chaos tunnellers or abyss rcers, or hunted peng spyers for fun
[06:18] <Ciphrius Kane> Hellhounds drop steadfast boots apparently
[06:18] <Karlis> If you notice bugs, bug Joey
[06:18] <Karlis> I'm sure he'll fix it asap
[06:19] <FiendOfLight> [13:17] <AnselaJonla> It would be nice if there just a few non-PvP wildy worlds. They can have revs, but just no PvP.
[06:20] <FiendOfLight> ^^ I actually suggested that to bring back the old wildy (not old old wildy ;P) on a couple worlds
[06:20] <FiendOfLight> I got seriously flamed / trolled
[06:20] <Karlis> It could be solved by having non-combat worlds entirely
[06:20] <Dogfoger> (caek) 
[06:20] <FiendOfLight> exactly
[06:21] <Hairrazerrr> wut, why doesn't this script work :@
[06:21] <FiendOfLight> but the pvpers were like OMFG you so noooob
[06:21] <Karlis> yeah
[06:21] <Karlis> Well, so is the community of RS, sadly
[06:21] <FiendOfLight> and I'm like: Then how come I regularly kill the pvpers when they bother me in wildy?
[06:21] <Hairrazerrr> (facepalm) 
[06:21] <Hairrazerrr> He made a thread about it...
[06:21] <Karlis> lol
[06:22] <Dogfoger> (facepalm) 
[06:22] <Karlis> Please
[06:22] <Karlis> facepalm harder
[06:22] <AnselaJonla> Erm... I did suggest that until you shot me down and pointed out the need for consensus
[06:22] <AnselaJonla> (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm)(facepalm)
[06:22] <FiendOfLight> Some people agreed though - making pvp and non-pvp worlds
[06:23] <FiendOfLight> It's ridiculous how the level 135+ pvpers rule what Jagex does
[06:23] <Parsonsda> w000t!
[06:23] <Parsonsda> i fixed the main bug
[06:23] <AnselaJonla> pvp sucks
[06:23] <Dogfoger> (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm)(facepalm)
[06:23] <Parsonsda> now the css should be 100% perfect
[06:23] <Parsonsda> anyone wanna test it out?
[06:23] <Dogfoger> (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) (facepalm) 
[06:23] <Dogfoger> There
[06:23] <Hairrazerrr> Can you stop...
[06:23] <Dogfoger> Hard enough?
[06:23] <Dogfoger> 
[06:23] <Karlis> yes
[06:23] <Karlis> so
[06:23] <Dogfoger> ^^
[06:23] <Dogfoger> Happy to oblige
[06:23] <Parsonsda> anyone wanna test out my css?
[06:24] <Karlis> whatever happened to [[RS:BB|being bold]] ?
[06:24] <AnselaJonla> For what, Karlis?
[06:24] <Karlis> changing the damn skills template
[06:24] <AnselaJonla> Erm... Hair... wanna find that quote you used on me?
[06:25] <Hairrazerrr> "If you wish to change how the template displays, then copy the code to a userpage and use that instead. Do not edit this page for simple display changes without consensus." 
[06:25] <Hairrazerrr> Hence the "Do not edit the page for simple display changes"
[06:25] <Karlis> Well
[06:25] <Karlis> Everything else in the template is a picture
[06:26] <Karlis> I imagine you can change the total to a picture and just ignore that little warning
[06:26] <Hairrazerrr> Since it is used on ~2200 userpages, I think it would be best to discuss it
[06:27] <Karlis> meh
[06:27] <AnselaJonla> His objection to Ciph's idea: it's too large
[06:28] <Karlis> It's bureaucratic red tape is all
[06:28] <Karlis> but i suppose
[06:28] <Ciphrius Kane> Revenant icefiends drop purple phats
[06:29] <Ciphrius Kane> I might ask Joey if he can create a blacklist of drops
[06:29] <Karlis> ^confirmed
[06:29] <FiendOfLight> wat
[06:29] <FiendOfLight> 100 purple phats too
[06:29] <AnselaJonla> Why you ninja me Ciaphas?
[06:29] <Parsonsda> guys
[06:30] <Ciphrius Kane> Vengeance
[06:30] <Parsonsda> <<<< hows that, i soften the user page, changed the links, fixed the homepage search bar, and now it should be done
[06:31] <FiendOfLight> ban this regex: "(p(arty)?|sant[ay])[ _]?hat|h(allo|\')?ween[ _]?mask|\d\d\d\d\d\d"
[06:31] <FiendOfLight> prolly more I should add to that regex tbh
[06:31] <Karlis> wat?
[06:31] <Hairrazerrr> [[User:Tyilo/User stats 2]] Test
[06:32] <FiendOfLight> to prevent ppl from adding purple partyhats to drop logs, etc.
[06:32] <Hairrazerrr> Oh... big s
[06:32] <Karlis> yeah I got that
[06:32] <Karlis> whar to put
[06:32] <Karlis> i can't code for shit
[06:32] <Karlis> err, crap
[06:32] <Karlis> >.>
[06:32] <Karlis> ahem
[06:32] <Ciphrius Kane> I've left Joey a message asking if he could take a look
[06:33] <AnselaJonla> Hm, I should change my signature
[06:34] <Ciphrius Kane> Hi
[06:34] <Hazel HamsterChick> Hi
[06:35] <AnselaJonla> Hi Hamster
[06:35] <Parsonsda> my css is now on my userpage, if anyone wants a copy :) 
[06:35] <Hazel HamsterChick> How are you all?
[06:35] <Ciphrius Kane> Good, yerself?
[06:35] <AnselaJonla> I'm fine. You?
[06:36] <Barnit> fine u?
[06:36] <Barnit> :p
[06:36] <Hazel HamsterChick> I an new to wiki chat! how are you alll doing on runescape?
[06:36] <Hazel HamsterChick> I am good thank you
[06:36] <Karlis> Hey look, all of the broken image link star icons are gone again
[06:36] <Karlis> gogo Wikia
[06:37] <ZamorakO o> Hai
[06:37] <AnselaJonla> Zammeh!
[06:37] <Ciphrius Kane> Ello Zam
[06:37] <Hazel HamsterChick> how long have u all been playing runescape for?
[06:38] <ZamorakO o> Around 5 and a half years. Yo?
[06:38] <FiendOfLight> about 6 months
[06:38] <Hazel HamsterChick> just over a month
[06:38] <Ciphrius Kane> About 4 years
[06:38] <FiendOfLight> So I'm only cb 107 :/ 
[06:38] <Hazel HamsterChick> my cb 75
[06:38] <AnselaJonla> Combat 107... in 6 months? Nice
[06:39] <Karlis> uhh, 7 years
[06:39] <AnselaJonla> And combat 75 in a month...
[06:39] <Karlis> but I have been inactive for like 4 of them
[06:39] <AnselaJonla> I've almost got my vet cape and I only ave 125 comabt
[06:39] <Hazel HamsterChick> poor you karlis.
[06:39] <Hairrazerrr> FiendOfLight, how'd you get the charm log's of two monsters in one minute? :o
[06:40] <Hazel HamsterChick> I like wood chopping. 
[06:40] <AnselaJonla> Maybe FOL had them written down to add a bunch in one go?
[06:40] <Hazel HamsterChick> What your favourite skill to do?
[06:40] <AnselaJonla> Combat/Slayer
[06:40] <Hazel HamsterChick> What skills don't u like doing?
[06:40] <AnselaJonla> Rc, mining, agility, wc, fishing, hunter...
[06:40] <Hairrazerrr> Yet Ansela, none of them are even close to the current Charm logs submission
[06:41] <Hazel HamsterChick> I don't like dung or summoning
[06:41] <Hairrazerrr>
[06:41] <Hazel HamsterChick> what is everyone highest skill?
