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23:58 <Ciphrius Kane> That graph is inaccurate
23:58 <Ciphrius Kane> You missed out Isle of Mann, Jersey and Guernsey 
23:59 <Ciphrius Kane> Plus very few Americans know the difference between England and Britain
23:59 <Cook Me Plox> oh, there was another one with the minor islands
00:00 <Cook Me Plox> And I don't think that's accurate
00:00 <Ciphrius Kane> Ya, also the British Islands are not the British Isles, I never knew hat
00:10 <TonyBest100>
00:15 <Coelacanth0794>
00:15 <Coelacanth0794> mhmhmmm
00:19 -!- IN008 has joined Special:Chat
00:19 <IN008> Hello ladies
00:19 <IN008> And Coel*
00:20 <Coelacanth0794> hello shqueie
00:21 <Adam Savage> o_O
00:22 <Coelacanth0794>
00:24 <IN008> Hmm... Imma go fuck my profile up catch you guys in a bit
00:25 <Ciphrius Kane> Remember to use protection
00:28 <TonyBest100> getting my 20 butterflies again :P
00:28 <AnselaJonla> - these people scare me
00:30 <Ciphrius Kane> Something scares you honey?
00:30 <SovietHero> lmfao I just completed a treasure trail containing ONLY one coordinate clue
00:30 <Ciphrius Kane> And here was me thinking you were a fearless she wolf
00:31 <Meez> FEAR ME
00:31 <AnselaJonla>
00:31  * AnselaJonla pokes Meez with a Needle
00:31 <Meez> ;_;
00:32 <Ciphrius Kane> The pointy end?
00:32 <IN008> Well that's weird my sandboxes have miraculously disappeared...
00:32 <AnselaJonla> O'course
00:32  * Ciphrius Kane pokes Meez with Ice
00:33 <IN008> nvm found it -
00:35 <AnselaJonla>
00:36 <Meez> Avenging my Dog: avenging my dog
00:36 <Meez> you ran over my dog left her their for 2 hours then called me a pussy when i cryed cus she had to be put down so it was me who shit on your bed stole 300 from you and i also called your mom and told about your weed and booze and got you cut off good luck dick
00:36 <Meez> Wat
00:36 <Ciphrius Kane> Charizard always found it difficult to differentiate between Ash and an enemy
00:36 <Meez> I meant to put quotation marks <.< >.>
00:37 <Ciphrius Kane> That guy's "friend" ran over and killed his dog then belittled him for crying, so he took a dump in his "friend's" bed, stole some cash and ratted him out
00:37 <Ciphrius Kane> !test
00:37 <RSChatBot> Ciphrius Kane: Hai!
00:37 <AnselaJonla> College roommate
00:38 <Meez> Lol these are hilarious
00:38 <Ciphrius Kane> Some of these guys are shitheads
00:39 <TonyBest100> Theres a huge struggle for exp between my farming and summoning skills due to the butterflies :P
00:41 <TonyBest100> And found all 20 again :P
00:42 <Stinkowing> [[Balance of Nature]]
00:42 -!- Stinkowing has left Special:Chat.
00:43 <AnselaJonla> "You did Mildly Annoying Thing. I will Get Revenge by pissing or shitting in your bed or on your belongings/jizzing in your shampoo or onto your towel/screwing my boyfriend or girlfriend, or possibly yours, on your bed/stealing your money or belongings/drugging your food/reporting your drug use to the cops. Or any combination of these."
00:45 <Coelacanth0794> uhm
00:45 <AnselaJonla> The theme of most of the stories on the site I linked, Coel
00:46 <Coelacanth0794> collegehumor/roomate-confessions?
00:46 <AnselaJonla> Yeah
00:47 <Coelacanth0794> browsing r/wtf and already i found a split head
00:47 <Coelacanth0794> wewt?
00:49 <Ciphrius Kane> Got all 20 butterflies quickly today
00:50 <Coelacanth0794> grz
00:50 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
00:50 -!- TonyBest100 has joined Special:Chat
00:52 <Coelacanth0794>
00:53 -!- Ciphrius Kane has left Special:Chat.
00:54 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
00:54 <IN008> another reason to stay the fuck off reddit :P
00:54 <Coelacanth0794> or just r/wtf
00:58 <Coelacanth0794>
01:11 <Coelacanth0794> wut
01:14 <IN008> Stahp distracting me from ma interneting! D:
01:18 <Coelacanth0794> i'm giving you interneting
01:18 <Coelacanth0794>
01:24 <IN008> Wouldnt it bee a useless altar =_=
01:24 <IN008> I mean... =_=
01:24 <IN008> seriously...
01:26 <IN008> I WANT :
01:27 <IN008> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01:28 <Coelacanth0794> wtf this is possible?
01:28 <Coelacanth0794> (hint, topleft)
01:31 <IN008> me want this aswell :
01:32 <IN008> Coel is probally been faked :P
01:34 <Coelacanth0794> idk maybe
01:42 -!- Zantetsuken87 has joined Special:Chat
01:43 <TonyBest100> Yay, we don;t have to deal with his shit anymore :P
01:44 -!- Hallowland has joined Special:Chat
01:44 <TonyBest100> Though we're forced to still see news about him
01:44 <Hallowland> hi
01:44 <TyA> Hi
01:44 <IN008> Moo
01:45 <Hallowland> ty
01:45 <Hallowland> whats the good for welcoming again?
01:45 <Hallowland> the {{text}} thing
01:45 <Hallowland> i mean
01:45 <Hallowland> code
01:45 <Hallowland> not good o-o
01:46 <SovietHero> Hey Meiyerditch
01:46 <IN008> Daww'
01:46 <SovietHero> ewwww
01:59 <Hallowland> coel
01:59 <Coelacanth0794> ?
01:59 <Hallowland> what's the thing to welcome users again
01:59 <Hallowland> {{text}}?
01:59 <Coelacanth0794> {{Subst:Welcome|Coelacanth0794|~~~~}}
01:59 <Coelacanth0794> replace my name with yors
01:59 <Hallowland> okay thanks =)
01:59 <Coelacanth0794> yours*
02:00 <Hallowland> [[user creation log]]
02:01 <Hallowland> noo coel
02:01 <Hallowland> the customized one
02:01 <Coelacanth0794> uh?
02:01 <Hallowland> [[user:hallowland/welcome]]
02:02 <Hallowland> i mean
02:02 <Hallowland> [[template:welcome/hallowland]]
02:02 <Hallowland> omg
02:02 <Hallowland>
02:02 <Hallowland> this
02:04 <Hallowland> know what's code to put that
02:04 <Hallowland> ?
02:05 <Hallowland> coel
02:05 <Coelacanth0794> €?
02:05 <Coelacanth0794> oh jeez uh
02:05 <Coelacanth0794> {{User:Hallowland/Welcome}} ~~~~ is my guess
02:06 <Hallowland> do you know the code to put this: and not the default welcome template?
02:06 <Hallowland> seems right
02:06 <Hallowland> nvm
02:06 <Hallowland>
02:06 <Hallowland> produced that
02:08 <Hallowland> omg -.-
02:09 <Coelacanth0794> idk
02:09 <Coelacanth0794> :S
02:12 -!- Dtm142 has joined Special:Chat
02:13 <IN008> Bai :P
02:17 <Hallowland> omg?
02:17 <Hallowland> this thing isn't working
02:17 <Hallowland> not even my template code -.-
02:19 <Hallowland> k this thing is crazy
02:19 <Hallowland>
02:19 <Hallowland> coel do you know what's happening?
02:19 <Hallowland> oh I see
02:20 <Hallowland> phew fixed..
02:20 <Hallowland> except for the fact my signature doesn't show up
02:21 <Hallowland> and it calls the user subst page name
02:22 <Hallowland> ok now it's working fine and woops I may give the impression that I'm spamming
02:36 <Awesomeipad> can u get baned in 07 scpae for language
02:36 <Awesomeipad> i dident
02:36 <Awesomeipad> just asking
02:37 <Awesomeipad> well
02:37 <TyA> Yes
02:38 <TyA> Since it's still before the filter change
02:38 <Awesomeipad> oh
02:38 <Awesomeipad> wait
02:38 <Awesomeipad> so can  get banned
02:38 <Awesomeipad> or muted
02:39 <Dtm142> In theory you can
02:40 <Dtm142> But Jagex isn't serious about the rules anymore.
02:40 <Dtm142> You have to be a total scumbag to get banned or muted these days.
02:58 -!- MSJohnman has joined Special:Chat
03:06 <Dtm142>
03:06 <Dtm142> ^ That be some cray-cray thinking
03:06 <Dtm142> 9_9
03:27 -!- Ocguy1492 has joined Special:Chat
03:28 -!- Ocguy1492 has left Special:Chat.
03:51 <Dtm142> It's all dead in here...
04:20 -!- Ocguy1492 has joined Special:Chat
04:21 -!- Ocguy1492 has left Special:Chat.
04:22 -!- Touhou FTW has joined Special:Chat
04:35 <TyA> Hiii Toehoe
04:37 <Touhou FTW> hey zammeh
04:50 <Touhou FTW> [[Ogre chieftain]]
05:06 -!- TehChaosOne has joined Special:Chat
05:06 <TehChaosOne> hello
05:07 <TehChaosOne> anyone in the mood for discussing lore?
05:07 <TehChaosOne> i guess not...
05:07 -!- TehChaosOne has left Special:Chat.
05:07 -!- TehChaosOne has joined Special:Chat
05:07 <TehChaosOne> bai
05:07 -!- TehChaosOne has left Special:Chat.
05:08 -!- EcruosofCharisma has joined Special:Chat
05:08 <EcruosofCharisma> Yes. Touhou is For the Win.
05:08 -!- EcruosofCharisma has left Special:Chat.
05:09 -!- Dtm142 has left Special:Chat.
05:13 -!- Touhou FTW has left Special:Chat.
05:13 -!- Touhou FTW has joined Special:Chat
05:13 <Touhou FTW> !test
05:13 <RSChatBot> Touhou FTW: Hai!
05:21 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
05:24 <Touhou FTW> ~test
05:24 <TyBot> Touhou FTW: I love you. <3
05:25 <Touhou FTW> [[Adamantite ore]]
05:26 -!- Talia-Orihana has joined Special:Chat
05:26 <Touhou FTW> hi
05:26 <Touhou FTW> [[Mogre]]
05:27 <Touhou FTW> [[Blue dragon]]
05:28 <Talia-Orihana> Hi.
05:28 <Talia-Orihana> ^-^
05:28 <Touhou FTW> :p
05:29 <Touhou FTW> [[Draconic visage]]
05:30 <Touhou FTW> [[Rune full helm]]
05:30 <Touhou FTW> [[Rune kiteshield]]
05:31 -!- Talia-Orihana has left Special:Chat.
05:34 -!- Azairrain34 has joined Special:Chat
05:35 <Touhou FTW> hi
05:36 <Meez> hello
05:36 <Azairrain34> ok im confused 
05:37 <Touhou FTW> about?
05:37 <Azairrain34> the wiki says the butterflys are not in the game any more
05:37 <Touhou FTW> the guthixian butterflies?
05:37 <Azairrain34> but i just found like 8 of them
05:37 <Azairrain34> yea
05:37 <Touhou FTW> o
05:37 <Touhou FTW> idk
05:37 <Touhou FTW> change it
05:37 <Azairrain34> ok il figure it out
05:37 <Touhou FTW> i'm not following too much on the updates
05:38 <Touhou FTW> does the page give a date of when they'll no longer appear?
05:38 <Meez> It's the wrong template
05:38 <Touhou FTW> lol
05:38 <Touhou FTW> gg
05:42 <Azairrain34> i think i got it 
05:43 <Touhou FTW> :p
05:52 -!- IdkWhatsRc has joined Special:Chat
05:52 -!- IdkWhatsRc has left Special:Chat.
05:52 <Touhou FTW> hey
05:53 <Touhou FTW> ok
05:53 <Meez> lol
05:53 <Meez> chat is dead around this time
05:54 <Touhou FTW> yup
06:20 <Touhou FTW> !test
06:20 <RSChatBot> Touhou FTW: Hai!
06:31 <Demise36> i heard you like cabbages.
06:31 <Touhou FTW> damn straight
06:32 <Meez> LI\
06:32 <Meez> :O
07:05 <Haidro> [[Special:MultipleUpload]]
07:07 -!- Touhou FTW has left Special:Chat.
07:09 <Demise36> hydro
07:09 <Demise36> <3
07:09 <Haidro> hi
07:19 <Haidro> [[Template:Infobox Skin]]
07:30 -!- Touhou FTW has joined Special:Chat
07:35 <Demise36> *throws touhou at hydro*
07:35 <Touhou FTW> i'm intangible
07:42 <Demise36> *throws hydro at touhou*
07:43 <Haidro> *throws demise at rschatbot*
07:43 <Touhou FTW> winner^
07:43 <Demise36> *immune*
08:00 <Demise36> [[File:Rooster NPC.png]] wut?