[06:41] <Hairrazerrr> Wc
[06:41] <Ciphrius Kane> 99
[06:41] <AnselaJonla> (hp) 
[06:41] <Hazel HamsterChick> my wc is 75
[06:41] <AnselaJonla> Less than half... suspicious
[06:42] <Ciphrius Kane> Got that in herb, wc, fm, thieving, farming, fletching and cooking
[06:43] <Hazel HamsterChick> so how many 99 skill has everyone got?
[06:43] <Ciphrius Kane> 7
[06:43] <Ciphrius Kane> Listed above
[06:43] <Hazel HamsterChick> wow that alot. i will be glad when i get my first one
[06:44] <FiendOfLight> "FiendOfLight, how'd you get the charm log's of two monsters in one minute? :o"
[06:44] <ZamorakO o> I have 4
[06:44] <FiendOfLight> I logged them last night
[06:44] <Hazel HamsterChick> where do i find magic trees? is there any magic trees near a bank?
[06:44] <ZamorakO o> There is some near the range guild 
[06:44] <FiendOfLight> tree gnome stronghold is closest to bank
[06:44] <ZamorakO o> Which is close to the bank in Cammy
[06:44] <Hazel HamsterChick> where the range guil
[06:44] <Hairrazerrr> @Fiend: They aren't even close to the past charm logs submissions though
[06:44] <Hazel HamsterChick> o.k ty
[06:46] <FiendOfLight> ...yes they are - the fungal mage one is slightly low, but the greater one is extremely close
[06:47] <FiendOfLight> and drops are random, so sometimes they are higher and sometimes they are lower
[06:47] <Hairrazerrr> The Percentage should be fairly close though
[06:47] <Hairrazerrr> 23.5% isn't close to 10.2%
[06:48] <FiendOfLight> I didn't get that many charms from fungal mages
[06:48] <Hairrazerrr> It still should have been close to what other users have been getting
[06:49] <FiendOfLight> FYI: This edit may have vandalised them
[06:49] <FiendOfLight>
[06:49] <FiendOfLight> 5000 kills 3000 crims wtf?
[06:49] <Parsonsda> [[File:Dutch Dominion tower facebook hint feb 2012.jpg]]
[06:49] <Ciphrius Kane> Might be? It is
[06:49] <Parsonsda> fresh in
[06:50] <Hairrazerrr> @FOL: That was 2 months ago... so I don't see how that relates
[06:52] <Hairrazerrr> Ciph, why did you make a red link
[06:52] <Parsonsda>
[06:53] <Ciphrius Kane> What red link?
[06:53] <Hairrazerrr> It was a redlink when i viewed the page...
[06:53] <FiendOfLight> add bs data to the charm log and it will corrupt the data
[06:53] <Hairrazerrr> Hello Von
[06:53] <Hairrazerrr> It was undone though Fiend, not processed
[06:54] <Von ness ness> What possessed me to go HERE o.0
[06:54] <FiendOfLight> oh
[06:55] <AnselaJonla> Hi Von
[06:55] <Dogfoger> Von
[06:55] <Von ness ness> Yes?
[06:55] <Dogfoger> It was the aliens
[06:55] <Von ness ness> Oh.
[06:55] <Dogfoger> I thought I was the only one who saw them (QP) _ (QP) 
[06:55] <Dogfoger> Do u see them too?
[06:55] <Dogfoger> 
[06:55] <AnselaJonla> *shoots Ciph with a bolter*
[06:55] <Von ness ness> Well, cya later sweetie pie!
[06:56] <Ciphrius Kane> Attempting to shoot a commisar is an executionable offence
[06:56] <AnselaJonla> Only if you miss
[06:56] <FiendOfLight> oh lol (*headdesk*)
[06:56] <FiendOfLight> I misread my log
[06:56] <Ciphrius Kane> * Ciphrius Kane executes Ansela
[06:56] <AnselaJonla> Ack
[06:56] <FiendOfLight> 15 greens - not 5
[06:57] <Ciphrius Kane> Warn2 for that guy?
[06:57] <Ciphrius Kane> We should make a warning template for drops
[06:57] <Hairrazerrr> I think there is one *goes to find*
[06:58] <FiendOfLight> dragon s9?
[06:58] <FiendOfLight> lol?
[06:58] <Hairrazerrr> [[Template:Charm log 1]] or [[Template:Charm log 2]] like that?
[06:59] <Ciphrius Kane> Aye like those, but for monster drops
[06:59] <Ciphrius Kane> We may have a vandal on our hands
[06:59] <Parsonsda> guys
[06:59] <Parsonsda> <<< look at the player boots, what boots are they?
[06:59] <Edmyg> Hm, do you need to demonstrate a need for Custodian/Rollback right?
[07:00] <AnselaJonla> Not really
[07:00] <AnselaJonla> Just need the required edit count
[07:00] <AnselaJonla> Or close enough to it
[07:00] <Ciphrius Kane> Generally you can get the tools if people vouch for you
[07:01] <FiendOfLight> ^^ He just vandalized again with 5 dragon platebodies
[07:01] <Parsonsda> <<< new boots + new weapon! sweet!
[07:01] <FiendOfLight> I wanna kill some ice trolls :D
[07:01] <Parsonsda> wait...
[07:02] <Edmyg> So all you need is someone saying the requester is trustworthy?
[07:02] <AnselaJonla> [[Glaiven boots]]
[07:02] <AnselaJonla> Parsons, I think the boots might be [[Steadfast boots]]
[07:02] <Ciphrius Kane> Or the edit count
[07:02] <Parsonsda> they aint
[07:03] <Parsonsda> nope
[07:03] <Parsonsda> no spikes
[07:03] <AnselaJonla> They can look like they don't have spikes in some graphics settings
[07:04] <AnselaJonla> Can anyone understand [[User:Lsfx2000]]?
[07:04] <Parsonsda> ah ha
[07:04] <Parsonsda> he wearing
[07:04] <Parsonsda> dragon boots
[07:04] <Hairrazerrr> Ansela, let me try
[07:04] <AnselaJonla> And if it's rude, pm the translation
[07:05] <Edmyg> Umm, it seems to be an advertisement
[07:05] <Hairrazerrr> Information on making monkey on the internet, working with the computer. Discover how to make money.
[07:05] <Hairrazerrr> money*
[07:05] <AnselaJonla> FOL - user pages can be in languages other than English
[07:05] <Edmyg> It's portuguese
[07:05] <FiendOfLight> Information on making money on the Internet, working with the computer. Discover how to make money. [link to spam site]
[07:05] <Edmyg> According to google
[07:05] <FiendOfLight> I didn't think spam was appropriate....
[07:05] <Ciphrius Kane> However if accounts are seen to be used for advertising purposes they can be blocked
[07:06] <Edmyg> Wasn't stupid enough to click a link in a language I don;t understand
[07:06] <AnselaJonla> Is it a CVU or RS:AR matter?
[07:06] <Ciphrius Kane> CVU
[07:06] <Edmyg> [[RS:AR]]
[07:06] <Ciphrius Kane> I'd just go straight to an admin myself
[07:06] <AnselaJonla> *sees no admins on here*
[07:07] <Edmyg> IRC?
[07:07] <FiendOfLight> @Ansela: I didn't tag it for being Portuguese - I tagged it for being pure spam.
[07:07] <Hairrazerrr> The link is safe though
[07:07] <Edmyg> Zammy was last active ~20mins ago
[07:07] <Edmyg> He might be in the IRC
[09:05] <AnselaJonla> [[File:Old Barrows Avatar.png]] - delete; personal image
[09:05] <Casting Fishes^^> mk so.. my first rsmv was great, second not so much? T_T
[09:05] <ZamorakO o> ;-;
[09:05] <ZamorakO o> chatbot, y u no start
[09:05] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[09:05] <ZamorakO o> /me goes to its computer
[09:05] <Hairrazerrr> [[User:RSChatBot/Restart]] is this the case?
[09:06] <Hairrazerrr> Zammy, you never undid your test you fail
[09:06] <Hairrazerrr> (facepalm)
[09:06] <Hairrazerrr> Whooops...
[09:07] <FiendOfLight> lol more phat drops
[09:07] <Casting Fishes^^> hai bot
[09:07] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ huggles chatbot
[09:08] <RSChatBot> Chrome had stopprf respomding
[09:08] <AnselaJonla>,15,659,63575753,goto,6
[09:08] <RSChatBot> * RSChatBot waits to reconnect
[09:06] <Hairrazerrr> Zammy, you never undid your test you fail
[09:06] <Hairrazerrr> (facepalm)
[09:06] <Hairrazerrr> Whooops...
[09:07] <FiendOfLight> lol more phat drops
[09:07] <Casting Fishes^^> hai bot
[09:07] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ huggles chatbot
[09:08] <RSChatBot> Chrome had stopprf respomding
[09:08] <AnselaJonla>,15,659,63575753,goto,6
[09:08] <RSChatBot> * RSChatBot waits to reconnect
[09:08] <FiendOfLight> lol I need rollback :p
[09:08] <Coelacanth0794> ello noobs
[09:08] <AnselaJonla> "We have big plans for combat. Stay tuned!" - sounds pretty massive
[09:09] <Urbancowgurl777> I HAET THIS DROPS BOX
[09:09] <Spineweilder> HEY COEL
[09:09] <AnselaJonla> Welcome to our world
[09:09] <Jim teh Mage> hi mr fish
[09:09] <Spineweilder> [[File:Dutch Dominion tower facebook hint feb 2012.jpg]]
[09:09] <Spineweilder> :D
[09:09] <AnselaJonla> It's been like this since the IPs found it
[09:09] <FiendOfLight> I click undo then edit conflict 'cause someone rolls it back :P
[09:09] <Urbancowgurl777> sunfreet looks significantly less epic than i would have imagined..
[09:09] <Coelacanth0794> cool
[09:09] <AnselaJonla> Oh, I have rollback and I still get conflicted
[09:09] <Hairrazerrr> Fergie, IP's just want to try something new, after they try it, they will stop. Gawd.
[09:09] <Casting Fishes^^> omg
[09:09] <Casting Fishes^^> so awkward
[09:10] <ZamorakO o> Hair, IPs are people too.
[09:10] <Casting Fishes^^> was doing rsmv in a private place.. spamming.. and this guy came "wtf"
[09:10] <Spineweilder> Bah dcied >.
[09:10] <Urbancowgurl777> got a problem Hair?
[09:10] <Urbancowgurl777> i said the same thing, that doesn't make it less annoying for counter vandalism people
[09:10] <Urbancowgurl777> "gawd".
[09:11] <Urbancowgurl777>
[09:11] <Dogfoger> [[Punch the Angry sheeps]]
[09:11] <Urbancowgurl777> this makes it too easy to mess up the drop tables
[09:11] <Coelacanth0794> beat up ALL the sheep!!!
[09:11] <Coelacanth0794> 
[09:11] <Urbancowgurl777> that wasn't vandalism btw Ansela
[09:11] <FiendOfLight> lol ec'ed again on steel drag
[09:11] <Hairrazerrr> @Zam: I know that, it seems they are the only ones abusing it though. @Fergie: No? You just said YOU HATED the drops boxes thing, and I assumed that is why.
[09:12] <FiendOfLight> I wanted to point out that super str (1) was already in the table but it got rolled back 1st
[09:12] <FiendOfLight> w/e
[09:13] <Coelacanth0794> holy crap
[09:13] <Coelacanth0794> karlis can semitrans?
[09:13] <Urbancowgurl777> i taught him how
[09:13] <Spineweilder> Kay Fergs only two to trans left on TzHaar and i'm free!
[09:13] <Urbancowgurl777> yey <3
[09:14] <AnselaJonla> On which one?
[09:14] <Coelacanth0794> [[File:Armadyl Godsword Detail.png]] the hell is he uploading
[09:14] <Coelacanth0794> it's the same pic same size
[09:14] <AnselaJonla> Coz the steel dragon was actually a duplicate entry
[09:14] <Urbancowgurl777> looks like vandalism lol
[09:15] <Urbancowgurl777> Ansela - yeah but not vandalism :P
[09:15] <AnselaJonla> I clicked wrong button
[09:15] <Urbancowgurl777> see Rsa is picking now oll
[09:15] <Urbancowgurl777> lol*
[09:15] <AnselaJonla> No way to stop rollback like with undo
[09:15] <FiendOfLight> another partyhat drop -_-
[09:16] <Nex Undique> Fergie, it wasn't vandalism
[09:16] <AnselaJonla> Nex - have you seen a single constructive addition using this drop box thing yet?
[09:16] <Urbancowgurl777> if wiki wasn't so freaking slow
[09:16] <Urbancowgurl777> Rsa, what are you talking about
[09:16] <Nex Undique> He accidentally added a duplicate drop. That's not vandalism
[09:17] <Urbancowgurl777> if you're talking about the super strength, i didn't say it was vandalism
[09:17] <Nex Undique> No, the steel dragon one
[09:17] <Urbancowgurl777> ..that was the super strength?
[09:17] <Nex Undique> No, tenacious toucan >.< sorry
[09:18] <Urbancowgurl777> kay
[09:18] <Spineweilder> Fergs, about the Mercenary ranger image
[09:18] <Coelacanth0794> suddenly, helmets
[09:18] <Nex Undique> Hi Liquid
[09:18] <Urbancowgurl777> Ansela, you're for sure they don't drop gold bars?
[09:18] <Spineweilder> Watch the comment - there is a difference - just bad particle trans :) 
[09:18] <Ciphrius Kane> Awww the stars are gone again
[09:19] <Dogfoger> Yayayay
[09:19] <Spineweilder> And Hai Hek
[09:19] <Spineweilder> Helm
[09:19] <Urbancowgurl777> Spine, idk what you're talking about
[09:19] <AnselaJonla> If they did, someone would have noted them by now. Rev drags aren't a new monster.
[09:19] <Dogfoger> Goriklla mask :) :) :) :) 
[09:19] <Spineweilder> Gratz
[09:19] <Casting Fishes^^> yey
[09:19] <Liquidhelium> and hi (fishing) 
[09:19] <Liquidhelium> what
[09:19] <Liquidhelium> my first message didn't go through
[09:19] <Spineweilder> Nvm Fergs
[09:19] <Liquidhelium> anyways it was "Hello Davie and Kieran"
[09:19] <Nex Undique> What the hell's with all these IPs adding drops?
[09:19] <Liquidhelium> who knows
[09:19] <Urbancowgurl777> they want to play with the new easily-addable drops thing
[09:19] <Liquidhelium> I blocked one earlier today too O_o
[09:20] <Ciphrius Kane> Hmmmm
[09:20] <Urbancowgurl777> which, btw, doesn't look for the true name of the object so we're getting a lot of gemw screw ups
[09:20] <Nex Undique> Are they that childish?
[09:20] <Spineweilder> Don't tell me u here to indoctrinate us into doing citadel D:
[09:20] <Liquidhelium> oh right
[09:20] <Liquidhelium> thanks for reminding me
[09:20] <AnselaJonla> We're getting swamped by these edits
[09:20] <Liquidhelium> we still need ~10k timber, go work Kieran :) 
[09:20] <Spineweilder> I'm still transing images D:
[09:20] <Liquidhelium> I'll send the (fishing) with some (cake) for you if you do :) 
[09:21] <Spineweilder> I can do something afk tho for citadel
[09:21] <Liquidhelium> and if you're really lucky I'll go serve you a drunk dragon
[09:21] <Liquidhelium> that I made myself :) 
[09:21] <Coelacanth0794> did you already get maxed, liquid?