08:01 <Demise36> oh wait
08:01 <Demise36> [[File:Rooster (NPC).png]]
08:03 <Demise36> blargh some noob thinking bandos is female 
08:03 <Demise36> *facehammer*
08:09 <Haidro> Demise
08:09 <Demise36> ????
08:09 <Haidro> Anon says that [[Tribute of Guthix]] may say Bandos could be feminine
08:10 <Demise36> tuska died
08:10 <Demise36> >.<
08:10 <Haidro> Who?
08:10 <Demise36> read through that
08:10 <Demise36> the memories
08:11 <Haidro> don't see any mention to bandos
08:11 <Demise36> nah the anon thinks tuska is bandos
08:19 -!- Touhou FTW has left Special:Chat.
08:20 <Demise36> ~test
08:20 <TyBot> Demise36: I love you. <3
08:21 <Demise36> <3
08:22 <Haidro>
08:26 <Demise36> ;_;
08:29 -!- Wildwolfy has joined Special:Chat
08:29 <Wildwolfy> question, what happends if you die within the boss rooms at gwd?
08:30 -!- Wildwolfy has left Special:Chat.
08:32 -!- TehChaosOne has joined Special:Chat
08:32 <TehChaosOne> demise, i think tuska is bandos too
08:32 <TehChaosOne> notice on the video, bandos's eyes have been scarred
08:32 <TehChaosOne> origins of gielinor
08:33 <TehChaosOne> actually just visit the bandos page
08:33 <TehChaosOne> yeah just sayin'
08:33 <TehChaosOne> although bandos in the oog video didn't have tusks
08:33 <Demise36> bandos is male
08:33 <Demise36> its been proven.
08:34 <TehChaosOne> idk
08:34 <Demise36> + that dosnt even look like a female
08:34 <Demise36> >.<
08:34 <TehChaosOne> brb
08:34 -!- TehChaosOne has left Special:Chat.
08:35 <Demise36> [[Admiral pie]]
08:48 <Demise36> test
08:49 <Demise36> damn internet dced me
08:49 <Demise36> >.<
09:22 <Demise36> this aint over yet
09:35 <Haidro> Can't wait till new quests about Guthix and stuff
09:36 <Demise36> why is the chat dead?
09:36 <Demise36> :c :c :c :c :c :c
09:44 -!- Battleben has joined Special:Chat
09:44 <Battleben> Whaler, y are you here
09:47 -!- Gamefreak776 has joined Special:Chat
09:47 <Battleben> Someone move tribute to guthix back to easter event please
09:47 <Battleben> If It's not an easter event than neither is easter 2011
09:47 <Demise36> wahi
09:47 <Gamefreak776> Good morning fellow scapers :3
09:47 <Demise36> people think bandos is female
09:47 <Demise36> kill them
09:48 <Gamefreak776> well.... the memories do suggests so...
09:48 <Demise36> tuska diedddddddddddddddddddddd
09:48 <Demise36> bandos is alive
09:48 <Demise36> ?????????????????
09:48 <Gamefreak776> *whimpers*
09:49 <Battleben> Tuska didn't die.
09:49 <Demise36> bandos ha eyes
09:49 <Demise36> has*
09:49 <Demise36> tuska wouldnt have eyes
09:50 <Demise36> have*
09:50 <Battleben> They grew back
09:50 <Demise36> seems legit
09:51 <Gamefreak776> ironically, bandos talks with correct grammar, unlike his followers. This means Bandos is intelligent.
09:52 <Demise36> ofcourse bandos is smart
09:52 <Demise36> hes a god
09:52 <Demise36> he dont need intelligent followers
09:52 <Gamefreak776> I just find it funny that he can talk with correct grammar, unlike his followers
09:53 <Battleben> Someone needs to move Tribute to Guthix back to 2013 Easter Event
09:53 <Gamefreak776> To identify whether Bandos is a girl, we must look at all his quotes.
09:53 <Battleben> Because that's what it is ;_;
09:53 <Battleben> Don't trust what his followers say
09:53 <Battleben> they're stupid
09:53 <Gamefreak776> Does this sound feminine?? Would a girl say this? I am War! I am Power! I am Bandos, the rightful god of all goblins, and through this puppet commander, I shall become god of all RuneScape!--Chosen Commander
09:53 <Demise36> hes a god
09:53 <Demise36> not a goddess
09:53 <Demise36> <.<<<<<<<<<
09:54 <Battleben> inb4 bandos really is a girl
09:54 <Gamefreak776> then what do you call guthix?
09:54 <Gamefreak776> guthix is an it
09:54 <Demise36> guthix is a male
09:54 <Demise36> its been proven
09:54 <Haidro> Guthix has no gender
09:55 <Demise36> so the naragi has no gender?
09:55 <Demise36> >.<
09:55 <Battleben> Guthix wa a male because he's a father
09:55 <Gamefreak776> what if Zaros is actually a girl and all of his current followers on rs were so old that they forgot the minor details about him/her like gender??
09:55 <Battleben> Genius
09:55 <Demise36> saradomins helm is an elder artefact
09:55 <Demise36> awmg
09:56 <Battleben> Move elder weapons to elder artefacts pls
09:56 <Gamefreak776> the frostenhorn could possibly be one too
09:56 <Battleben> More likely to be Quin's horn tbh
09:56 <Battleben> Which I know nothing about
09:56 <Demise36> why does it say crown of saradomin
09:56 <Demise36> its a helm
09:56 <Gamefreak776> the crown can be defined as a weapon
09:56 <Battleben> Not really.
09:56 <Gamefreak776> guthix said its a crown
09:56 <Battleben> Gutix refers to it as an artefact too.
09:56 <Battleben> Guthix*
09:57 <Gamefreak776> "The crown located other artefacts, but it would - in turn - attract those who kept them..."--Guthix
09:57 <Gamefreak776> one can portray the crown as a weapon
09:57 <Gamefreak776> its a threat
09:58 <Gamefreak776> it locates other elder's
09:58 <Demise36> saradomin can locate the stone of jas
09:58 <Demise36> fu
09:58 <Gamefreak776> he already had it once. Remember when he revived Zilyana
09:58 <Demise36> he can locate it again
09:58 <Gamefreak776> Oh crud
09:58 <Demise36> and thaerisk is dead for me
09:59 <Demise36> so i cant find it
09:59 <Demise36> ;____;
09:59 <Gamefreak776> My number was 1
09:59 <Battleben> It's not a weapon.
09:59 <Habblet> Do you think the next god will be related to balance?
09:59 <Battleben> Nor is the stone.
09:59 <Gamefreak776> ....
09:59 <Habblet> Or a new alignment
09:59 <Battleben> Besides, they're referred to as artefacts by guthix
09:59 <Gamefreak776> artefacts of what? of weapons!
09:59 <Gamefreak776> This ancient artefact is an arrow
09:59 <Gamefreak776> technically its a weapon
09:59 <Gamefreak776> tada
09:59 <Battleben> "Many of the elders' artefacts were here - a staff, a horn, a stone - but I knew their power and kept them hidden."
09:59 <Demise36> bandos mace is an artefact£@$£$$€@@[email protected]
10:00 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
10:00 <Gamefreak776> hmmm. Is it possible that all gods achieved godhood through elder artefacts?
10:01 <Habblet> Not all
10:01 <Battleben> moo
10:01 <Battleben> The elder gods didn't
10:01 <Habblet> Elder Gods
10:01 <Habblet> Unless they used ancient elder weapons, which is a no-no
10:01 <Gamefreak776> well... the regular ones lol
10:01 <Gamefreak776> elder elder weapons 
10:01 <Habblet> The Menaphite Phanteon didn't
10:01 <Battleben> Artefact*
10:01 <Habblet> I guess <.<
10:02 <Gamefreak776> who derived from elder elder elder weapons
10:02 <Gamefreak776> Could the gem that Mascut was looking for be an elder artefact?!
10:02 <Gamefreak776> Amascut
10:02 <Gamefreak776> my head. -.-
10:02 <Battleben> No it's Tumeken's heart
10:03 <Gamefreak776> thats pretty powerful
10:03 <Gamefreak776> then why is it a rock...
10:05 <Gamefreak776> or the heart--and temuken--absorbed some of an elder's weapon!
10:05 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
10:08 -!- Gamefreak776 has left Special:Chat.
10:11 <Battleben> We only know half of the artefacts.
10:11 <Battleben> There are six more.
10:14 <Demise36> i told you
10:14 <Demise36> bandos mace is one
10:14 <Haidro> what artefacts are these?
10:17 <Battleben> The [[Elder Artefacts]]
10:19 <Haidro> I wanna kinda get into the lore now
10:20 <Haidro> Doesn't Guthix's sword have a name?
10:21 <Battleben> Not that we know of.
10:22 <Haidro>
10:22 <Haidro> No water...
10:22 <Battleben> Why are tree spirits elder gods
10:23 <Battleben>
10:23 <Battleben> Tell me that isn't one of the elder gods
10:23 <Haidro> lollolololol
10:23 <Battleben> Actually a mix of that tree spirit and this one
10:23 <Battleben>
10:23 <Haidro> mindblown
10:24 <Haidro> [[Wizard robe]]
10:26 <Battleben> Hail [[File:Rooster_(NPC).png]]
10:27 <Haidro> Lol
10:29 <Haidro> First kill wizard robe top wewt!
10:29 <Haidro> That's a good 2-3l
10:29 <Haidro> k
10:30 <Haidro> Hi ansela and coel
10:30 <Coelacanth0794> hi
10:30 <AnselaJonla> HI
10:31 <Demise36> hi
10:32 <AnselaJonla> Haidro, could you do the main news post as well please?
10:33 <Haidro> [[Template:Updates]]
10:33 <Haidro> Already done
10:33 <AnselaJonla> Could you do the images then?
10:33 <Haidro> Coel did it
10:33 <AnselaJonla> Or was this an update with no images?
10:33 <Haidro> What images
10:33 <Haidro> oh
10:33 <Haidro> hold on...
10:33 <Haidro> Grr
10:33 <Haidro> I uploaded the image
10:34 <Haidro> forgot to put on news post
10:34 <Haidro> Nope, I didn't upload it
10:34 <Haidro> ben
10:34 <Haidro> is the sword not called the Sword of Edicts?
10:35 <Haidro> [[Special:Upload]]
10:39 <Battleben> It's called the Sword of Edicts, yeah
10:41 <Demise36> the sword guthix used
10:41 <Demise36> was skargaroths right?
10:41 <Haidro> No, he found it didn't he
10:41 <Haidro> then killed skargaroth
10:44 <Demise36> DEATH TO SKARGAROTH!
10:44 <Haidro> night everyone
10:44 <AnselaJonla> Night Haidro
10:50 <Battleben> It could have been Skargaroths
10:50 <Battleben> He describes Skargaroths sword as cackling with energy
10:51 <Battleben> like the cracked sword
11:01 <Coelacanth0794> he said he has his own, scavenged sword
11:03 -!- TehChaosOne has joined Special:Chat
11:03 <TehChaosOne> back
11:03 <TehChaosOne> i think i said brb like 3 hours ago?
11:04 <TehChaosOne> no make it 4-5
11:04 <TehChaosOne> Who wanna discuss lore?
11:04 <TehChaosOne> I thought about it and have ruled out that Bandos does not equal Tuska.
11:05 <TehChaosOne> Why? Bandos doesn't have tusks. Tuska, surprisingly, had tusks.
11:06 <Coelacanth0794>
11:13 <TehChaosOne> what is it?
11:14 <TehChaosOne> anyway
11:14 <TehChaosOne> as i was saying
11:16 <TehChaosOne> I think there is more to Saradomin than meets the eye (stone of jas lol jks justapun). I think that he simply wants more power. I mean, his crown locates other elder weapons!
11:19 <AnselaJonla>
11:20 <Coelacanth0794> saradomin is a god who needs worshippers and power
11:21 <AnselaJonla> Like the Ori
11:23 <TehChaosOne> ori?
11:23 <AnselaJonla> Coel? Could you deal with that stupid, idiotic Leon Art?
11:23 <TehChaosOne> lol?
11:23 <AnselaJonla> 1) He's using AmEng in an article. 2) He's gone added speculation to the Elder Artefacts page about Horn = Frostenhorn, totally ignoring the text asking not to
11:24 <TehChaosOne> ah
11:24 <TehChaosOne> i c
11:25 <TehChaosOne> DRAGONKIN FTW
11:25 <TehChaosOne> soz
11:27 <TehChaosOne> wait you guys all know what happened to guthix righte?
11:27 <Alchez> No.
11:28 <TehChaosOne> oh ok nm
11:28 <TehChaosOne> staff of armadyl
11:28 <TehChaosOne> So it originally wasn't in Armadyl's posession then?