[09:21] <Hairrazerrr> Joey, your script needs fixing
[09:21] <Urbancowgurl777> Joey can't make a blacklist of items to the drop table ):
[09:21] <Urbancowgurl777> oh hi Joey
[09:21] <Spineweilder> Hai Joey
[09:21] <Joeytje50> hai
[09:21] <Liquidhelium> Of course I did nooby coel (fishing) 
[09:22] <Joeytje50> hair
[09:22] <Joeytje50> I fixed it
[09:22] <Joeytje50> so no not anymore :P
[09:22] <Hairrazerrr> Okay :D
[09:22] <Liquidhelium> oh an Admin review page already existed O_o
[09:22] <Liquidhelium> bah whatever, neither Cook nor I knew about it
[09:23] <Joeytje50> btw fergs
[09:23] <Joeytje50> "Joey can't make a blacklist of items to the drop table ):"
[09:23] <Joeytje50> what would that blacklist do?
[09:23] <Urbancowgurl777> you said you couldn't
[09:23] <Hairrazerrr> Joey, you need to import parsondsa's css, it is cool
[09:23] <Joeytje50> yes fergs
[09:23] <AnselaJonla> Joey - have you been paying attention to recent changes the past couple of hours?
[09:24] <Joeytje50> but what would you think of as blacklist then?
[09:24] <Urbancowgurl777> so you should know what i'm talking about unless i'm confused
[09:24] <AnselaJonla> "Mod Mark said: 
[09:24] <AnselaJonla> "2) Why are the shops kept in the Tzhaar area? 
[09:24] <AnselaJonla> 
[09:24] <AnselaJonla> mod_mark: Because even Tzaar need to buy sweeties every once in a while." 
[09:24] <AnselaJonla> 
[09:24] <AnselaJonla> Mod Mark, please re-read that question and pay attention to the motivation provided with that question. 
[09:24] <AnselaJonla> 
[09:24] <AnselaJonla> I could care less if the Tzhaar need to buy sweeties, I am to old to and maybe a bit too serious to enjoy an answer like that."
[09:24] <AnselaJonla> Someone needs to get a sense of humour
[09:24] <Joeytje50> hair: what css of parsons?
[09:24] <Urbancowgurl777> i assumed you meant to blacklist certain items like partyhats/rares/stuff that can't be dropped
[09:24] <Dogfoger> (caeK) 
[09:24] <Joeytje50> ohhhhhh
[09:24] <Joeytje50> I can make that
[09:24] <Hairrazerrr> [[User:Parsonsda/wikia.css]] All :D
[09:24] <Urbancowgurl777> yey
[09:24] <Hairrazerrr> then you can undo
[09:25] <Urbancowgurl777> eh. i remember looking at his css things
[09:25] <Casting Fishes^^> joeey
[09:25] <Urbancowgurl777> didn't like any of them
[09:25] <Casting Fishes^^> (caek) 
[09:25] <Urbancowgurl777> ugh. i really want to delete that emoticon
[09:25] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[09:25] <Urbancowgurl777> maybe it's just cause i'm in an annoyed mood ;3=
[09:25] <Joeytje50> /me noms caek
[09:26] <Liquidhelium> oh god
[09:26] <Urbancowgurl777> i had 2 tests today, came home to block like 3 people and revert a million things
[09:26] <Liquidhelium> like 10 people told me that they maxed in the last two days >_<
[09:26] <FiendOfLight> @Joeytje50: ban the regex "p(arty)?.hat|santa hat|h(allo)?\'?ween mask|dragon|visage" from the item to add and any more than 100k of an item
[09:26] <Liquidhelium> /me can't remember who
[09:26] <Urbancowgurl777> and then i had to revert Parsons' first image he's done since he was banned because he broke the image rules.
[09:26] <Urbancowgurl777> *mutters to self*
[09:26] <Liquidhelium> calm down fergie
[09:26] <Nex Undique> *hug*
[09:27] <Liquidhelium> we'll always (hp) you ^_^
[09:27] <AnselaJonla> You know, I don't think he's read the rules. Don't think he can.
[09:27] <Joeytje50> okay fol
[09:27] <Urbancowgurl777> i'm not.. uncalm <.<
[09:27] <Joeytje50> will do
[09:27] <Dogfoger> Guys!!
[09:27] <Coelacanth0794> you're nub though
[09:27] <Dogfoger> QuestioN!
[09:27] <Nex Undique> Yes?
[09:27] <Urbancowgurl777> *huggles Rsa*
[09:27] <Hairrazerrr>
[09:27] <AnselaJonla> AnsweR!
[09:27] <Coelacanth0794> I'll answer any questioN
[09:27] <Hairrazerrr> I like it though...
[09:27] <Joeytje50> hair
[09:27] <Nex Undique> :D
[09:27] <Joeytje50> it's not that good
[09:27] <Dogfoger> Can I pot to a agility course?
[09:27] <Joeytje50> I got my own wikia.css already
[09:27] <AnselaJonla> Yeah
[09:27] <Joeytje50> and I like it
[09:27] <Joeytje50> kinda
[09:27] <Urbancowgurl777> yes
[09:27] <Liquidhelium> Yes
[09:27] <Joeytje50> like monobook better though
[09:27] <Spineweilder> DL
[09:27] <Spineweilder> D:
[09:27] <Urbancowgurl777> whut, he didn't even change the theme to bloo
[09:27] <Liquidhelium> depending on the specific course you may need to re-boost for each lap
[09:28] <Spineweilder> Monobook I heard is affected by RS:BUF
[09:28] <Spineweilder> BUG
[09:28] <Dogfoger> So if I'm lvl 51 (agility) I can pot to level 54 (agility) and do wildy course/
[09:28] <AnselaJonla> Should be able to
[09:28] <Dogfoger> Kewl
[09:28] <Liquidhelium> yes, dogfoger
[09:28] <Hairrazerrr> Hey Sum1
[09:28] <AnselaJonla> You'll fail a lot though
[09:28] <Spineweilder> I assume thats why Fswe1 reverts twice for an image that displays correctly.
[09:28] <Sum1 0 o> (ccaek) 
[09:28] <Liquidhelium> The wilderness course only needs the boost to get in if I recall correctly
[09:28] <Urbancowgurl777> Spine, that'd explain things
[09:28] <Urbancowgurl777> we should tell him so he'll stop -.-
[09:29] <Urbancowgurl777> i got a 92 on mah first test today
[09:29] <Urbancowgurl777> yey
[09:29] <AnselaJonla> He'll never leave monobook
[09:29] <Urbancowgurl777> he doesn't have to, just has to stop needlessly reverting
[09:29] <AnselaJonla> Gratz Fergs
[09:30] <Urbancowgurl777> ^-^
[09:30] <Urbancowgurl777> my history test.. don't want to think about it <.< and i have to make a speech this weekend ):
[09:30] <AnselaJonla> I had to do maths and pattern matching (are these two strings of numbers and letters the same x 32) tests today :( 
[09:30] <Urbancowgurl777> *wants to play rs*
[09:30] <Urbancowgurl777> ew
[09:30] <Urbancowgurl777> i am definitely not looking forward to taking math again
[09:30] <AnselaJonla> TIMED tests
[09:31] <AnselaJonla> Like 2 minutes for 32 questions
[09:31] <Urbancowgurl777> x_x
[09:31] <Sum1 0 o> Sum1 add File:Chocolate_cake.png instead of the photobucket link on the choc caek emoticon
[09:31] <Urbancowgurl777> [[File:Chocolate cake.png]] 
[09:31] <AnselaJonla> Was part of an application for sales assistant at a bookies though
[09:31] <FiendOfLight> @Joeytje50: Thanks for blacklisting that =
[09:32] <FiendOfLight> =)
[09:32] <Urbancowgurl777> i don't see a photobucket link
[09:32] <Liquidhelium> if you're active at all in the clan chat..... please go to [[User:Liquidhelium/Clan Chat]] and see if you recognize anyone on that list
[09:33] <Edmyg> Cam is not active in the cc :/ 
[09:33] <Urbancowgurl777> (ccake) 
[09:33] <Sum1 0 o> (ccaek) 
[09:33] <Hairrazerrr> (choc cake) 
[09:33] <Edmyg> (caek) 
[09:33] <Urbancowgurl777> stop
[09:33] <Urbancowgurl777> or i keel u
[09:33] <Edmyg> nou
[09:33] <Sum1 0 o> It was a test
[09:33] <FiendOfLight> got dc'ed :P
[09:33] <Spineweilder> (choc cake) 
[09:33] <Spineweilder> :D
[09:33] <Spineweilder> (caek) 
[09:33] <FiendOfLight> I wonder if I can get 80 attack tonight
[09:34] <Sum1 0 o> maybe I need to refresh
[09:34] <Sum1 0 o> (ccaek) 
[09:34] <Sum1 0 o> everyone refresh
[09:34] <Urbancowgurl777> you have to force refresh for the emoticons to update.
[09:34] <Liquidhelium> I don't like (ccake) . I don't particularly like (cake) either for that matter.
[09:35] <AnselaJonla> I like cherry bakewell puddings and lemon bakewell tarts
[09:35] <Coelacanth0794> i like runescape
[09:36] <FiendOfLight> I got 186 dagganoths to slay tonight
[09:36] <Edmyg> - try and guess why I'm so annoyed
[09:36] <Sum1 0 o> (ccaek) 
[09:37] <AnselaJonla> Champ scroll with full invent?
[09:37] <Hairrazerrr> Cam, is it because you only have three mind runes? O.O
[09:37] <Coelacanth0794> uhm
[09:37] <Hairrazerrr> No?
[09:37] <Nex Undique> Because you can't find it?
[09:37] <Coelacanth0794> idk
[09:37] <Edmyg> champ scroll but went afk as it dropped
[09:37] <Coelacanth0794> it's those red dots right
[09:37] <Coelacanth0794> ohh
[09:37] <Nex Undique> Ooooh
[09:37] <Coelacanth0794> gf'd
[09:39] <Edmyg> I can still upload the message when it drops
[09:39] <Sum1 0 o> (ccaek) 
[09:40] <Casting Fishes^^> omg
[09:40] <Casting Fishes^^> how u do dat
[09:40] <Sum1 0 o> (ccaek) 
[09:40] <Casting Fishes^^> (chocolate caek)
[09:40] <Casting Fishes^^> omg
[09:40] <Casting Fishes^^> nou
[09:40] <Sum1 0 o> ccaek works 
[09:40] <Coelacanth0794> hover over the picture for the code
[09:40] <Casting Fishes^^> (ccaek) 
[09:40] <Casting Fishes^^> amg
[09:40] <Sum1 0 o> (chocolate cake) doesn't seem to work
[09:41] <Sum1 0 o> or it does
[09:41] <Hairrazerrr> brb
[09:41] <Sum1 0 o> (choc caek) 
[09:42] <Hairrazerrr> Sum, can you stop...
[09:42] <Sum1 0 o> ok
[09:42] <Sum1 0 o> I'm trying to force refresh
[09:43] <Sum1 0 o> but it doesn't seem to be working
[09:43] <Sum1 0 o> /me searches google
[09:44] <Joeytje50> hm I'm gonna add a notice to the submit script
[09:44] <Joeytje50> "Do not use these boxes to vandalise the wiki. Doing this will result in a ban."
[09:44] <Joeytje50> sounds good?
[09:44] <AnselaJonla> [[File:TKD Complete.png]] - merge with whatever the old version is please?
[09:45] <Sum1 0 o> Think I have it now
[09:45] <Sum1 0 o> (ccaek) 
[09:45] <Sum1 0 o> nope
[09:46] <AnselaJonla> shows as chocolate to me
[09:46] <Spineweilder> [[Har-Aken]]
[09:46] <Coelacanth0794> NI
[09:46] <Sum1 0 o> It's supposed to be bigger Ansela
[09:46] <Coelacanth0794> gl oculusing that
[09:46] <Joeytje50> "Do not use these boxes to vandalise the wiki. Doing this will result in a ban."
[09:46] <Joeytje50> sounds good for adding as notice above the submissions script??
[09:46] <Joeytje50> 
[09:47] <Joeytje50> pls give opinions
[09:47] <Sum1 0 o> Ok I got it now I think (ccaek) 
[09:47] <Sum1 0 o> I give up
[09:47] <Hairrazerrr> Sum1, it will automatically resize it down to 19x19px so it doesn't spam the chat or crash it
[09:47] <Spineweilder> [[File:Har%27Aken.png|File:Har'Aken.png]]
[09:47] <Sum1 0 o> but regular cake is bigger
[09:47] <Spineweilder> turned out pretty decent with the magic wand tool...
[09:48] <Hairrazerrr> (cake) (ccake) 
[09:48] <Hairrazerrr> Nope
[09:48] <Coelacanth0794> gg pic
[09:48] <Coelacanth0794> "I'm coming to tickle you!"
[09:48] <Nex Undique> Josie, when you click "add to this drop table", have the notice there
[09:48] <Sum1 0 o> Who made the cakes smaller?
[09:48] <Joeytje50> like
[09:48] <Joeytje50> a popup?
[09:49] <Nex Undique> No, like in the text
[09:49] <Nex Undique> above the forms
[09:49] <Hairrazerrr> Hey Jamie
[09:49] <Nex Undique> Hi Jamie
[09:49] <Coelacanth0794>
[09:49] <Sum1 0 o> It worked after the chat crashed...
[09:49] <Sum1 0 o> Zammy crash the chat!
[09:49] <Jamie O'Brien> Anyone know if you can drink pray potions in the abyss? And keep your prayer points
[09:49] <Hairrazerrr> Zammy isn't in here >.>
[09:50] <AnselaJonla> Yes
[09:50] <Jamie O'Brien> Hey all btw ;) 
[09:50] <Hairrazerrr> [[File:Ket-Zek.PNG]] Kill me.
[09:50] <Jamie O'Brien> so you can drink pray potions
[09:50] <AnselaJonla> [[comp cape]]
[09:50] <Hairrazerrr>
[09:50] <AnselaJonla> Are you going into the abyss to kill or rc, Jamie?
[09:50] <Hairrazerrr> Thank you Fergie ^.^
[09:51] <Coelacanth0794> the amount of non-AA is too damn high!
[09:51] <Jamie O'Brien> Im going in to get some pouches for rc
[09:52] <AnselaJonla> Ah
[09:52] <AnselaJonla> Can you get into the [[Runecrafting guild]]?
[09:53] <Spineweilder> Yes.
[09:53] <Hairrazerrr> [[File:Elite clue jatiznatz lastisland nwdung.png]]
[09:53] <Hairrazerrr> What is this?
[09:53] <Joeytje50> k guys
[09:54] <Joeytje50> if someone adds a blacklisted item
[09:54] <Joeytje50> like a rare
[09:54] <Joeytje50> "Please do not use this script to vandalise. If you try to vandalise the wiki, you will be blocked."