11:28 <AnselaJonla> You do realise you're practically talking to yourself, right?
11:29 <TehChaosOne> According to the memories, it was already there when- Yeah, but i hope someone will somehow come
11:29 <TehChaosOne> That song called
11:29 <TehChaosOne> boulevard o' broken drims.
11:29 <TehChaosOne> yeah.
11:29 <TehChaosOne> *sits in corner and cries*
11:29 <TehChaosOne> off to rs cya
11:29 -!- TehChaosOne has left Special:Chat.
11:49 <Coelacanth0794>
11:54 <Coelacanth0794>
12:08 <Joeytje50> hi
12:08 <Demise36> (caek)
12:09 <AnselaJonla> Hi Joey
12:09  * AnselaJonla is on round 83/85, Hard, Z-track, $82183/97200 towards goal
12:23 <Hairr> hi
12:23 <Alchez> Hey
12:23 <Alchez> Hairr, can you delete please?
12:24 <Hairr> It's such a good image though
12:24 <Hairr> I'm going to infinite protect instead
12:25 <Alchez> Aww, I was gonna warn that guy..
12:26 <Hairr> You did, though...
12:26 <Alchez> That's only 'cause you had a change of heart..
12:28 <Hairr> I thought you were going to in the first place D:
12:28 <Alchez> See ya later.
12:28 <Alchez> Well, it wouldn't make sense if the image still existed.
12:28 <Hairr> Okay okay goodbye
12:29 <Alchez> Okay okay going.
12:33 <Battleben> Can we move 2013 Spring Event to 2013 Easter Event?
12:33 <Battleben> Because that's what it is.
12:40 <Battleben> K Demise
12:41 <Demise36> K wahi
12:54 <AnselaJonla> [[Pernix armour]]
13:02 <Hairr> ~test
13:02 <TyBot> Hairr: I love you. <3
13:03 <Atheist723> !test
13:03 <RSChatBot> Atheist723: Hai!
13:08 -!- Nancyr2 has left Special:Chat.
13:08 -!- Nancyr2 has joined Special:Chat
13:11 <Battleben> Move spring event to easter plsss
13:13 <TonyBest100> It can't be the easter event though ben, the official wiki hasnt put it on their wiki as the easter event. Its just marked as "Other"
13:15 -!- Joeytje50 has left Special:Chat.
13:22 <Demise36> i say we move spring to easter
13:24 <TonyBest100> There is still no proof that it is the easter event itself, especially since it isnt marked as the easter event on the official rs wiki
13:24 <Demise36> move spring to easter.
13:26 <TonyBest100> Demise, what did I just say, theres no proof that the spring event is this years easter event.
13:27 <Demise36> please move it to easter
13:28 <TonyBest100> I give up, theres no point in me trying to argue because your just not reading what i've said
13:44 <Demise36> anyone wanna update [[Flurry]]?
13:48 <Battleben> Of course there's proof.
13:48 <Battleben>,16,939,64570027,&showuser=Mod%A0Emilee
13:48 <Battleben> Now move it pls.
13:50 <Demise36> move now please
13:53 <Demise36> tony wahi told me to give you this message
13:53 <Demise36> 2 seconds.
13:54 <Demise36> 15-16-939-64570027
13:55 <Battleben> Oh so apparently my link did appear
13:55 <Battleben> ANd my message..
14:00 <AnselaJonla> Moved
14:00 <AnselaJonla> [[Special:WhatLinksHere/2013 Spring Event]]
14:00 <AnselaJonla> Ben, you were the one wanting this move?
14:01 <Battleben> Yay <3
14:01 <AnselaJonla> You wanted the move, you fix the [[Special:WhatLinksHere/2013 Spring event|many redirects]]
14:18 <Habblet> Why does Guthix's Naragi infobox use the god one?
14:18 <Habblet> He wasn't a god back then
14:21 <Battleben> Because cabbage
14:24 <Demise36> cabbages
14:31 <TyA> ~status
14:31 <TyBot> The GE Updater is not running!
14:56 <TyA> [[ttw]]
15:12 <Coelacanth0794> hi
15:12 <Atheist723> Hi.
15:14 <Demise36> first a godsword shard
15:14 <Demise36> then bandos boots
15:14 <Demise36> then bandos warshield
15:14 <Demise36> >:<
15:15 <Atheist723> You should have been grateful for those.
15:15 <Demise36> the shield is 400k
15:15 <Demise36> ;-;
15:15 <Demise36> shard is 150k
15:16 <Atheist723> I never had any drop of note in the God Wars Dungeon.
15:16 <Atheist723> Unless you count that time I was late by 5 minutes and missed a Saradomin godsword.
15:16 <Coelacanth0794> (qc) The Exchange price of 1x [[bandos boots]] is 1,888,262 coins.
15:17 <Coelacanth0794> oh wow it rose
15:17 <Coelacanth0794> 2m for shoes
15:17 <Atheist723> Because FlatScape is upon us, you know.
15:17 <Coelacanth0794> wut?
15:17 <Coelacanth0794> flatscape sounds like a wonderous place to take detailed item images using the ooo
15:17 <Demise36> 326 kc
15:17 <Demise36> @[email protected]
15:17 <Atheist723> Dragon boots are only 28k? How sad.
15:17 <Coelacanth0794> a MAAAAGICAL place
15:18 <Habblet> I have to see if I still have my '200k' bandos boots o_O
15:18 <Atheist723> "Flat" as in "uniform and boring".
15:18 <Coelacanth0794> you talkin eoc or 07
15:18 <Coelacanth0794> inb4eoc
15:18 <Atheist723> I have no idea how you could even guess 07.
15:19 <Coelacanth0794> naile dit
15:20 <Habblet> Haha I still have them
15:20 <TonyBest100> Oh no, 07 isnt flatscape :P
15:20 <TonyBest100> The real flatscape.... is RS Classic :P
15:21 <Atheist723> Post-EoC is not as simple as RSC, of course, it is just a step backwards.
15:24 <Atheist723> "If 250,000 or more players add essence to the stone, it will transform into a permanent prayer altar and a small summoning obelisk as well as allowing the player to change back to Standard Prayers from the Ancient Curses." Interesting...
15:28 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
15:28 <Ozank>
15:29 <Ozank> why did he run away
15:29 <Coelacanth0794> because fuck being convicted
15:30 <Demise36> LLLLL
15:30 <Habblet> lll marcus
15:31 <Ozank> we used to wonder what friendship could be
15:31 <Ozank> until we all donated its magic to the magic guild
15:32 <Coelacanth0794> the donations were enough to cover the damage from an apprentice trying a new form of teleportations.
15:34 <Ozank> (yay)
15:35 <Coelacanth0794> uh, loss of life occurred 
15:37 <Ozank> some one tried to con me into signing me up for something 
15:37 <Ozank> too bad when they asked how old i was, and it turned out i was too young
15:39 <AnselaJonla> Who here is from US?
15:40 <Atheist723> !test
15:40 <RSChatBot> Atheist723: Hai!
15:46 <Coelacanth0794>
15:47 <AnselaJonla> Coel, in Canada, how common is it for you to pack your own bags at the supermarket?
15:48 <Coelacanth0794> as in after having them checked out and paid for?
15:48 <AnselaJonla> Yeah
15:48 <Coelacanth0794> about 50/50, depends on the cashier
15:52 <Ozank> ugh why do i always get poisoned by strange plants ._.
15:52 <Ozank> when im at rock crabs its the only random jagex like to give me
15:54 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
15:57 <Coelacanth0794> what spells even use blood runes in dunge now?
15:58 <Atheist723> None.
15:59 <Atheist723> As shown in [[Dungeoneering/Magic]].
16:00 <Coelacanth0794> so why did it start off by giving me lots of bloods
16:00 <Atheist723> Because Jagex didn't think it through.
16:00 <Atheist723> As unfortunately shown in many cases post-EoC.
16:01 <Coelacanth0794> looks like cispa is back with all its glory
16:02 <Atheist723> Cispa?
16:03 <Coelacanth0794> that's the one.
16:14 -!- Joeytje50 has joined Special:Chat
16:14 <Coelacanth0794> hi joey
16:15 <Joeytje50> hi
16:22 <Demise36> yey
16:23 <Demise36> juey
16:23 <Joeytje50> hai
16:23 <Joeytje50> (caek)
16:23 <Demise36> (caek) (ccaek)
16:26 <Coelacanth0794> So if anyone is residing in the united states
16:26 <Joeytje50> (pie)
16:27 <Demise36> (bukkit)
16:28 <Coelacanth0794> it's about CISPA/ACTA
16:28 <AnselaJonla> Hm... assault or defence Battles game?
16:28 <Coelacanth0794> or SOPA
16:28 <Coelacanth0794> too many fucking names for it]
16:29 <Joeytje50> why the heck does american government not take the hint after 2 earlier times
16:29 <Coelacanth0794> because they REEEEEALLLY wanna spy on our personal shit
16:30 <Joeytje50> they've tried this 2x before, and both times the internet protested heavily
16:30 <Coelacanth0794> makes manipulating the public far easier
16:33 -!- TyA has left Special:Chat.
16:39 <Demise36> coel
16:39 <Coelacanth0794> ?
16:39 <Demise36> join the butterfly pantheon
16:39 <Coelacanth0794> wut?
16:40 <Demise36> join them.
16:40 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
16:40 <Coelacanth0794> sounds boring
16:40 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
16:40 <Demise36> thats a no?
16:40 <Demise36> then you must perish!
16:41 <Demise36> *stabs*
16:49 <Hallowland> [[user creation log]]
16:54 <AnselaJonla> Fucking hell...
16:54 <AnselaJonla> Ben....
16:55  * AnselaJonla pokes Ben repeatedly
16:55 <AnselaJonla> [[Special:Log/move|Look at this, Ben]]
16:56 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
16:56 <Ozank>
16:56 <TonyBest100> I tried to say earlier that it wasnt the easter event as it wasnt put under easter on the official wiki, instead being put at Other >.<
16:56 <AnselaJonla> Ozank, they stopped being funny last night
16:57 <Ozank> at least i didnt repost
16:57 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
16:57 <AnselaJonla> Zank, they stopped being funny after the second one
16:59 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
16:59 <Ozank> I'm glad the whole concept of them being funny or not revolves around your personal view of them
16:59 <Ozank> Not anyone else's input, just yours
17:00 <TonyBest100> I looked at that image and I didnt find it funny one bit
17:00 <Ozank> well i was mainly referring to the second one i posted last night
17:01 <Ozank> idk if you were there to see those
17:01 <TonyBest100> at around what time was it?
17:01 <Battleben> ...k
17:01 <TonyBest100> cuz if it was past 2am, then I wasnt here :P
17:01 <Ozank> i don't know your timezone so i can't extrapolate on that
17:01 <Joeytje50> they were spamming links to error messages yesterday
17:02 <Battleben> Move it to Tribute to Guthix if people refuse to have it as 2013 Easter Event
17:02 <Battleben> even though it is the easter event.
17:02 <TonyBest100> 2am GMT time i mean
17:02 <Battleben> But whatever
17:03 <Battleben> [[Jal'yt-ga'al-kot]]
17:03 <Battleben> What is this
17:03 <AnselaJonla> Easter egg
17:03 <AnselaJonla> Brink of Extinction
17:03 <Battleben> There's a wandering ga'al but it isn't named Jal'yt-ga'al-kot *facepalm*
17:03 <Battleben> Jal'yt-ga'al-kot is an item that was released with The Elder Kiln
17:04 <Battleben> An unobtainable one found in Quickchat
17:04 <Ozank> i wonder if haar aken from fight kiln is the ga'al who you bring to the fight kiln in that tzhaar quest
17:04 <Battleben> ...Seeing as you can fight Har-Aken appears before that ga'al dies, no.
17:05 -!- Light Matter has joined Special:Chat
17:05 <Battleben> Sigh.
17:05 <Light Matter> Hi :)
17:07 <Battleben> Sigh.
17:07 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
17:07 <Battleben> Move the page back to easter event or move it to Tribute to Guthix.
17:07 <Battleben> Since this argument won't end.
17:08 <Battleben> But if this isn't the easter event then 2013 won't have one.
17:12 <Coelacanth0794>
17:12 -!- Fswe1 has joined Special:Chat
17:12 <Fswe1> SALUTE.
17:12 <Coelacanth0794>
17:12 <Demise36> umad fswe?
17:13 <Demise36> <333
17:13 <Battleben> k
17:13 <Coelacanth0794> fwse go sign the anti-CISPA thing if you're american
17:13 <Fswe1> I am not.
17:14 <AnselaJonla> Hi Fswe
17:14 <Fswe1> Anyways, I have a proposal.
17:14 <Coelacanth0794> k
17:14 <Fswe1> A Request-for-Move, if you will.
17:14 <Coelacanth0794> can't you do that?
17:14 <Fswe1> Felt I should consult someone before heeding RS:BB.
17:14 <Battleben> Someone move [[2013 Spring Event]] to [[Tribute to Guthix]], because moving it back to Easter 2013 will just make it be moved again.
17:14 <Battleben> Even though it is the easter event.
17:14 <AnselaJonla> I am not moving that bloody page any more
17:14 <Fswe1> Aaanyway.
17:15 <AnselaJonla> It can stay where it is until some other sysop can be arsed to move it
17:15 <Fswe1> I suggest to move [[God Wars]] to Second God Wars. ANd to create an article named First God Wars about the war that destroyed the Naragi plane. With Skargaroth and Tuska and stuff.
17:15 <AnselaJonla> In fact, I'm making it so that only sysops can move it
17:15 <Coelacanth0794> god wars is shown as our gielinorean god wars
17:16 <Coelacanth0794> naragi are long dead before humans
17:16 <Coelacanth0794> so it'd be Naragi God War
17:16 <Coelacanth0794> keep them separated to their own existance plane, yno?
17:16 <Coelacanth0794> and there may have been more god wars before that
17:17 <AnselaJonla> Why do I get the feeling that God Wars usually result in an absolutely wrecked plane of existence and the survivors seeking out somewhere new to live?
17:17 <Fswe1> So... Naragi God Wars and Gielinor God Wars (nice alliteration)?
17:17 <Coelacanth0794> or a subsection on God Wars
17:17 <Fswe1> (because that's kind of what happened to Guthix and what would've happened to Gielinor had it not been for Guthix)
17:17 <Coelacanth0794> i'd like more info on the naragi god war
17:18 <Battleben> Keep God Wars where it is.
17:18 <Fswe1> I feel we have sufficient information for an article.
17:18 <Fswe1> I mean, there is smaller crap.
17:18 <Coelacanth0794> atm, i agree with ben; keep God wars as God wars
17:18 <Fswe1> And we know some stuff about it.
17:18 <Fswe1> And have God Wars (disambig)?
17:18 <Fswe1> yay Edicts sowrd in Dungeoneering.
17:19 -!- Light Matter has left Special:Chat.
17:20 <Fswe1> Conclusion?
17:20 <Battleben>  When people search for God Wars they aren't interested in the Naragi god wars
17:20 <Battleben> Although to be fair they aren't interested in the gielinor god wars either
17:20 <Battleben> They want [[God Wars Dungeon]]
17:20 <Habblet> They want [[Zaryte bow]]
17:21 <Fswe1> doubt it
17:21 <Demise36> or
17:21 <Coelacanth0794> they want the d
17:21 <Coelacanth0794> ragon boots
17:21 <Fswe1> They'd search GWD or God Wars dungeon for God Wars Dungeon.
17:21 <Demise36> [[Bandos chestplate]]
17:21 <Fswe1> Anyway.
17:21 <Fswe1> GOd Wars and Naragi God Wars?
17:22 <Demise36> people thinks tuska is bandos
17:22 <Demise36> *facehammer*
17:22 <Habblet> I think Gielinorian God Wars
17:22 <Habblet> or Gielinor God Wars
17:22 <Coelacanth0794>
17:22 <Habblet> Tuska is Bandos's sister
17:22 <Fswe1> Imainge another GOd Wars erupting.
17:22 <Battleben> God Wars and Naragi God Wars
17:22 <Coelacanth0794> wut?
17:22 <Fswe1> We'd have Naragi God Wars, First Gielinorian God Wars and Second Gielinorian God Wars. =D
17:22 <Habblet> God Wars refer to all god wars
17:23 <Coelacanth0794> tuska is implied as a god afaik but i'm unsure if she is one
17:23 <Coelacanth0794> sounds more like just an OP monster
17:23 <Battleben> Also [[God war (Naragi)]]
17:23 <Fswe1> We could even make God Wars into "God Wars are wars fought by gods. In history, two god wars have..."
17:23 <Fswe1> That article lists Saradomin.
17:23 <Fswe1> People are noobs.
17:23 <Habblet> have been known to happen?
17:24 <Battleben> ....Err, yes.
17:24 <Fswe1> How was Saradomin involved?
17:24 <Fswe1> Pure speculation that he be the giant blue man.
17:24 <Battleben> ...Right.
17:24 <Demise36> spoilers fswe
17:24 <Battleben> The giant blue man is actually the falador farm rooster.
17:24 <Battleben> It turns out the Naragi are really really really small
17:24 <Battleben> So by comparison the rooster is huge
17:25 <Fswe1> lol
17:25 <Habblet> Or shapeshift
17:26 <Battleben> Coel move [[2013 Spring event]] to [[Tribute to Guthix]] and I shall give you a cookie.
17:26 <Coelacanth0794> hm
17:26 <Coelacanth0794> how are other events named?
17:26 <Battleben> Because that's its only official name
17:26 <Coelacanth0794>
17:26 <Battleben> Nobody cna agree on what event this is
17:27 <Battleben> (It's an easter event, but people seem to disagree)
17:27 <Coelacanth0794> [[BTS]]
17:27 <Habblet> The lobby banner says
17:27 <Habblet> "two-week holiday event"
17:27 <Habblet> I think they would have said somewhere
17:27 <Coelacanth0794> Easter…but not as you know it (free players and members)
17:27 <Habblet> "Stay tuned for the Easter Event after Tribute to Guthix" or something
17:27 <Coelacanth0794> therefore 2013 easter is fine
17:27 <Habblet> ^
17:27 <Fswe1> Cute bulwar.
17:27 <Battleben> Yeah but people disagree.
17:28 <Habblet> Show them evidence
17:28 <Battleben> Even Jagex disagrees with themself.
17:28 <Battleben> Mod Michelle say it isn't easter, but Mod Mark and Mod Emilee seem to think it is.
17:28 <Habblet> Well I'd believe Mod Mark
17:28 <Fswe1> Mod Mark eats ponies.
17:29 <Fswe1> Let's ask Mod Ana. She is omniscient.
17:29 <Fswe1> *telepathy*
17:30 <Fswe1> It's easter.
17:30 <Fswe1> Also...
17:30 <Fswe1> Safalaan = Veliaf.
17:30 <Demise36> the missionary = saradomin
17:30 -!- Demise36 has left Special:Chat.
17:30 -!- Demise36 has joined Special:Chat
17:31 <Fswe1> Dungeoneering bosses are a joke now.
17:32 <Demise36> ofcourse they are
17:32 <Fswe1> They need to update them or remove EoC from Dungeoneering.
17:33 <Fswe1> Them being Mod Ana's minions, aka Jagex.
17:33 <Fswe1> well bai
17:34 <Battleben> I wonder if fswe is aware of the fact
17:34 <Battleben> that lots of people in the uk have eaten ponies
17:37 <AnselaJonla> Coel, I moved it to Easter, some idjit moved it again, but to Event this time, which is still wrong
17:37 <Coelacanth0794> who the hell is 04asdfghj
17:37 <Demise36> what?
17:37 <Battleben> Tbh it should be moved to Tribute to Guthix as that's the only official name we've been given
17:38 <Coelacanth0794> it's an easter event in bts
17:38 <AnselaJonla> Habblet?
17:38 <Battleben> Yeah but people seem to disagree.
17:41 <Coelacanth0794>
17:43 <Battleben> MAGIC
17:43 <Battleben> You gonna move the page Coel? 
17:43 <Coelacanth0794> want me to?
17:43 <Coelacanth0794> i'd be moving to 13 easter
17:44 <Battleben> But then people will get mad at you.
17:44 <Battleben> Move it to Tribute to Guthix until we know for sure.
17:45 <Coelacanth0794> how will we 'know'?
17:45 <AnselaJonla> Wherever he moves it to, no one but a sysop will be able to change it
17:45 <Battleben> I dunno, the game update FAQ?
17:48 <Battleben> But whatever, move it to easter, it's as much an easter event as [[Holly and Hawthorn]] was.
17:56 <Fswe1> I am stupid:
17:57 -!- Fswe1 has left Special:Chat.
17:59 <Hallowland> someone create disambiguation for "memories"?
17:59 <Coelacanth0794>
17:59 <Coelacanth0794> the line has been crossed
18:04 <Battleben> k coel
18:04 <Battleben> Were you gonna move the article then Coel?
18:04 <Coelacanth0794> ok
18:05 <Coelacanth0794> if anyone wants to speak say so now
18:05 <Battleben> Would prefer Tribute to Guthix other 2013 Easter Event, but meh.
18:05 <Battleben> Can always move it again :P
18:07 <Coelacanth0794> there
18:13 <Coelacanth0794> boy he's really ina fit
18:25 -!- Wafer101 has joined Special:Chat
18:25 <Wafer101> hey guys I found one of guthix's memories, bandos is a she
18:26 <TonyBest100> bandos isnt a she
18:27 <Battleben> [[Tuska]] might be bandos. But that would mean that Zanik was wrong about their gender
18:27 <Battleben> and Zanik had Bandos in her head.
18:29 <Wafer101> so tuska could be the same race as bandos, or is bandos
18:29 <Coelacanth0794> they'll probably release mroe data on tuska later this year
18:29 <Coelacanth0794> bandos looks like a gig goblinny ogre thing
18:29 <Habblet> [[Makeover mage|Tuska]]
18:29 <Coelacanth0794> tuska is described as a massive mammoth
18:29 <Battleben> Tuska may not actually ever be stated to be a god
18:30 <Coelacanth0794> yes i noticed that too
18:30 <Coelacanth0794> it had high power
18:30 <Coelacanth0794> but unknown if it's a true god
18:30 <Coelacanth0794> if it isnt actually sentient
18:30 <Battleben> If it's not a god then it's definitely Bandosian
18:31 <Hallowland> was afk
18:32 <Hallowland> Tuska is godly and fought against Saradomin directly with no trouble
18:32 <Coelacanth0794> if it followed him
18:32 <Hallowland> she is a god
18:32 <Hallowland> well, it's godly
18:32 <Coelacanth0794> how do you know it's a deity
18:32 <Hallowland> [[Guthixian memories]]
18:32 <Wafer101> let me look over the memories I have so far
18:35 <Hallowland> wohoo bought 900 runecoins
18:35 <Coelacanth0794> " It had drawn Tuska and Skargaroth to world."
18:35 <Coelacanth0794> maybe tuska IS a goddess
18:35 <Hallowland> didn't you see the part where Guthix say that she didnt need followers and all she wanted was battle
18:35 <Hallowland> and that she was godly 
18:37 <Coelacanth0794> but bandos DOES want followers
18:38 <Coelacanth0794> he went and recruited goblins, ourgs, orks, and ogres
18:38 <Meez> o
18:38 <Hallowland> coel...
18:38 <Coelacanth0794> yo
18:38 <Hallowland> Bandos is NOT Tuska
18:38 <Meez> yo
18:38 <Coelacanth0794> i read "he doesnt want followers"
18:38 <Coelacanth0794> he=bandos
18:38 <Coelacanth0794> i see you said "she"
18:38 <Coelacanth0794> ok
18:38 <Hallowland> that was typo then
18:39 <Hallowland> yea i meant she
18:39 <Coelacanth0794> you said she. i misread it.
18:40 <Jr Mime> Coel
18:40 <Jr Mime> You are such a nub
18:40 <Jr Mime> From the RS home page: for the "easter event" as you call: Pay tribute to the god of balance in our Spring Holiday event.
18:40 <Jr Mime> SPRING
18:40 <Jr Mime> @@
18:41 <Coelacanth0794> bts says easter
18:41 <Jr Mime> Homepage says spring
18:41 <Coelacanth0794> and a forum post says easter too
18:41 <Jr Mime> Jagex nubs
18:41 <Coelacanth0794> then post on the orsf and ask if it's easter or spring specifically
18:41 <Wafer101> its march, I don't think its an easter event
18:42 -!- TonyBest100 has left Special:Chat.
18:43 <Jr Mime>,16,483,64568911
18:43 <Jr Mime> They need to decide
18:43 <Jr Mime> Says Spring there
18:44 <Coelacanth0794> and on the talk page, what ben linked
18:44 <Jr Mime> Coel
18:44 <Coelacanth0794> and that link is literally a copy paste of the udpate page
18:44 <Battleben> Easter 2011 was a spring holiday event too.
18:44 <Coelacanth0794> what doubles?
18:44 <Battleben> At any rate if you can't agree just name it Tribute to Guthix >_>
18:45 <The Mol Man> name it mol is a mudda fuckin baws
18:45 <Jr Mime>
18:45 <The Mol Man> who's in game
18:46 <The Mol Man> coel
18:46 <Battleben> If it's not the easter event there is no easter event this year btw
18:46 <Coelacanth0794> no i am not
18:46 <Jr Mime> to easter
18:46 <The Mol Man> ben, u in game?