[09:54] <Joeytje50> good?
[09:54] <Sum1 0 o> (str) 
[09:54] <Coelacanth0794> yeah
[09:54] <Joeytje50> k
[09:54] <Sum1 0 o> I swear all the images got smaller
[09:54] <Spineweilder> :o? HOW
[09:55] <Sum1 0 o> They used to be able to go over 19px
[09:55] <AnselaJonla> Look at the image, Hair. It's a Frem Isles SCAN clue
[09:55] <Hairrazerrr> I'll test it joey. :D
[09:55] <Hairrazerrr>
[09:55] <Edmyg>,15,659,63575753,goto,9 - no dragon c'bow?
[09:55] <Hairrazerrr> Okay, thanks Ansela
[09:56] <Sum1 0 o> common blue phat but uncommon claws?
[09:56] <Hairrazerrr> @Sum1: I just wanted to test the script, without getting banned
[09:56] <Edmyg> How about block monster specific drops from the table?
[09:57] <Edmyg> Like claws, GWD equipment, Mole skin, etc.
[09:57] <Joeytje50> hi cook
[09:57] <Coelacanth0794> 17-Feb-2012 21:54:46
[09:57] <Coelacanth0794> big smoke01 asks: 
[09:57] <Coelacanth0794> 
[09:57] <Coelacanth0794> are they just picking random questions? 
[09:57] <Coelacanth0794> 
[09:57] <Coelacanth0794> mod mark: No. But realistically there is no way we can answer all the questions, so I am just trying to pick a good mix of things.
[09:57] <Coelacanth0794> trolling jmods...
[09:58] <AnselaJonla> Hi Cook
[09:58] <AnselaJonla> Yay! I'm not the only person still reading
[09:58] <AnselaJonla> You going to webcite this when it's done, Coel?
[09:58] <Coelacanth0794> what?
[09:59] <Coelacanth0794> *knows nothing about website*
[09:59] <AnselaJonla> webcite :P
[09:59] <Joeytje50> gtg
[09:59] <Hairrazerrr> Bye
[09:59] <Joeytje50> if something breaks in my script
[09:59] <Joeytje50> undo my last edit(s)
[09:59] <Joeytje50> ask some admin
[09:59] <Joeytje50> bye
[09:59] <Hairrazerrr> and always Blame Joey
[10:00] <Casting Fishes^^> I just got offered $10 to go to youth group
[10:00] <AnselaJonla> Is anyone currently in game?
[10:00] <Casting Fishes^^> me
[10:01] <Coelacanth0794> why?
[10:01] <AnselaJonla> Can you please go to the Varrock Museum and click on the Completionist cape to see if completing the Fight Kiln is a requirement for regular or for trimmed cape?
[10:01] <Sum1 0 o> 4+4
[10:02] <AnselaJonla> =8
[10:03] <AnselaJonla> Are GWD armours on that blacklist?
[10:05] <Casting Fishes^^> thank you random guy for getting in the way of my perfect screenshot
[10:05] <AnselaJonla> (test)
[10:06] <Hairrazerrr> Where does BicycleCat see any AA in this -
[10:06] <Casting Fishes^^> Cus he can only see 3 colours
[10:06] <Liquidhelium> 5:06
[10:06] <Liquidhelium> Casting Fishes^^
[10:06] <Liquidhelium> Cus he can only see 3 colours
[10:06] <Liquidhelium> (fishing) , you should know better than that >:(
[10:07] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[10:07] <Hairrazerrr> test
[10:07] <Edmyg> It's the normal comp cape Ansela
[10:08] <AnselaJonla> [[comp cape
[10:08] <AnselaJonla> [[comp campe]]
[10:08] <Edmyg> [[Comp cape]]
[10:08] <AnselaJonla> Thank you
[10:08] <Edmyg> Ansela so special :) 
[10:09] <AnselaJonla> Ansela so tipsy
[10:10] <AnselaJonla> Well... not so tipsy. But enough that my fingers aren't working fully.
[10:10] <Edmyg> Alcohol bad for you
[10:10] <Edmyg> Cam no serve drunk peoples
[10:11] <AnselaJonla> Alcohol good in moderation
[10:11] <AnselaJonla> And I don't dive so I'm not a drunk diver
[10:11] <AnselaJonla> Or drive and driver, even
[10:11] <Edmyg> I've driven whilst horrifically hungover
[10:12] <AnselaJonla> lol
[10:12] <Edmyg> Cam set good examples :-D 
[10:12] <AnselaJonla> Cam set very good examples.
[10:12] <AnselaJonla> Ansela didn't realise Cam was old enough to drive.
[10:12] <Hairrazerrr>
[10:12] <Hairrazerrr> Uhh...
[10:13] <Hairrazerrr> 16k kills?
[10:13] <Hairrazerrr> It looks legit though Ansela...
[10:13] <Edmyg> Cam old enough to drive and serve alcohol
[10:13] <Edmyg> And older still
[10:14] <Edmyg> :) 
[10:14] <Jamie O'Brien> no i cant acess rc guild
[10:14] <AnselaJonla> 16k kills in one log though Hair...
[10:14] <Hairrazerrr> It could of been over a long period of time though
[10:14] <AnselaJonla> Ansela thought Cam was only a teenager. Ansela doesn't know why.
[10:14] <Edmyg> Cam can access [[Runecrafting guild]]
[10:14] <Edmyg> Cam 21 in... 2 months?
[10:15] <Hairrazerrr> Ansela, how old do you think I am? :D
[10:15] <Edmyg> Cam guess 17
[10:15] <AnselaJonla> Cam is only three years younger than Ansela.
[10:15] <AnselaJonla> Ansela is 24 in 2 months.
[10:15] <Liquidhelium> MOD MARK: Player-owned houses. Big plans… Perhaps this year? 
[10:15] <Liquidhelium> 
[10:15] <Liquidhelium> mod mark: Yeah, they are a bit lacking sometimes. I'd love to rework this skill but it would be a mammoth job. I'll keep pushing my bosses to let me do it though (
[10:15] <Edmyg> Cam like 3rd person talk
[10:15] <Liquidhelium> aww :( 
[10:15] <Edmyg> What date?
[10:15] <Liquidhelium> I wanted a (construction) update
[10:15] <AnselaJonla> Ansela guess Hair is about 18-20
[10:15] <Edmyg> Liquid want saw update?
[10:15] <AnselaJonla> Ansela's birthday is April 13
[10:16] <Edmyg> 13th? 24th is where it's at
[10:16] <Edmyg> all the cool kids have dat bday
[10:16] <Hairrazerrr> Wrong, I am 8. Noobs. (Just kidding)
[10:16] <Spineweilder> K all TzHaar trans done :DDDD
[10:16] <Edmyg> Cook said he 12 the other day. Cam no believe him
[10:16] <AnselaJonla> Ansela's bday is closer to Easter and the awesome CONVOY FOR HEROES!!!!
[10:17] <Edmyg> Cam no know what that is. Cam lieks Easter though.
[10:17] <Edmyg> [[Court Cases]]
[10:17] <AnselaJonla> Ansela thinks Cam should justflippinggoogleit
[10:19] <Liquidhelium> 17-Feb-2012 21:34:44
[10:19] <Liquidhelium> 12casper12 asks: 
[10:19] <Liquidhelium> 
[10:19] <Liquidhelium> @ Any mod who can answer. 
[10:19] <Liquidhelium> 
[10:19] <Liquidhelium> A few months back there was a sticky fourm post dedicated to player suggestions for constuction. From this it is assumed that there may be a con update in the works. Is there an eta for this yet? If so is there any hints that you may give us to what it might contain? 
[10:19] <Liquidhelium> 
[10:19] <Liquidhelium> mod mark: No ETA although we are actively looking for more suggestions on additions to construction for players with high con levels that cant be used in other peoples houses.
[10:19] <Liquidhelium> @@@@@
[10:19] <Liquidhelium> /me wants
[10:20] <Edmyg> It look like big traffic jam
[10:20] <Edmyg> Brits do like queuing
[10:20] <Edmyg> Landrovers...
[10:20] <Edmyg> Aren't they really well known for being reliable? No wait...
[10:21] <Hairrazerrr> "13th? 24th is where it's at" My birthday is March 24th :O
[10:21] <Edmyg> Unreliable*
[10:21] <Edmyg> Hair cool
[10:21] <Sum1 0 o> Who thinks I could go to bandos?
[10:21] <Sum1 0 o> gwd
[10:21] <Edmyg> You could go say hi :) 
[10:21] <Edmyg> Shortly followed by Bai
[10:22] <AnselaJonla> Ansela's mum's Landie has never broken down
[10:22] <Sum1 0 o> What about god-related protection?
[10:22] <AnselaJonla> Even though she put it into a ditch last January
[10:22] <Sum1 0 o> I wouldn't die that fast
[10:23] <Edmyg> The boss pays no attention to items
[10:23] <Sum1 0 o> Protection prayers
[10:23] <Edmyg> The Bandos pool makes the minions not notice you
[10:23] <Edmyg> But you still have [[General Graardor]] to worry about
[10:24] <AnselaJonla> FIX YOUR CHAT SERVERS WIKIA!
[10:24] <Hairrazerrr> Why doesn't Ansela have an avatar? :c
[10:24] <Sum1 0 o> ^
[10:24] <Edmyg> Ansela have no pic?!
[10:24] <Dogfoger> (caek) 
[10:24] <Edmyg> *mind implodes*
[10:24] <Sum1 0 o> (ccaek) 
[10:24] <AnselaJonla> Ansela tried to upload an avatar
[10:25] <Edmyg> Silly Ansela
[10:25] <Spineweilder> K helm in citadel now
[10:25] <AnselaJonla> Three of my questions got answered!
[10:25] <Spineweilder> why update clan flag O_O
[10:26] <Sum1 0 o> I get killed in 3 seconds w/o god-related protection in the gwd
[10:26] <Hairrazerrr> Nou... Ansela shouldn't be a flower
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> @Mod Edam 
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> 1) What is the translation of TokHaar-Kal? 
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> 
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> 2) Why is the title YtHaar next to a player's name in the chatbox, but Yt'Harr when talking to NPCs and Yt'Haar in the adventurer's logs and forums? 
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> 
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> 3) How do you pronounce some TzHaar words, like JalYt, TokHaar-Kal, YtHaar and TzTok-Jad? 
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> 
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> - - - 
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> 
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> 1) Sacred-Rock of the victorious. 
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> 
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> 2) I think the chat system had difficulty with the ' but I'll double check that. 
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> 
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> 3) With great difficulty. It actually made the planning and design for the project harder than normal, as people had to be semi-fluent in TzHaar. One day I caught myself counting in TzHaar when I was trying to calculate how many bits of a variable I needed. 
[10:26] <Sum1 0 o> Kal means victorius then?
[10:26] <AnselaJonla> So "Kal" must mean "victorious"
[10:27] <AnselaJonla> [[TzHaar langauge]]
[10:27] <AnselaJonla> And Cam...
[10:27] <AnselaJonla> Oneiromancer 
[10:27] <AnselaJonla> 
[10:27] <AnselaJonla> @Mod Mark/Mod Edam - I have to say I loved the new story The Elder Kiln brought to the game, but it did leave me with so many questions. It said the Tokhaar built the mountains and the valleys, but they mentioned other things being built. Were there other races created to build Gielinor? I was also particularly interested in the Lava of Creation. Jas has his stone, so was this lava created by another Elder God? It seems fitting that different gods had different artifacts of power. 
[10:27] <AnselaJonla> 
[10:27] <AnselaJonla> - - - 
[10:27] <AnselaJonla> 
[10:27] <AnselaJonla> Wicked questions there. There were almost certainly other races, but there's a good chance that they died out. The TzHaar and TokHaar are a hardy bunch. 
[10:27] <AnselaJonla> 
[10:27] <AnselaJonla> As for the Lava of Creation... heh I don't want to say too much on this, but I'll tell you that Jas didn't build the Elder Kiln. 
[10:27] <Sum1 0 o> but
[10:27] <Edmyg> He answered it!
[10:27] <Sum1 0 o> shouldn't it be rock-sacred?
[10:27] <AnselaJonla> He answered both of us :D
[10:28] <Sum1 0 o> not sacred-rock
[10:28] <Hairrazerrr> Why no Hairy Zer...
[10:28] <Edmyg> :-D :-D :-D 
[10:28] <Casting Fishes^^> brb sognz
[10:28] <Edmyg> Hair no special enough
[10:28] <AnselaJonla> Sum - not all languages follow the same word ordering as English
[10:28] <AnselaJonla> [[TzHaar language]]
[10:28] <Edmyg> Although Hair cool for having cool bday
[10:28] <Hairrazerrr> <3
[10:30] <Edmyg> [[Gavel]]
[10:30] <Hairrazerrr> Do you like what I did with User:<span style="color:red;">RSChatBot</span>?
[10:30] <Edmyg> Cam have Gavel :) 
[10:30] <Cook Me Plox> Mr Hair
[10:30] <Hairrazerrr> Mr Cook
[10:30] <Edmyg> Cam like. Thought it might have been Zammeh being arty
[10:30] <Cook Me Plox> Can you use specific TT image categories instead of Category:Treasure trail images
[10:31] <Hairrazerrr> :o Okay
[10:31] <Edmyg> [[File:Champion scroll drop message.png]] did I put this in the right category?
[10:31] <Spineweilder> no
[10:32] <Spineweilder> I'll change it
[10:32] <Edmyg> Hofmic sd'd it :( 
[10:32] <Sum1 0 o> Well I have zammy protection and sara protection
[10:32] <Hairrazerrr> Hofmic doesn't like chat box images Cam
[10:32] <Sum1 0 o> Zamorak robe and Citharede symbol
[10:32] <AnselaJonla> Questions thread is now locked
[10:32] <Hairrazerrr> [[File:GreaterdemonRSC.png]] Admin
[10:32] <Edmyg> Is that a reason for sd though?
[10:33] <Hairrazerrr> It could have been easily typed, so sorta...
[10:33] <Sum1 0 o> /me needs bandos and armadyl stuff
[10:33] <Edmyg> It could have been but typing doesn't show the colour of it
[10:33] <Sum1 0 o> /self [[God wars dungeon%23God-related protection|God wars dungeon#God-related protection]]
[10:33] <AnselaJonla> Cook - I don't think that was a duplicate
[10:34] <AnselaJonla> [[Scans]]
[10:34] <Hairrazerrr> <code><span style="color:red">A Champion's scroll falls to the ground as you slay your opponent.</span></code>
[10:34] <Casting Fishes^^> I just broke my teachers pendrive >.>....
[10:35] <Sum1 0 o> Feesh is in trubble
[10:35] <Edmyg> what does the code tag do?
[10:35] <Hairrazerrr> I don't know the font so Code might work
[10:36] <Casting Fishes^^> mmk...
[10:36] <Spineweilder> [[File:Glophren Chair.png]]
[10:36] <Casting Fishes^^> time to time the music T_T
[10:36] <Spineweilder> Is this good?