18:46 <Jr Mime> I am in game
18:46 <The Mol Man> i need 2 item inventory images
18:46 <Jr Mime> nty
18:46 <The Mol Man> how bout screen shot and I'll do the transing and shit
18:46 <Jr Mime> Depends
18:46 <Jr Mime> What item?
18:47 <The Mol Man> ring of duelling and amulet of glory
18:47 <Jr Mime> k gimmy 2 mins
18:47 <The Mol Man> I also assume the unenchanted counterparts look exactly the same
18:47 <Jr Mime> Amulet of glory (4) and ring (8)?
18:47 <The Mol Man> any charge idc
18:48 <Meez> beep
18:50 <Jr Mime>
18:51 <Jr Mime> ^ Mol
18:51 <The Mol Man> odd, amulet of glory is not different from 2 years ago...
18:51 <Jr Mime> Funny Jamflex
18:51 <Jr Mime> COEL
18:51 <Jr Mime> Coel
18:51 <Jr Mime> <><
18:51 <The Mol Man> wait it's slightly different
18:51 <The Mol Man> might as well
18:51 <Jr Mime> Coel you dumbo
18:53 <Jr Mime> Coel...
18:54 <Meez> dat magic wand
18:58 <Jr Mime>
18:58 <Jr Mime> Say what
18:58 <The Mol Man> your cache is really terrible
19:00 <Meez> what the
19:01 -!- Fswe1 has joined Special:Chat
19:01 -!- Fswe1 has left Special:Chat.
19:02 -!- Stinkowing has left Special:Chat.
19:03 -!- Stinkowing has joined Special:Chat
19:12 <Cook Me Plox> nu pope
19:13 <The Mol Man> as in the letter?
19:16 <The Mol Man> This biographical article relating to Dutch rowing is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.
19:17 <The Mol Man> yay juey
19:17 <Joeytje50> yay hi
19:27 -!- TyA has joined Special:Chat
19:28 <TyA> Hii
19:28 <The Mol Man> Hy
19:38 -!- Hallowland has left Special:Chat.
19:40 <Coelacanth0794> pone
19:40 <The Mol Man> Al CaPone
19:44 <The Mol Man>  
19:47 <Cook Me Plox> a fucking Argentinian?
19:47 <Cook Me Plox> come on, Vatican
19:48 <Coelacanth0794> class
19:51 <The Mol Man> Could be worse
19:51 <The Mol Man> coulda been a Jewish Pope
19:56 -!- Ciphrius Kane has joined Special:Chat
20:01 <Stinkowing> [[herb seed]
20:01 <The Mol Man> ♫dum de dum♪
20:01 <Stinkowing> urk
20:01 <Stinkowing> [[herb seed]]
20:05 <Battleben> Rofl
20:05 <Battleben> 8.5m worth of drops from Automatons
20:05 <Battleben> and no gloves or cresbot
20:05 <The Mol Man> sexy
20:05 <The Mol Man> how much are gloves>
20:07 <Stinkowing> "Buying Carapace from the grand exchange and making them into Carapace Torso at grand exchange will yield about 34,500 experience per hour, and a fair profit (if not sold high alch for 2,700 each)."
20:07 <Stinkowing> I see NO profit from this
20:08 <Stinkowing> other than alching
20:08 <The Mol Man> then remove it
20:08 <Stinkowing> alching works, Mol
20:08 <The Mol Man> then amend it
20:08 <Stinkowing> but just as a note, three carapace at 2499 is greater than the torso's 2410
20:09 <Stinkowing> that, and I don't have the technical know-how to do so
20:09 <Stinkowing> I don't want to mess up the table
20:09 <Stinkowing> >_>
20:09 <The Mol Man> do you use source?
20:09 <Stinkowing> ?
20:09 <Stinkowing> No idea what you mean
20:09 <The Mol Man> just change the text
20:09 <The Mol Man> the visual editor
20:09 <The Mol Man> or source mode?
20:09 <Stinkowing> I may be an old wikian, but all the technical stuff is still foreign to me
20:09 <Stinkowing> I have no idea
20:12 <Ciphrius Kane> (qc) charlie4799's Runecrafting level is 64 (xp: 423,050, rank: 224,134).
20:12 <Tucsondorado> Hey
20:12 <The Mol Man> Isn't there a magic word to disable visual editor on pages?
20:13 <The Mol Man> hi
20:13 <The Mol Man> I'll make your sig
20:15 <The Mol Man> Tucson
20:15 <Tucsondorado> Sup?
20:15 <The Mol Man> gonna show you a pic, tell me i you like it
20:15 <Tucsondorado> kk
20:15 <The Mol Man>
20:16 <Tucsondorado> That's great
20:16 <Tucsondorado> Thank you very much
20:22 <The Mol Man> k check the page
20:26 <Stinkowing> [[black mask]]
20:28 <Tucsondorado> Thanks man
20:29 -!- Tucsondorado has left Special:Chat.
20:32 <Cook Me Plox> Dayum
20:33 <Cook Me Plox> Pope Francis is going hard already
20:33 <Battleben> What?
20:33 <Battleben> Ah.
20:34 <Cook Me Plox> First pope to take on a new name in 1100 years, first non-European pope in 1300 years
20:35 <TyA> ~status
20:35 <TyBot> The GE Updater is not running!
20:35 <The Mol Man> aww man
20:37 <Cook Me Plox> I was hoping Bono would be the next pope
20:38 <Ciphrius Kane> I was hoping on Gaz Lloyd
20:38 <The Mol Man> Bono woulda been good
20:39 <Ciphrius Kane> Funny, Kolton's still PMing me
20:43 <Ciphrius Kane> Hello honey
20:44 <Stinkowing> [[membership package]]
20:45 <Battleben> Bye
20:45 -!- Battleben has left Special:Chat.
20:50 <Meez> oh
20:51 <Stinkowing> [[cave horror}]
20:51 <Stinkowing> bleh
20:51 <Stinkowing> [[cave horror]]
20:57 <The Mol Man>  
21:06 <The Mol Man>  
21:06 <Ciphrius Kane> ...
21:06 <AnselaJonla> ...
21:08 <Stinkowing> ...
21:08 <Joeytje50> ...
21:09 <Stinkowing> Oppen MolMan style
21:09 <The Mol Man> Yes, that is on my userpage
21:10 <Joeytje50>
21:10 <Joeytje50> "Uzer Hunter area usually deserted."
21:10 <Joeytje50> LOL I GET IT
21:12 <Joeytje50> hi habbl0r
21:14 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
21:14 <Ozank> does anypony know when haidro will be on ~roughly
21:14 <Ozank> at this point
21:14 <Meez> ...
21:14 <Habblet> Heya Joey
21:14 <Ozank> is that a monstercat avatar? ;)
21:15 <The Mol Man> Exciting new, life-or-death, Wiki-defining forum
21:15 <Meez> You just noticed >.<
21:16 <The Mol Man> Well, it was only just made
21:16 <Ozank> well meez this is first time i met you
21:16 <Ozank> anyway anyone know when haidro will be on
21:16 <Meez> Lies
21:16 <Meez> I've seen you
21:16 <Meez> :o
21:17 <Meez> Ponies everywhere ;_;
21:17 <The Mol Man> only 5
21:17 <Ozank> well meez it would be pretty silly if i didn't have a pony avatar
21:17 <Ozank> if you know my background..
21:17 <The Mol Man> The background of your avatar is white
21:18  * Ozank (fp) s
21:18 <Meez> lol
21:21 <Habblet> [[Historical timeline]]
21:21 -!- Stinkowing has left Special:Chat.
21:22 <Ozank> ahhh lvl 120 tree spirit attacking me
21:22 <Ozank> go mithril axe!
21:23 <Ciphrius Kane> Mol, what is BOCK CASING?
21:23 <The Mol Man> shit...
21:23 <Ciphrius Kane> Really?  It's faeces?
21:23 <The Mol Man> No
21:24 <The Mol Man> I misspelled Bach again
21:24 <Ozank> bachelor casing
21:24 <Ciphrius Kane> So it's a lazy slob who can't get laid?
21:24 <The Mol Man> No
21:24 <The Mol Man> Ozank is being a troll
21:25  * Ozank got a rune axe from tree spirit
21:25 <Ozank> not bad
21:25 <The Mol Man> it's a classical and musical composer
21:25 <The Mol Man> Bach didn't invent the casing
21:25 <The Mol Man> he is merely named after it
21:25 <The Mol Man> that's right
21:25 <The Mol Man> he was named after a capitalization style
21:26 <Ozank> why the heck did my did stuff this pizza crust with mozarella 
21:27 <Ozank> dad*
21:27 <Ozank> not did
21:28 -!- SovietHero has joined Special:Chat
21:28 <Meez> .<
21:30 <The Mol Man> why the heck dad your did do that?
21:32 <Meez> o.o
21:34 <Ozank> idk, its like he wanted the pizza to be better than usual or something
21:34 <Ozank> (which it was)
21:35 <AnselaJonla> It's called a stuffed crust pizza
21:35 <AnselaJonla> Also, what do penguins wear to the beach?
21:35 <Ciphrius Kane> Flippers
21:35 <The Mol Man> nothing
21:35 <The Mol Man> they're always naked
21:35  * Ciphrius Kane prepares to be hammered for answering that awful joke
21:35 <AnselaJonla> A beak-ini
21:36 <The Mol Man> Can you hammer me to?
21:36 <The Mol Man> that was bad
21:36 <AnselaJonla> I p-p-picked up a pack of penguins on my way home from karate
21:36 <Ciphrius Kane> Unexpected conclusion.  Still a pun.  Still bad
21:36 <AnselaJonla> So... yeah, prepare for bad jokes
21:37 <AnselaJonla> What's a penguin's favourite footwear?
21:37 <The Mol Man> flippers
21:37 <Ozank> sandals
21:37 <The Mol Man> hardy har har
21:37 <AnselaJonla> Flipper-floppers
21:38 <Ozank> Lol...
21:38 <AnselaJonla>
21:39 <The Mol Man> ermagerd
21:39 <Coelacanth0794> cows
21:39 <The Mol Man> hi coel
21:39 <Coelacanth0794> easter is in march this year according to my teacher and google
21:39 <Coelacanth0794> end of march, but in march
21:39 <AnselaJonla> Yes
21:39 <AnselaJonla> Early Easter
21:39 <Ozank> since when
21:39 <The Mol Man> since always
21:39 <Ozank> intriguing
21:40 <AnselaJonla> Zank, when does your college have its Easter holidy/four-day weekend?
21:40 <AnselaJonla> Whichever one it's doing
21:40 <Ozank> in two fridays time
21:40 <Ozank> (i think)
21:40 <Ozank> and it's 2 week
21:40 <AnselaJonla> So starting on the 29th
21:41 <AnselaJonla> Also, Google is pretty neat
21:41 <AnselaJonla> Go to it and type "Easter 2013" into the search
21:41 <The Mol Man> I wish I was pretty net :[[]](
21:41 <The Mol Man> neat*
21:41 <AnselaJonla> Does a similar thing for BST
21:42 <Ciphrius Kane> Also, type in IP Address
21:45 <Ciphrius Kane> There was once a time when you searched for "the most evil thing on earth" it brought up the Microsoft home page
21:45 <AnselaJonla>
21:52 <Meez>  
21:53 <Ozank> im not excited
21:53 <The Mol Man> I can tell, Mr. Sad Pinkie Avatar
21:53 <Ozank> Pinkamenashy*
21:53 <AnselaJonla>
21:54 <Ozank> gf bank ^
21:54 <AnselaJonla>
21:54 <Joeytje50> wait
21:54 <Joeytje50> in that gif
21:54 <Joeytje50> how does that guy speed up when crashing?
21:54 <AnselaJonla> Dunno
21:54 <Joeytje50> doesn't crashing usually involve decreasing speed dramatically=
21:54 <Ozank> why the heck is someone recording a guy behind them in some kind of automobile 
21:54 <The Mol Man> Science, bitch!
21:55 <Ozank> obviously staged
21:55 <Joeytje50> his inertia would cause him to continue at the same speed
21:55 <Joeytje50> but not speed up all of a sudden
21:55 <The Mol Man> maybe he suddenly lost mass?
21:55 <Ciphrius Kane> Oh he's not going faster
21:55 <Joeytje50> fakeandgay.gif
21:55 <Ciphrius Kane> It just looks that way
21:55 <Ozank> he might have jumped for some stupid reason
21:55 <Joeytje50> Ciphrius Kane: then did the car in front of him suddenly brake too?
21:56 <Ozank> which caused him to crash
21:56 <The Mol Man> I still like to think that his mass dissipated into nothing
21:56 <Joeytje50> *just* the same moment he crashed?
21:56 <Ciphrius Kane> I don't know Joey
21:56 <Ozank> defy ALL the physics!