[10:36] <Edmyg> Rs font isn't a normal font. Download only I think
[10:36] <Hairrazerrr> You can get as close as possible though :O
[10:37] <Edmyg> <- that looks like it
[10:37] <Spineweilder> I kept the chair tho
[10:40] <Edmyg> Silly yank spelling of colour always confuses meh
[10:41] <AnselaJonla> Hi Dia
[10:42] <Eis Herz> Hiya
[10:42] <AnselaJonla>,15,659,63575753
[10:42] <Eis Herz> I'm having to take a break from my novel.
[10:42] <AnselaJonla> Nearly finished Jmod Q&A session
[10:43] <Eis Herz> 4 hair accessories on my desk. Should put them away.
[10:43] <AnselaJonla> Damnit why didn't it save my edit summary?
[10:45] <AnselaJonla> (test)
[10:50] <AnselaJonla> Cookie?
[10:50] <Cook Me Plox> Hm?
[10:51] <Casting Fishes^^> coel
[10:51] <Cook Me Plox> Also what page is your answer on
[10:51] <Casting Fishes^^> * Casting Fishes^^ poeks coel
[10:52] <AnselaJonla> I was on my clan's forum's and spotted a gold selling ad. I'm reporting it to adsense (as it's through them that the ad is displayed), but I'm not sure what to put in the "Comments about violation (300 characters max.):" field
[10:52] <Cook Me Plox> Well gold-selling is illegal
[10:52] <AnselaJonla> Replies to mine and Cam's questions are on page 11.
[10:53] <Hairrazerrr> Replies to mine are on page....
[10:53] <Hairrazerrr> Y U DO THIS TO ME
[10:53] <AnselaJonla> "Illegal activity, selling MMO gold for real money, copyright violation."?
[10:53] <Edmyg> I asked one about tags Hair - but was ignored
[10:53] <Cook Me Plox> Yeah Ansela
[10:54] <Sum1 0 o> y u no buy bandos plateskirt
[10:54] <Cook Me Plox> What is your RSN that they used on the thread? I don't see it
[10:54] <Edmyg> Stevew did say something about what he wants for the forums and tags like the clan forums was on there
[10:54] <Edmyg> <- ?
[10:54] <Cook Me Plox> Ansela
[10:54] <AnselaJonla> He didn't use my RSN (it's the question about TokHaar-Kal)
[10:54] <Edmyg> Few posts above mine I think
[10:55] <AnselaJonla> Reported the ad to google adsense
[10:55] <Casting Fishes^^> Coelcoelcoel
[10:56] <Eis Herz> Not one of my friends is online.
[10:56] <AnselaJonla> Sowwy :( 
[10:56] <Casting Fishes^^> :c
[10:56] <Eis Herz> I only have 26 people on list anyway.
[10:56] <AnselaJonla> I couldn't focus on the Q&A threads and on here and on drops submissions vandal spam and play all at once :( 
[10:57] <AnselaJonla> Cook - is there any way to preserve that whole thread, coz some of the answers have made their way into articles already
[10:58] <Edmyg> Archive it?
[10:58] <Edmyg> [[User:Edmyg/Game Update FAQs|Like what I do here]]
[10:58] <Edmyg> Just archive every page separately
[10:59] <Edmyg> Speaking of which - Anymore FAQs for me Nex? :-D 
[10:59] <AnselaJonla>
[10:59] <Dogfoger> ansela
[11:00] <AnselaJonla> Hi Dog
[11:00] <Dogfoger> U r REALLY happy atm
[11:00] <Dtm142> Wth?
[11:00] <AnselaJonla> Why?
[11:00] <Dtm142> I can't see who
[11:00] <Dogfoger> U changed ur pic to a flower
[11:00] <Dtm142> is in the chat :@
[11:00] <Dogfoger> reload page
[11:00] <Dtm142> #imadbro
[11:00] <AnselaJonla> No, I tried to change my avatar but it wouldn't upload so I had to pick a defeault
[11:00] <Dtm142> :@
[11:00] <Hairrazerrr> @Ansela: Poor IP, he killed it 1m times without a single charm drop
[11:00] <AnselaJonla> default*
[11:00] <AnselaJonla> I know, so sad
[11:00] <Edmyg> Ansela pretty flower now
[11:01] <Dtm142> Do Midna.
[11:01] <Dogfoger> IP?
[11:01] <Dogfoger> 
[11:01] <AnselaJonla> Ansela hates flowers
[11:01] <Dtm142> Or the "Rent is too Damn High" guy.
[11:01] <Edmyg> Do you liek butter?
[11:01] <Dogfoger> i liek muffinz
[11:01] <AnselaJonla> Ansela just didn't like any of the other options better
[11:01] <Edmyg> *holds buttercup*
[11:01] <Dtm142> Still can't see who's in the chat.
[11:01] <Dogfoger> wat about teh cute widdle puppy?
[11:01] <AnselaJonla> Ansela always punches before the other person can when doing that...
[11:02] <Coelacanth0794> The amount of lag is too damn high!
[11:02] <Coelacanth0794> 
[11:02] <AnselaJonla> Has anyone ever thought about making a Weather cycle in RuneScape? 
[11:02] <AnselaJonla> 
[11:02] <AnselaJonla> == 
[11:02] <AnselaJonla> 
[11:02] <AnselaJonla> I'd say the chances of that are fair to good, becoming brighter later.
[11:02] <AnselaJonla> 
[11:02] <Edmyg> Why would you punch a harmless buttercup?!
[11:02] <Dogfoger> Yeah!~!
[11:02] <Edmyg> *changes to oppose on RfA*
[11:02] <Dogfoger> Or a cute widdle puppy!
[11:02] <AnselaJonla> Ansela punches the person holding the buttercup...
[11:03] <AnselaJonla> Or is that not how the game is meant to be played?
[11:03] <Edmyg> Why would you punch Cam?
[11:03] <Dtm142> I once suggested weather ingame.
[11:03] <Edmyg> Nou - if you like butter you glow yellow from flower
[11:03] <Dtm142> Long before they added it to the "do not suggest" list
[11:03] <Edmyg> The DNS list got deleted though
[11:03] <Dtm142> Do you need to do fight kiln to get completionist cape?
[11:03] <AnselaJonla> Because that is always followed by a punch if da other person does/doesn't like butter
[11:03] <AnselaJonla> Yes
[11:04] <Edmyg> Yeah dtm
[11:04] <Edmyg> Ansela have violent friends
[11:04] <Edmyg> Not meant to punch girls
[11:04] <AnselaJonla> Ansela had no friends
[11:04] <Edmyg> Cam be Ansela's friend :) 
[11:05] <AnselaJonla> Ansela used to go insane every few weeks and chase whoever was bullying her at the time with a skipping rope
[11:05] <AnselaJonla> Ansela got banned from using the school's skipping ropes for some reason
[11:05] <Edmyg> Your school have strange rules
[11:05] <Edmyg> Cam no understand
[11:05] <Dtm142> Hmm
[11:06] <Dtm142> According to this runehq calculator, my combat level won't change if I get magic and ranged to 99.
[11:06] <Dtm142> True story?
[11:06] <Edmyg> Why is that a surprise?
[11:06] <Eis Herz> Erm.. Guys?
[11:06] <Edmyg> It's probs right
[11:06] <Edmyg> Yes Dia?
[11:06] <AnselaJonla> School would loan out play equipment at lunchtimes. School eventually banned Ansela from using play equipment because she used it to deal with the bullies that the teacher ignored.
[11:06] <Dtm142> If I reduce them both to 1, my combat level won't change.
[11:06] <Edmyg> That's the same for me - it's right
[11:07] <Dtm142> Wild.
[11:07] <Edmyg> It's based of combat classes
[11:07] <Eis Herz> See the third clip along? Watch it.
[11:07] <Eis Herz> A gaming show in Aus, mentions RS and I got a lol out of it.
[11:08] <Edmyg> (prayer) (hp) (summoning) and (defence) make up your base combat level