21:56 <Joeytje50> Ozank: he's going too fast for the speed of a single jump to cause such a significant speed change
21:57 <AnselaJonla> Maybe cameraman went "oh shit Bob crashed" and driver slammed brakes on not realising Bob was right behind?
21:57 <Ciphrius Kane>
21:57 <Ozank> [[bob]]
21:57 <The Mol Man> maybe he never sped up
21:58 <The Mol Man> just an illusion
21:58 <Joeytje50> no
21:58 <The Mol Man> yes
21:58 <Joeytje50> cus if he didn't speed up he wouldn't crash into the next car's window
21:58 <The Mol Man> show your work
21:59 <The Mol Man> use only the fundamental constants, m1, m2, and v1
21:59 <Joeytje50> um
21:59 <Joeytje50> not v2?
21:59 <Joeytje50> :c
21:59 <Ozank> writing a letter of apology is hard
21:59 <The Mol Man> assume both vehicles are travelling at the same initial rate
21:59 <The Mol Man> not really
21:59 <The Mol Man> Sorry <name>
21:59 <The Mol Man> (caek)
21:59 <The Mol Man> Love, Ozank
21:59 <Ozank> it is when the person who you're writing it to is important 
21:59 <The Mol Man> shit
22:00 <The Mol Man> it fucked up the cake
22:00 <Joeytje50> Ozank: not really either
22:00 <The Mol Man> I meant to say v-naught, not v1
22:00 <Joeytje50> you take mol's template
22:00 <Joeytje50> and do this
22:00 <Joeytje50> Dear <name>,
22:00 <Joeytje50> Sorry.
22:00 <Joeytje50> ([[]]caek)
22:00 <Joeytje50> Yours sincerely, Ozank
22:01 <Ozank> lol
22:01 <Ozank> you mean
22:01 <Ciphrius Kane> Ok let's try this:
22:01 <Ozank> Dear <name>, 
22:01 <Ozank> Sorry. (caek)  
22:01 <Ozank> Yours sincerely, Ozank
22:01 <Ozank> that's what you meant
22:01 <Ozank> oh i failed (fp) nm..
22:01 <Ciphrius Kane> Dear nearly new pope whose name I don't know
22:01 <Ciphrius Kane> Sorry (caek)
22:01 <Ciphrius Kane> Ciph
22:01 <Ozank> i didn't indent it properly
22:01 <The Mol Man> caek should be on a new, line
22:01 <TyA> Ozank:
22:01 <TyA> So 
22:01 <TyA> "Dear Madam Sir, 
22:01 <TyA>    I'm sorry I did what I did. I was in the wrong, but I was blinded by my desire to be correct that I had failed at viewing the other side of the matter. After taking some time to cool down, I have realized that I was, in fact, wrong. I hope this won't hinder our friendship in the future, and I apologize for all that I've done. ~ Love Ozank"
22:01 <Ozank> yeah i just realized
22:01 <Ozank> that sounds good tya
22:02 <Ozank> except the problem here was a misunderstanding, it was no one's fault really
22:02 <The Mol Man> Dear <name>
22:02 <The Mol Man> Fuckin' deal with it bro.
22:02 <The Mol Man> Love Ozank
22:02 <TyA> Make it your fault
22:02 <TyA> They tend to appreciate that
22:02 <Ozank> hm
22:02 <Ozank> ok 
22:02 <Ozank> perhaps i might try that approach
22:02 <The Mol Man> don't
22:03 <Joeytje50> Ozank: that's rule #1 in apologizing
22:03 <The Mol Man> that's forfeiting
22:03 <Ozank> but then it might ask me "why are you taking the blame"
22:03 <The Mol Man> come to an understanding
22:03 <Ozank> and i dont want it to ask me that
22:03 <The Mol Man> don't give in
22:03 <The Mol Man> "it"?
22:03 <The Mol Man> he's apologizing to his bureau...
22:03 <Ozank> gender classified
22:03 <Joeytje50> don't say "well I'm sorry, I hope you and I won't make the same mistakes again. Because face it, we both did something wrong here. I did my part wrong, but you did yours wrong too. So, apology accepted?"
22:03 <The Mol Man> I told you not to put your dirty laundry in there
22:03 <Ozank> i got an idea let me try right a quick one
22:04 <TyA> It's Ozank's love interest
22:04 <The Mol Man> it's his bureau 
22:04 <Ozank> (y) TyA
22:04 <The Mol Man> he got caught sleeping with the toaster
22:04 <TyA> "I swear, I thought it would make it hotter for you"
22:04 <The Mol Man> She's like 11, TyA
22:04 <The Mol Man> or 10
22:04 <The Mol Man> I forget
22:04 <TyA> She'd probably believe it then
22:04 <Meez> o
22:04 <The Mol Man> but who am I to talk, I'm with a 12 year old
22:05 <Joeytje50> I AM 12 AND WAT IS DIS
22:05 <Ozank> dear ozbot,
22:05 <Ozank> i am terribly sorry for extrapolating about my you-know-what. i didn't mean to cause a misunderstanding, and i hope that we may still have hope of being together in the future
22:05 <Ozank> tell the kids i will be home soon
22:05 <Ozank> love, ozzy
22:05 <The Mol Man> it's not joey
22:05 <TyA> I'm with a 12 year old, but I'm also 8 years old
22:05 <TyA> So it's probably a little different
22:05 <Ozank> i was -85 yesterday
22:06 <The Mol Man> It better not be Cook, TyA
22:06 <Ciphrius Kane> I'm 51 and with somebody half my age
22:06 <TyA> You monster
22:06 <Ozank> nothing wrong going cougar
22:06 <TyA> Mol: It's not, he's with some 51 year old
22:06 <Joeytje50> Hi I'm chris haaaannnnnnssseeeeeeennnnnnnnn
22:06 <Ozank> idk the male equivalent of cougar, sorry
22:06 <The Mol Man> dude-gar
22:07 <Ozank> close enough
22:08 -!- SovietHero has left Special:Chat.
22:10 <Ciphrius Kane> The name for a male who dates younger women is sleazebag according to UrbanDictionary
22:11 <Ozank> meh, i wouldnt call people that. it sounds derogatory to me
22:11 <Ozank> even if it's being used correctly
22:11 <The Mol Man> that's the point
22:11 <Ozank> this is why we can't have nice things
22:11 <The Mol Man> because of me
22:11 <The Mol Man> I ruion everything
22:12 <The Mol Man> including the spelling of "ruin"
22:12 <Ozank> rune the scape
22:13 <Coelacanth0794>
22:14 <Meez> you never get tired of imgur do you
22:14 <Ozank> stupid brutal thing
22:15 <TyA> I used to go to imgur
22:15 <Coelacanth0794> i do half and half now
22:15 <Coelacanth0794> imgur and reddit
22:15 <TyA> then user submitted came, so I started looking at the images on reddit instead
22:15 <Coelacanth0794> yeah user submitted is the main cause of the shit community
22:16 <TyA> Oh look, yet another person who wants to give a message to the imgur community
22:16 <The Mol Man> I deleted my imgur account after 2 days
22:16 <Coelacanth0794> hue.
22:16 <TyA> Oh look, another war against the downvote fairies
22:16 <Coelacanth0794> i mostly have my account for image hosting
22:16 <Coelacanth0794> fuck the gallery
22:16 <Ozank> no coel
22:16 <TyA> That's what I use mine for
22:16 <Ozank> worship the gallery
22:16 <Coelacanth0794> nooo
22:17 <The Mol Man> I had mine because I got tired of bottling up comments
22:17 <The Mol Man> I didn't care what others thought, I just wanted it to be said
22:17 <The Mol Man> but now I bottle em again
22:17 <Coelacanth0794> i have an idea that may be frontpage worthy of it but i think it's best to just wait until earlier in a day
22:17 <Coelacanth0794> they didnt react well to comments eh mol
22:17 <Ozank> gak is back
22:17 <Meez> mol
22:17 <Meez> you edit too much
22:18 <The Mol Man> you edit to fucking little
22:18 <The Mol Man> too*
22:18 <Meez> :(
22:18 <Ozank> and the end when it goes BOOM
22:18 <Coelacanth0794> too*
22:18 <Meez> just lazy.
22:18 <The Mol Man> I beat you too the punch
22:18 <The Mol Man> to*
22:18 <The Mol Man> and to that one
22:18 <Coelacanth0794> they're too boob-obsessed
22:19 <The Mol Man> BOOBIES
22:19 <Ozank> eww why are you guys being sexual
22:20 <Coelacanth0794> imgur uploads too many boob gifs and stills
22:20 <Coelacanth0794> god damn kids need to control their hormones
22:20 <Meez> boobies
22:20 <Ciphrius Kane> They're males.  Only thing they think of is sex
22:20 <Meez> because noobs
22:20 <Ozank> stupid testosterone 
22:20 <Meez> boobs*
22:20 <Ozank> we should get rid of it
22:20 <The Mol Man> NOOBIES!
22:20 <Meez> lol
22:21 <Coelacanth0794> you know you're on the wrong site when everything you downvote hits double digits within 2 minutes and everything you upvotes burns up
22:21 <The Mol Man> Your new name will be Estrozank
22:21 <AnselaJonla> Why do penguins have a thick layer of feathers?
22:21 <Ozank> so they can fly
22:21 <The Mol Man> cause it's cold
22:21 <Ozank> with their wings
22:21 <Coelacanth0794> they're birds.
22:21 <AnselaJonla> Because it's snow cold.
22:21 <Coelacanth0794> wut?
22:21 <Ozank>
22:22 <Meez>
22:22 <Ozank> idk what c ronaldo means but have this
22:22 -!- Amidio has joined Special:Chat
22:22 <AnselaJonla>
22:23 <AnselaJonla> Ozank - look at the url to see the meaning of C Ronaldo
22:23 <Coelacanth0794> well, once again, for those in usa please sign to prevent sopa/cispa's latest revival
22:23 <Meez>
22:24 <Ozank>
22:24 <The Mol Man> i swear to god, I read it was colordo
22:24 <Meez> what the hell is that thing
22:24 <Ozank> a mouth
22:25 <Coelacanth0794> is this really necessary
22:25 <Meez> fail....
22:25 <Meez> oh well
22:26 <Meez> characer needs an up[date anyay
22:26 <Ozank>
22:26 <Meez> update* anyway*
22:26 <Meez> Who has a quest cape
22:26 <Meez> that adams apple..
22:27 <Ozank> why can't british football be as good as this
22:27 <Ozank> o wait rugby but why does url lie
22:27 <The Mol Man> murica
22:27 <Coelacanth0794> i have a quest cape.
22:28 <AnselaJonla> Aussie rules football, like American football, is really rugby with slightly different rules
22:28 <Meez> No lifer
22:28 <Meez> Jk, Lemme orb? <.<
22:28 <AnselaJonla> At least the Aussies don't insist on wearing armour in case they get an ickle booboo
22:28 <Ozank>
22:28 <Ozank> gf kermit
22:28 <The Mol Man> meez, you're just mad that you can't do anything that requires diligence 
22:28 <The Mol Man> (H)
22:28 <Ciphrius Kane> Course when we correct them they act like we're ignorant
22:28 <Meez> I SAID JK >:(
22:29 <The Mol Man> every joke has a kernal of truth
22:29 <Ciphrius Kane> And go "That's soccer"
22:29 <Ozank> on runescape today someone was telling me that the english language was made by america
22:29 <Ozank> saying that england copied them
22:29 <AnselaJonla> FUCK WHAT?
22:29 <Meez> but yes
22:29 <Meez> WHAT
22:29 <Ozank> yep Ansela
22:29 <The Mol Man> you should have reported them
22:29 <Meez> I don't like to do a lot of quests
22:29 <Ozank> then i said "then if america made it, why is it called english not americanish"
22:29 <AnselaJonla> But what I don't who could be how does that person breathe and walk at the same time?
22:29 <Meez> coel lemme orb u
22:30 <Meez> plz
22:30 <Ozank> they said "because they stole it and it somehow got popular so we went along with them"
22:30 <Ozank> i didnt bother arguing because it wasnt going to change anyone's views
22:30 <The Mol Man> They probably are unable tio even digest their food
22:30 <Meez> *turns on highest graphic settings possible*
22:30 <The Mol Man> Lemme guess, the Brits took over the wikipedia page to keep it from saying american?
22:30 <Ciphrius Kane> Darling, there are Americans so ignorant of their heritage they think the only other country in the world
22:31 <AnselaJonla>
22:31 <Ciphrius Kane> They think Mexico is the only other country my bad
22:31 <AnselaJonla> And Canada
22:31 <AnselaJonla> What nationality was the guy who invented the internet?
22:32 <The Mol Man> american duh
22:32 <Amidio> german?
22:32 <Ozank>
22:32 <The Mol Man> americans do everything
22:32 <Ciphrius Kane> Swiss
22:32 <Ciphrius Kane> It was made by CERN in Switzerland
22:33 <AnselaJonla> Hm... you all like the television, right?
22:33 <Amidio> what is best ideal melee armour tetsu or torva?
22:33 <Ozank> no i hate media
22:33 <Ozank> btw ansela i realized what you meant by the falklands last night
22:33 <Ciphrius Kane> Television - made by a Scotsman I believe
22:34 <Ozank> when i was going to college in my dads car this sport thing was on and they were talkin bout Argentinians and stuff
22:34 <Meez> noo
22:34 <Ciphrius Kane> Or at least the original design was
22:34 <Meez> my ship failed
22:34 <AnselaJonla> Yep, darling
22:34 <Amidio> first  pope from argentina
22:34 <Ciphrius Kane> Telephone, another great invention used in everyday life
22:35 <AnselaJonla> Penicillin, a widely used antibiotic...
22:35 -!- Stinkowing has joined Special:Chat
22:35 -!- Gamefreak776 has joined Special:Chat
22:35 -!- Rankata28 has joined Special:Chat
22:35 <Ozank> invasion
22:35 <Ozank> loljk
22:35 <Gamefreak776> so is/was saradomin evil?!
22:35 <Prinaomar> hey all
22:35 <Gamefreak776> Hypocrite!
22:36 <Ozank>
22:36 <Prinaomar> no, saradomin is widely considered the "good" god 
22:36 <AnselaJonla> What were they talking about, Zank?
22:36 <Ciphrius Kane> Harry Potter, the second highest selling book
22:36 <Prinaomar> I prefer guthix. 
22:36 <Ozank> they talked about the vote thing and how it turned out
22:36 <Gamefreak776> but prin, guthix said he used to be evil!
22:36 <Ozank> something about £1m 
22:36 <Ciphrius Kane> WTF are you on about Game?
22:36 <Gamefreak776> Look: "Saradomin, before arriving in Gielinor, was an active god in the Naragi realm and used his giant form which is equivalent to the size of a mountain and was known as "blue giant". He was not a benevolent god and destroyed the most important city of the realm, Askroth, while killing many beings at the same time with relative ease. "--Guthix
22:36 <Gamefreak776> this is from butterfly memories!
22:37 <Prinaomar> "used" to be evil
22:37 <AnselaJonla> The Islanders want to remain a British Overseas Territory. Unfortunately the bitch running Argentina right now won't accept their right to self-govern and therefore will ignore that vote. The Americans are on the bitch's side.
22:37 <Gamefreak776> If people new, this would blemish him
22:37 <Ozank> caramel dancing
22:37 -!- Cblair91 has joined Special:Chat
22:37 -!- Dr Xion has joined Special:Chat
22:38 <Dr Xion> Ermm
22:38 <Gamefreak776> maybe he is still secretly evil with a  nice persona!
22:38 <Prinaomar> at present time, he's the good one, guthix is objective, being the god of knowledge and all
22:38 <Dr Xion> Bit of help on [[Edgar 's Ruse]]
22:38 <Dr Xion> oops
22:38 <Dr Xion> [[Eadgar's Ruse]]
22:38 <Gamefreak776> also, Bandos could possibly be a girl, according to the memories
22:38 <Prinaomar> there is no "maybe" in cannon
22:39 <Ozank>
22:39 <Dr Xion> Ermm could anyone help me..
22:39 <Gamefreak776> ?
22:39 <Meez> ?
22:39 <Ciphrius Kane> What part are you stuck on?
22:40 <Dr Xion> I have some of the items for the parret.
22:40 <Dr Xion> ughh typo's
22:40 <Dr Xion> Parrot*
22:40 -!- Tucsondorado has joined Special:Chat
22:40 <Dr Xion> How do I turn them in?
22:40 <Dr Xion> Do I need all the items?
22:40 <Ciphrius Kane> Talk to Edgar
22:40 <Tucsondorado> Bandos could be a girl?
22:41 <Gamefreak776> yea.
22:41 <Dr Xion> Did and used some of the items on him
22:41 <Tucsondorado> Lol
22:41 <Dr Xion> did not even budge.
22:41 <Tucsondorado> Hard to imagine
22:41 <Ozank> i played scary maze today
22:41 <Ozank> and i got the completely opposite reaction of what it shoulda been
22:41 <Meez> what does your quest log say
22:41 <Tucsondorado> lol
22:41 <Dr Xion> Ermm should change my picture
22:41 <Dr Xion> Old pic.
22:41 <Tucsondorado> I cant find a good profile pic for my acc :/
22:42 <Gamefreak776> what about... a picture of a tucan
22:42 <Dr Xion> Not that good but hehe
22:42 -!- Dr Xion has left Special:Chat.
22:42 -!- Dr Xion has joined Special:Chat
22:42 <Stinkowing> toucan*
22:42 <Dr Xion> Tiny huh?
22:43 <Meez> ok
22:43 <Dr Xion> view my profit to notice what it is :P
22:43 <Dr Xion> Made it myself mostly from scratch,
22:43 <Ozank> gamefreak you know fluttershy suggest a toucan as a pet to rainbow dash in "may the best pet win!"?
22:43 <Ozank> </random>
22:43 <Dr Xion> well withe the quest.
22:43 <Dr Xion> With*
22:44 <Gamefreak776> No I did not know that toucans were domesticated animals in country areas
22:44 <Dr Xion> Do I need all the items now?
22:44 <Ciphrius Kane> You may do
22:44 <Dr Xion> Takes up alot of space though
22:44 <Dr Xion> but I will try.
22:45 <Cblair91> Hallo people :)
22:45 <Ciphrius Kane> Hi
22:45 <Dr Xion> Hi.
22:45 <Tucsondorado> lol
22:45 <Tucsondorado> looks better than the other one
22:45 <Cblair91> Ciph
22:45 <Cblair91> How're you?
22:45 <Ciphrius Kane> Good
22:45 <AnselaJonla> bbl
22:46 <Dr Xion> Hehe.
22:46 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
22:46 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
22:46 <Cblair91> Meh gonna kick myself because I cba to leave
22:46 <Cblair91> !kick Cblair91
22:46 <Dr Xion> Tucan nice Username
22:46 <Cblair91> And it doesn't work here -.-
22:46 <Dr Xion> :D I randomly added you and it worked O_o
22:46 <Cblair91> Sactage needs to update the stupid bot on all servers
22:47 <Tucsondorado> lol
22:47 <Tucsondorado> yeah
22:47 <Tucsondorado> That me :)
22:48 <Cblair91> !test
22:48 <RSChatBot> Cblair91: Hai!
22:48 <Dr Xion> Hiya Bot.
22:48 <Cblair91> !updated
22:48 <RSChatBot> Cblair91: The logs were last updated 49:45 ago. There are currently ~338 lines in the log buffer.
22:48 <Ciphrius Kane> Cblair, why would you have access to the kick function?
22:48 <Cblair91> ChatBot Dev
22:48 <Cblair91> How do I have access to updated function :P
22:48 <Adam Savage> Boogers.
22:49 <Cblair91> Dr Xion do me a favour?
22:49 <Adam Savage> Just me? I see how it is.
22:49 <Ciphrius Kane> Especialy when RSChatBot doesn't have a kick function in here?
22:49 <Cblair91> I can't see the settings ciph :P
22:49 <Ciphrius Kane> Only CMs and admins can kick, RSCB is neither
22:49 <Adam Savage> ^
22:50 <Dr Xion> Sure Cblair.
22:50 <The Mol Man> Then give the man what he wants Ciph ;)
22:50 <Cblair91> :P
22:50 <Cblair91> If only !pls worked here
22:50 <Cblair91> !status
22:50 <RSChatBot> I have been running for 641815 total seconds, and I have reconnected 6 times. It has been 171923 seconds since my last reconnect.
22:51 -!- Ozank has left Special:Chat.
22:51 <Adam Savage> Damn, good memory.
22:51 <Adam Savage> I think I just scare people away.
22:51 <The Mol Man> Did sactage make those public or are you being a bastard hacker?
22:51 <Adam Savage> >_>
22:51 <Adam Savage> !status
22:51 <Cblair91> No I'm dev :P
22:51 <Adam Savage> BASTARD HACKER
22:51 <Cblair91> Reminds me, need to finish coding the !remind
22:52 <Adam Savage> I wish Wikia's chat feature supported IRC-style commands and bots.
22:52 <Cblair91> Well IRC and Wikia are ish the same style of coding o.O
22:53 <Cblair91> Chat bot wise
22:53 <Adam Savage> Yeah, but IRC's easier to do stuff with in my experience.
22:53 <Tucsondorado> So bored.
22:53 <The Mol Man> then go to IRC
22:53 <Adam Savage> But then again, I never tried to build a chat bot for Wikia
22:53 <Adam Savage> I like it better in here
22:53 <The Mol Man> why?
22:53 <Cblair91> I got code examples for both :)
22:53 <Adam Savage> Plus I don't remember any of my IRC information
22:53 <The Mol Man> I'm usually here
22:53 <The Mol Man> that sucks
22:53 <Adam Savage> WAIT
22:54 <Adam Savage> I think I have it saved
22:54 <Adam Savage> Smart me. :)
22:54 <The Mol Man> I wouldn't go so far as to say 'smart'
22:54 <Tucsondorado> lol
22:54 <Adam Savage> Dick.
22:54 <Cblair91> :O
22:54 <Dr Xion> Oh I lack reading skills
22:54 <Coelacanth0794> uh
22:54 <Adam Savage> Wrong face to make there, Cblair. Just saying.
22:54 <The Mol Man> Quiet coel
22:54 <Dr Xion> I need to hide this parrot under a rack.
22:54 <Dr Xion> Hmmm.
22:54 <Adam Savage> I do that all the time.
22:54 <The Mol Man> Adam and I are besties from forever ago
22:55 <Adam Savage> Parrots and racks, bro.
22:55 <Tucsondorado> Coealacant isnt that a pokemon lol?
22:55 <The Mol Man> no
22:55 <Ciphrius Kane> It's an extinct fish
22:55 <Adam Savage> ^
22:55 <Tucsondorado> lol
22:55 <The Mol Man> not extinct 
22:55 <Adam Savage> ^^
22:55 <The Mol Man> some species of the genus survive
22:55 <Ciphrius Kane> I'm the pokemon in here
22:55 <Dr Xion> Haha mol 50k edits in a year almost :D
22:55 <Adam Savage> "...wouldn't go as far to say "smart"."
22:55 <The Mol Man> me too, I'm a pokemon
22:55 <Tucsondorado> I dont even know how to get edits
22:55 <The Mol Man> I'm Rapidash
22:55 <Dr Xion> Good work :D
22:55 <Adam Savage> I'm Snorlax.
22:55 <Adam Savage> :3
22:55 <Tucsondorado> Im Requazza
22:56 <Tucsondorado> well
22:56 <Tucsondorado> I g2g
22:56 <Adam Savage> I need to update my user page.
22:56 <Cåm> I'm electabuzz
22:56 <Adam Savage> I haven't touched it in ages.
22:56 <Dr Xion> Seeya
22:56 <Stinkowing> Rayquaza*
22:56 <Tucsondorado> bye
22:56 <Cåm> my irc nick says so
22:56 <Adam Savage> Bai Dr. Xion
22:56 <Stinkowing> >_>
22:56 <Tucsondorado> same difference lol
22:56 -!- Tucsondorado has left Special:Chat.
22:56 <Dr Xion> 'Nah talking to Tucson
22:56 <Stinkowing> notatall.avi
22:56 <The Mol Man> I'm actually a pachirisu
22:56 <Stinkowing> That explains why you're so annoying sometimes
22:56 <Stinkowing> <_<
22:56 <Stinkowing> I kid
22:56 <Dr Xion> lOL
22:56 <The Mol Man> "so annoying sometimes"?
22:57 <Coelacanth0794> is acualy dolan
22:57 <The Mol Man> so annoying always*
22:57 <Stinkowing> this is true
22:57 <Dr Xion> Mol sometimes annoyed me but
22:57 <Stinkowing> Everyone in here annoys me, really
22:57 <Dr Xion> That's when I wasn't that chilled out :/ Tbh.
22:57 <Stinkowing> mainly from all the rude insults I see flung about whenever someone like Ansela's angry or something
22:57 <The Mol Man> You're not annoyed?
22:57 <Coelacanth0794> wuv you stink <3
22:57 <The Mol Man> Then I am not doing my job
22:57 <Dr Xion> Not that much anymore
22:58 <The Mol Man> Even I annoy me
22:58 <The Mol Man> wait no
22:58 <Dr Xion> Lol
22:58 <The Mol Man> Even I am annoyed by me
22:58 <Coelacanth0794> welp
22:58 <Coelacanth0794> mol annoys mol
22:58 <Coelacanth0794> pack your things ladies
22:58 <Stinkowing> paradox
22:58 <The Mol Man> not really
22:58 <Ciphrius Kane> Well done darling, you've got them terrified even when you're calm
22:58 <The Mol Man> I can hate what I say but still say it
22:58 <Dr Xion> Going to kill this annoying rooster >:[]
22:58 <The Mol Man> I ain't afraid
22:58 <Dr Xion> -dies-
22:58 <Dr Xion> Nooooo
22:59 <Stinkowing> If Ansela turns out to be someone like Cranky Kong on the other end of that computer, I would NOT be surprised
22:59 <Stinkowing> ./honesty
22:59 <Adam Savage> I'm sure she'll be very happy to hear that.
23:00 <Stinkowing> I know
23:00 <Adam Savage> /don'tpokethebear
23:00 <Stinkowing> =p
23:00 <The Mol Man> Cranky is just a curmudgeon 
23:00 <Adam Savage> /inb4armageddon
23:00 <Stinkowing> but does it look like I care?
23:00 <Adam Savage> <_<
23:00 <Dr Xion> Lol
23:00 <The Mol Man> ansela isn't a curmudgeon 
23:00 <Dr Xion> >_>
23:00 <The Mol Man> curmudgeon is a great word
23:00 -!- The Mol Man has left Special:Chat.
23:00 -!- The Mol Man has joined Special:Chat
23:00 <Greenycute> I dnt evn knw Wat u ned tu sy...
23:01 <Greenycute> '_'
23:01 <The Mol Man> Can someone decipher? 
23:01 <Greenycute> Bye
23:01 <Stinkowing> wat
23:01 <Coelacanth0794> english please Greenycute
23:01 <Stinkowing> Greeny, that's...painful to read
23:01 <Dr Xion> Hmmm
23:01 <Dr Xion> Anyone online atm.
23:02 <Stinkowing> on RS
23:02 <Stinkowing> If so, I am
23:02 <The Mol Man> kɜː(ɹ)ˈmʌdʒ.ən
23:02 <Stinkowing> ._.
23:02 <Stinkowing> awkward
23:02 <Dr Xion> Hmm maybe I could add you :P
23:03 <The Mol Man>
23:03 -!- Tucsondorado has joined Special:Chat
23:03 <Stinkowing> no, don't. I'm cleaning my friends lists of either wikians I don't know anymore due to name changes or who haven't played in forever
23:04 <Tucsondorado> im getting online
23:04 <Dr Xion> >.> I am always on
23:04 <Tucsondorado> lol
23:04 <Meez> Metoo
23:04 <Tucsondorado> Im online alot
23:04 <Coelacanth0794>
23:04 <Stinkowing> me too*
23:04 <Stinkowing> a lot*
23:04 <Tucsondorado> combat level?
23:04 <Adam Savage> Any of you people on RuneScape?
23:04 <Tucsondorado> I am
23:04 <Adam Savage> "You people?"
23:04 <Dr Xion> Just for a few minutes maybe or join my favorite friends chat ._. 
23:04 <Dr Xion> I am.
23:04 <Tucsondorado> Im on rs add me as you can guess
23:04 <Adam Savage> May I join?
23:04 <Tucsondorado> Tucsondorado is my user
23:05 <Adam Savage> I shall. Given I can get RS to work.
23:05 <Dr Xion> Uh "xozi"
23:05 <Meez> Oh no, I forgot to space out my word, arrest me.
23:05 <Stinkowing> note to self: cave horrors suck
23:05 <Stinkowing> [[rune dagger]]
23:05 <Tucsondorado> Adam
23:05 <Dr Xion> note: climbing this wall sucks
23:05 <Tucsondorado> What is your rs username?
23:06 <Dr Xion> I go around and get attacked by mountain trolls wearing agile  
23:06 <Dr Xion> Not the best protection.
23:06 <Dr Xion> Barely any food either ._.
23:06 <Tucsondorado> What are the symbols next to some of the names on the chat?
23:06 <The Mol Man> their rights
23:07 <Tucsondorado> ?
23:07 <The Mol Man> gold is cmod
23:07 <The Mol Man> silver is admin/VSTF
23:07 <Dr Xion> atleast most trolls are not aggressive to me at all. 
23:07 <Tucsondorado> ok
23:07 <Dr Xion> Red?
23:07 <The Mol Man> Like me. I'm not aggressive towards you.
23:07 <Cook Me Plox> Hullo
23:07 <Tucsondorado> How are those ranks achieved?
23:07 <Dr Xion> Lol
23:07 <The Mol Man> Hi, honey.
23:07 <The Mol Man> They're not ranks
23:07 <Tucsondorado> ...
23:07 <Dr Xion> there rights
23:07 <Dr Xion> :P
23:07 <Atheist723> [[RS:ADMIN]]
23:07 <Tucsondorado> thank you atheist
23:08 <Tucsondorado> I see
23:08 <Tucsondorado> I dont get how to get edits though...
23:08 -!- Cåm has left Special:Chat.
23:08 <The Mol Man> by editing...
23:08 <Tucsondorado> Everything is basicly perfect -_-
23:08 <The Mol Man> you don't "get edits"
23:09 <Atheist723> You click the edit button at the top right corner.
23:09 <The Mol Man> you edit
23:09 <Cook Me Plox> Ha, no it's not
23:09 <Meez> lol.
23:09 <Atheist723> Oh, I see.
23:09 <Cblair91> Hia Cook :)
23:09 <Cook Me Plox> If you want something to do, we always have work
23:09 <Cook Me Plox> Hey kris
23:09 <Atheist723> I was like that when I was first around too.
23:09 <Cblair91> Oh I'm doing work xD
23:09 <Atheist723> Everything just looks word perfect.
23:09 <Cblair91> >.>
23:09 <The Mol Man> I never thought that
23:09 <Atheist723> But you stick around for a while and you'll see the cracks.
23:09 <Cook Me Plox> Most people get involved in the wiki by finding something wrong
23:09  * Cblair91 fixes Cook Me Plox
23:09 <The Mol Man> I always thought "This sucks; this place needs me, badly"
23:09 <Cook Me Plox> For me it was seeing that there was a release date field on items/npcs/monsters that wasn't filled in
23:09 <The Mol Man> gtfo my Cook
23:09 <Cook Me Plox> So I spent about a month on that
23:10 <The Mol Man> And here you are now
23:10 <Ciphrius Kane> Blair, Mol is very possessive of Cook
23:10 <Atheist723> For me...I spent a couple of months making punctuation/capitalisation/grammar edits.
23:10 <Cblair91> Ciphrius Kane idc :P
23:10 <Cblair91> Cook is mine too :D
23:10 <The Mol Man> I will rip your balls off and feed them to you, Mr. Kris
23:10 <Adam Savage> I just did things.
23:10 <Cblair91> Now to test if I coded chatbot correct
23:10 <Adam Savage> Important things things; important things from the important things store.
23:11 <Cblair91> And no I haven't
23:11 <Coelacanth0794>
23:11 <Tucsondorado> wow
23:12 <Tucsondorado> that was impressive mol lol
23:12 <Dr Xion> Lol
23:12 <The Mol Man> ?
23:12 <Tucsondorado> ripping balls off lol
23:12 <Adam Savage> Coel...
23:12 <Adam Savage> You spend too much time on imgur.
23:12 <Adam Savage> But I love you for it.
23:12 <Adam Savage> <3
23:12 <Coelacanth0794> wuv
23:12 <Dr Xion> I do to :c
23:12 <Adam Savage> c:
23:13 <The Mol Man> I didn't do it yet
23:13 <Tucsondorado> :/
23:13 <The Mol Man> how can you be impressed?
23:13 <Tucsondorado> hard to say that
23:13 <The Mol Man> hard to say what? balls?
23:13 -!- Tucsondorado has left Special:Chat.
23:14 <Adam Savage> Tucsondaradaaroarorararoararoadaroaro, what world are you on?
23:14 <Adam Savage> Damn.
23:14 <Adam Savage> Took me too long to type his name.
23:15 <Ciphrius Kane> It only takes me 2 buttons to type Adam Savage
23:15 <Adam Savage> What
23:15 <Adam Savage> Is there an "Adam" button on your computer?
23:16 <Ciphrius Kane> Nope
23:16 <Atheist723> A + Tab
23:16 <Cblair91> Oh the joys of python
23:16 <The Mol Man> just highlight his name then drag
23:17 <Adam Savage> True.
23:17 <The Mol Man> False.
23:17 <Atheist723>
23:17 <Adam Savage> Faux.
23:17 <The Mol Man> Yay joey
23:17 <Joeytje50> caek
23:17 <The Mol Man> pseudo 
23:17 <Adam Savage> Joey, as usual, comes out of nowhere.
23:17 <Joeytje50> boom
23:17 <The Mol Man> no
23:17 <Joeytje50> hi adam
23:17 <The Mol Man> I summonds heem
23:17 <Joeytje50> all of a sudden, adam is back
23:17 -!- Tucsondorado has joined Special:Chat
23:17 <The Mol Man> Cause I wanted say "hai"
23:17 <Adam Savage> Yep
23:17 <The Mol Man> hai
23:18 <Adam Savage> I'm thinking of starting to come around here again.
23:18 <Adam Savage> I missed you bitches.
23:18 <The Mol Man> Ansela usually does post dog pictures
23:18 <The Mol Man> not sure if all are bitches
23:18 <Adam Savage> Touche.
23:18 <Adam Savage> Tucsaondnaodnsdadaodondondondodnsonsodsdfsdon
23:18 <Adam Savage> What world are you on
23:19 <Coelacanth0794>
23:19 <The Mol Man> I must love my shirt
23:19 <Tucsondorado> lol
23:19 <Ciphrius Kane> Tucsondorado
23:19 <Tucsondorado> Sup?
23:19 <Adam Savage> Tucsondorado
23:19 <Adam Savage> That's how you spell it.
23:19 <Tucsondorado> Sup?
23:20 <Adam Savage> What world are you on?
23:20 <Tucsondorado> Me?
23:20 <Tucsondorado> Im going to get on world 61
23:20 <Tucsondorado> my homeworld
23:20 <Tucsondorado> Cuz i love dueling :)
23:20 <Adam Savage> Nice
23:20 <Adam Savage> I'm always on 39 whenever I play, because I run into RSW people there.
23:21 <Tucsondorado> Whats your rs username adam?
23:21 <Adam Savage> Adam Savage
23:21 <Tucsondorado> lol
23:21 <Adam Savage> ;)
23:21 <Tucsondorado> friend me?
23:21 <Adam Savage> I'll world hop in a sec
23:21 <Adam Savage> And yeah
23:21 <Adam Savage> Let me get down how to spell your user.
23:22 <Tucsondorado> Tucsondorado
23:22 <Tucsondorado> im going to get off chat
23:22 <Tucsondorado> cya
23:22 -!- Tucsondorado has left Special:Chat.
23:22 <Adam Savage> I'mma stay.
23:27 <Cblair91> :D
23:27 <Cblair91> Kris R Happey
23:32 <Coelacanth0794>
23:33 <The Mol Man> She just needed a new song
23:38 <The Mol Man> ...
23:39 <Joeytje50> ...
23:39 <The Mol Man> (caek)
23:40 <Adam Savage> [[Ramokee helm|lookin fo sumfin]]
23:46 <Cblair91> AMG :D
23:48 <Joeytje50> hi blair
23:49 -!- Ozank has joined Special:Chat
23:51 <Ozank>
23:51 <Ozank> 'Dark beasts are '''not''' aggressive.' since when?
23:51 <Ozank> i thought they were perpetually aggresive 
23:51 <The Mol Man> EoC probs
23:51 <Ozank> aggressive* lol
23:53 <Joeytje50> someone go test
23:53  * Adam Savage doesn't even know what a Dark Beast is
23:54 <Coelacanth0794> with an update to monsters iirc
23:54 <Coelacanth0794> they're the things that drop Dark Bows, adam
23:56 <Joeytje50> you know
23:56 <Joeytje50> the weapon that is so slow
23:56 <Joeytje50> that it is possible to steal a kill in singlecombat
23:56 <Coelacanth0794> but it's OP atm iirc
23:56 <Coelacanth0794> [[dark bow]]
23:57 <AnselaJonla> Hey, I'm one pendant away from being able to get a picture of all normal pendants
23:57 <The Mol Man> sweet
23:57 <Coelacanth0794> what pendant do you need
23:57 <Coelacanth0794> a normal or rpized
23:57 <The Mol Man> last 2 words
23:57 <The Mol Man> noob
23:57 <Ozank> [[prized Pendant of Slayer]]
23:57 <Coelacanth0794> ok
23:57 <Coelacanth0794> which one would you require
23:58 <AnselaJonla> (hp)
23:58 <Ozank> [[File:Prized_pendant_of_Slaying_equipped.png]]